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REVIEWS OF Christopher E. Heberg IN Rhode Island

Juan Frias

Very unprofessional, he made 2 mistakes in one sentence in legal complaint to be filed. I wouldn't recommend to use this lawyer, it will cost you more at the end just to fix the mess he creates.

Christopher Macintyre

I have been working with Attorney Christopher Heberg for close to a year now and he has been extremely helpful every step of the way. Any questions or concerns I have, he is always quick to respond via phone call or email. He definitely helped make a difficult process smoother with his easy to get along with attitude, productiveness and eagerness to accomplish our goals set. I only wish I sought out his service sooner then I did. I would recommend Attorney Hebert to anyone who wants results and to always be informed, without a doubt!

Natalie Jones

I hired Chris to represent me when my ex took me back to court to increase the amount of money she receives from me. Chris was straight forward, honest, and patient when he explained everything. He is vert honest and gave us know faulse promises, but he did promise I would not get railroaded!!!! He kept his promise. I could not have been happier with Christopher Heberg's work, and would not hesitate to hire him again........ All and all a great experience, Thank you Chris! Joe Carr

daniel gill

I have been working with mr Heberg for several months over a very difficult divorce. The level of good legal advice I received was excellent and the only time things did not turn good for me was when I tried to do his job and did not let him be in the driver seat. Fair pricing for services and detailed monthly account. Calm and collected he will also support me in area outside of the law. Considering how difficult this case has been he stuck by me and continue to maintain his professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone either they find themselves on the contested path or not.

Tom No

Chris was retained through a referral from a close friend. I am happy to say that he was an excellent choice for an unfortunate situation. The divorce proceedings and issues surrounding them are brutal and grueling but Chris maintained his professional demeanor. He assisted me as well as educated me in this process. I would highly recommend his services to anyone caught in the same unfortunate situation of dealing with divorce. As it is difficult enough dealing with the mental and emotional stress of the process, to have someone in your corner who will fight for you is definitely what you need. Thanks again

Allison Godfrey

Mr. Heberg has done a great job in representing me in my divorce. He has protected the interests of myself and my children and has successfully negotiated through the issues that have been part and parcel of this process. Mr. Heberg is attentive, thorough and responsive. His success in achieving the goals for his client are testament to his expertise in this area.

Ryan Noonan

Chris and his staff are tremendous!! During a very difficult time Chris went that extra mile to fight for me and my family!! I would recommend Chris to anyone, he is hard worker that will do all he can for his customers!!

Nancy Buck

Mr Heberg is the lawyer you want. He is respectful, trustworthy and diligent. He will fight hard to get you what you deserve!

Wendy Clark

Christopher Heberg is an excellent attorney! He handled a case dealing with family matters and I was ecstatic with the results. He is very tenacious, comfortable to work with and will go the distance for you. I was able to get so much information and assistance from Mr. Heberg. I would definitely recommend him as I have worked with other attorneys and he is definitely the best by far.

Craig Miles

Wow he’s great ! Always returned my calls and emails . I was very satisfied with staff . He really took care of me and got me what I wanted and needed . He’s easy to talk to . I highly suggest him !

David Crossman

I don't write reviews often but feel it's necessary this time. I went to Chris and was literally at the end of my rope with the court system. After talking with Chris he assured me he could help with the custody issues I was experiencing. I had met with many different lawyers through my experience with family court and none of them seemed as sincere as Chris. He was honest and told me things I didn't want to hear but made me understand why I needed to hear them. There were bumps along the way and every time he assured me it was headed in the right direction. Explained thoroughly what his plan was and reassured me the end result would be positive as long as I listened. He couldn't have been more right. I highly recommend him to anyone dealing with family court. I also recommend at least sitting down with him before going through the court system alone. Ultimately thanks to Chris I now have my visitation back in full and working on getting even more than that. Highly recommend his assistance and will never step into that courtroom without him with me.

Tami Lavallee

I used Attorney Chris Heberg in a family matter. I wish I had contacted him long before I did, however he was excellent, explained the process, made me feel very comfortable & was very upfront! I would definitely use him again & refer him to family & friends!

Jane Waterman

I had the unfortunate need to hire a divorce attorney and Chris Heberg was referred to me by an old friend who had used him for her divorce. I had a different attorney prior to Mr. Heberg that charged me far too much money for very little service. Mr. Heberg always acted in a professional yet friendly manner and took the time to explain what was being done and what to expect. Divorce is never an easy process to go through, but I am glad to have had a professional attorney, one that always called me back the same day, responded to my email the same day, and did his best to make the process go as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend him for your legal matters.

Jack Mefford

Mr. Heberg and his office staff were incredibly professional and throrough. In one short month they were able to bring about closure to a lingering issue that prior counsel had been grappling with for over a year. Honest, straightforward, thorough and responsive, basically all the qualities you would hope for in an attorney. Highly recommended!

Christina Duarte

Attorney Chris Heberg has assisted me throughout my divorce process, which has not always been easy. It was especially at the most difficult times that he hasn't just assisted, but has handled everything from A to Z. He is professional, diligent, sensitive to the matters at hand, and always makes himself available for any questions or concerns throughout the entire process. If he is unavailable at the time, he always returns the call as soon as possible and has never left me hanging with unanswered questions or concerns. Mr. Heberg is definitely the lawyer to have on your side in the courtroom.

William Rubeira

During my rather lengthy divorce, I needed a lawyer and a counselor. I needed a lawyer for all of the paperwork, expert knowledge of RI divorce laws and so on and so forth. I needed a counselor to help me remove feelings from the situation and help me see the logical side of things. Separating your feelings from a divorce (specially a very difficult one like mine) is very hard to do. Chris was there for me from day 1. He handled all the back and forth with the other attorney, he made sure I understood everything that was going on, he filed all of the motions, he encouraged me and my ex to try to workout our issues to come to a fair resolution. After there was an attorney change by my ex, he took it in stride and kept everything moving without delay. But the most important thing he did was keep my feelings of anger or my want for revenge out of the equation. Chris was always there to help me see the logical side. He always returned my phone calls and emails. Chris was my divorce lawyer and now I understand why the word "counselor" is used to identify lawyers because Chris was definitely my "counselor" too.

Katherine Bascombe

Attorney Chris Heberg was referred to me by a satisfied client who has used Heberg over a period of 12 years. Heberg assisted me with a complicated business lease case as well a personal injury case (my vehicle was totalled by driver who was uninsured and I was 7 months pregnant at the time). Heberg IS the lawyer you want on your side. Very professional, tenacious, works in a very timely manner, and in a few words, on your side!! Definitely the attorney to know.

Sarah Miller

Kristin Roche

Mr. Heberg represented me throughout my divorce, he is very professional and confident in the court room. I was very pleased with the outcome. Through the years I have called Mr. Heberg for advice, and he is always willing to help, and prompt returning my call. I could not have asked for a better attorney.

Annette Rose

I've seen Mr. Heberg several times now in action & am always impressed at his tenacity to fight for his clients rights. He's diplomatic & professional yet unforgiving when needed. I would highly recommend him.

Kelly Dwyer

We are involved with a very difficult legal battle and have found Chris Heberg to be exactly what we needed; a very competent, knowledgeable and aggressive attorney. I would highly reccommend him to anyone who is facing any family/custody/divorce issues.

Mary White

Mr.Heberg represented me in a diffuclt custody and child support battle . He was proffesional aggressive and took my interest into concern was always there when I needed him . He fought for me and what was right and in the end it was well worth it . Mr.Heberg you are amazin attorney that has your clients best interest in hand I could not of got through this with out him . If i ever need an attorney again I would not hesistate to call Mr.Heberg . I would recommend him to anyone that needs an excellent attorney to represent them .

Chrissy Isms

Chris Heberg was the best divorce attorney ever. My divorce was painless and easy thanks to him. He made sure that as his client, my needs were addressed and taken care of 100%. Meredith was also amazing. She’s very sweet and professional. She was extremely thorough. I hope I’m smart enough to never get into a situation where I need a divorce attorney again, but god forbid if I do, I’m calling them!!

James Betres

Attorney Chris Heberg did a tremendous job helping me through the divorce process. He was professional and candid from the first day we met. While divorce is always difficult, Chris provided the guidance and insight necessary to make the situation the best for me.

Meaghan Jencks

Chris has represented my family for several different types of situations, including a car accident, divorce, child support and bankruptcy. I have always found him to be very professional and confident at what he does. He is always quick to respond to any questions we have had and always makes the time to talk to you to discuss what you can expect and how to proceed. So far, he has always been right.

Ana Garza

Christopher Heberg was my divorce attorney 8 years ago. My divorce included a horrible custody case of our only son that lasted for 2 years. Chris not only represented me but helped me get through the process every step of the way. He made every effort to answer all of my questions, was attentive and supportive on the sensitivity of the case, and was available every time; always answering my calls way before 24 hrs. It is difficult to acknowledge the hard work that goes into preparing for a divorce case and as a client, I was recommended to Chris for his expertise in discovery and family law. I admit that I didn't always understand every thing about my divorce case. I wanted what I wanted and my emotions weren't always helping him. Chris made every effort to explain the details of the case in such a way that helped me get through it, emotionally as well. His patience earned my trust. I know that he will always be my attorney. On numerous occasions since my divorce, I have seeked his advice and will continue to do so because he is a wonderful lawyer who doesn't always get the credit he deserves simply because divorce cases include so much emotional stress. I trust Chris's opinion and knowledge about law wholeheartedly and recommend him as your attorney without reservation. My son is now 21 years old, and a junior in college. My ex husband and I have good communication because Chris stressed the importance of such for the benefit of the child.

william jencks

Chris has helped me with divorce, bankruptcy, collections, etc. He is confident in what he does and when you work with him, you will see why. He prepares you for what to expect during the timeline of your case and everything happens just as he describes it. Chris will take the time to speak with you about your case and reassure you as to next steps. He is also quick to respond personally with any questions or issues that you contact him with. Chris is an excellent lawyer and I would highly recommend him.

Nick Rego

Although I had an amicable divorce . We tried to do it on our own . Not the best idea. We found chris and he helped us sort out everything. Quick and professionally while he could only represent one of us he understood our situation. With both of our busy schedules Chris made our divorce quick and easy tackling everything throw his way. He is an amazing lawyer . I high reccomend him!! Thanks so much

Jennifer Kilduff

I was able to observe Mr. Heberg in action during my friend's very difficult divorce. He was the ultimate professional. He treated my friend with kindness and respect while maintaining a focused and strong approach. He was able to accomplish what was right, fair and just! Nicely done!!!!

Mike wentzell

I live in Massachusetts and needed to find a lawyer out of Rhode Island for my child support case. Well,as you know I hired Chris. People might ask why Chris, from the moment I met him he made me feel comfortable. He explained everything that he would get done...not do but get done. My court date was a month away and during that time he kept in touch weekly and answered my calls when I had a question. Chris got me what I wanted, so Thankyou Chris. In closing, he is a great guy with enormous knowledge and experience with the court system. Less

jodie bedard

Christopher Heberg represented me in 2 family law cases. Both times, he was completely supportive of me. He made sure I knew everything that would happen before it happened. He explained EVERYTHING and made sure I understood what was going on now and what to expect next. I was always prepared. He respects my time and did an amazing job of giving me his time as well. Maybe most importantly, he did everything he said he would do. He never over-promises but always comes through. I recommend Chris 100%.

Henry Jeter

To be honest my experience with Mr. Heberg left a very bad taste in my mouth. I hired him to be my divorce attorney back in 2014. I have no doubts he is well educated lawyer but he appeared to me to be some what lazy and never fully prepared. His billing practices I found to be truly horrible. At one point he billed me because he sent a email to me to ask me for something I had already given him. I noted in a email I had already given it to him and he confirmed I did but still billed me for the exchange of emails. He billed me for working on a document he never completed. He billed me for items he never explained to me and when I called to ask him he did not take my call. He was always late for court. His communications skills were very lacking. I ended up releasing Mr. Heberg from service and represented myself for the final stage of a divorce that was not completed in a timely manner because I believe Mr. Herbeg's lack of professionalism. The man would not take my phone calls. Just replied to emails. Simply not a lawyer I would recommend to anyone.

Allie Ski

I recently went through a divorce. Christopher Heberg was my lawyer. He made the whole process very easy, quick and untroubled. Most of the other lawyers I observed in the courtroom was a mess. They didn't have correct information, very sloppy appearance,could have cared less for their clients, all around horrible. I am glad I went with Christopher Heberg, he is very professional and on point. I would recommend him to anyone who is going through a divorce,especially if you want it done right . Excellent lawyer.

Elisa Galapon

In difficult situation like having divorce, emotional and financial distress is almost always there, but Atty. Heberg did not break my pocket. He has the most reasonable price in the local area, besides he's knowledgeable, quick and prompt with the process.

Jawad Jafery


Reney Flores

Very good divorce lawyer

robin white

Getting divorced there are many difficult decisions you need to make and it’s important to make the right ones. I was extremely grateful to have Chris Heberg represent me. I had my own plan of how I wanted to proceed with the divorce. He guided me through many scenarios that I didn’t even think about which lead me to a great contract. There were many times I called the office and spoke to Meredith in the office who was extremely supportive and provided much needed direction. Chris was always available to talk with me which was alwsys to relieve my frustrations during this process. I can’t express what a fantastic team I had on my side !

Linda Williams

This attorney was one of the rudest, most demeaning, and dismissive individuals I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. (Whether or not my being a woman had anything to do with it, I cannot say...but suspect so. I arrived a few minutes early for my appointment, where I sat in the waiting room until he finished up making lunch dates on the telephone. After being ushered into his office, with the obligatory "power desk," I began to present my case to him, whereupon I was continually interrupted, demeaned, cut off and generally made to feel like a complete idiot, despite being a member of MENSA and holding a Ph.D. He proceeded to tell me how busy his schedule was, and that he "couldn't touch" my case for under a certain hefty dollar amount. This after telling me how he was so busy that he had to appear in 3 separate courthouses in one morning at the same time. Ummmmm, if you're that busy, maybe it's called GREED? And how is it that you can suddenly become "unbusy" enough to take a case after you get a hefty up-front fee? WHAT AN ARROGANT, SELF- IMPORTANT JERK!!!!!!!! My advice: STAY AWAY!!! -- No, RUN away!!

Matt Leonard

I hired Chris when I made the very difficult decision to take legal action to get equal placement of my daughter. While I was not optimistic that the RI Family Court system would make this an easy process, I knew that this was in her best interest and worth the fight. I researched and met with various attorneys all promising great results. I finally made the decision to retain Chris’ services and have not regretted it since. Chris’ honesty in my initial consultation was what finalized my decision. He was straightforward on what could and could not be done. He did not waste time feeding me unrealistic scenarios that would never play out. He reviewed my case and gave me a very logical analysis on what he results he could produce. I am happy to say that he rose to the challenge and delivered what we were striving for. Throughout the entire process, there was constant communication between me and Chris’ office. Meredith was extremely helpful for all those small inquiries that didn’t necessarily need Chris’ attention. There was consistent follow up. It is never easy when you are navigating through custodial issues, but having an attorney who is honest and fights for you makes it bearable. I will be using Chris again should I need any additional services and have recommended him to other people as well.

Nathaniel Perry

Thank you Mr. Heberg for your excellent representation during my difficult divorce. Mr. Heberg is a professional and knowledgeable attorney that provided me with good advice and support during the divorce process. He was always there when I had any questions or concerns. I would recommend Mr. Heberg to anyone who is need of an experienced attorney, who will provide personal attention to them when facing divorce or other legal issues,

David C

Mr Heberg is s excellent attorney. I was impressed by his professionalism and his determination in using a strong and diplomatic approach in my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Heberg he was prompt in returning my phone calls and he was always there when I needed him.

Marissa Lindenberg

I was very grateful to find a compassionate, determined lawyer in such a difficult time in my life. Chris was thorough and made me feel heard during the process. His paralegal Meredith was amazing as well; anytime I had a question or concern, she was there to lend a helping ear. In distressing family situations, Chris Heberg would be the lawyer I would call.


My experience with Christopher Heberg was nothing less than ideal. He was (and still remains) available for any questions I have. In my first face to face meeting, he asked a lot of questions and asked for my thoughts on what I want the outcome to be. I was impressed when he followed up a day later with what he felt would be the best course of action, as well as other options if I was not able to reach a compromise with the other party. It made me feel that he took the time to reflect upon what would be a fair and simple course of action for all parties. When a compromise was not reached, Chris worked diligently to bring my case to conclusion. He always took the time to clarify court dates and their purpose, even reviewing updates the day before so he had the most current information. He was persistent in seeking out what was fair, he communicated honestly with me if he felt that what I was asking for was unreasonable, and was a welcome relief in a very difficult time.

Paul Amaral

Attorney Chris Heberg did a tremendous job with my divorce process that resulted in quite a positive settlement on my behalf that exceeded my expectations. He was always very professional and candid and did not waste anytime feeding me improbable scenarios that would never play out. He is very logical and delivered/exceeded on all of his promises. I felt very comfortable going into court and always depended on Chris for the best advice and outcome. Chris provided the guidance and insight necessary to make the situation the best for me and always discussed all possible outcomes in detail and he was always right on his recommendations. I would strongly recommend Chris and his practice for legal services and would definitely hire him again with the comfort of knowing that I am in good hands. Thank you Chris and Meredith.

Cherise Miller

Mr. Heberg handled my case which was a request to have my daughters last name changed to my last name. I had my daughter in my custody since she was born. She wanted to change her last name to the family last name when she turned 13. Believe it or not, parents still have rights even when they are not actively involved in their childs life and not paying child support. So in my case, I took a shot at it and thought, what if he never finds her father, he is in another country and has no real address... Well Chris found him and had him served with legal paperwork. From this simple name change request, Chris not only won my case, but I also collected two thousand dollars in child support back pay and gained full custody of my daughter. I was always at ease speaking with him because he supported me, he worked hard for me and he believed in my case. My daughter is very happy now and so am I. Chris was always prompt in responding to all of my emails and phone calls.

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