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REVIEWS OF Abilheira Law, LLC IN Rhode Island

Carl Smigielski

I enthusiastically recommend Allison. She represented me in a traffic case where the underlying statue has been interpreted very broadly. For that particular statue, the Traffic Tribunal often refuses to dismiss even based on a good driving record. Allison’s preparation, knowledge of the law, and professional relationship with the Court produced a successful outcome for me without going to trial. Allison is confident and intelligent. She treated me with warmth and integrity. She spent time listening and explaining and never pressured me into a particular approach. Ultimately, I trusted her skills and instincts and I’m glad I did. She is well worth her very reasonable fees. Thank you, Allison!

Kenneth Pierce

Allison Abilheira went above and beyond representing me in the court of law. The ending results couldn't be any better. Great communication. Well recommended !! Thank you again!

Midna Inc

Allison was great! After 4 or 5 attorneys in the area gave me the run around, I reached Allison. I spoke to her directly, and she was very honest and to the point. She laid out exactly how much it would cost and what the process looked like to get an old case sealed. Her communication was superb through every step, and she even got the case sealed in less time than she estimated. A+++

Eliza DeFroda

Allison was just wonderful! She took care of me like a friend, she was incredibly responsive, even answering emails on a Sunday! She was helpful, thoughtful and prompt. If I ever need lawyer services again she will absolutely be the first person I contact. I can't thank her enough and absolutely recommend her!

Madeleine Dufault

Professional, very helpful & really helped my situation.

Andrew Pratt

Very pleased how she handled everything.

Nelson Santos

My experience with Allison by far exceeded my expectations. Allison was always available when I needed something. She never treated me or my situation as " Just another client case" I highly recommend her services if you want tentative responses but most importantly someone who knows what to expect with any case and knows how to do it right. By far Allison know what she is doing.

Brianna Byam

Michael Anthony

Allison Abilheira was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. She made me feel comfortable and assured me she would doing everything and anything she could to help my situation, and that she did! Highly recommend her services!


Ms. Abicheira was able to take care of my expungement quick and easy within a couple of weeks This law firm is also very Veteran friendly. I would recommend her any time to handle all my problems

Christopher Donnells

Allison is truly a professional. She is not only a great attorney but is kind and explains every detail of the nuisances of the case from beginning to end. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed. She will work with you and for you. Thank you Allison for all that you’ve done!

andrew connell

Great service! Saved me from alot of trouble

brian theodore

Allison is a superb attorney. My experience with her could not have been better. She knows the law, has the relationships with the court personnel which matter and, most importantly of all, is effective. As an attorney myself who has worked throughout my career with other attorneys of varying stripes, Allison ranks among the best.

Scotty Matovich

My experience with Mrs. Abilheria was fantastic. She was very helpful, professional, and seemed very experienced. She always answered my calls or called right back to give me advise that was very informative and useful.

Antonio johnson

Incredible service. Couldn't ask for better results

Henry Alberti

Allison Abilheira handle my case with great professionalism, compassion, care and with great success. Abilheira law, Rocks! Thanks for all that you do!

Jamie Beauregard

I have to say that Allison was a great attorney . my 19 year old son was up for license suspension and she got his case completely dismissed!! The one thing that stuck out with me is her confidence . she said she was 95% confident he would not lose his license and no other attorney was willing to put that amount of confidence forward. I spoke with 4 other attorneys and she was the only one with confidence and made me feel at ease. We spoke briefly the day before and our case was heard today. dismissed is all I can say I will certainly keep her contact information and refer to others !!! 5 star.

Cole Hollis

Allison was absolutely wonderful to work with in every regard! She constantly kept in contact with me to send reminders of court dates along with arranging face to face meetings. At every step of the process, she elaborated all possible outcomes and options available to me. She was even able to reduce my speeding ticket all the way down to mandatory community service hours resulting in no violation on my driving record. Her professionalism, knowledge, and passion for her clients go a long way. Driving violations and how they are carried out can be an intimidating and puzzling process, especially as a teenager but I couldn't have been luckier to work with Allison and I strongly suggest taking your case and questions to her!


Allison was generous with her time and informative information even before I became a client. She was able to resolve a matter for me swiftly and conveniently. I can confidently recommend Allison.


I highly recommend Allison Abilheira and feel she did an excellent job on my behalf. I hired her to help me deal with a traffic violation, and she was so kind and knowledgeable. She was always very accommodating, and returned messages and emails promptly. She was very respectful, perceptive, professional and easy to talk to. She was well versed in this field of expertise and did an excellent job acting on behalf. She was able to get the case successfully dismissed and I would not hesitate to hire her again and highly recommend her and her business.

Tatiyana Nicole

Allison has worked with me on a few different cases. She is wonderful and truly is just looking to help you in everyway possible. I really appreciate everything she has done for me.

Michelle Andre

I simply cannot say enough about my experience with Alison Abilheira. Alison took my call the very first time I reached out to her, perfect first impression, and it only got better from there. Her knowledge and expertise coupled with her professionalism and immediate willingness to help us was so impressive to me. My son was in violation of Colin B Foote and not being from RI was in desperate need of help. It is solely because Alison that was able to keep his license. To say I highly recommend her would be a drastic understatement. You need not look any further for an attorney as you will not find anyone better!

stephanie wheeler

Informative, reassuring, and thorough! I've never had to obtain legal services prior to this and I felt so much more confident navigating the courts with Abilhera Law.

Pleased Client

Simply put: Honest, knowledgeable, great to work with,superior attention to detail and high level of professionalism while working under a tight deadline. Exceeded all expectation's.

Julie Carvalho

I cannot say enough positive things about Abilheira Law! I have worked with Allison for well over a year and have been extremely happy with her focus to detail, her knowledge of the law and her natural ability to negotiate. As a single parent of two children and tackling the family court system, I was appreciative of Allison's dedication in making sure that my case was a priority. I never had to leave a message; there was ALWAYS a live person to take my call and I always heard back from Allison during the same day. Allison was HONEST and gave me true/realistic examples of what my case would entail and not just what I wanted to hear. In court she sat beside me when I witnessed the majority (if not all) of the other attorney's chatting and working on other cases. I felt 100% supported in the courtroom and also in preparation for court dates. This small law firm is the way to go! I received sincere personalized attention, did not feel like one of many cases a larger firm would have and I received EXEMPLARY legal service that fit a working mom's budget. I would recommend Abilheira Law, LLC to any of my friends and family members if they unfortunately find themselves in need of legal services.

Sergei Amromin

Allison is very knowledgeable and helpful. She really helped us in our speeding ticket case. At the end we paid no fine, no applicable court fees and the case was dismissed. Communication was easy and intuitive. She was always returning phone calls and was able to answer any questions and address all of our concerns. It was really my pleasure working with Allison, and I would never hesitate to recommend her services to my friends and colleagues, if needed. Good luck, Allison, and all the best in your professional career!

Shawn Rousseau

Fantastic lawyer, very agressive, and never failed at returning my calls or emails.. I would definitely use him again, for any legal needs

Frances Raymond

robert dumoulin

Allison was very professional and competent in handling my case. She was very responsive and quick. I would highly recommend Allison for all your legal needs.

Max P

Greg and Allison were courteous and professional. They were able to meet with me right away and exceeded my expectation for service. I highly recommend Greg and Allison for your legal services!!!

Kristen Hughes

Alison did a phenomenal job on my traffic case, I never thought Id have such a great outcome! Down to earth and welcoming, I will always use her

Matthew Landman

Allison was not only professional and knowledgeable but an extreme pleasure to deal with. Her ability to explain the law and the process while calming my nerves was worth the extremely reasonable fee she charges. I would fully recommend Allison for all criminal and non criminal cases alike.

Camilla Dilan

I have used them 2 separate times. The very first time I had Greg and the second time I had Allison. Both of them were so kind and caring. The most recent time, with Allison, she made it so easy. I called her and left a message about what I was looking for. She immediately got back to me with all of the information I needed and took care of it all without having me being there! Such a great team!

Charles Seugling IV

By far the best Lawyer Team for ALL your needs. Abilheira Law has helped my family on most legal matters including traffic, corporate, landlord/tenant concerns, and more. Quick, easy, and trustworthy! Highly recommended!

Walter Burton

Allison Abilheira was wonderful when handling a custody case for me. She was always willing to answer questions any time, and was always available when need. she was knowledgeable and always on top of anything that needed to be done. I would Definitely hire Allison Abilheira again when ever legal assistance is needed, and would recommend her to anyone else in look for a good attorney.

john devron

I would recommend Allison to anyone facing a legal traffic problem in Rhode Island. My experience with her was just recently and I was working with her from out of State but I was always able to easily contact her and her advice was precise! The outcome, with Allison representing me in Court, was just as she told me it would be and I am just ecstatic about it! I am recommending her to all my friends and relatives on the East Coast should they ever have need for an OUTSTANDING Attorney! I highly recommended Allison!!!

Megan deCastro

I would definitely recommend Abiliheira Law for all of your legal needs. Greg and Allison are both very knowledgeable in the field and dedicated to helping their clients. They did an excellent job translating all the legal jargon into common language for me. Greg and Allison always made me feel comfortable and at ease, while maintaining a respectful and professional relationship.

Nova Mcguirk

Allison was great!

Max Newman

I would strongly recommend Attorney Abilheira. She represented me in traffic court and I could not have asked for a better outcome. Attorney Abilheira is also very down to earth and easy to talk to, responded to all my inquiries in a very timely fashion, and was extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared to handle my case. Thank you!

Paul Pasaba

Allison was responsive, thorough, and professional. Highly recommended.

Sonya Trillo

I would recommend Allison to anyone in search of an attorney they can trust. Before I even officially had hired Allison, she made me feel comfortable and confident about my case. Allison makes a point to make every interaction friendly and informative. She listened to every last detail that I gave her, and always fought for exactly what I wanted. She is always there when I called or emailed her, and always responded to me quickly and with concern for what I was asking. When you're looking for an attorney, you not only want someone who is successful, but someone who actually cares about your personal case. As well as someone whom you feel you can approach with your concerns, and that is how Allison is. She is thorough in explaining exactly what is going to happen, which was very helpful and comforting. She was dedicated to my specific case, she always kept me updated, and I never had to wait for anything to get done. She worked with me from every angle, even at times when I had changed my mind on what I wanted, she was supportive and affirming. I would not have had the positive outcome of my case which I did had I not used Allison. I am grateful for being referred to her, and would refer anyone else to her and her practice if they are in search of a positive and professional experience!

Crystal Byers

Allison really came through. I missed my court date accidentally she got me in right away before a 30 day suspension kicked in and the court reversed the decision. No suspension, lesson learned! She did a great job. Thank you!

Mike Vernancio

Allison went above and beyond to get my and my fiance's case dismissed. Very affordable, very efficient, very personable, and most of all, very reliable. Absolutely disastrous case that she handled like it was nothing. Would recommend for criminal and family, hands down!

Laura Babs

If I had to recommend an attorney to anybody with any legal matters, I would bring them to Abilheira Law. While Allison Abilheira worked as my attorney, she went above and beyond my expectations. She genuinely empathized with my case and tried her absolute best to help me in every way possible. If I could, I would rate her 10 stars!

Michael Thibodeau

I received a ticket in rhode island for texting which could have resulted in a suspended license. Working with Allison was great, rate was good, she was very thorough in explaining her plan and available for any questions I had and did a great job in getting my ticket dismissed. I would highly recommend their services.

Erica Bacon Czajkowski

The attorneys at Abilheira Law, Allison and Greg, provide exceptional service to their clients. They are very professional and work closely with each client individually to ensure they are providing the highest quality service. They are also both trustworthy and are flexible with their schedules to meet client needs. I highly recommend using Abilheira law for all your legal matters.

Ian Gilley

One phone call to Allison was all it took. I had called around and was feeling rather confused and discouraged. Noone could help me or give me a satisfactory answer. All it took was one call to Allison and she answered all my questions and left me feeling totally confident that my problem would be taken care of. Sure enough, problem solved beyond my expectations. I would highly recomend Allison. Very knowledgable, she knew exactly what to do, where to go and how to take care of my situation. Ian Gilley

Amanda Vernancio

Allison is amazing. She actually shows you that she cares and you can always get in touch with her when you need something. Thank you so much for all your hard work on getting my case dismissed and also for helping me in family court and all the advice on child support.

Allan Brown

First off I would like to start this review of why i chose Allison at Abilheira Law over other firms. It is quite simple. For the first three days I bombarded Allison with legal questions in regards to my case. Allison not only answered every question in a timely manner, but she also gave me free advice she could just as easily charged me for. Allison even told me how I could go about handling my case without using her services. Living out of state I came to the conclusion I would be easier for Allison to handle my case. Now it takes a lot to gain my trust, but after three days of communication I felt Allison was the one for the job. All throughout the case Allison was professional, kept me informed of the process, what to expect and what steps we were going to take next. Notice I said we, Allison always kept me in the loop and communicate with me daily if any progress was made. Not only would I hire Abilheira Law again, I would recommend them to family, friends or anyone else looking for a professional, competent attorney. If I could sum-up the reason I choose Abilheira Law in one word it would be honesty.

Martha Baril

Excellent prompt courteous. Always available with an excellent outcome

Chi-Chi a.K.a Tallyn Walsh

Long story short at the absolute worst part of my life yet thus far she without hesitation told me she would handle it and she’s did! DUI/REFUSAL license suspended because I am living 1400 miles away it was not possible for me to eat anything done but in the first day of her having the case and working on it she had results a few attorneys couldn’t get in months. I work a lot so didn’t have time for 70 hours that would’ve taken so many months only having a few hrs on the weekend to do them so she had them dropped to 20 on top of owing grands which I can’t just hand over all at once she came to me with $500 down $100 a month she is just amazing at what she does and who she is because there were times where I was giving up not about up but she wouldn’t let me she made herself available after 5 if needed and both Saturday and Sunday as well! Point being I don’t know never met or even seen an attorney with those ethics and qualities. Not that there will be any further issues cause there won’t but any legal issues I have that she handles she will be handling mine! Astounding! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Without question!

santosh kumar

I am so happy about my case how allison dealed with it. They are highly qualified in there occupation and strongly recommend.

Stephanie Hopkins

I would recommend to anyone in need of an expungement. Allison was great, she communicated with me every step of the way. She made this process quick and painless!

Harry Harjani

Excellent walked in and walked out that call Instyle. Was there over night notice she knows what she is doing put is this way i have her saved in my cell phone for any future problems in RI

Lisa salema martins

Joshua Bowley

William Brogna

Great experience. Great communication. It was painless and price was better than competitors! Success! Thank you from Clear record.

steven barboza

Attorney Abileira, made me feel reassured. I was very nervous, and she made sure that our case was handled in a professional and quick manner. She was available at all times when we had questions, and would recommend her to anyone needing legal services. Thank you Allison for all of your help!

Cara Vera

Allison was amazing and well worth the lawyer fees for her services. I called in the middle of the night (answering service answered) but she returned my call right away. I was relieved to say the least. Allison is bright, understands the law as well as is down to earth and can explain the nuisances of the legal/court system for us laypersons to understand. Whenever I had a question, she was quick to get back to me and delivered everything she originally stated over the phone in our first conversation. I never had to stress about Allison or her delivering of services. I felt taken care of right from the beginning. Suffice it to say, all charges were dismissed and expunged! I am so grateful to Allison and would highly highly recommend her law services without any doubt! You're in good hands with Allison!

Corinne N.

Allison represented me in a traffic tribunal appearance. It was a very simple case, but O never felt that she didn't give it 100% attention. Her communication is exceptional, and she did her best to get us the best possible outcome.

Dustyn Mascia

Allison and Greg are dedicated legal counsel that will passionately and vigorously advocate on your behalf. They are personable, approachable and will always have your best interest in mind. They are very knowledgeable of Rhode Island law and have been very successful in their representation. I would highly recommend them to any one in need of their services.

Buddy Cardoso

I found both Gregg and Allison to be very knowledgeable. Further they took their time to explain, in layman's terms, the information that I needed to make decisions in which way I wanted to proceed with my case. I have utilized Abilheira Law on two separate occasions and was very pleased and comfortable both times. I plan on using the firm again soon to put together an estate plan for me and my wife. I am happy to refer to Abilheira Law has "My Lawyers"

maya k

Allison is a phenomenal lawyer. Her attention to detail and turnaround time is the best I’ve seen. Allison walked me through my divorce with confidence, integrity and conviction. I trusted her 100% in representing me and conveying my wants/needs in an arena I have absolutely no experience. From a monetary perspective, Allison quoted me a price that was more than fair, comparatively, without ANY additional cost or “hidden” fees. If your searching for someone w no hidden agendas, pure professionalism, excellent guidance, passion and have found her!


Allison Abilheira provided me with prompt, efficient removal of several cases that were plaguing my background report. She understood the urgency of my expungement and immediately put things into motion. I would contact Allison again for any legal concerns. She is an A+ attorney.

molly verderame

I am an out-of-state college student, and knew of no lawyers around here. I found Allison, and she was very easy to reach and kept me updated throughout everything. She let me know what options I had right from the beginning, and was always accessible through e-mail and phone. I contacted her last minute for my case and was unable to attend my court date, and she still helped me out. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case, as it was more than I expected. Look no further,I highly recommend Abilheira Law for any legal matters you have!

Jondrey Credo

I truly do appreciate Allison’s caring and dedicated assistance through this entire process. From our very first conversation she gave me reassurance that we were going to try all that we can to get the desired outcome for my situation. The results of my case were more than hoped for. Allison is without a doubt the person to contact in a time of need.

wendy kenyon

My son had receive numerous tickets in a short amount of time. At his last court appearance he was told to get a lawyer. I found Allison through a web site. She was up front with us on the outcome in the beginning. When the court date came, she was very professional, and caring, and did her best to get the least amount of penalties. With her help, he still has his license. I would refer her to anyone . Thank you Allison for all your help

Dan Reale

Highly recommend! Allison is a top-notch professional and provides terrific guidance at a reasonable cost.

brad massa

Allison did an excellent job in court. She was professional and looked to be respected by the court officers, police, and most importantly the judge. Allison was prepared for a hearing regarding a messy case and due to her preparation and planning the other party capitulated after a short lawyer conference. We were expecting a drawn out court battle but the case was resolved with one appearance. Also Allison was very responsive through text and email during the entire process, that relieved a lot of stress on my part as I was never left wondering what was next. I felt she truly wanted to help me, rather than bill me.

Nick Selley

Great experience with Allison, would strongly recommend. She was great with feedback and most helpful.

Marc Medeiros

Allison is an amazing attorney! She is fair, honest, and gives it her all for clients. There were 2 charges in my case and she ended up having them both dismissed and expunged. She did a great job - always communicating with me via email/phone call throughout my case. I 110% recommend Allison to anyone needing legal help, she will NOT disappoint. Thank you for everything Allison!

mihir sharma

Allison was absolutely amazing and very professional. I would highly recommend legal services from Abilheira Law, LLC.

Omar Khan

I reached out to several lawyers when I got my speeding ticket in Rhode Island; it was clear to me from the very beginning that I wanted to go with Allison, even though there were cheaper alternatives. In our initial conversation she clearly communicated the options available, billing structure, and her confidence in the case. You can tell that she cares about her clients, which is so important to building trust - especially, in an instance where you can't be face-to-face and by being removed you're in a vulnerable situation. Listen, results speak volumes. Despite the fact that I was way over the speed limit, she showed up to the court on my behalf and was able to use my clean driving record and negotiate the judge into getting my ticket dismissed! I'm over the moon! I would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

Adam R

I would definitely recommend Allison to any commercial vehicle operator needing to deal with traffic issues. She handled my case quickly and professionally, which resulted in a very favorable outcome for me. I live in New Jersey but she was able to take care of everything for me in court. Thanks again Allison and I will absolutley save your contact info in case I need you again in the future!

Alex Cervasio

Allison was incredible! Besides being immediately responsive and outlining what was necessary to get things taken care of, Allison was great to work with and I would 100% recommend her to friends, family, and ANYONE reading this right now! Stop looking for other options, call her today!

yasemin kopec

Allison was very efficient . I will use her again of need be.

paul knutton

Allison Abilheira was a wonderful attorney to have represent me. She was thoughtful, professional, honest and really kept me well informed throughout her representation of me. She would be my first call moving forward should I need representation again. Thanks again Allison!!

Candice Beaudoin

I had a legal matter in RI and Allison made quick and efficient work of it. The legal fees were straight forward and the process was well explained and executed. Having legal counsel present even when filing simple motions is just a good practice. Allison was responsive and available, she made my problems her problems and fought for my rights. She is everything a good lawyer should be.

Kimberly Del Santo

Allison was excellent. She is extremely reliable and got the job done within a short period of time. She always responded to my emails and answered any questions or concerns I had. I felt at ease knowing she was my attorney and I had no doubt I was getting the best legal advice. She truly cares about each of her clients. She even met me closer to my home so I didn't have to drive an hour to her office. I would recommend Abilheira law to anyone looking for a great attorney who is reliable, caring, accommodating, responsive and knows the law!!!

Andy Supinski

The one regret I have about contacting Abilheira Law is that I didn't do it sooner! I contacted them late at night, arranged to meet in person, and by the next day they already had an entire folder on my case. Even though I had a small case, their attorneys made me feel like I was their number one priority. After contacting them, instead of constantly worrying about my legal issue, my mind was at ease knowing that they were there, and I could concentrate on my life. I was kept well informed the entire time, and the outcome was better then what I had ever anticipated. If you want dedicated, professional, and understanding attorneys look no further: Abilheira Law is the law office for you.

Jedadiah Ford

It was a long road to achieve reinstating my license and abilheira law and Allison where there the whole time for me .Thank you

Christopher Eggeman

Extremely professional and courteous! Addressed all of my questions and concerns in a timely fashion. Initial communication was effortless using the easy to navigate website, highly recommended!

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