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REVIEWS OF Jolley and Jolley, The Fathers Rights Attorneys IN Utah

J Timothy

Mark Hales is an outstanding attorney. He knows the laws and has proven time and time again he can handle the complex case.

Blackend Wing

When my current attorney left the firm. I was contacted and notified that I had a new attorney and we spoke on the phone. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Jeremiah Robker

I had sat in on multiple consultations with lawyers. After meeting with Alexander I knew that Jolley and Jolley was the firm to represent me. When I have questions or concerns about what I should be doing Timothy is usually quick to respond with an answer and solution providing great advice. The communication and keeping me up to date with the files are excellent. The front staff are very friendly as well and easy to work with. Overall my experience so far has been positive.

Marion Mills

Amazing. Seth was just awesome to behold in action. My daughter lives with me now.

Kirk Valentine

so far everyone is very nice hav'nt had to much interaction still waiting for things to sort out looking forward to future business with you guys

Zach Page

They did a great job, great follow through and professional. Helped me to get things setteled through a great mediator, which saved me money, instead of taking the case to court.

וויליאם רוזאן

You get what you pay for, but with these guys I got so much more. My first consult meeting, they immediately went to work. Their information and invaluable help was EXACTLY what I needed. I would give them six stars if I could.

The Eric Benson

Super professional, and kept cost to the minimum, considering the complexity of my case! I am now happily divorced! I recommend everyone do it! And if you decide to divorce, call Jolley and Jolley! I was amazed with my attorneys Sandi and Timothy. Their focus and work ethic was inspiring! I can never thank them enough!

Kev Lar

Mark was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Jeffery Twitchell

Useless first consultation, and too expensive.

Austin Haslam

It was a bit pricy for what I put down to get things started but I felt like I couldn't have achieved what I wanted to achieve without them. They are a great team with a wide range of experience and solid backgrounds. They were also very genuine. They didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear but they always would explain why.

jeff johannessen

This was the WORST experience of my life. I am apart of father rights groups, so I thought I could trust these attorneys. My attorney no showed to my mediation, the last minute "fill in" attorney had not even reviewed my case. He had me agreeing, to what I later found out, was less than the state minimums! I had to fire them and get another attorney to fix what they had got me into... DAD'S TRUST ME ! LOOK ELSEWHERE!

Cosme Salazar

I would not use this firm again. They billed me hundreds of dollars for "time multiple attorneys talked to each other about the case," and they were overall dishonest about over billing. I have since found another attorney that is more experienced, more honest, and has helped me achieve a better outcome.

Austin Spencer

Tim was great and knew his stuff. He adjusted to every "nit picky" adjustment I requested and answered all of my questions. Thanks to him, I get to have 50% joint custody of my son. I wish him the best in everything he does and would use Jolley & Jolley again should I need any further adjustments or legal council. Thank you!

Melanie Olney

Do NOT use Allison Limb. I just found out the only thing I thought she did for us 2 years ago was never filed, so add another $2000 loss to the past custody battle we would have lost if we had kept her has our attoney. We caought so many errors before that we left, and that was before we ever went to court. Motions were left unfiled, follow up emails and information was never sent. I put the life of my granddaughter in her hands, and she didn't seem to care about her future. So grateful we found another law firm that took over before it was too late. My son now has full custody.

Jared Nussman

Very helpful and honest top to bottom. Helped me get what I wanted. Which was the most time possible with my son. Very thorough and truly look out for dads and supporters of military!

Davien Houchin

Once the divorce decree was signed, I never thought I would see court again. Almost two years later now the ex wants to go from 50/50 custody to sole custody. The associates at Jolley and Jolley are helping me understand the legal issues and helps calm my frustrations.

Court Low

My attorney joined me at my mediation with my ex. She was moving to another state and I needed assistance to keep my children with me here in UT and still have my ex leave the state. My attorney was a great support and had the knowledge of what I could do to come to an agreement with her and not have to drag this into court. He also was a great help and getting the documents all prepared and submitted to the court. I did have a great experience and I do recommend Jolley and Jolley to others going through similar situations.

Haley Merrill

Our attorney Seth didnot communicate or stand up for us when it really mattered!

Jeff Creveling

My attorney became unavailable years after my divorce and I needed to readdress issues with my case Jolley and Jolley were tops in helping me get my decree executed to the fullest extent. I admire their recommendations and follow through. Couldn't be happier.

Michael Anderson

Going through a divorce is a challenging event in anyone's life and Jolley and Jolley have provided me with expert guidance throughout this tough time.

Josh Seal

The service has been good. My case has been drawn out but I feel confident in my attorney and the firm.

david wilson

I've been in constant litigation with my ex-wife in the state of illinois. I've been through about 8 lawyers now. I have an EXTREMELY complicated case. At home, I had to hire a top Chicago law firm for help with my daughter but still needed a Utah firm to represent me as it occurred there, Vernon and Alex are not to be considered "light" representation. I've had ineffectual lawyers before. They worked in conjunction with my Chicago lawyers and did some impressive work as commented to me by the Chicago judge. The two cases are linked. They took a very compassionate personal approach and took my difficult case when others wouldn't because it needed to be fought. From a professional stand point, whatever counsel is opposing Vernon, and Alex, has got their hands full. Exceptional trial lawyers.

Justin Ramirez

I'm not really satisfied with the Boise office. I didn't get what i was asking for on the contrary i got the same thing that i had previously. I paid all this money for nothing .

Rick Guttery

I looked on Google for an Attorney with problems with my Ex Wife over custody of our 2 children. Found Jolley & Jolley with looking for The Fathers Rights Attorneys, So I thought that this group would know what to do to help me with this legal problem. We had a meeting for an hour about being rescheduled twice and I was very up front on what I was going after with my 2 children from my Ex Wife. All I heard was 'Yes we can get that done' during our meeting. So, after a $2500 retainer, I waited for our new Attorney to get the ball rolling. After a month, I had not heard anything and I left a number of emails, I dropped in the office to see what was going on with my case. Was told my Attorney was on vacation and would contact me when they return. Another week went by and I received an email stating that they were still "reviewing" my case and would get back to me. Again another month went by and received another email asking me questions that my Ex Wife's Attorney needed answered. My Attorney again had to ask what I was looking for from them in this case. Made an appointment this time with my Wife with me and we had a very up front talk with my Attorney. All I heard again that they would get right on it and will be in touch. Didn't hear anything till I started receiving statements on my account and was shocked that this firm had blown through $1,780.00 and they haven't done a thing. It just stated a lot of "Review Case", "Talked to Opposing Attorney", "Email Client". As you could guess, I was very disappointed in the quality of service I was receiving from this firm. Had one more meeting, and after wasting 60 minutes, I just had enough for the lack of getting items done to get into mediation. So I fired the firm right then and there. But now, I still have to pay $219.00 on top of the $2,500 retainer they blew through. So, my advice to anyone looking for an Attorney, PLEASE don't go here unless you want to waste your money. Again Very disappointed in the service and use of my retainer.

Robert Arroyo

Do not go here!

Tony Rushton

I had a lot of comfort and confidence leaving my initial meeting with Alexander. However, I was assigned Timothy Dudley as my attorney who turned out to be a pretty frustrating experience. We would have one call to discuss how we would respond to the case and about a day later I would receive the paperwork to review and it never matched what we discussed. This led to many phone calls to fix HIS errors which in turn blew through my $2,200 retainer and racked up an additional $1400. We only submitted three responses in my case and never went to court for $3600. It cost me $1200 a response when the person only spends $826 including serving the initial paperwork. I feel that their billing was very dishonest and I will not be recommending them to anyone. I hate to give bad reviews in general but I think I was taken advantage of and they over billed me especially to fix their mistakes. This is the first bad review I have ever given any company, but I want to help people avoid the frustrating and costly experience I went through.

Chris Wilcox

I worked with Mark Larocco. I chose Jolley and Jolley because rather than telling me no, and I have no chance to get more time with my son, they listened, told me what could go wrong, and what my chances were realistically, all while understanding my frustration. The difference between my experience with them and my experience from contacting or using other attorneys was even though my case wasn't strong, they still came up with a game plan, listened, and respected my situation. Mark was very calm, yet very aggressive in the game plan we came up with. This worked very well for me being i'm not quite so calm, and over passionate about my child time. Mark kept me in the real world yet completely advocated for me and my rights while having a respectful demeanor at all times. I also learned quite a bit and have used what i've learned in dealing with my ex wife which has changed my relationship even with her for the better. Thanks for the assistance and if I ever need it again I will be back.

Joesph Wheeler

High price. Not sure they're providing the truth.

Kellie M. Jolley

Had a great experience dealing with Jolley & Jolley Made me feel like they truly cared about my case and that I wasn't just a number to them. Highly recommended

Cristina Bateman Garvis

I'll give them one thing, they really are 100% for fathers... no matter what!

Chris Man

I recently had a custody battle with my ex over our 2 children. She had lied to a judge and said she didn't know my whereabouts and got the petition for termination of my parental rights published in a county neither of us lived in. When I finally got served it was almost a done deal, I needed someone on my side who would work FAST. I'm so grateful I chose Jolley & Jolley! My case was dismissed yesterday thru the hard work, and efforts of myself, my attorney, Mark Larocco and the whole team at Jolley and Jolley! Mark kept his composure and remained calm thru the entire case. He puts thought into every decision and he truly knows the law! I would HIGHLY recommend him and 'the father's rights' team at Jolley and Jolley to anyone!

James Hoskinson

The service provided by my attorney was fantastic. Mark kept me informed and up to date on all info I needed. He was direct and to the point. He focused on my concerns and objectives and always answered my questions with frankness and honesty.

Levi Welch

I had a great experience using Jolley and Jolley to represent my case. I had Timothy Dudley as My attorney and he did an amazing job, He really looked out for mine and my daughters best interests and made sure to protect my rights as a father. He made this whole process very easy and answered every question I had along the way. I will definitely use Timothy again if I choose to pursue more custody of my daughter in the future.

Kyle Fender

First of all whatever you do do not hire Mark hales as your attorney if anything this firm at all they do not care about you !! I hired Mark to represent me as a lawyer and my child custody case I worked with him for 3months and paid almost $3000 The day of court he asked me what exactly I wanted !.?? If he gave an ounce of his effort in the first place he would've known exactly what I wanted but he waited to the last day to finally pay attention and then when we went inside the courthouse he mocked and playing a joke in front of the commissioner which made her mad which ruined my case I have no idea how this guys survived this far as being a lawyer..

Jeff Jones

Don't think the bad reviews are just trolls or crazy people. They do an amazing job at marketing, but their attorneys have too many cases and they just aren't as good as they claim. They have a single minded strategy that is expensive and isn't necessarily the best approach. I had to change attorneys and my new one accomplished more in 1 month than Jolley and Jolley in several months. These guys are unorganized and more reactive than proactive with everything. You are better off having your rights represented by someone else.

Johnny Thatcher

I just wanted to express my appreciation to: 1st Mark Hales as my attorney a few years back about what an amazing job he did for me with getting me custody of my son. 2nd Jolley and Jolley for the way they treated me as a client and person with finical issues and other helping with all my need including the super awesome Ladies. Secretaries, billing and needed paper work issues. I have referred Jolley and Jolley to numerous friends and will continue to do so without reservation. JOLLEY AND JOLLEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have my son what a awesome world this is.

Blake Buxton

My experience with the Jolley and Jolley associate that I spoke with was very positive. He gave me confidence that I was talking to the right law firm to get me the best outcome available. I was very impressed by his professionalism and poise. I don't want to navigate my legal course without help from Jolley and Jolley, anything else is wasted resources!


I am constantly dealing with the ex but with the their experience and knowledge they have helped me stop being taken advantage of and start moving on my own grounds with confidence. Mark Hales has been great to work with and has the experience to make the best situation possible. In my situation I'll need to have a lawyer on my side and I'm glad to say I have Jolley and Jolley.

Richard Ghersi

So far so good everyone i have met there seems nice.

Shanon Auman

They all were very nice made it a very nice experience


Went in for a consultation and was very happy with the service.

Shawlan Robbins

I was well taken care of and they helped me with anything I needed throughout the entire process. Great people who truly care for dads

Sean Weaver

Way overpriced don't buy into the gimmick

Glen McBride

My overall experience with your organization was positive. The attorney, Timothy, was responsive to my needs, expectations, and timeline. He was friendly and helpful. The administrative staff who took my retainer payment over the phone was pleasant, professional, and efficient. The balance of the retainer was returned promptly. I would recommend Jolley & Jolley.

ryan gustman

I decided to use jolly and jolly after my ex served me papers they seemed like a good firm and everything went smoothly untill my original attorney left there firm. After that things went south very quickly the sent my case over to Sandi Ness were before this we hadn't gone thru half my retainer and then she took it over and charged me for bringing her up to speed on my case then because she didn't have the documents on her file she charged me to redraft them which then depleted my retainer and when I addressed this and told her I was done she told me that she would refund the hours if I kept her on till it was finished. So I agreed to that she refunded an hour and a half then charged me an extra 4 hours within a week for drafting emails then had the nerve to say I owed them money mind you the document in the time between Collin leaving and when I fired sandi had 3 lines changed and they charged me more than half my retainer of those three line then Collin did to draft the original. I would not recommend this firm and I definitely would not recommend Sandi Ness as an attorney

Dave Workman

From the first meeting, I felt I made the right decision when it came to what lawyer I should contact about my current divorce decree that I felt needed to be modified. My decree has been in effect over 3 yrs. so I wanted to revisit it and make some modifications. Mark Larocco has been a godsend as he has given me such great advise and also even more importantly an ease of mind. As the weeks have progressed and life has become harder, as expected, he has honestly helped relieve the pressure I was carrying on my shoulders for way too long. Always a pleasure to speak with not only Mark, but the other staff are just as pleasant. Emails are very clear and precise. I personally was Refered to Jolley and Jolley as they are a fathers rights lawyer and all I want; is what is in the best interest for my minor children in the final out come. Our divorce along with all the hiccups that constantly arise has had a major impact on our children and as I am trying to make it so Ex wife and I have equal parenting, I'm confident I found the right team!!

Bill Gerrard

Incompetent. Avoid at all costs. John J. Diamond did not submit proper paperwork in time and "forgot" to show up to court. It continues to get worse. It looked like Vernon Jolley was going to try to fix John J. Diamond's mistakes, but now that things didn't initially go his way, he no longer responds. It appears Vernon Jolley is too busy driving his race car to respond to urgent needs. But, I guess after reading many of the reviews here, that is their modus operandi. It really does appear that all they care about it money. Again, avoid at all costs.

Jake Christensen

Very comfortable talking to them about even the most personal and private issues

Tony Garcia

I’ve witnessed very unprofessional behavior from Mark R. Hales in the courtroom as well as legal proceedings. Someone with this unprofessional and disrespectful demeanor has no business practicing family law.

Vadim Kornilov

Divorce in itself is a bitter, emotional, depressing and anxiety producing experience. I am still in the midst of the process, haven't even gone to mediation. My attorney has been attentive to detail and provided solid advice regarding potential issues in my case. We'll see how the mediation will pan out. I don't find Utah's property division laws fair, obviously the firm can do nothing about it.

Geovani Salazar

My attorney Mark Hales was great. But unfortunately they still have to follow Utahs code. They can't do anything different than any other family law attorney. Service was great however, they did their best but was nothing special.

Justin Vincent

Very knowledgeable and helpful with my divorce. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else.

Lori Fitzgerald

Amazing staff! Friendly and helpful. The attorney’s are top notch! Thank you Jolley and Jolley!

brad george

Absolute worst family law firm there could possibly be. Do not use this firm! They will waste your hard earned money!

Kevin Greenlese

I didn't use their service, because I thought it would be too expensive. Now that I have gone through the divorce I wish I had. I consulted them months after and learned how important it is to go with the best rather than think they are all the same. They probably would have saved me a lot in the long run.

Kathy Lisa

It’s not often I want to share my experience with people and this is one of those times. I called Jolley and Jolley because of their reputation helping Fathers with family issues and I am so glad I did. I was lucky enough to get Douglas Smith as my attorney! He has a wealth of experience and was also a Judge for 20+ years. His easy going presence put me immediately at ease and his ability to foresee what will be needed, while handling my issues, brought us to a smooth amicable resolution. In addition, Shanna the office manager was wonderful, which tells me Jolley and Jolley truly cares about their clients. Call them!

Michael Card

I have had a terrible experience with this firm. My initial meeting with Alexander was great. He seemed to understand the situation and felt that I had a good case. I was planning on representing myself but felt this would put me at a disadvantage because my ex was an attorney and also had hired an attorney. I paid the retainer fee expecting that it would only take a few hours of work to resolve. I was assigned to Alison Limb. Her written response was ok but when we got to court she clearly did not understand the situation and was badly outclassed by the other lawyer. I explained to her and Alexander that I would have been okay if we'd have lost on the merits of the case but I felt we lost because we were out lawyered. Not only that but I felt I was worse off than if I'd have represented myself. When I asked that her bill be discounted as it was much higher than I anticipated, I received no response from her. After 2 weeks I took it up with Alexander and the billing manager and again received no response. That was 3 weeks ago. I asked again for a response last week and still have heard nothing.


***** FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP USING THESE IDIOT IF YOU WNAT TO WIN!!!! ********* Over a year and thousands of dollars had 1 attorney who left then we were assigned Timothy Dudley who is useless he doesn't help and has not time to look at your case! He is good at wasting your money and folding under pressure will not stand up for you. Watch out he will VOLUNTEER YOUR MONEY TO FILE YOUR EX STIPULATION!!!

Cheryl Stone

Whatever you do, do not go with Timothy Dudley unless you like throwing money in the trash. He will nickle and dime you for lackluster representation. Go with someone whose name is on their lawfirm because Timothy Dudley simply does not care at all and you still pay for it. I am not saying this because he lost my case, I switched attorneys and law firms and the difference in just one court case was mind blowing. I am so grateful I didn't stick it out with him to pay more money for nothing.

Jacob K Wilson

I am very impressed by the professionalism of Allison. She has answered any questions that i have about my case and is considerate of my needs. I will recommend to anyone who needs legal help that they contact Jolley and Jolley. I love that i am treated as a person and not just another paying client that just walks through the door.

Sean Sturges

I worked with Mark Hale on my custody case for my son and he was absolutely exceptional. I ended up settling in meditation and got everything that was important to me. He was very professional and was always advocating on my behalf and doing what's in the best interest of my case. I would absolutely recommend him and the practice to any single father. They truly are the Fathers Advocates.

Charles Reese

Excellent and acceptional service I would recommend them to everyone.

Rich Lucy

I have 100,000 reasons to post this review. Consider the over $100,000 I paid to them before calling. Do not do it. I don't even know how to write all the mistakes that were made looking back. But, for a taste, opposing counsel, D. Michael Nielsen, took my notarized signature off one document and placed it onto another document, which is fraud. It was missed by J&J and only caught by me at the last minute. When I demanded that we go after Mr. Nielsen for fraud, they told me that if that was the route I wanted to go they could no longer represent me. This after paying them over $100,000 in legal fees. I have a new attorney now. Any questions? You've been warned. It's your money.

Chris Carpenter

My experience was great. Mark was very professional and looked out for my needs and best interest. I was a return customer and I have the up most respect for this law firm and the service they provide to fathers.

sterling west

I've been working with Mark Hales for nearly a year now. He has always been very professional and makes me feel that I'm entitled to rights as a Father. Alex and the other staff have always really easy to work with and understand the difficulties that surround divorces and custody.

Taylor Garrett

Going through a divorce with a child involved is by far the most agonizing time I've ever experienced. I knew I needed a firm that would protect my rights as a father and get me a square deal. I am overwhelmingly pleased with Jolley and Jolley. After meeting with Alexander for an initial consultation, he decided Mike Hales would be a great fit for my situation. I immediately was introduced to Mike and we got the ball rolling. Mike was responsive, thorough and really made the totality of my divorce seem manageable. He made numerous contact with my exes the attorney and eventually decided on mediation. The date finally arrived and Mike was on time and had an entire file on hand. After hours of back and fourth he was able to negotiate what I wanted and than some. I honestly felt like he was as invested in the outcome as I was. My divorce decree and custody is now final and I am spending time with my child. If you need an attorney who will get the job done, look no further. Thank you Mike! Thank you Jolley and Jolley!!

Seth Wright

I have found that working with Jolley and Jolley, particularly with Timothy has been very worthwhile and helpful. I came to Jolley and Jolley pretty depressed and hopeless and after the initial consult, felt hopeful about my future. I trust Timothy and the rest of the staff to take care of me and to ensure that my rights are represented fairly.

Chyanne Frampton

Our case went very smooth and they walked us through everything.

Friendly Plumber Heating and Air

I have been working directly with Timothy and he is very informative and thorough with his responses and answering all of my questions. He responds quickly in a timely manner, and always keeps me updated with my case.

Brady Albiston

I interviewed many lawyers when I started looking for a divorce attorney. Jolley and Jolley was my last interview and hired them that day. I was very impressed with Alexander after talking about my situation and he put Timothy Dudley on my case. Timothy was very professional and knew his stuff really well. I am really appreciative to everyone at Jolley and Jolley

Jeremy Rolan

Mark Hales has never made me question if he was working for me. He is direct and to the point and has pushed for my rights every step of the way. I was nervous going into this but have felt at ease knowing I have someone I can count on behind me.

Colten Rhead

I just wanted to thank Mark Hales, for everything you’ve done for me and my family! He was truly everything we could’ve asked for and more. He went above and beyond in representing me and getting what was fair and what i wanted. Again thank you for everything!!!! Only lawyer I’d ever use again being a father for my daughter.

Ryan Johnson

Good luck finding anyone that will treat you better.

Patrick Baum

Hiring an attorney can be very complex and Challenging. The treatment by my Jolley and Jolley attorney and the staff, it has been great. At a time when my mind and emotions haven't been in check, it's been nice to deal with a staff and attorneys that have been kind, supportive, and understanding. Dealing with John, Vern, Alexander, and Janet has been a very pleasant. Each of them has been very kind, supportive, and generous. I'm always treated well in all my communication and visits. thank you!

Michael Hughes

These guys are far from great lawyers. After the initial consultation, I went with a different firm.

Levi Oleson

Jolley and Jolley has done a great job for me. Seth has been great to work with. He has answered any questions that I have had, and did great a great job representing me in court.

Russ Malloy

Great team, excellent to work with. They helped get all of our ducks in a row and we felt very prepared. We ended up with a great result considering the mess we started in. Great follow up skills, I'm pretty sure it's the same guy spamming all the 1 star reviews just being a miserable human being.

Tuff Phillips

THE MOST DEVASTATING MISTAKE I EVER MADE. I wouldn’t rate them one star if I didn’t have to to write this review. They misrepresented themselves as the “fathers rights” attorneys.(they only want your cash) They reviewed my case in the hallway before court resulting in a weak representation and argument in front of the commissioner. Not one objection to any demand made by the other party knowing what my goals were. Not one parent make up day nothing nothing I asked for was ever mentioned in court. Then they withdrew from the case before mediation cause I couldn’t make a payment at the first of the month. Like I don’t have bills to pay and a roof to keep over my head. They took all my savings and put me in the hole eventually displacing my daughter and me from our residence. They need to change their slogan cause they are not for the FATHERS RIGHTS . Honestly my point of view is they don’t care for their clients. They only care about the money they can steal and get the opposing party. DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS. Find someone with real passion to represent you not these corporate leaches.

Carla Settle

3 1/2 years of nothing but throwing $money their way.. They didn't tell the judge in August that an order had been completed. By December my son was franticly trying to retain a lawyer paying 10,000 to keep his ex from taking his daughter to another state with sole custody. Fathers rights my as..

Lance Rich

Tim Dudley has been great to work with. He's been sensitive to my needs and a good listener. I like that he told me to vent to him in times of stress and not to my soon to be ex or children.

James Cantrell

I was very satisfied with my representation from Jolley & Jolley. Mark was very up front from the beginning and told me exactly what I had to get done and ultimately achieved what both parties had agreed upon. Thank you for your time and effort. James Cantrell

Russell Greer

I was disappointed that I was not offered a job as a legal assistant like I interviewed for. Per usual with law firms, I guess.

Personal. Kevin Bone

Sensitive people. Great council. The best money I spent in the last year.

Michael Park

I hadn't seen my boys for 3 months when I hired Jolly and Jolly within a month they had gotten me 2 baby boys back and I won joint physical custody something I know in the state of Utah is very hard for fathers to get! Thank you Mark and Jolly and Jolly!

Keith Nebeker

I have been working very closely over the past 3-4 months with a very complicated and sensitive situation regarding the welfare of my minor son. The care and professionalism I have received by both Mark LaRocco and the office staff has been exceptional and very timely.

Adrian Villasenor

Helped me get fair treatment and guided me through the divorce process while making sure my rights were respected.

Jacob Hoopes

So far, it's been relatively good, however, it would be useful to have a complimentary 15 min-30 min status update on a monthly basis. Everything is billed, including voicemails left for folks that didn't pick up a call. This results in a hesitation to even reach out for questions of the smallest nature. That said, I appreciate you taking the case and I look forward to putting all of this behind us!

Dolan Raby

Seth Floyd, and Shanna have been amazing helping me through some process serving issues, putting together exhibits and info to submit temporary orders for my divorce, and did a great job putting things together in my defense regarding a retaliatory protective order.

Jeffery Koncar

I had an amazing experience with Jolley and Jolley, my attorney Mark Hale was very dedicated, driven, and very fast at making my case fair to both parties and everyone still got what they wanted to get out of the process. I am very pleased that I chose Jolley and Jolley and would recommend them to anyone with legal issues regarding their children.

Geoff Hales

I had a poor experience with using this Law firm. I spent almost 50K on these attorneys, and got a very inexperienced lawyer. When I withdrew my services from them because of the poor representation and cost, they promised me help if I needed to file any further paperwork. I contacted for assistance like they promised and they completely ignored me as if I was never with them for almost 3 years and spent 50K. What a joke. If that isn't the worst customer/client experience and a slap in the face. I wish I had never used them. I should of gone with a better more reputable firm.

Adam Mickiewicz

I visited for a scheduled free consultation. Service: Friendly, prompt, accurate. Product: There is not much one can expect from a free consultation. Typically the attorney doesn't yet know the customer's situation well, and so advice can be rather generic. Whatever I was looking for, I did not feel it nor did I retain the firm. Store: Clean, orderly. Restroom: Very clean, stocked. *disclaimer: A store doing everything right earns four stars. A fifth is reserved for circumstances above and beyond the norm.

Jack Woller

Every time I call I get to speak to someone that cares as much as I do about my case and my life. I feel like they have my son's best interest at heart and that's what matters most to me

Jason Wilding

My attorney was very friendly. In our initial consultation he gave me so much more information that my previous attorney. My only complaint was that he was more reactive to the other attorney rather than proactive and making the first moves.

Scott Ferguson

Jolley & Jolley have been great to work with. Divorce is really hard and working with your lawyer shouldn't add more difficulty into the process, but they have taken care of everything for me and have been very easy to work with

John Sanchez

Great customer service

joe dixon

It has been a relief to me to have such qualified attorney to protect my interests as a father through my divorce and custody case. I also appreciate the staff as they are always helpful and friendly and have assisted me after hours on more than one occasion.

Daniel Buenrostro

Horrible service. After they get your money they make it very difficult to get a hold of

Matt Power

Timothy is awesome! In our first meeting I asked him if he was a winner. And he has proven to be for both of my cases over the past several months! He explains things and is timely at getting back with me when i need to talk to him! Thank you so much!

Jordan Bumgardner

Jolley and Jolley gave me the advice I needed to keep my daughter where she belongs. Everyone in the office was very personable and understanding. Thanks J&J!

Steve McCleskey

Mark has been amazing. I love the fact that despite my emotional state he keeps calm and is ready to react to my decisions. My informed decisions. He keeps me informed of possible outcomes and answers all my questions honestly, even if I don't like the answer. He keeps me honest and above board. I have had a wonderful experience working with Mark, and all of the staff at Jolley and Jolley. Thanks everyone!

Jared Carling

My experience at Jolley and Jolley was fantastic. The outcome of my case exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them to fathers seeking to stay present in their children's lives.

Brian H

About tired of hearing their ad on kber. Probably won't be listening to them any more if I keep hearing it. I went for a consultation with these guy, the "lawyers for Dad's". I was told "you had a child out of wedlock. Why would a judge give you any rights?!" I was immediately done with them. Went to Angilee Wright and got awarded more than state minimum. Thanks for making me turn to someone else. I appreciate it!


Jolley and Jolley has been nothing but amazing to work with me. My attorney John has been amazing to work with and helped me. I'm thankful for this firm and all they have done to help me get my son.

Ricky Nieser

Good service

Tanya Hale

I worked with Mark LaRocco and had a wonderful experience. Though they cater to fathers, as a mother I found myself very supported. Mark was always on top of things and accomplished what needed to be done immediately; I never had to wait long for a return call or email. Mark was knowledgeable and efficient and I can't imagine how things could have gone more smoothly. Thanks!

Misty Neilson

Horrible law office. They do not get back with people at all. After loosing in court to me their lawyer Seth Floyd refused to answer any of my calls or emails, willfully didn't submit his documents to the court at all let alone on time. Don't waste your money on this company they waste not only their clients time and money but everyone involved in the case. Will be billing them for the time they wasted and materials they required without her holding up their end of the law.

Ann Cummins

My attorney, Mark Hale, delivered exemplary service. I initially felt that I was at a considerable disadvantage in keeping my child, but after Mark's spirited and devoted defense, I was left with not just possession of my child, but with a sense that justice had been served and that my child's future was secured. Skyler Encoe

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