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Javier Aguirre

If you want your case to be handled by a professional that really cares about you this is Gloria Cardenas. Four different lawyers wanted to send me back to my country. That would have meant I was supposed to leave my kids and my wife here. But Gloria said no and she fought my case like she was my Mom! Gloria has so much passion for what she does. When I asked Gloria why she does this, she responded to to me that she truly believes everybody has equal rights and everybody deserves a good representation in court. I, myself, witnessed in court her helping other lawyers by giving them advice.That proves how well she is at strategy. She doesn't even need to know their entire case and what she tells them can help them win in court that day. If you want somebody that really cares about you and really wants to help you 100% - this is Gloria! this is what Gloria have: Professionalism - Respectfulness - Dependability - Dedication - Determination - Accountability - Humility

Fabian DeeEyeAyyZee

I am an Active Duty Service Member. I married a Mexican national that crossed without inspection. We considered other attorneys, however I couldn't get a clear answer as to how the process worked. The attorneys at Familia America guided us through the process and told us what to expect. It was only then when we realized that we were missing a lot of documentation. Once the process began, it kept going and we maintained constant contact even after we moved to Maryland. We didn't think twice about seeking a new attorney once we arrived in Maryland. Ignore the one star reviews, it is true, if you don't like the fees go elsewhere. The beauty of a free market is your freedom of choice. I could have filed most of the forms on my own, however, it was the time that I didn't have that led to our decision to utilize the services at Familia America. Thank you for your services.

Jack Walker

Gloria works tirelessly to make a positive impact in the lives of many, and that's exactly what she's doing. She cares about keeping families together and believes every person deserves the best life possible.

Luis Salguero

Worst of the worst. She is mean. She gave me no hope. Horrible spanish I won't recommend to anyone. Don't waist your money and time

marco velasquez

Ms.Cardenas handled my case very well I'm glad that I was able to have her work on my case...

Jack Cabrera

Gloria is a very professional attorney. Gloria really cares about her clients and likes to stay one step ahead of the process. I highly recommend her to handle your Immigration case.

Demetrio Lopez

I am very happy to have been successful in my case,that is because I was in the best hands.Thank you Gloria and her work team really do an excellent job.

Fam Naranjo

I can’t even begin to tell everyone about Familia Amaerica’s A++ service any day in my book. My journey finally ended last Friday after 24 long years and lots of lawyers and scammers. Gloria C. and her staff where able to get me and my wife Permanent Residence status where everyone else had fail and was able to proses our case under special circumstances no other lawyer ever put in the table. it was always a waiting game or pay this or do that. Me and my wife are living proof of their awesome work. 24 years guys and she came in and in less than a year got me legal status in America. Good work Familia America a place where you can call and they even know you by name by your own voice. Thanks once again guys, you guys are the best in my book any day. The Naranjo family thanks you X10000000.

Jocelyn Rivera

I called and asked for help in my case. The secretary took all my questions about the case and set up a time for an appointment call. Gloria was 1.5hrs late to the appointment call. By that time I had already returned to work. I took the call while working and she was rude and disrespectful. She asked me to stop what I was doing so that I could pay attention to the information she was giving me. She does not take people's needs in consideration. I need to work in order to pay for her services and for her to act so disrespectful and not respect my time is not okay. I stopped what I was doing all for her to just say that she doesn't DO my type of case!!! RIDICULOUS!! She took my money, is disrespected, inconsiderate and wasted my time. I hope this helps people.

Vicky Santos King

She was amazing. My case was VERY difficult due to having 3 previous deportations. Still, she did everything she could to help me and we WON my case! I’m so thankful for the help I got from her and her team, who were always there to help us through the process. I highly recommend her! She knows what she’s doing!! Thanks Gloria!

Felix Barrasa

Gloria Cardenas is one of the worst lawyers, she should take cases if she is unable to finish it. My mother had her case and after she got approved she missed an appointment which she never received any details about it, Gloria decide to stop working on her case, she didnt even had the fave to tell in person, she told the secretary after they paid her $100 to “ talk to her aboit scheduling another appointment” she is a scam. Dont even bother on putting your faith in her, take your case somewhere else so you dont have to start all over again. Shame on you!

Dennis Jacobson

I want to first of all say thanks to Gloria and her legal team. Gloria and her team were so professional very knowledgeable and organized !!! My wife came on a visa waiver from Australia we were stressed about filing until we talked with Gloria. Her and her team filed our paperwork and in 3 months my wife is now getting her green card !!! I know the times vary due to The Department of Homeland Security. But that is how fast it can go having Gloria and her team work their magic. We also wouldn't have wanted to deal with the interview on our own. I highly recommend Gloria and her legal team they are the best !!!

Margaret Olson

Gloria Cardenas is a legal colleague and friend. Her experience, devotion, skill and compassion are unparalleled in the world of immigration law. I believe lawyers must have more than knowledge: commitment, sound judgment and human connection distinguish a good lawyer from a great one. Gloria is a great lawyer.

Jamie Booth

Our best friends needed an Immigration attorney when their work was raided by ICE. One of our friends had an old DUI conviction and was set to be deported. Gloria saved the day and got both of them released from Jail right away. She is fighting their cases and it looks like one of them will even be getting his greencard soon! Gloria is smart and never gives up! You can trust your family with her.

Ashley Gallegos

My husband and I finally decided to do something about his immigration status. We were scared of contacting anyone given the current feelings towards Mexicans. I finally worked up the courage to call Gloria's office to schedule a consultation with her. Her staff was so helpful and nice. They walked me through their consultation process, and we scheduled an appointment with Gloria. The day of our appointment we were so nervous, but when we met with Gloria it was like meeting with an old friend. During the consultation she reassured us that something could be done for my husband. We have never been so happy and relieved about meeting with an attorney! Gloria provided us with a solution to our problem. I highly recommend her to anyone. Her staff has been great and has helped us every step of the way.

merlyn torres

This lawyer is the worst of the husband went to an appoitment. She is mean , her spanish is very bad, she wanted to charge my husband 5,000 for filling out his permanent resident papers. The only thing she sees is husband mention she started speaking english my husband did not know how to respond but his experience was bad with this lawyer.she called my husband a couple of times but he decided not to go with her very bad lawyer.

Maria Naranjo

I would highly recommend Familia America to anyone in search of a knowledgeable lawyer with an amazing and friendly staff. The immigration process was a less fearful experience with the Familia America team on our side. In less than a year my parents have received their workers permit and permanent residence cards . We are more than thrilled with the results that Ms. Cardenas and her team have achieved for us. If you are looking for educated, experienced immigration specialists, Familia America is the place to go!

daria pandazi

Gloria and her stuff were awesome to work with. My mom is here with me now and we are very happy we hired Familia America to represent us.

Sandra Rodriguez

Could not thank Gloria Cardenas and team enough for the great work they’ve done. Gloria personally took great care of me as well as all her team members. Always felt safe having her as my legal representative and will most definitely refer friend and family to her.

Jose Colmenarez

My wife's and i experience with gloria and her team was amazing they honestly help us so much to be able to succeed and i was able to get approved for my green card! I highly suggest hiring her she's an amazing person and lawyer! Thank you!

Ben Luong

Staff were very helpful, especially Gloria, she was really great.

Jennifer Jackenthal

Gloria saves many many people from deportation and keeps families together. If you are looking for someone who will fight for you, hot Gloria.

Mary Lee Robinson

Gloria Cardenas, Esq. of Familia America Immigration Law has been a tremendous resource for the Hispanic community with the utmost integrity in all her professional dealings. She has had a long standing radio show on KDUT La Gran D 102.3FM, which educates the community on policy updates, immigration reform, all as a measure to aide immigrants in their pathway to citizenship. Gloria, from my experience, has been forthright in her assessments and provides realistic goals for her clientele to realize the American Dream.

Laura Perez

I have had two cases done by Gloria and her wonderful team of paralegals. They have always been very helpful and always explained the process very clearly, they have always answered all of my questions and concerns and they have really helped me and cared about me and my family's case. I highly recommend this lawyer to anyone who has any immigration problems!!! They are the best!

Antonio Santisteban

Gloria and her team helped us throughout the process of getting a work permit and a green card (marriage based) in an very effective way. Her and her team definitely know their business and helped my wife and I gather all the necessary documents to not only file our applications but also to make it a solid case that (after our green card interview) we realized spoke on its own. I defenitely recommend Familia America and her team for your inmigration needs.

Alonso Reyna Rivarola

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Gloria Cardenas, Esq. from Familia America and I can genuinely say she is an incredible lawyer who is invested in her clients, as well as raising awareness on the policies and programs that affect immigrant communities in the United States, particularly in the state of Utah. Gloria and I had the opportunity to work on a project together and the level of professionalism she demonstrated was outstanding. I highly recommend reaching out to Gloria with immigration-related questions or concerns she will make sure to handle your case with the care and attention you deserve.

Jose B

Im glad Gloria and her office worked on my case. Was a long process and expensive but at the end of the day she was able to get me my green card very professional attorney would recommend familia america firm if your in immigration process. Thank you Gloria and staff for your help.


DON'T COME HERE. Although she may help figure out your immigration problems, she is extremely overpriced. They are taking advantage of people who don't know how to figure out immigration problems. She forced a person to pay for paperwork in advance so they could continue working and not only did she charge a fortune for it but she failed to do her job. When she was confronted about it she got angry and suggested they find a different lawyer. People have families to take care of and have to spend their money on her terrible services. If I could give her no stars I definitely would.

Brittany Romanello

Its hard for me to write this. If you're too bored to read this whole thing, just stop here with me saying: I DON'T recommend!!! Familia America was awesome to us from the beginning like the consultation was good and we were newbies to the game. Usually they give you a paper that says how much to expect to pay for each step of the process. Our particular process was going to require 3 steps. The first was applying for a I-30, which is the US citizen advocates for alien spouse. We were told we needed to do the I-30 and a FOIA, which checks for criminal background or border fingerprints. We paid something like 1100$ plus fees for this first step. We felt it was fair, but annoying that we had to complete everything with like 5 or 6 office visits. I felt like it wasn't necessary or that time consuming. But the I-30 approved so I can't complain. The issues came later on when it was time to figure out the FOIA and why we hadn't heard anything back. I called to ask the assistant there for a copy of the FOIA being filed since we were told we couldn't proceed without getting it back. They said they would get it me. I waited. and Waited 6 months passed since we got the I-30 approved and NO sign of the FOIA coming back. I called and asked for questions. Everyime I called I was ignored. However I got a call about 2 weeks later to ask for money we needed to pay to start the 601 A on the premise that we needed to do things while we waited for it. When they gave me the sheet of what the last 2 steps would cost, I saw that now they wanted us to pay DOUBLE what they had originally quoted us. I confronted them with the original paperwork and asked why they are trying to charge us more. The second step was going to cost like 6 thousand dollars!!! Gloria coldly said, "Our costs are going up, so yours are too" I told her I didn't feel it was right to quote us one thing a year ago and she should commit to at least giving us something close to what we were told. The whole process was now going to be 13K instead of the original 7.5K for everything. I was pissed to say the least. AND still, no evidence of the FOIA being filed given to me. I asked for copies of all our stuff and took my business elsewhere. Well, I went to the immigration office in downtown SLC to see what our options were and mentioned waiting on the FOIA and the officer said, that lawyer should have known that the I-30 checks FOIA (which had cost us like 300$ in the first step) and that basically the lawyer overchared us for something we didn't need. I just left here feeling icky about everything. I wouldn't trust them. They don't care about their customers and they aren't transparent.

Kelli Gonzalez

We recommend Familia America Immigration to Anyone seeking legal help. From the first visit to the end visit I have had Excellent Service from Gloria and her staff. Always be Positive and have Hope..... Gloria reminded me of this several times. Thank You SO much for your services. Love The Gonzalez Familia

jenifer walker

This woman is why lawyers have a bad name. She will file your paperwork, but if you need any questions answered other than that you are S.O.L. If people knew how to navigate the immigration system we wouldn't need a lawyer!!!! There are bound to be questions after the paperwork is done, but "that is not what you paid them for" was what we were told. And 1/2 the times I tried to get ahold of their office the cell phone they have as their business phone was out of service. Ridiculous!!!!

Stephanie Pena

Very helpful, won our case, they did an amazing job, they were there step by step in the process, we are happy!

David Cheney

Very pleased with the results and the ability of Gloria and her staff. They help my friend from El Salvador to avoid being deported and fought hard to obtain his visa to stay in the country and now they are helping him gain his residency. We had tried two other lawyers. One turned down the case and the other only promised to obtain a voluntary deportation. We are very satisfied with their work.

Jasmin Lopez

I love Gloria Cardenas she is the best immigration attorney she helps you out a lot I thought it was going to be much harder for my case and it was really easy and for a grate price I was really satisfied with all her work if I ever need something to do with immigration Agen I will definitely go to her Agen she is worth every penny

Cristina Carreno

My parents had been represented by Gloria since 2017, and let me tell you; she was amazing! She had an interpreter through video to make sure my parents and I understood the whole process. Gloria was even able to send all the documents needed through my personal email. Gloria never left my parents side during their exam and supported them very well. When my parents and I left our last visit, Gloria was so nice I had to take all of her cards to recommend her to my clients where I work (domestic violence shelter). With out her this wouldn’t have been possible. Big thank you from my parents and I!!

Esther Pliego

I can't thank Gloria and her team enough for working on my husband's immigration case. Thanks to her knowledgeable team my husband got his green card and we are now able to have peace of mind in this country. Thank you Famila America!!!!

Ada Aparicio

She just toke my money and didn't even do anything about my case....I went to se other lawyer and he find out I had deportation...a d I never got a letter email or phone call from gloria.

Jana Ivanovic

I thought that Gloria is great! I would recommend her! Got my green card in 7 months, and I will have her work on my citizenship as well!

Kevin Vivanco

I would like to point out that I am very pleased with the services provided by Gloria Cardenas and her firm. My family and I applied for my father citizenship status change and with her help got it approved! They were very thorough with explaining the whole process along with what documents and steps were needed to complete the application. Over all everything went great and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

Ayme Nevaz

Gloria Cardenas and her staff were Amazing ! I receive my green card with no problem, I highly recommend her services, Gloria is very professional and her staff was always able to help us. Thank you so much we appreciate the dedication in our case!!!! Yalia & Josh Ayers

Brandon Crawford

I met my wife through work in 2012. She is a Venezuelan citizen. After we were married, Gloria and Familia America helped us navigate the process of applying for permanent residency for my wife. They made what would have been a very confusing endeavor straightforward and simple. Familia America provided honest, professional advice, and they clearly stated the processes we needed to follow. My wife and I will be using Familia America again for any of our future needs concerning immigration.

Cesar Baldini


carlos arcega

When everyone said I had no chances when every lawyer said no , she said yes she said There's always a chances to never give up hope., thanks to her I won my case because she believed we could do it !!! She's the best

Ayancy M. Velarde

Thanks to the Familia America team and Gloria Cardenas my family is able to live comfortably in the United States after waiting for 17 years. I am so grateful for the extensive help and assistance that her and her team have provided. We couldn't have done it with out her!

Chappy Boi 23

Very knowledgeable lawyer. Straight answers and personalized support throughout my daughter's whole immigration process. We loved that they were in touch with us and guided us step by step the whole time that we were in Mexico going through the consulate interview process. I was not worried once. it ended up being a wonderfully successful experience!

Olessia Calugaru

These people are amazing. Gloria is very knowledgeable, experienced lawyer. I got my Residency very quickly. I'm very grateful for the service, help she had offered me. She changed my life for the best!!!!! I would recommend this legal service to anyone. Thank you Familia America!!!! Blessed be !!!!!

lacy lopez

Gloria was very knowledgeable with the deportation process. Me and my husband weren't dure what lawyer to go to, and we got referred to Familia America, I am very happy with that decision. Gloria is very skilled and always does her best. I would highly recommend her.

Ruben Celaya

Gloria Cardenas and her staff were wonderful! We were able to receive my green card and finally visit my family in Mexico! It is a long process but so worth the time and money! If you need any help with your immigration issues, I would recommended Familia America 100%!

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