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Hector P

5 stars for this law firm, especially to my immigration attorney Clay Alger, we went all the way with him, with the K1 visa application and subsequently the adjustment of status, I couldn't ask for more. I seriously recommend Mr. Alger for any type of immigration issues. I will be using his services again in the near future.

Karri Nyrehn

I had recently had an unpleasant experience with an apartment complex that was less than honest with their dealings with me. We hadn't signed any contract and were legally entitled to our full deposit back, less what we owed for rent during the three days we were there. The complex refused to give us our deposit. I knew Genevie personally and also knew that she had recently joined the team working for attorneys. I called her up and she gave me her office number and stated that I could receive a free consultation from an attorney to help with my situation. I spoke to Kristina Otterstrom and she was so kind and helpful! It was such a relief talking to her and knowing that I was in the right! Not only did she tell me all my rights and ways to get my money back, she went out of her way and offered her time and services to make a courtesy call to resolve it for me! She wasn't able to make that call for me the next day, however she assigned Micah McBride to make the call. Micah was very willing to help me as well and was very prompt to get the call made. He kept me informed on everything and was able to get my issue resolved in that one call. The apartment complex called me immediately after receiving word that Micah had called and they offered me everything that we had originally requested. I am so grateful for everything that was done in my behalf by everyone at Shumway Van & Hansen! I would recommed their services to anyone.


The firm has serious integrity issues, especially Gerrit Schulze. Mr. Schulze made accusations that I was not forthcoming in the evidence I presented when he and his firm agreed to take on my case. However, the evidence he said I was not forthcoming with, was in the original petition ... lol! Truly incompetent attorney, but I guess that is what you get from someone who paid lots of money to go to St. Mary's in San Antonio. All, Here is are just two examples of a many failures to advise properly or complete an agreed upon request. The PDF entitled ‘Did Not Add Real’ shows an email in August 2017 in which I request to add the realtor and contractor to the lawsuit and Mr. Schulze agrees to add them to the lawsuit. There was never any discussion not to add them at a later date and, as far as I know, this task has not been done. The PDF entitled ‘False Accusation’ is a recent email in which Mr. Schulze accuses me of not being forthcoming with a document and Mr. Schulze says he “explained to you at the time, that is a major problem, and one which I would have liked to have known about from the getgo ”(GS Friday, June 1, 2018 at 10:44:49 AM Central Daylight Time). However, as you can see from the original petition, also attached, the document is in the original petition. In subsequent emails, Mr. Schulze disagrees with me, when I explain to him I gave the document to him at our initial interview where he agreed to take on the case. Mr. Schulze states he received the document from opposing counsel during discovery, which is still possible but it would have been his second copy. If Mr. Schulze believes it is or was a major problem, then I am not sure why he agreed to take on the case especially since he states he would like to have known about the document from the beginning. For this and many other reasons, I am requesting once again that I receive a full refund for my time and energy that I have invested in this case so I can proceed with adequate counsel and add the additional parties to the lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires. Thank you all for your time in this matter.

Brett McCormack

Shumway Van is a great law firm that has helped me out on numerous occasions. I have referred multiple to them that have also been happy with the firm.

Spencer K Bailey

Samuel Wilkinson

I love these guys. Their team is always professional, kind, and helpful. I learn something every time we work together. I strongly recommend them.

Shannon Rakes

We have relied on Shumway Van & Hanson law office to assist us in our legal needs. Genevie has provided us with excellent customer service and is fantastic at what she does! We have found the results she has helped us achieve to be excellent. Cory is an exceptional attorney who is able to resolve cases beyond the scope of many lawyers. We continue to rely on Shumway Van & Hanson as a key resource to all of our legal needs and I can recommend them without reservation! Thanks again :)

Santa Ana Bail Bonds® - Official

We had the need of requesting information from Utah. Shumway Van & Hansen helped guide to the solution over the phone. Quick and efficiently. Thank you!

Melanie Young

My lawyer listened to my case, believed in my story and really made a big difference in the outcome. If I had not hired Mr Spute to represent me, It would have been a different ending. Thank goodness there are attorneys out there helping people like me. If you need an honest firm to represent you, hire them. You will really be glad you did. M. Young

Mary Ramirez

Genevie is such an amazing person. I was graced with the privilege of meeting Genevie in high school. We where new to the state and she made my sister and myself feel like we had known her for years. You is a very warm person who truly cares for helping others. She will go above and beyond to make you feel as if she was brought into your life just to help you in your time of need for whatever it may be. She is such a beautiful, caring, and loving person to not only her family but to anyone she meets. If I am in need of any legal advice I will most definitely be giving her a call!

Elizabeth Burke Moreau

I have known Mr. Shumway for several years and he is a great person. He is honorable and honest. When I finally needed to come to him professionally with a problem I was having, he took the time to brainstorm with me to make sure that I was considering all factors and making the best decision. It was a great experience!

John Lascaris

Schumway Van Law Firm, and specifically Travis Robertson, attorney represented me in a difficult case, and performed brilliantly for me, thereby earning my highest accolades and trust. Travis and his team led me through the complicated process with clear explanations of why and how the process works, and with the patience of a saint. I am truly glad that I chose him to represent me, and would recommend him without hesitation, for any legal matter.

Cedar Canyon Enterprises

I have used Shumway Van and Hansen to plan my estate, set up a limited liability corporation, and deal with tenant issues. Douglas Shumway has integrity, genuine concern for his clients, and a great deal of legal knowledge. Every experience has been exceptional.

Vicki White

My family and I are overjoyed with the representation we recieved from Shumway, Van and Hansen. Clay Alger represented us in court for a civil real estate matter and was spot on!! He took the time to call the night before for final preparation. He meet us early at the courthouse so my Mom and Aunt could meet him, which helped put their minds at ease. Clay was impressive in the courtroom. He was professional, well prepared and remarkablity effective!

Curtis Laguna

I reached out to Shumway-Van for some legal representation for my business. Doug handled my case with the utmost respect and professionalism. He made the entire process very easy for me and provided me with updates regularly. In the end, he was able to resolve my situation far beyond my expectations. I could not have imagined a more pleasant experience overall. I will be a client for life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Jim Klein

These guys will nickel and dime you for everything so much as thinking about your case. I understand people need to be paid for their time but when my first invoice was twice the quoted amount without even a warning or an email, I have a problem with that. The descriptions of the services I was charged for were comical & irritating. These guys are great Lawyers but poor at managing client expectations and relations.

John Newman

Braden Davis

Clay Alger represented us in an immigration case and we couldn't be more happy with the service that we received. He is professional, respectful, and very knowledgeable. The next time we need to be represented we won't look anywhere else.

Emily S.

We retained the help of Travis Robertson. (Before you read any further, I want to be clear--this is the lawyer you need to retain) We needed help with a Custody and Divorce Settlement. Our situation, unfortunately, was a high-conflict case. We initially were working with a different law firm, but found that their response time, costs and strategy were not transparent. Then one of my friends suggested Mr. Robertson, she had been working with him for her divorce case. (He can be an advocate for both Mother's and Father's) So, when we met with Robertson, he had already researched our case. He then listened to all of our concerns and was able to give us a case outline, which gave us an idea of what to expect in court, as well as predicting what my husband's ex would most likely do next. He brought a sense of calm to a stressful situation. During the entire process we felt confident in Mr. Robertson's abilities and legal knowledge. He was responsive with the needs of our case. His costs were lower than most law firms and he was fair and upfront with estimating his time and charges. He gave us different scenarios and choices with how to handle our situation. Mr. Robertson was not biased against Father's Rights. He was an advocate for equal visitation time and could speak to it in court. We were happy with Mr. Robertson and plan to keep working with him for any other issues that may arise with co-parenting children and a high-conflict ex-spouse.

Kelsey Gutierrez

After having a bad experience with Shumway Van (San Antonio) due to the outcome of my case, Cassie Richardson was able to resolve an issue I was having with them. Thank you Cassie Richardson for being the only one there that has done anything for me!

Alex Shaproski

I spoke with Robert Spjute about a dispute with our previous apartment management company concerning our lease agreement. We haven't hired them as we may not need their services, but Robert was very helpful in explaining our options in an easy to understand manner. He was realistic and informative about our chances and offered free advice on how to proceed. I would definitely recommend giving them a call if you need some advice or services.

Wilkinson Vet

Doug is so helpful and reasonable. He is one of the sharpest people that I have ever met and I feel that he sincerely cares about his clients. He has helped me and my business so much. Anytime I have ever had legal issues Doug puts me at ease and fights for me. I really feel like we are a team. The contracts that he writes are extremely thorough. If you have any legal questions, I would talk to Douglas Shumway.

Paul Skiba

They took the sting out a sticky situation and got us the results we wanted. They were patient in all matters before and after trial. I highly recommend that you stop by the office of Shumway Van to hear what they can do for you.

Emily Ashdown

I cannot say enough good about Shumway Van. We worked with two attorneys who helped us to adopt children out of foster care. These attorneys helped us go against the norm and fight the state and the AG's recommendation. They presented our case to the judge who had the girls best interest in mind. Michael and Cory were with us every step of the way. They were always available to talk and reassure us and helped us prepare for our day in court. Amazing attorneys and a great firm.

Randy Gerber


Dagoberto Drummond

Eric Hill

I walked in with a little contract issue and within 2 days I had an addendum that worked for both parties. Very easy to work with, thorough follow through, and great communication. I was pleased.

Shopify Improvada

Service was great however they will inflate your bill by adding extra hours here and there. Most of the billing they added an extra 0.10 here and there. For example we had a phone call that was 30 minutes and it was billed for 50 minutes of time vs. the 30 minutes that was actually spent. 0.10 extra on multiple items/tasks really adds up. I've used other lawfirms in the past and they don't do this. I advise if you do use this lawfirm to have a pretty penny set aside and to review your bill thoroughly for any errors or added time.

Annette Daley

I had missing paperwork for my case as far back as May of this yesr. I wasn’t informed of this and only found out in September when I happened to call in and enquire as to the status of my filing. Upon learning of this, my attorney, Clay Alger made it a point to call me personally to apologize for the hiccup and made time to answer any questions I had regarding the constantly changing landscape of immigration of late. He was thorough, assuaged my anxiety and in general made sure I was getting the appropriate attention to my case. I feel so much more at ease after our conversation. I recommend Mr Alger personally to anyone needing help with immigration issues.

Scott Peterson

Shumway Van & Hansen is very professional and I am glad that I had them on my side. Gregory Schulz handled everything for me and was very knowledgeable about how things were going to proceed and he succeeded on my behalf.

Dee silos

Skip Morgan

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about everyone at this firm. I have used this firm and specifically the services of Mr. Clay Alger and Stephen Walter. Both of these gentlemen were nothing short of unbelievable compared to attorneys that I have worked with before. They both went "above and beyond" my expectations. Mr Alger's empathy and compassion in listening to the immigration issue that my granddaughter is having to deal with was so refreshing. Because of the compassion and service with Mr. Alger a non-profit that I'm involved with retained the services of this firm to assist us with letters of Incorporation and 501c3 documentation. This is when we worked with Mr. Walter and again the word "refreshing " best describes the service we received from Mr. Walter. His experience in working with non-profits and what we needed to have done was a blessing to our little start up. But the level of service from Mr. Walter dispelled the reservations I had in needing to work with a law firm, any law firm. I will use the services of Shumway & Van with confidence that the level of service I received is the "norm" for this firm.

LLC Utah

Be prepared to have several charges from these Attorneys. I looked at my detailed list of charges and was blown away! They send you one email and find a way to charge you for that. They have barely served the Company I'm taking to court and already have my charges up to $2,500. I'm only suing for about this much and haven't even gone to court, yet. How can they do this to their Clients?


Edit 2: The firm came to me with a plan of action and completed what they set out to do. I'm raising my star rating to 3, mainly because it wasn't a perfect experience. Hopefully by the time they fulfill on my make-good, my experience working with them will be much better. Overall, Shumway Van is a law firm with potential and it looks like they learn from their mistakes. I'm hopeful that they will provide their clients with better service in the future. Edit: The firm has contacted me first thing in the morning after this review was posted and is working on rectifying this problem. They offered a generous make good and I will edit my review when things reach a complete resolution. What started as a very pleasant experience, ended up being an incredibly uncomfortable and frustrating one. I went to Shumway Van with two cases. Divorce and immigration. My divorce attorney, while very pleasant, did not provide me with much counsel and let me write my own stipulated divorce document. It wasn't necessarily a terrible experience, I just didn't feel like I got much value from their service. My immigration lawyer was thoroughly attentive and easily accessible at first. My case took an interesting turn and he even contacted me after work hours to walk me through the next steps. However, the closer we got to the finish line, the more distant he got. Suddenly, he stopped answering all emails and phone calls. He never submitted or finished the last little bit that he said he would. Now almost 4 months into the last time I spoke to him, I still can't get him to submit what he said he would. I tried talking to his paralegal (she's the only one who answers my phone calls) and she keeps saying she'll get back to me and Clay will submit the letter in a week. A week, two, three passes by but Clay never does. Now, suddenly and conveniently, she's also not available to take calls. I know I'm not their biggest client, but it's still multiple thousands of dollars that I paid them and while that might not be a whole lot of money for some, it's still a transaction. I honestly don't think it's too much for me to expect something in return. I'm never one to leave a bad review or even cause a lot of fuss over a little bit of dissatisfaction but this has become quite an issue. I am mainly disappointed because what was initially a very pleasant experience has turned into a very awkward one.

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