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REVIEWS OF Eric M. Swinyard & Associates, PLLC IN Utah

Daniel Oswald

Eric worked with me on a couple of cases in the past and I found his work to be complete, thorough, and reliable. I was impressed with his service and I believe so will you.

A Google User

I'm so grateful I had eric as a lawyer. I firmly believe things couldn't have gone any better. He got me everything I wanted in my divorce and with child custody. He is exceptional at communicating and working with you as well as the other sides attorney... he kept me calm and level headed and I am very grateful. I met with and talk to 5 of the finest lawyers in Utah before making the decision to stick with eric. No one could do it better. His prices were unbeatable. By a long shot. Don't let the fair price make you believe he's not as qualified as another lawyer that costs 10x more... just go and talk to him and you'll see. ... thank you eric

Jason Quinn

Eric is incredible! He's extremely competent in his field but doesn't make you feel like your being ripped off. I recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice and/or representation. You're getting the best quality at a fair rate.

Ryan Matthews

Kierra Jensen

karlie jolley

Eric Swinyard is a great lawyer. He was kind to me at a very difficult time and he was very knowledgeable about the law. I am very grateful for him and I feel like he went the extra mile with my difficult case. I highly recommend him.

Judie Ferreira

Eric Swinyard has done an amazing job with my divorce. He is personable and makes a hard process easier to go through. I recommend him to anyone that needs legal assistance. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Eric!

Sundee Fox

I've been meaning to review the Law Office of Eric Swinyard for a while now. The trouble is I cant find the words to Express what Eric has done for my family. He is so caring and passionate. When he stood up in front of the judge I was shocked at how well he commanded that court room! He was strong, confident, and very well prepared! I ALMOST felt bad for his opponent! (Almost) I am so thankful for Eric, and his paralegal Linda! She is a beautiful soul, inside and out. This law office is the one you NEED to call. You will not regret it. Eric and Linda, thank you with all my heart!

Eric Sorensen

We found Eric Swinyard through a web search and we could not be happier! He is extremely knowledgeable and patient answering all our questions and taking care of our concerns. He is very good with detail (which is highly important in an attorney), and provides incredible service. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Loyal Dillon

Super grateful for Eric, Preston and their assistant Linda. They were super affordable and gave me great advice in the process of getting divorced. I was ready to walk away from everything and it would have benefited the law office to do so but Preston encouraged me to seek what was fair. Which was definitely a benefit to me. I would highly recommend using their service.


I found myself in a new and scary place in my life when i was suddenly a single mother of three after being recently divorced shortly after a brain cancer diagnosis, I needed help and I needed it quickly. Eric was professional, responsive, and very empathetic to my situation. He successfully helped me manage some financial issues with my divorce. I appreciate everything he has done for me and will continue to refer my family and friends to him for their legal needs.

Mariah Matthews

I was very impressed with Eric. He always kept us up to date on our case as well as was always very responsive. He is a very nice guy and I would recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer!

Bart Reynolds

Very professional and represented both parties fairly. At the end of the day we received such empathy and understanding at a very difficult time. Highly recommend Eric and Preston without reservation. Their fees are more than reasonable and their service more the expected.

Aimee Fiedler

We hired Eric to help us fight to keep parental rights. Eric was extremely well prepared, knowledgeable, and professional. He did his research beforehand on the laws applicable to our situation. I was impressed by the way he presented our case to the judge. We walked away with the time we wanted with the kids and changes to the divorce decree that were in our favor. He really cares about his clients, I would highly recommend him!!

Bill Johnson

This guy is something else, took my money, and then sent me a bill for double of what we agreed on initially. I don't know what kind of fake reviews he has here, but this guy is not worth the money. He needs to grow some hair on his balls and learn how to be a lawyer before taking all my money and leaving me with zero results. Too bad I can't choose zero stars.

Nicolle Gross

It takes a lot to say that you love the experience you had with your lawyer, but it’s true. Ryan Ficklin is awesome. Eric Swinyard is awesome. I have had an absolutely positive experience through and through with them. They’re professional, empathetic, and ethical. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

Jelly Fan

I used Eric Swinyard's services earlier this year, when I needed a family/custody attorney. I do not live in Utah, so it made my attorney shopping a tad more difficult, since I never was able to meet with prospective attorneys in person. I am so glad that I chose him to represent me! First, he worked with me financially, as I didn't have a huge lump sum to pay up front. That meant a lot to me. Like I said above, he was able to represent me, although I was not in Utah (my original divorce decree is). He knew the laws well, and made sure to use them when my ex's attorney tried getting away with things that I wouldn't have known to fight back against, if I had decided to represent myself. He was also extremely kind, and seemed to care about the well being of my family; not just for a "paycheck". In the end, I was extremely happy with the outcome of the ruling. I would/will hire him again, if I need to in the future! Thanks Eric! Diana H.

Keith Erickson

Mr. Swinyard took care of my legal needs efficiently and thoroughly. He was able to respond to my concerns and chart the best path forward.

hobo cop

Never thought I would need this service but I was very wrong. I also thought that I was going to get taken to the cleaners and never get to see my children. Happy to say I was wrong about that one too. Eric Swinyard is a very strong negotiator and during medication he earned every penny. Very good about responding to emails or calls. This is too important to put in the hands of someone that's not going to give you a hundred percent. Thanks guys!

Regan Duckworth

Eric is a great attorney. His care and concern for his clients are very apparent.

Kalli Sorensen

My husband and I enjoy traveling, and right before we leave somewhere we frantically scribble a "will" on a napkin, just in case the unthinkable happened. Well, we finally decided to put our adults pants on and go to a professional, and I am so glad we found Eric Swinyard! He made the whole process super easy, even though it can be an uncomfortable subject to think about. He was extremely thorough, and helped us make and understand each of the circumstances. I'm so glad that we can rest easy day to day, knowing our assets and family will be taken care of in case we are unable to do it ourselves. I highly recommend working with Mr. Swinyard.

Brittney Spencer

Eric Swinyard has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is diligent, thorough and efficient in his efforts to ensure the best possible outcome for his clients. I have been very impressed with his work and attention to detail.

Evelyn Jankovich

Not knowing where to turn for help, I browsed the internet for a reliable, friendly, concerned, dedicated, like-minded, sincere, honest divorce attorney to help guide my path in this difficult situation of life. When Eric's young, smiling face appeared on my screen I felt an instant connection to him. Now waiting! He was available immediately to give aid. And he has not failed to fulfill every single one of my silent list of hopeful qualifications. In fact, he has surpassed all I had hoped for in terms of promptness, accuracy, attention to details, consideration of individual needs and requests, and financial terms. His kindhearted manners fit perfectly with my goal of maintaining a post-divorce friendship with my husband, as Eric reached out to him with an offer to answer any questions and keep him apprised of the sequence of documents and their required attention. I would highly recommend Attorney Eric Swinyard to everyone with a need such as mine!

Dalisa Villalobos

Guys! I had THE best experience! I had NO idea how to file for my divorce but Preston was amazing, very patient and made sure I knew exactly what was going on. This was all so stress free. I’m extremely great full for Preston and his staff for putting fourth all the time to help me out!

J.J. Haglund

I came to Eric Swinyard for his services in drafting a will and living trust. He was very helpful and very easy to work with. I was pretty ignorant about the subject as it was my first time drafting a will, but he was very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the ins and outs. Couldn't be happier with the final document. Highly recommend!

Lauren Moran

Eric was great to work with. He was professional and responsive. He made a complicated matter simple, which was exactly what we needed. I highly recommend his services.

Bethany Howell

I had a great experience with Mr. Swinyard. My divorce was complicated, but Eric answered me when I had questions and resolved complicated situations like a process server not doing an adequate job and then trying to overcharge me. He went out of his way to make sure I wasn't charged for it and found a new process server to do the job. Eric's assistant Lynda was wonderful and his costs were very reasonable. He and his office were conscientious about my financial needs and made sure I knew when charges were going to be made, so it wasn't a surprise. He is a great resource if you need a divorce!

Matthew Skokos

Eric Swinyard truly made a bad situation as easy as it could be. He guided me through my divorce and was always available to help and made me realize things would get better. He treated me more as a friend then a clients.

Ben Helland

Eric was stupendous to work with. He was patient with us as we worked out the particulars of our will. He explained much of what we didn't understand very clearly and made it very simple to get it all done. Couldn't have been happier.

Edwin Flores

I am being honest when I say that I don't do reviews. However, if this helps others in need, the way it helped me when I was in need, then it's worth a first. So here we go..... As a Father, going through a tough separation in which the Mother wouldn't budge, I found myself asking a lot of questions. Like others reading this, you turn to Family and Friends. You lose Friends, it's an extremely hard time to go through. All of a sudden I started noticing adds about fathers rights, fathers advocates, blah blah blah. Without experience, it drew me. I hired an attorney from a big, well known father's advocate firm. She gave me so many convincing words. So much confidence and assurance. At the end, I ended up having her withdraw. My eyes were opened to the fact that it was all business. I needed someone to be there for questions. You would think, at the rate I was paying her, she would return phone calls, at least a secretary or paralegal, something! She truly made me feel exactly what I was, A CLIENT. She even charged me an unbelievable amount! After letting her go, I began to search with a little more experience in hand. Somehow I came across Eric, read some reviews, and decided to give him a call. He did the same thing. He told me exactly how he operates, and how we would go about my specific case. However, I was fed up, so I gave him my expectations. Over the phone, he told me exactly what i needed to hear. He said he would reply to my questions, and that he is prompt in replying to calls, emails, etc. His professionalism, yet coolness, sold me. I did have to go in front of a Judge almost right after hiring him. This was a huge risk, considering he was on my case for only 2 weeks, and the way he handled that court date was a victory in my eyes. He took control, and I honestly felt like my ex's lawyer seemed lost. As time passed, I realized her lawyer was pretty much the same lawyer I had just moved on from. My Ex would get information about our case from me, via Eric Swinyard, weeks, EVEN MONTHS, before she would get it from her lawyer. NO LIE! Eric walked me through this tough difficult process. I remember thinking of him as a friend, as he would tell me, "Don't let her rattle you". His words stood strong in me. He kept his word, and truly stayed on top of stuff. I only have experience with 2 lawyers, plus my ex's. As far as I'm concerned, he is the best lawyer around. Even the way he worked with me. He doesnt push for money and money. He has payment options as well fyi!!! In the end, I ended up getting EVERYTHING I wanted. If you're looking for an attorney that treats you like a friend. That stays on top of your case. That makes the opposing party's lawyer look bad lol. THIS IS DEFINITELY YOUR GUY!

Sean Kimsey

Working with Eric was a breeze. He addressed my concerns and laid out several options that were unique to my situation. Everything was handled very professionally and quickly. It was great to have someone in my court pulling for me, especially someone who was encouraging about the future and outcome of my case. I will be recommending Eric to anyone who needs an attorney.

David S

Highly recommended and a great experience from beginning to end! I was on a tight schedule due to travel and they scheduled a free consultation for me within 24 hours. Prior to the consultation Preston contacted me to introduce himself and to get an overview of what I would be hiring them for. When we met for the consultation regarding my ongoing divorce, Preston had already reviewed the available case documents. He was informed, professional and very capably, had actionable plans to address each of my concerns. At the end of the consultation I decided to hire Preston as my legal council. I am very glad I did! Hiring an Attorney is not cheap but I never felt nickle and dimed. The were upfront on costs and I am completely satisfied that the cost was commensurate to the quality of service and work performed. Preston was communicative, quickly responding to my correspondence and demonstrated commitment and follow through. He was both knowledgeable and personable. He responded with candor to my concerns and took action on our discussion points between meetings. In the end, all my concerns were resolved to my satisfaction. An outcome I hadn't thought possible! If you are a father looking to ensure that the outcome of a divorce is truly equitable and in the best interest of everyone involved, you will be doing yourself a favor by working with this law firm. I was reluctant to spend money on legal council while dealing with divorce related expenses but the outcome paid for the cost many times over. While I hope to not have cause in the future to need legal council, I believe Preston's work is indicative of the standards set by Eric Swinyard's Law Office, they will be my go-to should I need any legal assistance in the future.

Heber Maughan

Eric was responsive and professional. Highly recommended.

William Johnson

Absolutely Terrible and inexperienced.

Kristina H

Had a great experience. Eric was on time, organized and ready. Made it easy and understandable to go through documents in a timely fashion. Would recommend him to anyone.

PM Batty

I employed the services of Mr. Swinyard for a very difficult and delicate issue. In my opinion, the demands of the opposing side were excessive, unrealistic and disingenuous. Mr. Swinyard displayed skill, patience and professional expertise in bring the disagreement to a fair and logical conclusion.

James Bennett

Eric is a life saver! I tried calling many lawyers to help me with my divorce. He was the only lawyer who answered his phone the first time I called. Every aspect of how he handled my case was ideal for me and we worked out a payment plan that was perfect for my situation.

Jared Hendrickson

Eric is fantastic. He handled my case very promptly, professionally and was very responsive to the dynamic situation we were in. All issues were handled in a very timely and transparent manner. It is hard to come by such an honest and proficient lawyer at a decent price. Eric is the way to go!

juan ramirez

Calen Farmer

Mr. Swinyard has been helping be for over a year. He has been very patient and understanding of my situation and has done everything in his power to ensure I have been treated fairly and with respect. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of his seevices.

Courtney Pike

Eric Swinyard & Ryan Fickland his associate were truly incredible & attentive attorneys from the very first meeting & I could tell sincerely wanted the best possible outcome for me & put every effort into making that happen. And did make it happen! Eric was so wonderful to actually take multiple calls from me & give excellent educated advice on multiple occasions when I really needed it before I ever actually met or had even officially hired him. Without question as a woman who has embarked on an entirely new life that was very much needed...these guys paid attention every step of the way, gave truly the very best & intelligent advice, & simply cared. They either always immediately or got right back to calls, answered emails right away & showed me in every way they cared & wanted to do everything they could possible I highly recommend without question they are excellent very smart caring attorneys for anyone needing legal advice & help.

Veronica Silva

dale renlund

What a terrible experience.

Jana Holt Sutherland

While hiring an attorney is something most of us are nervous and apprehensive about, sometimes it’s necessary. My husband and I had the pleasure of having Eric Swinyard represent us in our case. He was kind, professional and prompt. He made the experience quick, easy and painless. And he didn’t seem to mind our sometimes silly questions, to help us better understand the process. We highly recommend him for any of your Family Law needs. He was a pleasure to work with!

Michael Chen

Eric is very reliable and does what he says. Highly recommended.

Kori Dupin

I had such a positive experience working with Eric Swinyard. He delivered results quickly and they were always above and beyond what I had anticipated. He was always readily available and was always empathetic and kind. I cannot express enough gratitude for all that you have done, thank you!

Logan Locke

Eric is amazing! I have worked with several lawyers over the years and Eric is the first I have felt actually cared about my family and me. He worked very hard and got us a great settlement for our case. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and would definitely recommend Eric to anyone looking for a fantastic lawyer and a great price. You won’t be disappointed. Hopefully I won’t need his services anytime soon but it is great to know I have someone available who I can trust.

Amy Lee

Eric was very knowledgeable about the process and explained the options available without pressuring me into something I was not comfortable with. He is very prompt with his responses to emails and phone calls which makes the process less stressful. I felt well informed and represented fairly. I would recommend his services to my friends and family because of the quality of his representation.

Catherine @

Eric and his team are amazing! My divorce was particularly challenging for everyone involved but they all took care of me and made sure my son's welfare was first priority! So glad I found Eric when I did to help me through this extremely difficult time. They stuck by me and made sure we got the best possible results! I recommend them to anyone I know that's in the process of getting divorced. 100% awesome people to work with who care about you as a client and your family!

Robin Sewell

If it wasn't for Eric and Preston, i wouldn't have gotten custody of my 2 children. My experience with them was wonderful. They helped me and stood up for me every step of the way. As it turned out it was a long hard battle. But couldn't be more happy with the out come. Thanks again to the both of you, and your staff! Thank uou so much Robin Sewell

Golden Bishop

Eric Swinyard was awesome. he was patient and non-judgmental of my issues problems and concerns. I recommend him very highly

Peytonand13 You tube

Eric Swinyard made a bad circumstance as fast and easy as it could possibly be. He kept me informed and was easy to get hold of if I ever had questions.

Thomas Milligan

Eric is an outstanding attorney. He handled all matters promptly and thoroughly. He cares deeply about his clients and makes sure their needs are fully understood. I always felt comfortable and confident with Eric. It was a pleasure working with him.

Kyler Sandoval

Working with Eric was great! He was friendly and quick to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend coming to him with any legal issues you might have.

Ann Maughan

Eric has been responsive and clear as he has communicated with us with our estate planning. Because of his extra qualifications with his MBA and his attention to detail I would highly recommend Eric to be helpful and innovative with what ever your legal needs may be.

Mindy Devaney

Eric was extremely professional, knowledgeable and lead all proceeds with my difficult divorce with integrity. From the beginning he took the TIME to listen to my situation, asked what my primary goals were and then accurately predicted what to anticipate. I would have never imagined that I would have been looking for a lawyer let alone a divorce lawyer. I felt lost, confused with many decisions that suddenly needed to be made. Eric was able to guide me through all aspects of divorce and promptly would return calls or emails. There are not enough kind things to say about Eric. I am thankful I had a an expert on my team that was also honest and empathetic and helped me achieve the results I had hoped for.

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