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REVIEWS OF Mike Slocumb Law Firm IN Washington

Marguise Reeds

I'm just glad that Justin in the slocumb family help me in my family in the need of the situation by excellent timing an was able to give update we needed was very professional an will give anybody my recommendations of first choice slocumb firm

Janice Laforteza

I honestly wish I called Mike Slocumb Law Firm sooner. The lawyer I worked with never hesitated to answered any of my questions when I needed clarification. I had a successful outcome of my case and all the efforts inputted into it were so great that I was even able to get a better outcome than I expected. Overall, the process is naturally a long one but everything was settled a lot sooner than I thought it would as well. I am very satisfied!

Cecilia Wiggins

They suck don't waist your time!!! Don't keep in contact and very unprofessional some bull

david vicente

Greg Holland

My lawyer said your money is here but I have two clients and I have to leave by five. OK it's memorial day weekend.Hey I'll be back Tuesday.Maybe you can get it then. I guess I don't mean anything to them.Where will these fake. People spend eternity.Believe me where the worm forth not.and with Beelzebub.

Tonya Smith

The commercials are so fake. They get more than the person that was hurt.

Kaelin Villegas

Vivek represented me and my boyfriend after our accident and he was the best. He was professional, and always kept us posted. We got our settlement in less than a year and were very satisfied with the result. Mike slocumb law firm is the absolute best way to go. Ask for Vivek if you need someone to represent you. You won't be disappointed!!

Robert Youngblood

Straight trash biggest mistake every made having them represent me. Would have been better using a 1st year college student

michael hawkins

Kevin Blue

Bess Rivers

Sharde McQueen

I would recommend this Law Firm!! They were diligently working with me fully in my best interest, I had two car accidents that we’re not my fault and both times and they sent me to the best therapist and kept me in full awareness of what was going on about the cases!!

louis randall

Had a great experience with this law firm. Jeff Solof went above and beyond to help me with my case. Thanks again. I highly recommend this firm to anyone.

Cherry Carter

Why are you so violent? You commercials are destructive, i don't care to see it.

Tressy Conyers

My husband has been in accident In May 2018 ,have not heard from the lawyer yet ,call and keep getting promised to call back ,it's time to take action ,no dummy over here !

Micheal Mason

Susan Rodriquez

Why do most all of your commercials promote violence? This is awful. The one of the school is the worst! You are basically saying VIOLENCE is ok! I would not have rated you with any stars, but I wanted to be heard.

Yvonne Robinson

I had a wonderful experience with this law firm. I have to say Kevin Gracie did an excellent job overall with my case from communication to the dedication he provided. His commitment showed throughout the time he worked on my case. I couldn't be more satisfied...

Marcus Queen

False Advertising!!! It took almost a year and I got such a small amount of money. I will NEVER recommend this law firm! I am so disappointed with the service that I received and if I ever need a lawyer again, I will not choose these liars.!

Randy Lapierre

Great attorney who knows what he's doing. Had great knowledge and was way better then the other attorney in the courtroom in every way. Explained everything to me along the way and kept me positive as the insurance company dragged along and played games. I would absolutely recommend Ryan Quinn and the Slocumb Law firm to any/everyone.


Please do not waste your time with this agency. I hired them as my attorney to handle my auto accident and oh boy was I let down. A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT. They do NOT return ANY of your calls and the attorney that I initially had in the beginning ended up leaving the company as every other review stated prior to mines that the attorneys switch up so fast and leave the company and another attorney was assigned to my case. They offered me such a very low settlement and did not wish to ask for more compensation. To make mattees worst, I had to travel ALL the way to their Baltimore location to sign off on my settlement. What an inconvenience and I had to pay for parking while in Baltimore. The service here is wack that's my experience... But don't believe me, hire them and see for yourself......smh

Gwendolyn Miller

Katharine Armero

Kevin Gracie was very attentive, as well as the staff. I would recommend them for auto accident cases.

Ebony Paralegal

Tristen Larsen

Mike, email me and I can help you get your rating from 2.4 stars to above 4 stars.. I don't want you losing any more potential customers because of your rating.

Kia Wilson

I've been waiting almost 2years now. Bcse mike Slocumb can't get there shyt together.. So far the first attorney I had, had me waiting for 5months just for a follow up and then left the company, leaving the court date to be continued bcs the new person didn't know the first thing about the case. The second Guy did pretty much the same exact thing for several months. Until 2days b4 my courtdate I find that I couldn't get in contact with him for 2months because he also left the company. . so now I am on a third guy... We actually went to court-- only for him to request a continuance as well... 2 months ago was the last time I spoke with him. I've been calling every Monday and wed. For the last 2 months only to b told I'll leave a message and he will get back with me. Since May! MAY! My courtdate is again coming up and I am at a lost... Do anyone know any helpful attorney firms?? Please this is my future, they screwed up my past. I just want it to be resolved! Conrad whatever. Benjamin Beasley, and Sam Hensley. The worst experience ever, I am deeply apolled, and sad that I even called, I'd been better off without.

Teresa Olgar

I was in a accident 8 months ago and went to the hospital. I called Mike Slocumb Law Firm and they did exactly what they say on the tv. They got me $60,000.00 for my case. My attorney was Brad Hines.

Veronica Head


Deborah Johnson

It was pouring outside and not too much better inside. Upon entering my office building I noticed a wet floor sign in front of the middle elevator. So I decided to take the one to the left, unfortunately, there was water in front of that elevator as well. I twisted my ankle as I came down hard on my left knee. I'd seen the Slocumb Law Firm commercial many times so I immediately called for help. Within an hour they sent the nicest investigator, Steve, to help me through the paperwork. Then I was assigned a very friendly and knowledgeable attorney, Brad Hines. Mr. Hines was a life saver, he helped me with navigating all the necessary testing, locating a physical therapist and even a chiropractor. I was more than satisfied with the helpful staff and my attorney. More importantly, the settlement was more than I ever dreamed. Thank you Slocumb!

Kelly Butler

Been dealing with them for a little over a month now, my 2 kids where in a car accident and our lawyer Justin Metheny has been very good at communication and is time effective!!

julie spears

DO NOT USE THIS LAW FIRM! My father was in an accident about 4 years ago, he was rear ended by a greyhound bus. The lawyer didn’t seem to even know very much about his case and at the negotiation he had nothing prepared to defend my father. The lawyers for greyhound had a power point presentation and a full defense. He advised us not to go to trial because it would cost a lot of money to do that and no guarantee we would win. At the end of negotiations and we settled for next to nothing, the lawyer walked away with double the amount of what my dad got. That is just ridiculous! Then called and said they gave my dad to much money and need a portion back for a worker comp claim that he never filed. Don’t waste your time. Also don’t respond with you never represented someone with my name because as I said you represented my father.

4_My 5_Heartbeats

These people are the worst I had problems with them from day one ... I have RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS I hired them for my disability hearing no one showed up to my hearing(I waited 16 months for that hearing) and when I asked why no one showed they said there computer systems where down they didnt know I had court... Smh then I got another hearing 4 months later November 10th I went there the judge said my lawyer notified them November 2 and said they withdrew from my case... I was never contacted and told this... This behavior is unacceptable I advise you to never use them for anything ...

Kidane Gezmu

Kirie Brown

Great firm. Works fast and lawyers are very friendly and helpful!

Sharon Brooks

Beautiful offices.

Miss Paris

unprofessional.. don't trust them guys and I would recommend them only to my enemies.

Mesha Roulhac

Anita McNeil

Greg Stewart

Very good

Jackie Keenan

Marshall Razee

lee lay

Was at the end of my process. Was told a settlement was on the way. A month and a half later I never get a phone call or a phone call return. Couple weeks later they say I don't know what happened. Please save yourself the trouble

Adam Haarer

ampong 92


Angel Thompson

I've never had to deal with attorneys nor have I been a car accident that was sufficient enough to have to contact an attorney until March 2015. Ive been dealing with the law firm ever since and it has been a horrible experience. I followed every instruction that was given to me by my attorney only to accrue expensive medical bills, an attorney that either quit or was fired from this firm and promises that were never fulfilled. I do not get follow calls or even an email. I found out my attorney wasn't representing me any more due me calling because i haven't had an update in weeks. i was told he had so many clients this is how you found out he was gone. . I regret getting into this situation with these lawyer and wished I get out of this disappointment. I would have chosen no stars, however you can publish your review without at least one star.

Ree Royalty Lewis

I want to give a big fat zero!! Worse law firm experience ever!! I was assigned to Kevin Gracie of Slocumb Law Firm since December 2013 to handle my accident case. He hardly returned my calls. I called 3 to 4 times a day looking for status only to be told that he's out of the office & I'll take a message. This JOKER wounot call until 2 to 3 months later. He repeatedly say, I'm still working on it. After 2 years passed, I'm was still calling about status. Finally towards the end of 2nd year(2015) he said he got an offer so ridiculous that I said it doesn't even cover a doctor's bill. Why didn't you tell me this earlier & what are you doing about it? He claimed he would go back to negotiate. I called back to back because he was lacking in professionalism & integrity. I finally heard from him by mail on November 20, 2016 withdrawing from my case less than a month from the statue of limitations which is December 18, 2016. This JOKER isn't qualified to be an attorney. He's a disgrace to the legal firm. PLEASE DON'T let this FAKE represent or even get your business!!! Get A REAL LAWYER!! I wouldn't even refer him to my worst enemy!! More like the DC Slammer vs hammer!! SMH

Martina Swinson

Kevin Gracie was my lawyer at Mike Slocumb. Kevin has been my friend and support system since I was in a car accident early this year. I consider him to be very professional and courtesy he cared about me. How I felt and how my therapy appointments went. He cared about my body healing from my injuries. Kevin promptly handled my doctor's visits, my insurance, my medical bills, and vehicle damaged. He made sure I was at ease going through this process. In a timely manner I received a settlement from my injuries. I appreciate Kevin for giving me the best customer service. Mainly for making me feel like he was my friend that truly cared about my emotions after being involved in a car accident. Even in his high position as a lawyer for Mike Slocumb he was still a regular person that I could talk to on a regular basis to share my concerns and feelings with. Thanks Kev and the Mike Slocumb team.

Sandy Troy

I just want to watch my brainless TV without seeing these ridiculous commercials. What's the deer for? You going to sue the deer? I would do my research before you trust this joker!

Takeya Gray

Kristina Weaver

Vivek Subramanyam went above and beyond for my family when we were in need! I can not say enough good things about him. He was in constant contact with us, always polite and always truthful. Which is all we could of asked for. We never imagined we would find ourselves in the situation we did especially right before Christmas with two young children but Vivek made sure we had a settlement check before Christmas and that was the best gift to us! We would highly recommend using this firm and especially using Vivek.

Robin Cherry

Keith Garner

LookSoDamnGood Phattygurl

I love this law firm, they jump and handled my case fast, I don't know what everybody else is saying.. but Slocumb good with me

Devon Jackson

Kimberly Holloway

Me and my family got in a car accident August 2017. When we 1st got with the company, everything was going quickly and smooth. We were receiving letters by mail with updates from Jason Gordon , and also when we called we were able to talk to the lawyer. As time went on and we finished our therapy, everything started moving EXTRA slow. We would call for an update & we could not get in contact with the lawyer at all. They would take notes that we called, and would ensure us a call back and we would wait days and weeks at a time just for him to call us back . When he did call back we would tell us all types of excuses. This is the worst company ever. They so unprofessionally, they're slow and rude. They don't answer the phone, they dont call back. & you have to wait so long for the case and they dont get you back any money. Going to this firm is a waste of time. Turn else where RUNNNN !!!!!!

Casey Penn

Had a great experience with Slocumb Law Firm after my car accident. They took care of everything with my case and the chiropractor I had to use. Got more than enough money back to replace my car and cover all my medical bills. Kevin Gracie went above and beyond, and I suggest him to everyone.

paula lynch

Since speaking with Juan at Slocumb I have not worried about anything except getting better. I am so thankful and astonished at their concern and management of my case. Kudos!!

Adam Wilber

After my accident my life was significantly affected. I could barely walk, my car was totaled and I missed a lot of work. Thankfully, a friend recommended Slocomb Law Firm. They were able to take away the stress of my medical bills and fight for my loss wages and get me a settlement that I never thought possible. The care my attorney took with my case was second to none! True customer service and class. One time I called, and my assigned lawyer was in court on another case and I spoke to another one who treated me like I was his client! I highly recommend Slocomb Law to have justice served when you get into a car accident.

Alicia Porter

My Attorney was Bradley Hines. Him and his assistant Sadie were very thorough in working my case in a timely manner. They communicated with me on a consistent basis, making sure I stayed up to date with my case and always answered any questions I had. I initially just wanted to be compensated for my medical bills but they both went above and beyond and I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. Highly recommend.

Brittany Jefferson

Worse lawyers ever! Had to call 5+ times just to talk to them. Left messages for them to call me never happened. They're getting more back then I am. They charge you for the person they send to you without asking if you want it. They charge you $26 just to send you everything.

mike malecki

The commercials may be obnoxious and idiotic. Oh wait, so is this establishment. Don't waste your time

Jonice Anne

The Slocumb Law Firm did an EXCELLENT JOB at handling my daughters Personal Injury case. The attorneys were professional and responsive. I maintained correspondence through email and responses were timely. The insurance companies will always attempt to low ball or even deny coverage. It pays to an ally in the fight.

Ashley McClane

I had a horrible accident a year ago, and have suffered from back pain ever since. I didn't know where to start. I called the "Alabama Hammer" and they instantly got results. I was put into a new car, saw a chiropractor and had physical therapy and even ended up with a decent settlement, for all my days missed from work, and my pain and suffering. I highly recommend this accident/personal injury firm. The staff is very friendly and super patient. My attorney was Joey Tutone. He spoke with me the first day I called, kept me updated every step of the way, and settled my case in the blink of an eye. I've referred at least 5 people since.

Melissa N

Slocumb Thank you!! Jeff Solof is the most impressive and professional lawyer ive ever seen. He was well prepared , Very confident, intelligent, super friendly and all around the BEST! He made the whole complicated process simple and made us feel comfortable and calm. He handled everything for us wonderfully. If you want to win and you need the best lawyer just call him. I will tell everyone I know and would recommend him over and over . Jeff what an awesome job u did for us we appreciate it so much Have a great life! Thank u !!! Melissa N.

Masi Peddie

ONE OF THE WORST LAW FIRMS EVER!!! • unprofessional • unorganized

Joyce Jefferson

very unprofessional. have to call everyday just to get someone to answer your calls. then it takes them two weeks to get back to you.charges you for things that wasn't told in the beginning. faxed back paperwork for i can get my check today now they talking you'll get it tomorrow. what kind of crap is that? hell if i paid for the guy to come to me to get details of my case,then have him bring me my check.

donald jordan

This is with out a doubt the worse experience I have ever had with anything. They made two appointments and kept neither. Had me in the lobby for two hours to tell me the lawer had to reschedule. Signed my money release form a month ago,and haven't gotten a dime yet

ray Howard

I cannot believe that I tried this firm twice attorneys prolong and spend me in circles six months+ Not to mention the high rates never again

Shawn Elcock Poopsie1

I am at their office at this moment. THE WORST LAW FIRM (SAM HENSLEY). I made ll the necessary phone calls and didn't even know my case was settled until I called the insurance company. Then they trying to charge 40% instead of 33%. They got me twisted

Ashley Savoy

They called me and kept in contact with me during the entire case the best law firm in the nation !!!!

Brandon A.

This lawfirm is as trashy as their commercial quality. They take weeks at times to respond to your call and put in the very minimum in effort for lower cost cases (barely). Honestly wish they'd take their commercials down a notch too.

Kenneth Ritter

Jeffrey Solof was so thorough in his handling of my case. He asked the right questions and exposed the other side for what they were. Most importantly the judge saw it as well. I just got my settlement and am very satisfied.

Brittney S. Carter

This law firm is the worst law firm ever in the District of Columbia. Please do your research and do not pursue with this law firm as your firm of choice. They do not follow up with your case, you will have to track them down for paperwork and the whole entire law office does not meet the client's needs'. It went as far as contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint on the lack of professionalism and customer service. Just because this law firm is on the web, that does not mean go for. This law firm should prosecute and sue themselves for the lack of consumer needs.

Andre Myles

Labe Tchankoume

Don't waste your time

Front Desk

VERY- dissatisfied with there services. WILL NEVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN ,if they did not charge me there ridiculous fees. For work that I had to assist with. The attorney that was originally assigned to my case left,and sent me an email stating such,and I had to call to see what was going on. Then it was as if I was bothering them for my case information. Piss poor service. BUYER BEWARE

Marque Dixon

James Palmer

. Have a Social Security case filed for 4 years and havent got any help at all.No advice,no answer to questions, no nothing.It has been almost 4 years of the same nothing.You call the office and you never get to talk to anyone.You are told someone will call you back Never happens.I wish I had read these reviews first. WARNING DO NOT USE you will be ignored.I have a court date in 17 days.Still no call.This is no way to do bussines

kasim temam

robert kamara

Terance Young

Slocumb Law Firm has been on point when it comes to handling any questions regarding my case with the insurance company, including medical questions. My experience since day one has been great – I was impressed with how you came out to meet with me within hours. I have really been impressed with everything. Y’all do your job well and I’m impressed. If I could refer anyone else to Mike Slocumb Law Firm I will.

William Jeffreys

What a uncivilized, barbaric human being/slash law firm. Has it ever occured to you that many viewers would take offense to your commercial blowing off the head of a deer with a shot gun?? Whether someone agrees with the act of hunting or not, this is needlessly violent and upsetting. How trashy. Sharing with my humane social media groups as well as PETA and the American Humane Society. Hopefully someone will let these creeps know how pathetic they are!


Brittany Winchester

I had a fantastic experience with Slocumb Law Firm! Everything from my accident was resolved quickly & painlessly. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


These people suck.. don’t ever in your life think about using them. And they will rip you off in a heartbeat. Everytime you turn around they got new attorneys. I wonder why

lalita greer

The commercial is a BIG FAT LIE! Don't waste your time. They are only interested in big paying cases.

Kvaughn Hines

I was a little nervous at first but I got a real good one name Justin weis him and Mercedes Barron handled everything and actually went back and fourth to make sure they got me what was owed so I have to give them 5 stars for this one

Torrain Kelly Sr.

There's a lack of communication, they don't reach to there client as much as needed. They DO NOT have their clients best interest. Poor and Disappointment experience. The percentage is too high 40%.


I have to say this firm did the bare minimum to pursue my interests in my personal injury case. This firm is interested in the big dollar cases that will fill up their pockets, not cases under $20k. I was prepped for my testimony right before trial and I do not think enough time was put into the case probably because it was a minor case. The lack of communication was completely negligent and a violation of the rules of professional conduct, among other things. I would have to say the bare minimum was done in my case to have avoided being malpractice. Just because there are commercials on TV does not mean this firm actually cares about "every" client, just the big dollar ones. It is the big settlements paying for those commercials, not the quality of representation. My attorney seemed like a good guy, but just too busy to put in the time to my case.

Antione Johnson

When the Mike Slocumb Law Firm say's ( "We'll Get You The Big Check" ) Don't believe them because you won't!!! That's a Fact.....................

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