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REVIEWS OF Shawn Sukumar Attorney at Law IN Washington

Audrey Yap

Shawn is one of the most dedicated, talented attorneys that I have had the pleasure of working with. As a legal assistance attorney, I am often called upon to provide attorney referrals to clients in need of representation in criminal law matters. Shawn is one of the few attorneys that I would recommend without reservation. His commitment to his clients and passion for the law are unmatched.

Hisashi Tendo

My name is Luis and I was charged with Assault and with threats involving a weapon due to accusations by my wife’s family. The family gave false accusations in Maryland and DC. I found Price Benowitz online and hired Shawn Sukumar to help me with my cases. The DC was complicated and took a long time but the attorney was very patient, took the case to Trail and I am very happy to say that we won the trial and I left with no charges. The staff was very helpful. They helped me with translating every time I called and went to the office I would absolutely recommend this office. Mi nombre es Luis y fui cargado con agresión y amenazas con arma. La familia de mi ex esposa hizo falsas acusaciones en Maryland Y DC. Encontré la oficina de Price Benowitz por internet y contrate a Shawn Sukumar para que ayudaran con los casos. El caso de DC fue un poco largo y complicado pero el abogado tuvo paciencia, llevo el caso a juicio y quede limpio y sin cargos en el caso. Las secretarias eran muy amables y los traductores me ayudaron con la traducción cada vez que iba a la oficina y llamaba. Definitivamente recomendaría a la oficina.

Evan Martin

I just want to think you so much for all the help! I can’t thank you enough. I applied for a government position that I needed to get a Security Clarance for a couple months back and thanks to you I was able to get that job since my DUI case has been dismissed. If I would have had a conviction on my record I wouldn’t have had a opportunity. So thanks again! I am going to keep your information for the future for anyone that may need your services. For anyone out there looking for an experienced attorney, Shawn is the guy to call!

G Tanner

Shortly after my 21st birthday I was charged with a DWI within that same year a DUI, 2 separate charges; both incidents very circumstantial. I accepted responsibility though I was in complete disagreement with what the prosecutions in court were suggesting I receive for "punishment". I contacted Price Benowitz by "walk-in" due to their office being walking distance from the court building. During my free consultation I was referred to Mr. Sukumar, he accepted my case and we began working toward goals I laid out. He assured me I would have to do my part while he guaranteed to do his (stay out of trouble, handle daily responsibility, keep-clean, stay positive, etc.) I did all of this. My case had ups and downs due to other personal conflict and obligation aside from these situations. He continually gave advice to fortify my chances at trial and sentencing. The chance of mandatory jail time was expected and ideas of it were being thrown around between the judge and prosecution... ended up with community service and probation. Prosecution against me, my own probation officer not advocating all the POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE things I was doing, Shawn Sukumar held his ground and fought diligently for me. I give thanks for him all the time, and am grateful for his optimism. He researches all aspects; definitely a man with a good heart and pure intention for his clients. Thank You.

semnewa yep

Case was clear. Made an even better situation by having the case cleared. He was prepared to help me no matter what. Got back to me quickly and answer all my questions. I would recommend him as an.

Ted Severson

I called Shawn when I need some legal help this past summer. He knew the law inside and out, and with the help of him and his colleagues, the case was resolved in my favor. I can't thank Shawn enough for his professionalism, dedication, and determination. If you need representation, Shawn's the man to call.

Julia Kandel-Krieger

Shawn is a truly impressive attorney. He is clearly passionate about his work and takes great care of his clients. He is approachable, professional, and a skilled litigator. Highly recommended.

Gloria Phillips

Attorney Shawn Sukumar. Shawn is an extraordinary lawyer. His talents are above and beyond ordinary. My son was facing false accusations that could have landed him in prison for many years. Shawn sought out justice for my son and relieved the family from heart ache. I highly recommend Shawn Sukumar. We Love you Shawn!

David Bosley

Shawn is incredible. I highly recommend!

Hristo Vangelov

Mezz V

Shawn Sukumar is one of the best lawyers out there more like a law genius . He was patient, engaging and very knowledgeable of the court system. He listens and provides a wide range of options. So i highly recommend him.

anteneh tafese

I’m 100% happy by his service.

vakhtang sichinava

Pretty good lawyer !

jude macintosh

Made a very unpleasant experience tolerable. His experience and knowledge base helped during the demanding time in my life. Recommending highly.

Eduardo Ventura

Shawn treated me like I was family which I appreciate.. He exceeded my expectations

Cody Loher

Very professional and dedicated. I expressed to him how i wanted the outcome of my case to be, and he got me just that. Was very attentive to any questions or concerns I had. I would recommend Shawn to anyone needing legal advise or assistance in a case.

northwest ni

Robert Willis

Shawn Sukumar is an affable but professional attorney who is very prompt in his communication and I would thoroughly recommend him to anybody in need of legal services. This was in the DC area, btw.


Shawn was very attentive and responsive. He was able to be supportive while being realistic in regards to my outcomes. I am grateful for his services.

Bangaly Keita

WHAT A KNOWLEDGEABLE & PROFESSIONAL individual!!! Word cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for Mr Sukumar for not only showing that he cared about my situation but also went above and beyond to get my case dismissed. My case was a though one, which would have required me to testify against another individual, but Mr sukumar guaranteed that he would beat the case without me having to testify and he did! After all the evidences the government had against me, he still found a way to get me out of that situation by predicting how the judge was going to make decision and which factor would come into play. The same way he predicted it was exactly the same way the judge verdict was given. I would recommend Mr Sukumar to any person I know and all my family member that may or will have a criminal case they're dealing with. Thank you again Mr Sukumar!

Anon Ymous

Shawn is a talented attorney dedicated to his craft. After consulting with many other attorneys, I felt that Shawn and his firm were not only competent, but had the resources necessary to launch a strong defense. Shawn earned my trust and made me feel comfortable throughout a rather uncomfortable process. I was clear about the outcome I wanted (and deserved), and Shawn engineered the game plan.

will sledge

Mr. Sukumar represented me from 2017 until 2018. This was one of the darkest and most fearful times of my life. From the moment I walked into Mr. Sukumar's office I was not only met with professionalism, but a caring and considerate attitude that continued throughout us working together. Mr. Sukumar was very knowledgeable and worked diligently on my case to insure the best possible outcome. There were several times in which I was frustrated and dismayed but Mr. Sukamar always greeted me with a smile, a handshake, and assured me that he was doing everything that he could. I would recommend Mr. Sukumar because he us timely, professional, wise, diligent, he knows the law, and he genuinely cares about his clients. Thank you Mr. Sukumar for seeing more in me than my mistakes.

My Phone 2018

Had this defense on a simple assault along with 2 other misdemeanors which was related to the case this defense was a joke was over paid for representation had very lack of knowledge of investigation tactics such as mpd crime cameras where the event took place Shakumar even offered me to plea even with substantial evidence In my favor.I would highly Not recommend this defense if you are on the fight for your freedom please consult with other lawyers in Washington D.C. Not to mention when u call his office to speak with Shakumar their is a secretary whom has to ask you a bunch of questions personal questions ones who feels comfortable speaking to a secretary about personal matters ? Which should only be discussed with the attorney (Confidential ). Besides will she be the one in the courtroom representing you or..

Elliott Collins

He was extremely helpful and attentive. His service made me feel like I was getting the best advice available.

Patrick Miller

L.S Nis

I would recommend Shawn for everyone. He is great and know what he doing on his job!!!! Recommended

Sylvia Phillips

I totally recommend Attorney Shawn to anyone who needs solid professional and earnest respresentation!Mr.Sukumar representing someone I know who was facing some pretty rough injustice.However,Mr.Sukumar, by the grace of God came through and justice was served and the case was won!

Ashenafi Sibhat

Frank Miller

Shawn was always accessible by phone and that was important to me as I was feeling some apprehension about my case. He is very personable and that quality put me further at ease. He handled my case with the highest level of competence and professionalism, and I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. If I were to need legal counsel in the D.C. area, I wouldn’t hesitate to call on Shawn again.

Christina Wong

When I called they felt helpful, they were very open and case. Shawn was very understanding and professional.

William Webster jr

Shawn Sukumar definitely helped our family through some very tough times. He was extremely professional yet personable. Not to mention a great lawyer. He was very attentive and on top of everything related to my brothers case. Honestly, Shawn seemed to have worked a miracle. My entire family was astonished by the results and we will forever be grateful. Working with Mr. Sukumar was truly a pleasure. If you are looking for a lawyer. Look no further! Thanks Shawn :)

Joseph Madden

Mr. Sukumar is a consummate professional and well-versed in the workings of DC's court system. His calm demeanor and constant diligence put me at ease throughout my entire case. Mr. Sukumar is a great lawyer and a solid human being, who made a difficult time for me more than a little easier. Thank you, Shawn and the team at Price Benowitz, for taking such personal care of me.

Edward Dent

ATTY Shawn Sukumar was outstanding. Very capable. I highly recommend Shawn for anyone in need of representation. EAD

Gerald david

Very professional and result driven. Always explained and communicated how the case was going, along with how he and his team would get to the result you wanted. Lastly Mr Sukumar was amazing at balancing expectations throughout the legal process.

Raphael Amey

Shawn gave me great support during a difficult time. He was very clear and upfront and he guided me through every step of the way!!!

Hannah Zerphey

I have known Shawn for over 10 years, and in that time he has been nothing less than passionate and driven to achieve the best possible results in everything he does. While I have not had an opportunity to utilize his legal prowess, he would be the first person I called if needed. Shawn is intelligent and caring. He brings a sense of humanity and compassion to any situation. I highly recommend obtaining his services.


Shawn is an intelligent and dedicated professional with years of experience in criminal defense. He is a straight shooter who advocates for his clients with drive, integrity, and passion.

relieved client

I hired Shawn Sukumar for a very serious matter It was a sunday a he did not hesitate to review my case and give me accurate and precise advices making sure that every detail was taking care of I feel really fortunate to have found a honest , knowledgeble and caring layer like Shawn and his team , i would definately raccomend him , being confident you would be in really good hands

Mohamed Musa

I hired Mr. Shawn Sukumar to defend me from 2 separate charges with 3 counts. my experience with Shawn was beyond awesome. His due diligence was impeccable, If you want a lawyer that will be there for you come hell or high water; Mr. Sukumar is the way to go, Based on my experience you cannot go wrong with Mr. sukumar. Mr. Sukuma go way above and beyond to acquit me of all charges, I hired a lawyer from Virginia for the same case before I hired Mr. Shawn Sukumar The difference between Mr. sukumar and the previous lawyer I hired was like night and day. Mr. Sukumar display a high level of professionalism and In-depth knowledge of DC law and he is respectful. He truly care about what happened to his every client as if they were like his own family member and When you are in a sticky situation like I was, you truly need someone like Mr. Shawm Sukumar Who will truly fight for you with everything he got and he gives hundred and ten percent, someone Who'll go above and beyond to protect you! that's what you need when your career and your future is at stake.


Shawn and his team are great. Provided expert counsel on the expungement process and got a result far better than could have been expected. Highly recommend.

Savannah Murphy

Shawn is a kickass, no-nonsense attorney who gets the job done right! I keep him on speed dial in case I ever get in trouble in D.C.

John Bulava

Shawn Sukumar is an excellent attorney, and I will certainly use his services again should I have need of them.

Michelle Mancher

Shawn was extremely helpful in getting me the information I needed in a very timely manner. He made sure he understood my issue fully and gave me good advice. You can tell he really cares.

Marquita Johnson

I have known Shawn for over five years, and know him as one of the most dedicated and creative attorneys I have worked with. Shawn has years of experience in litigating difficult criminal cases, and is thorough and creative in his approach to each case that he handles. Shawn is also an exceptional communicator, and as your attorney he advocates zealously on your behalf, while keeping you informed about every stage of your case. If you are ever facing criminal charges, you should not hesitate to call Shawn.

Relieved Client

I hired Mr. Sukumar for a serious matter. My future was at stake, and I needed the best possible representation. I looked up on the internet and found Shawn. I never had an attorney before, but he was one of the highest rated attorneys online. I called him and he arranged a meeting, where I explained my situation. Shawn analyzed the facts I gave him, and made me understand the situation significantly better. He provided me instant relief. I was wrongfully charged with a felony, and I didn't know what to do. My life was disrupted. I told my family during this whole ordeal that Shawn Sukumar needs to be the point of contact for me. When I had my initial consultation with Shawn, the Detective called me. After I told the detective that I hired a lawyer, Shawn took over and spoke with the detective in front of me. Immediately I knew Shawn was the right person for the job. I had no other referrals, and knew no other attorneys, but seeing Shawn talking to the detectives, I knew this is the guy who was going to fight for me until the end. Shawn did it, and proved himself during the trial process. He basically used all the evidence that the prosecutors had against me, and turned it around on them. Shawn was a great legal adviser, he was very prompt, very active, and responsive. Shawn is a very good attorney and many people are going to want to hire him. He is very calculated and thinks things through. Let Shawn do his work, and all your emails,text and phone calls will get responded to. Shawn doesn't make decisions without thinking heavily on the consequences. It showed for me when the Jury came back and said Not Guilty.

Anna Kurien

I have known Shawn Sukumar since 2005 and he is a dedicated and talented criminal defense attorney. He is skilled and passionate. I recommend hiring Shawn for your legal issues!

Grateful Person

Shawn Sukumar took a lot of time up front to help me understand how things were going to happen, and what steps should be taken. I had a million questions and he responded to all of them. Shawn was very helpful and very patient and reduced the anxiety I was feeling about the situation. Mr. Sukumar proved to be an expert and handled my case in a truly professional manner. He was very thorough and is an absolutely professional, and I would recommend him to friends and family.

Jay Garrison

Would highly recommend to anyone needing legal services. Professional, approachable, and impeccably dressed.

Matthew Tranquada

I was searching for a good attorney to help me out with a legal matter, and found a blog article written by a staff member at Price Benowitz detailing the legal and procedural issues involved. I contacted Price Benowitz and one other firm, but Price Benowitz was much more prompt and helpful in their reply. After visiting Price Benowitz I was put in touch with Shawn, and during our first meeting he made me feel much more comfortable with what was going on and it seemed he was well informed about the issues. I like to be a well-informed consumer and knowing that price Benowitz had not only experience with the issues but a personal history with such cases made me more comfortable with my decision to retain their services. I was very happy with the results of my case. Shawn kept me well informed and answered many questions about the process. He mitigated all risks, and was very knowledgeable about the best ways to control the issues. Shawn was very articulate in court, and he had an excellent rapport with the other court officers. He had a stage presence in the court room that made him stand out amongst the other attorneys present, though he was always concise and professional. I would recommend Shawn for anyone that needs legal assistance in DC. Shawn took the time to take me from place to place and made me feel comfortable throughout my dealings with the DC court system.

Masala Story

Highly recommended! Efficient with his work and an amazing person !

Ruby D

Love Geka

My experience with Shawn Sukumar was great. He was knowledgeable about the laws and explained to us in clear terms what our options were. A member of my family was falsely accused and Shawn was able to get the charges dropped. He was very responsive and approachable. I definitely would recommend Shawn. He has truly been a life saver.

Gustavo Suarez

Its important to have a good legal support when needed, specially if it is the first time that you have to defend yourself. Shawn was my the trustworthy attourney who I knew I could count on. His calm demeanor in our first meeting was exactly what I needed and his knowledge on the topic and positive but realistic actitud towards the case gave me the assurance that everything will workout in my favor. The deal he negociated with the court was excellent and now I am able to go back to my normal life almost as if the episode never happened. Forever grateful !

oliver nguena

Shawn Sukumar est le meilleur avocat tres calme et tres professionelle

Stephanie Hampton

Cristian Bonilla

Outstanding work, Shawn Sukumar was able to dismiss my case on a good note. He replied to every email and answered all the questions that I had. Would recommend for anyone battling any criminal case.


Shawn is honest, fair, smart and reliable. I referred him for a friend and he made them feel at ease with the situation. He is prompt and reliable. Great job!

Sree Sarma

Eased worries. Really enjoyed it. If I need assistance again he will be a great asset. Incredibly easy to contact and available. Answer all questions and really flexible answering questions my family had. Really appreciated it. Absolutely recommend him, couldn't ask for better help

Michael Phillips

I refer clients to Shawn because of his integrity and devotion to his work. I am confident that Shawn delivers the best results because of his long commitment to strong criminal defense. He understands how important and sensitive his work is to each client, and I am happy to recommend him.

Kingsley Apenteng

Shawn lets you know what is going to happen before you even go through the procedure.

Bob Gale

Mr. Sukumar was great! He was very professional and very easy to talk to! Would definitely recommend him to anyone! Very responsive to phone calls, questions and had answers to all my questions! Great person! Great attorney!

Alton Jones

gmac gmac

Joe Madden

Shawn is a very talented and attentive attorney. For someone as busy as he is, he never fumbles around looking through notes to find particulars of my case. He takes care to be prepared in every instance we met and plans to game theory, having a back up plan for every possible turn in the process. Thanks, Shawn!


Shawn Sukumar helped me out of a bad situation, from turning myself in, going to court, going to classes, and always was available when I needed to talk. I give Shawn 10 Stars and highly recommend him to anyone who needs an accurate and efficient attorney. Thanks Kevin Toney

ccarol Swing

I was the defendant in a domestic violence case. My former attorney was unable to get a dismissal and I was very nervous about the outcome at trial. I sought new representation with Shawn Sukumar. What a difference for my destiny! Shawn was able to have my charge dismissed!! Shawn is polished, intelligent, and articulate. Shawn was open and available when I needed to speak with him regarding my troubled case. Shawn was also honest and confident. I confirm that you are in excellent hands with Shawn Sukumar.

Harvey Jacobs For Maryland

Shawn capably handled a last minute status conference for me in DC Superior Court on extremely short notice. Everything was handled exactly as planned. I would certainly work with Shawn again in the future.

Mariela C

The best DC lawyer very experienced and professional ! Shawn Sukumar helped me to solve my issue successfully , he will always answer back emails or take your calls right way or call back he if busy he will explain you all you need to know and help you with any question you might have , he is really nice and enjoys doing his job , he cares about all your needs as a client and will do The most convenient for you . believe me I fired a lawyer I had before form another law firm and and ask him to represent me when I found out about him he makes you feel comfortable and the team is grate ! All the reviews you see I can speak for my experience that they are absolutely true ! Thank you so much Shawn ! . (Spanish speakers ) Yo recomiendo a este abogado muchísimo es excelente no duden en contratarlo !

Jose Marquez-Gomez

Shawn was very professional and attentive to detail. and I would recommended to anyone needing legal assistance.

Yumi Rydlun

Shawn Sukumar of Price Benowitz is one of the most virtuous people I have met. He works hard, he carries himself with the utmost integrity, and is a caring individual. His professionalism and commitment shines through, which also is seen as a clear passion for his job and his clients. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone seeking a criminal defense attorney, though I have not had to use his legal services myself. We have been friends since 2006 (Almost 10 years)!

feisal ali

Great lawyer. He handle everything to perfection I would definitely recommend price Benowitz but most of all Shawn sukumar who helped me over come a big obstacle in my life and took care of me as if I was family.

Andrew Cowan

I worked with Shawn at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia in 2007. He is an aggressive, capable, zealous attorney of the highest quality, and he is the first person I would call if I needed help in the DC area. His clients are in the best possible hands.

Imani Carter

Elbert deGuzman

My experience with Shawn was awesome. His due diligence was impeccable and consequently everything was taken care of with no case. Thank you Mr. Sukumar and keep up the good work. I would definitely recommend Price and Benowitz to anyone who wants a proven winner.

Marcia LIMA

Shawn is an excellent attorney. I always felt that Shawn and his firm were both extremely attentive and helped answer all the questions I had throughout the entire process. He was also exceptionally responsive and professional. I would highly recommend his service!

Shane Conrad

Shawn took a stressful situation and made it so much easier. I was dealing with a charge while living out of state so paying for flights every week wasnt an option. Shawn took a round-about and legal way to ensure the process was as easy as possible for me and helped me win my case. Shawn was already friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help ease the situation. I no longer live in DC, but if Shawn lived anywhere near me, he'd be on a permanent retainer, just in case, for any of my attorney/litigation needs.


A Gratefull Marine

I hired Shawn and his team to help me out when I was facing false allegations of sexual assault. My case turned out amazing, and I received a not guilty verdict. Shawn was absolutely instrumental early on when I was questioned by Law Enforcement. He made sure that I didn't self incriminate myself and always looked out for my best interests. Once charges where brought against me, I knew that Shawn mitigated a significant amount of potential damage. During my case, he was also instrumental in making sure that my case didn't last forever, and my right to a speedy trial was upheld. Thank You Very much Shawn and the team at Price Benowitz for ensuring my liberty. You can't ask for a better verdict than - Not Guilty.

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