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Kayla Pinder

Samaritan House, a domestic violence organization in Virginia Beach, has developed a great working relationship with Hofheimer Law Firm and we could not be more thrilled with their services! Due to Hofheimer Law Firm, Samaritan House has been able to refer countless clients to their Second Saturday seminar for free. Our clients not only gain significant knowledge from these seminars, they also become more confident in their ability to continue through such a difficult life changing event that divorce often is. Simply put, Samaritan House loves Hofheimer Law Firm!

Susan Jane Kirkpatrick

Wow, These guys really over-delivered for me! I was in a very tight situation and they got the resolution I needed in just a few months. They are very caring and I will be recommending them.

Christine Bonavita-Sheads

I cannot speak highly enough for all the staff at Hofheimer Family Law Firm. I dealt with them from 2018 to 2019 for my Child Custody / Divorce which they ultimately did an outstanding job winning everything I asked for and even more! I ended up receiving 4x as much for child support and alimony combined from what I was originally asking from my soon to be ex-husband who was unwilling to pay anything from the start. He was also ordered to pay retroactively as well! From the moment I first spoke with them they treated me with respect and dignity, explaining each step of the way in a manner I could completely understand. They made this very difficult and stressful experience much less of a burden for me by handling everything that they could from start to finish and keeping me informed along the way. I was never made to feel like a nuisance or shamed for being so passionate and angry as other firms did. Every time I communicated with someone whether it was via email, telephone or in person, I was treated like an equal; even like a family member. I interviewed so many lawyers prior to hiring Hofheimer Family Law Firm and I am so genuinely and utterly grateful that I placed my implicit trust into this firm and this firm alone. I was left rewarded with a successful outcome but moreover I was not degraded along the way. I was never treated like just another number, not even once. I was never put on hold for long periods of time. My calls were promptly returned. My emails were promptly returned 99% of the time especially when they were important. My questions were always answered efficiently and completely, my nerves were always calmed, and my fears were always allayed by the information I was consistently provided by everyone at this firm. From the front desk staff to the legal assistants especially Kristen Gallas to my attorney Sheera Herrell, thank-you from the bottom of my heart and my children’s as well for spending an unequivocal amount of time fighting relentlessly for my rights and my helping is get more than we even asked for or imagined for my case. We cannot thank-you all enough!

Rhonda Coffman

I consulted with Ms. Michaud only based on the Hofheimer Law Group name. I didn’t get answers to my legal questions, however I did get Ms. Michaud’s opinion and advice to “get therapy” for my court related anxiety. Clearly this was a case of misunderstanding and clash of personalities. Right away Katie Carter called me and emailed me. Today we had an opportunity to discuss this situation. Ms. Carter was every bit as kind and the Hofheimer's have been to me in the past. She made absolutely certain to make sure I was satisfied. The one star rating can''t be edited sadly but after Ms. Carter I'd give this practice four stars and I will continue to advise my friends to attend the wonderful seminars that taught me so much!

Chris House

About 10 years ago the Hofheimer Family Law Group represented me in my divorce. They were on top of their game, always friendly and I felt they cared about my best interest. I have since referred many women to them, telling them if they want the best, to call Hofheimer. A little over a year ago, I went to my first Girls Night Out, I was welcomed with such warmth and had so much fun, I have been attending the events ever since. Some of us have even made our own off shoot group, Girls just want to have fun, and we do things together outside of GNO events and have made some wonderful friendships. I have also attended both of the seminars they offer and I can not recommend them enough. They are wonderful and informative. I am so glad I found this Law group and the people who work there. Kristen Hofheimer and the entire practice is wonderful and I am proud to say I know them. If you are looking for a Law firm to help you through your Divorce or Custody issues, do yourself a favor and give them a call.

leigh babcock

I hired Kristen Hofheimer in 2006 for my separation agreement, my divorce, for legal advice when issues had immerged, and later custody issues. I would describe Kristen Hofheimer as an attorney with a refreshing combination of extreme intellect, memory for detail & common sense. This is an attorney who cares about her client, is down to earth, confident and fair. Kristen Hofheimer also has a great sense of humor which I appreciate during such difficult times; will explain legal terms with simplicity and bring clarity to your stressful situation. In the courtroom there is a genuine approach that is straightforward, focused, and well organized. She has great integrity and professionalism inside the courtroom which transpires because of the above. I would not trust anyone else after all of these years. Unfortunately, I did try another firm - with absolutely no comparison and with serious reprocusions. Finally, do not forget to find out about the seminars which are extremely informative. If you are a woman, a mother in crisis who needs help & hope and needs to be pulled out of the rabbit hole so to speak-RELAX, this is the attorney, this is the firm, to guide you out. I speak from experience and much gratitude.

Annie Watson

I called with a fairly simple custody question and the attorney with whom I spoke could not understand the situation even after I repeated it several times. She then tried to schedule a consultation for $285/hour just so someone else could determine if their firm could even be of service.


Hofheimer Family Law Sheera Herrell stated The only reason she would not take my case is because Sheera has to put her kids on the bus and doesn't know any judges in the Prince Georges/Hopewell area. It's better to know a judge than not to know the judge. Once you show her the back of the book provide to you in the office from a Richmond case Hofheimer took not in Va Beach area thanking Hofheimer Family Law. Sheera states only Kristen Hofheimer takes those case in another geographic area but won't be able to take my case. Sheera Herrell had no problem taking my money of $285.00 for which Hofheimer Family Law states they practice in the whole state of VA. Hofheimer falsely advertised online and over the phone and isn't their for Woman and practice in the whole state. Who needs a book to tell me how to live and raise a family and if you don't do want they want you to do Sheera states she would not take your case.

Anthony Curran

My ex-wife is represented by this firm. With no regard to the damage that they caused to my children, they enabled her to petition the court to remove my custody of my children from me simply because they were getting paid to. If you're a self-pitying, immature, and selfish woman bent on vengeance, this is your firm, ladies.

Bernadette Williams

I went to 3 male attorneys for consults and not one of them followed up with me and I left with no sense of direction for the next step. A wonderful friend of mine referred me to Hofheimer and from the 1st phone call to set up my appointment to my appointment with Lorna (to mention there was no wait time when I arrived for my appointment, which i got an appointment with 24 business hours). Lorna was efficient, detailed, and empathized but also worked a plan of action. And to mention the great followup from Lorna and Pricilla. This is just the beginning of my journey and I look forward to working with this team to get my life back on track to be a free single "EMPOWERED" woman... the services this organization is providing is empowering women to get their strength back.... Thank you Hofheimer team!!

Kama Mitchell

In my experience, the legal process was seamless with this firm. They work very efficiently and do not pad your bill with extra charges or string you along. Special thanks and high recommendations!

Mary Battle

Sheera Is knowledgeable, professional, patient, focused and determined to help get what you want as compassionately as possible. She’s in the right business.

Hollis Tiger Wines

I am so grateful I found this law firm. Their kindness, compassion, and knowledge of the law is outstanding. Katie, the attorney assigned to my case, was a calming and reassuring influence. She was diligent, honest, and persistent. The firm is helpful, unified, and works well together...a great team. My questions were answered thoroughly and promptly, and the advice and guidance given was sound and helpful, leading to a fair and reasonable settlement, despite resistance from the other party. I highly recommend this firm!

Stacy Treto

Laura H

Sheera Herrell and her paralegal Kris were amazing to work with during my complicated divorce. My "husband" pulled a million illegal moves and they responded quickly and professionally each time, navigating me through a complex situation. Sheera gave the best legal advice and representation and even called me late at night when an emergency occurred! I highly recommend Hofheimer Law Firm to any woman navigating a difficult divorce!

David Sniffen

Rita Duke

I went through an extremely long emotional process with my divorce. Unfortunately, I did not start at this firm. I feel that my previous two attorneys took advantage of my situation. I spent lots of money and shed lots of tears with little results. This firm never took advantage of my emotions. My case was handle with professionalism. I was made to feel important. I finally have a positive outcome after ten years. It took Caitlyn less than two years to accomplish what the previous TWO attorneys could not in eight. Every woman needs to know that they have the right to be financially compensated in a divorce!! Thank you and God Bless all that work at this firm.

Christine Stanley

This firm will give you the knowledge you need. You won't be sitting behind a lawyer and not knowing what is going on. They are informative, caring and tell you the absolute truth!

T My

Heather Hildenbrand

Sheera and the staff at Hofheimer made me feel as comfortable as possible through the custody process I went through earlier this year. While it didn't all come out perfect (nothing is, especially with opposing views from each party), I did get what i needed out of it and that was largely due to Sheera's help and advice. They were always supportive and I love how welcoming they make you feel, like its a community. I highly recommend them!

Nadia Beckford

Simply horrible. I told them before hand what my case was about. They told me their office deal with such case. When i went in for my $300 consultation which only lasted 30 minutes on google. I was highly disappointed I already did the google search if you were sure you could have some integrity instead of ripping me off. I took my case elsewhere and is extremely satisfied with my consultation and progress.

Julz R

They are all about women empowerment !!!!Only works with single moms. The staff is very warm and welcoming at every visit. They do meet and greet events about once a month to mingle with other single moms, the attorney's provide an encouraging atmosphere. They also conduct a " Custody bootcamp for Mom's". WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!! If it's your first or 10,000 time going through a court battle or have been financially drained and taken advantage of by a horrible attorney, then attending this course is a MUST TAKE. You dont have to be a client to attend and they give you a workbook to help you along your journey. If you have an attorney, or just representing yourself, they give you pointers on how to be helpful and how to represent yourself. If you don't have an attorney they also set a standard of what you should be looking for. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and guidance needed. A very informative workshop provided by women for women.

Debra Hillman

The Hofheimer Law firm was instrumental in assisting me with my Divorce in which was finalized in the Summer of 2014 and took less than 6 months to resolve! The Attorneys were very understanding of my circumstances. They really kept everything moving along in the most efficient manner while also informing me along the way so that I understood everything that was happening during the process. I am also grateful for the Firm in introducing me to the Girls Night Out (GNO) Events which got me out of the house and where I have made many new friends from all walks of life. I would highly recommend the Hofheimer Family Law Firm as they were very professional and knowledgeable as well as very compassionate when working with me and my situation. I can assure you that they will do the same for you. Best of luck to you and I hope to see you at the next GNO Event!

Kathryn Callahan

For my divorce, I used Katie Wilcox Carter, and couldn't have been happier. Katie is knowledgeable and dedicated, but she also worked incredibly hard to maintain the integrity of my parenting relationship with my ex-husband in order to provide the best outcome for our children. Many attorneys are divisive in how they handle custody, which always hurts the kids. Katie fought hard for my rights, but also helped to guide compromise to ensure we had the best relationship possible coming out of the divorce. I had a very complex situation to work with, which most attorneys had never dealt with involving kids from other marriages. Katie did the research to figure out how to handle our situation and managed to write a decree that perfectly fit what my family needed. Not only would I recommend her to anyone, my ex has also passed along her name, so I guess that speaks volumes!

Maggie Libby

From the first time I spoke to them until the last, the team at Hofheimer Family Law was helpful and supportive. Negotiating a divorce is challenging, and they take into account the fact that you are going through a sad situation when working with you. They help to ensure you don't make any decisions you may regret later. It's clear they know what they are doing. I only wish I had gone to them the minute I knew my marriage was really over.

emilio segura

God forfib u call to ask a question if u are a male.. "WE ONLY HELP WOMEN" is the response i got. All i needed was some one to read my divorve papers before i signed them and turned them in. Just needed a second set of eyes. Wow of sexist, i mean women win everything in court reguardless l, why create a firm for strictly the "victims"

Victoria Lippencott


Anneke Kurt Godlewski

If you are looking for a law firm that fights for the rights of women and children while still providing personal connections and empathy to their clients, look no further than Hofheimer Law. They are real, upfront, realistic, and no-nonsense, yet compassionate and caring. Simply the best.


I had Jeffrey Tarkington as my attorney. When we went to the court, he did not do anything in the court room. When we got out of the court room, I asked him why he did not do anything to protect me and his response was that he did not have enough time to prepare, which was two weeks. Can you even imagine an attorney telling you something like this. However, he did not forget to charge me $4,000 for preparing for the hearing. That is how much I paid him for just being my attorney for two weeks and for "preparing" for the hearing. I went to his boss, explained the situation, and asked for at least a partial refund, but she did not seem to be concerned about her employee unprofessionalism and refunded nothing. The boss was the daughter of the Hofheimer at that time. I wrote a complaint to Bars but, of course, they could not do anything and referred me to the court, which would be a waist as it is impossible to prove in the court that an attorney could not spend this much time on your case because it is just unreasonable as well as it is impossible to prove that the attorney did not do his job at the hearing as their response would be that they do not guarantee you winning the case (this is exactly what Mr. Tarkington's boss told me) . This is my response to the owner's response to my review, and I am going to be rude about it. Do not put words in my mouth, we are not talking about an attorney who did his best to win the case but still lost, we are talking about the attorney who did everything to lose. I addition to my previous review, when I went to the court with Mr. Tarkington, at the end of the hearing the judge mentioned about the health insurance, I am not going to go in details, but a few minutes later when we got out of the court room, the first thing Tarkington said was that he and I have to go back to the judge because I could not get insurance at that time. So, why Tarkington did not say anything to the judge in the court room? I know why, because he did not have any more hearings that day and he wanted to charge me for the waiting time to go back to the judge, and this is what he did. When I went to Ms. Hofheimer, I told her the story, however, she was very rude at the meeting and refunded nothing. I am not going to pretend that I am sorry for her death, the only thing I can say is there were many people she tricked and I already know some of them, and the God heard their prays and made her suffer as much as those people who became victims of your company service. Mr. Tarkington did not work on his own, he was your employee and could trick (this word is too polite for him though) people only because it was supported by his employer. I will remember Tarkington and you for the rest of my life.

Rose Ogwu

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