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REVIEWS OF Landerholm Family Law IN Oregon

Nancy Rohde

What a great experience! Knowledgeable staff who are caring, kind and efficient. I would highly recommend this firm. I worked with Lewis Landerholm and Josh Gilchrist, both of whom helped me wade through the family law requirements with ease and expertise.

Eric Zappe

Didn't do anything to help me when we went to court. Fought for myself the entire time while Tabitha did nothing.... waste of money could have represented myself better

Greg Brown

I was very happy for their assistance . Staff are very professional and friendly. I strongly recommend their service.

Gypsy on Whiskey

I came into Landerholm and had the best experience, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I totally recommend them 100%.

Lisa Graham

As a former client of Landerholm Law, I highly recommend their legal services. I was in a custody battle and not only felt well taken care of in terms of the legal process but I grew to have absolute trust with my attorney. Joanna Posey was well prepared, knowledgeable and honest about the whole process. The emotional comfort was an added plus which she offered. I will always be grateful for their significant role in fighting my case. Thank you again!

Melinda Haines

Tabitha and her paralegal Amber stay in constant contact with me through my divorce. I was always notified of the progress in my case. Tabitha is professional, kind, caring and very knowledgeable. I was married a long time and it was a monumental decision to get a divorce. Tabitha made me comfortable through the process. Thank you so much!


James Thomas

Michelle Johannes

Landerholm Law has proved to be a great partner; they take the time to listen and understand with collaboration and mutual respect. I would highly recommend them.

Soma Davis

Thank you Tabitha, for helping through what was really the hardest time in my life. I honestly never thought I would have to go through a divorce and custody battle. You helped me through this process and progress with more than a glimmer of hope. Hopefully I'll never need to refer you to a friend but if I do, you're at the top of the list!!! Thanks!

Frank LaMee

Professional yet personal, loyal and trustworthy. These are adjectives that perfectly describe Landerhom Law. I would trust them to take care of myself or my family in any situation.

David Wayne

Landerholm Law is the most friendly and professional family law service I have worked with to date. They make a seemingly difficult and confusing situation very easy and clear. They delivered a precise plan for getting me more time with my son and at the same time lowering my child support payment to reasonable amount which I could afford. My previous council was negligent in assisting me with proper instruction and agreed to everything the opposing council suggested without a fight. I have suffered through 5 years without proper time with my son and child support payments which I have been told are almost triple the average amount. Landerholm law is correcting that and making my life a lot easier. Now I get to go camping with my boy and get to enjoy our remaining years. Hire Landerholm if you want results and/or tired of dealing with shady attorneys. They are a family firm that truly helps families!

Erin Doehring

They are horrible! I would never recommend Landerholm or use them again. The attorney I worked with was incompetent. They overcharge for their services and the results are minimal at best.

Kel Acera

Michelle Welch

William and Allison were the best team I could ever ask for. I felt like they understood exactly what I was looking for and they helped me put my family back together.

Alexandra Haynes

I highly recommend this firm. I met with Lewis landerholm, such and nice and helpful man. The entire staff are friendly and very knowledgable. I told mr landerholm my situation and story and we was such a gracious man and took on my case and is working with me. He is so very understanding. I'm so grateful I found this law firm and Mr landerholm in this very difficult time in my life. I want thank him and his firm from the bottom of my heart.

Stover Yokoi

GENUINE HONESTY, KINDNESS AND COMPASSION Most of us all know that there are a few professions out there, should you ever need their expertise, can be a bit overwhelming if not just downright scary. I am a 46 year old Mom of two amazing kids! (Technically young adults ; ) 20 & 22) I just celebrated my 25th Wedding Anniversary the end of last year. Shortly after, my life suddenly and abruptly took a detour I had never considered let alone planned. One day I found myself feeling so many different emotions, It felt hard to breathe. I found it extremely difficult to even think of the word "Divorce" and in my mind, the stigma attached to it. I lived a very simple and what some may even call sheltered life. I didn't have any family that was local and few friends. I NEVER thought I'd need an Attorney, and prior to this my honest opinion and minimal knowledge consisted of most Lawyers are dishonest and the retainer fee is needed before any work is done to help you. Well, I will say this. I was COMPLETELY WRONG on both accounts. I'm not able to give the details in my case at this time. However, I don't have to wait until my Divorce is final to say, I will be forever grateful and indebted to Mr. Landerholm and his team at Landerholm Law! My kids and I Thank You so much for your Honesty, Kindness and Compassion. I can now put my focus on my myself, my Children and all 6 Critters, while they take care of the other end. I can breathe again......

Amanda Hutson

Landerholm Law and Heather Unger absolutely ruined my life. I paid them more than I made this year and ended up agreeing to a terrible settlement that my ex husband and his attorney offered me because I was dropped in the middle of my case. I would never treat another human being the way Heather treated me. This is the absolute worst, most hateful law firm. I understand they are divorce attorneys and should be expected to be greedy evil snakes, but they go above and beyond on the stereotype. If Satan were a law firm he would be Landerholm Law.

Dustin Humbert

Dropped ball, way overpriced. Wasted my critical time when I needed them.

Trevor Yates

I highly recommend Landerholm Law! They are incredibly hard working, knowledgeable, professional, and ethical.

ian Stewart

Had a consultation today with the principal lawyer. Highly recommended this law firm!!! Answered all my questions and he even recommended i don't spend the money, truly looked out for my best interests. Very impressed!!!

Marylou Sutton

Mr. Landerholm is both trustworthy and highly knowledgeable in Family Law. He was able to clearly answer all questions concerning my case. He provided explanation of realistic expectations and outcomes in regard to child custody, parenting time, and child/spousal support. Mr. Landerholm was professional while at the same time easy to talk with in regards to the specifics of my case. Phone calls were consistently returned in a very timely manner as well as written communication. I consistently felt thoroughly advised on the pros and cons of taking certain legal action throughout the case. While going through such a personal matter it was nice to know that I could trust my attorney to direct and advise in regards to the long term effects of choices I was having to make at such a turbulent time. I would recommend Mr. Landerholm and would not hesitate to use his services if needed in the future.

David Konzelman

I have nothing but good things to say about the staff at Landerholm Family Law! They are some of the kindest, most hardworking professionals in Portland. I truly believe that it would be difficult to find the same level of care and service that the wonderful people at Landerholm provide.

MacDaniel Reynolds

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lewis Landerholm for many years now, and I consider Lewis to be one of the most professional and trustworthy person I know. Landerholm Law cares for their clients and it's clear that their business is built around serving their clients and treating them with the utmost care and respect. I highly recommend Lewis and the team at Landerholm Law.

Mike Allison

I was treated with the utmost respect and I always felt that I had a great team on my side, looking out for me! I would highly recommend this firm to my family if they were going through anything like what I did. Thank you Mike Allison

Stephanie Lore

Heather Unger and her paralegal team made my divorce less stressful. They answered any questions I had and was more then willing to explain things when I had questions. They responded in a timely manner and kept me updated on my case as it was being processed.

Mixed Blood NDN

Clear honest advice given in a dignified simple, but very hard to come by! I would use this firm again without hesitation!

Jeffrey Poirier

Good listeners, sensitive and professional. I left our $150 meeting feeling empowered and ready!

Julie Kelly

The environment was not intimidating and the staff made me feel confident that I could move forward with a very difficult decision.

Stevi Smallwood

Professional and ethical.

Lucas Plant

I have just reviewed the most straightforward and to the point advice from Landerholm family law. I an relieved to have a piece of mind from a confident law firm

Leah Gonsalves

The communication, responsiveness and quality of service at Landerholm had to be one of the main reasons why my divorce wasn’t as stressful as it could have been. When you see Lewis against other attorneys in court, you can see why he does well. He is honest, ethical and very knowledgeable. In a setting where emotions run high, he was able to give me realistic solutions to complex/sensitive situations that would impact me and my kids, steering me away from pursuing trivial issues based on emotions. As a single mom, he was very understanding and able to really work with me on the financial side of things, not overcharging and reasonable on the invoicing. When Lewis was out of office, his team (specifically JoAnna, Tabitha, and Josh) were able to keep me informed/up to date. They took the unknown and ‘waiting’ out of the equation and gave me confidence my case hadn't been forgotten. And it never was. Lewis always followed through. I am very grateful to the firm and would HIGHLY recommend Lewis and his team to anyone!

Felisha Sanchez

Since I live out of state, I was having great difficulty finding a lawyer to take on my complicated custody case. Landerholm Law did not hesitate to take on my case and made me feel comfortable about me decision. Lauren Barnhart was my attorney and she did a wonderful job. Lauren always made time to quickly update me on the status of my case. She handled and submitted all court documentation quickly and efficiently. I felt that Lauren always made time to answer any questions or concerns I had during duration of the case. I felt confident walking into court with Lauren as my attorney. Lauren handled my case with sensitivity and care. I highly recommend Landerholm Law!

Julie Zwald

Landerhom Law needs to be investigated by the Oregon State Bar for overcharging clients and padding the bill. I know I have paid too much for absolutely NOTHING!! Why would a law firm charge a client for the paralegal, intern & attorney to read the same email? This same type of behaviour is continual to use up the $4,000 retainer. I had to stay married bcuz within 20 days I was charged $6500. and I still had 30 days before my court date for temp spousal support. Landerhom also charges administration fees with interest...WTH??! Be warned now....don't use Landerholm Law.

Curtis Faler

Excellence from start to finish

Jes W

Tabitha was extremely patient with my very long custody battle. She walked me through every process, and held my hand when necessary. She was honest, upfront, and did not beat around the bush, which I very much appreciated. She is wicked sharp, and leaves no stone un-turned. My case was not an easy one, nor was my party an easy party, yet she handled it all with class and grace. I'm very thankful for everything that Tabitha was able to do for me.


BEWARE!!!!! OTIS LANDERHOLM EQUALS DEPORTATION SHAME ON YOU! TOOK OUR MONEY AND DIDNT DO ANYTHING. NOT A GOOD PERSON At the time when I still was at state prison, and found out about my immigration hold, my family started to look for an immigration attorney to defend me from being deported. On 27th of February in the year of 2015 my family had a meeting with Otis. Right from the beginning, after heard specific of my case he quoted price of $25,000 and since my family and I were not really educated in the immigration, the price did't seem so outrageous plus on top Otis give us a "discount" which brought the final price to $20,250. And please keep in mind, that this the so called final price of $20,250 included only the first stage of the proceeding, which means in case of losing your case Otis would not appeal the decision unless you'd pay him more. I had been charged with aggravated felony, and the aggravated felony is the worst of the worst when it comes to the immigration. Now after reading many reviews, talking to my immigration attorneys and after being transferred from state prison to an immigration facility and being face to face with many people with similar situation, I know, that you can get an immigration attorney with more professionalism, knowledge and competence from anywhere from $4000 to $10,000, and who will provide you with same services that Otis charged $20,250 for.


Although a Divorce can be a sad, contentious, and devastating occurrence, I am the LUCKIEST person in the world to have found Ms. Heather Unger, ESQ at Landerholm Law. I WAS A MESS, and Ms. Unger was the most COMPASSIONATE, INTELLIGENT, INVENTIVE Lawyer I've ever met. Her Paralegal, Josh Gilchrist, is brilliant, also. They EXCEEDED my expectations. And I'm an old, retired Paralegal, so I speak from some experience. Initially, I met with the Head Lawyer of the firm, and he said one thing that made the biggest impression on me, and why I ultimately chose this Firm: ...That whenever he hires someone, the most important thing to him is that his Lawyers remember WHY they chose the field they did - as difficult as times may get - to make a GOOD difference in people's lives... He paired me with Ms. Unger as the best match for me and my personality and he couldn't have matched us up more perfectly. Have you ever heard of a Lawyer CARING that much? My divorce was extremely unusual and involved, yet Ms. Unger figured out a way to make it work. At our final hearing, the Judge actually came down off the Bench to speak to Ms. Unger and congratulate her on her inventive-ness with such a difficult case, and also stated it was quite obvious that Ms. Unger's solutions were fair and honorable. I've NEVER heard of or seen that in my life (I'm 66). When JUDGES respect and admire a Lawyer - that goes a long way towards making the case easier. I could have ended up with one of those TYPICAL, GREEDY Lawyers who like to drag things on forever and ever, costing the Client a fortune. Most Lawyers DO make mistakes and end up charging the Clients for those mistakes. I've seen it time and again. She NEVER had anything kicked back by the Courts. Ms. Unger is brilliant on so many levels, and no one else could have gotten me through this emotionally, and with such good results. And she worked HARD at keeping my costs down. At the saddest time of my life, I don't think I could have made it through without Ms. Unger, her amazing team, and the complete Firm. Even the Accounting Department was so kind. I would hate that anyone would have to go through this - but if you have to - don't waste your time going to any other firm. With great respect and admiration, S. D. Lawrence

Ashley Staudt

I worked with Lauren and her paralegal Josh. I cannot day enough good things about these two individuals. They helped me through every step and made sure that my needs were met every time. I got everything I desired and couldn’t have done it alone. So thank you both.

Michelle Shapcott

Used this company for my divorce. Good staff, helped me through everything. Would recommend if you unfortunately need a family lawyer.

Robert Foley

Would never recommend, they drag everything out after telling you how they want to resolve everything quickly. One look at your bank account/ equity they will try and take everything from you. Really sad people taking advantage of people going through a traumatic situation.

laura pedersen

Markquala Bradley

I was very interested in receiving help from this company but sadly after calling several times not one person would return the call leaving me to feel as tho they just took my consult money and was done with me. I didn't receive clear information on pricing and was expected to call and tell the receptionist what service i was needing and how much when i was never given that information. long story short i was left unhappy and stressed out as if i wasn't stressed enough hence the reason for looking for a attorney

tiffany miller

With there help I was able to get sole custody of my daughter and change my parenting plan a lot with there help in achieving that I can now get the authority’s help if her dad ever decides to kidnap again when we had joint custody the cops wouldn’t help me now my daughter was taken and there was nothing I could do she was gone over a month I had no address for her dad I couldn’t see her or talk to her the cops will help me now and he will be arrested if he ever try’s that again thanks Lauren and josh for your help in keeping my daughter safe!!!!! You guys did wonderful you guys are wonderful and also affordable as well.

Brent Baltzer

I was very pleased with the experience. Mr. Landerholm listened to our concerns and proposed a plan that was focused on our goals. He informed us of our options, but did not push an agenda of any sort. There was some back and forth questioning that uncovered some things we had not thought about, and it also made us realize that we were being treated as individual clients, as opposed to just another number. I came out of the initial meeting feeling very confident about our course of action, and have been satisfied with how things have gone smoothly and according to plan since then. I would recommend Landerholm Law to anyone who is looking for a friendly, competent, and compassionate lawyer.

Blaine Rowland

Incompetent, unethical and completely ineffectual. If you want a completely useless lawyer(s) that heavily pad their bill while doing absolutely nothing for your case, this is the firm to see.

julie guenette

Referred a dear friend to Landerholm Law. They helped her through a very difficult time with great skill and professionalism.

Dustin Davis

I had the pleasure of working with, Cambell Boucher, whom not only made me feel confident in all my approaches in my custody case, but also helped me work with my budget. Not once was I left wondering if I was getting the help I needed. From start to finish this is the best law firm I could have ever hoped for. No questions, Landerholm Law will be the firm I choose for all my family law needs.

Raven Smith

As a former client of Landerholm Law, I highly recommend their legal services. I was in a custody battle and not only felt well taken care of in terms of the legal process but I grew to have absolute trust with my attorney. Joanna Posey was well prepared, knowledgeable and honest about the whole process. The emotional comfort was an added plus which she offered. I will always be grateful for their significant role in fighting my case. Thank you again! Sincerely, Raven Smith

JT Lupfer Nies

Lewis Landerholm and his associates are experts at helping their clinets navigate the sometimes complex, and often emotional ins and outs of family law matters. The attorneys are accessible and honest, and they genuinely care about their clients. I have referred family members and close friends to Landerholm Family Law because I know they will be in good hands and far less overwhelmed had they gone somewhere else. I'm a lawyer and a mother of four, and I'm confident that if you need help with divorce, custody, or any other family law matter, your first step should be to contact Lewis and his associates.

Deborah Nichols

I’ve unfortunately had to obtain legal services over the last three years. After firing one attorney and interviewing others I found Matthew Cohen at Landerholm Law. He understood my concerns and really listened to me before making recommendations. As we progress into my case I appreciate the timely responses and thoroughness exhibited by his assistant Tessa Cohen to every detail. Mr. Cohen, at my request makes time to meet with me personally and keeps me updated as needed. Legal issues can be overwhelming and for the first time in 3 years I feel confident.

Leonor Chavez

Kyle Moksvold

Denise Williams

Mr. Landerholm is both trustworthy and highly knowledgeable in Family Law . He was able to clearly answer all questions concerning my case. He provided explanation of realistic expectations and outcomes in regard to child custody, parenting time, and child/spousal support . Mr. Landerholm was professional while at the same time easy to talk with in regards to the specifics of my case. Phone calls were consistently returned in a very timely manner as well as written communication. I consistently felt thoroughly advised on the pros and cons of taking certain legal action throughout the case. While going through such a personal matter it was nice to know that I could trust my attorney to direct and advise in regards to the long term effects of choices I was having to make at such a turbulent time. I would recommend Mr. Landerholm and would not hesitate to use his services if needed in the future.

Chris Beberness

I was a client of this firm for a short time! I originally started off with a Do It Yourself package where I get 5 thirty minute consultations to help prepare for the case I was going through. The first attorney assigned to me,Jack, helped me fill out court documents and wrote up a letter as a response to the opposing party. When I filed it with the court the court advised me that the documents were done wrong and basically all the information needed to be redone! This initially irritated me and I called demanding to speak to someone in charge. I was given a meeting with Will their supervisor attorney. He smooth talked the situation over to where I felt satisfied with having a different attorney working with me. I was given a different attorney names Heather. Heather was nice and corrected the issue. I was soon later able to find a family friend to loan me the $3000 so called retainer. I then met with Heather to discuss full representation with the retainer. Come to find out the retainer is a trust account and has to always maintain a $3000 balance. I expressed concern to Heather that due to not knowing how much it would cost to work the case I was unsure if I could afford a $1000 Radom bill. She agreed and understood my financial situation and advised the firm would work with me on a payback plan. Low and behold my first invoice was $1200. I immediately contacted the firm and asked about a payment plan. I advised how much I could financially afford to pay them. After a week of waiting was told they would not be able to accept my offer and didn't provide any other option. After dealing with the Jack situation and now the lie of working with their clients, especially one who was very open about his financial limitations I decided I would drop their representation!

Fred Torrington

My apologies. You’re a good senior.

Mickey Mishra

THE SINGLE WORST MISTAKE A MAN CAN MAKE. But don't take my word for it. Ask Jason who never stopped working for the state CPS as a lawyer what he will do for you. DDJ wrote a whole second book about this law firms like this. If spend a dime here, you are wasting your money. And JASON. Thank you. My 3 month old grandson is dead. Pat yourself on the back. If you think the game is not rigged, just listen to how they sell themselves. Look at all the women that say they are great. ITS WHO THEY WORK FOR.

Kelli Peebles

My Family was blindsided with restraining order and custody papers. We quickly looked for an attorney to take our case in a quick time frame. We set up an appointment with Matthew and Tessa Cohen . They were amazing from that moment on. That very day they represented us in court. We WON! The next case was a little more drawn out, but they helped us through it. They were so knowledgeable and straightforward. They told us what we needed to present and when it needed to be filed. They presented previous cases to show the court what the LAW stated. They always let us know what to expect. They are amazing and my Family will forever be grateful to them and their expertise. A great TEAM!

Brett Sutter

I really enjoyed my experience with this law firm. Lewis was very helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. Not pushy, like some attorneys I have met with. I am excited to work with them.

Danielle Tanner

Elaina Spring Eden

The attorneys and staff at Landerholm Law are truly dedicated to taking care of the families they represent. It was apparent from my first point of contact that this team is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Everyone I have worked with has been compassionate and FULLY committed to their work. Mr. Landerholm is notably an industry leader in the practice of family law. He is a trustworthy and professional attorney as well as an extremely kind and thoughtful person.

Miriam Thomas

This firm has a perfect blend of professionalism, experience and compassion in dealing with clients. I've never felt better served in any industry.

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