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REVIEWS OF Swango Law P.C. IN Virginia

Maude Richards

I came to Swango Law for representation for a possession with intent to distribute charge, which is something I could have gotten a lot of jail time for. The result was heavily reduced fines and no jail time. Very happy with this result.


If I could leave less than one star I would. This is the worst law firm I've ever known. BEWARE! They will take allot of money up front and then nothing. I have lodged complains with the State of Virginia Bar, as well as others, See YELP! and others who had similar experiences.

Brad Jiko

Got me out of a very serious DUI. Excellent customer service and representation.

John Ellis

Best I've ever dealt with.

James Judkins

I would 100% recommend this firm. Thanks for everything.

adam abel

The bad news: I’m dumb and thoughtless and had to hire a lawyer. The good news: I don’t have a criminal record and I can still drive my car! I call that a win.

Ron Hardy

Over the past 7 years, Mr. Swango has been exceptionally helpful to me. He has helped me with 3 different cases varying from a divorce to a DUI. With the help of the law offices of Jason Swango, each case ended successfully in my favor. Even when I had my doubts about how the events will turn out, Mr. Swango put me at ease by thoroughly knowing the law and making sure that our judicial system is doing its job and treating people fairly. Bottom line, if you are innocent, he will find out and prove it. If you aren't, then he will be your best chance at getting a fair and just outcome. Mr. Swango is very thorough and will ensure that he covers all bases. I do not understand or agree with the negative comments in regards to the law office. However, I can personally attest that Jason Swango will do everything in his power to help someone in a tight spot. I would recommend his services to anyone in need! I will always remember and appreciate all that Mr. Swango has assisted me with; I am forever grateful for his time and effort.

Darin Kent

Paid $3800 to someone who I thought would represent me fairly in a divorce case. Told me I should just settle with what her lawyer had. When I consulted other lawyers; they told me it was a cut and dry case and I shouldn't have to pay anything due to it being on grounds of adultery. Overall a terrible experience and I'm still paying off the debt. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

timothy ragle

I used swango for a custody case because i found out my ex was moving in with a 19 year old and wanted to prevent it. I wanted to expedite so my daughter wouldnt have that opportunity but was advised to wait and file when the move occured. after she moved i yet again was advised not to expedite and file like normal and i did. 5 months later i was on the docket and the cards had balanced out meanwhile i was charged for them to discuss expediting the case. Not only does my daughter have to be raised by an immature teen but they found a way to drain a 3500 retainer to do a custody order agreement and child support agreement which i payed 900 for from another lawyer previously. For those of you that work paycheck to paycheck but will do anything for your kids, dont get suckered into their marketing scheme they are there for the money.

Lindsay Martin

They got me out of a ticket and saved me a bunch of money! Thank you, Swango Law!

Mario Colon

Very professional and courteous people,enjoyed doing business with them,Mr.Hemlet knew exactly what to say,case dismissed.

Roscoe T.

Contacted Swango as they promoted themselves as a good fit for divorce attorneys and assisting military service members. Paid a good sum for my budget for retainer fees x2 and after 6-8 months of waiting on the attorney to tell me how my divorce case was progressing it was evident that I was a back burner case. Billing was horrible, at the start of my case I had to email my attorney and his OFFICE STAFF to get my formal billing. Noted later I was being billed for emails, voice messages along with attorney and staffing hours of work, probably water breaks and internet searching. Long story short, since I was a small fish, I got small fish service. They love billing YOU, and ensure they get their payments. Service for payments grade D+. You can do better and hopefully this review helps. Not what they promote. So I'm back, didn't use my real name because you would probably charge me for it. And since I was the male in the case and was hoping to get some FAIR representation based on your adds, our initial meeting and phone conference I stuck with you. Didn't occur to me until my second billing cycle (THAT YOU ALL FAILED TO PROVIDE) that your office and staff are horrible. Needed results and a fair company to help me in a critical time of need. Instead I got billing for asking where the hell is my attorney AND bounced for four different assistants who had no clue who I was each time I called????? Buyer beware.

Karen Weq

I've never felt so unappreciated until one time when I got involved in an accident where I work. This type of accident came in the course of duty and is insured. After being rushed to hospital, no one from the company even bothered to visit after my wife had arrived at the hospital. Every other thing that needed to be done wasn't done and my wife had to visit our company offices to get things with insurance and all sorts of compensation sorted out, but nothing was forthcoming. A friend then advised that I seek professional legal services from experienced attorney. Swango Law P.C., Virginia Beach popped up in a conversation and I decided to give it a try. From the bottom of my heart, I can only say God bless you people. Their services are like no other and every person who didn't own up when it was much needed are now paying for it.

Frank Velasquez

Thank you so much Kimberly and Jason for helping get through this. You both did an excellent Job.

wolfboy silvis

DO NOT USE THIS LAW FIRM!!!!! they are the worst, never answer phone calls or emails but charge you for them. then take people to court in the after math for more money even when you fired them but they continue to run up charges. if you want to waist thousand's of dollars only for them not to show on the last court date or call two days before a court date saying they need another 2,000 to continue then this is the firm for you. wish I could give negative stars

Trayvosier Roddy

Swango is lazy. I used him for my refusal to blow case an he completely lead me to believe I was being railroaded by the police. As soon a I paid him, he was saying take a plea. I agreed to the plea an the day of trial he didn't want to show up. He sai his son had a dental appointment. I told him I paid you not someone else. He showed up with an attitude and left without shaking hands. I didnt take it seriously until my coworker used him for a child support case. Totally unprepared and gave up without trying. Terrible work ethic.

Philly Phil

Horrible lawyer's office. Went there In March for a uncontested Divorce that was supposed to be taken care of in July, paid 1500 to them. After patiently waiting after July found out that they fully lost my case, the woman that was on my case apparently quit, and that they lost all my paperwork. No apologies by the way, they just acted like it was a normal thing. After a few months of waiting once again, I started pressuring them, due to the fact I'm deploying in less than a few weeks. Once they got they're act together, and finally finished my separation agreement (which they lost a few months prior) they told me they won't be able to help me, if I didn't pay another 1500.00! That's 3000.00 for a uncontested Divorce! Looking over how they spent my money, apparently they like to charge 118.00 to respond to a email, 87.50 to read a email? And the charges just keep going. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and the proper authorities to make sure they are black listed in Hampton Roads.

Victoria K

My experience with Mr Ben Hamlet was brief yet prosperous! I was being charged with reckless driving 65/35 and was in and out of court in 40 minutes (main factor being the officer hadn’t even showed up) ...Mr Hamlet somehow got my charge dismissed and recommended I take a driving class and slow it down!!! I’m grateful for this second chance because I was not looking forward to the possibility of having no license and/or my insurance going up. While I was sitting in the courtroom everybody with similar or same charges as me was getting 3 months suspension, so he definately exceeded my expectations and walking out that courthouse I breathed a sigh of relief and had a big smile on my face.. Thanks again!

Trisha zaman

I got a DUI recently and next thing I know I get a box in the mail from this law firm with a book and some advice. I figured what do I have to lose. So I called them and I’m sure they’re probably not the cheapest lawyer in the area but they have some really impressive results including me. They really helped to get me out of a bind. Call them. You won’t be disappointed

M. Cutler

Very pleased that I chose swango law firm to represent me in my criminal case. I contacted and met with several attorneys, and asked many many tuff and direct questions prior to choosing swango, and doing my Due diligence really paid off for me as planned. What I do know for a fact is Attorney Ben Kavanagh is a very smart and professional guy that listened and understood the importance of my case and my livelihood. From the very beginning, Ben Kavanagh and the staff kept in contact with me and when I had questions or concerns he was always there to answer, even sometimes after hours. Ben indeed took my case serious and as a result of his hard work, professionalism, willingness to communicate with me as a client at any giving time, even the night before my case was dismissed. Thank you guys so much at Swango law and special thanks to my attorney Ben Kavanagh!!

David Corley

Mr. Swango helped me with a reckless driving ticket. He was great. We were in front of the judge for about one minute and Mr. Swango got everything reduced down to minor speeding. I got clocked at 81 in a 55! I was scared that I would lose my license and get major fines, but Mr. Swango told me not to worry about it. Said he would take care of it and he did! Thanks again Jason.

Ronald Williams

I'm worse off by far cost me $24,000 for a contested divorce I had to let Them go they PLAYED ME still no divorce they needed more money. I'm also senior citizen that's disabled.

Jasinski Martinez McNeil

I sought out Swango Law in order to help me with legal matters. After the initial consultation...I decided to have them represent me. I had previously met with 2 or 3 other attorneys, but left not feeling as confident as I'd like. I'm glad that I followed my instincts and stuck with Swango. My case was handled in a timely manner and ended in an optimal outcome. I recommend them to anyone who needs legal help and I would not hesitate to reach out to them again if ever in need. Thanks a lot!

Teri Hearst

Have a friend that went to this firm....boy! What a rip off!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE with this firm!!!! My friend did ALL the leg work....handed it over nice and neat. This firm blew through $5,000 on basically emails ($35 to read and $35 to respond) , phone calls ($118 to pretty much pick up the phone!!!) $1500 to read what my friend spent months putting together, and $1200 to type up a copy with the firms heading on it!!! And bullshit miscellaneous charges every where else! NOTHING was filed with the courts and my friend never saw the inside of a courtroom!!!! BEWARE OF THIS LAW FIRM!!! I guess if you want to rob people and get away with it....become a LAWYER! BIGGEST CROOKS ON THE PLANET!!!

Pamela Hunt

Jason Swango is a loyal and dedicated attorney--a rare find in this particular profession!

Amber Vegas

Professional, efficient top notch law firm. Every referral I've made to this firm has come back wth great feedback and success. I will continue to recommend.

Cheryl DiPietro

Had a good experience until it was time for a refund since my father decided not to go through his divorce through Family Law at Swango Law. I have gotten the run around about when it was going to be put back into my bank account. One minute its being processed and the next it should be in my account within one business day. Well its day three (after 3 weeks) of waiting on the refund and NO REFUND. So I called Swango Law and of course the run around once again. Not sure who really handles the refunds, One minute its the office manager then the accountant. Doesn't take anytime to charge my card but sure takes FOREVER to receive any type of refund. Very unsatisfied!!!

Luke Weiker

Got charged over a 1000 dollars to have a separation agreement wrote up and reviewed and i don't even have or need it. He is probably a good lawyer if you have alot of money to pay them. I made a terrible mistake and would in hindsight looked elsewhere.

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