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Leyanna Savann

My boyfriend and I recently just went through the most stressful time in our lives with a case in which involved his parents wanting non parental custody over our son. After doing our research, we reached out to Goldberg Jones and that is where we met our attorney Hillary Roberts. We have no idea where to begin when it comes to this REMARKABLE woman. She is professional, very skilled and her work is absolutely AMAZING!!! She was a bulldog in the court room against the opposing odds and we were definitely proud to have her represent us. Hillary has helped rid us of our worries with her style and grace. We couldn't be more thankful for her help and expertise. We are beyond satisfied and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in a sticky situation. She will work by your side and make sure to keep you well informed during the whole process, never leaving you in wonder. She deserves 5 stars, we have no complaints and nothing but good things to say about Hillary! We hope she is able to help you with any of your challenges! Hillary Roberts is a CHAMPION!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK HILLARY!!!!! -Joshua, Leyanna and baby Uryiah!! :)

James Mcguire

My attorney Rob Mar was very helpful in getting my devorce finished in my favor to the best of his ability and the way the laws are set up . He definitely explained it very well and his knowledge of previous cases helped come to a amicable solution. I would definitely refer him and there firm on any devorce case . James

Tony T

I had the opportunity to have Jorge Ramos represent me with my case. He made feel really comfortable the first day I met him and I walk out of that first meeting pretty comfortable with him representing me. He helped me deal with a lot of the frustrations I was dealing with and helped me work through them. He worked on getting the process to move on as fast as possible, as the opposing party seemed to stretch things out and delay processes. He was quick to find discrepancies in re written drafts of the other party, whether it be them adding a clause or removing one or even changing one. It was a pleasure working with him. He understood what I was feeling and how this whole situation was affecting me. He was very personable. I wasn't sure what was going to happen once the case was closed. When he offered his services on his own time, if I have questions or concerns regarding this divorce, it made feel like I wasn't left on my own and that has been huge for me. If you get a chance to work with Jorge, you'll be quite pleased.

OurHome ToYours

I began working with Natalie Rasmussen in May of 2014. My decision to go forward to modify the custody agreement was easier after the consultation with Ken, who then referred me to Natalie. Natalie has gone above and beyond the past four months for our family, and has been upfront about the way things could go, whether it was beneficial for me or not. She is quick to respond, reliable, and has been a very consistent, strategic, and a confident advocate on my behalf. She is very friendly, and answers all questions, efficiently and in a way I am able to understand. She has been on time for court, and has spent the time to go over things with me. Goldberg Jones works as a team. I was able to appreciate this as Natalie was on vacation, and there was a mistake with our case, and the receptionist, Ken, and Natalie were able to communicate and figure the situation out to fix the situation. I would highly recommend this firm. These professionals are very dedicated to their clients, and have made this situation much a better experience than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Goldberg Jones for all of your help! Evern D.R.Dorn

Randall Kilcup

My case was difficult because my ex wife had moved out of state and was extremely hard to reason with. My attorney Hillary Roberts knew exactly how to navigate the situation. She got my divorce done in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the out come.

Joe Giordano

I am incredibly thankful for the guidance and assistance from Tom Sabin at G&J. Going into the divorce process I believed I could do this on my own with the various on-line assistance for divorce out there. I could not have been more wrong! With Tom's knowledge, guidance and strategic thinking I was able to walk away in much better financial shape then if I had attempted to do this on my own. There are just too many things men don't know about with divorce proceedings and why it is critical to reach out for help. Tom was fantastic and worked with me every step of the way. Tom also knew my financial situation which proved to be critical since I was going to agree to pay significantly more while negotiating on my own. If it wasn't for Tom I would have been much worse off financially. I was able to negotiate a settlement that I could live with and get back on my feet much sooner! I would recommend Tom Sabin and Goldberg and Jones 100% of the time. Best regards,

Jessica Lee

It seemed professional at the beginning. My ex and I had a very easy case of divorce because we have no children and we were already set on properties thus, no complication. We just needed the paperwork. We went here and everything seemed to be good until one week before the divorce came out. They LOST our paperwork where we signed and we had to go ahead and drive all the way there at the last minute to sign. I think this place is very unprofessional because a firm that loses paperwork should not be on business. Paperwork is half the job. Careful with going here because they could loose your important paperwork too, which will cost you money and time.

Ken Arney

Nathan Gibbs has made a difference in my daughter’s life. I have my daughter living with my family in Seattle since our parental plan modification went through in September. It took close to a 10 months to change our parental plan and it has made such a positive impact on my daughter’s life. My daughter has the opportunity to learn and grow in our nurturing home. Nathan Gibbs is very through in his process. Every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed. Nathan ensures that we go through a process with positive result even when the unexpected legal events turn up. Nathan was a great at arguing and defending our position when in court. Nathan always pushed to have as much information in order to make the proper edits and summaries for our petitions and responses. Nathan made sure we supported our position with evidence and facts. My daughter’s Mom used a very aggressive attorney which tried to appeal all motions and to keep me reeling in the legal system. Nathan was able to defend against the onslaught of appeals and keep us on course to getting custody of my daughter. The legal process can be very stressful and Nathan was always understanding of the strain the legal process can cause personally. I would recommend Nathan Gibbs anyone needing a solid council on their side.

Austin Laramie

I had the pleasure of working with Darren Defrance in my custody hearing. He was the consummate professional and very easy to relate to. He fought for me to get time with my son and made me feel like he would run through walls to make this a reality! Darren was prompt with follow up and stayed late on numerous occasions just to make sure everything flowed smoothly in my case. I can't thank Darren enough for everything he has done for me. Being a single father in Washington put me at a disadvantage but Darren leveled the playing field and now I have the quality time with my son I had been fighting for, for a year! I would recommend Darren to everyone!

Thomas O'Branovich

Ken was great! He didn’t push me to pay a retainer when my case didn’t warrant it and continued to answer my questions after the initial consultation. I would definitely recommend Goldberg Jones to anyone who has questions regarding their divorce.

Mike McGuane

Honest and up front about my chances and realities. Granted mine is not very complicated custody situation, so I cant speak for long drawn out trials. But I check in every several months, for the last several years. GJ (mrs LeGrandeur) …

Bruce Johnson

Jorge Ramos represented me in my case and can truly say he has his clients best interest at heart. I was very unaware of the process in a custody litigation but can say after my experience with Jorge and how swiftly the matter was exacuted he would be definitely first pick to get it done. Thank you Sir ! I can now continue to raise my daughter in the matter that suites her best.

Steven Cook

We have been working with Robert for 6 months now. We live out of state and needed a lawyer that would handle our case with out us being present. We found him to be extremely knowledgable in family law and able to address all of our issues and concerns. He has been patient and attentive to all of our needs. Robert always returned phone calls promptly. He has handled our custody battle with efficiency. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome so far. We recommend him without hesitation in the highest regard!

Dan and Andrea Neely

We worked with our attorney, Nathan Gibbs, for one year during a long and very stressful custody case. Nate was professional, direct, detailed, and guided us through the ups and downs each step of the way. Nate had a strategy at every point and he was responsive to our questions and needs and very good at communicating throughout the process. While we always felt he had our best interests in mind he also displayed compassion and dedication to secure the best outcome for the children. We would not hesitate to retain Nathan Gibbs as our attorney again in the future.

David Tatro

By the time I decided to hire the services of Goldberg Jones, I had been navigating the family law system in both Pierce and King Counties on my own. After almost 2 years of battling allegation after allegation, and fighting to keep all of my precious time with my son, I found myself overwhelmed and unable to continue the task on my own. My sons mother made claims of Domestic Violence that quickly changed the playing field. I did my research and believed that Goldberg Jones was my best option. I reviewed the website and attorney profiles before making an appointment. I met with Ken and he took the time to listen to my entire case history (2 file boxes at this point). I had 2 or 3 of the attorneys in mind , but after discussing this with Ken, we agreed that Nathan Gibbs was the best fit. Nathan's calm demeanor was refreshing from the beginning. We discussed the case in detail and set out towards a course of action. Knowing that I had help for the first time in this process was a huge relief. I knew the cost would great, but this challenge was the biggest in my life. I needed to clear my name of all false allegations and preserve all of my visitation with my son. Nathan guided me through a few hearings in which all of the other parties request's were denied and ultimately we achieved my goal. I have more time with my son then before. All allegations and charges are dismissed. and most importantly, my sons mothers untruthful nature has been exposed and she cant do this to me again. For me this was a financial struggle, but well worth it at the end. I truly believe that I would have never achieved the results I did without help from Goldberg jones and more specifically Nathan Gibbs. Thank You! Dave T.

Kevin K

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Goldberg Jones in general, and Darren specifically. As I'm sure they've seen many times, the divorce proceedings were a struggle for me. First as I hoped to reconcile my marriage, then as I realized that it was irrecoverable. Throughout this period, and the emotional ups and downs that came with it, Darren was always available with advice, as well as to keep me on track. He helped me to keep focused on my goals of not losing rights to my son, and taught me how best to ensure I kept him in my life. He was very helpful and professional, as well as understanding about what I was going through. Though a divorce is not something I would wish on anyone, I can honestly say that, should any of my friends find themselves in a similar situation, I would heartily recommend they approach Goldberg Jones as their representatives.

Ryan Lawson

I have been going thru a very complicated divorce with the great help of Tom Sabin from Goldberg and Jones. Tom has navigated my situation very well. He does not allow deception by opposing counselors to pass by. He is very good in the courtroom and has fought vigorously for my interests. He also knows me well and takes that into account. There are times he has counseled me separate from the law and helped me immensely. Tom knows the laws and is tough. You will be pleased he is on your side.

Anthony Pham

I highly recommend Jorge Ramos due to the fact he was very patience and helpful notifying me whats need to be done in winning my custody case. He was also determined finding ways and overcome obstacles in my case. He was understanding and would notify me if i was under the minimum balance and would continue working my case. In overall I now have full custody of my son thanks to him.


I was called for a phone consultation regarding a family parenting plan issue. Throughout the conversation, as we probably all know that family law has its hick ups regarding custody with children and changes to the parenting plan, this gentleman was very patronizing to me. He ended the phone conversation laughing mockingly. And it was surprisingly rude and lacking empathy considering it's coded as a man's attorney for divorce law. As you can imagine, they will never get my business nor my recommendation.

Alan Fennell

My experience was great. All of my issues were resolved and I got the best results that I could of asked for. My attorney did a fantastic job!! He took my case personally and reassured me and kept my concerns as a top priority. I was never kept in the dark with anything. He was timely and kept me informed at all times. He represented the best of me and could not have asked for a better outcome. Thank you Nathan!!

alex brown

I cannot express enough how helpful the law firm was in my case, especially my attorney Natalie Rasmussen. She went above and beyond to facilitate my case and continues to be a great asset to me after the case. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through custody issues. She is the ONLY reason that I have my son back today and i cannot put into words how much she is appreciated.

D Reed

I originally retained an attorney from another respected family law firm, but based on the specifics of my case, I decided to look for an attorney willing to take on a more aggressive strategy. After an initial consultation with Ken Alan to review the particulars of my case and my objectives, Ken gave me a positive feel that my objectives were achievable, so I retained Goldberg & Jones and my case was assigned to Robert Mar. Mr. Mar strategically considered each of the dynamic series of turns in my case, introduced by my ex-wife in her attempts to obfuscate responses or to generally hinder progress of the case. Mr. Mar was particularly good about answering my questions and allowing me to bounce ideas off him for possible responses or changes in strategy. I always felt Mr. Mar considered my input and candidly let me know if he agreed or if not why not. I also felt confidence that I had Mr. Mar’s experience and in some cases the collective experience of the firm on my side. Timely communication throughout the case was extremely important to me. Mr. Mar responsively answered all emails and calls within the day. For time critical responses to the opposition or the court, Mr. Mar followed through every time. I felt that Mr. Mar efficiently reviewed emails and constructed responses, so as not to rack up unnecessary 'billable' hours. Although trial was not avoided for reasons outside our control, when trial day came, Mr. Mar made sure we were well prepared, such that my case was successfully made before a judge. Without Mr. Mar's input to this case, the outcome could have been different and could have cost me much more than just attorney’s fees. Regardless of the positive outcome, I would recommend Goldberg & Jones and particularly the services of Mr. Mar, based on the high level and quality of attention he applied to my case.

William Elliott

Nathan helped me tremendously during the re-working of my parenting plan. He is very knowledgeable and was EXTREMELY patient and answered all my questions. He helped me through the ins and outs of the court system to make sure everything got handled the way it should. He always reminded me that he was an advocate in my corner and it is greatly appreciated. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney.

Benny Harwell

Robert Mar really did a great job of taking care of a ridiculous but to me rather frustrating and frightening situation with a protection order. Robert was very professional and calming during the entire process and that really came to light in the courthouse where I have zero experience. The judge dismissed entirely. Don't think you can do it alone, call Robert. Money well spent as far as I am concerned.

Mark Basgall

The Attorney I worked with, Darren DeFrance, was incredible he got my case done much faster than I thought possible, and with a dead line for needing to move to boot. I would definitely recommend them to friends. They are a little pricey, but I promise you, you get everything that you pay for and then some. Darren kept in contact with me every step of the way, I never once felt like I was left alone in my case, my hat goes off to Darren and all the people that make this law firm run so well.

Don Chiniquy

My attorney Liam McGill was a real asset in helping me get through my divorce. After being separated 15 months and making little progress coming to a resolution, I contacted Liam. He helped me resolve my case within 2 months. His experience in not only the law but in the best way to communicate and move forward really helped direct my actions and get the issue resolved. I highly recommend him.


Nathan Gibbs stepped in and got me through my legal separation after I had to let my previous attorney go. I appreciated his laid back, confident, and professional approach. I would definitely recommend him.

Jay Hendricks

First, Robert was great to work with. Robert was the ONLY attorney that I spoke with that I felt was on my side in the divorce. Even though Washington state is 50/50 on divorce cases, the process was much more complex and Robert was incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of the divorce proceedings.

Lynn Hampton

Jorge Ramos is an excellent lawyer. He's considerate, responsive, and professional. He offers good advice and understands the details associated with divorce. In addition, Goldberg Jones is a great law firm. Thank you

Catalin Oprea

I hired Goldberg Jones in 2014 for my marriage dissolution and Jason was instrumental in obtaining the desired outcome in my divorce. He is sharp, friendly, and a strategic thinker. Although the case was very complex ( it involved custody evaluation, moving out of state and aggressive/negative opposing counsel ) Jason was able to always focus on the true facts and data. His approach and guidance enabled me to avoid an expensive trial while reaching the promised results. I am very pleased with how the process went and I highly recommend Jason

kitty shaw

horrible con men is what they are. stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Savage

Hillary is an excellent attorney. I have seen her in court during chaotic times and she maintains her poise like a seasoned pro. Her legal researching is second to none and she is a zealous advocate for her clients. I have sent people to her for attorney services and all are greatly satisfied with her work.

Lila Davis

i had a very pleasant experience with my attorney Anna Othman. in a situation that was very unpleasant Anna helped navigate through all the small details with quick, efficient knowledge! i was completely satisfied with all her services and would recommend her and Goldberg Jones to all my friends and co-workers. THANK YOU ANNA!

Jim Elliott

Every divorce is hard, complicated and painful. For we the customer, this is our first rodeo, however to this firm this is what they do. I dealt diredty with Ken Allan and Thomas Sabin, and found both of them responsive and fair. The communication with Thomas was very good, even talking to me on his cell phone and over the weekend in my later stages. I have worked professionally with attorneys over 20 years and found this firm fair and responsive. My fees were significantly lower than the wife's fees by almost half and we did a lot more work. As you look for a firm to represent men, you should meet either of these gentleman and give them the opportunity to represent you. I have and am satisfied.

Geoff Guillory

Great experience. Highly recommended

Melissa Harned

Do NOT let Nathan Gibbs represent you - biggest mistake we have ever made and we are paying dearly for it. Nathan represented my husband in a parenting plan modifications. At mediation, he told me to go flirt with my step-son's step-father …

Darryl West

I retained Goldberg Jones for my divorce. I had concerns about the kids being relocated out of State. After meeting with Nathan Gibbs he helped me understand my rights as a father and we're able to prevent a relocation from happening. I'm very happy with the way everything worked out.

AnneMarie W

I really wanted to like this firm.

Richard Morris

Jorge Ramos was very considerate of my needs as an individual and provided input on not just questions I had, but provided input on questions I didn't know to ask. His understanding of the legal system regarding divorce and children in divorce was substantial and his recommendations I felt were well thought out and accurate. He also has provided some assistance post final papers which has been very beneficial since divorce with children does not end with final papers and is a continuous effort on all parties. His view of my case was to make the best of the situation and to ensure that myself and my children were taken care of. I would recommend anyone who needs legal support through a time which I think everyone is angry and needs an unbiased opinion. He will work for you and take your interests as primary but will provide you his legal advice in order to make the tough situation as smooth as possible.

Joseph Eufracio

I was referred to Goldberg Jones by a friend when I found myself in the middle of a very unique and complicated family law matter. I met with Hillary after contacting their office, and was immediately impressed by the way she took a genuine interest in my family as well as my case, and her fierce no-nonsense attitude when it came time to go to court and fight for my paternal rights. My case was unusual, and family law is complicated enough as it is, but I never felt out of the loop or confused as to what was happening throughout the entire process. Hillary made sure she was in contact with me on a regular basis and always returned my calls or emails promptly whenever I had questions. It's no secret that WA is a mothers state, but when it came time for court, Hillary did an amazing job at leveling the field, and making sure my paternal rights and responsibilities were recognized and not overshadowed or abused. I am extremely pleased with her representation and the outcome of my case. Her commitment to her clients was evident not only during the entire process, but even after when she contacted me to make sure all was still going well for my family and I. She is an amazingly skilled attorney, who fights fiercely for her clients and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly reccomend her to anyone that finds themselves entering into a family law case.

Jeff Greenfield

Nathan Gibbs did an excellent job helping me through a very difficult divorce that had a number of difficult elements - custody, parenting plans, criminal issues and asset/maintenance distribution. He demonstrated to be an expert in family law, empathetic to my situation, responsive to my needs and deft in the courtroom. As a man fighting for custody and working full time, I felt that the cards were stacked against me, but Nathan counseled me how to focus on the things within my control and through that, I was able to achieve terms that were fair. I highly recommend Nathan as an attorney in both family and criminal matters.

ryan welch

Chad Eubanks saved my son’s life. My son, will now grow up primarily raised by me, his father. In a world where its expected that father's take a sideline to mothers in custody cases and we have no chance at winning fair results. This attorney will fight for your time with your kids and win. A true professional operator. He represented me in a highly contested custody case in 2014 and 2015. The case spanned more than a year in litigation and involved multiple contested court hearings. The case finally concluded after a trial in King County Superior Court that began on December 1, 2014 and ended on December 11th. The expert witness in our case, a court appointed Guardian ad Litem, provided an unfavorable report, recommending our son reside in his mother’s primary care and that I pay our son’s mother child support. Chad was able to reverse this and undermine the validity of the rationale and recommendations and prove they were not actually in the best interests of the child. Many false accusations were made up to try and undermine my character and parenting style and he was able to show they were unfounded and a case could be made that all the data actually pointed back at the accusser. I was impressed with Chad’s preparation, professionalism, and punctuality.

Aaron VanderPol

Hillary Roberts Ms. Roberts provided invaluable council and advice during an unfortunately ongoing custody dispute with the mother of my child. She deftly navigated the initial steps of a very complicated matter made especially difficult due to jurisdictional issues between the states of Oregon and Washington. Ms. Roberts successfully argued for the family court commissioner to impose protections for my daughter to help insure her safety until this matter concludes. I am really thankful to have her help. Aaron VanderPol

Ricardo Acosta-Alejandre

Jorge Ramos is very good!!! I recommend him to all of my family and friends! He gets results! You wont go wrong if you hire him! Trust me I know! Thank you Jorge Ramos! I can finally move on with my life.

Peter Hallett

"Darren was very well prepared, he did not have to stop in mid-sentence to refer to his notes, the word um, was not used, he presented himself in a professional manor in regards to his appearance, and demonstrated command and control of a fluid situation in which a positive outcome could only be awarded through the actions of a dedicated and caring attorney. You never know the quality or depth of ones character until it is challenged. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome."

Andy Brame

Natalie Rasmussen has been my attorney for almost a year now. I have had some not so great experiences with law firms and attorneys in the past. Goldberg Jones and Natalie how ever have been nothing but great. They have made this hard time much easier. They are very helpful, educated, and skilled at what they do. I would definitely recommend them!

Joe Arians

Amanda Gamble represented me through a very difficult separation. My ex's behavior was absolutely ridiculous and incredibly vindictive throughout the entire court process. Amanda was always there to answer questions and deal with any issues …

Mustafe Ismail

Darren DeFrance, is one of the best lawyer in Seattle. Darren did a great job in representing me both effectively and professionally, he is professional, prompt and well experience. I will recommend to all my friends, family and anyone else who needs any child custody or divorce lawyer.

Ben White


Anna Vera

Dedicated, dependable, aggressive- great attorney! We worked with Anna for almost 14 months in a divorce, custody battle and I can honestly say she is an all-in lawyer who truly cares about her client and their story. Anna is an experienced knowledgeable lawyer. One of the many things that I respect her for is her honesty and that she sets clear expectations. Her priority is getting her client the best deal, which she did. She was a tremendous help to our family and we are grateful. Thank you, Anna!

49er Faithfull

They took my money they took my kid they left me on the streets

Jake Martin

Terrible experience. After trying to email and phone them for WEEKS, had to physically go into their office multiple times to determine if I needed to be in court or not. Slow in their process and methodologies, and did not provide any value to my case. Wasted *thousands* of dollars (while only filing two notices of appearance... nothing else) and ultimately hurt my case. Gave me poor advice, and made me look like an idiot in court when I followed the advice given by their attorney. Oh, and they lost my retainer check...

Wardy Osman


Avniel Sauls

Often times men get the "short end" of the stick when it comes to divorce, especially in Washington state, this is my opinion. I had no idea what the process would be or who to go to when I was served divorced papers. So I begin a search looking for someone that cold help me. I did a internet search and came across Goldberg and Jones firm, but specifically what caught my attention is the firm specified "divorced for men" so I called, explained my situation and was immediately assigned a competent lawyer to handle my case. The process was quite easy and exceeded my expectations. Although, the settlement was unfavorable, again, in my opinion, but without Goldberg and Jones, and Darren DeFrance it would have been a lot worse. This firm is competent, knowledgeable, and very professional. So if you are in an unfortunate situation the requires divorce representation, especially if you are a man, I strongly recommend you choose Goldberg and Jones to support you.

Christopher Austin

Nobody wins in divorce, but I had Jorge Ramos on my side and it all turned out ok. He took control as soon as I hired him and he always seemed to know what the petitioners next step was going to be. He was able to see through the fog when I couldn't. If you're going through divorce, you're scarred and you think your life is over. Call Jorge, It will be the best money you ever spent.

Zeb Lee

I was referred to Goldberg and Jones by a mutual friend at work. After an extremely Rough separation I went in with an initial plan that was to seek help forming a 50/50 parenting plan. Hillary Roberts Took charge of my case and quickly helped me draft up a Great parenting plan. Unfortunately things between me and the mother of my son had a severe falling out and my son was being withheld from me, as well as my character becoming under attack by my ex. Through all my grief Hillary Showed Great compassion and worked very diligently, she showed Great patience when I didn’t understand something and made sure I understood what was going on. When Time came and we went into court Hillary put fourth my case with stunning passion and ultimately got my son back into my arms. Hillary Roberts helped me get through one of the hardest times of my life and because of her I have my son back.

Nicholas Clifton

My lawyer was Jayde Logan and she did a fantastic job. It was a long difficult road but Jayde was right by my side the whole way. She was professional, polite, and helpful even when I was frustrated and abrasive, and she even went out of her way to help me save money. I can't say enough good things about Jayde, thanks for helping me get my daughter back in my life!

Jen H

I mistakenly hired an attorney (Not from Goldberg Jones) for my divorce with out researching his reviews. He was terrible and managed to lose my primary custody for my son by being unresponsive to my questions for advice, unknowledgeable with the law, and unprepared for a key motion. I desperately searched for another attorney who would appeal the case for me. Everywhere I turned nobody wanted to take my case until a friend recommended me to Goldberg Jones. Thomas Sabin took several hours to give me my initial consultation and discussed with me the best course of action. I was hesitant to switch attorneys in the middle of my divorce but going with Tom turned out to be the best decision. He took the time to answer all my questions and prepared me for the GAL investigation. Thanks to Tom's expert guidance the GALs report ended up heavily in my favor and got me back primary custody - exactly how Tom predicted. He was very responsive to all my questions. He would typically respond to emails almost immediately after sending to him. He was very knowledgeable and very thorough in explaining things to me to help me understand the law and how situations would play out in the court system. I really appreciated his no-nonsense conservative approach. Most of all he seems to really enjoy his job and bringing justice to the family courts.

Royce Vick

Darren was truly a specialist. In a state where women are usually favored over the men I was initially a little concerned. When we went to court we got everything we wanted and it was the best money I ever spent. I now get to see my children thanks to Goldberg and Jones. Thanks again Darren!

Alyssa Finn

Goldberg Jones has definitely lived up to it's reputation defending men's rights. The attorneys are very personable, and well versed on the local law. Our case is extremely chaotic, and we have had great results thus far. I would work with this law firm again in a heart-beat!

Marty Duffy

Amazing firm to work with. A busy mans paradise. They really do all the work and are extremely reasonably priced. If you want somebody to get it done for you I would look no further. Thanks again for everything Colette and the Goldberg/Jones firm. Cheers.

Delphe Doyon

Divorce can be extremely stressful, David was able to help me throughout the process and got a positive outcome , was worth every dollar .

Scott Dowbiggin

I hired Goldberg Jones to try and mitigate the losses of my x-wife relocating across the country with my kids. My attorney, Hillary Roberts proved to be the bull-dog her boss said she would be. Against terrible odds she beat the opposing council and won an order of contempt. I knew it would be impossible to prevent the relocation, but her work will make for a better resolution in the modification of our parenting plan and enforcing it in the future. Thank you Hillary for all your hard work and advice.

Benjamin Bomba

They told me they fight for fathers rights. Well i had ADAM TEAL, and he did not fight for my rights as a father. He even mentioned that he was prior friends with my ex wife's lawyer, every time I wanted something he suggested not to go for certain things or to ask, that it was a bad idea. I was totally screwed over by this firm. I highly suggest any father's looking for a good lawyer to not go with this firm. They took all of my money and gave my ex everything, And then tell me that it was a good deal.

Christophe Rougny

When I met with Kenneth Alan, I told him I wanted a Pitbull. I got one, Ms. Hillary Roberts is dedicated, hard working and aggressive attorney. She did and still doing a great job on my case. I highly recommend her.

Gravel Rhodes

Ken Alan from GJ assigned Nathan Gibbs to represent me in a simple divorce and I have nothing but praise for the experience. Very personable, professional, good at what he does and truly cares about your welfare during what usually is a traumatic experience.

Josiah Harevey

My attorney at Goldberg Jones had worked with me closely and was successful in getting what not only was fair, but what I had fought for in my case for child custody. I am very pleased with his preparation over the other attorney, and would highly recommend this lawfirm to father's like myself, who just want to spend time with their kids.

shawnna Wright

Going through Goldberg Jones for our child custody modification was the best decision we made, worth every penny! Our attorney Nathan Gibbs was professional, had good communication skills and great follow through. Without his hard work and dedication we might not have won our case. Nathan was proactive every step of the way and made sure that the process was as easy as possible. We HIGHLY recommend Nathan Gibbs and if we need another attorney in the future will be returning to him.

Jennifer Weiss-Moose

My ex husband hired Sherri Bennett many years ago and she knew he was lying about everything and still represented him. Sherri called me on the phone( I lived out of the state of Washington) to ask me if I would be in court? I didn't have the finances. Sherri has no integrity, knowing my ex was committing perjury. Now my youngest daughter really suffers emotionally and I am getting her the help she needs. My daughter no longer has a relationship with her dad, who is narcissistic. I dont know if the entire law firm is like Sherri, but she is AWFUL!! My family has suffered!!

Eric Lindquist

Nathan Gibbs helped my legal process proceed smoothly and without any unforeseen issues. He was always looking out for my best interest and followed through with all questions quickly. Note: He was able to accomplish this all while I was out of state, with no hassle to me.

mike whitford

I heard about Goldberg Jones on the radio, how they specialized in protecting the father really made my decision easy when it came time for my divorce. From the first phone call to the last Email there was always some one there to answer phone calls or Emails. Depending on your situation they have a lawyer that can best help you. In the end I got full custody of both of my kids and was able to keep my house. If its that time, give these people a call. They made it easy and less stressful.

Aragorn Rose

I came to Goldberg & Jones based on a friend's suggestion, after he heard of the firm on NPR. This is my first time seeking and retaining legal counsel and after some research I still found I wanted Goldberg & Jones for my services. Initially I met with Kenneth Alan who made me feel very comfortable and gave me some clear understanding of what to expect with my case and how their firm operates. He assigned Hillary Roberts as my counsel. Hillary Roberts has been excellent counsel from the start. The first time we met she demonstrated an immediate "let's get to work attitude", as well as made me feel very comfortable in her abilities and legal knowledge. While observing the opposing party's counsel throughout my case, and comparing that counsel to my own, I have only felt reassured in my choice of legal representation.

Heather Roberts

Patrick Scherer helped me and my fiancé get custody back of his daughter and he was very professional and went through the process and let us know our outcomes and was realistically down to earth with his answers. We went from having no custody to taking the first step of getting her back and he walked us to the process very smoothly. 5 stars definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who asks us for a family law attorney thanks again Patric and everyone at goldberg jones!! Sincerely, Clifford and Heather

Misty Dawn Brannon

I hired Goldberg and Jones based off of a reference from a mutual friend who used them. I spoke with Ken Alan and was fine, then I was assigned Scott Marlow. I was not impressed with Scott at all and never got anywhere with Scott, several times I requested a new attorney and finally was given back to Ken Alan. Ken then assigned my case to Anna Othman, Anna was awesome. She understood what I wanted, cut to the chase of the matter, advised me and took care of business as it should of been orignially done! Anna helped me resolve all issues and my divorce was finally complete after over a year! Thank you Anna!

Traver Phillips

Informative and quick help when I needed it! Thanks !

Stephen Payne

I had an extremely poor experience with Goldberg Jones. I spent over $10K and essentially the only legal advice I was given throughout the process was to "do what opposing counsel says". Divorce is difficult - make sure to do your research when selecting an attorney. It didn't have to be as difficult as they made it.


Two years ago I retained Natalie Rasmussen for my child support modification case. I tried to represent myself previously and was unsuccessful. It was a very stressful time for me and my family. Natalie helped me through the case and was honest. She always let me know which way it could go, good or bad. In the end she won the case for me. Natalie is very professional and excellent at her job other dads waiting for their case to be heard wanted to hire her. I appreciate everything she has done for me. I highly recommend Natalie Rasmussen.

Jeremy Maine

Darren was an Amazing attorney. I came into this whole mess stressed out, not understanding anything and just in a really bad place, barely seeing my children. He was able to help me get my bearings, we sat down got all the information we needed together and actually got me custody of my two children. I have been and will continue to recommend this firm to every man that I know that ever goes though this mentally tough experience. His approach of calm and collect instead of aggressive was amazing and it couldn't have been better. Darren, honestly from the bottom of my heart Thank You.

Junhua Chang

Did an initial consultation with the managing attorney the other day, and he refused to let the firm take my case, because he was worried that he will get "sanctioned" by the judge by filing motions he thinks without basis. He even asserted that when judge told me to get an attorney, the judge's intention was to let the attorney telling me not to file such motions. Can't really hire such an attorney with such ridiculously negative attitude. They cared much more about themselves than their clients. What a joke.

Teak P

I hired Goldberg Jones in March of 2013 to represent me in my divorce and also a minor criminal charge (related to my divorce-you figure out the rest) that I was unjustly being accused of..... I was interviewed by one of the lead attorneys in the Seattle office and was immediately assigned to Nathan Gibbs.. Everything that followed the course of my divorce was very ugly and I needed proper representation to protect me.. Nathan Gibbs in an expert divorce and criminal defense attorney.. He was always very attentive to my concerns, did a good job in protecting me in my divorce and was excellent when representing me in the criminal trial which I was falsely accused of.. Like any other divorce I didn't get everything that I wanted, but in the end I am satisfied with the final orders... In my criminal case we took it all the way to trial. I was innocent of the charges and Nathan never urge me to consider a plea bargain.. He knew my story, knew that I was innocent and was committed in making sure that the truth would prevail. He did an excellent job in representing me at my trial and it only took the jury 24 seconds of deliberations to find me "NOT GUILTY".. Nathan Gibbs represented me for over a year and in that time I also have grown to consider him not only my #1 attorney, but I also my friend.. With all the good work he does in his career, he also is just a good guy... There are a lot of attorneys out there and I was very fortunate to find a skilled, confident attorney that not only does a great job at what he does, but also cares about his clients and believes in justice... There is not another attorney I would recommend out there for anyone in need of a divorce or criminal defense attorney.. Hopefully I will never need an attorney again for these types of reasons, but if I do I definitely will be calling Nathan Gibbs... Thank you for everything you did for me and all the hard work you put in to represent me Nathan Gibbs!! Keep doing what doing out there.... We need more attorneys that care just like you do.....

Sanjeev Makol


Kevin K.

Giving Nathan Great direction at the start he will get you to your end goal as needed as your attorney, thanks Kenneth A.

Jeffrey Gruber

I was married for over 23 years. My ex-wife was a stay at home mom for the last 20 years of our marriage. I knew I was going to lose everything including my future retirement. At the age of 50 I felt that my life was over, and I was just going to roll over. My Dad told me get an attorney from Goldberg & Jones. I was assigned Darren from Goldberg & Jones who I explained my circumstances to. When I left his office I had confidence in myself concerning this divorce for the first time. Darren is very proficient at his job, and is approachable. He made sure that I always understood what was going on. The outcome of my divorce was that I kept the house and was able to buy her out of my retirement. The ex-wife was given a maxed out credit card debt, and was forced to change her last name. This outcome would have never occurred without the representation of Goldberg & Jones. Their charges are extremely reasonable. I felt like I got the best representation possible. I am able to start over. Thank You Darren Jeff

Dave W

After an initial introductory meeting with Goldberg Jones' management where I described my representation needs for a very adversarial divorce, I was extremely fortunate to be paired with an excellent attorney, Rob Mar. Rob's thoughtful approach in reviewing options and determining an appropriate strategy, diligent and fast response work-ethic, produced a settling presence inside and outside of the courtroom - and provided the results I needed to complete a difficult divorce. I'd heartily recommend Rob to anyone seeking a true professional at the top of his field. Dave W

Brenden Martin

The team at Golberg Jones is awesome. They aren't pushy and extremely informative. They respond immediately and always promote family health and finding amicable solutions. They are well respected in the industry and awesome to work with.

Pamela Beach-Juarez

John MacCormack

Goldberg Jones recently represented my son in a custody case made far more complicated and costly by the difficult behavior of the child's mother. It thus went on far longer than expected and far exceeded anticipated costs. The final outcome was quite favorable for my son thanks to dogged representation by Hillary Roberts to whom we are grateful. In sum, very good lawyers but also very expensive. So, if you can afford them, it's the way to go.

Lawrence Norton

Nathan Gibbs represented me in a recent Modification of Child Support case. I greatly appreciated his honesty, hard work, and advice. Mr. Gibbs kept me informed throughout the process and skillfully represented me in court resulting in a favorable ruling. Thank you.

Seattle Mom

Jorge Ramos is an incredible attorney with great integrity. He's a hard to find, one of a kind, ethical family law attorney with solid credentials, judgment and experience. I recommend him highly.

Kevin Linares

Darren and his firm did a great job on my case. I would definitely use them again and recommend to anyone to use this firm. Always willing to help and guide you the right direction. Thanks Goldberg Team! Specially Darren DeFrance.

Tiffany Powell

We are so pleased and thankful to have found Mr. Robert Mar at Goldberg Jones for our legal matter. Mr. Mar helped us tremendously with our case. He was professional, honest, responded in a timely manner, and the retainer was reasonable. We appreciated his keen mind and ingenuous solution that ultimately led to the dismissal of the case. We won thanks to Mr. Mar!!

a a

Hired this firm about a year-and-a-half ago and we just completed my case. It was for child support modification and enforcement of an out-of-state court order/divorce decree. I spent around 15K and got 0 results, my child support wasn't even modified after I gave all the required and requested information. I was transferred to three different lawyers throughout this whole process. The last lawyer Tonya seemed pretty good, it was unfortunate that I got her at the end after I went broke. I feel like I mainly paid for a bunch of emails between myself and the first two lawyers that didn't do anything. I understand that people need to get paid for their services but I do feel like I got ripped off by this firm. I let them know my financial situation and it feels like they took advantage and took me for what they could get.

Tom Elder

I worked with Jorge Ramos who was professional and very knowledgeable of family court. He made a difficult situation as painless as possible and was able to help me with the most important thing to me, my boys. Thank you Jorge and the team at Goldberg and Jones.

Tim Richter

I had Nathin Gibbs to represent me, i thought he did his best considering my sistuation, i wish i would have had him represent me from the begining might of cost me less.

Shawn S

ATTENTION FATHERS!!! My case took place a while ago, but I had my initial consultation with this firm, giving intimate details of my situation to Goldberg and Jones. I waited before making final decisions and before hiring anyone. About a month passed by and I found out my ex had retained Nathan Gibbs at this firm. BIG mistake for Goldberg and Jones. These firms are required by law to keep record of who they had consults with and cannot represent an opposing party after they've been given intimate details of the case from the opposite side. I didn't know this until well after the fact (first time divorcee). There was nothing professional about the way Mr. Gibbs treated me and in fact it was downright nasty. My ex also indicated that Mr. Gibbs told her not to show up to a child exchange which resulted in police intervention. Mr. Gibbs was set on a path to destroy and was constantly emailing me and using bullish tactics and threats. I eventualy emailed his boss who removed him from the case, knowing they had violated the law by representing my ex because I pointed this out. Now Fathers, would you really want to be represented by a firm who "says" they fight for fathers but then try to destroy a father while aiding and abetting a vindictive ex?? Look elsewhere for your representation because these guys are sloppy. There's a special place in hell for lawyers like Nathan Gibbs. RESPONSE TO G&J BELOW COMMENTS: Contrary to what Goldberg and Jones says and While Goldberg and Jones intends to cover its tracks, there was an initial consultation done with this firm. Both parties (ex and I) lived out of state, there wasn't any way either party could show up at their office. But the online forms were filled out and e-mails and telephone conversations were exchanged. Here is the letter that Mr. Gibbs sent me: Hello Mr. Shaffer: Due to your emails with my managing attorney in April I have determined that there is a potential conflict of interest and I cannot represent Ms. Shaffer going forward. Attached is my Notice of Withdrawal; filed today and effective immediately. Let me know if you would like a hard copy as well. Please be advised that I was not aware of the potential conflict until this morning and none of the information shared with my managing attorney was conveyed to Ms. Shaffer. Thank you. Nathan M. Gibbs Attorney at Law ------------------------------------ Potential conflict of interest? You think???? Really? The information given to this firm was used against me in a case for my ex. If Goldberg and Jones would like to settle this dispute in court, then I'm all for it, however I live out of state so it's not worth the time of going back to Washington. Secondly, this does not excuse a lawyer who conducts himself unprofessionally, using intimidating and fear tactics and poor judgement. His client was hanging on a thread of being arrested by the county sheriff. It is true that a Washington State Bar complaint was placed and dismissed. That complaint was about the professional conduct of the attorney, Nathan Gibbs. Not the firm's or his involvement in conflict of interest. A second complaint was never placed, but should've been.

bergstrom plays

My attorney, Sherrie Bennett, was extremely helpful in my divorce. She allowed me the flexibility to handle things the way I thought was best for my family and yet helped me hold firm in certain areas to maintain an equitable settlement. Highly recommended!!

Gabe Akiyama

This firm is shady. Kenneth Alan is a used car salesman who is unethical and dishonest. I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Washington state Bar association over the dishonest statements and mal practice of Kenneth Alan and …

Don Harris

Christy LaGranduer Goldberg Jones I met Christy seven months into my very heated custody case. My first attorney was moving away and Christy was chosen by the firm to continue my case. To be honest I was nervous, my first attorney had …

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