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REVIEWS OF d'Oliveira & Associates IN Rhode Island

Victoria Brooks

They did a great job!!! They never gave up, and always keep me informed !!! Thank you Lisa and Robin...

Mike Densmore

Robin went above and beyond and I got way more than what I thought I thought I was going to get. Robin and I bonded in a way that we were more than just client and lawyer. I felt like she was my friend and I could trust her. Lindsay was great. When Robin was not available Lindsay was right there and helped me out what ever I needed. Don't lose her, she is a gem. Heaven forbid I need to or anyone I know needs to but I would recommend d'Oliveira & Associates to anyone that needs a lawyer and I would tell them to ask for Robin. My only regret is that after all this is done I wont get to see Robin or Lindsay anymore.


auto accident successful I was in a motor vehicle accident, where I was rear-ended, and the accident cause me the total lost of my vehicle and back injuries. I contacted d’Oliveira & associates Fall River, Mass. Location for an appointment and gave the staff the information that was needed. I was contacted by attorney Robin Gouveia of the East Providence office, very promptly after that and gave a detailed account of what happened, and she and here staff of paralegals worked very digitally to resolve my case, all of my phone calls during that time were either taken care of right away or return calls were done very promptly and timely. I have the greatest respect and trust in their services and would not hastate to secure their services again.

Kellie Fletcher

I was very happy with my experience at d'Oliveira & Associates. The staff was very helpful, and encouraged me to call should I have any questions or concerns. They referred me to an attorney that specializes in Social Security Disability claims, and they did an excellent job handling my case. I would definitely refer others to d'Oliveira & Associates, and would absolutely call on them personally again if I needed to.

jesse de melo


Felicia Delgado

In Rhode island the very best attorney in Rhode island awesome partners and paralegals Lindsay is the best five stars all day long God bless d Oliveira and associates d Oliveira and associates d Oliveira and associates

Rich Sousa

I am 18 and was in my first car accident. I am glad D'Oliveira & Associates were here along with my parents to help me through the process. They were very informative and nice to me and the process was so fast. I would definitely use them again if I ever need them. Alyssa Sousa

Rhonda Moore

Good job. Helped my mom right out when she was involved in a car accident. Always able to give her a honest answer, even when she didn't like it. Answered all of her questions fully. She went to the East Providence office and worked with attorney Robin Gouveia

michele danforth

Car accidents are never easy & having to deal with all the medical bills and what do we do next situations can be very scary but we had Robin & Lindsey and they took all of the stress and worry off our shoulders. They were amazing to deal with and explained everything so that we understood what was going on every step of the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a good, professional and friendly team to work on their behalf..

Kelly StarSpangled

I was hit by a driver at night turning left at a yellow light, I was hurt pretty bad and my car was totaled. Robin Gouveia and paralegal Lindsay Ferreira made the whole process easy and we’re very kind to me. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Maria Disano

They were great from the first time we met. They answered all my questions in a timely fashion. They guided me in every step of the way. Will highly recommend to any friends or family. A+ for Robin G and Lisa from the East Providence RI office THANK YOU

lacey peltier

My son's bus was hit by a car on his way to school. He was thrown from his seat into the aisle, and while he thankfully wasn't badly hurt, he was traumatized. Robin took his case and saw it through from start to finish. Every step of the way was quick and painless.


I had an extremely clear cut case (there was zero guesswork or investigation required). I understand things can get dragged out especially when they involve a company. But they did ZERO fighting for me in any shape or form. They never kept me updated and it was always a task getting in touch with them. They were content on settling for near nothing. I had to negotiate with my own legal team to get me more money. The company would have given more had I had more aggressive or any real representation. They just wouldn't put in the work. It feels like it came down to them not wanting to do more paperwork or spend time on it. If I wasn't so far into the case I would have gladly swapped lawyers. But that far in, it's very hard to find someone else to take your case (because of fee splitting). So I ended up settling for a small portion of what I could have actually gotten. The other person involved in the same accident as me (within the same vehicle),used them as well. They got even less than I did (for no reason other than they didn't want to negotiate or put in the work). They by far do not live up to the commercials that they have on TV every 2 seconds. I couldn't have been more disappointed and I can't help but feel wronged by this. Unacceptable.

The Royals

Me and my kids got in a car accent and Laura help me out a lot getting me and my kids the help we needed any time I need help I call Laura from Warwick she is great and make she understand what's going on helpful

Laurie Giudice

My experience with d'Liveira & Associates was beyond exceptional. My lawyer Robin Gouveia and paralegal Lisa Ferreira handled my automobile accident case with the utmost professionalism. I will use d'Oliveira & Associates in the future if I am in need of a excellent law firm.

Royalkingsson .

I have been in an accident where i was hit from behind. I went to d'Oliveira and associates and had no complaints everything thing was great and smooth. i would recommend them to anyone

lauren yany

Great Experience! Written on behalf of Albert Yany : Lisa and Robin were very helpful with my wife and I after we were injured in a car accident in February of 2018. They worked hard alongside my insurance company to get us the money we deserved! Would definitely recommend to someone in need of a good lawyer!!

Kelly Perez

I was seen in the Pawtucket office by Robin and Lisa for a car accident case. This place was good to an extent. I didn’t feel like there was any hospitality. Half of the time I was being rushed off of the phone by the receptionist (she wouldn’t even let me finish my sentence) I also did ask for a call back once and never received one. Besides feeling rushed off of the phone Robin and Lisa were kind and I did get my settlement fairly quick.

Michele Silva

My daughter was in a car accident. Robin took the time to listen to our case when no other lawyer would. I want to thank Robin and Lisa in the East Providence Office for everything they have done for my daughter and our family. I would definitely use them again if I ever need them.

Betty Vargas

Everyone from D'Oliveira & Associates that worked with me was wonderful. They answered all my questions. If they couldn't they would make sure someone would call me right back with an answer. My experience with your team was great thank you for all your help.

Karen Odhiambo

I will recommend this law office with family and friends you guys were great.

Kellie Najas

October 17, 2016 Robin and Lisa were a pleasure to work, they both kept me in the know at all times, whether by email or phone. Very professional.

callie xavier

After my car accident I had gone to the Pawtucket location. Lisa and the team there were very kind and hardworking ! They didn’t have me waiting a long time and always kept me on track with the process!

Chrissy Isms

Laura, from the Warwick office, handled my accident and she and the entire staff at the Warwick office were absolutely phenomenal. She was always available when I had a question, she worked with the other party’s insurance company to get me the best dollar amount possible. Best attorney ever! Highly recommended.

Susan Blackburn

3 minutes ago-Edit Attorney Robin Gouveia and Paralegal Lisa were awesome to work with.They are a great team,professional , compassionate and caring ..Everything is explained step by step and they're available to answer and questions or concerns throughout the process. In a previous case in which I was hit by a car while crossing a street, they handled the insurance and concerns so I was less stressed and could focus on healing and recovery.That was the first time I used a lawyer. I tried to work on it myself but was overwhelmed in dealing with the insurance company and trying to recover from a fractured back.The settlement was something I never imagined. This current case I was rear-ended while at a stop light and sustained personal injury and my car was totaled. They handled everything and I was compensated for my loss. I would highly recommend Robin and Lisa to anyone seeking legal advice.

Lina Silva

Cara was great! All of staff was very pleasant and made this settlement easy!

Liz Perez

I am supper grateful for them for helping me once again on my auto case . It is my second time working with them and working with the same paralegal Lisa Lennon my attorney Robin Gouveia In the Fall River office they are fast and keep you ontop of your case I highly recommend them for any type of case i assure you , you wont be disappointed!!

Geno Page

It was a great experience working with Robin and Lisa for my car accident case. From start to end any question I had was answered. I would recommend them to others without hesitation!!

Paulina Mathias

Always Call you back and quick to.

Patricia Barth

I was in a car accident in 2017, I had 3 different lawyers/attorneys, Karen, Lisa, Robin, they were all very sweet and prompt, I didn't have any problems with anything, my location was in Pawtucket,RI and I will use them again, if needed.


Motor vehicle accident - the team was understanding and dedicated. They helped with the medical as well as the legal aspects of the situation. Great help!

lakosa mobley

{over all performance} wishing a speeder service and better out come from other insurance company.

Chaneudi Anthony Leonirio

My wife and mother in law both referred me to this law firm . At first I wanted to keep looking into other places and more but as soon as I seen that I emailed them for a consultant My paralegal Lisa Lennon got in touch with me with in 2 days to go into their office talk more about what has happened and see in what ways herself and my attorney Robin Gouveia In the Fall River office could help me . I can honestly say for my first time I would highly recommend them to ANYONE they are very on top of their Assignments I was constantly calling emailing and annoying them and with in 24-48 hours I had a response to what Ever it was I needed I’m highly satisfied And will be coming to them for anything !!

Amanda Miller

D'Oliviera & Associates was very helpful with my personal injury case. They were trustworthy, prompt with returning my calls and answering any questions I may have. Lisa was always very pleasant and polite whenever I spoke with her. Thank you for all of your help and I will be recommending D'Oliviera & Associates in East Providence to all friends and family!

Becca S

Lindsay and Robin did an amazing job with both my cases. Whenever family or friends are looking for trustworthy lawyers that want the best for you I always send them to Robin G & Lindsay Ferreira at d'Oliveira & Associates! I highly recommend !

verna narcovich

We had a great experience with you ,i would definetly recommend you to our friends. thank you.billie-jo sheehan, 228 beacon park drive, riverside ri 383-9455

Mina Samir

D'Oliviera & Associates was very helpful with my personal injury case.

Mike Aldine

A great client experience from the start to settlement I had the pleasure of working with attorney Robin and Lindsey. I highly recommend to all my family and friends.

stephanie tavares

Never went trough this before with lawyers and stuff, but the are so good, worked me through everything. stonily recommended to a friend and family.

Rafael Brandon

I was in a motor accident with my sister, where we were rear-ended at a red light. While I was anxious near the end, since the case seemed so clear-cut and the insurance company was digging their heels, the d'Oliveira team was patient with me and did their best to get me and my sister what we deserved.

Tree Marie

I was in an accident 2 years ago and had Robin and Lindsey as my team. The driver ran a stop sign and I didn't have time to stop. They not only took care of the medical side of things but they helped me get me a rental when my car was totaled. They were recommended by a friend of mine and I will be recommending them as well!

Tiffany Lopes

The East Providence location is very easy to find, and its a friendly law firm. They helped me with my motor vehicle accident case and did everything they could to help me get the settlement I received. Robin is Great!

Jamilette Diaz

d'Oliveria & Associates in East Providence help are car accident case in October 21, 2016. Thanks to are wonderful attorney Robin G and Liza Lennon for giving Philip Diaz a better future! Mom and dad are extremely happy with everything you've done! Also I would recommend my friends and family for your services. Thanks again!

Diane Furtado

Very professional and helpful. I was always greeted with a smile. Everyone is very caring

Dawnye Lassiter

Very professional and I would not recommend anybody else. Lindsay and Robin in the Pawtucket office are great. Thank you guys

Nina Stewart

After getting into a car accident I immediately called this office first. I got Cara Gallucci as my lawyer and Kristen Di Chiaro as my paralegal on my case. Both were so extremely kind and caring. They both took the time to help me in any way they could think of! Available literally at all times through email/text/call. The team fought for nothing but the best for me and were able to help me significantly more than what I was even expecting. Everything went by quick, which was highly appreciated as I have a busy schedule, absolutely no hassle with anything. The amount of time and care/consideration they supplied me with were unbelievable and I will from now on only recommend them to anyone!

Lindsey Trifero

I got into a car accident in June of 2014 and my daughter was also with me. After weeks of trying to settle with the other persons insurance, I was fed up and called d'Oliveira & Associated. I got an appointment the same day and they even drove to my town so I would not have to travel. With in days they had all the information from all of our doctors and submitted them to the other persons insurance. Lindsey Proffitt called and asked how we were doing. She was very helpful and honest. She always made sure that she called right back. Robin Gouveia was very friendly and honest with me. I had asked her for her personal opinion and she was very up front with me. they were always there when I needed them most. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for all of your help Lindsey and Robin! Lindsey M

Krizia Carter

I regret to disagree with Lisa C. Not in a sense of employment but of representation. I did not feel as if my lawyer was working for me. She did not listen to me as her client but rather acted as if she was representing the other party. Or as if I made up a story. I wish my injury was a story. A story of the past, not a story to live with like I have been. And from the looks of another source, this case was possibly a neglected misrepresentation. I'm sorry that this had to be my review but I'm just being honest.

panda 914

Great service !!! Thank you Robin and Lisa for everything you've done for my son it's tough after having a car accident but with your help it made things easier !! Thanks a million!!

Emily Truesdale

I was in a car accident where someone had ran a stop sign. d'Oliveira & Associates had taken over my case and both Lindsey and Robin were of great help and had my case closed in a timely manner. Thankful for a smooth, easy settlement.

Diana Villafane Sr.

Thanks to Robin and lisa great job on answering all my questions and also keaped me updated on my case and my husband case this is my third time with them and im very happy once again THANK YOU ROBIN AND LISA GREAT JOB!!

Ibrahima Konte

Attorney Robin Gouveia did great job with my injury case.During the whole process She and Lisa was great about every step with informations,details ,plan of action until I settle . Amazing ,patient,knowledgeable staff .Im so please with the job Robin and staff put together on my behalf and I will recommend to everybody

Nadean Monahan

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I was involved in a car accident a mere 3 weeks before I was due to be married. Lindsay was my paralegal and helped me hire Robin as my attorney. With the wedding so close it was understandable that my thoughts were everywhere. They both handled everything and remembered what I couldn't at the moment! I would definitely hire them again!

William Rabideau

I want to thank all those involved in my settlement case for an auto accident. I never was involved in anything like this before and they did all the work. You explained what they were doing and kept me in touch. Everyone was available when I needed them and they seem to really care about my case.

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