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At the present the firm gets a score of 4.7 out of 5 and that score was based on 144 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Sharifi & Baron, Attorneys at Law IN Utah

Mark Moses

Great Lawyer. Was really stressed and Mr. Baron handled the proceedings with ease and capability. I definitely would use him again.

Talan Williams

Josh baron and his firm/office were great. They helped me a through a very difficult time in my life. He awnsered all my questions. He knew exactly what to do to help me and my case. Wasn’t just about the money. He truly wanted to help me and believed in me. Was very impressed with him and this firm. I’m very glad I hired him. Very very impressed.

hector godoy

Attorney josh baron was extremely helpful definitely would recommend, he made sure that I got no jail time and stuck to the plea agreement. Thank you so much josh baron


I’ve been very happy with this firm. Everything went so much better than I expected and they helped me to feel at ease the whole time.

michelle whitney

Laia the assistant to my Attorney Josh was so helpful and always keep me up to date on my case.My attorney Josh didn't back down with my case and he really know what to say in court and truly cared about this case and he know we would win !!!!!!If you are looking for the best then this is the place and and should ask for Josh .Thank you again so much!!!!!

Gustave G. Dutson

Josh is a lifesaver, I had a very difficult truth that needed to be explained to the jury. Josh was so professional and respectful. I was found not guilty on a charge that would have wrongfully given me a first degree felony. Thank you so much Josh and your staff and colleagues who were immediately available if Josh was busy. My whole family cannot thank you enough!!!!

Parker Hilton

Josh Baron is an expert attorney. I'm grateful I was introduced to him. He had my best interest at heart. I will never use anyone other than him. Thank you Josh!

Sequoia Dutson

We just went through a 3-1/2 year court battle. The odds were definitely stacked against us. Josh Baron was my dad’s attorney, he was so professional and super easy to get ahold of all the way through to answer any questions we had. His staff treated us like royalty every time we needed there help. If you had looked at the case on paper you would have been positive my dad was going to prison for a long time. We are a very tight family and I have 6 brothers and sisters so prison for my dad would have had devistating effects on all of us. My dad ended up getting probation in the end. We could never have done this with out Josh or any other attorney in my opinion. Thank you Sharifi and Baron. You saved our family!!!!

John Montoya

Josh thank you, you are great and wonderful to have in my corner, I thank you again and appreciate you.

Carissa Hickman

Super helpful. I have never been in trouble before they were very caring and understood good people make mistakes to.

Joe Fhjkkjf

Thanks a lot to Attorney Josh Baron. He is very experienced and knows lots of prosecutors. I got an excellent deal on my case. Josh always returned my calls same day and answered all my concerns. His fees are cheaper than any others. Excellent and professional staff. I highly recommend Attorney Josh Baron

sean omalley

Josh Baron was fast efficient and got me the results I needed. Well worth every penny! Thanks Josh!!!

Gibson Riggins

They’ve provided great service during & after with any & all questions. Thank you very much.

Logan Donaldson

Josh was very helpful and comforting in a very difficult time of my life. He was responsive to my concerns. I felt comfort knowing he would be available whenever I needed him. Thank you.

Timothy Watters

Great Attorney to have! Always kept me in the loop on my case and always returned my calls in a timely manner. Anything that comes my way in the future, (not planning on it), but will always recommend this Attorney to anyone.

Joe Bddhkjtd

Very reasonable fees. Excellent lawyers. I know specifically Attorney Baron. Always return your calls same day. And they have great paralegals and resepcienest

Darcy Lagana

Josh was accessible which helped us to navigate the steps we needed to take for the best possible outcome. He wasn’t afraid to push back with the prosecution when their offers weren’t realistic. In the end, he obtained for us more than we expected!

Jonathan Jastram

I fully recommend Josh Baron as a criminal defense attorney. He quickly made a terrible situation much better for my family and I. Josh is a supurb communicator and always responded quickly. If you are facing serious charges I would call him now.

Aaron Millar

Josh Baron is a fantastic criminal defense attorney. He is incredibly bright — he knows the law and he knows the legal system and how to get results for his clients. And he genuinely cares about his clients. I’ve sent my clients to Josh for years and he has always taken good care of them.

Iyar Koren

What a great experience! Attorney's that are looking out for my best interest!

The Owl sleeps

Best lawyers out there, am glad my friend referred me to Sharifi & baron, thank you

Nick Woodard

From my first conversation with Joshua Baron (Josh) I realized this was going to be a far different relationship. After speaking with countless attorneys seeking representation, during what seemed to be a very uncertain point in my family’s life, I came across Sharifi & Baron, Attorneys at Law online. I know some of you reading this may want to call “Bulls**t” especially if your past client-attorney experiences are like most others; where you are left feeling like nothing more than a business transaction (which technically it is, but you know what I mean) and more helpless than before. But I assure you that Josh and the rest of Sharifi & Baron, PLLC, Attorneys at Law ARE The Exception! Josh and Sharifi & Baron, PLLC are: - Available - Transparent - Accessible/Responsive (never waited more than a few hours) - Extremely personable (a Rare trait in the legal industry) - Loyal - Trustworthy - Legitimate If you want an attorney who will treat you not only like a human being (which is rare - especially after you have “written the check”) but also as if you were family, I Highly recommend Josh Baron with Sharifi & Baron, PLLC. There is truly no comparison! I am forever grateful for Josh’s service and will Never hesitate recommend Mr. Baron without reservation!

Omar Troyo

Josh Baron exceeded my expectations by far. His willingness to help and to fight for his clients is its own weight in gold. I am super appreciative of his service and would gladly recommend services rendered.

Paul Clark

Like most, we hoped to never need an attorney, but did so this past year and found Josh to be fantastic. He, as everyone has stated, is extremely accessible. In fact, yesterday I called with a billing question and he responded himself and took the time to ask how things have gone since the conclusion of the case. All along the way, he was great to work with and helped to answer questions and ease our minds where possible. Of course, I hope to not need such future services, but would not hesitate to return to Josh if circumstances dictated such.

Kyle Christensen

I contacted Sharifi and Baron in December of 2017 regarding a case I was involved in and Joshua Baron has been my attorney since that time . Having worked with many attorneys in the past, I can honestly say that I have yet to meet one as knowledgeable regarding criminal statute and also as personable as Mr. Baron. He was always able to be contacted, returned any messages very promptly, and never made me feel that my calls and messages were unwanted. He understands the pressure and stress that accompany any kind of litigation and addressed any concerns I had. Mr. Baron provided excellent service while also making myself and my family feel heard and our opinions valued. It is rare in any business to find someone who genuinely cares about how things will work out for you in both the present and the future and yet I found that in Mr. Baron. Sharifi and Baron is the only law firm I would recommend for anyone struggling with legal issues or concerns.

Loren Lambert

While it is impossible to always please those who are charged with criminal conduct and who often have problems that are incompatible with dealing with any human being, and cause them to find fault with almost everyone they meet and interact with (which would explain some of the less than completely positive posts) you can be rest assured that if there is a way to win your case or limit the consequences of the charges brought against you, Joshua Barron will accomplish those goals.

Stacey Owen

Love working with Josh Baron, very genuine and on top of things. Makes dealing with court related issues easier than I thought. I will always use Sharifi and Baron for my lawyer needs. Thanks again Josh.

Dan Baker

Josh helped me out in a very unfortunate and tricky case. He was not judgmental at all, was very patient, and his #1 concern was my best interest. He certainly cared more about my outcome than he did about billing.

Scott Hammer

Josh was truly phenomenal. He was immensely helpful in a time of need. I appreciated his time, care, expertise, and wisdom in helping resolve my issue. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs his support. Thank you, Josh.

John Velez

The office of Sharifi & Baron was a great experience during a difficult time. Mr Baron represented me and I had the utmost confidence in him. Together we were able to get a dismissal of one felony and two misdemeanor offenses two days before a bench trial. I would not hesitate to hire or recommend their services again!

Steve Gaillard

Joshua got me the best deal I could have hoped for. Really went to bat for me. I would highly recommend him if you are ever in a pinch he will do everything he can for you.

Mark L Lawrence

I have a loose cannon sibling whose conduct has alienated herself from most of our family. A year and a half after my mother passed away, she decided to tell everyone she knew (it seemed) she had been molested by her brothers 50+ years earlier. Those of us affected by her outburst gave her our side of the story and told her we wouldn’t indulge her outbursts further. Another year and a half later, I began feeling dissatisfied I was estranged from my sister. Believing I wanted to reconcile, I felt it was important to understand if there was any real legal jeopardy seeking to meet again with her. I phoned Sharifi and Baron’s office for a consultation. Josh Baron responded within 2 hours of my call. He made an appointment with me to meet in his office. Mr Baron’s counsel was direct, specific and extremely sobering. It was offered with such friendly respect and honesty, I had no reservation asking the most intimate questions. I felt fully informed in the course of a half hour consultation and a five minute follow-up phone call. He doesn’t waste time and assures his words are clear and meaningful. I also knew what directions I could go and at what costs. Last night, I called my brother and discussed how to proceed with our future relationship to our little sister. We know exactly how to respond to any further questions about her old story. Josh Baron gave me this confidence and my brother thanked me for being able to advise him as well. I looked again at the S&B website after my brother and I made our decision. Their claims are true. I wish them well. Utah’s laws require the best understanding anyone confronted by them can get. It will definitely be found in the office of Sharifi and Baron.

Zina Gleason

Attorney Josh Baron was incredibly helpful. As a fellow attorney in CA, I know the importance of responding to client's inquiries quickly and Josh did just that! He was able to guide us through the process, what to expect and how to best handle the situation. He was thorough, supportive and answered all our questions. He is a gem in this field and I recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.

Jeffery Burbank

Don't go to court without a lawyer. Joshua represented me and I have to give him a great review. Up front with price and the case. I truly feel without his service my outcome would of been different for the worst. I hope I never need a lawyer again . If I do I would hire Joshua again. Thanks Again

Wendy Hansen

Best. Attorney. Ever. Josh was excellent. We set goals together and he accomplished them. His staff were also great to work with. I highly recommend.

Franky Rosales

I’m happy I picked Sharifi & baron law firm they are helping me so far everything is going great the attorney josh is always there to answer my question he recently won my driver license hearing and I I’m very pleased that he won. I highly recommend this Law Firm!

Corrina Bosworth

Sharifi and baron are such a great company! My husband has Baron as his attorney for his dui and couldn’t be any happier with how he handled it. He was such a joy to work with!!! I would recommend him to everyone!!!!!

Ana Carlin

Josh Baron is really nice, friendly, and very professional. He took the time to listen and answer all my questions. You can tell that he cares about others.

Daniel Amador

They never returned my call

Celina Pargeets

Very exceptional work!!! Two thumbs up

Vinessa Debates

I live out of state and they were great to work with, made sure I didnt have to go back for anything. Thank you so much.

randy kenney

Great firm with lots of knowledge. Started with Sharifi and finished with Baron getting expungement.

Devon Kaufman

Josh Baron was my attorney and he did a great job and got me an amazing offer that I don’t think would have been possible without his help. Thanks so much!

David Walker

Baron has been extremely helpful and good to work with. If I ever had a question or concern he would respond promptly and would have the answers. If he missed a call from me he would get back to me in a timely manner. He made the proceedings much easier to deal with. He is always there when you need him and I am glad I made the call to them.

Iryna Kavetska

Many thanks to Josh Baron! Couldn’t be happier on how my case ended. Josh is very professional, helpful and was always available to answer any questions I had. Wonderful person and attorney!

brooklyn wombacher

I am so grateful for their help! This process is not easy to go through and having someone there to explain things and be there even now when things pop up is a huge burden off my shoulders!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help! You are amazing!

Will Barker

Josh is the type of person you want on your team. He is genuine, cares about people, and is always willing to help. His generosity is contagious.

izzy velasco

I couldn't be happier with there service there office staff are amazing I recommend this law firm u guys rock sharifi &baron

Kelly Madsen

I have worked with the attorneys at Sharifi and Baron as a subcontract investigator for several years. They are aggressive criminal defense lawyers who are extremely diligent, have an eye for detail, and very prompt and thorough in all my interactions with them. I not only choose to work with them, but would hire them if I were in need of a criminal defense attorney. They are trustworthy and always have their clients’ best interests in mind.

Juan Gonzalez

Joshua Baron is an all around great guy. He worked with me on making payments, very understanding at times when I was frustrated, he asked what I would like the outcome to be in my situation and met my goals.

Jon Wilhelm

You will love working with Josh Baron and his firm. He is a top quality lawyer, and he'll take great care of you!

Luda Zinchenko

I couldn't be more grateful for all the help from Sharifi & Baron Law Firm. Josh Baron represented me, from day one till the end him and his associates kept me informed about the case, and answered all the questions I had. Very proficient, friendly and most importantly he fights to get the best outcome possible for his client. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again and definitely recommend it to anyone in need.

carlos rodriguez

100% satisfied with their service

Samantha Rolston

This firm just represented my husband Kevin in a case and I highly recommend them. They are extremely professional and very good at getting the best outcome possible. We went in expecting one thing and came out with the attorney Josh getting everything dismissed after 12 months of no new charges. We were more than elated with his work. He was worth every dime we have spent and our family is incredibly grateful to him for his work. If you need a firm in your corner to help you this is who you need to hire. They're Good men who do a great job! Don't waste your time on other people this firm gets results that you need and expect.

Brando J

Very helpful, professional and great to work with. Happy with their service and would recommend.

Josh Pyne

Josh is a great attorney. His knowledge of the criminal defense sector of the law is amazing. You are in great hands at his firm.

Vincent Montoya

If anyone needs a great place to be represented this is the place. They are so knowledgeable and professional. They are an attorney firm that listens to you an treats you like a person not a dollar sign. They are amazing they secretary's and the lawyers are truthful and friendly. This firm has amazing integrity

Christian Gomez

Very, very pleased. I’d recommend Sharifi & Baron to anyone and everyone that may be in a tough situation. Josh was awesome, and he went out of his way to make sure that I was taken care of. Thank you again! Don’t hesitate to call these guys!

Emily Pyle

I do not recommend this law firm. I hired a lawyer named Jaclyn Robertson and from the moment I hired her, she took advantage and stole my money. She wouldn't do the work she told me she would do until it was too late for it to be modified. She told me on two occasions that she would set up a court date and she never did it then lied and said she never said she'd set up court dates. She told me to just do what my ex husband wanted and that it would be too much work to fight him. She was not on my side she wanted to take money from a single mom who was barley surviving and reap all the benefits while doing none of the work. Shame on her.

Fortnite Riddla

Josh Baron was my attorney and I am very appreciative of everything that he has done for me. I thought that he took the time out for my cases and did his absolute best to get me the best possible outcome. Thank you Josh. I am so thankful for your help.

Total Air Control

Holy smokes!!! All cases are unique , I had some issues with an individual over the last few years with police and multiple charges. I for sure thought we were facing an uphill battle, and a long court process. This gentleman Josh Baron should be called the “prosecutor whisper”...worth the money plus some! Got this handled in one day! Look no further ! Read his reviews! Always responds back when he can and in a timely manner!

Darren Rogers

I couldn't be more pleased with the work, service, and dedication I recieved from Sharifi & Baron. They have been worth every penny and would not hesitate to use their services again. If you like professionalism, honesty, and high qaulity workmanship in law and in the courtroom I definitely and highly recommend Sharifi & Baron!!

Dean Barry

Josh Baron is a terrific attorney. He puts his clients first and is knowledgeable and responsive. His office staff is also top notch! I recommend him and his firm without reservation!

Justin Hosman

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Josh and his team. His experience as a prosecutor and his analytical mind make him an excellent criminal defense attorney. He’s one of the best!

Helaman Orellana

I am grateful for Josh and his colleagues for all their hard work and professionalism. Josh has been one text away from answering any concerns that I had. He always responded quickly and straight to the point. I owe him so much for handling my case and getting my life back to normal. He always looked out for my best interest and consulted other professionals if needed. I always received accurate information. He has great experience. I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks Josh.

Spencer Lee

Joshua and Laia were very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional, they put in the work to see if they could even do anything with my case and, when we realized I was stuck, they didn’t try to manipulate me into giving them more money to play the “lets see what happens” move. They told me exactly how it is and showed that they know what they’re doing. I’ve hired lawyers before for this same motion and I believe they had no idea what I was talking about and ended up just taking my money and doing nothing for me. Knowledge and experience is key in this situation and Sharifi and Baron have both, along with a good code of ethics. Very pleased with my experience, this firm is on the list of Super Lawyers for a reason.

Tyler Wells

At first I panicked because everything in my life had gone horribly wrong. A drunk motorcyclist t-boned and totaled my car. I came home late from work and my wife had packed up and left. I couldn't find her and ended up being admitted to the hospital. And when I was released I was receiving mail from several law firms. After calling one guy after another Mr. Sharifi personally talked to me and promised that he would get to three bottom of this. Today, over a year later, it all seems like a bad dream. Because some times bad things happen to good people, pick Sharifi and Baron.

Roy Jones

Josh is a superb attorney. He was responsive, shrewd, ethical and his intelligence is off the charts. I believe the respect the judge clearly had for him helped our case tremendously.

Jess Nelson

I usually stay away from attorneys, as they usually want to cost an arm and a leg. This man did above and beyond and did not want to charge me when he didn't need to. He could have said he had to charge a flat fee, or something for what he did for me, but he did not. There are good people still in this world and this man walks among them. Come to him if you need help. Trust me he can make things happen.

David Barrington

PLEASE READ!!! My name is Dave and i just a couple of days ago had my final court date! I am shocked with how well things turned out for me. Josh Baron represented me and from the minute he heard my situation he treated me with compassion and made me feel at ease. I am not sure how others handle criminal charges but i was a stress case up until the day it was over. He was fair with me financially and never made me feel judged or awkward about my mistakes. I have never even written a review for anything before but after such a great experience it had to be done.This was a criminal felony case.!!! Today i am not a felon!! Thank you Josh your efforts for me where a blessing. Sincerely David Lee Barrington

Paige B

So far so good. I have not gone to trial yet but Sharifi & Baron have been very thorough so far in handling my case. I had to switch from another lawyer who came with good references because too many details were not being addressed. I have confidence that Sharifi and Baron will present all my evidence and win my case.

B -ray

Sharifi and Baron (Josh) saved my future. I’m eternally grateful for Josh’s expertise and dedication to my case. I can’t thank him enough.

Luis Lorenzana

Not happy with Shawn smith as the immigration attorney. I tried to hire him as my attorney and at first he seemed nice and caring. I’ve been trying to reach him through text, calls and email to no avail. He’s so flaky to the point that I’ve had to go to another lawyer to get representation. I’m truly sad I’ve wasted so much time.

Rusty Shackleford

Josh is an immaculate lawyer. Very swift and thorough. He understands that people are people, and not just a bank account. He was able to work out an amazing deal for me with no jail, and no probation on a dui charge. My bac was .21! He responds to calls, and texts promptly. I highly recommend Josh Baron for his exceptional performance! Travis.

King Montoyaa

Josh is everything you want in an attorney. I have delt with a few attorneys and josh hands down was the best one. I can’t thank you enough for your help Josh. Best regards -Anthony M

Adri Freeman

Exceeded my expectations, they fulfilled everything they promised. So exciting to have my legal issues complete! Ready to start my new chapter!

Max Maia

I was so happy to have Josh as my lawyer! He was always attentive, always returning my calls even on weekends. It was a very stressful time, it is horrible to be accused of something you did not do! Joshua Baron is your guy!

Chandler Townsend

Josh Baron is one of the kindest and genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet.

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