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REVIEWS OF Messa & Associates, P.C. IN Pennsylvania

A. Jordan Rushie

The best injury law firm in Philadelphia

Joy Borzelleca

The best attorneys

Laura Moretti

Of course they get 5 stars. Way to go guys.

Sandro Polanco

Responsables y orgulloso del trabajo le desempeñan

brian mcmurdo

I've been working with these guys for more than a year now and they are excellent. Highly recommended.


Nate Guise

Illyanna Huster

John Stephenson

Although we were pleased with the result of our claim, we are having difficulty getting the escrowed funds returned to us. 7 years, would love a call back or some communication. I don’t think there are any bills left. Just be professional and return the escrow.

Jimmy Schweizer

luxury carkey720

Linda Brumbach

Sadly, we needed the professional assistance of a laywer for a medical malpractice case. From day 1 Messa and assoc. Were so kind and understanding. Very professional yet personal. They were in our lives for 5 years and knew our tragic story almost better than us. They researched every detail. Joe Messa and Justin Groen became like family to us. I know that sounds cliche but its true.... They hugged us when we cried, called us just to check in. And had genuine tears in their eyes when they asked us stories about our Loved one. When we were feeling deflated Justin would give us a pep talk... He is such an amazing caring person who will be forever in our lives. They fought so hard for us. And in the end it showed. They have made it possible for my family to have financial burdens lifted and as Akward as the " money " part is... Because it is not about the money for us. But about JUSTICE. Justin once said " consider this not as a settlement, But as your mothers last gift to you" i will never forget that I Can not Thank Messa and Assoc. Enough for making the worst time in our lives bearable I very very HIGHLY recommend Joe and Justin and Jodi...that combination Is a team. With much love and Respect, Judy's Family ❤

Josue Perez

Alergia Polanco

(Translated by Google) The best profeccionale and responsible all your staff (Original) Los mejores profeccionale y responsable todos su personal

Alma Smith

Donna Fletcher

EDITED AFTER RESPONSE - Still - You better beware! Thoroughly read your paperwork. Ask about "professionals" they use and their enormous fees that YOU will be paying in the end. My sister believed that she agreed to 35% flat rate with this firm. When finalizing the settlement, they stated they get 35% of the gross, PLUS their "costs", then the medical is taken from HER share. So they get nearly 70 % of the gross while she winds up with 30%. The firm gets much much more than she does. I thought the 35% fee covered their "costs." Why do they get 35% PLUS anything? VERY EXPENSIVE REPRESENTATION. SO, The firm responded - sorry - still BEWARE. The firm's "costs" were nearly $17, 000 in addition to the 35%. Paying $12,000 to one professional engineer for writing a 4 page report using pictures my sister took at the scene of her accident. If you have to pay the firm back for their "professionals," you should be informed prior to the services. People expect costs of two or three thousand, but $17,000? I see, on the internet, that the average engineer's survey - for a full home plot with a written report, not a street corner, is $800 to $1,000. Her accident was on a street corner. Structural engineer paid by firm at $375 then $390 per hour. Totalling more than $13,000 - for surveying a street corner. My sister paid the firm back as part of the firm's "costs." QUESTION THE PROFESSIONALS BEING USED, GET YOUR OWN MEDICAL RECORD COPIES (even then, they will charge you for more copies). When I had a lawsuit, my reputable firm paid the medical from the gross, then did the 70/30 split in my favor. No additional "costs" assessed by the firm. GO TO ANOTHER FIRM, ONLY SIGN A FULLY UNDERSTOOD AGREEMENT. If I could give negative stars, I would. My sister will be suffering for the rest of her life with little money to show for it. SAD! I told her to ask for a full breakdown of the firm's "costs" that are in addition to the 35% and for the medical portion so she can verify that the stated amount is actually being paid to the insurance company. She will send the breakdown to the insurance company to be sure the firm paid them and didn't keep their money, too.

Joseph Dickerson

Violated their oath.Section 8 my 83 year old mother was left for dead having a stroke in a New Jersey hospital New Years eve 2018. This hospital had one of the top 10 stroke centers in the country but was ignored and almost died.She was there for a hysterectomy to remove cancer that was misdiagnosed. Surgery was botched and they left a large tear in the lining of abdomen her insides fell through the tear and her bowel became twisted and almost died again but another hospital who did emergency surgery to save her life gave her Cdif which is a horrible infection. Most of 2018 and 2019 she has spent in hospitals rehabs and nursing homes. Called an attorney who referred me to this firm. I took a day off from work and met with one of PAs top ten Lawyers. Was encouraged to spend hundreds on medical records. Ninety five percent of my correspondents was ignored.But we did receive a letter 6 months after our first meeting saying not to talk to anyone about your case and welcome to the family. Today I get a phone call from top ten and he tells me there dropping my mother due to pre excisting conditions. What ! My mother was high risk with afib they did a major surgery with no heart monitors and she did tell her nurse she was having a stroke. But was ignored but an incompetent unqualified fill in nurse for the holiday. Did I mention my 83 year mother was a registered nurse up until 2006.Can you imagine being helpless knowing your suffering from a life threatening condition and the very people taking care of you hand you an asprin and tell you goto sleep. Age Discrimination is what the problem is hospital and insurance companies figure she going die eventually anyway shes 83 so let the stroke take of it.Guess what didnt work she is still with us bed ridden and we have to care for her because we can't afford private care.That hospital should be paying for it the hospital who left her for dead. Now the top ten and his firm have decided shes 83 and not worth fighting for. They also manage to waste a year plus in time of someone else working a case and getting our family justice. Every month I received an email news letter about the great stories of your lawfirm getting justice for others which turned out to be misleading and gave us a sense of false security.Top 10 violated section 8 of his Oath as did your firm. Our family is in worse shape than it was when this began and todays phone call was heart breaking and injustice has prevailed.

James Hopkins

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