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REVIEWS OF G Eric Nielson & Associates IN Utah

P DeLand

Helpful, friendly, caring, honest, when you need help. This law office is very on top of things. I would recommend them highly.

Mario Valdez

This guy is the best lawyer on the planet!

jo camp

They took my case and sat on it for almost an entire year before they finally started working on it. Then they decided to drop my case because it wasn't worth enough money to them. Really? You couldn't figure that out before you took the case? They wasted what little time I had left on my statute of limitations. I would call that unprofessional

Shane Allred

There rude and aren't worth the money you would paid.

Downy Adams

Someone finally helped me. I had a major medical problem. Beside the legal help mark and eric made me feel like the cared about me and believed I was sick. Eric is down to earth and says what on his mind. Mark listens to people. It was more then just getting legal help is was that someone finally was on my side I would recommend this lawyer office to anyone with a life or death medical issue.

Jo Miller

I was so scared and confused when I went to the law firm of G Eric Nelson and Associates for the first time. I was welcomed by the front desk associate with a hello and welcome. I was offered a drink and taken into a nice waiting area which I was only waiting for maybe 2 or 3 minutes. Mark was the original attorney I met with then Eric showed up and listened to my story and said yes they would take my case. I was kept informed of everything going on and where and when I needed to be somewhere by Libby. She is wonderful and works late if needed. She's always there when I have a question or anything. Eric, Todd and Mark never let me go into something alone. They were always with me to help me through it all. They were always working together as a team not as one. If you want to be part of the team, a family this is the place to come. If they can't help you they're honest about it and will tell you that. I am so happy I found them before anyone else took my case. If you want honest and hardworking respectable attorneys this is the place.

Francesca Parker

Our experience with the firm was subpar. We explained our case over the phone to Lena and set an appointment for several weeks later to have an in office consultation. It became obvious when we arrived that she was unprepared for our meeting. Her desk was a disaster, she was underdressed, and frazzled. She and Eric scurried to prepare for our meeting as we sat in front of her messy desk. Before we could even begin our conversation, Eric called in from the other room to let her know that a Doctor was on the line to review our case(this is something she should have done BEFORE our meeting). She misplaced the notes from our previous phone conversation and began telling the Doctor incorrect details. The details were so inaccurate that she ended up getting up from her seat at the desk so that I could sit in her chair and explain my story to the Doctor. Upon sitting in her seat I noticed an internal office email pulled open of a body builder in a thong...which she left open during the entire conversation. I also had the opportunity, while sitting at her desk, to read some of the cases she was working on which is a serious violation of HIPPA laws. We finished our conversation with the Doctor and began to discuss the case further. Eric then began his sales tactic of explaining to us just how busy his firm was and implied that we would be lucky to have his firm take the case. At that point he began to try to build rapport by asking how my husband and I met. I explained that we had met as missionaries to which Lena replied “Did you guys get sent home together?” What kind of question is that? Are those the kind of outbursts clients should expect in the courtroom? We decided not to sign a contract at that moment and explained that we would get back to them, Lena was very obviously upset. In the end, we began to run out of time as I was hospitalized once again. We decided that since we would be seeking a settlement through a letter of demand and not going to court that we could move forward with the letter. My husband emailed and called to which there was no response. I called and spoke with Lena yesterday, she seemed very proud to turn me down because they were “too busy.” Which is why she never emailed or called back. I can’t help but think that she and Eric took it personally that we did not want to sign a contract immediately. In the end, I began writing a one star review and never finished. The review, however, posted as a 1 Star. Somehow Lena now had the time to call my husband, apologize and feed him mounds of excuses in hopes that we would remove this review. Lena and Eric are very knowledgeable but lack respect for their clients. That may be great in the court room but they need to understand that they are interviewing for the opportunity to represent us and that kind of respect should be shown. It seems to me that Lena and Eric thought they had themselves an easy set of young and dumb college students, not fully realizing that they actually had two young professionals in front of them that knew a whole lot more than they thought. Editing in response to Eric’s response. Eric, you offered to take the case. I was in the room speaking directly to the Doctor(because you weren’t prepared) when he told you how much my case was worth. You refused the case because we hurt your feelings when we said we had to think about it. Judging from the reviews coming in, it sounds like it may be time to humble yourself and make a few changes. Especially since your clients are now concerned that you may have a drug problem, which was not a surprise to read.

Rie Marquez

It didn't allow for a half of star or I would have given that. G. Eric Nielson & Associates have no professionalism. Eric himself (owner) seems to have severe issues with memory. Whether it's due to age, or maybe a drug problem? I have no idea, I do know that I should have never taken my situation to that office. I really went there for one lawyer in particular, and when she left I made a mistake and didn't follow. The name on here is from an additional email set up to my phone, my name is Rayes Sanchez. I have edited this review being G. Eric Nielson has sent an email threatening legal action against me if I don't take this review down. He feels this will make people question his integrity, and honesty? Which is the exact reason I gave the review is to save people the headache of dealing with him. From reading the additional reviews it seems others have had to deal with the same silly behavior and unprofessionalism my sons and I have dealt with. Anyone thinking of doing business with him? Go look to his competitors and skip the silliness of this man and his no honesty self. I am again editing this review, given Eric wants to respond to the review with another story of what happened with my family's case. I have posted pictures to his website of a letter from his office advising I have terminated them? Another is a letter I sent to his office advising him to return near one thousand documents I handed over to his office, being I was told my contract was null and void. Eric refused to turn over the physical papers being he wanted to continue the case with another party in my family. As I advised earlier I went to G. Eric Nielson & Associates for one particular attorney, being I seen she had a previous case with the party my family had a problem with. I shopped with one other law firm and they were going to take the case. When I advised that law firm I was going with G. Eric Nielson & Associates? I was advised I was making a big mistake, however they understood why I was. They wished me luck and I signed with G. Eric Nielson & Associates and boy was they right I made a big mistake. I find it funny Eric says they had incorrect information on the case and didn't want to take it? They had the case for a year and their specialist called me to tell me he had never seen a case put together so well that had only been with the law firm for less than a month. I put together all that information and Eric sure did fight me on giving the paperwork back when I asked for it in March. The office has been through the first hearing with DOPL as well in March. Now I posted these pictures to give examples of why I said he has severe memory problems, or a severe problem with lying. This makes me question his integrity, honesty and his morals. Tsk tsk tsk Eric I am appalled you still continue to have multiple stories of what is going on. May I suggest you pick one story and stick with it. Now if you want to continue with your multiple stories? I have many more emails and letters I have no problem in posting being I feel the public has a right to know exactly how you operate.

Cheyenne Cochran

I was referred to G. Eric Nielson & Associates in the beginning stages of my medical malpractice and that simple referral turned out to be one of my greatest blessings amidst a very hard time. I worked with Lena and Eric through the process and always felt validated, supported, and confident in the work they were doing on my behalf. Throughout this process, there are always emotional worries and hardship and everyone on their team was able to empathize with me and then provide me with guidance and strength. Going through something that puts you in the position to file for medical malpractice alone is traumatic; Eric, Lena and their team are constantly seeking out your best interest in referrals to keep you taken care of while they are fighting for you. No stone goes unturned and when all is said and done, you part with no regrets, doubts, or questions. Their team kept me up to date and in the loop with everything that was going on and that gave me peace of mind because knowledge is power, and after a medical experience that takes your power away, you need a team and a firm like this to help you regain that. I knew that they cared about me on a professional level, but their care on a personal level is what exceeded my expectations. I truly could not say enough good things about this law firm, their care, their drive and their quality of work!

Ronald Morgan

Jonathan Whitley

Regardless of whether it was a good case that Eric Nielson thought was worth pursuing, it is NEVER appropriate to cut someone off at the very beginning and declare "you don't have a case" and berate you for trying. Mr. Nielson may be a good lawyer, but he is severely lacking in manners, empathy, and communication skills.

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