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REVIEWS OF Gevurtz Menashe IN Oregon

Tonya Dietrich

Paige DeMuniz is an amazing attorney with heart and understanding. I have had the priviledge of working with her on two occassions, both dealing with a difficult divorce and later on further aftermath. Although I'd never wish such difficult hardships on anyone or their family, if you need assistance Paige is amazing. Her knowledge base is wide and she is honest and transparent in her dealings. I could not have come out on the other side without her assistance.

Nick Footer

Brian Belefant

Wow. Couldn't have had a worse experience. My lawyer couldn't bother to go over my file, blew off meetings, didn't do a thing to protect my interests, and got mad at me when I got so fed up that he wouldn't write a response to one of my ex-wife's motions that I decided to write it up myself. More than once, he went on vacation just before a hearing and when I asked if someone else in the office might be able to give me an answer to a question was told that no, nobody else was either available or qualified. To be fair, though, what do you expect for a measly $25,000?

Santiago Montalvan

I worked with Paige, Kelly, and a number of their support stuff. Their work is very organized and timely. Paige knows what she is doing and is very responsive which is helpful with dealing with something as stressful as a divorce. If I know anybody going through the horrible experience of a divorce I will send them to see Paige, at least I know he or she will be treated fairly and professionally. Overall couldn't have asked for a better divorce attorney.

Michelle Dinger

I met John Christianson in July, 2014 and he has been an integral part of handling my Dad's trust for the past year. After the death of my father and in crisis he helped guide me through the complicated process of negotiating the estate. John is a genuine, compassionate person and immediately likable. John is easily reachable and quick to respond to my questions. I would also find him to be a brilliant, tough lawyer who tirelessly represented me with passion, intelligence and integrity. It is as if he made for this type of work! He will go very far in this career without a doubt.

Alicia Selliken

Shawn Menashe and Mark Bardza and Nakia Bradley-Lawson are a dream team. My divorce was incredibly complicated involving a family business and teenagers. Shawn and Mark were able to sort through the facts, keep the drama at a minimum and provided me with the best legal council available. Nakia ensured that all of the supporting materials were collected and organized, kept all of us on task, and intuitively gave appropriate emotional support when it was needed. Shawn, Mark and Nakia always treated me with respect and compassion. When my 18 year old son had questions about the case, Shawn called him on a Sunday to speak with him. Mark's calm demeanor and uncanny strategic skills were very helpful. I was never left in the dark about process or where the case stood. My questions about process and strategy were promptly and comprehensively answered. The team's kindness, compassion and stellar sense of humor complimented their brilliant professional skills and kept me going when the situation felt very bleak. Shawn, Mark and Nakia are worth every penny you will pay them and more.

Tyler Corbett

Extremely pleased! My fiancee and I hired Stefan Wolf to work on a case from a different state and have nothing but good things to say about the process. Stefan was very prompt with his response times, very detailed in his instructions and upfront with his level of involvement/cost. His attitude throughout was nothing other than extremely helpful and courteous.We would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for help with estate proceedings.

Bryan Farley

The team at Gevurtz Menashe is outstanding! They were very helpful and Stefan answered every question along the way. Thanks again Shawn for taking care of us as well!

Junia White

Christopher Bailey

For a single dad this was the WORST attorney I could have picked...they will NOT FIGHT for you dads...beware! After nearly spending $10,000 I got 4 days every two weeks with my daughter. Please please please go elsewhere...there ARE attorneys out there fighting for the rights of the father!

Garett Chadney

Gevurtz Menashe in general, and Kathy Root in particular, are excellent. Kathy is fantastic with communication and follow up and is a joy to work with. The firm is a great support for all of the attorneys. I highly recommend when needed!

John M

I was concerned about the fact I was facing a particularly tough divorce process. After interviewing 3 of the leading family law firms in the Portland area, I chose Albert Menashe as my attorney to represent me. I could't have made a better decision. As anyone who's been through this process knows, the stress of divorce can tempt you to consider rash decisions based on emotion rather than reason. I am very thankful for the steady hand and wise guidance and councel I received from Mr Menashe and Jeanne Vachal throughout the process to help me avoid such mistakes. Mr Menashe was able to help me secure what at the end of the day was a fair outcome, and I am very grateful for their efforts, and of the tremendous support of the firms entire staff. While the fact of divorce is most always a sad thing, I firmly believe that it would have been far worse had I not had as fine an attorney as Mr. Menashe to help guide the process.

Jay Scott

I hired Dylan Cernitz to help me navigate the tricky divorce laws in Oregon. Overall, Dylan seemed knowledgeable about the rules and price-wise was equitable to other law firms in the area. He was communicative and answered emails and phone calls promptly. However, he advised me to ultimately sign a bad deal, one which increased my alimony as time went on. He stated that once my ex got remarried, I would no longer have to pay alimony, which is not the case in Oregon. While on the surface Dylan tried to appear concerned about my situation, he was only there for the paycheck. At one point during the proceedings he recommended mediation. He and the mediator seemed to be good friends, and while we waited for the session to begin, they openly discussed closing a deal with another client. Dylan said, “Yep, I closed them and got the big fat commission.” He did an enthusiastic an arm pump. Had we not been in the thick of everything, I would have walked out right then and there. The mediation session itself lasted eleven hours, and in the end, we left without even the beginnings of a deal. During the session, he and the mediator both mocked me because instead of choosing to declare bankruptcy and get out from under my ex’s considerable credit card debt, I set up payment plans and was working on repaying it all. They also made crude, insulting comments about my ex’s physical features and made fun of everything she did in the mediation session. The other problem I had with Dylan was he often contradicted himself. Having meetings with any lawyer is very expensive—not only did I have to pay his hourly rate but also that of his secretary, who was always there—so I always took detailed notes. Several times when we met, he would say the opposite of what he’d said the previous time. When I called him on it, he denied ever having said it. Divorce is a long, painful process. Having a lawyer that is 100% on your side and willing to fight for you is a must. Unfortunately, Dylan is not that lawyer. If you’re looking for a lawyer who will fight for you and not nickel and dime you, I’d recommend Nathan Holtey instead.

Michelle Gar Du Mal

Professional, skilled, sincere staff. Many thanks and appreciation.

Melanie Bowser

Emily Robert's handled a complicated custody/child support issue for us. She was professional and adept at all areas regarding what we needed done. Best of all in our opinion she's very down to earth and easy to communicate with. We got all we wanted out of this difficult situation and more. We would highly reccomend Emily she's the best!!

Marlene Kendrick

Expensive but needed service

William Lloyd

Jeff Smith

I have used the Gevurtz Menashe law firm for over a decade and cannot more highly recommend their services. I have found all of the attorneys and supporting staff in the firm to be extremely knowledgeable, reliable and of the highest integrity. I have used them for legal services both small and large and I have found them to be outstanding in all aspects of their practice. I know from experience if you want the best domestic relations law firm in the Northwest you have found it with Gevurtz Menashe.

Clayton Edson

I've known Steve Zipper for 15+ years and trusted him + Gevurtz with our long-overdue estate planning. I greatly appreciated how he initially took the time to understand our goals + concerns prior to formulating ideas. As expected, he was thorough, walking us through the feasible options and key trade-offs. Overall, a very good experience and I'd recommend him + Gevurtz unequivocally.

Ingrid Slezak

As an attorney/mediator in private practice in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years, I have facilitated numerous family law mediations with attorneys from the Gevurtz Menashe firm and their clients. I can always count on the Gevurtz Menashe attorneys to be well prepared, professional and strong advocates for their clients in the settlement process. To a one, the attorneys bring strong skills, common sense and the desire to do the best for their clients, not only in litigation, but in negotiations that lead to appropriate settlements and avoid unnecessary litigation and the costs of trial.

Tracy Wright

Finding myself needing a divorce attorney, I was referred to Albert Menashe. During the process he was both supportive and reassuring, which allowed me to have the confidence in order to get through everything that was thrown at us. Mr. Menashe handled the case with patience, humility and a very supportive ear. This is why I would recommend him to anyone, despite whatever the case may be. Everyone in the firm I interacted with were also of equal professionalism. At the end of the day he made the transition of this life changing event much easier than I would have imagined.

Robert Giard

Whether you need a Divorce Attorney or an Estate Planner this firm has it all. My journey began with the unwarranted task of finding a Divorce Attorney and I met with Shawn Menashe and immediately knew I would be in the best of hands. If you are looking for a firm that is 100% honest with you during the ineveitable Divorce or knowledge of Estate Planning then this is the only firm you should invest in. Shawn Menashe will either take care of you directly or point you in the right direction that is beneficial to you and your needs. The attorneys with this firm is put together better then any team I have seen. Robert DeMary is an outstanding Attorney in Family Law and with him and Shawn on your side you cant go wrong. They have helped me in everyway from dealing with a messy divorce to planning for the future of my children. I am leaving knowing that I have had nothing but the best from beginning to end. Due to this I look forward to continually working with Attorneys such as Stefan Wolf for the future of my family. I know I leave this working establishment with many friends int he firm and have benefitted from them in both a working environment and look forward to social interaction. They truly are individuals in their field and in life.

Amy McClintick

No one ever wakes up and says ‘I can't wait to call an attorney today!’ It’s an extremely tough and personal decision. Personally, I did not want to lawyer up. Perhaps you’ve had the same thoughts: “This is an unnecessary expense. We like each other. We can work this out on our own. Etc, etc.” But it’s never that simple. From the moment I walked into Gevurtz Menashe I knew it was right. The culture was formal yet calming, and the level of expertise was more than apparent. Once I met Shawn Menashe I felt safe and completely trusted his abilities. My experience could not have been more positive. If you’re going through a divorce, then by default, it’s one of those times when you should not go it alone. Get the counsel you need, from a trusted firm that’s been down this path many, many times. I would recommend Gevurtz Menashe to any friend. Truly, the best decision ever!

Liz Swagerty Olsen

All of my experiences with the entire firm of Gevurtz Menashe was first class. While not a situation I ever expected or anticipated being in, I feel so fortunate to have found their expert help. Shawn was a consummate professional and I felt in good hands from the start. I immediately trusted him and knew he would act in my best interest and conducted himself with integrity and a delightful bedside manner. Nakia was a wonderful communicator and was terrific in getting the work done, setting clear expectations for next steps and I never felt unclear about what was happening. What's more, their professional and friendly demeanor made the experience pleasant and took the sting out of the transaction at hand. I also had a great experience with Kevin in the accounting department - friendly, professional and straightforward. I would highly recommend Gevurtz Menashe to anyone that needs their services. Thank you, Shawn and Nakia!

kimberly White

The process of ending a marriage can be overwhelming. I needed a powerful advocate to represent me, but wanted someone compassionate, thoughtful and insightful as well. Shawn Menashe brought that, and so much more to the table. He and his team guided me through this difficult time in my life with such finesse and strength. It was something I didn't expect from a divorce case. The people at Gevurtz Menashe are at once kind and caring, professional and effective. As the proceedings came to end, I was introduced to the Estate Planning team. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at how John Christianson and his people helped me re-work my will and final arrangements. Gevurtz Menashe has truly given me the peace of mind one needs when everything seems to be changing at warp speed. I highly recommend this group of attorneys.

Teresa Naimo

Zach Fruchentengarten is a wonderful, generous, and understanding person and attorney. He helped me through a very difficult time with great sensitivity and genuine care. He definitely knows his stuff, he brought to my attention aspects of divorce that I hadn't thought of, for which I am very grateful. He was available for all my questions, answered them immediately and thoroughly and was with me every step of the way. Thank you Zach!!! I had a very positive experience with all the staff at the firm as well, all were very kind, helpful, and efficient.

Melissa Kucinski

Kathy Root is one of the pre-eminent international family lawyers in the U.S. She is thoughtful, solution oriented, and organized. She has a keen attention to detail.

Jeff W

Lester B.

Steve Zipper worked tirelessly to get our wills completed and added thoughtful advice and suggestions that we did not consider, all at an affordable price. He's personable, patient, and really seeks to learn about his clients' motivations and goals. Highest rating, highly recommended.

Holly Patterson

When I was served papers to discontinue my spousal support I contacted a family member who serves as a Judge. I asked her who she felt was the best lawyer to handle my case and she said without hesitation "Kathryn Root at Gevurtz Menashe". I contacted Kathryn at once and she became my advocate with that first conversation. Kathryn was available, supportive, professional, with a great attention to detail. She listened and quickly honed in on what best served my case. Kathryn came up with a clean, organized defense as to why I should retain my spousal support. This was based on law, not just a point that she felt she could sell. It sometimes is hard for me to turn over my trust to others when it comes to situations like litigation but Kathryn earned that trust, and in the end that trust was rewarded in a successful result. I recommend Kathryn Root and hold her in very high regard.

Cookie Monster

I'm so very grateful that I had the support and counsel of attorney Alex Sutton during the extremely difficult time that marked the end of my 17 year marriage. Mr. Sutton is a very dedicated family law attorney. My divorce was quite complicated, and it was always reassuring for me to know he and his staff were working on my behalf. He is also most kind, intelligent and compassionate, and has excellent writing and communication skills. He was a rock for me during my most trying time, and I was always glad to have him representing me, and have no complaints whatsoever. I trust him completely and was impressed by his professionalism and integrity. The other staff that I encountered at Gevurtz Menashe also were also always very professional, competent, and personable. Highly recommend!! 5 stars.

Samantha Waltz

Shawn Menashe handled my divorce with compassion for both me and my ex-husband. He facilitated agreement on a potentially divisive issue in our offer with great skill, and showed over and over that he would bring the process to as quick a solution as possible. His assistant Nakia Bradley-Lawson and his agent in accounts receivable Kevin Hawkes also provided genuine support through a very painful process. I highly recommend Shawn Menashe and his team.

Joseba Brit Elola

Shawn is an extraordinarily competent professional, with a sense of integrity towards truth and service to his client's well-being. In a time of personal turmoil, I greatly appreciated his insight, perspective and calmness. His personal experience and knowledge were gainfully paired with a team of respectable experts and associates that he utilized to tailor his approach.

Cara Curtis

Great customer service all around, very prompt and helpful while in the office but also very attentive and easy to communicate outside of the office via email and phone. Quick, professional and efficient, would highly recommend!

Jay Sickler

I have known and worked with the folks at Gevurtz Menashe for 20 years. They are the very best when it comes to family law, plus they are just really good people.

Life Inspired

If you are drowning in your marriage and thinking of a divorce, Jessica Flint from Gevurtz Menache can be your savior. She will earnestly fight for you, if you are true and just in your approach to the case. She is extremely knowledgeable in domestic violence, family law, international law and custody matters. She is focused, thorough and very professional in her work. She understands timelines and priorities. She is also very compassionate and empathetic. She invests so much of her personal energy in her clients that she quickly understands you and feels what you feel. She will not impose a legal roadmap on you, instead she will work with you to empower you to make the decision you feel comfortable with and that is also her way of teaching you certain important life principles such as staying accountable for every decision you make for yourself. Of course all this comes with a cost. Gevurtz Menache is a very expensive firm. But, in the end, if you can think of it as a financial investment you make on yourself, to take your life in a better path than where you have been in the past, then it is all worth it. Jessica is definitely one of those rare, fabulous professionals, not just in legal services, that the world can benefit from.

Rhonda Case

I have many times recommended Kathryn Root of Gevurtz Menashe to my colleagues whose work relates to domestic violence/divorce and child protection and to parents referred to me for advocacy and support. Ms. Root provided me exceptional legal representation in my own complex child custody case over many years. She and her assistant, Linda White, are exemplars of professionalism, competence, dependability and kindness.

Toni Schindler

I am blessed to have found Mr. Joel Geelan to represent me during my divorce. I never thought I would say it but it was a great experience to go through this divorce with Joel in front of me. He was honest and candid with me. He did everything he could to speed up the proceedings and make this process as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend him since he listened to my concerns, addressed everything I said and made things happen. I followed him from one law firm to another because of his diligence and his expertise in what is right but fighting for me when things may not have gone my way. His professionalism during the process as well as his kindness and remaining calm to help me make sound decisions helped me get through this. I could tell that he cared about the outcome for me. He really made the whole entire process worth it. Everything takes time, a lot of work and being a team. We did that!! He did that!! Joel comes highly recommended. He will make it happen for you and he is worth all the time a divorce takes.

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