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REVIEWS OF American Truckers Legal Association Nationwide IN Washington

Jacob LG

I’m not a truck driver but needed help getting my kids back. The attorney was able to locate them within 2 days and I have been searching for 2yrs!!! We are now on the road to getting my kids back. I couldn’t believe just how fast and quick they moved my case. I highly recommend American Truckers to anyone! Great job!!!

Jose Guzman

My license was suspended and I didnt even know. American truckers got me an attorney right away and I was able to get back on the road! They helped me tremendously, thank you!

Trucker Man

As a driver of the 48 states ATLA is your best choice for making as your life time attorneys. They help with all your tickets regardless of the ticket. If it was not for ATLA I would not have a licence to drive. They do everything in there power to have our drivers back when it comes to tickets period. By far the best choice you can make. Also it is cheap and affordable.

Jane S.

Staff was very informative about program. They answered all my questions. Great customer service. Will be calling back to enroll for the membership!!

tony guzman

Crooks. Don't waste your money here. Get a real lawyer when you need it.

Joshua Carman

J Quinata

I had a ticket out of California with a court date less than 24hrs away. American Truckers pursued my case fast and got me an Attorney that same day. My attorney got my case dismissed! Thank you to the wonderful staff that helped a trucker in need.

КСЕНИЯ Кихтева

Horrible company, I hate them so much. I spent money, and they continue to send me invoice every month, but they did nothing for me.

K. C.

Constantino Reyes

Melinda Davis

As a spouse of a trucker- I was really impressed and happy with how well they handled my husbands ticket. I was worried for his license and the sake of his job. the coordination and time spent to help us was just an amazing job. They take the time out understand the case and they really did take the stress off of me. Definitely worth a monthly fee. Very affordable and nice to have when you need them. For all the spouses out there handling personal affairs while they are gone and need help, give this company a call. They are friendly, positive and they will help!!!!!

Tim Mathis

Wow they are so much help. They took care of and will take care of any of my issues that I have with my driving . Kimberly and her Admin were a blessing from God you Kimberly really no how to fight for us truckers what a great job . Me and my wife thank you so much.

Doug Hoang

ATLA got me out of a ticket I shouldn't even had. They got me with a local attorney who got the ticket thrown out with no fines! Best money I spent for sure!

Sukhpreet Dosanjh

Very good team to be on your side. I got two tickets in CA. One in Dunsmuir and second in So Cal Grapevine area. Lawyers that American Truckers Legal Assc found for me got both tickets completely dismissed. No points on my record & No fines. I love them And would recommend to everyone.

Leroy Hughes

I love you guys!!!! Seriously!...For all you truckers out in need of real dependable representation when it counts give these people a try cuz they have saved my license more than a few times.No points! Maybe a fine or something, but it's real simple.Get a ticket they get you represented. Give them a try folks.


I love you guys! Thanks for having my back! To you truckers, this is the best money i spent so far.... The attorney was pretty cool, cheap and got my ticket off my record with only a fine to pay. Definitely something i will keep.

Anthony Banales

G Luka

There is not enough words to express my gratitude!!! Thank you so much, you saved my license and by that you saved me and my family! Thank you Joe and thank you American Truck Legal Association for recommending you!

Ashley Thompson

My Dad has been dealing with tickets out on the road for years. American Truckers Legal started helping us and it takes the burden off. They care about him and go out of their way to help him. Always friendly and caring. Just what we need!

Ovi Hanea

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, i have canceled their services over 3 years ago, and now i got a collection notice for over $650, but my membership has been cancelled for over 3 years, absolutely do not use, there are better services out there!!!

foxyglitters 08

The worst company ever! All they want is you money. They never really care about what situation you are in. They don't wanna talk with you on the phone and when you request who you want to talk to, they lie saying that the person is not there when they really are just because they don't want to talk with you. Any other company would be 100 times better then theirs. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME!!!

James Allen

I received a ticket and called American Truckers Legal, best thing I ever did. Staff was very informative and caring. Once I got signed up, they got me an attorney and gave me the attorneys name and contact info. I spoke with him and felt well taken care of. He went to court for me and BOOM ticket was dismissed. I will be keeping my membership with American Truckers for years to come. Love them and Thank you very much for all the awesome customer Service I received and highly experienced attorney they got for me. One Happy Trucker

David John Camacho

I’m only 20 and got my first ticket and the attorney got my case dismissed. No points, no fine and nothing on my record. American truckers Legal did all the work for me and it was super fast. Give them call folks! They are legit and they care

vasyl Kyshnir

Don’t deal with them

Ron Elliott

Give them a try, was worth the money to defend a moving violation in the U.S. reducing CVOR points.

Melvin Johnson

Had a wrong lane ticket I needed to be disputed. After doing a little research I decided that American Truckers legal was the best choice for my case. Well it turns out that it was not the best choice. All of the words that describe who they are as a business are just plain words. I expected a little more customer service, did not get that. What I got instead is rushed of the phone. The main point of going with American Truckers Legal was because they boast a high success rate on dealing with truckers traffic tickets from wrong lane tickets to suspended license. Now I understand every case is different however if you can't get a trucker out of a lousy lane violation ticket then how in the world do you get a guy out of a suspended license. In other words for the individual reading this review don't waist your time or money with these guys. And just to be fair my ticket was reduced fee wise as for being dismissed well you learn from your mistakes. A quote from the lawyer who represented me. " ignorance to the law is still breaking the law."

j-o-e P

The excellent staff of ATLA always does a great job and are efficient. You guys rule.

Nicholas Rockey

ATLA fought a private auto ticket for me and it was the best decision I made! Great attorney, flat cost, and I didn't have to go into court. Got dismissed and my insurance didn't go up! TY ATLA!

Johnny M

Terrible should not exist......they think ..I’m stupid...steal ...ready cancel the membership....

equipment movies Baze

Wouldnt have a lisence if it wast for ATLA. The best $$$$ ive ever spent

Dan Ciobanu

This company does not help drivers who are forced to pay, even if you cancel the contract


I will always be grateful for American Truckers Legal Association. I got myself a ticket that would have kept me off the road. They understood and cared about me and my situation. Thanks to them i still have my job!

Idelmar Stefan

Totally unprofessional

Curtis Crim

I used American Truckers to handle 3 tickets for me. They walked me through every step of the way so I understood everything. Thank You for being patient. I was very happy with the outcome of all my tickets.

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