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REVIEWS OF Sobel & Erwin, PLLC IN Oklahoma

J Olaoye

I didnt think it was going to be an easy task. Sobel & Erwin did a great job. Mr. Eddie Erwin was very attentive to my case and put me at ease about the whole situation. Long story short, he delivered! Whatever your situation might be, do yourself a great relief and call Sobel & Erwin. I don't know if you,ll find any better in town to prepare and handle your case with the care and concern that's past your imagination. That's what I got with Mr. Eddie. He and his crew cares! Immigration legal needs or concerns? Begin and stop your search here at Sobel & Erwin, PLLC. Thanks Eddie, Maria. Y'all are awesome!

Melissa Robles

In 2013 Mr. Sobel charged me $1,500 for my DACA application. After the paperwork was mailed, I noticed a typo on the I-765, they spelled my last name Robels instead of Robles. After contacting them Ms. Coultler, his assistant, told me that everything would fine. Well that was a lie. I had to resubmit the entire application and repay the $465 fee. Multiple errors occurred: 1. They failed to update my correct adress; therefore my neighbor received multiple personal USCIS letters. 2. One of the office clerks told me how she revises all applications, but that she did not reviewed mine. 3. Misspelled my last name and then refused to resubmit the application, as I mention I was charged $1,500 for a professional job and a half way done job. 4. Sobel personally asked me via email to stop contacting him. 5. They recommended me to commit a crime and to go ahead and take out my social security number under the Robels last name. My applications were approved on Dec 23, 2013 and I received the correct EAD card on August 5, 2014. I lost precious time as I was not able to start school on time and money was spent on trips to Mississippi (my residence) as I was traveling with my husband for his work in West Virginia to redo my biometrics. I also lost part of my spot in the local community college. I highly do not recommend Mr. Sobel, not for the fact that I expected a professional and paid for a professional job, but did not received a professional job nor for all the mistakes, but for the fact that he recommended me to just go ahead and get a social under the wrong last name and to just change it to the correct one whenever I resubmitted a renewal. Please be aware if you do end using and paying for his "professional" services and revise every single paper because he will try to blame you as he did with me. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I have pictures of emails and letters to back up my story. Also this review does not involve Mr. Erwin.

Fabian Vasquez

I hired David Sobel's office Sobel & Erwin for my DACA renewal off of a referral to for Cathrine Coulter, who i later found out was his assistant so he would be handling my case. My first impression of Mr. Sobel is that maybe he had the right intentions to help me with my case. he went over a lot of "usual" information with me as lawyers do to present a sense of knowledge in his work and we agreed to have him represent me for an agreed upon price. He called me into his office the next day to go over some information with me and to have me pay the retention fee and thats when the first issue i had with him occured. He tried to raise the price up stating that he didn't remember he quoted me a price the day before. The difference was a whopping 500$ extra that he tried to attain from me knowing that i was distressed with this issue. I should have walked out but i was on a time crunch and he knew it. I refused and told him we had a gentleman's agreement yesterday for a price and that I do not like scare tactics. Either he take my case for the agreed price or not at all. Knowing that i would not be scared into paying more he took the case and stated that he will have his assistant do some of the work to make up the cost difference, i told him it matters not who does it but the result and as long as he does his job im ok with it. I got a notice in the mail a little later on and realized it was from USCIS asking for more documentation from me. When i called Mr. Sobel to inquire on it he mentioned that he got the same letter and that he will need an extra 750$ for his troubles to get those documents. I asked him if getting those few documents requested was included in taking the case in the first place and he quickly reminded me that I had "gotten a deal earlier and he retains the right to request more cash for more work"( his own words), I told him i thought i was getting ripped off and he then stated that he will let USCIS know that he will know longer be my attorney if i do not pay him the 750$ he requested. I told him no because I rather pay another person more than to continue to use someone like him, He is only interested in your cash so if you want to throw it away then use David Sobel, other wise i recommend that no one use his services, specially if he knows you are desperate. On final note, i managed to get those documents myself for a total cost of 16.85$ total, which includes shipping it to me. Oh and this is not in reflection to Cathrine Coulter (the assistant) because she was helpful and i felt she actually cared. I hope she finds a better place to work because i will never use him again. Oh and if i could give a negative star i would rate David Sobel -5 stars

Ammar Ali

I m really happy and proud that Mr .erwin is my family lawyer now after he really good take care of my case in very reasonable price...may god bless him always ,today i m us citizen and i remember 3 years ago when me and my wife come to Mr erwin and he begin my case,work permit to us citizenship ,i never felt al the time that i m in wrong hands or some body dont have experience about immigration,Mr erwin is one of the top best experince honest lawyer who will take care ur case with al interest ,now i have my other friends and my parent's case as well,so i trust and happy with Mr erwin.

Maria Vasquez

Eddie Erwin it’s one of the best lawyer that I know. He really cares about his clients, I can’t thank him enough for all that he’s done for me. I will highly recommend him!!

Gerardo Araceli Rodriguez Sandoval

camilla vlogs

Lacie Gonzalez

Eddie Erwin was not only knowledgeable, but kind and sincere! He and his staff went above and beyond for us. Eddie is thorough and professional and he's a genuine person. He truly cares about his clients. We are forever grateful for all they have done for us! I can't imagine having anyone else as our immigration attorney.

Seth Loeyra

Marlen carrillo

My husband and I use Eddie Erwin for our Immigration needs, he was not the first lawyer but he was the right one not only because he truly cared and loves what he does but he is honest, caring and most of all he’s there for his clients, also his assistant is the best and they make a good team. I highly recommend Eddie Erwin. Thank you for everything Eddie and Maria you guys are the best.

vanessa Reed

Ana Calderon

I recommend sobel& Erwin the best lawyer in Tulsa Oklahoma Eddie Erwin gives me my green card really fast thanks for be a good lawyer and friend Eddie Erwin

Luis Baez

Thanks to Eddy Erwin I got my green card very professional and experience lawyer Wich I recommend to everyone , especially in my case the have to do a waiver or perdon he do a outstanding job thanks again Mr Eddy Erwin .

Cool Mom

Very professional and truly caring. From the first visit I knew I was in the right place.

Sun Shine

I highly recommend the Sobel & Erwin law firm. They are very friendly and experienced in Immigration law. Mr. Erwin took my case, he was always there to answer my questions and support me, and I have been very happy with his services.

Boyd Thompson

I am very satisfied with the services here at Sobel and Erwin. We waited a long time to get this done. It was not our fault it took so long. The NVC was behind from the start and the Chinese Customs Office did not help. I was told nine months on average and it ended up taking one year and seven months. Once we got our Interview everything went much smoother. Eddie went out of his way to help us. The System needs much improvement. Still they deal with many people everyday trying to get their Visas. I will continue to use this office in the future. I want to bring my wife there to meet him. Thank You, Boyd Thompson

Jose Ramirez

i highly recommend Eddie he is a great immigration lawyer plues he has great people skills he help me to get my citizenship.

Raul Torres

I am very happy with Eddie Erwin. He is a great attorney! I had an extremely difficult case and he overcame all the obstacles that came along. The process was quicker than I expected. I recommend him to anyone that has immigration needs. Mr. Erwin is also great with payment plans; he works with you. He is an honest and trustworthy attorney.

Michael Owens

I have engaged Eddie Erwin as an attorney many times over the years and have always found him to be of the highest morale character and his work product to be excellent. He cares for his clients and makes sure that they understand the issues. I can highly recommend him to anyone needing immigration legal help.

Melissa Finley

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Mr. Sobel charged me $1,500 to file a DACA application only to turn around and refile it myself and repay the entire filling fee again all because he couldn't do his job right. His secretary Irene even told me that she usually goes through packets before they are sent, but that she never went over mine. He also adviced me to use the EAD card under the wrong last name, to go a SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE and tell them that i do not have an I.D or birth certificate (the i.d & birth certificate would of shown the proper spelling of my last name) and to later change it when the renewal time came. I'm glad I asked an ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL about that advice or I would of been committing a crime. Do not trust him! I basically gave him $1,000 for free (around $500 was used for the filling fee. I had to repay the fee and another fee for the professional who knows how to do her job) We had other issues, but please don't be a victim as they will blame it all on you and ask you not to contact them again.

Dominykas Kvedys

The past 11 years of my life in United States, I have had to deal with several immigration attorneys. Unfortunately the experiences were below average. I refer to this as 'form of a payment first and information later'. FORTUNATELY with Sobel & Erwin, PLLC that wasn't a case! When I decided to schedule a consultation my with Mr. Erwin., one hour later I knew almost every single step on what needed to be done in Citizenship process. During the process, Mr. Erwin always responded promptly to any phone calls or emails that I sent. I could not have asked for a better experience through the citizenship process. Awesome and friendly family like experience. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends. Thank you again!

aude duran

Eddie Erwin Simplemente el mejor abogado

Miguel D

Thank you Eddie Erwin, you are very professional and you know what you doing.

Kyle Kim

A great immigration lawyer that was willing to help me every step of the way to getting my Green Card! Would recommend.

Daniel Moussima

I would say I enjoyed Mr. Sobel’ s great expertise in my case . It wasn’ t easy at all. Given that my initial attorney was a good friend of his and passed away . Mr. Sobel took my case with no hesitation , charging me no extra fee than I was charged by my initial attorney and even understood my financial struggles at the moment, coz he eventually allowed me to go on a payment plan I was comfortable with and told me should in case I ever have anything going on not permitting me to pay , I should just be able to let him know ahead of time . He is very nice and understanding , added to that he knows his job . He guided me through every step of my case and answered my questions when I had , two weeks to my interview he scheduled an appointment with me to prep me for the interview and I made it. I was granted a 10 years green card at the interview with no problems . I am very grateful for his help and highly recommend anyone going through any immigration issues to contact Mr. Sobel for assistance.

Jose E.918278544 Ramirez-Gomez

Eddie Erwin helped me through the renewal process for my DACA permit, has always kept me in the loop on what's going on and just a few days ago he called to let me know everything was approved. I have two jobs and barely have time for anything but he has made every step pretty easy for me and stress free, always on top of everything! Which is a relief. I can definitely say that I made the right decision going to them, Eddie is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field and trustworthy. I am blessed to have hired him and will definitely keep recommending this immigration firm to everyone looking for help!!

Yassine EL HAMDI

Nora Evans

Mr. Erwin was very helpful during my citizenship application and interview process. I highly recommend Eddie to anyone starting the process.

Miguelangel Pineda

I must have called about 30 different attorneys when looking to file my immigration paperwork. One meeting with Eddie Erwin had me convinced he was the one I needed to go with. Him and his team made the whole process seamless and my wife and I cannot thank them enough for their help. He was very knowledgeable and clearly committed to helping every client he took on. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an immigration attorney in the Oklahoma and the surrounding states. Miguel Soto

Barbara Brehm

Eddie Erwin has been a great help during my immigration process in the US after I had arrived from Germany. He advised and helped me through all the necessary steps with much experience, explained the procedures in detail, helped to fill out forms, was always available on short notice for questions. When he thought I had been waiting too long for a reaction he initiated an inquiry. I am very satisfied with everything he did and can highly recommend him.

Larry Hoehne

I used Eddie Erwin to help with my wife’s visa and green card. He and his office were able to make this process go smoothly. They were always prompt to answer any questions we had.

Dave Qi

I visited Mr. David Sobel this afternoon regarding immigration matter; the visit was very pleasant. I felt like being at home. He is warm-hearted, very knowledgeable/professional, and thoughtful. Most importantly, he cares! I believe that his capability/experience and personality give the sense of security to clients, including me. I am very thankful to Mr. Sobel for his advice today.

jiyean kim

I was introduced Mr. Eddie Erwin by my Korean friend, and he helped me my niece permanent visa and student visa of my daughter's, both of the procedure and results were wonderful. strongly recommend.

Madiha Ali

I am really thankful to Mr. Eddie Erwin for taking my case in a very reasonable fee and understanding my situation. He is such an amazing person who help people in a very professional way in no time. Also my brother just got his US citizenship and for that credit goes to Mr. Eddie Erwin. Now he is our family lawyer as well. Highly...highly....highly.....recommended.

Gabe Ahia

Eddie Erwin I would say is one of the best immigration lawyer I have come across. He is very strategic in what he does. I cannot say everything because it will not end. I highly recommend him to anyone with immigration issues to consult him You won't regret it. Thank you very much. Gabriel Ahia

Almaz Saliyev

I was an F-1 student for 6 years in Tulsa, OK at Tulsa University. Things were not so great for me in 2010-2011. At some point I have decided to stay in the U.S and try to open my own company. I had no idea how to do it or what steps I needed to take in order to have business of my own. I started my research on how to get an appropriate visa in order to open a business and I've found several immigration attorneys. I chose Eddie Erwin because he is very professional, expert in his field, and pretty good expert in other fields/businesses. Also, one of the main reasons I have decided to work with Eddie Erwin because he graduated from TULSA UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL in '80s, which is in my opinion one of the best law schools in Oklahoma. Eddie have been my immigration attorney for almost 2 years now and I highly recommend him if you are an alien and looking to do business in the United States.

Hillary XoXo

Eddie Erwin is a very good immigration attorney. I highly recommend him!

Victor Antonio Aguilera

We are so thankful we chose Mr. Erwin for our immigration needs. He is very knowledgeable and professional.

Ccc Ccc

Don Hockenbury

When I first began the immigration process for my Thai wife, Mayuree, I began immersing myself in the forms and the USCIS website. As I started looking at the forms and various instructions, I quickly realized that the potential to incorrectly fill out a form or make some other kind of error was significant. I also knew that those inadvertent errors could hold up the immigration process for additional weeks or months. That’s when I decided to hire Mr. Eddie Erwin, an immigration attorney, to help us. Along with being an incredibly nice person, Mr. Erwin is well-versed in immigration law and the different immigration procedures. Eddie’s advice and insights throughout the immigration process were very helpful and reassuring to both me and my wife. He was meticulous in helping us fill out and file the required forms and documentation. And, he always responded to our questions or concerns in a timely fashion. Based on my experiences, I’ve already recommended Mr. Erwin to friends dealing with different kinds of immigration issues. And if you are looking for an immigration attorney to help you or a loved one with the immigration process, I highly recommend Eddie Erwin. I encourage you to set up an appointment and meet Eddie face-to-face to discuss the immigration issue with which you need help. It is very easy to talk to Mr. Erwin because he genuinely enjoys helping people.

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