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Tiyana Boyd

Trish Kimball

Excellent firm. They kept me informed of everything that was going on with my case. I was awarded a very high settlement in a very hard case. Many thanks to Mr Shaw & his team.

Mikki Kaputa

I hired Ward Cochran as my attorney and he did an amazing job. He was kind and very knowledgeable about the law. He was very quick getting the information to help me through this process. I would highly recommend him for any case and would definitely higher him again should I need to in the future.

Augusta Adkins

My experience was excellent. I used J. Logan Cannon. He and the wonderful staff always kept me informed and returned phone calls. My case was settled quickly. Would use him again.

Rosalind Able

I would like to thank Mr. Ward Cochran and Shaw Law Firm for the Extraordinary service they provided for me and my family. I had never gone through a custody case and didn't know what to expect. Mr.Cochran represented me in my child custody case and was a Blessing to me and my family. Not only did we win he was also patient in answering all of my questions through out the process. I Highly recommend Ward Cochran and Shaw Law Firm for all your legal needs. A Firm that puts their clients first. Thanks again, Rosalind B Able

R Wilson

Horrible experience. I’m not sure if it’s because of lack of help or just too many cases they are taking on at one time ,but I literally wasted 4 months with 2 of their lawyers that showed little attention to my case. Payed over 2k and basically got robbed for mediocre work and lack of preparation . Had a time sensitive family court case that needed to be dealt with before the defendant fled the state, we had the defendant backed in the corner in court because they lied to the judge and all we needed was to produce one DSS document to the judge to prove that the defendant was lying and my lawyer could not provide it, so they case was suspended Should have been a slam dunk, however I’m sitting here, a year later, and still have not seen my child because the defendent fled the state and I have no idea where they are .

Chad Alley

Wow wow wow!!!! Where do i be gin?? A few months back i was attacked by a dog. And i was in a tight spot and couldnt pay the doctor bill. A friend of mine told me about shaw law firm and i called. When i called i spoke to Logan Cannon. When i spoke with him he gave me a sence of comfort. Speaking to him let me know that everything was going to be alright. He told me that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure i get well tooken care of. Well he did exactly that. Logan didnt just treat me like another file in his box but treated me like if i was one of his family members that. Was hurt. He treated me like a friend. A friend that wanted what was best for me. Fast to call me back when he couldnt make it to the phone. E maild me back really fast and i loved that. I started my case and in less than 3 months logan had me walking away with over 16 grand. The guy cares about the people. He did not take this job for the pay he took this job to help people. He is a simple guy that is ready to just hefirm. God bless and tell them chad sent ya :)If you ever need some help go and talk to my family at shaw law firm

Cindy Watters

Ward Cochran was amazing!! And his assistant Michelle was amazing too! I do not know what I would have done without them. I have already referred him to 2 of my friends. Awesome law firm!!!

Danisha Patterson

Karah Railey

Shaw Law Firm, along with their reliable staff, treated us with kindness and understanding throughout our accident and loosing a family member. They handled accident claims, estate matters and settlement issues with ease, leaving us with very little to have worry over. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone for excellent service. Thank you to all at Shaw Law Firm for a job well handled and done!

Cory Moore

I personally had an excellent experience with attorney Ward Cochran. After months of searching for the right attorney, Mr. Cochran convinced me he could help me win my case. I knew if he could convince me to hire him, he could convince a Judge to see my point of view. My case was not a simple one, otherwise I would have represented myself. He was thorough and fought hard while simultaneously creating contingency plans based on the defendant’s approach. I was very pleased with the verdict, and every penny I gave was well spent on his services.

Lisa Hansen

First I would like to say how lucky we are to have Ploomer "Ward" Cochran as our lawyer. We drove to South Carolina from Michigan in hopes of getting custody of my fiance's two daughters. Not knowing any lawyers down here, we heard this place was worth a try, and we are so glad that we did! From the second we walked in the office, he was great. He stayed up late researching our case and the laws that went along with it. He came with us to our appointment at DSS. He filed everything he could to get a judge to see us before we had to drive back to Michigan. He had private investigators and everything involved! We felt so much better about everything once he became our lawyer.... And the best part.... WE WON OUR CASE!

Carole Myers

Overall, pleased with services rendered by Shaw Law Firm; Particularly Ploomer E. Cochran, attorney on my behalf who handled my case in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend him.

Renee Brooks

Would not recommend this law firm. Being new to the Rock Hill area, I contacted this firm regarding a legal matter. Their staff, unsure if this was a matter handled in their office, put me on hold and an attorney named "Rob" then took the call. I never asked to speak with an attorney. Again, I asked for an appointment. "Rob" repeatedly talked down to me; interrupted me several times in the conversation, made several comments regarding it being the end of the day (4:45 p.m. and their website said they were opened till 6:00 p.m) and how he wasn't too thrilled to get this call at the end of the day. When I tried to make an appointment for a consultation, he continued to talk down to me and accused me of attempting to gain free advice at the end of a business day. I am college educated, middle class but he treated me on the phone like I was the town idiot. Basically, very rude. It's nice to have a cut-throat attorney in the courtroom, but not an a-hole to you on the phone when you're attempting to hire them. Apparently, their firm has all the clients they need and do not need another one. Simply would not recommend them for that reason only.

Shane Berman

Olivia Gonzalez

They were super friendly and welcoming . I had a very difficult situation and they handled it pretty well. They recommended me to a friendly chiropractor as well. Didn't take too long to finish the whole process ! I recommend this law firm and would definitely come back if needed !


Jacklyn Jewell

We hired Ward Cochran to help us get sole custody of my step daughter and he’s been amazing. He has been available to answer any and all questions we have had and has made this situation so easy. We now have sole custody and would hire him anything in a heartbeat. I can not say enough great things about Mr. Cochran and the staff. I highly recommend for anyone needing anything.

Ronald Shaw

Delora Idehenre

Chris Pennington

My lawyer was Mr Cannon. He was A+ from start to finish. He handled my car accident claim without a hitch. I would highly recommend Shaw law firm. Chris

Big Girl Chronicles

I went in to ask was there a notary and the lady at the front desk had a paralegal come up to assist me. They were timely and polite. She even offered advice of my accident case and said they would take care of my auto case for free if they took care of my personal injury. I enjoyed the serene sitting area and the great service they provide.

Sean Baker

I acquired the services of the team at the Shaw Law Firm in the summer of 2009 after a near fatal car accident. From the first moment I met with the team at Shaw Law firm, the focus in the room was making sure that what happened to me was rectified in what ever manner possible. Shaw and his team entered every meeting with me letting me know that at all times the their focus was on serving me in every way through my trying time. Every time we met, we all parted ways with a clear understanding of the next steps to take. I never knew someome was looking out for me through that time in life, until i met the team at Shaw Law Firm. They let me know that from that day forward, i was not in the situation alone and their work would not be done until the outcome was what i desires. To this day, I still tell people that if you want someone who will go the extra mile and come alongaside you every step of the way through your legal journey, that is the team at Shaw Law Firm.

Misty Burrell

My attorney Ploomer "Ward" Cochran was amazing. I never had a problem getting replies back and always answered my questions. He told me it would be at least 2 months to complete my case, 3 months tops, and he got everything done in 2 months. I would definitely recommend Shaw Law Firm to friends. Thank you!

Lisa Gorlesky


Shaunna Hutchings

Mr.Shaw helped my family and I through some of the hardest times after my car accident. They were amazing and caring and whatever I needed help with they were there. They had to come to me due to my extensive injuries right after the accident and they helped us get a new family vehicle right away. Any problem or issues I had they were always there to help pick up the pieces. They helped us put our lives back together and we will be forever grateful.

Dean Brockner

I have hired Ploomer Ward Cochran twice in the last year. He is a professional, he understands your predicament, answers your questions and gets back to you fast. The office at Shaw law firm is great, Michele is awesome. I hope it’s not necessary, but I would hire them again in a second.

Brenton Yon

amber hilton

I definitely recommend Shaw Law Firm for auto accidents. I was injured in a car wreck and my car was totaled. They handled my claim efficiently and professionally from start to finish. They were attentive of my needs and always kept me updated. They made my life easier during a stressful time. I had the best experience with Mr. Shaw and his paralegal, Shannon. Call them!

Katie Bennett

Was our GAL for a step parent adoption. Showed up and did his job well! Very personable.

Trina Williamson

I would just like to say mr Cochran was a very upstanding man that was very serious and cared. He explained everything to me the whole way. He also helped the mom get her divorce and her baby. I will forever be grateful I'm more than a that can even fathom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robert Horton

From my personal experience Shaw Law Firm merits a 21 gun salute! There's always that one that stands out and for me it was Attorney Ploomer "Ward" Cochran without a doubt. Being new to Rock Hill, I was referred to him. This was the best attorney referral I have ever had or needed. He is patient, caring and understanding. He listens to your every word then recommends a solution. I know very little about the law but Ward makes it so simple to understand for you. He talks to you like a person and not a payday. If you need an attorney give Shaw Law Firm a go. You won't be sorry. I wasn't$$$$$$$$$$ Ask for Ward if he's available!

Kayla Rae

Without going too much into detail, I had two felonies and family court to deal with. Initially I went in to consult with a lawyer and did not think I would walk out having one, but I did. Ward went above and beyond to take care of my cases, 3 altogether. Ward worked with me to make a financial arrangement. Unlike most lawyers at this law firm you are not just another case, they care!! The secraties and paralegals are always so sweet and helpful. And now that everything is said and done, I would have never even dreamed of the outcome he made happen. A lot of people say to get a public defender but if your future is important, you need a lawyer on your side that does not work for the state!!!

Johnny Sloan

Would not recomend. While Mr Shaw was very nice through out the whole process, I am not stuck with a radiologist bill that I can not afford to pay. Even though I was told at the beginging of the process I did not need to go get my bills and bring them to him that his firm would handle all that. Also the process took so long one of the bills went on my credit and I am now stuck with one bill on my credit and probably two. When I went by the office to ask for advice he did not really offer any, just slipped a peice of paper to me saying I was responsible for any expenses that pop up after we signed the paper work. Very nice people, but I feel the job was not done to satisfaction, and that it would be best to look elsewhere for thorough care that will not leave you with a suprise later.

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