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REVIEWS OF David Benowitz IN Washington

jeffrey blender

Trustworthy, kind and friendly!

Jim Schillreff

Before dawn knock on the door .... laser beams cutting the darkness centered on YOUR chest .... click of the cuffs, crash of a jail cell door closing. Welcome to an America where everyone NEEDS a passionate advocate. David Benowitz is fast, knowledgeable and compassionate. He gets you out of jail fast, makes the right legal moves the FIRST time and calms nervous loved ones. In an environment where few middle class, white-collar accused have seldom ventured, David deftly threads the legal minefields with far above average legal 'touch' and insures ALL your Rights and Remedies are vigorously promoted. David is more than my attorney, he's my friend..

Satisfied Client

I was referred specifically to Mr. Benowitz by my employment attorney. I was able to leave a voicemail for him, and he was prompt in responding to me. We discussed my case over the phone, and he was very knowledgeable. He had a strategy to get me the best result possible. Throughout the entire process, Dave was very responsive and was able to answer any questions I had. He was able to obtain me a favorable result at the conclusion of case; I would refer anyone dealing with a similar situation to Mr. Benowitz and Price Benowitz LLP in the future.

Devin Maier

Thanks again for the support and assistance. Best firm in the city by far!

Khalid Taylor

David is extremely insightful and knowledgeable. He knows the ins and outs of the law and I would definitely recommend him!

Robert Espinosa

Rarely does one find an attorney who has over twenty years of experience, but still approaches each case with the tenacity of someone newly barred. It is evident from the first phone call with Dave that he does not see a paycheck when he looks at his clients, but rather a person who is hurting and needs assistance. This mentality is ubiquitous through the firm, definitely a part of the culture there. Dave’s passion and dedication are contagious, and you can feel it with every person on the staff you interact with, whether it be a receptionist or paralegal. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, there’s no need to look any farther than Dave and his firm

Omaru Kallon

Had a good time at trivia n

Jessica Callender

I would recommend David Benowitz to anyone looking for an extremely professional and caring attorney. He was always respectful and honest with his opinions about my husbands case. David was punctual and I always felt that he had our back during a very trying time. He’s a fantastic attorney. Also, all of his staff at the DC office were very efficient and polite.

Juliette Balabanian

David, we humbly thank you. You are our rock star.


Dave Benowitz leads a law firm that is my go-to for DC area criminal defense matters. I’ve been impressed him and his colleagues and recommend them highly.

Mike Fanelli

Dave fights for his clients, a thoughtful counselor, and wicked sharp - everything you want in a defense lawyer with integrity. And he is backed up by A+ colleagues.

Brent Mitchell

David is an honest and hard-working lawyer who brings experience to his clients. He is going to treat people right and help them through their issues.

Roy Conn

As I read the comments given by one client after another about the excellent representation provided by David and the members of his firm, I am not the least bit surprised. As a matter of fact this is what I would naturally expect. As a practicing lawyer who has been in the legal profession for 30 years, and who has also had the pleasure of working various criminal cases with David, I know first hand the commitment and dedication that David brings to the table when representing a client, which is second to none. In addition to being dedicated and skilled at his craft, David is a lawyer who really cares about the client and always seeks to obtain the best possible legal result.

Paul Wagner

One thing you need to know about Dave is that he is a very nice guy. The next thing you need to know is that he knows what he is talking about. I use Dave all the time in my work as a reporter for Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. His analysis on complicated legal issues is clear, direct and to the point.

Antionette Bouknight

He’s an excellent attorney! I will definitely recommend him to all

Lilian Huyen

David is an outstanding attorney & a great person. I highly recommend him to anyone who is needing legal representation.

Becky Gaudiose

David is an amazing attorney. He has expertise knowledge, is extremely responsive, and overall great to work with. Would highly recommend him!

Joanna McCleaf

I have known David Benowitz for 25 years. He is an excellent attorney and truly cares about his clients.


David walked with me through a stressful legal process and helped me attain the best possible outcome for my case. David and his team are competent, committed, and they get results.

Luis Reyes

By far the best criminal defense attorney in the DMV. David Benowitz went above and beyond to give me, and my family comfort during a stressful period. He was able to take care of our case and kept close communication with us. I highly recommend David Benowitz for any criminal case in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. I cannot thank him enough!

Gabriel Canan-Zucker

David Benowitz is a skilled and experienced litigator with a vigorous work ethic to match. I was fortunate to spend time working at the Law Office of David Benowitz early in my career and witnessed firsthand his tenacity in the courtroom and his dedication to the needs of his clients. During my time there David, as well as the attorney’s working with him, were able to consistently deliver positive results on behalf of their clients. I know that if my freedom was in jeopardy I would feel comfort in knowing the Law Office of David Benowitz was advocating on my behalf.

John Ambrose

In all my interactions with David Benowitz, I have found him to be professional, knowledgeable, and wholly committed to fighting on behalf of his clients. I would happily recommend Mr. Benowitz to anyone seeking legal representation in the DMV.

Armando Sarlat

I’ve worked in the DC legal arena for nearly three decades. Accordingly. I know quite a large number of DC-area attorneys in practically every area of the law. I met David through his law practice partner, my friend Seth Price. Since my first encounter with David, he has distinguished himself in two specific ways. David has established himself as an expert in criminal defense and other legal matters here in the Washington DC area. Whether it involves a client of his or not, David’s legal opinion is of the utmost value to media outlets. It’s not unusual for me to turn on the evening news and see David sharing his opinion on legal matters of local or national importance. This clearly indicates that David Benowitz has his finger on the pulse of the intricate workings of the American criminal defense system, as well as on real-time events. Second, and perhaps more importantly, David’s deep sense of humanity and justice is what shines through the most in his character, as is evidenced through his phenomenal pro bono work and victories. For example, through David’s and his various teams’ work, he has convinced juries to free more than one man who was wrongly convicted of heinous crimes. Finally, when I have brought him legal issues in the past, he has always taken the time to provide thoughtful and useful advice.

Andrew Gross

Super knowledgeable! One of the best in the country!

Neil Schur

I highly recommend David Benowitz. He is a smart, passionate, tactical, highly skilled and experienced criminal lawyer who is every bit as thoughtful in his evaluations of a case and a witness as he is quick on his feet in trial. Go meet with him, and you will see, or look at the rave reviews from his clients, or his string of impressive results and awards.

Carla Sims-Cardwell

I have so many positive things to say about Attorney David Benowitz. My son was arrested (1st time ever) and had serious allegation's against him. Time was not on his side. I had to fly 3000 miles to get to Washington DC. I literally packed my bags and was on a plane in a couple of hours. Out of all the attorney's in the DC metro area, we were lead to David Benowitz(I thank God for leading us to David Benowitz). David is the best attorney in the DC metro area. David is an expert and has high integrity. I found David to be very dedicated to fighting for your loved one's rights. I also highly appreciated the fact that David kept us informed and empowered throughout the whole process. You do not want to entrust your loved one to a public defender. The DC courts throw unrepresented individuals to public defenders and these individuals are bombarded with too many cases and will literally bury your loved one. I spoke to one who was assigned to my son in the beginning when he was first arrested. He told my son he did not believe him and he was nothing but a public pretender(my nickname for this clown). They put everyone in the same boat and they do not care at all. Our case was dropped before it went to trial. This would have never happened with a Public Defender. Do not kid yourself. I did your research and found the best Attorney in DC metro area. All you have to do is call David Benowitz. I couldn't imagine any other attorney giving the time and hard work as David Benowitz. We will forever be grateful.

Alexandros Souris

Definitely recommend David Benowitz! Extremely knowledgable, highly experienced, and on top of it all, a very caring and genuine person.

Amaya Henry

It's no surprise Mr. Benowitz's name is passed on from friend to friend, he is widely revered by the legal world in D.C. and beyond to be the best of the best. There is no one I would trust more with a case involving my family or I, and when it comes legal matters with serious consequences, I take no chances. He is respectful, friendly, and empathetic with clients, which is hard to find in this industry. Just watching him walk down the halls of D.C. Superior Court you'll see how well-known and respected he is by colleges, prosecutors, and judges alike. He extremely trustworthy and professional, but most importantly, his legal knowledge is second to none.

Wendy Newton

Mr. Benowitz is an amazing lawyer. Does not sugar coat anything and gives you detailed information. I strongly recommend him. The office atmosphere is great and staff are all so helpful.

Ron Phillips

I have known and worked with David Benowitz for several years - he is in my opinion one of the best Attorney's in all of the District of Columbia. David is a man of true / honest character with a deep understand and tremendous experience in the legal systems of Washington, DC. His years of successful work has served all his clients well. David Benowitz professionalism sets him apart from all others in the legal field within the District of Columbia. He is someone you can trust.

Elisa Tapia

To all who are in need of legal represention, I would like to share that the professionalism, human quality and wisdom of David Benowitz can only be qualified as exceptional. David attends to the needs of his clients, not only the individual who is facing the legal battle but also the needs of the family awaiting to learn the fate of their loved one. David Benowitz is a man of integrity.

Eric Schwerin

David Benowitz is a great attorney. I have referred a number of clients to his firm and each one of them has had excellent experiences and high quality service.

Damon Burk

David is razor sharp smart and driven to provide the best outcome for his clients. He's honest and he cares, which are two traits the equivalent to finding a unicorn in the legal profession. I can't recommend him enough!

Ken Campbell

Not just a great lawyer, but a really good person! He is a down to earth and is very understanding of your situation. I cannot express enough how much I would recommend him for any legal need!

Thomas Conley

I’ve known David and Seth for over a decade since before they started their practice. They’re great people and I trust them unconditionally. If you’re reading this and considering working with them, I have no doubt that you will be satisfied with their work product and handling of your issue.

Kristen Hatton

David is a great resource for all things legal. He is prompt in response and very knowledgeable in his respective field. I would definitely recommend his services.

Hyter Williams

Good guy and great attorney. I appreciate him not only as an attorney but as a good friend. I would recommend him to anyone who is needing a lawyer. Number one attorney in DC!


I have been practicing law for almost 22 years and David Benowitz is one of the greatest attorneys I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. David is highly effective, professional, ethical, courageous, committed, brilliant, and supremely dedicated in the representation of his clients. I recommend David without any reservation to anyone who needs a lawyer. Christian Lamar Supervising Attorney, Metro Capital Defender in Atlanta, GA

Ashanti Tinsley

Extremely awesome lawyer! Very detailed, pays attention and gets the job done! He explains every detail of the proceedings and doesn't treat you like just another client. You will feel welcomed and confident that he will guide you in the best direction.

Moorosi Mokuena

Mr. Benowitz is one of the great legal minds in the DMV if not the country. My engagement with him was flawless and he has a superior approach to breaking down complex legal matters into plain language for a lay person to understand and putting you at ease. A great and humble attorney!

Angela Castaneda

David Benowitz is Professional, supportive, knowledgable, and has many years of experience which makes him the perfect attorney. Highly recommended!

Winfield Glascock

Mr. Benowitz is an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated professional. His commitments to social justice and community outreach are exemplary. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any matter.

Joseph T

Great firm, great attorney! When you need it to count the most, this is who you want. Great communication and someone always available. Highly recommended!

Nalin Patel

Committed, professional attorney with invaluable experience. No better lawyer in DC.

Lisa Urban

David Benowitz was referred by a friend. He was helpful and played a large part in the outcome we received. I would call David B. if I ever needed a criminal attorney again.

Kathryn Wozny

David and his firm offer excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to their clients. I know from working with David that he truly cares about his clients. He is a highly skilled defense attorney who will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome. I would recommend David and his firm to anyone who is facing federal criminal charges.

Happy Client

I was facing a DUI in DC and I wanted to hire a very good attorney to help me fight this. My friend recommended David Benowitz, and he said that Dave is the "best" in DC. I am a lawyer myself, so I knew what a solid attorney looked like. I did consult with other attorneys as well, but after 10 minutes of speaking to Dave, I knew he was the guy I could trust. We fought the case for about a year, and I got an amazing deal thanks to Dave. I only got 3 months unsupervised probation, and paid a $100.00 fine. Dave was able to advocate on my behalf, and really saved me. It would have been significantly worse without him. He did an amazing job. Besides being a great professional, he is a good person and an amazing listener.

Ed Shacklee

If you want a lawyer who's very good at fighting, but just as good as winning without a fight, here's the lawyer for you.

Candice Poole

David and the firm were fantastic to work with. He would check in on me to see how I was doing as he knew I was stressed. The accounting team was great to work with on payments and making sure that the plan worked for me. I had all the support I needed to understand everything and ensure timeliness of filing.

Chelsey Lambert

The Price Benowitz Law Group are a team of class act professionals. Knowledgeable in their field and legal strategies. I highly recommend their services, call and inquire about your case or set up an evaluation. It's well worth your time.

Will White

I hired David Benowitz as my attorney. From my first discussion he made me feel like I was in the right hands. He was knowledgeable of the federal matters and when he was not totally sure he had contacts and resource network to reach out to and obtain value added information. While those are great qualities to have in one's attorney the most impressive skill and quality of Attorney Benowitz is his willingness to pay visits and work through weekends and nights to support his clients.

Marquita Johnson

David Benowitz is an excellent attorney. I had the pleasure of working for him prior to attending law school, which was an invaluable experience. Now that I am a practicing defense attorney myself, I can truly attest to Mr. Benowitz's dedication to the practice and to his clients. He always treats each case with the attention and care it requires. He is thorough in working each case, and remains dedicated to keeping his knowledge of the law and trial skills sharp. I would not hesitate to recommend David Benowitz to a friend or family member.

Laura Reilly

David Benowitz is an intelligent, hard working, passionate and ethical attorney.

Sean Farrelly

I have been colleagues with Dave for several years now as both opposing counsel (when I was a prosecutor) and now as members of the defense bar. His character, legal knowledge and professionalism are all top notch. I would recommend his services for anyone in need of legal representation.

Tyson Mutrux

David is awesome. His firm has offices all over the country and they're amazing.

Matheus Mozart

Please, could you help me with a school work, I'm Brazilian and I'm doing a job based on the woshingotn dc legislation, I was wondering if you can send a copy or quickly ask how this district works?

Bruce R. Hegyi

I am a career federal prosecutor. Beginning in 2010, I had a significant homicide case in Washington, D.C., against David Benowitz, who had been retained in that case. I found David to be extremely bright, professional and prepared. He was laser-focused on the best interests of and for his client. There were a lot of difficult legal and factual issues in the case. David filed a series of well-written and supported motions and he fought hard for his client the entire case. Yet, David did it in such a way that he did not alienate the Court/trier of fact. Moreover, from a prosecutor's perspective, I found David to be a man of his word, which is extremely important to myself (and other prosecutors) in any future case I might have with David.

Jennifer Closser

Mr Benowitz is a smart and talented lawyer. He has a knowledge base and many years of experience, which give him a understanding of the courtroom and the criminal justice system that are exceptional. I highly recommend David Benowitz.

Bo Kenney

David Benowitz and his team of attorneys are the best in the city . They take time to listen your concerns and make you comfortable in your timer of need . When David goes to trial you have unleashed a fully prepared warrior who will fight for you . Make no mistake David Benowitz shines in the court room . I would fully recommend him and the firm .

Debbie Falkow

David is wonderful, thoughtful and super detail oriented. Great to work with and highly recommended!

Arrey K Etchibanyi

David Benowitz is the best lawyer in our region. He is calm. Intelligent, very experienced, accomplished lawyer. He approaches my case with lots of experience ,objectivity, negotiates on your behalf with rigorous strength . I will happily recommend him to any person wishing to get a partner on his or her site during a difficult case.I am happy using Price benowitz law firm to represents me in my case. Mr. David Benowitz did an awesome job .You are a great lawyer and the best in DC,MD and VA.May God Almighty continue to give you wisdom and understanding. Stay bless.

Carla Colson

I have had the pleasure of knowing David Benowitz for almost 10 years. He has exceptional knowledge of the law and the ability to give his clients the best. If you have David Benowitz as your attorney you have the best.

Nathaniel Jaffe

Great service! I was given some very serious charges and was an anxious mess. David was very gracious about dealing with my anxiety and was always available to discuss my case. He is clearly passionate about what he does and about fighting for his clients. Months after my criminal case was wrapped up I had a financial issue with the court stemming from the case; I called David and he took care of it right away. Highly recommended.

Travis Wolf

I worked with David for several years before entering law school. I consider him one of my mentors. In addition to being a terrific advocate and counselor, David is hardworking, approachable, and well-respected by judges, prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys. During my experience working with David, I got to see the client-centered approach to defense in action. For every client he represents, he makes every effort to understand his client's needs and goals for representation, and treats his clients with respect throughout the process. David is a great attorney, and I would highly recommend him.

Josh Starr

I received thoughtful and spot-on legal guidance from David Benowitz. Having worked with many attorneys in DC, I would select him as my counsel of choice.

Ray Regan

David Is a calming influence in stressful times. He provides very solid advice. I’ve referred him to various friends who need legal assistance in DC. He should be your first call when you seek legal help in DC.

Anthony Gualtieri

When I found myself the responsible party in a recent legal case, I was understandably concerned. I spent a great deal of time consulting attorneys I know and determined that it was best to employ a stranger. Pursuant to that decision I contacted a number of firms in the District of Columbia. After speaking and meeting with David Benowitz I knew that he was the right attorney for me. From the moment I engaged David he treated me with respect and dignity. He behaved as if I was more than a client. He treated me as a friend and an equal. Mr. Benowitz listened attentively and asked all the important questions related to my case. He took the time to explain the charges, potential defenses and prospective outcomes. David was highly responsive throughout the process. I am more than pleased with the outcome and have no doubt that another attorney would not have been able to achieve it. They definitely would not have been able to do so with the professionalism displayed by Mr. Benowitz.

Brad Chandler

I've had the pleasure of working with David's firm several times over the past 10 years. Each experience has been pleasant. He is extremely knowledgeable and his staff always goes above and beyond to make you feel taken care of. I would highly recommend them!

Frankie Fihn

Have worked with Price Benowitz on a few projects and they are amazing to work with.

Gabe Klein

Dave and his team are down to earth, professional, and knowledgeable in a variety of areas. Dave himself has deep expertise in real estate actually, and is a well known criminal lawyer. Also with some of the attorney's they have added to the stable like Joe Nied, they can advise, perform legal work, do contracts, and put together documents for raising capital etc. for start-ups to established corporations. Also, good people.

Oren Shamay-Draluck

These guys have come through for me twice. Very professional and very practical. I would send anyone to this firm!!!

Ashley Warthen

David Benowitz is by far the most knowledgeable, professional and compassionate attorney in the region. He goes above and beyond for each and every client. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

Alyssa Westenburger

Working with David Benowitz and his firm is a wonderful experience. They take into consideration all of the needs of their client and support you every step of the way.

Alex Wolfson

I have know David Benowitz for more than 20 years. He is an amazing progressive lawyer who stands up for the rights of every citizen. The country needs more lawyers like him.

Nathnail Hawaz

Walking into my case with a clean record and no prior history or knowledge of the court system, David Benowitz handled my case SO WELL I still have no knowledge of the court system other than walking out of the court room a WINNER. If you're looking for better than the best outcome in your case, this is the miracle worker that can make it happen. Thank you David!

Tom Spiggle

I know David from back in my days at the US Attorney's Office, where he was on the other side. He was then, and now, a highly respected and effective advocate. David has earned his spot as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country.

A Happy Client

I hired Dave because i was charged with a serious Gun charge. DC is very strict with guns, while usually in Virginia having a shotgun in your vehicle is no big deal. In DC i was stopped and arrested, and facing some serious repercussions. Dave came highly recommended to me by one of my attorney friends, and he seemed to be the go-to guy for any gun charges in D.C. All questions and concerns I had were addressed by Dave immediately, and he always updated me about my case. I am an attorney myself, and needless to say I was really impressed with the professionalism Dave had. Dave was able to secure my freedom, make sure I didn't spend a day in jail for this, and reduce my charges. He put together a well structured case, and I owe him a debt of gratitude. David Benowitz is the the only gun lawyer you need to call. He will take care of you

Allison Rouse

Unfortunately, I have had to help family with some legal matters over the years. Most recently it was a nephew. The first call I made was to David's office. I received a prompt replay and great advice/counsel. My nephew avoided being put into the system, learned a valuable lesson, and is now gainfully employed. Without the counsel we received, the outcome would have negatively impact my nephew and family for years.

Loviel Cardwell

When nobody believed in me, Mr. Benowitz did. I am more than grateful to have met him and I highly recommend his services to EVERYONE out there!

Vinoo Varghese

I’m a criminal defense attorney from NY. A few years back, David and I each represented different clients charged by the National Security Division of the United States Attorney in D.C. David was well prepared and represented his client vigorously in a very tough case. We didn’t know each other before the case, but afterwards, David and I became colleagues. He is someone I know will do right by his clients.

Thomas Shenk

David Benowitz was everything I could ask for in a representative for my legal proceedings. He assisted and guided me through numerous unknown situations with our legal system. At the end of my case he worked tirelessly to ensure the most positive outcome to my situation. I believe that he was wholly committed to achieving the best outcome to my case. I would hire him again for any proceedings that I may face.

Darold Kelly

My expectations were extremely high because David's ratings were off the charts. Court cases are often "Big dog vs small dog". Hire the "Big dog" if you want to win.

Jason Pitcock

In addition to being an eminently qualified, incredibly knowledgable lawyer, David is an honest person and a good guy. Lawyers too often fail to put clients at ease and raise their comfort level in what are typically frightening and uncertain times. David genuinely cares and it shows. I recommend him highly.

karma patrol

An exceptional attorney. Great communication and follow through. Excellent staff.

joe abdalla

I have known Dave for over 10 years. Knowledgeable and relentless when it comes to a client’s best interest. He is tenacious and persistent when dealing with prosecutors. Has a realistic view of the relationship between defense representation and Law Enforcement. When and if a client is interested in any type of cooperation, Dave is trusted by Law Enforcement Officers and ALWAYS acts in his clients best interest. When trial is required, Dave is known for his effective cross examination of witnesses.

William Fastow

Fantastic attornies who demonstrate the highest level of skill and competentness in their representation. David Benowitz goes the extra mile for his clients and delivers a personal level of service that goes far beyond that of a typical defense attorney. Simply the best representation in the Washington area.

Mark Pinkus

I worked with David these past couple months. I have to say he is an amazing lawyer. Took his time went out of his way. Meet me around Baltimore and was on top of everything. I would highly highly recommend anyone to use David or his firm.

Lamar Johnson

I remember the first time i met David Benowitz I was serving a life plus 20 year sentence for a murder I didn’t commit once David Benowitz became my attorney my whole life changed for the better I was fully exonerated 6 months ago and now I’m a free man thanks to him and his firm

Rabihah Scott

My first job as any attorney was practicing under David Benowitz. In addition to being an excellent litigator, he is a brilliant legal scholar with an appreciation for the nuisances of the law. His practice is specialized and effective. He advocates for each and every client equally and is personally invested in their interests. He is one of the few litigators who has an unmatched passion for the law. I am proud to say that I have worked with him and even more proud to have experienced litigation at such a high level.

DeVere Henderson

David Benowitz, Esq., is an exceptionally superb attorney. He is thorough, thoughtful, and has the interests of his client at heart. He is always approachable, responds to calls and emails promptly, and does so without billing by the minute for the services he and his colleagues in his firm provide. His fees are appropriate and fair. During a recent court hearing the judge complimented him on the quality of the petition he submitted, no doubt contributing to the positive outcome from the hearing. It is apparent that he and other members of his firm are held in esteem within the legal community in Washington, DC. I strongly recommend Price Benowitz, LLP, and especially David Benowitz for his professional acumen demonstrated in the legal defense services he has provided for me and my family.

ritu narula

David Benowitz is an exceptional attorney. Time and time again he has given me practical, creative and smart legal advice where there didn't seem to be a clear cut solution. David is passionate about his clients and committed to his work in a way that is very unique, even in a city of lawyers! Sure, good lawyers know the law; great lawyers know the law, but, more importantly, they take the time to understand each of their clients in order to advocate based on his/her specific goals. I haven't met an attorney who I trust more than David and I highly recommend him!!

John Harrison

David is truly unique. He so quickly, efficiently and comprehensively manages my legal affairs I never have to worry about a thing. He’s someone I’ve grown to appreciate in my life. A person I respect and admire a great deal.

Douglas Bailyn

I’ve known David Benowitz for many years. He is a fantastic attorney who has given me excellent advice on a variety of issues. David is intelligent and hardworking, exhibits an extremely high level of professionalism, and always goes above and beyond to get the best possible results for his clients. He is not only a great lawyer, but appears to be a great person as well. A rare find. I highly recommend him.

Jeff C

David is among the most intelligent, hardworking and savvy attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure of engaging. Beyond his high level of professional skill, knowledge of the law and business acumen, he’s a great person who goes above and beyond for his clients, friends and family, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him for any case, project, partnership or whatever endeavor for which he’s is being considered.

angela lewis

David Benowitz is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking attorney. His work ethic and commitment to his clients is equally as impressive as his overall good nature. While his record speaks for itself, I would also highly recommend David to represent any of my friends or family in need of a good attorney with proven results.

Marese Phelps

I was facing a serious PWID Marijuana charge in DC and hired David Benowitz as my attorney. David is very experienced, knowledgeable and negotiates on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Because of him, I was able to avoid a serious conviction. I highly recommend David to help you in your legal troubles.

Samir Lababidi

David Benowitz is an exceptional attorney. He did a phenomenal job in representing me and coming up with the best strategy to tackle the case successfully. He gave my case the utmost attention and kept me informed the whole time about all the developments. He was very supportive, honest and caring. I would definitely recommend him for your legal issues.

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