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REVIEWS OF The Law Office of Timothy M. Sweet, LLC IN Rhode Island

Yngri Torres

One of the polite person you can find in the field, professional, and prepare. As a family lawyer one of the best ...really take care my family in my divorce proceedings. Highly recommended...never regret to hired him!

Jesse Pierce

I was highly impressed by, and very well taken care of by Tim. I've had my share of interactions with family law attorneys, and Tim has the perfect balance of tenacity, knowledge, and compassion. Many other attorneys are lacking in one of these areas, but Tim balances all attributes that a family law attorney should possess. Without going into much detail, he helped me arrive at the best possible outcome for a frivolous case initiated by my ex-spouse involving my young son. He is a huge advocate for children and always seeks the best interest of the child -- something on which the legal system and many attorneys still miss the mark. Thank you very much again, Tim!

Trish Cirelli

Tim is a great family law attorney. He truly cares about all of his clients and will do what ever it takes to make sure all goes well. I would not hesitate to hire him.

Cristal Catalina


Tim is seriously the worst family lawyer. He doesn't communicate with his clients and when he did respond it was with one worded answers and had the nerve to charge for those messages, in the beginning he said we had a strong case and to let him handle everything yeah Tim you handled everything alright, you screwed my husband over and let the defendant build a case against him when the case was clear cut and dry and had the case continued for 3 months for no reason at all. You have given no advice or guidance even when my husband was practically begging you and told you he was worried and you did absolutely nothing, then once you told of how unhappy we were with your service and why did you bother you said " good question I've been tied up with another case, so why did you take on the case??? We had 4 years of facts and truth and we wanted a lawyer to fix any lose ends we may have missed and this was how you handled it. Tim pushed it aside like yesterday's trash and didn't give a dam, but tim had no problem taking 2000.00 from me and billing me within a few hours of leaving court though. Tim you really have no idea what you did and how bad this ruined my " small window of opportunity" that you said i had to me in our 1st consultation meeting. Now my advice to anyone is if you have a legitimate case with facts and truth do yourself a favor and save your money and do it yourself and not get a family lawyer especially Tim Sweet. Seeing from other reviews only a few weeks apart I am not alone and other clients are left completely unsatisfied and screwed over with Tim sweets service.Maybe if you were a better lawyer that actually took care of his clients and not just take there money then I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in now. Thanks alot Tim for Handling this and wasting my time and money. Do Not Hire Tim you will regret it just like we did and that's sad.

meghan m

Dealing with custody and child support was the most stressful situation. However, Timothy made me feel much less stressed! He is caring, compassionate, and reassured me every step of the way. He was quick to respond whenever I had a question. I made the right decision choosing Timothy Sweet. I highly recommend him!

leonisia okolie

I had 2 other lawyers in the past but Timothy as far was the best one. What an amazing experience! Hands down the best customer service I have ever received. Timothy and brittney was very professional. Thank you very much for the work you done, I never felt like I was lost you guys keeped me informed on everything. I was calm and relaxed the whole time I was speaking with him and he had all the answers to my questions! I can’t say thank you enough.

Keith Josephson

Tim asks the hard questions and shows a general caring for the situation. He will ask you how you want to handle the situation and then devise a plan that he will propose to you that you can change as you wish while giving the pros and cons to each choice you make. Only down side is every second of contact including voicemails or texts will be itemized on your invoice. The bill still isnt enough to give less than 5 stars. I would use him again in the future and recommend him to others.

Ryan Pratt

Tim Sweet and Brittany Carr are awesome great care for there case always available to meet and talk about what happens next. I highly recommend Tim Sweet.

paul mooney

I visited with Tim on a personal matter and found him to be very informative and professional. He answered all of my questions and gave me good direction. I highly recommend him.

Joseph Schechtman

I have had the opportunity to work with Tim Sweet in a business group for two years and have appreciated his commitment and leadership and developing the success of our group. As a family law attorney he has provided outstanding services to our members. Tim has extensive experience in practicing family law but most important he is very caring with his clients, efficient, and successful both in negotiations and in the courtroom. I highly recommend Tim especially for complicated divorces and or contentious custody cases.

Giti Gerami

Tim has been my lawyer for quite a while now and he has been nothing but the best. I have never had an issue with Tim and he is always working his hardest to make sure my case is moving forward positively. He has changed my life and the lives of my kids for the better and I don’t know how to thank him. He has never looked at me like a paycheck and I appreciate his hard work and patience. Without him I don’t know what my life would be like.

Diane M Caine

Tim Sweet and Brittany Carr are both fabulous and love their work. Tim takes the time to ask the questions, understand the story, and then provide guidance that is best for the child involved. Tim was thoughtful, caring, and encouraging when I spent time with him discussing a personal situation that is complicated to navigate.

kane k

Going through my child custody case with Tim Sweet taught me patience and less aggression, this was my second custody battle which went much smoother and the overall outcome was what I expected, thanks Tim I would highly recommend The Law Office of Timothy M. Sweet.

Miguel Figueroa

Guy is a joke did no homework on my case, just was like winging it, and unprepared. Didn't care of my best interests, the only interests he cared about was his wallet.. i wish i could post negative stars cause 1 star is 1 too many

Bethany Celani

Tim Sweet is a very good attorney. He was always honest about the pros and cons with my case. He truly cared about what my family and I wanted and helped us acheive it.

Roger Viveiros

Tim handled my divorce for me, and made it EXTREMELY easy. He walked me through the whole process, and made sure I understood everything. He is passionate about what he does, and I will recommend him to EVERYONE.

mike oconnor

I am grateful that I met Tim, he and his lawfirm we're extremely helpful!! Tim was very caring and persistent in getting me and my son reunited. I would definitely recommend Him!!

Jeremy Wright

David From

I had the pleasure of retaining Attorney Sarah Sebren of Sweet Family Law on a Grandparent Visitation Rights case. Without doubt she is more of a friend to me than a hired attorney, because of how much she accomplished for me. (Thank you Sarah!) Her negotiating skills are astounding, where she negotiated an agreement between three competing parties (me and two defendants) that was *exactly* what I wanted, likely much better than the court would have awarded me. I am NOT diminishing her courtroom legal skills, but let's face it, the more time you can stay out of court, the better it is for everyone. Moreover, her 'people' skills are nearly unheard of these days, to the point where I had to tell HER that "I'm good! (She asked me to call if I have any questions, but she already answered everything I needed to know). I attribute it to dedication to the client and their case. Sarah is excellent at Family Law (and I'm certain she enjoys it's challenges), my own personal opinion is she is destined for bigger things, and wouldn't be surprised to see "Sarah Sebren" on the national level, even before the US Supreme Court! Yea...she's that good!!!

Amanda Lee

I Couldn't have picked a better lawyer to help me with my divorce! He was very caring and efficient! I'm truly Grateful for his help and would highly recommend him!

Justin Zeller

Attorney Sweet's counsel was on point, professional, and helpful. I have and will recommend him to others as well.

Jason Allegretti

Though I have not worked with Tim personally, I have referred him to friends and family. Professional, kind, and thorough are the words I consistently hear when my colleagues use his services. Whether you are going through a difficult divorce or seek advice on adoption, I could not more highly recommend Tim Sweet.

Mackenzie Barone

Timothy sweet and Brittany both helped me with my case and I couldn’t be happier with how they treated me. Answered every single one of my questions even though I had so many! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Lisa Goulet

Attorney Sweet is a true professional. He is kind and compassionate while dealing with very difficult, trying and emotional family matters. He works diligently and tirelessly on your behaf. I highly recommend him!!

Natalie Bit

when I met Tim I was very hesitated...I was just switching from another lawyer and my trust wasnt 100% ...while I find many other lawyers to be full with empty promisses just to get the case for the money Tim was the only one who not only didnt give me a sales speech with empty promisses...he actually took the time to listen and paid attention to every important detail..he always come ready to court...highly available when I need ...he has a very fair rate and although his apearence is very kind and polite , when he shows in court he is very assertive and always on point the time that I met him he did more then any other lawyer ever did for me court is one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever had but having Tim by my side ..knowing how good he is in this field with his experience...his knowledge..and his aproach made me feel so much better about it .

Modern Momma

Horrendous lawyer . His slogan on his website read " you're not a bill , you're a person " HA ! He acts like he's the best lawyer in the state before and right after you hand over the retainer and then after that its all downhill . He never explained anything , constantly ignored me and was incredibly rude !! All he gives a damn about is the money you're handing over and after my experience with this man I URGE you to consider this and the other bad reviews and go with someone else . Should have ran when I met with him in his hole in the wall office . Shame on you Tim Sweet . Taking thousands of dollars from me and the only thing you did was charge me to type up orders that never led to anything . My child was the one who suffered while you were figuring out different ways to squeeze every penny out of my wallet . Absolutely disgusted.

Joanne Resnick

I referred Tim Sweet to my sister regarding her divorce case. Tim sat with her and made her feel at easy with the issues at hand. We both speak very highly about Tim's professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of our relatives and friends.

Nicholas Lambros

Very competent and skilled family law attorney!

Ley Houston

Worse, worse, worse attorney ever! This guy may treat you nice at first, but once he receives his money he doesn't even think of anything else but try and close the case as quickly as possible. He doesn't even work with you or pretty much hear what you have to say. Also, His excuse was he had his own problems he's dealing with. Then why take my case!? Furthermore, he stopped answering my calls and text and left me finishing the rest on my own. You don't deserve any stars at all but that option I don't have. Don't let the amount of stars fool you, do you research. To anyone that ends up taking this useless trash you call Timothy Sweet as a lawyer, make sure you have all your questions answered and don't sign unless you feel truly comfortable as he will try to persuade you.

Chelsea Sherman

Tim Sweet and Brittany Carr are two of the most genuinely caring, sympathetic, passionate and hardworking attorneys I've ever met. I hired Tim in October of 2016, and in the past two years (with countless court dates) he has never once lost me or my child a single thing in Family Court. My case is VERY complicated and EXTREMELY difficult to process, the opposing counsel is "difficult" to deal with and I put that extremely nicely... but both he and Brittany have been more than accommodating, extremely fair when it comes to payment and have been willing to work with me. My case- which has been described as "the biggest sh**show ever heard of" by more people than I can even begin to count- is still ongoing. But due to their very strategic thinking and hard work, they've been able to help keep me and my daughter safe and well taken care of legally. IGNORE any bad reviews you see on here- all lawyers are expensive, all lawyers have other clients and their own lives. Be patient, don't get frustrated, and leave it to them. Tim & Brit will take excellent care of you, guaranteed!

Daniel Campos

Very affordable and honest, showed up on time on all the hearings, I went for him because my previous lawyer was ripping me off, to put into perspective, Mr. Sweet charged me less for the entire case which lasted a little over a year than my previous lawyer charged me for the first week of the same case. One of the things I learned from him is that sometimes the best you can do is to do nothing. Overall he was exactly what I was looking for and I'm happy with his services which ultimately resulted in getting my children back home and the case closed. Thank you Mr. Sweet!

Lee-Ellis Gonzalez

I havent been there, I was pulled over by there with a flat tire

Ann mary DeAngelis

Timothy Sweet is one of the very few attorneys that I know who cares more about the client and getting a positive result than dragging out a case to increase his hours and fees like most other family court attorney's.

Mark Ouellette

Most professional lawyer i have ever worked with.Has eased all my concerns and gave me the best situation outcome possible.

Michael Resendes

I needed some advice and searched for legal help and direction. Tim was great. He provided me with all the advice I needed and pointed me in the right direction.

Dan Lima

Simply put, Attorney Timothy Sweet is the individual you want supporting you when you are in need of a family law attorney. When it comes to family law issues, Attorney Sweet will work with you throughout each step of what can be a very complicated process. While he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, his greatest asset is that he treats every client he works with as an individual who needs reliable support and guidance. I highly encourage you to reach out to Attorney Sweet should the need arise. It would be a mistake not to have this gentleman on your side.

amanda brieger

Attorney Sweet is a very responsive attorney who is both fair and knowledgeable. He looked out for my kids’ interests, when it felt like nobody else cared. He understood the wants and needs of my kids and advocated for them. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim!

Imogen saiz

Timothy has worked for us in 2 actions, has been helpful and professional and both judgments were in our favor.

David Kent

This Timothy M Sweet is a complete fraud. A con-man who if you ask to do the work you want him to do, or consider a different approach, or answer a question who gets annoyed and with a little bit of time the hidden anger and fear comes out like a monster being strangled in a host of personal and emotional issues. It will break your heart until you remember that he is your attorney and representing you. Less than 36 hours to appearing in front of the Judge he went into an absolute, violent tantrum, screaming and threatening me and charging me out of his office - all because we were meeting on a Sunday and I made a comment that I wanted to keep it short so I could go do other things that day. Approximately, this was his top of the lungs response: "YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO! WHAT ABOUT ME? I'M HERE WITH YOU ON A SUNDAY AND I COULD BE HOME. YOU UNGRATEFUL #@#%! GET OUT OF HERE. GET OUT. I WILL CALL THE POLICE. YOU F&%&$ A&%4” Read all the reviews on-line about him and look between the lines carefully. On most review platforms he will have something like forty-two 5-STAR reviews but only 6 of them are actually clients and of those 6 least 2 had my experience. All the other reviews come from members of a business group he probably belongs to. They might gather monthly, socialize, and then write great reviews of each other, careful not to lie, and praising him as a person of character. No one is lying and I assume he can be charming in such a setting but none of them know him outside a gathering, and they are all together for the same reason anyway: to support each other in countering on-line Ratings. Look for the small disclaimer on those reviews that say, in small print, that the reviewer has not actually hired him or worked with him professionally. Like I said, a fraud, a con. This terrible lawyer lied and deceived me. Did not deliver me papers or notifications from the other attorney so when I appeared that day in court, without a lawyer representing me, the judge told me I could be held in contempt because of my failing to respond to the other attorneys’ requests. The irony being I had actually given Tim all those materials 2 months earlier. He just never delivered them. He failed to issue any Discovery questions to my Ex despite my constant urging, failed to try and uncover hidden income and assets I told him existed, and in the end, cost me a lot of money in the divorce. He is impossible to reach or get a return call. On average it is 5 days of calls, texts and emails before you hear from him and on one occasion it was 12 days; and another 10 days. He explains absolutely nothing to you and when you ask, he gets put out and narrows his eyes and starts questioning you as though you are an idiot. You can sit at his desk and he will never look up at you. He will get up while you are talking to him and just suddenly walk out of his office, work his cell phone, and in general lets it be known by how he will gaze off and not respond to what you are asking or saying that the guy just doesn't listen. You have to remind him of what he told you and what you told him, and he really doesn't give a hoot to comment or clarify. All you might get if you push the issue is one of his nasty little narrow eyed looks to confirm his disgust. Sweet’s website used to boast that his experience had allowed him to hear and see it all, to know the judges and the courts, and how if you hired him, he would tell you what is going to happen, how he knows in advance how the judge will rule, and how he will get you through this with dignity. After he quit on me and received an email from me pointing out how all those particular promises were huge lies, he went and removed all of it and now has a home page with a simple general statement. No claims of what he knows he does not do. Stay clear of him fellow friends or you could end up getting twisted up in all the lies, incompetence, and chains he carries.

Al Turcotte

I got the phone number through a friend for attorney Sarah Sebren, who was amazing!! And I was lucky to also work with Tim and speak with Brittany over the phone. Everyone was great, listened to and answered all my questions. I felt my time was valued as I was never rushed, and the communication was easy always returned a message very quickly. My case was pretty straight forward but nerve-racking nonetheless for me, yet everyone put me at ease. Thank you guys for your great work!

danvegaa .

This guy is a leech, he won't take a case unless it's easy for him to win. Rudest and most unprofessional person I've ever met.

Mercedes peters

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of having Mr. Sweet represent me in my child custody case. Throughout this case Mr. Sweet has been nothing but understanding and patient. I appreciate the energy he put towards this case and I’d recommend him for anyone who’s as anxious/frantic as I am.

Holly Horton

john phillips

Tim Sweet has helped a friend of mine keep his children from an unfit mother. When he says he is focused on benefiting the children in a divorce, he means it!

Jacci Grillo

Timothy Sweet handled a post-divorce settlement case for me that was unnecessarily dragged out for over a year from time of filing through settlement. He and everyone in his office was kind, patient thorough, and professional. His communication via email, phone, and text were wonderful. Timothy was instrumental in handling a difficult situation which resulted in me winning my new case for additional dollars owed, and having the original settlement terms from 7 years ago finally enforced and proceeds paid out. He was sensitive to my work schedule and they did all the heavy lifting. I highly recommend Timothy to handle cases for any busy professional with grace and care. Thank you Tim & team.

TheKing Jayce

So far my experience with Tim has been great. He has been attentive and helpful . He is sometimes hard to get in touch with but he is a lawyer and money doesn't make itself. When I do speak with him it's time well spent. So thank you Sweet law and I look forward to winning this case with you ! Also brittBriis helpful and easy to talk to and was helpful and attentive! To everyone bad mouthing him on here you get what you give. Understand he has a job to do to !

Amy Lariviere

Tim Sweet is absolutely amazing! He is genuine , patient and relentless when it comes to winning for his clients ! I used him recently for a family court issue with my ex husband and my ex used every delay tactic he possibly could for 2 years straight and Tim never quit regardless of what my ex dragged us all through!!! In the end finally, Tim has helped me get everything I was asking and even more than I was expecting I'm very very pleased and absolutely will continue to refer him !!

Catie Rianna

Tim sweet was a excellent Lawyer when I needed him to help or answer some questions he was there he didn't think about what was best for me he thought what was best my kids he stands his ground and doesn't back down best Lawyer I had for the first and second time highly recommend Mr. Sweet

Robert Heckman

I have known Tim Sweet from a business group which we both belong. He is one of the most super professional members in our group. His compassion for his clients and their families comes across first and foremost. I would highly recommend him for any family legal issues.

Erika C

Timothy Sweet was helpful and quick to respond when I had any questions for him regarding my case. During a very hard time for our family Mr. Sweet remained calm and optomistic that we would reach the outcome we were hoping for and with his expertise we did just that. In the future I will not hesitate to call on Mr. Sweet for any further family court issues. Thank you Mr. Sweet for all your help!

Raf Santos

2 months and almost $700 dollars later no further then I was 2 months ago. Ask for invoice for service provided and charged me $20 per email witch was majority of work completed one word sentences. One hour and half for financial disclosure witch took a little over 42 minutes. Terrible communication!!!!

Reina Patton

As my attorneys, Timothy Sweet and Britney were proactive in protecting my rights and providing quick and reliable feedback and answers to my questions. They are extremely knowledgable about family law and adoption. Tim and Britney truly care about their clients and fight for what is important to them. I couldn't be happier for the results. Being able to officially adopt my sister and provide her with a safe, stable, loving home is something I will always be grateful for. ~Former child adoption client.

Cara Tedrow

Attorney Timothy Sweet has been a true blessing to me & my family. My situation is a rather complex, difficult & lengthy case and I am so thankful that I found Attorney Sweet.

Lori Marchand

Tim has been there for me since last August 2017 and is very quick to communicate anytime I contact him. I am pleased with his work ethics and how he on top of my case. I would definitely recommend him.

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