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REVIEWS OF Law Office Of John E. MacDonald, Inc. IN Rhode Island

Rachel Duarte

Super great lawyer hard working to the point and worth every penny


John MacDonald and his associate Brett Beaubien are truly amazing! My son recently had a school issue that was reviewed and handled very competently and efficiently by John and Brett. I am truly impressed, relieved and grateful to have been referred to John. The need for that referral came well after hours and with an urgent time line. John's response, well after 11pm, was excellent. He took charge and quickly suggested a plan of action. By noon the next day he and Brett had met with us and they analyzed, connected with the necessary and appropriate officials, and had the issue favorably resolved. We left with a welcome sense of relief and confidence in the resolution. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend their legal services. John, I wish there were more stars available for the review, I would happily give more!

Caro Line

Highly recommended, one of the best anyone can ever find. Very professional , caring and encouraging staff . Will recommend anyone with no regrets.

Jeff Boudro

John MacDonald was straightforward and professional in managing a legal issue for my son. John was knowledgeable about the legal options available and he delivered what he promised. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation in the state of Rhode Island

Cheryl Schofield

I was in need of a phenomenal defense attorney, I did my research and found the best in Rhode Island to represent me. John first of all listened, sympathized, and put his years of experience into action resulting in my case being dismissed. I could not have asked for more, he responded to every question I had and was beside me throughout the whole process. I recommend John to anyone who wants to be represented in the best way possible. Thank you again John.

Margaret Opadiran

Highly recommended. They are the best.

pabz ochoa

Lots of.expirience, knows his stuff. Very straight forward and to the point. Would recommend to others for legal needs.


Less than 3 months ago (and perhaps like you), I was restlessly searching on line for the best lawyer that I could find to defend my case. I methodically selected one, contacted one, met with one, hired one, proceeded through the court system with one, and recently closed my case with one... And that was John MacDonald. True leadership qualities, a great listener, charismatic, and smart - knows the law. Bottom line, just do it! My misdemeanor charges were importantly reduced, w/zero probation, and a one year filing (meaning off the record in one year... Gone!). In my most wishful imagination, I would have never thought of / or expected such of a satisfying result (truly amazing!). Oh BTW, "gone in one year", that expungement to be completed by John as part of our written agreement... Head to Toe, worth every penny! His 20 years of experience in the RI court system is invaluable. John is a man of his word, and fulfilled every expectation of my most ideal lawyer. He has that sort of presence that makes you, the process, and the system feel very comfortable. He also closes with results! His client service is exceptional. I would describe myself as that kind of "pain in the butt" client, and John always patiently and respectively answered all of my questions. He was always there to respond; via office, email, text, or phone. Important to me, someone by my side at all times. Enough said, you will not be disappointed. I feel so at ease with the outcome of my case. My Family and I are truly happy! Best!

MygPages JT

Attorney John McDonald has been my family’s attorney and friend for many years. He is trustworthy and always follows through on his word. Mr. McDonald can easily be reachable anytime and no long hold times when contacting his office. With Mr. McDonald you feel like family rather than just a client during the entire process and John McDonald and his staff make sure of it. Mr. McDonald and his staff are at a different level and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services. Thank you very much Mr. McDonald! -John-

Mohamed AbouIssa

One of the best!

David Monte

John was an incredibly professional and valuable resource during one of the most trying times in my life. His knowledge of the courts and relationships throughout the state made what could have been the worst time of my life, somewhat manageable. I would recommend John to anyone who needs legal help.

christine dugas

From the first day, John McDonald was a consummate professional. He displayed compassion and an incredible knowledge of the law. Throughout this harrowing process, he kept our family focused on the end result. The young man who faced the charges that could have resulted in decades in prison is my grandson, a father of two young children who completely adore him. Because of John, his children will continue their close and loving relationship with their father. They will continue to “look at the moon” in the evenings, gallop around the house filling it with giggles and laughter, and share every milestone life has to offer. The public defender that first represented my grandson refused to even request a second bail hearing. John was able to convince the court to set bail and he believed in my grandson from the beginning of the case to its final disposition: not guilty of all charges. Life is a fragile thing, and without this attorney’s expert representation, the lives of our entire extended family would have been forever changed. I would recommend John McDonald to anyone who is seeking an advocate dedicated to defending them with the same dignity and expertise as any of the the best lawyers that money can buy. He is truly a Godsend.

Gabriel Mora

John was highly recommended... he didn’t only meet our expectations he worked above and beyond our expectations... he is very professional easy to communicate his staff is bilingual fluent in Spanish which is a must in this rapidly growing Hispanic community... he makes you feel like family, words can’t express how much his hard work and dedication has helped us!!!! Thank You!!!

Joe Harvey

John is a true professional. Without his guidance I would have been flying blind throughout the entire process. I cannot recommend him enough!!!

Carla Godbout

Samuel Ulubiyo

Alan Gagnon

Attorney John MacDonald produced amazing results regarding my case. He was always professional, friendly, and available when I needed him. He always had my best interest in mind during the all stages of the process. I highly recommend Attorney MacDonald for anyone looking to move on from their past, in order to improve their future. I am most grateful to Attorney MacDonald... from the bottom of my heart.

Hasmita Patel

Elisha and John both were wonderful and very down to earth in handling my case.. We got approved for green card.


I was very impressed with my total experience with John MacDonald. He was very professional and aggressive with getting positive results. I feel as if i can continue about my life as if nothing had ever happened. Dismissed and Expunged. Thank you John!

Nelson Henao

my case was complicated after visiting several lawyers. lawyer John E MacDonald gave me the confidence to move forward without losing my hopes in the end the result was that I got my American citizenship.i would recommend John E MacDonal. Muchas gracias a todos en la oficina.

Dave Schock

A family member was charged with something that could have been life changing. Attorney John MacDonald was there by us the whole time, helping us through the legal system in a way that made a fair and just outcome, and one that changed our lives forever for the better.

michael forrest

From day one John took charge of the situation. He handled all the issues in a very professional manner, and was always available to answer questions.I would highly recommend him

Oz R.

John MacDonald is a lawyer you can trust. In my most desperate time of need , he delivered what he promised. I'm very greatful to him and his team!

Doug Harris

John is very knowledgeable and is very quick to answer questions concisely. His staff is friendly and also good at responding to email communication. He's also a very accomplished lawyer with many accolades to his name. He was the only one that we trusted with our case.

Waldy Clark

I had a great experience working with John MacDonald, i felt Like my case was going to have me sitting in jail for a long time, and John MacDonald did an amazing job beating my first degree armed robbery case! I want to thank you very much John. I will use John for any, if any future cases

Ken Stewart

John led my wife and I through the complicated immigration process with ease. We never felt uncertain or worried in any way. Highly recommended!

Canela Torres

John and his staff are very attentive and respond very quickly. I’m very grateful to have chosen him for my boyfriend immigration process. He was very honest from the beginning and was by our side all the way to end! Thank you John!

Comfort N-Wiafe

Hiring John was a great idea. He was very PROFESSIONAL and also EFFICIENT. The process of his work was shown through the DISMISSAL of my case. I RECOMMEND him to anyone who is struggling with a court case.Contact him now, you will not be disappointed. -Tim Jackson

M. A.

I had a great experience with John. I was falsely accused of assault, and he worked tirelessly on my behalf with the result of a not guilty verdict. He was extremely knowledgeable and was always available to answer questions or just to provide reassurance during a very stressful time. I never felt rushed during appointments. Before I contacted John MacDonald, I reached out to several other attorneys, and they all highly recommended John as the best in the state. I would give him a twenty-star review, if possible!

emorue zehcnas

John MacDonald's legal representation is outstanding! I recommend his legal services to anyone.

Chris Martinez

John is a man of his word. He will do his best at all times and he will try whatever it takes to give you the best possible outcome in your situation. There is no way I will ever be able to thank John enough, for what he did for me, and my family. Not only does he give his all, he makes sure that your are involved and that you completely understand everything that's happening. John's opinion always gave me peace of mind. I highly recommend him in any area of law his office provides help for. Thanks to John, I was able to get back to living my life without any worries.

John Mello

I would highly recommend Mr. John Calcagni for anyone looking for an extremely conscientious attorney who has your best interest at heart.

Anthony Segrich

John and his team are extremely professional. They really know their stuff. Working with them was definitely the right decision. They took the time to get the best resolution for us.

Chris x

From the very start John E. MacDonald was honest, direct and confident. John actively fought for my case in a timely manner. My possible felony charge was challenged, and I was rewarded with a dismissal and expungement of my case! Hiring John E. MacDonald was the best decision I could have made. I couldn't recommend a better criminal trial lawyer.


I have hired John for post conviction relief. Having a felony has held me back on a key major part of my life. Now that he has taken care of our business, I can go about mine. He has given me the freedom that I deserve being given a second chance in life.

Ivena Brooks

Poit Four

I hired John MacDonald to work on a case that is not easy to win due to various factors. He was very patient with me. He explained everything to me and told me what my options are if I wanted to move forward in my initial free consultation with him. John worked with my previous attorney and went above and beyond. He is a very competent, intelligent and effective lawyer with many years of experience. He did what was necessary to get the job done. John and his team are up for any challenge and they will do what it takes to get the job done for you as well! Also, he always made time for me and kept me posted each step of the way which was important to me. I would highly recommend him!

Chelsea P

My husband and I are so happy to have found Mr. John MacDonald! He is truly a blessing and lifesaver! He put our family back together! From the moment that we met he was very kind, welcoming and most importantly 100% honest. My husband’s case was tricky. When I consulted with Mr. MacDonald my husband had already been detained for a few months. An immigration judge had ordered him removed and his case was closed. Mr. MacDonald told me about our options for post conviction relief. He was extremely knowledgeable in the matter and walked me through the process step by step. It was evident that he knew his stuff! He communicated with me regularly and promptly throughout this process and was always available to answer the million questions that I had. Within a short period of time Mr. MacDonald was successful at getting both of my husband’s charges dismissed and vacated. Due to these vacations, my husband’s immigration case was re-opened, dismissed and he was released. Mr. MacDonald went above and beyond in so many ways to help my family and I am so thankful to him for that! I would recommend his services to anyone!!!! He and his staff are amazing! Thank you John!!!

rocio aponte

C Machala

John MacDonald and his team are remarkable professionals and I highly recommend his firm for all your legal needs. John is a sharp strategist and truly cares for his clients. John's responsiveness, knowledge of the law and authenticity during a complex federal case kept me stable and successful. Throughout my case, he was always very quick to respond, made himself available during times that most would consider after hours and always patient in explaining the status and details/development of my case. John did everything is his power to ensure the very best outcome in my case which I was more than happy with. I really do not know how I could have gotten through these legal matters without him and his dedicated team! I am extremely thankful to John and Katie for everything that they have done. Again, if you need a legal team who will fight for you....then contact the law office of John E. MacDonald.

Cate M

I can't say enough about how much John, Angela and the rest of his team did for my family. They got us through what seemed like a hopeless situation with the best outcome imaginable, not guilty. John and his team were there for us every step of the way and gave us excellent legal advice throughout. I sincerely do not believe we could have gotten a defense so thorough anywhere else, and we certainly couldn't have asked for a better outcome. It's been a few months since trial, and I still think about what John MacDonald did for our family every single day. Not a day goes by that I don't feel thankful and grateful to John for my son's freedom.

Yamile Ossa

I would highly recommend John E. MacDonald. He was very diligent and aggressive in handling my case. His expertise and proactivity made it possible to get my case dismissed. Even though I live in a different state, he made this process a lot easier by keeping in touch frequently. Not to mention, John was always very friendly and always available for questions or concerns. If not available, his staff would promptly forward him the message.

Vijay Patel

Very Proficient and Worth Attorney. He gave me Citizenship and my wife . Highly recommended for immigration and citizenship.

rpearson1974 .

Just saw an article they wrote on their website. How did this firm pass the bar?? No way. This article was full of political bias and extremely false facts that are so far from reality, it's difficult to come to any tangible way to hire their services. I'm seriously at a loss they promot themselves as a solid trusty law firm. Truly worried about their clients

Ash Lee

I thought I had no hope on getting 2 charge removed from when I was younger. I met with a couple lawyers and they all said they couldnt remove them for me, until I met John Macdonald. He literally did everything he said he was going to do. He got both charges removed and my record is completely clean. If it wasnt for him I wouldnt have been able to pursue my career choice. Now I dont have any worries when jobs say they need to do a BCI. If you have some legal issues I highly recommend his office. They were nice, professional, and kept me up to date with everything. He would mail me copies of correspondance every step of the way. My amazing career today wouldnt have been possible if it wasnt for him!

il cha

Excellent service, knows what he is doing, and brings great results.

Sadiq Davies

John was a great guy to deal with. If you looking to vacate your case or want an amazing criminal lawyer you should definitely give John a call. Everything about him is direct and straight-forward. I was caught in a bind with ICE (immigration) and I sort out John for assistance. Luckily before my apprehension with ICE I retained him as a lawyer. At first I was not sure what lawyer I should select but my gut feeling told me to select John McDonald out of all the candidates I was looking for. If it wasn't for the reviews and his assistant assuring me that John is really good at what he does I probably wouldn't have selected him. To make a long story short, My sister worked with John on my case as I was in ICE custody. John kept her and my family informed with my situation. ICE custody is not a place where no one deserves to be in but in order to fight and be with your family or love ones again a proper lawyer like John will do his best to assure your safety and placement in the U.S. Nothing is promising but what matters most is a lawyer YOU need to believe in , trust in, and will FIGHT for you. My experience was an experience like no other - THANK YOU JOHN FOR EVERYTHING!

charles aramayo

Esther Jordan

Knowledgeable and professional , He helped my son-in-law with legal problem he was having in RI , he kept him informed with everything that was being done and gave great advice on what he should and shouldn't do. I would recommend him to everyone looking for a lawyer.


Knowledgeable and professional. I contacted John with an immigration question on behalf of a client and he was quick to contact me back. This was important because the matter at hand had occurred abruptly and there was only a week to get information. I'm happy to say that John was able to accommodate a conference call within days, and for a reasonable fee, he provided my client with answers to our questions and also gave us some tips on how to get the best outcome possible. Thanks!

Harbour Ridge

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