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REVIEWS OF Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy IN Rhode Island

Andrew Lincourt

I can't describe the excellence she practices in her work and her business ethics. Stephanie has such an expansive knowledge of law that her advice is impeccable with ample forethought. In my particular case she worked miracles in order to give me my life back. The judge even insisted that I thank Ms. Murphy for her desire to help me and her passion for law. She did more than help me, she saved me.... thank you Stephanie!!!

mary murphy

Highly recommend!

Weston Ruthven

Stefanie has been an excellent attorney to work with. Always available to answer questions, and extremely knowledgable regarding the law. Would definitely reccomend to family and friends.

Deborah Florio

Stephanie Murphy is an exceptional attorney. She was a dedicated advocate, very well prepared at all times, well connected to the judicial community and worked tirelessly for me. She was empathetic and always on top of every detail and worked every legal angle to my benefit. My case was complicated and required lots of movement between different courts. She charged me the customary flat rate and never asked for more money even when I offered . She is a total professional that I respect immensely and wholeheartedly recommend her. Her skills and diligence made my life so much easier. I cannot thank her enough!

j w stevens

Attorney Murphy handled my case with perfection!! Everything was done professionally and expeditiously... she said my traffic issues would be dismissed and they were... if you need an excellent attorney look no further then Stefanie Murphy....

Ashley St.Angelo

I went against a police officer who lied and a judge who was terrible and Stephanie got the results I needed she was better than I would ever expect from a lawyer. If I ever need a lawyer I will always call her and never look around again. Stephanie you are # 1 Thank you for your service

Leo Sampson

The Quality Of Integrity: Stefanie Murphy is one of the best Lawyers I've came across.Not much lawyers share the same rectitude,so I was honored to have her defend me in my case because,shes shows efficiency and accuratcey,by getting the job done.I felt comfortable knowing that she really cares and it's not just about the money.Thats why i would recommend her to anyone who wants a lawyer who isn't scared to fight for you successfully

Martha Krankall

Stefanie is an excellent attorney! She is very east to talk to very approachable and knowable! I'm so happy i found her,I would not use anyone else!

Donna J Hawkins Walsh

I never thought my most two dearest friends would be put in the situations they found themselves in. Stephanie helped them both with caring, calming attitude. She had a clear direction with a thorough understanding of what to expect and a determination of the outcome we all wanted. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you Stephanie for helping my beautiful friends! I'll be referring her to anyone that needs an honest lawyer who will go the extra mile. God Bless you!

Linda Durkin

We were in need of an attorney in Rhode Island in early 2014. We contacted attorneys in Massachusetts that we knew and had no credible recommendations. We took to the internet and found Stefanie's name. She was a graduate of Roger Williams University Law School which helped us choose her. She was most professional and timely in her correspondence to us. She was realistic in describing outcomes and I'm happy to report, everything worked out great for us. I would highly recommend Stefanie Murphy and would use utilize her expertise again, should the need arise.

Bethany Celani

There are not enough words to express how helpful Stefanie has been throughout our families legal issues. She is compassionate and just talking to her helps ease some of the stress. Our families legal issues are far from over but im glad we chose Stefanie to represent us and wouldn't want it any other way. She really cares about her clients and has gone above and beyond our expectations. If you need legal help definitely talk to her first, you won't regret it!!!

Gary Wayne

Ms. Murphy is without a doubt, hands down, the best Attorney I could have possibly hired to represent me. My legal problems in Rhode Island were complex and not easy to unravel. Throughout the entire ordeal, Ms. Murphy was by my side and did not give up until the absolute best possible outcome was reached for me with regard to all matters. She is honest, tenacious, respected, and keeps the best interest of her clients her number one priority in every situation. At times, I never thought I was going to get through my legal problems in Rhode Island due to the overwhelming endeavors by law enforcement, the court, and state to impose such harsh punitive measures against me. It's over now, and the outcome is just, fair, and forthright. Stefanie A Murphy is an amazing Attorney; if I could give ten stars I would.


Stefanie is hands down the best lawyer I have ever had . Know you are in good hands when you hire her. She really cares about helping you. Thank you for all of your help !!

Michael Delsignore

Stefanie, is a terrific lawyer and has a great reputation defending drunk driving cases. She does a great job with her clients is easy to reach and talk to. I have had many clients very happy with her work for them. I highly recommend her.

Rhiannon Greywolf

Attorney Murphy was very communicative with me during the entire process. I am a college student and she was very kind about acknowledging that and creating the best environment for that. She was always calm and made sure to explain everything to me in way I could understand. She is very understanding of nerves and my lack of understanding of most legal matters and was always more than willing to explain them to me. She's very kind.

1StSteaminJ Beeman

Stefanie Murphy I am greatly pleased with her professional, ethical, and positive representation of me. She did every part of what she " said " she was going to do and I think a little more. Usually " in my experiences with " attorneys " have been awful ! Every single attorney either lied or failed to do diligence on what they " promised "! But not her, She is cool , elegant, calm , sweet and soft spoken ,however I can sense there's a real tiger and fighter, warrior inside her ( when/if need be )! I sensed a Very feisty not to be messed or bs around in the court room with professional sophistication. I never met her or heard anything about her prior to me urgently needing representation and she wasn't my first choice as I called a few attorneys but when I never received a call back or an answer from any of these supposedly " great attorneys " she was the only that " amswered my call the first time I called , stopped " all that she was doing , and actually showed up and showed " some empathy and greater interest on my behalf and considered the best interest for myself and family "and actually communicated thoroughly, consistently , via direct text, and or phone convo ( without further demand of a fees )! She explained laws well and made sure I understood each and every process and procedures all the way threw and reassured she would do diligence on my behalf according to the laws. She was very patient with me, and never seemed to want to throw me under the bus or railroad me or just looking for a quick pay and see ya later ! She actually took pride in her work and appreciated my buisness and really showed such integrity and interests in my better future. ( " she in a sense giving my situation and hardship was kind of a (right on time heaven sent !) because looking back and over standing my cases I often felt if I maybe would made the equally the same with a P.D. Or Somone else !" ) But now I see how she gave me " undevidived attention " and argued the best results. Also she was very reasonable with her prices , and even willing and trusting to work with me and wasn't over charging or trying to score big in juicing and grinding every single dollar out of people as did my last attorney ( charging me for .05 min phone calls and 30 min time in " lobby area of court room for ( preparation ) of my case the days of my court date ,and actually that other attorney due to her ignorance carelessness and not being on her toes I'm was in the situation worse than and had hired " Stefanie Murphy to clean her ( att Jen S. mess up! ) so I'm very grateful for having made that phone call that morning and hiring her , and I'll def recommend her and I actually tried using Stafanie for another family court issue and was willing to pay and pay more ( just for her to represent me ) and tried and begged her but she insisted " that's not her field "! Lol which showed me a lot about her character -( meaning she wasn't all about the dollar bill. Peace and blessings to her and family and all future... Great hearted understanding thorough person and she's the type I want on my team when going to battle. God Bless ! :)!

James McMullen

Stefanie is an amazing attorney. I was recently arrested in RI for an OUI and the fact that I live in MA made things much more complicated. I chose Stefanie because she practices in both states. She was able to negotiate a lesser offense and I was able to keep my license. She will even have my record expunged in one year if I have no further offenses! Stefanie is an amazing lawyer and I am so very glad she represented me.

James DeLuca

Excellent legal representation

Andrew Johnson

Stephanine was absolutely hassle free. It only took a few phine calls and i didnt even have to appear in court. Everything was dismissed no fees no fines. I will always recommend her to my friends and family.

Betsy Fornal

Stefanie is always available when you have questions. She’s knows the law and the system and works hard to get you the best outcome.

eric taglianetti

ryan browne

I could not ask for a more professional expierience and I was completely satisfied with every aspect of my dealings with Stefanie. She made communication very easy and responded very quickly to any questions I had and was very reasonable with payment concerns. Absolutely would highly recommend

Pug Boy

Her help and guidance was greatly appreciated!

The Pet Guru

maria waterman

Stephanie is an angel. She took the time to calm my fears. Answered calls on weekends. She did exactly what she said she would do and my case was resolved with the ending I had hoped for. Thank you so much Stephanie and may God Bless you!

Vincent Ventura

dpschu schumacher

Ms. Murphy helped guide me through the labyrinth legal system over a period of a couple of years. Never was I rushed, always all my questions were answered and explained. Ms. Murphy's interaction with other professionals was always excellent. Sometimes words fall short but I know that Ms. Murphy's legal skills along with her personal touch helped me carry on my life. Dan

Mary Lawlor

David Miner

Stefanie is an excellent attorney. She answers her own phone and responds promptly. She has the utmost of compassion and professionalism. I would highly recommend her for her services. David R. Miner

Andrew f

Extremely socially intelligent which is what you need in a lawyer, think Jose Baez. Hard worker and strong moral compass. Knows the law extremely well.

Stephen Couto

Got Stefanie Murphy's phone number from the internet to address a matter for my son. Words cannot express her professionalism, compassion and commitment to his case. Her intelligence and knowledge of the law were beyond exceptional and she returned every call and email. Ten Stars!

Tiffany Macleod

Lauren Fusaro

Stefanie is by far one of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life. When I got myself in a bit a trouble and felt like I had no one and no where to turn to, Stefanie took me under her wing and assured me that I would not be going through my case alone and that she would be by my side every step of the way. I spoke with a few other lawyers before deciding to hire her to represent me. Best decision I've ever made in a not so good situation. Stefanie's professionalism is top notch and her passion for law and willingness to help someone out (most being a perfect stranger to her as I once was) I was and will forever be beyond grateful to her. I would recommended Stefanie to anyone in need of a good honest lawyer. The prosecuting attorney said to me if I had hired anyone else to represent me, he probably would have let me burn. But, since I had Stefanie representing me he said he didn't have it in him to so such a thing. Stefanie has a thorough understanding of RI Laws and great reputation amongst Law Enforcement agencies in RI and she will do her best to lead you in the right direction she not only looks at your case from your point of view, she also puts herself in your shoes as if it was happening to her. I will never be able to thank Stefanie enough for all that she did and continues to do for me. Stefanie, thank you once again for everything!!!! :-)

Amanda Lawlor

Attorney Stefanie Murphy is the most knowledgeable and aggressive DUI attorney around. She helped a friend and got the DUI and refusal dismissed. Highly recommend her.

Matthew Iaiennaro

Great attorney, very hardworking and helpful. Very easy to get in touch with her. Always answers all of my questions and talks me through everything thoroughly.

Cheryl Robbio

Never having as much as a parking ticket my whole life, one day that all changed. Confused and scared as my life spiraled out of control, I knew I needed serous help from an experienced, honest, lawyer. I am proud to say that lawyer is Stefanie Murphy, she fought for me and never gave up. I now have my life back, if you need help give her a call, she wont let you down either.

Ray Robbio

Stefanie was one of our first experiences with a defense Lawyer, and it turned out to be a very good one. Stefanie will fight for her client, which is what you really need in a Lawyer. She has always been there, answered texts, and phone calls. Most of all the outcome was better than expected. I would recommend Stefanie very highly, she has a good grasp of how the law works, most importantly, how it works for her clients. 6 stars would be better.

Michael Pendergast

Stephanie is an excellent attorney. I hear about local attorney''s on a daily basis and Stephanie stands out as exemplary in regards to prompt communication, legal acumen and results. Stephanie clarified my options clearly helping me feel confident in making the right decisions for my case. I highly recommend Stephanie and wish all attorney's practiced like her.

Trevor Nugent

Stephanie was fantastic in the way she advised me.I had came into situation I was absolutely unprepared for and she went beyond my expectation and had the good grace to suggest the Lawyer for my particular needs. Not only that, she followed up to check on my wellbeing. It was a beautiful gesture and came from the heart. I would recommend Stephanie unequivocally. -T

Marc Loding

It was a pleasure working with Stefanie!

Jill Marinelli

Stefanie was an excellent attorney in my divorce case - she was calm and knowledgable throughout and helped me finalize a fair settlement at an affordable fee!

Sofia Rivard

A Konarski

Stefanie was by far the most competent, and patient lawyer I have ever worked with. All my questions were answered promptly, and she always acted in my best interest. I can't thank Stephanie enough for her hard work. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking high-quality counsel.

Jay Morale

If you are looking for an exceptional attorney, who will go above and beyond the call of duty for you. She is amazing fair and honest. She doesnt charge ridiculous prices and treats you like you are the only client she has. I sincerely hop that who ever you are that is reading this review understand that she is going to help you. She helped me and I couldnt be more grateful for it.

Santosh Pattnaik

She took my case very well. Throughout my case I was afraid whether my case would get resolved or not and whether I would be able to meet my family fast after my case gets resolved. It took long but ended up in a good note. I was in a dilemma whether to fight or found guilty but because of the confidence of Stefanie I was able to fight the case and win it.I would always recommend her for anybody, she's the best in her profession.Always reachable. Thanks for your help!!!

Jennifer Peters

Stefanie Murphy has provided legal services to me and my friends for the last five years. Attorney Murphy has always been well prepared, dedicated, attentive, and compassionate. She has handled each case and has paid attention to every detail. Not only has she gotten incredible results, but she clearly explained the process and what to expect. She would return every phone call or text message promptly. Stefanie Murphy has always upheld the highest degree of professionalism within a decorum of honor, humility, and comfort.

Kerrie Calabro-Pepin

Stephanie was very calming and made me feel comfortable from the start! She was honest yet realistic and walked me through the entire process. I was very relieved with my outcome and learned a very valuable lesson on speeding!


Exceptional legal services; Stefanie maintains communication with you throughout your case, which brings you much comfort. She is empathetic to your needs and always attempts to find the best outcome that suits your circumstances. If your searching for the best of the best lawyers, then I highly recommend her legal services.

Drew Peters

Mrs. Murphy was extremely courtesy and responsive to our questions and concerns.

Tyke Robertson

I agree with all of the reviewers here. I retained Stefanie to help me with a case and thank my lucky stars every day that I found her. First off she talked to me immediately when I first called her. She was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to go over everything and explain the options. Being from out of state I was hoping to find someone who was familiar with the system and the 'players' in R.I., { the prosecutors, Judges, etc.} , and I got lucky with Stefanie who knows them all. More than once she met with the prosecutors before court and worked out 'details' . Bottom line was she got a great deal for me...something I'm not sure any other attorney would/could have achieved. If you're in trouble and need help give Atty. Stefanie Murphy a will be so happy you did ...and will soon be writing a review like this !

Stacey Herrington

Stefanie was referred to me by a friend. I'm so glad that she did! Shortly after we moved here from out of state, I was in a pretty bad auto accident. I didn't have the energy to deal with all of the hospital and medical paperwork as well as all the insurance companies required info. Stefanie handled everything for me. She is personable, available, thorough, and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend her for all legal issues and will call on Stefanie again should the need arise.

Sasha Linchitz

She is amazing! Really helped me when I was nervous and really didn’t understand what was happening. I would highly recommend

donna rossetti

Working with Stefanie Murphy was a great experience. She is a wonderful attorney, knowledgeable about her field of expertise and, quite simply, gets the job done without a lot of running around and fanfair. Her prices are very fair and in my case the results were great. I would highly recommend staying out of trouble, but if you end up there, Stefanie would be my first call if i were you!

Rod Gee

I contacted many different attorneys to help me with my problem. Stefanie was the only attorney that was honest. All of the other attorneys that I contact all seemed to want to get money from me. Stefanie is definitely the most honest attorney that I've ever had represent me. I felt good knowing that she was representing me. She's very kind and easy to speak with. She explained my options throughout the process and made sure I didn't agree to anything I wasn't comfortable with.

Dale Ferrari

This is my second time using Stephine Murphy.,, she is truly a great and understanding attorney. She explains The process and makes you feel Less stressful about the whole thing. She is number 1. As well as a very understanding. person and kind individual. Thanks Stephanine again Hi

David Westcott


I contacted Stefanie about a second offense DUI and refusal charges that I was facing. She contacted me back immediately and walked me through next steps and what to expect in the days to come. Throughout the 3 months that I had worked with Stefanie on these charges, I could not have asked for a better lawyer. She was compassionate, caring, and kind. She went above and beyond by encouraging me to text her whenever I had any questions or concerns. I took her up on that offer very often and she would get right back to me. In the courtroom, she was very well respected. As a result of her hard work, my charges were reduced/dismissed. I cannot recommend Stefanie enough!


Stefanie did a great job handling my case. She was knowledgeable, experienced and kept it honest. She managed my expectation of the outcomes presented and helped in making informed decisions. Overall, we were able to resolve the case with a desired resolution. Thank you for your persistence and hard work, Stefanie!

Brett Lohr

When I got into a little trouble, I literally googled "best traffic lawyer in RI". I called the top three and Stefanie got back to me right away. For some reason both the Chief of Police and Prosecutor were astounded that I had picked her for a lawyer and didn't seem pleased at all. Stefanie is brilliant and works hard, and definitely would want her on my side anytime.

Ricky Martins

Stefanie Murphy Took on my case about two years ago now. Going into anything or being arrested for something you didn’t do, and to be able to have an attorney like Stefanie Made the whole entire process more than one could ask for. From being extremely professional to obviously putting in endless hours of hard work and dedication, there is no one else who is better!

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