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Stephanie Hernandez

Long drive with. My friends but they helped him out !!!



I'm having problems with communication, case is going on well over a year now maybe talked to the lawyer there 3 times since the case started every time I call to get an update the secretary just puts me on his voicemail and I never get a call back I think that they are very unprofessional I wouldn't use their services if I were you.

Jon S

Would not recomend. They represented me for a car accident, after two years of waiting, they recommend a settlement. At the time I thought the amount was fair but now I learned they left tons on the table.


Cliff Melberg

Wesley Athey

Meg worked very hard to help my mom with her case, she was a pleasure to work with.

christopher mugwanya

Bernard Law Group is the best legal mind I have come across in the country. I worked with Tom Budinich who answered all my questions, ultimately maximized the results of my claim, shared his expertise and maintained fantastic communication throughout the process. He cared about my claim with compassion and integrity from day one and fought hard for my settlement. Tom you exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much !!!

john george

Most people in need of representation, an attorney do not have the luxury of researching who is really Good vs. well, the other guys........ After extensive research --- I Hired Meg! John George

Cathy McKinley

Carrie Justus

Very satified with Bernard Law Group. They helped my husband with his personal injury case, when no one else would. Thank you for all of your help. We highly recommend this firm.

Troy Travis

I was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident in 2005 caused by a drunk driver that almost killed me. I had originally hired another lawyer who only talked about 'how nice of a car he was going to get when my case settled.' I grew tired of hearing that so I contacted Bernard Law Group and hired them to represent me. I can't ever say enough good things about this law group. I had many attorneys and paralegals working on my case. They absolutely cared about me as a person and wanted the best for me. During the investigation they spared no expense and hired all the best people and accident reconstruction people. Two years after the accident we settled in mediation and I was awarded a settlement of $1,150,000!!!!! 13 years later I still keep in contact with employees of this firm. They will fight for you when you can't fight for yourself!! I refer this law firm to anyone who thinks they may need excellent legal representation. Friends fight for friends and I consider Kirk Bernard and his team of dedicated, devoted and tireless law group as one of my closest friends. Thank you Bernard Law Group!!!!

Renarda Garrett

Niki Bhela

I reached out to several attorneys before I contacted Bernard law. At first, I thought that hiring an attorney was not going to do anything for me, but once I talked to them, they told me that they would fight the insurance company on my behalf. And they did! Itís because of their perseverance and dedication that I am now pain free.

Charles Eakins

Didn't even bother to look at my case or ask me the right questions. I do have a lawyer now. The key thing they didn't ask me, was if there was a trailer hitch on my car, because there wasn't a lot of damage to my bumper, but they did hit my trailer hitch, which is connected directly to the frame, which transfers energy directly to it. These guys didn't ask key questions like that.

Raj Butani

Excellent law firm for anyone looking for legal help related to personal injury. We had a difficult case involving injury from a defective product, and Tom Budinich helped us every step of the way, exceeding expectations at every turn. The odds were against us but in the end we received a settlement that was more than we were expecting, largely due to Mr. Budinich's guidance and expertise. Caring, personable and knowledgeable -- highly recommend! He is the best in the Puget Sound!

mary kir

Tom Budinich was handling my case, it look a lot more than I expected to settle my accident. No phone calls for over a month, no updates if I don't email asking for it, no sense of urgency. If I had to do it all over again, would pick a better attorney!

Joe Chandra

Awesome people Tom Budinich, helped me out a lot made it a super easy process and went out of his way and got everything buttoned up for me with my best interest in mind.

MoniQue Ford

Armando Nue

Mary Hicks

Things became worse when his ugly dog bit me. My neighbor began constantly harassing me so I decided to hire attorneys. I called the Bernard Law Group and they dealt with my neighbor. He stopped harassing me. I was also able to get a good settlement.

Sue Henriksen

I retained Barnard Law Group for an accident where a woman backed into me while I was in a crosswalk. Her insurance fought like hell to keep me from getting any kind of settlement. I guess I should have taken their first offer, but I felt she owed me more than that for the summer I had trying to regain my prior health and the time away from my grandkids. I really felt we should take her to court. She pulled a really stupid driving stunt which could have had a very bad outcome for me. Tom Budinich, my rep at Barnard Law. explained how the court process worked and we decided to go for the insurance companies second offer. I guess I was probably lucky to get anything. The final papers are done and all is taken care of, but I still feel that she should have had to pay for her total lack of care and intelligence she used that day. I hope she learned something from this days experience and will watch what she is doing and stop being in such a big hurry, nothing is worth having to walk a little further if you can't get the parking spot you want. Pack your patience when driving your car, it is a deadly weapon. I know, my sister was killed by a driver who was very angry while behind the wheel of her car.

Mack Maine

Unfortunately I was involved in a motorcycle accident that broke my leg. The at fault parties insurance company weren't treating my case seriously. I Called Bernard Law Group asked for help and they delivered. I received my settlement for my loss wages , medical bills and most off all my pain and suffering. They have professional staff memebers to assist you every step of the way. This is my second case that Bernard Law was made me victorious. Don't hesitate to call.

David Finley

The lawyers and staff at the Bernard Law Group really took good care of me after I was in a car accident. I had no clue who to turn to but after giving them a call my problems were solved and they handled my case perfectly! Thanks again!

Donald Keating

All my life I have seen the Bernard law group representing people in the Northwest. I feel that they have my best interests at heart. Meg, my attorney always called me back when I had questions. She had great ideas and fought hard for me.

Miss Fanci

Jo Br

I have been dealing with the Bernard Law Group for the last six months. I have little updates from them, no return phone calls or email response, it takes couple of my messages to hear back from them. Very unhappy client for sure!!!

Erin Hoffman

Was in a car accident November of 2009, I contacted this Law Group the day after my accident and had them working on it till I settled. I just got a phone call today saying that I still owed bill from the car accident that they had supposedly paid in full. This is not the first time this has happened I had contacted them the last couple times this happened and they told me that I've got all the paperwork that I need and my case is closed! I asked for a detailed print out so I could prove they were paid and I haven't received anything so now I'm left to fight my bills alone. I paid them over $30,000 of my settlement for them to basically do nothing but pay the doctor bills that I cannot prove that are paid in full! I would never recommend them to anyone ever! And the worst part is I asked them to represent my husband because he had to pay out-of-pocket for my medical and they never did contact my insurance for him, their excuse was I never requested it but I did the day after my accident my husband even contacted the attorney to see if they could help him out with the cleaning cost and the reimbursement of a caregiver.

Amelia Frisier

Good service

Tina jops

The Bernard Law Group was the second firm I contacted, and it was how nice they were to me that got me to stick with them. In the end, they didn't disappoint. I'm slowly healing, my medical bills are all covered, and I didn't have to worry about not making enough to pay the rent after my settlement. I'm truly grateful for their hard work.

Julie Blubaugh

Joan S.

Accidents are traumatizing, but Bernard Law is an Incredible Law Firm, My attorney Meg L. Wernli extremely personable, professional, clear, concise and an Exceptional attorney, as you heal from an accident, they are there for you ever step of the way. The communication was excellent, updates or any questions Meg was fluid and a truly Phenomenal attorney , the Best in Washington State!!! Meg's compassion along with Fierce intelligence, you know while you're on the mend, your in the best of hands. Her paralegal Bonita is awesomely outstanding too. Nobody ever wants to be in an accident and injured, but if you are , There is no other Exceptional, Top Notch Law Firm than Bernard Law, and Meg L. Wernli. I wish there was more than 5 stars, for in my experience , Pure Excellence, so if you're ever in an accident and injured, don't hesitate to call Bernard Law, they are the very Best!!!

Kehaulani Lau

Jessica leyo

I was one of those people who never trusted attorneys, but Mr. Bernard helped me to get the right doctors to heal my back after my crash, and made sure that all the money I lost was recovered. As an independent contractor, I don't get paid if I don't work, and the injuries I suffered in my car crash were no joke. I was out for quite some time. Thank you so much for all you did for me! I'll definitely be recommending you to friends.

Joan Spivey

The staff at Bernard Law group has literally saved my life after my accident. I never thought I would find myself in this situation, but when I did, I was glad I found them online and that they promptly answered my call and took me as a client. Thanks to them I was able to pay for my medical treatment and was even able to get some compensation for the pain and suffering I went through. I recommend them to anyone whoís ever been in an accident in Washington.

k lazuta

I had called Bernard Law Group for an accident I had been in. While dealing with that accident I got into another accident - rear ended both times. They walked me through the entire process and made sure it was as stress free as possible for me which allowed me to take care of my injuries instead of dealing with adjustors. I have referred and will continue to refer friends to them.

Troy Graybill

Their attorneys were intimidating me and I didn't know how to deal with them so I hired the Bernard Law Group and they effectively dealt with their attorneys. I was so happy with the way they treated me and the settlement they got me. I will definitely

Jesse Sullivan

I'm very happy with the outcome of my case with Bernard Law Group, especially working with Tom Budinich and the paralegal he works alongside of Renarda Garrett as well as the whole process of working with them. These two will make sure you can get justified compensation for your injuries originating from your situation(s). Hiring a personal injury attorney from Bernard Law saves you the monumental headache of having to deal with multiple insurance companies in a claim which as most people know, can be a big pain to deal with. Tom and Renarda have the experience and expertise to deal and negotiate with those pesky insurance companies. Just be aware that claims don't settle over night but it was one less thing off my shoulders and one less thing to worry about knowing that Tom was working very hard on my behalf sifting through the red tape of a personal injury claim. One thing I really appreciated working with Tom and Renarda is they kept me up to date on a regular basis on my case and were very transparent and were able to explain the components and moving parts per say of my case in terms understandable to those who don't have a legal background. Both were very professional and courteous in their demeanor and had no problem answering questions regarding my claim. If you got injured in a car accident like I was, go to Bernard Law to have them review your case!

Alex Jordan

After my second car crash, I thought I was done for but Kirk got my hopes up again, and for good reason. I really trusted him and he delivered. I'm thankful I saw his ad on Google! Would definitely recommend him to anyone in trouble after an accident.

Wendy Murdock

Joseph Whitney

Bryan Grote

As my accident was not of high value they did very little. Attorneys are well enough compensated to be professional with every client. I used this firm twice. I was quite underwhelmed on both occasions. I would not do it again.

Adrien Willis

I wish I never had closed my case with banard law group so soon. My foot still hurts to this day from work and it is hard to do anything id like to do. Meg did a great job getting me the compensation in such a short amount of time,even though.I was told in the beginning I'd get more than what I had got in the end.

Patrick McKeon

Tom is an excellent attorney and good guy as well. I'd definitely recommend him to anybody going through an accident settlement case. I was not always the easiest person to deal with because I thought I deserved more for my case but Tom was right about not going to trial and saved me alot of money by showing me it was the wrong move to make moving forward. If I ever wind up in a situation where I need a personal injury attorney I will 100% call Bernard law group and specifically ask for Tom to work with me again

Melia Stewart

Tom Budinich is hands down the most hardworking, genuine, and personable lawyer. About a year ago I experienced a traumatic car accident. My insurance company pretty much let me down in every way possible and because I’m young, tried very hard to close the case and leave me hanging. Tom listened to me and treated me like an actual human. He is patient and will slow things down for you if you have trouble understanding certain terms. He didn’t disregard what happened to me just because I’m young or because of what my insurance said. Tom worked super hard for a year and kept me updated along the way. What a lot of people don’t understand is when you hire a lawyer, it’ll take time to gather all the necessary information to make a strong case. Patience is key and Tom made the entire process extremely tolerable. I highly recommend Tom Budinich to represent you.

judy lewis

The moment I called Bernard Law Group I knew I was in good hands they answered all my questions and took very good care of me I knew that everything I was concerned about they made me feel quite comfortable that it would be taken care of I would recommend Bernard Law to everyone who needed excellent attorneys

Isac Riley

Believe it or not, the staff at Bernard Law Group is considerate, kind, and won't rest until you're taken care of. After I got a really bad neck injury in an accident, I contacted them not expecting much, but ended up with a nice settlement and all medical bills totally paid. I don't know how I would have done without them.

Patric Brayden

The commercials cannot begin to express the value of having Bernard Law Group as an advocate. I contacted BLG within 4 days of being injured in an auto accident. From that point, my attorney Viivi Vanderslice and paralegal Carly Mallow took charge of every aspect of my hospital bills, my personal health insurance, the other party's auto insurance, and my own auto insurance. Special heartfelt thanks to Carly for building the case support and running point for me while in 9 months of pain. I certainly would not have known how to deal with the bills or phone calls from the insurance companies in my condition. I received the best care and incurred over six figures in hospital/surgery/recovery bills. The co-pays alone would have sunk me, but I did not pay a dime and realized more in awards for my ordeal than I could have imagined. Truly one of the best decisions of my life was to contact Bernard Law Group and allow them to face the insurance companies for me. I'm relieved and made whole.

Austin Languille

I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney than Tom Budinich at Bernard Law Group. After getting into two car accidents within a month of each other, this was the first injury I’ve ever needed a lawyer for and Tom walked me through each step of the process with ease. I always had confidence knowing he was working on my case. He was able to answer all my questions and keep me up to date with everything in a very timely manner. I highly recommend him and would definitely work with him again if the need arose. 10/10 a very pleased client.


This law office is great . They work so hard and I am so pleased on their hard work I recommend to every one to choice this law office. My case was handled by Megi and her assistance Sofia they were great on uptodateing me and woun my case.

Ann Alokolaro

Tom Budinich was great! He is kind and understanding. He communicates well and stays on top of everything. He went out of his way to make things easier for me—even coming to where I was located to meet me so that I didn’t have to travel anywhere. I highly recommend.

Shaun Katz

Was referred to Bernard Law Group by my massage therapist after my car accident. So greatful! Tom and Renarda were awesome to work with. Excellent communication and they fought for my case.

Yvonne Smith

I had two accidents, one year apart by uninsured drivers. I contacted Bernard Law Group and had a great response, both times. They were very respectful, returned my phone calls, answered my emails, promptly, and followed up on my doctors appointments, and got me the best settlements for both cases. I highly recommend them.

joi berdan

Me and my daughter was rear ended by a careless driver. The insurance tries to settle for $500 for my case. The accident totaled my car, had whiplash and vertigo, and affected my work, plus the expenses I had gone through therapies and treatments. I did not know the real worth of my case until I approached the Kirk Bernard Law firm, Attorney Megan L. Werni together with her team Sophia Kirk and Hannah Cheney had helped me out to this journey of settlement, they are all very professional and communicates consistently and very transparent. I Felt how they care, even from the first meeting with them. They justified my case 8 times worth! So reliable and I strongly recommend Bernard Law Group.

Gabe Akiyama

Worked with Viivi Vanderslice, seemed nice when we met and spoke to her. She settled our case but I constantly had to follow up and with phone calls and emails for updates. Lack of response was frequent and I would get an excuse that she was out of the office, yet voicemail and email had no out of office message. Then was rear ended by some emailed and called her with no response. Which let me know not the firm to ever work with again or refer any one to. Will not recommend them as there is no reason for them to be rude.

Carl Gabriel

It made the most sense to go with the Bernard Law Group. They took care of me great and treated me with respect. They are true professionals. Wonderful settlement to boot!!

michael parrent

Very professional good experience very happy

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