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REVIEWS OF Kilroy Law Firm IN Rhode Island

Ashley Monroe

3 years ago I was in an accident on vacation in RI. Totally not my fault and I wanted to find a lawyer in RI because that’s where it happened. When I found Noah and his crew they were trustworthy reliable and their customer service was great! Never felt so safe with this law firm! They were on top of everything and the money was GREAT. I wish they were here in Ga I’d recommend them to everyone!

Ray James

Absolutely the best lawyer out here off rip. Thank you for dismissing my criminal charge. Meant so much to me no bull. Thanks for all your support. Also thank you for taking care of my boy aja. He told me you looked out like no one ever did. I told him you would. You the best man. Thanks ! One love.

Jasmine Brown

When I needed a law firm to help with my domestic violence case I was referred to Killroy Law Firm. The staff was so pleasant and professional and made me feel comfortable with them handling my case. I would definitely refer them to others even if it was for a different kind of case!!!

Latitia Weeden

Didn't work well for me or my children. I hired him for a cps case in juvenile court. 7 months later nothing

Pushers Peddlers

Very easy firm to deal with. Everyone is very kind and helpful. Noah you have an amazing team. You however, are a ethical, top rated attorney. Not only is the firm comprised of diligent lawyers, but also their extensive blogs are perfect to help guide anyone and/or everyone. Noah Kilroy has a passion for law, as well an immense focus on customer service. He goes above and beyond. Thank you so much for all your help.

David Hopper

Just want to thank Noah and his firm for helping my girlfriend and her mom out. They were both worried but you all took that away and we appreciate that.

teal leander

Amazing service! Definitely got the job done!!! Highly recommended!!


Excellent service. Noah was awesome. I had hired another lawyer prior to him, who was a waste, ripped me off, lied to me, and did not show up to my hearing. Thank god I researched attorney Kilroy because he offered help immediately. After meeting with him and hiring him, he always stood on point and kept me updated with all the information I needed. Got me a nice rental, got my car fixed, AND more than what I expected in cash. Thank you dude.

Master Kenshin

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Noahs law firm is, "these guys know what they are doing". Being involved in a lawsuit is emotionally draining. But having a team like this one to support you and hold you down is the best thing you can do. It's like having the best captain in uncharted waters. Aside from being my lawyer and doing your job, it felt like you genuinely cared about me and my mental state. No words can ever fully express my gratitude.

Sea Turtle Mindset

Got in an accident and he help recover very quickly and back to being whole again! Thank you very much, your secretaries are very responsive and always giving answers to my questions

Ray Jugo

Amazing law firm and would always recommend Kilroy's services, especially with family Court issues didnt think any other attorney would be as diligent as he is! Thanks man.

Ida Trinity

They do what they tell you they are going to do. I never once had to call them and ask questions. They called me and was upfront about everything before we went any further!

Moises Carrasco

Highly recommended and very satisfied. Noah and his law firm represented us in an obstetrical malpractice case in regards to our daughter. They are very thorough and go out of their way to find answers to support the case. They kept me updated throughout the case and that’s something I can say totally impressed me. Everything was explained to me so that I understood what was happening along the way. Noah himself is very compassionate and cared about what happened to our daughter at her birth. Noah kept in contact even after the case was settled to ask about our daughter. He fights hard for you and it always shows.


Kilroy Law Firm provided an extremely methodical consultation. Fortunately, I was referred to the firm and their reputation certainly preceded them. The communication was effective and their timing was impeccable. I look forward to working with Kilroy Law Firm in the future.

Monique Hardy

I would recommend Noah he is a awesome lawyer and If needed I will hire him again

Nene nene

Noah helped me with my criminal case. I highly recommend him

brittany wilson

I just want to thank everyone in this firm that helped me out last week. I was so scared of the outcome of my situation but you all helped me the best way it could get for my case! I appreciate the whole firm!

Joe tejada

I was injured by a car while riding my bicycle. The vehicle struck me and propelled me onto the hood of his car. I sustained a head injury. Noah Kilroy got me a huge settlement. I was able to pay my medical bills and recover with no worries. Thank you so much. Ppreciate you man.

Sherry Dourant

This was my first experience and I’m so happy I chose Kilroy. I wanted to browse around and find the right one but I started to like what I was hearing and seeing with the firm and Im so happy I did! Thank you ALL!

Nishit Parmar

Professional service and exactly what i need. Highly recommended!

Kie'Andra Anai

this is very good firm very helpful I’d recommended them to anyone :)

Jason Giacin

He is a skilled and very professional lawyer. When a loved one or family member is in trouble it is a stressful time. Noah works quickly to answer any questions you may have, and explain processes, policies and plan of defense. He would always be the person I would call for representation.


Thank you Noah ! Really couldn’t of my case without you !!!

Jus Taymes

Thank you for getting me a great amount of money on my accident incident. Appreciate it because it really wasn’t my fault, you denied the first deal they tried to give me and got me exactly what I deserved. Thanks Noah.

alexis cabrera

Thank you for supporting me while taking over my accident case. The process in the beginning was a bit stressful because i didnt have a responsible attorney so for that i appreciate you a trillon. Thanks for getting me back more than i expected. That made me feel so happy and very cared for. Thank you again noah.

Bugs Bunny

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me last Monday. I have strongly considered your professional advice and appreciate your time.

Jonathan Yu

Noah is such a talented lawyer and generally a caring individual. I was stuck in a situation where I thought I would never get myself out of. When I retained Noah, he immediately started to work on my case. Not only was he working on my case, he went ABOVE and BEYOND to help me communicate with my family and friends. I was held without bail and it was my first time getting locked up. He took that into consideration and made visits often to make sure I was doing okay. He guided me through every step of the way and promised that he’d get me out. It was a slow process due to the tricky bail system in Rhode Island, but I eventually got out on bail with home confinement. My legal team continued to work on my case and eventually got me off Home Confinement and even had my passport returned! I was allowed to travel freely and go about my businesses back in New York. When I was offered probation from the prosecution side, Noah told me that he truly believes we have a strong case and to move ahead with the Motion To Suppress. He explained that taking the probation (while it keeps me out of jail) would only be detrimental to my life. I agreed and trusted his judgment. We beat the Motion To Suppress and ultimately my case was dismissed. It was a long journey for me, but they did it. Noah kept me sane and my life was saved. Thank you so much, Noah. Noah is not only my attorney, but a friend.

Young Shellz

Excellent service from day one. Attorney Noah Kilroy is phenomenal. He’s extremely knowledgeable, bright, honest and most importantly understandable and responsible. After my accident and my injury you were on the case. You got me the best doctors, stayed in touch with me throughout my healing process and got me tons of money on top of getting me in a rental and getting my vehicle fixed. Thanks man.

john dennis

I hired Mr. Kilroy to handle a custody battle. I was recommended to him by a friend and it paid off. He fought for me and my children. I am glad I was referred to him because he didn't disappoint. The process went nice and smooth. My children and I thank you for your help. I recommend him if you are looking for a go getter lawyer.


For a long time my boyfriend was stressed out and very skeptical about another law firm (I won’t mention names) but literally right when he was going to say screw it we ended up finding kilroys and it was the best decision we have made. My boyfriend can finally shut up now lol

Big Billion

Best attorney in the state. Got my brothers case dropped two weeks after entering his appearance. Freedom is priceless.

Quiana Lorraine

If you really want a genuine person to listen, understand, and help, call Noah!

Luis Molina

Jus want to say thank you to the lawyer Noah for helping me receive my settlement fast and on time with no hassle.

Quanza Merky

This team was extremely helpful. Noah you are amazing, the way you handled and took over my accident case was incredible. You kept me updated with all the information I needed and provided me with the best service a client can ask for. You made me feel like family. Very comfortable, understanding and positive. Thank you for all your good work. And big thank you for the money I got in return. Big pleasure working with you. Totally recommend to those who need an accident case lawyer. You number 1.!

Danzelle Spigner

Professional services and understanding our needs. Highly recommended!

James Castro

Thank you for all your help and support with getting me out the joint. You are official and I respect you all the way. The way you represented me in court was incredible. Thank you for helping my criminal case get dismissed. That was something I thought would never happen. That’s why your officially my new and only attorney. Thank you Noah. Number 1 in R.I.!

joe higgs

Awesome lawyer. Thank you for helping me on my domestic dispute. Very professional and pays attention to details! Thanks man.

Ramona Botello

Where do i even start? This law firm is without a doubt the most dedicated firm out there! I had the pleasure of having noah kilfoy represent me for a car accident and everything worked out in our favor. His hardwork and dedication never goes unnoticed. He has the RIGHT people working for him as well, they are always on top of everything and will try their best to keep you informed of everything that is happening with your case, as it's moving along. I can't thank him and his team ENOUGH!! Michael Raff is truly amazing ❤️

Paul Boyd

Good dude known him my whole life highly recommend


Thanks for clearing my case for me when other firms thought it was too much Noah Stepped up and helped me and got me what I deserved!

Regis Gutierrez

I have worked with kilroy on cases to help invest injured parties monies. I have worked with several personal injury attorneys over the years and kilroy is one of the most professional hard working attorneys i have worked with. Noah works hard to make sure that each client gets their due settlement but also makes sure that each client knows all of their options at time of settlement. I love it. Good work kid. Your different.

Mike Randall

I've recently had the pleasure of consulting with kilroy law firm. Noah you are extremely professional. You are conscientious, meticulously detailed and have integrity. You helped me through a stressful and painful injury making sure i received the care i needed. much appreciate dude. seriously.

alan mahar

Thank you know ! By far the best experience. I have had with a lawyer/law office !!! Trist worthy and reasonable.

Tonny Guerrero

Ultimately good results is all we want and not to mention the timing to get those results. Everything you did for me noah, i highly tremendously appreciate it. You and your law firm were incredible in my entire process from the very beginning. Noah thank you so much for getting my innocent domestic charge dismissed. You are truly passionate about your job in which you happen to be excellent at. Thanks for everything. Definitely keep you in my mind for future reference.

young byrd

I had a consult scheduled last week. I felt very comfortable with everyone in the office. The front desk lady was very attentive and making sure we were okay. This was a very nerve wrecking situation since this is the first time we ever had to talk to an attorney. Noah was very good at answering all our questions and making us feel at ease. I very much appreciate the follow up calls as it shows that they were looking for our best interest. Great team! 200000 stars!

Karina A

Thank you for getting me a great amount of money on my settlement. I appreciate you with all my heart. Thank you for getting me a rental and not leaving me carless because I have 2 kids. Ppreicate that to the fullest. Thanks again for taking my case and helping me move forward. Much love. Totally recommend Noah Kilroy!!! Best there ever was!

Malik Coley

Thanks kilroy law firm !!!! Honestly had the best encounter and I was very reassured . Helped me beat a complicated case that I felt hopeless with . Thanks

Tiffany Adams

Outstanding staff, outstanding communication and they have been helping me with my VA claims since the beginning.

Mally Taymes

Thank you for supporting me and having my back on my injury case. It was worth the wait and my case was well taken care of thanks to you.

Justin Akinde

Attorney Kilroy is incredibly attentive and will give you the most incredible defense you’d ever need. He found ways to help me out that other lawyers didn’t and for that I thank you so much. I love how focus you get in the matters concerning families. Your an amazing lawyer. Thanks again Noah.

Miguel Almonte

I worked with Noah Kilroy, who was able to fight my traffic violation ticket and get the case dropped quickly and effciently. I will not hesitate to use this office for any future representation in regards to MV issues, they were responsive, technologically adept, and honest thriughout the entire process.

Laurita Avelino

Words to describe Mr. Kilroy are dependable, knowledgeable, honest and most of all his words are not only just but kind. I feel confident to have Mr. Kilroy on my side. Meeting him was a special experience. I can relate to him in so many levels. He comes from where I came from. He overcame so many barriers that the ordinary person would've failed. He motivates me to do better because he is the best version of himself.


My sister was severely injured in a car crash last year, and after consulting different firms, we decided to take our case to Noah Kilroy’s law firm. First of all, they are VERY nice, smart, and experienced. You can feel it the second you walk into attorney kilroys office and talk to him. After all, we moved on together and the settlement was fair and satisfactory. I recommend this attorney at this firm to anyone who looks for lawyers who will understand them, and ease the pain with smooth process!

asia perry

Hes amazing definitely would recommend this law firm to everyone!!



Katie Morel

Noah and his team are awesome! Honest, hardworking and very engaged since day one. Couldn't be more thankful to have him represent us.

vanesa scott

“I appreciate your patience you had with me can’t wait to finish up on Monday”

Kayleigh Lozito

Feeling defeated about my case , I was assured I be okay . Noah kept his word and I rightfully wony cas .

Kevin Ferguson

Thank you much Noah noble honest and the best defense attorney by far

Dae Watts

Got myself into something I didn't think I could get out of . Luckily Noah was recommended to me and he helped me tremendously!!!!

Evelyn Caraballo

Thank you Noah for helping me with my shoplifting case. It was so embarrassing to be even represented but you nailed it and made me overcome my flaws. Thank you so much I appreciate it.

Cesar Cabrera

Big thanks to my boy Kilroy for helping me out with having custody of my son. Your help is appreciated man.

mardoche angervil

Thank you so much for getting my domestic assult charge dismissed. You dont understand how much that would have effected me in the future. Totally appreciate the time and dedication you took to get this done. You showed that you really care and worry about your clients outcome.

Øso Drôüzzy

Just want to thank everybody in The firm for helping my friend out with her case. She was going through a rough time losing her brother in the car accident but Noah welcomed us with open arms and did everything he said he was going to do. Again Thank you God bless!

Rossy Morillo

Through a process that was painful and at times frustrating Killroy was able to guide us in the right direction. He handled our case with care and attention and never hesitated to offer information no matter how simple or complex the question .Killrow is a lawyer that my family and I will turn to should we ever need it. He was kind, always offered good humour, and helped us navigate the process so that we could better understand the direction our case needed to go or would take. My family and I will recommend him to anyone who needs someone to walk them through the legal process and provide concise and easy to understand direction . We are very happy with how he handled our case and thank him deeply for his help and support as our legal counsel.

Antonio Pena

Best of them all! Thank you for helping me with my car accident case. You Got my car fixed. Got me a rental while it was getting fixed. And got me what i deserved. I feel satisfied with the money i got. Thanks.


I can't thank Attorney Noah Kilroy enough for working diligently to help me win my 2nd Offense OUI case with a not guilty verdict. Not only is he professional in all regards he also believed in a favorable outcome of my case till the end. He kept me informed of all possible outcomes good or bad. I felt I was adequately represented and happy I chose Mr. Kilroy as my attorney. Thanks Mr. Kilroy!

Chante'l Hines

The entire staff is great! Nothing but smiles and they make you feel so much at home. They treat you as if you were friends before!

Ligella Gomez

My experience with attorney Kilroy was extremely great. What i appreciated and loved the most was the price and the service i received. It was immaculately. Kilroy is not about making money but definitely about making you happy and satisfied. Easy to speak with and willing to explain everything to you and repeat it until you fully understand all details. The only complaint i hace is the inability to leave ten stars. Thank you attorney for all your awesome help. Very helpful. Highly recommend.

Stephanie Gonzalez

Thank attorney kilroy for representing me at family court. You made me feel comfortable and made my nerves calm down once I spoke to you. Thank you for being such a great lawyer. I would highly recommend you to my family and friends.

Simone Cotton

Attorney Kilroy is everything short of amazing. Quality, efficient, attentive are just a few words to describe the type of services you receive. He was able to answer everything and explain all matters to me thoroughly. He always kept things professional and always made sure I understood exactly what was going on. There was nothing that went on that I wasn't aware of. If you want adequate and the best representation then hire him!

Chritian Andres Tejada Segura

I’d simply like to state that the job that Kilroy law firm has done for me throughout my entire legal process has been the best work I’ve ever been a part of. Whether it was constantly keeping me updated throughout the case or their incredible assistant who was always on time and ready to work for me, this law firm is the best! It has been a pleasure working you guys. Would definitely always keep talk in mind if i ever need a lawyer again!

Mark Snelgrove

I can’t thank Attorney Kilroy enough for helping me thru my domestic dispute. He told me how and when things would happen and was there for me every step of the way. It didn’t matter what time of day or night he was always there. He got me off the one way street I was on and let it be known that fathers have a say in the lives of children too. If you’re looking for the best Attorney, you came to the right place. Thanks again Attorney Kilroy I would recommend you to anyone.

Terry Johnson

Thanks to Noah Kilroy for everything, he’s a great lawyer and did a great job on my case. I have the upmost respect for him. His explanation of my case made the process of legal remedy very easy to follow. His guidance and representation of me in this case has been the best I could possibly have had. 5 star all the way Noah. You the man!

nduwumwami francois

I’m so happy that Noah took my case. He really cared about me and my accident situation! Noah was available to answer my questions in a friendly and understandable way. Noah was very fair with me and achieved a result that was beyond my expectation, Thank you!

Petra Carreño

Attorney kilroy is a very efficient and competent attorney. He made me feel at ease right away even though i had some serious issues with my case. He was also very responsive to my phone calls or if i emailed a legal question for clarification he answered it quickly. He was calm and reasurring all along the way. My issues regarding property title entanglement with a friend were sorted out to both our satifactions. Give him a call if you have legal issues, i promise he will solve it for you.

The G fam

Thank you Noah for stepping up to the plate and taking over my criminal case. You were very helpful and came a long way to get this charge dismissed and for that i aplreciate you and thank you a trillion times. Im referring you to my brother ty in case you get a call from him. You a beast fam.

Chantell Threat

I love the service

Kayden Amari

They did a great job helping me get to 100%. I will recommend them to all my service members.

victorino cachudo

Words cannot compare to the professional & executional level of expertise, empathy, and, not to mention, the utmost importance for us, the level of urgency in handling our case. I am forever in the debt to Noah Kilroy and his astonishing & seasonal team at HIS law firm! I can go on for hours. However, please know that I WILL recommend your firm, without hesitation, indeed!!! Thank you all, so humbly, from the bottom of my heart & soul!!!

May Candelario

Thank you for helping me w/ my car accident situation. You were very friendly &’ your success rates speak for themselves. Your experience &’ the results I got were truly exceptional. Your a beast. Thank you Noah. Grateful to have had you as my attorney.

Noel Acosta

Thank you for being beside me while going thru this tuff situation. I will definitely recommend you to all my known ones. Your a legend nbs my dude!

Yoscairy Abreu

Thank you for helping me with this difficult divorce ! My daughter Katie is in great hands thanks to you! Now I know if I ever need a lawyer you're one to call !

Justin Deforest

Thank you noah for helping me with car accident case i appreciate you helping me and keeping me out of jail. You are one of a kind dude foreal.

Jerome Black

Noah Kilroy is an amazing lawyer I've worked with. I felt more than just a client with his services. His anate ability to comfort my family and give them confidence that he was willing and did resolve my case. My overall review is defiantly a five star lawyer who goes above and beyond as a lawyer.

Seana Cooper

I was recommended to this firm by a family friend and I’m very happy I went with Kilroy. They know what they are talking about and very very very professional.

Kasandra Sanchez

I have known attorney Noah on a professional level for a long time and would not hesitate to contact him with any medical malpractice or personal injury needs or questions I may ever have. I would also not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family or friends because he is such an amazing attorney. Noah has an expectional track record in achieving the best possible outcomes for all his clients and has excellent legal skills. Definitely your best option in obtaining legal counsel.

Angelica Curiel

Great law firm. I’ve been working with Noah Kilroy for the past two years on a car accident case. The case was rather complex where I was representing a plaintiff who resides outside the country. This added some legal challenges but nothing that the firm could not work around. Kilroy’s deep knowledge in the area of law and his willingness to take on a challenging case allowed me to file a lawsuit on behalf of a plaintiff. Noah and his assistant made sure the paperwork was prepared and filed in a timely manner which allowed us to move forward with the case. More importantly in the end the case was won with the maximum dollar amount we had hoped for. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. Really appreciate it bud.


I want to thank you for all your hard work into my criminal charge case. I appreciate Noah kilroys knowledge and expertise in the area of law, he guided me throughout the process and helped me make the right decisions throughout the process. I also wanted to comment on Noah’s professionalism, very prompt and accurate. He made the whole process more transparent and at every point I knew where we were with the case. I am glad I chose this firm to represent me in this case. Another important aspect for me was the ability to work with him remotely. All the paperwork and communication was handled by phone/email which saved me time and money. Thank you!

Kiitty Kay

Thank you for helping me with my family court case. I thought I was Alone until you saved my life. Your the best hands down! I got what i deserve and my daughters best interest, thanks to you again.

Izzy Kamikaze

I have known Kilroy for over 6 years. At no point would I ever consider another law firm for civil legal representation. Their integrity and legal acumen are unparalleled not only in Providence, but Fall River, RI. Noah you are dedicated and very passionate about how well you represent your clients. You are someone that truly goes the extra mile to ensure clients recieve excellent care. I highly recommend Kilroy to anyone who needs a skilled trial attorney and empathetic counselor at law. He is the best.

Lance Spears

noah basically saved me . without him i dont think i would be able to prove my innocence . tjanks so much

Audra Aurdannah

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HANDLING MY CASE EVEN THOUGH I LIVE IN NEW YORK. Because of their communication I didn’t have to travel as much back and fourth!

muhammed abdurrazzak

I was a jerk and frustrated and Noah did not have to help me but he did. He found patience for me and communicated with me calmly to help with my needs and wants! This is the best law firm

Gaudy Toribio

I highly recommend Noah kilroy to everyone in Rhode island. He helped me keep my license and my job as well. He was very knowledgeable and responded quickly to all the questions I had to ask. Made me feel tremendously comfortable and for that I thank you a trillion times Noah. Seriously man. Your the best.

Ralph Acevedo

Great, Efficient Attorneys!! Thank you!

Cameron Ouellette

They gave great guidance and the process was quick and easy!

Durrell Rancy

I recommend him for my family and friends helpful guy

Tori Diamondzzz

Had a great overall experience with this company

carolie stanton

Thank you Attorney Kilroy for your great service. I appreciate you taking care of my injury case. Your very responsible and attentive with your work and I love the way you helped me receive a healthy check. I like that! I would definitely recommend you to other people.

john siri

To whom it may concern. As a rule I typically avoid writing reviews on products and services because they have a tendency of falling on deaf ears and most testimonials are subjective omitting relevant facts. This testimonial will include details without opinion so that the reader may come to their own conclusion. My story begins in September of 2018. My significant other and I moved into a rental home with an unobstructed view of the Narragansett river near Latham park along Shore drive. Upon moving in, our first day in the home, our neighbor to the north walked over and introduced himself as the town manager. He then expressed concern over a depression our moving truck made in the grass adjacent to our driveway. He claimed one of the truck tires made contact with the grass causing a 2 inch depression in it. I immediately apologized for the damage to the lawn. Our neighbor professed that he was attempting to acquire the property via the process of "Adverse Possession" because he had been maintaining that portion of grass for four years. After explaining his intention to acquire the property he excused himself. As a retired general contractor/land developer I'm intimately familiar with the process of "Adverse Possession". Two days after our initial contact with our neighbor, Mr. James Cunha, I confronted him while he was cutting the grass on our property. I told him that after researching the location of the property boundaries, I determined that the tire indentation in the grass was on our side of the property by more than six feet. I then informed Mr. Cunha that he would no longer need to maintain the northern portion of our property. Our rental contract requires that the tenants are responsible for maintaining the lawn. However, Mr. Cunha responded by telling me that he was going to continue to manage our property and that if we wanted him to cease we would have to call the police...... so we called the police. The police arrived, we told them our story, they spoke to Mr. Cunha, and then they returned telling my wife and I that the property line location is undetermined and therefore trespassing cannot be clearly established. Over the next four months Mr. Cunha continued to trespass by mowing and edging the northern portion of our property at his discretion. Mr. Cunha reported us to the environmental police claiming we were illegally feeding squirrels and ducks. They responded and determined that we were compliant with the local ordinance. No harm, no foul. One Saturday morning, a couple weeks later, Mr. Cunha is kneeling on our grass next to our driveway. Upon approaching him I discover that he's applying chemicals to our grass. I approached him and demanded that he stop and immediately leave the property or I'll call the police. At this time I was standing within an arms length of Mr. Cunha while he was squatting on the grass applying the chemicals. He then abruptly stands up directly into my position. In doing this he made light contact with me by brushing against my chest. Upon this contact James claimed that he was assaulted and had me arrested. At this point I required legal representation because my initial court date was three days after the alleged assault. I needed an attorney with integrity, who could accurately assess the situation and craft a formidable strategy to achieve an efficacious outcome. I needed an attorney who could be available at my discretion. I needed an attorney with a proven track record.......I found and retained Noah Kilroy and I got everything that I needed. He assured me that this case had virtually no merit and that he could resolve it to my satisfaction. I had two charges leveled against me, disorderly conduct and simple assault. The disorderly conduct charge was dismissed and the simple assault charge evaporates in 12 months as though it never occurred. Thank you Noah for doing exactly what you promised. John Siri


I want to thank attorney Noah Kilroy for going above and beyond in helping me with my case. I was rear ended in traffic. It resulted in a year and a half of agony. I finally was able to get spinal surgery with the persistent help of these very professional people in this law firm. Thanks to Kilroy and his law firm, I am now pain free and living a full and productive life. Keep up the good work! I am forever grateful to the wonderful and professional employees of the lynch. Highly recommend!

Ericka Dennis

I Appreciate the Professional Hardwork and Effort

Sofia Diluglio

Noah is a very good lawyer and was more than on my side

Ari DeJesus

I’m so happy that I chose Kilroy law firm! Nothing but the best service. Told me everything I needed to know not just what I wanted to hear. Communication and great assistance. THANK YOU SO MUCH KILROY

Alice Scholl

Noah and his team went above and beyond my expectations. They were very professional, ethical and compassionate. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Joshua Rosario

Thank you for your help and support. I appreciate all the effort you put in to satisfy me with my case.

Rhina Ramirez

I used Noah Kilroy for my court case which was completed today. His patience, expertise, and compassion truly made the difference. I had almost all of my charges dropped, which I never could have dreamed of. He made this entire process painless and as pleasant as possible. I’m extremely grateful for his help, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Chelsea Soriano

Now that we have approached the close of my medical malpractice case, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Noah Kilroy & His law firm for all that they've done for my family and I. We appreciate this firm for understanding and being genuinely concerned while working on our behalf. I would like to personally thank Kilroy for going above and beyond the call of duty. May God continue to richly bless you in all your future endeavors!

Lisa Couture

Wow, such an amazing experience! Highly recommend!

Rhode island Fatboy

Thank you for your services. I appreciate it. You handled everything accordingly and on time. You helped me dismiss my domestic charge and helped me get the best results. I now know you are a hell of a lawyer and I will keep that in mind in case I need you in the future.

Cristal Fabian

The attorney Noah kilroy was extremely helpful to me in my custody/child support case. My case was very unique and I needed a team of experienced and caring law to help me. Noah and his team provided me with the highest level of legal support and helped me achieve the best possible outcome for my case. I can't thank him enough for his help. I would recommend Noah Kilroy to anyone needing legal representation for their family law case.

Lu Mo31

Kilroy did an excellent job handling my case. He was very intelligent, professional, and reallly knows what he is doing in the courtroom. He walked me through the process and kept great communication with me so I understood what was going on every step of my case.

Michelle Tejada

Five years ago I got seriously injured at work and having such an amazing team on my side put all worries at ease from the first phone call, and the other millions of questions I will ask Noah. Him and his team members made me feel like a family, looking out for my best interest every step of the way through the difficult workers compensation process. I always came out on top, and all workers compensation brought proceedings, because I had hands-down the best legal team. Noah would call to check in on me every little bit from doctors visits, to therapy. Appreciate his secretary calling to update me on all legal issues and proper seating’s court regarding my case. This team is the best and I recommend everyone to call Noah if they need help with absolutely any problem. Thanks Noah.

Kyra Giacin

They did exactly what I went there for! Very satisfied

Deb Ceranna

Very professional, efficient and helpful! Highly recommend.

Bunns Jones

I had a really bad car accident and from day one they were kind and very responsive to every request or concern I had. His assistant did so well updating me on the process with my medical records etc. Noah never ended his responses with nothing less than kindness every time I had questions. His patience during the process was unbelievable. Kilroy is a man with awesome personality and with a wealth of wisdom. I’m so thankful for you and your teams help with such a difficult time in my life.

Robert Jones

Noah did a awesome job and I will use him I'm the future if needed

Marvina Gaye

Attorney Noah Kilroy is professional and I appreciate that to the fullest. He is highly knowledgeable about the law (especially criminal) and how the system works. He works hard to ensure things work out favorable and his clients best interest. I find Noah Kilroy competent, courteous, and understanding. He is readily available which makes me feel at ease when things arise that need immediate attention or I simply have questions. He’s a wonderful lawyer, hands down!!!! Highly recommend.

Iviana Lovett

Thank you so much for your patience with me as I was frustrated and almost lost dealing with this case. I appreciate your help and can’t wait to move forward Monday!

Steve Bond

I would like to express how efficient, personable and most of all compassionate Noah Kilroy was while handling my case. Noah has a personality that makes you feel like a top priority. From the first time we spoke you have made me feel fearless and comfortable. Thank you for taking care of my case and dismissing it. Your known to dismiss cases I see. Thank you.

Heather Lynn London

Noah Kilroy is an outstanding defense lawyer! Very personable, knowledgeable, and professional. He kept us informed through the entire process. My boyfriend only received minimum charges on his DUI. Very impressed! We are so thankful we chose Kilroy Delgado Law Group. HIGHLY recommend him for representation.

Yazmin Hernandez

Absolutely the best! Flawless execution to say the least. I’ve experienced so much relief knowing my case is in great hands. It’s still ongoing but I’ve has no hiccups in the process this far. I truly appreciate Noah Kilroy for his professionalism, knowledge and delivery. He keeps me in the loop and I feel assured with him handling my case. Super friendly, respectful, flexible, and truly accommodating by making things as convenient for me as possible. I highly recommend this law firm.!

MaSUL Day&Night

Want to give a big shoutout to this atternoy kilroy man. Thank you for taking over my case and getting me a rental right away while my car was getting fixed. Totally appreciate it. I feel good with you defending me.

Nappyb0y Bubba

Looking for a great reliable lawyer I couldn’t find one anywhere. I researched and couldn’t find anything. Kilroy law firm was recommended to me and was the best decision ever. Noah helped me with my case went through hoops and handled my case as he promised! thank you

Collinj Klang

Made me very confident in my case. Comfort and winning was his main concerns. Hanks Noah

jasmine sthill

Thank you for having patience for me while handling my criminal case. You help me beat my charge and now I’m not a convicted felon and for that I thank you soo much. Your the best.

Mikaela Peterson

I would highly recommend Kilroy Law Firm...... Noah is a great lawyer I’ve seen him help a lot of people I know!

Andrew Bonamassa

Noah is a stand up lawyer a breath of fresh air in this day

Jose York

Noah Kilroy has been an exceptional lawyer for a very personal family matter. We needed expert criminal legal representation and Noah and his team was there with us every step of the way. They were very communicative, open, honest and transparent. And they care. You can tell right away when somebody cares and has empathy. But it goes beyond that. They know the court system, the judges, the prosecutors, and they know the law. They are really smart! I highly recommend them if you or a loved one are in serious legal trouble. Hire well! You won't be disappointed!

zunilda nunez

Thank for supporting and having my back on my criminal charge man. You were very supportive and very passionate. I couldn’t afford that stupid domestic charge on my record knowing I’m a grown responsible man. You are super incredible and I’ll recommend you to anymore coming my way, thank you noah thank you !

Zachary Gausland

Noah is amazing . Pleasant and professional and made me confident in my case .

Ashleigh Cassese

I highly recommend This firm to anyone looking for a Reliable Attorney! Noah is Awesome! Friendly, Attentive, and Professional! Wouldn't go anywhere else!

lilv24 .

If I could give 10 stars I would. I hired Noah Kilroy for a child support modification and he did an amazing job. Totally happy and satisfied with the outcome at the end. Very professional and makes his clients feel comfortable and like w winner throughout the case. Very positive guy, intelligent and passionate about his clients results at the end of every case because they represent him and that’s important to him. Thank you for all your help. It will never go unnoticed. Thanks again.

Hell Boy GunPlay

Shoutout to the best lawyer out here! You a beast Noah. You dismissed my criminal case and convinced my girl to take me off of child support. THANK YOU NOAH. thank you with all my heart. Thank you for having patience for me and getting me great results at the end of my cases. Wouldn't change you for anyone else . Thanks my guy .

Tariyah Gholston

Nice talking to you yesterday everything sounds legit and explained well, i will definitely be hiring this law firm.

Vladimir Soriano

I am so glad I found this firm when I was searching for a personal injury attorney in Providence. I contacted attorney Kilroy through this website and he scheduled a free consultation immediately. I was nervous at first because I never had to deal with a personal injury case but I was informed about the procedure, timeline very thoroughly. From the beginning until the end, my slip and fall case was professionally examined. Noah was very attentive and friendly too. I am very satisfied with my settlement and would come right back to you if I get caught up in any other accident. Thank you sir.

Kiera Robinson

very professional, keeps you updated on every aspect of your case and returns phone calls in a timely manner.

Shamikia Perry

Very helpful, informative and just all around a great guy !

Eladio Fajardo contreras

Wanna give a big shoutout to the atternoy Kilroy, very responsible hard working guy. Thanks for helping me with my accident case, appreciate the amount of money I’ve received.

Danielle Fox

Highly recommend. Professional and amazing! Thank you

Giana Langley

Thanks to the reccomendations in this page I decided to give Noah a try. I was very reluctant as I had a prior lawyer who didn't do his job nor care . I am so relieved I decided to try Noah!! He is the best defense attorney around and moves efficiently and is very knowledgeable. He cares about his clients and getting justice !!! Thank you so much

Takesha Lopes

I have used Misty & Noah on many occasions. They have restored my faith & belief that honest attorney's still exist. They will explain things so you understand & keep you in tune every step of the way. They will fight for your love one like they are their own. They are what I will call your "Missing Piece." If you want things to be put together right, these are 2 for you.

Chris Cote

Five stars across the board would highly recommend

j win

Thanks for helping me and my family out of a situation that could of changed my life forever, when other lawyers did not want to take my case , u step up to the plate and knocked it out the park .we are forever grateful thanks ....

juan hernandez

Thank you for representing me at court last week. You made my life way easier than what I thought. Got me my rental, my car fixed and got me a ton of money. I gave my cousin your number for a case he has pending. I’m sure you’ll be the perfect person to help him out. I appreciate your time and hard work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 10 stars !

Official B Bbandsz

Thank you Kilroy for all your support. Your help really meant a lot to me. Foreal dude!

Petra Soriano

Thank you so much attonery kilroy for your help solving my car accident case. Have to say your a hell of a lawyer! I'll recommend you to everyone. I highly loved the way you stood consistently on calls with me keeping me updated.

Gianly Suriel

Best attorney ever, hands down. Thank you for having my back and representing me at court for my assault case. I really couldn’t have that on my record for the simple fact that I wanted to apply to the airport because it’s my favorite job thus far. So thank you for fighting for me and actually getting that stupid charge dismissed. Much respect.

Jennifer Reyes

Oh my god, I have to say the attorney Noah Kilroy is one of the greatest lawyers I’ve ran into. He helped me with my car accident incident and worked fast for me to get paid as soon as possible. I have to say, I cannot complain. Thank you so much. Your well appreciated.

gregory felix

Honesty, integrity, and transparency. At the Kilroy law firm I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and was treated as a friend rather than a number, $. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed and the process was always explained. My attorney, Noah Kilroy fought hard for me and I appreciate that from the heart. He beasted and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome on my drug case. Something I highly value with him is the fact that they take a pragmatic approach to law and don’t over complicate things unnecessarily. With that being said, if you have a criminal matter in motion he is capable of handling it professionally and satisfy. Ty.

Tone Bone

Thank you for the conversation and never failing me and fighting for me wen I thought justice system wasn’t. you responded to all my calls and texts and because of you I feel as tho god gave me a 2nd chance. Thank you.

Alicia Adames

I honestly didn’t think we had much hope with my brothers case. We had so many lawyers basically give up & tell us to just take the plea deal before they even got started but you were determined and stuck with us. I really appreciate everything you did. Thank youuuuu.

Nathaniel hudson

Helped a friends mother with a case where she was wrongfully arrested. Great lawyer. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Melissa Ayala

I would highly recommend this law firm to all family and friends! Noah is a great lawyer I’ve seen him help a lot of people I know!

salena kroeung

Thank you atternoy Noah for resolving my accident case. Really nice dude. Appreciate the effort, really happy with the money I got. Thanks man.

Waleska Ogando

I recently went through a divorce and had the opportunity to work with Attorney Noah Kilroy. I had originally consulted kilroy in 2018 and specifically requested her services in 2019. Noah is warm, respectful and extremely intelligent. He fights for you and is meticulous in his correspondence - I always knew exactly where I stood during the process as communication was great. His assistant was also fantastic, polite and understanding. If you’re going through a divorce, call Noah!! I could not recommend her more.

Don Carlo

Thank you noah for all your help during this tough time. Thank you for helping me get that felony charge dismissed. I really appreciate it. Thank you man.

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