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This Attorney corresponds to the category of Bankruptcy attorney.

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REVIEWS OF John W Lee, PC - Attorney at Law IN Virginia

Jose Bautista

very professional and finished my case in a timely manner, definitely recommend to anybody in need of this help.

A Stoermann

Tim Douglass made our Chapter an easy and low stress process. Im so glad I found him and choose him to guide us through the difficult time we were going through on deciding on which chapter to go through with. He answered all our questions and was always helpful. I highly recommend him if your looking into a chapter 7 or 13.

Donice Johnson

Timothy Douglas and Kimberly Miller was extremely helpful during my difficult time. Mr Douglas went over the bankruptcy process thoroughly and explained to me everything in detail about my case. Kimberly Miller was very patient and understanding with me .. she assisted me with all of my paperwork getting everything done. I will definitely recommend this Law office to anyone.. they are very affordable and have great payment options

V Calkins

I've been very happy with the work Daniel Miller did for me during my divorce. My divorce was finally finalized in 2012, and he's done such a great job that to this day, even my ex has referred a couple of his friends for his services.

Yolanda Holloway

Me and My Husband Troy Holloway want to Thank Attorney Timothy Douglass and his Paralegal Kimberly Miller for all their help in assisting in our issue with filing bankruptcy. This law office was a safe haven for our financial problems. I will recommend this office in the future to our friends and family. Again, thank you Mr.Douglass an Ms. Miller. Job well done.

Alphonso Jackson

I worked with Timothy R Douglass and his Senior Paralegal Kimberly Miller while filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. They both were very knowledgeable in Bankruptcy, and was exceptional with helping me with all my paper work. I searched around the competitive pricing I would say is the best around . I was filed in no time getting all the greedy creditors off my back. The law office of John W. Lee P.C. Help me get my life back. If you're having trouble with creditors hounding you garnishing your wages they will stop them and even your money back. So I give a big Thank You to Ms. Miller and Mr. Douglas . I strongly recommend their services .

William Short

I would like to thank Mr. Douglass and his paralegal Kimberly Miller for helping me with my bankruptcy as I was in a bind and they were so helpful in assisting me to get on the right track. I recommend John W. Lee, Office for anyone who is having financial troubles. Thank you Mr. Douglass and staff.

Mush Girl

My name is Nancy and I would like to thank the entire staff of "John Lee Attorney at Law." I had a wonderful experience with the firm. I was treated with dignity and respect from all staff. I met with Mr. Lee several times and he was pleasant and to the point. Mr.Lipp was my attorney and he was very patient and informative. Mr. Lipp provided excellent customer service and put me at ease concerning the process because I had a lot going on, and a lot of questions. Ms. Kim Miller was my paralegal and she was very knowledgeable about Chapter 7. Ms. Miller was very organized and she helped me to be organized. Ms. Miller returned all calls in a timely manner. Ms. Miller gave me information that I used during the process and after. Ms. Miller has been kind enough to follow up with me after my discharge which made me feel special. I personally feel a good paralegal contributes to the success of a law firm. With that being said Ms. Miller is a keeper. Thanks Kim for not letting me become overwhelmed. Thanks again to the entire law firm for excellent caring customer service.

Paige Gillum

Steven Huey

Me and my Wife Karri would like to thank Mr. Corey Lipp for assisting us on our bankruptcy case. I would like to extend a thank you to Ms. Kim Miller for helpiing me and my wife with our paperwork process. I kindly would recommend this law office for any bankruptcy assistant. Thank you very much.

Treenerjee Productions

Everyone is always helpful with my pending divorce. Attorney Daniel Miller is a superb individual! I highly recommend him to anyone, who is looking for the best divorce lawyer!

Ms. Juicy

I had a wonderful experience with John W Lee law office. Recently I had some legal issues and used this Law Firm. Mr. Douglas was amazing he was on top of things and made sure that the entire time I was in court I was comfortable. I must say his assistant Kim was also really nice and she kept me in the loop as for what was going on with my case. I think this is a great law firm and if you use them you won't be disappointed. I definitely recommend them.

Lucretia Gregory

Mr. Douglas is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients. Kimberly Miller supports that effort by being very responsive and patient. They both took the time needed to answer any questions I had even if it had been answered already. They take whatever time necessary to ensure that your case is processed correctly. I thank God for the both both of them. I highly recommend this firm.

Rich Haber

John w Lee and Ms Miller were exceptional at handling my bankruptcy. Extremely affordable and quick- my case was handled in weeks! I was amazed how quickly they got things taken care of! Got my bank accounts unlocked within hours and my case wrapped up within weeks! I would highly recommend Mr Lee and Ms Miller! They were both very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very professional! Have to go to court- I wouldn't want to go without this legal team at my side!

Serita Haney

I am so grateful for the hard work Mr. Timothy Douglass and Ms. Kimberly Miller have put into my case. I have had a huge financial burden taken off my shoulders and have been clearly informed on the procedures to file a bankruptcy correctly. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone that is looking for an affordable and reliable team.

Teresa Beasley

I highly recommend John Lee and Associates. Great people! Bankruptcy is such a stressful thing to have to go through and they understand that. They listened to our concerns and that means so much to have someone listen even though I know they have hear it a million times. Mr. Lee and Associates where so well prepared with the process to make it as easy as possible. Thank you all and Happy New Year!

Lisa Michelle

I would definitely recommend their services. They were very understanding, helpful and informative. Timothy Douglas and Kim Miller were so patient with me through the process. They made sure i had everything in line. Thank you again!

Brandon Hartwell

I used an attorney from the VB office and was only satisfied with my divorce because it is now finally over. I made several requests to my attorney for information and updates that went completely unanswered. There was a major communications gap between paralegal and attorney but there was also several promises made for information that were not carried out. Every bit of advice ever given from outside the office was consult your attorney and do it often . Everyone knows that costs money. When the attorney disregards your repeated requests and bills you anyway, that is not good business. I didn t feel as though I got the most straight forward answers to my questions and was not made to feel like my problems are important enough even after I did the footwork to find out he did not do his job but continued to tell me he did. (Basically, caught red handed!) I understand divorces can be lengthy but action was never taken fast enough to mitigate the defense attorney s stall tactics. During negotiations, I felt like I was being pressured into a settlement and that my attorney was not going to fight for me until I had to tell him to go back in and offer this or that...which wound up working to my advantage. Without me telling him to go fight for me, he would have rolled over and accepted. That seems to be outside of the client s best interests . Overall, I was not satisfied with the level of service I received.

Shea Pope

Very Professional. Will use them always.


The Law Offices of John W. Lee, P.C. were outstanding! I highly recommend the services of John W. Lee, P.C. Attorney Timothy Douglas and Ms. Kimberly Miller, Paralegal, provided me with step-by-step information throughout my whole process. If you are looking for services from an Attorney and their Associates that demonstrate caring, understanding, and placing your troubles at ease, this is the Attorneys office to call!

Jennifer Eslick

This law firm helped me achieve everything I wanted to with my son concerning child support. Daniel Miller was a great attorney and without a doubt, I will be referring more people his way.

michael jolly

Absolutely wonderful service for my bankruptcy case. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the process but with the help and due-diligent of Ms. Kim Miller and Mr. Timothy Douglass, explaining everything I needed to do in my case and guided me all the way through the procedures and case. Thank you both, could not have done the bankruptcy without you and highly recommend your serves to others who are seeking or transitioning through bankruptcy.

Timothy White

Well, let me first thank Mr. Douglass for all his guidance in helping me with my case. he assured me that going the route of filing a bankruptcy case was best for me. Mr. Douglass did not hesitate to discuss all my options. I want to thank his paralegal Kimberly Miller for doing such a great job on my paperwork and informing me of all the necessary documents I need to get my case filed. This office is one of the top law offices in the Hampton Roads. Thank You Mr. White

Mikhail Lisicki

We're very professional and helped me through every step. I definitely recommend them to anybody and everybody. 5 stars all the way.

Leon Herring

I was lucky enough to retain Mr.Daniel Miller for a very sensitive case. He was very upfront and honest and let me know all possible outcomes....good and bad. I did not feel like a walking ATM in my dealings with him. I felt he really had my best interests in mind when deciding how to proceed in my case. I was very thankful for the legal advice and the legwork he and is paralegals did on my behalf. I would definitely recommend him for anyone seeking legal counsel.

Robin Wooden

I would like to thank Mr Douglass and Ms Miller for all the help and support with my case while I was oversea. They were so helpful and make sure everything was taking care of and all my questions was answer. While I was oversea I didn't have to worry about nothing with my case because Mr Douglass and Ms Miller made sure everything was taking care of even down to me going to court. They always kept me inform of what was going on with my case. The VA Beach office is the best.

Kristins Johns

They are the best! Everyone was friendly and understanding to my needs. Mrs. Kim was a big help with getting my paper work done fast but accurate. Mr. T. Douglass was very professional. They are the best lawyers in town!!!!

Quanda W

They are very professional and very helpful. Kim Miller was very patient with me and help me get through the process smoothly. The lawyer Timothy Roy Douglass was very helpful and and help me get my case done in a very timely matter. I highly recommend John Lee, PC

Robin Smith

I am so grateful and truly pleased with the service render by Attorney Douglas and Senior Paralegal Kim. Together they made the process smooth, and less stressful. On the very first consultation they assured me that would guide me through and they did what they promised. When I meet with the trustee for the 341 meeting all the trustee could say is.... you are free to go!! Simply put Chapter 7 discharged!!

Elijah Strand

WE LOVE THIS TEAM! My husband and I were drowning in a sea of debt.We was recommended to File a chapter 7 BK and our case was VERY COMPLEX, however Kimberly Miller and Attorney Tim Douglas took care of our case with much professionalism and detail. They are knowledgeable, courteous and prompt. Because of these two individuals We will definitely look for counsel with John W Lee FIRST. THEY HAVE BEEN A BLESSING TO OUR FAMILY! The Grandy's

Calandra Goode

I wante to say that coming to John W. Lee office was a blessing, they truly care about your needs. I thought it would be painful and a lengthy process. However it was not with the awesome assistance from Mr. Timothy Douglas and Ms.AmandaGraveline. the service was quick, efficent and very detailed with information that you needed to know.. I truly thank you all so much for a great support team. If anyone comes to me in need I will be recommending this great team at the law office of John W. Lee. Once again Thank you so much Mr. Douglas and Amanda for helping me with everything.

Mina Ko

Dennis Miller is an amazing lawyer who doesn't beat around the Bush or dance around the questions you ask and knows how to shoot 'em to you straight and definitely doesn't leave you guessing. You know what to expect so that you can feel comfortable moving forward. His fees are also reasonable and feasible with no fuss and no mess and gives you ample amount of time to pay those fees. Please go see this law firm cuz you won't be disappointed.

G4m3r Br0 Hd

GREAT LEGAL TEAM,GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND VERY DETAIL ORIENTED!! THEY WORK HARD FOR YOU!! I went to John W Lee PC group to get information about bankruptcy, I was so impressed with the work of Timothy Douglass and Kim Miller that I decided to file my Chapter 7 with them and they petitioned and filed it in 24 hours to get my case started. They work hard and check all details to ensure that you're getting the best legal help possible. They keep you informed throughout the entire legal process. I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing to file bankruptcy or other legal matters. They REALLY WORK FOR YOU!!!

Alisha Pledger

I want to Thank Mr. Douglass for all his help and his paralegal Kim Miller. I recently had my bankruptcy hearing and it went well. I was very please with the whole process of how John W. Lee, P.C. Office handled my case. Thank you all very much.

Kia Chapel

Mr. Douglas and Ms. Miller are awesome! I couldn’t have asked for an easier process. From start to finish they made sure I was aware of everything. They were more then accommodating which I greatly appreciated. 100% Satisfied 5 stars for every visit. Your office is the best. Thank you for making a hard decision easier!

Calvin & Constance Toone

DON NOT GO HERE!!! If I could give it less stars I would. The attorney there is a self righteous mean man. Every question I asked was answered by him yelling at me about how "he doesn't need my money that he makes plenty without me." He mocked my posture while I was being berated. I left the building in the middle of a panic attack and cryed in my car. My husband is in the navy and I asked if a POA would work for filling out paperwork and instead of just saying no I need him to come in he goes off on this rant about how that would risk his license and that I wasn't worth that kind of trouble. Mind you he's puffing his chest and yelling this at me while I sit meekly in my chair. On top of that I didn't get a full refund back so I can afford to go work with another attorney because that "money's been earned" what did they do except yell?! Plus their secretary's rude and roles her eyes so much you'd think they where going to fall out. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Jodi Dipenti

Daniel Miller was my attorney for an uncontested divorce. He was very thorough and thoughtful. Thank you for the attention to detail, and the ease of such a complicated process!

Nicole Russo

Mr. Lipp is adept at the application of his profession and I would recommend him to anybody. He is honest, trustworthy and straight forward. He truly cares about his clients.

Cameka Gray

I strongly recommend them as well. They helped me in my situation.

Lisa Anderson

I would like to thank Mr. Douglass for assisting me and my husband Darlye in our bankruptcy case. Our financial situation was in a horrible place, but Mr. Douglass and his assistant Kim Miller guided us through. We would like to thank the Law Office of John W. Lee, PC. for taking the time to help us. Yours Truly, Lisa and Daryle Anderson, Midolthian, Maryland

Melissa Hickking

Michelle Lewis

I would highly recommend the law firm of John W. Lee, P.C. Attorney at Law (291 Independence Blvd. #530 Virginia Beach, VA 23462) to anyone who wishes to retain professional and qualified lawyers. I am very grateful to Attorney Daniel I. Miller who represented me in my "Hit and Run" trial. His commitment, hard work, and dedication to my case resulted in a "NOT GUILTY" verdict. Thank you Mr. Miller for all that you have done to help me win my case.

Crafty Closelette

So glad I found the John W Lee Law Office. They were recommended highly by a number of my friends and I know why!!! Everyone was super helpful with my divorce. They handled everything for me and got everything turned around quick! They understood that I was ready to get over this hurdle and on with my life! Thank you!!!

Jennifer Davenport

Thank you John W. Lee, P.C. law Office for your help. Mr. Dougalss and Ms. Miller was very helpful in assisting me. Very productive law office in bankruptcy. I was very pleased with their services. Jennifer Davenport.

Nichole Hamilton

Timothy Douglass and Kimberly Miller made our experience with the Virginia Beach office easy and excellent. They explained the processes and helped every step of the way,they made us feel comfortable and were always there to take a phone call or return an email with any questions we might have. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Raiford Clemons

Rachel Burgos

Ms. Kimberly Miller, the Paralegal, was excellent in helping me get my chapter 7 paperwork together. She answered all my questions and was very detailed in letting me know what documents I needed in order to make sure everything went smoothly. Thank you Attorney Douglass and Kim! Rachel L.

efren flores

Daniel Miller is one of the most versatile attorneys that I have met in my 20 plus years as a professional. Over the past 10 years, he has assisted me with corporate collections, traffic law, and child custody issues. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty, providing service that a client would not think to ask of. His years of experience and care are evident in his representation and advice, and there is not another attorney in the state that I would seek out.

Christopher Thom

We would like to thank Mr. Douglass and Ms. Miller for their help in our case. They were vevery helpful. Great Law Office.

chicoe whaeck

I want to thank Attorney; Mr. Timothy Douglass, and Paralegal Associate; Ms. Kimberly Miller of the Law Office of John W. Lee who provided legal representation in my Bankrupcy case. They were awesome in helping me through this difficult time and made me feel at eased. The thought of having to file bankruptcy was at one time unthinkable to me and meant losing everything. I couldn't sleep and felt so much pressure from my creditors. I certainly made the right move in choosing this law office. I can sleep again and I will be sending people your way. The whole staff was on point. J. Whack Retired Civil Rights Director

Charles Sharp

Mr. Douglass was very helpful in my bankruptcy. This law office was a referral from a co-worker who also was a client of John W. Lee, P.C. Ms. Miller help me with m paperwork and she was nice. I recommond this law office to all my co-workers and family. Thank you Mr. Douglass and Ms Miller for all your help. Charles Sharp.

Joshua Macias

Steven Memolo

Mr. Lee and his staff were very helpful. I would highly recommend this firm.

Elaine Harper

I wish I could pick no stars. John Lee while in Hampton was a good attorney, I know, I used him and so did my family. He did well alone. But now that he has others that he has no clue what is going on behind his back is just horrible. Overcharged and Under Represented. They take your case, find out how much money they can get, and once they have it, you are no longer a concern. This is shameful and you Mr. Lee, should know the ongoing's by your associates. Hampton Roads, Va, Please be careful. This won't be up long before it is deleted. They pick and choose what you read. I have yet to run into anyone that has anything good to say. I wish I could of reached so many I have talked to on the Peninsula and now hearing horror stories from Va. Beach as well. They have thrown hard earned money away only to be led to an abyss of worries and legal woes. This includes Bankruptcy to Divorce cases. They start out saying it's best you came to them and then just drop the our case when you need guidance the most. Shame on you all,

Betty Furlough

I would like to thank Mr. Lee, Mr. Lipp and paralegal Kim Miller for helping me with my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. I was very nervous and scared to file this bankruptcy case but Mr. Corey Lipp assured me I would be fine. Mr. Lee was vey nice to assist me at my court hearing. I would like to Ms. Miller for helping me fill out my paper work. I know I was a mess getting my paper work together but at the end I am very pleased with this law office. They treated me very nice and was very professional. Thank you all for being there for me. Mrs. Betty Jo Furlough.

Rachelle Pena

I want to think Mr Douglass and his assistant Kimberly Miller for helpinig me with my bankruptcy case. I really need a lot of help and was strugglinig. Mr Douglass and Kim took a lot of time in guiding me through my process of filing. I am so grateful for them both.

Sharon C

I am very happy and thankful that I chose this law firm for my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Ms. Kimberly Miller and Mr. Timothy Douglass did an exceptional job in explaining the process and letting me know what documents I needed to make sure everything went as smooth as possible. The whole process from start to finish was fast and easy. I cannot thank them enough for doing such a great job in helping me get my life back on track. Ms. Miller and Mr. Douglass, thanks again for a job well done!

Byron Caldwell

They only have money in mind, not your best interest. When you first meet, they paint this wonderful picture of how easy things will be. Once you get into the process and pay your deposit, things change. What was so easy is now far from it. After backing out, they refused to refund any of the deposit. Do yourself a favor and find an attorney who cares and not just looking for a next quick buck. They are out there, but this certainly is not one of them.

Roney Spence

I would like to thank Mr. Corey Lipp and Kim Miller for helping me with my case. They did a great job.

Kelly Fidler

I highly recommend Daniel Miller. I contacted Mr. Miller for advice after going through a really tough break up and his advice and knowledge were exactly what I needed. After taking his advice, my dispute was easily resolved and I’m very grateful. I would use him again and recommend him to everyone I know!

Alexandra Hinman

The Law Office of John W. Lee, P.C. was very helpful in my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. Mr. Douglass gave me great advise and was very nice. The paralegal Kim Miller was helpful as well. I was very nervous when I came for my appointment but Mr. Douglass and Ms. Miller assure me that I was going to me okay. I would like to recommend this law office to anyone who need help with filing bankruptcy. Thank you for your help. Alexander Hinman

Dixie House

Patti Reynolds

My attorney was Timothy Douglass and he was excellent. He walked me through the entire process and told me everything that was expected. He was very professional. When we went before the Trustee, my case went smoothly and only took a few minutes, because he had been so thorough and had everything the Trustee needed. The Paralegal, Kimberly Miller, was very helpful and had all the items listed in order that I needed to gather and/or complete to process the bankruptcy. Both she and Mr. Douglass made the entire process as painless as possible. I highly recommend this law firm if it is necessary for you to file a bankruptcy petition.

Ron Brooks

I hired Daniel I Miller to represent me in a domestic issue I was having. Daniel gave me excellent advice, realistic expectations as to what the outcome could be and if it wasn't what we wanted, how to take the next step. We had to take the next step and Daniel and did a great job and got me the results I was hoping to get. Couldn't have hired a better attorney. Thanks

Charde Mullins

Ms. Miller was excellent in helping me with my case. She answered all of my questions and was very detailed with all of her answers. They were always available for any questions I had. The process went very smoothly. Thank you Attorney Douglass and Kim! Charde D.

Kimberly Allen

Me and my wife had an amazing experience with Mrs. Kim and Timothy Douglas. They were very thorough and explained all of our concerns and questions. Also they made the process easy and quick.

Ghost in the Machine

My attorney was Timothy Douglass and his paralegal was Kimberly Miller. They were both very professional and outstanding.They walked us through the entire process and made it painless which was much appreciated. I highly recommend this law firm.

John V

I am very happy I chose this law firm to handle my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Everything went very smooth and the prices are more than fair for a quality handled case. I will refer anyone I know going through hard times to check them out.

Antonio Toles

I would like to state my opinion about John W. Lee, P.C. This law Office provided detail information at my date of visit in helping me with my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Mr. Timothy Douglass expressed concerns in my financial issue in a helpful manner when it came to dealing with my home. He guided me of what direction to take. Also, I was very pleased with his paralegal Kim Miller as well. This law office eased my mind and relieved me of all the financial stress from beginning to end. I highly recommend this law office to any one who is dealing with financial hardship. Thank you John W. Lee, P.C.

Earlene Patterson

I am posting my review of my experience with this law firm. I was very pleased with my services. My first visit was very cordial. he greeting was great I met with Mr. Douglas and I felt comfortable and relaxed with my first visit, On another visit i met with with his assistant Kimberly and she also made you feel welcome. My entire experience could not have been any better. All of my experiences went smoothly. When they ell you not to worry trust them that the know what thy are doing, I would refer this law firm to all friends and relatives.

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