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REVIEWS OF Hensley Legal Services PLLC IN Oklahoma

James Ratliff

Jeff is very good at what he does... I thought I had no hope in my situation and Jeff made things go way different then I ever hoped they would

Morla Allen

Excellent attorneys, know their stuff, and all the staff have always been helpful.

Zach Sanders

Durka Durka

I had a great experience with this firm. They handled everything in a professional and timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone in a second.

Bailey Laws

Do NOT waste your money or time!!!! We were supposed to be paying for Jeff Hensley to be my attorney and we have gotten anything BUT that! My case has been open for a few months and i have gotten the run around. I cant seem to get ahold of Jeff and he refuses to talk to his clients. He makes his assistants answer the phone only to be charged for the initial call then have to wait for them to get ahold of jeff to get the answer and call me back with a half ass answer which agian i get charged for that call as well. They are double charging clients and seem to only care about the money. He will NOT get you what you want in court or even attempt to. He is a "sit back, let the other people handle the case" type of guy.

Ashley Cole

I hired Jeff to handle my child custody case and he got me everything i wanted and did what was best for my kids. He was honest about what i could get and couldn't. He kept me updated at all times on my case and his staff helped out when he couldn't. The statement "You get what you pay for" is correct. Jeff's firm is expensive but its worth it in the long run.

daniel mcconnell

My case is being handled with knowledge and diligence!

Patricia Harmon

Hensley Legal Service and associate Thomas Ryan were professional understanding and showed a great deal of empathy during my ordeal.. I was very pleased with the outcome.

James Hammonds

Excellent. Good group of people. They work hard for you. Glad I found out about them Thanks to KMOD.

Ryan Rosalee

A great group of people willing to go the extra mile. Thank you!

Glenda Garner

Excellent service and communication!

David prince

Necole Skelton

Debra Foster

Leeann Foltz

I have had nothing but FANTASTIC services with this company. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is needing a darn good attorney, who will fight for you and make sure you have the BEST outcome in your case.

Anam Sulvetta

They hung up the phone in my face because I did not make enough money

Shelly Thomas

Jeff is wonderful very knowledgeable of the family laws.


Jeff is a very good lawyer, there will be times during this process when you don't understand what he is doing but let me tell you he is an absolute pro at what he does. Hands down the best custody lawyer around.

Justin Lilburn

Fantastic service by his service staff. When i went in they explained things well and i felt taken care of.

Jessica Wright

I would recommend this lawyer for any issues you are having with custody. He is mostly concerned with the well being of the child. He has been knowledgeable and his staff is hard working. I have had no problems or complaints with Hensley Legal services. Just do what you're supposed to do, pay your bill, and always be honest. I recommend him and his staff.

Joshua K

They have been great in doing everything that they could .They managed to pull off the impossible and got a father custody of his kids over the mother .That's just unheard of in this day and age. They have been very patient with their fees too. All you have to do is talk to them and they will bend over backwards to help you. Of course, they do still need to be paid though.

Sean O`Bryan

Jeff and his team were awesome ! They took care of everything and gave me the confidence I needed during my hard times. I would recommend them to EVERYONE!! Thank you Hensley Legal A happy Customer, Sean

boni j

Horrible. I hired Jeff Hensley to obtain Grandparents rights because I believe my grandchildren were being hurt by their new step father with information obtained by eye witnesses. My daughter lived with me for over two years coming out of a very abusive relationship. She met this guy and married him 3 months later. I just wanted to make sure my grandkids were safe and well cared for. Jeff promised me he would take care of everything, he did nothing, he lied. He never spoke to me again and went behind my back with opposing counsel and made a deal without informing me after dumping me on Thomas Ryan who showed up to court late, knew nothing about the case, asking me about the case while we were waiting on the judge even after I gave Jeff Hensley a whole notebook of information that could have been read by Thomas Ryan. He never even prepared for the case. Mr Ryan left the courtroom with opposing counsel and returned telling me to do what opposing counsel wanted to be done. Extend an olive branch, done, nothing !!!! Won't return calls, won't text. What a joke. I paid my bill upfront, in cash. He could have just come to me if he didnt want to take the case, what a liar. I am worried about my grandchildren being abused and nobody gives a damn. A DHS worker and a CHBS worker has been out there. Hopefully to stop and or prevent abuse. Who knows. I couldn't get a straight answer from Jeff or Thomas.

Elaine Hufferd

Mr. Hensley and his staff are very prompt in returning calls or emails. They are always professional in and outside of court. I would highly recommend Hensley Legal Services to my friends or co-workers!!!

Pete Schultz

Would love to give a better review but they stuck me with a different attorney without even telling me and then didn't communicate with me when he gave me terrible service. Jeff was always way more helpful I just think he got busy and I felt a bit neglected. But since it has taken way longer than necessary to resolve my issue I'm stuck paying WAY more than I feel I should have (granted feelings do not always equal reality). Not to mention the extra stress it has caused me. *** UPDATE *** Recently Jason Lile has taken my case and has so far been very helpful and very responsive. Things are looking up so I can appreciate that they have someone responsible taking care of things. Will update to 5 stars if we can get resolution quickly without breaking the bank at the same time.

Mo Smith

Very professional, kind and understanding. Greeted with a smile and warm hug.

adam moore

Burnt_Potato 20418

Bobby Reagh

James Johnson

Did a great job on our adoptions and didn't bankrupt us in the process.

Danielle Morris

Mr. Hensley, Tracy, Shannon and Amanda are so far who l have talked to or emailed to and seen .they are amazing,kind and patient with all, and speek and explain in great details, to us who have no knowledge of lawyer terms. and very quick to help in anyway. I will never use another law firm other then them. they are all very understanding and kind to whom it may concern if they had a 10 star i would give all off the staff I mentioned above an 15. you will not go wrong with this law firm etc. plus Jeff Hensley is on kmod radio and is very helpful so please listen in.the whole staff I have met are so humble,kind understanding and patient they treat all people of different walks of life life the same. l felt no judgment from anyone. they are all very professional

Jason Clegg

R. Pringle

Jeff Hensley isn't someone I would ever recommend. He took on my case in 2014. He talks a big game but is absolutely horrible in court. He just kept taking money and not progressing with Anything. He wouldn't return phone calls or answer any questions. He even wanted to remove himself from my case after starting. If it wasnt for his determind assistant attorney I would be in court another 10 years. Jeff had my divorce for 3 years. His assistant attorney Mr. Thomas Ryan had it finished in three months. Jeff will not answer questions, he will not go with what you want. He will go with the opposing counsel Against you. RUN and never hire this attorney. I still owe money that I should not. A response to Jeffs response. Yes I quit paying my bill after threaten for withdrawal from my case. My case was just finalized by Thomas Ryan 4.8.17. Why should I pay for something that never got done and ignored. I never once stopped communicating. I was just ignored. RUN RUN RUN RUN people run from this law firm.

Tamara Corsaut

Ed Whitaker

Top knock professionals!

Melba Holliman

Jeff and his team are awesome! I've read the reviews here and I just don't agree at all. Like a previous reviewer I paid my bill and so I had no problems. Jeff and his team were professional at all times. They answered my questions and helped me through every aspect on my case. I love that I can call or email and get a response from someone on his team. He was great in court and fought for me. When I was being unreasonable he helped me see reason. I just don't see any of the previous complaints being true. It looks more like sour grapes for them not paying their bills. If you want an attorney that gives you the truth and fights for you then contact Jeff. He and his team will take great care of you and lead down the right path


Kenisha Shaw

Word of advice: Hire someone else. His reviews may look and sound good. But I am an ex client and they dropped my case before trial because they said I had supposedly lied to them or the judge when in reality my case was just too much for them to handle. So if you are going back and fourth to court with a narcissist ex then I would advise you to hire a lawyer with more experience in that area.

Jeanie Cortes

Jeff and his staff get things done and will always be in your corner. I would recommend them to anyone.

Aaron Hamill

Very caring, detail oriented and thorough!

Tyler Barber

Travis Harness

Best attorney ever. After two years and a couple of other attorneys, Jeff was able to get visitation going the first time we went to court. Wished we would have had Jeff from the start.

Jerrod Main

Extremely knowledgeable, very much involved with the case I had, 3rd lawyer I hired in a two year span, and the only one that put in the effort and work needed to move the case forward. While personally hoping I'm never in this situation again, wouldn't hesitate hiring a second time.


Would not recommend him. Does not read the degrees, or check to see if things are favorable for his client. Doesn't listen or remember when clients tell him what they want. He had to be reminded multiple times about what I was wanting in the case. Emailed them about how I dissatisfied with my service and got pretty rude answer from his legal assistant. All and all. You will be mostly talking with his assistant and not him.

Amanda Casper

If you want things done thoroughly and correctly call Hensley Legal Services. They tell you exactly what needs to be done and they do it. I can focus more on my family and not worry so much because of them. Thank You all for you hard work and dedication.

Jason Tessier

Very knowledgeable and extremely prepared for any and all possible situations in our case. Very highly recommended!!!!!!!

Rachel Keys

I was a potential customer but not now. Just seemed not very interested in helping much, but my case probably isn't ideal for making much money.

Kristen Dill

Tim Redmond

Jeff and the whole Hensley legal team are driven by integrity and strong desire to serve their clients. Great to see this in a law firm and because of that, I highly recommend them.

Scott Axsom

Wasted no time addressing my needs. Always responds quickly to questions and concerns.

Robin Barnett

Jennifer Lowe

Very reasonable and more than willing to work with us. You won’t go wrong putting your trust in Jeff!

House of grain Custom woodworking

Jeff Hensley took care of our needs. There just needs to be more communication from the lawyer and he needs to be more non lawyer jargon used when speaking with clients

Chad Crowder

Very professional.

Mireya Hernandez

Happy happy happy with the outcome!! Thomas Ryan is amazing and made me feel comfortable. Looks at you straight in the eye and works hard to fight for you. Definitely keeping this lawyer

Gimpy McGee

Jeff and his team are very knowledgeable and friendly. They make you feel comfortable and not like your just another client. Any time you need to ask a question, they are there ready to help. Definitely worth using!!!

Debbie Davis

Great people to work with

Megan Rohrbough

Oklahoma Weld Labs, LLC Harris

jim sbarra

He does what he says he's going to do, and he gets it done. Highly recommended

Jaime Johnson

Wonderful service - there was a lot of one on one directly with Jeff. He works wonders in the court room.

David McKay

Top notch service. Quick, dependable and there when you need them.



Ray Gooldy

Nick Estrada

Jeff and the staff are awsome. They are easy to work with and get everything handled during a stressful time to make things easy!

curtis pilcher

Great lawyer, he operates with a purpose and is financially manageable. Does not excessively make court dates and other events that will be costly and not have an outcome that furthers your case. He operates with a strategic purpose and he knows the outcome of the court hearing beforehand. He is very easy to work with and I seriously have nothing negative to say. I have used him on two separate cases and he has been the best lawyer I have ever had dealings with. I have read the reviews below and most likely Hensley was not the one to be blamed for the issues. They might have been impatient or impractical and they were most likely the cause of the frustration.

Ryan Cooper

Great professional service, they truly care about the client.

Heather Holden

William Pearson

Jeff and Thomas are super awesome guys! They are very very helpful and very understanding. Being a young man I felt lost in my situation. They helped me every step of the way! With the my case that they use through email is super awesome and easy to use! I guarantee you Jeff and his staff ARE THE BEST!

Ben Sprenger

Awesome. If all companies here in Tulsa truly cared about their customers and potential customers like H&A, then Tulsa would definitely be #1 economically. Think about it... They go the extra mile.


Very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend them!

Allen Donnell

They are quick to respond and will work hard for you.

carlos rosado

Jeff and his team have been very helpful during my divorce and child custody, Jeff quickly took over for my last attorney and after two past attorneys I have had the worst experiences and I just was starting to believe that maybe this is how things are done I didn't have any good communications with my last lawyers and I would literally had to go to the internet to get updates I did more research than they did. But with Jeff and his staff some one is always available and they even have a site where you can go and see your progress (court dates , subject matters, files ) amazing!!! I wish I would have contacted Jeff from the beginning.

Cynthia Shelley

We are grateful for the work Mr. Hensley did to get us through the process of adopting our son.

ocean Taylor

Casey Murphy

I hired Jeff in March of 2016 to help with my child custody case and divorce. When visiting his office I was impressed with the environment and the friendliness of the staff, along with Jeff's explanation of how my case would be handled and his answers to my questions. However, shortly after it became apparent that hiring this firm was a discussing a pre trial custody arrangement with opposing counsel, Jeff agreed with my ex's option almost immediately, even though it was exactly opposite of my preference. This discussion took place through email which is how I got this information. I tried to call Jeff immediately after I found out but although it was only mid afternoon, nobody would take my calls. After finally reaching Jeffand discussing my disapproval, he took a very unprofessional attitude, belittling me, making harsh references to my age(being 21), and threatened to "fire me as a client." After another short period of further discussion, he assured me that it would not happen again and that he was in good standing with the judge that would preside at my trial and he would "take care of us." He also promised me a $1,000.00 credit to my account, which I never receieved. Not only did I never receive this credit, I never spoke to or met with Jeff again afterward. Although he promised to be at my first court hearing and that he would take care of me and my son, he did not show up. Instead, he sent his associate Thomas Ryan whom I had never even met!! Of course he had no chance of survival in court considering he knew nothing about my case. He actually called me into an empty area of the corridor in the court house right before the hearing so that I could give him all of the details of my case including my ex's NAME. I had no choice but to reiterate every detail of my situation to this attorney I had never been in contact with in order to continue with the hearing. After this incident, I called Jeff's office to discuss it with him. Although I was unable to speak to Jeff, I informed Tracey, the secretary, that I wanted only Jeff to handle my case from that point forward. I never spoke to or met with Jeff again and he continued to send Thomas Ryan to represent me and even speak to me in the office. After I lost my job, I made a trip to the office and discussed my situation with Thomas and his assistant Gloria who told me that we needed to being mediation and resume work on my case immediately. Soon after, my case was put on hold due to nonpayment. When we tried to work out a payment arrangement, we spoke to three different people in the office who all said they would speak to Jeff and get back with me. I never received a call back from anyone until the point that I was told by Tracey that Jeff would require $1,200.00 up front before I could begin making my $400.00 per month payments. Even though I was unemployed!!! When I told Tracey that I would not be able to meet the obligation, she informed me that they would be filing a motion that day to withdraw from my case. When I asked if I could discuss the situation, Tracey tried to defer me to the paralegals. They failed in court, failed to protect my interests in everyday discussions with opposing counsel, and even failed to return phone calls and maintain simple legal discussions with me about my case. The entire office was very unproffesional, and even used profanity in discussions with me in front of my parents, younger brother, and girlfriend, and overcharged me in every aspect of my case. Over the course of a year and three months, I have been charged nearly $5,000 and nothing has been done to help me! Dealing with the office of Jeff Hensley has been one of the worst experiences of my life and I would strongly discourage anyone from using this law firm. Stay away!!

Ashly Kinney

This firm is truly disappointing. They want money money money but give you no results. They do not protect you or your rights. Please don’t waste your time and money.

Bridgette H

did great

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