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REVIEWS OF Aaland Law Firm IN North Dakota


Cash was a very understanding and professional attorney. Both Cash and Jennifer had great advice and helped me get through my case. I would definitely recommend Aaland Law Office!

Jon Terning

My first time getting in trouble, the people at Aaland really did everything I needed and wanted to get through it. Dan and everyone else were always on top of things and I felt very comfortable talking to them. Dan did an amazing job, and I couldn't thank him enough. I highly recommend these attorneys.

Thomas Slifka

My dog bit another dog, police filed report, and I became friends with victim (paid her vet bills, too). Months later, prosecutor charges me with misdemeanor of vicious animal at large. I decided to get an attorney after learning there would be a trial with witnesses testifying. Dan Hopper took my case 2 weeks before trial for $1500. No contact until I email him a week out. He says he's going to call victim and try to get charge dismissed. No contact until I email 1 day before trial. He says he called victim, she didn't want case to continue, he told the prosecutor, she dropped the charge. Happy ending, but.....$1500 for a couple of phone calls? I called the office the next 2 days. "Dan isn't here, you have to discuss billing with him, I'll tell him you called." I sent him a polite email asking to reconsider taking $750 or $1000 for his hour of work. No response. The contract stated $1500 gets up to 6hrs of work, and was also the minimum fee. They're covered legally, but ethically? Am I expected to refer people to this place?

Ashton Gibson

I came to Aaland Law with a somewhat complicated and unique situation. In all honesty, I was terrified. They did a great job at tackling the problem and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I can't thank Cash and the rest of the staff for all their help! I'd recommend them to anyone!

Dude Walker

Aaland Law Firm has knowledgeable attorneys that can make the best of a bad situation. Anyone can find them-self in need of an attorney by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Expecting an attorney to waive a magic wand and make problems go away is living in a fantasy world. Cash Aaland and his firm take the time to listen to your situation and suggest the best options to protect your rights and dignity. If you are ever in need of a trustworthy and discreet attorney, Aaland Law Firm would be the first attorney to call!

Angela Wheeler

They care about the people they are helping. They go above and beyond in helping with your legal issues and are willing to listen and help.

Justin D

Cash Aaland and his law firm has helped me out tremendously. This has been my second experience working with the law firm and both times have been very successful, given the situation. It's very important to lawyer up to protect yourself from today's ever so changing laws. Cash and his team are a very professional group of individuals. Questions and concerns over the phone were always returned with answers in a very timely manner. They work with there clients on an individual basis, very considerate and respectfull, taking there time explaining fully the situation given. He's the guy to call!!

Brittany Cottrell

I had Jessica Busse as my attorney for my custody case and I cant tell you how happy I am with everything shes done for me. She did everything she could and even won my case. I recommend going to her if your in need of attorney. And she is very easy to get ahold of. So again. Thank you so much!

kevin boeddeker

I'm one that doesn't usually post reviews but my recent experience with the Aaland law firm was nothing short of amazing . I found myself in immediate need of legal assistance. Cash and his crew cleared their desks and made my personal issue of the upmost importance. The issue was resolved quickly and I can't tell you just how thankful I am to Cash and his wonderful staff!!!

Jeremy Smith

Jesse Lange and Aaland Law Firm did exactly what I asked them to do. I will highly recommend this firm to any of my friends that have future problems. Thank you guys again very much for the job ya'll did. It is very much appreciated.

Tim Fox

In order that Justice to be insured, every defendant deserves the best legal representation, but how do they find that representation? I think I can help you. Based on my 36 years as the Wilkin County Attorney I observed hundreds of defense attorneys ranging from below average to excellent. Cash Aaland was and still is in the excellent category while excelling in enthusiasm, dedication and determination when representing his clients. Several years ago an attorney from the Aaland defense law team appeared representing his client in one of my prosecutions. I correctly anticipated that an attorney hired by Cash Aaland would fit in the excellent category. Not only was the attorney excellent, he was clearly a rising defense attorney future “super star”. Intelligent, articulate and skilled are only a few of the superlatives that describe this attorney. If you are a defendant in the darkness night of you life, looking for the brightest star to guide you through the darkness, call Aaland Law office and ask for the “super star” Dan Hopper. I know I would! Tim Fox Wilkin County Attorney 1980-2016


Knowledgeable, charismatic, & connected lawyers. Cash & Jesse brought my case to a happy conclusion. A great firm for anyone needing legal council in North Dakota.

lena chastain

Jennifer Braun cares about her clients and is a great lawyer! Would highly recommend her and the Aaland Law Team!

kevin olson

person that helped me from Aaland Law office done a wonderful job,letter that was wrote was to the point,xcellent

Dallas Heizelman

Nothing short of Phenomenal!!!! I was always greeted with a smile by everyone. Rachel Gehrig handled my divorce and was fantastic. She helped me through the process, massively reducing the stress and confusion of it all. Rachel was very understanding and compassionate to my situation. Always made time to answer my questions and walk me through everything step by step. There were no surprises. I always felt like I mattered most and what was best for me was the highest priority. Rachel was very knowledgeable, with an exceptional grasp on what needed to be done and how to accomplish it. Aaland Law is the best and most hard working group of people I have ever met.


Cash and his team are amazing to work with! If you want to win your case call them! I highly recommend AAland law firm!

Rob Howard

I was in alot of trouble. ( I mean ALOT of trouble). I was fortunate enough to work with a friend of Mr. Langs. Who arranged for me to explain what I was facing to Jesse. Mr. Lang did take my case, and guided me through the legal process. By his attention to detail he was able to find a sliver in the States evidence. Instead of spending years in a cell, we settled. now i am wearing an ankle braclet, but going home and to work everyday. I grade Jesse Lang @ A Plus Plus !!! Thank You for everything you have done for me Mr. Lang, Sincerely, Kristie Quam

David Hubner

I had seen their billboards over the years, and when I felt I needed a laywer I looked them up and called. I met Cash the same day I called, retained his service that day to. He was a straight shooter, which I liked. Him and Jennifer worked on my case the the next 8 months. Jennifer was awesome to deal with. Her confidence at times made me feel at ease. In the end, their hard work, and knowledge of the laws help me secure a plea I was extremely happy with. I recommend Aaland Law to anyone who is looking for representation. I'd use them again!

Nikki Teeuwen

This is by far the best group of lawyers in Fargo. We had the absolute pleasure of having Jessica represent us and we could not have been happier. We are absolutely amazed that she got us everything we wanted. I will never goto another lawyer again. She was amazing!!!!

Chris May

Super nice and willing to help anyone.

Connie Pederson

This was a tough road for my family and Rachel, Heather and Denise provided us with excellent service; also understanding no matter what was happening, Rachel has an excellent legal knowledge but she is caring, understanding, compassionate, through in her work. I never once doubted her abilities in this matter, never wondered if she cared about us. She listened and helped me understand when I was upset, I never left I was just a job to her, I felt like my family mattered.

Nicole Russell

Larry Byard

Aaland law defended me on my DUI. They were honest and straight forward with me. They let me know my options and went over and above that. I still have my driving privileges thank to them

Espen Dalgliesh

Look out Perry Mason there is a new sheriff in town his name is Jesse Lange. Jesse took my very difficult case to trial and was absolutely amazing to watch in action and I was found not guilty and I don't think I could possibly been better represented and would like to thank the entire staff at Aaland Law for their efforts on my behalf over this past year

Pepper J Schwartz

I highly recommend Cash Aaland to anyone in need of a defense attorney! No other attorney will work as hard as him and his TEAM!

Kim Sinner

I have used Aaland Law Firm for both business and personal. Both times they had did an awesome job. They have been very professional every time. They always kept me well informed with everything going on. I never worried knowing they were helping me. I have referred them a lot and will continue to in the future.

Brian Gullickson

Cash and his team are professionals and very HONEST!

Kyle T

Daniel hopper was very nice and prompt about letting me know what was going on, and did an excellent job representing me which lead to the dismissal of the charges that were filed against me thank you again for the awesome services and I would recommend you to anyone who is in need of a good lawyer anytime

Tyler Taghon

I had an issue, a year and a half later with my case. They solved it within the day of bringing it to their attention.

Gd Gac

Personal, professional, service. Highly recommend. Veteran friendly. Thanks to the staff and associates.

Kelsy Hewitt

I found working with Aaland Law to be seamless and simple. They went above and beyond each time I spoke with an attourney and I felt like I could trust them with my case. Aaland Law was reccomended to me by a family friend whose husband is a police officer and said they were the best out there - especially when it came to DUI offences. In my case a lot of the paperwork involved was not correct and caused a lot of confusion. I was happy to have a representative behind me who I felt could easily understand and control the situation I was in as well as deal with the time constraints I was going to have if i were to lose my license. I primarily worked with Jennifer Braun and she was not only a fantastic lawyer, but also the type of person I want to work with. She communicated with me directly and did not give me any false hope of where my case was going to lead. Jennifer was able to, in the end, get my DUI down to reckless driving which has saved my life in so many ways. Do not hesitate to sit down with these guys and give them the straight facts. They will help you as best they can and sometimes even better than you expect!

The Acerxx

Very pleased with Aaland Law Firm. If representation is needed in the future Aaland will be who we choose.

Donna Steelman

Worst attorneys I have ever encountered. Run!!! They will lie to get your service then not do anything a public defender won't do. I was kidding.

Kali Arnzen

Kelsey O

Jessica was a great attorney and did everything she said she was going to do!

larry gronland

I retained Rachel Gehrig concerning a family law problem - she handled the case in a very professional and efficient manner - addressed all my concerns - was readily accessible.

phillip nichols

Jennifer Braun is the best criminal lawyer i've ever worked with. I was charged with 5 felonies one with a minimum sentence of 10 years. Following Jennifer's instruction i came out of with a plea to a single misdemeanor, 48 days served with unsupervised probation. I would recommend Ms. Braun for any criminal case you may have.

Sully Breckheimer

I was recently in trouble with a DUI charge and was referred by multiple people who had chosen to be represented by Aaland Law for their DUI’s and said they were great. In my experience with them it was nothing short of great. They took care of everything. If there was an issue they called you and resolved a lot of issues over the phone instead of having to go to the court room for things that only wasted time. They were always up front with you and never sugar coated it. If they can’t get you off they will let you know, but they are so experienced that it would be worth fighting whatever charges if you have the people from Aaland Law by your side. Dan Hooper was my lawyer and he got me out of a DUI in the state of Minnesota.

Gy. S.

Jennifer A. Braun did a great work, I won and had all charges dropped as it should have been, one should never accept any offers in the case that are not on the best of their interest, specially when they know they are inoccent, and that's their right , with that in mind and Jennifer A. Braun and Aaland Law group, it is possible to achieve that as I did. Thanks

Chantelle Cox

George Almendarez

I had an issue I needed help with and Cash Aaland at Aaland Law Office was very knowledgeable and ready to help. He was able to get me in promptly to go over the situation in person and give me advice on how he could help. He kept me well informed throughout the duration of the issue. I am very thankful for his help in this matter. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance. Thank you Cash for all your help!


I am very grateful I found the best divorce attorney. Truly caring, prompt, ethical, experienced and trustworthy. Rachel is a great, professional lawyer and very smart. Whenever I had a question or concern going through the process, it was always addressed in a timely and thorough manner. She will work endlessly on your behalf and it feels great having her on your side. She came through with everything we discussed. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Rachel, at Aaland Law for all your legal needs. She took the stress out of an extremely stressful situation and I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and diligence.

Merlyn Potter

I fully recommend this lawer agency they look at the facts they tell you the truth they lawer that was in my corner was communicating with me every time they hurd anything about my case never did i feel like just a number as a dollar amount also really easy to work with there kwnolage is impressive but patiently waiting you must be let them work for you and your going to be better off than going in it alone. P.s if they give you advice run with it NOT agents it.

Lok Khadka

The team is AWESOME and very helpful. I definitely recommend to go there.

preston loveless

Aaland Law Office was referred to me by a retired, local law enforcer (that alone says a lot) after I found myself in need of counsel. "They're the best." I was told. The next day, I was in their office for a consultation and I knew right away I was talking to the right people. Cash and his team took my case and crushed it with unrivaled dedication, looking at every aspect of the evidence. They were honest, upfront and professional from start to finish and showed great communicated throughout the process, making a stressful situation as quick and painless as possible. To simply say "I recommend them" is an understatement. Aaland Law was without a doubt, the correct choice.

Kent Kolstad

Aaland Law is a firm that treats its clients with respect, dignity, and professionalism at every turn. Cash, Jesse and their associates have always brought successful solutions to any matters affecting me and my business.

A. H.

I had a very interesting dui case. I originally called Aaland because they were rated very high. That rating was very deserved. They got me in for a consultation within a day. Both Jesse and Dan were very knowledgeable and seemed to actually care about my case. They ended up getting my case dismissed. I'm very grateful that Daniel Hopper was my attorney and would recommend him to anyone. Many thanks to him and aaland law firm

Charles Kempf


Donnell Robinson

My experience with Aaland Law office was a true blessing' it's so much I want to thank this firm of great individuals for. Jennifer Brawn and her team of colleagues was and still is the greatest people's you could ever want fighting for you. It doesn't take alot but it does take a team to believe in winning for their clients. My journey with Aaland Law Office became a good outcome and true destiny to keep my freedom. It was hard but when GOD send you a great group of people to take over and help move mountains you have to trust and believe. Thanks Aaland Law Office God bless' you ladies are Awesome.

Sarah Schmidt

Ben W

I was in need of legal advice, and contacted Aaland Law Firm. I had never required legal advice before, and was unsure if I even needed legal help with my situation. What I found was that it was in fact in my best interest to have legal representation, and that my situation had potentially bigger ramifications than I had initially thought. Mr. Aaland kept me informed throughout the entire process, protected my constitutional rights and rectified my situation with amazing results. What I appreciated the most about Mr. Aaland was his calming demeanor and positive attitude. If you are in need of legal assistance, or are in a situation where you are unsure if you do, your best bet is to call Mr. Aaland and his firm right away for advice.

renae sullvan

I highly recommend Aaland law!!! My daughter needed legal counsel. Aaland Law was recommended by a friend. With one phone call to Aaland Law the wheels were in motion for a positive professional resolution for my daughter's legal needs. In a very stressful situation, Cash fully and patienly explained our options, along with his recommendation of what he believed would achieve the best possible outcome. Cash and his team immediately implented our decision, and my daughter's case promptly settled. We couldn't be more extatic with the outcome!!!! I would trust Aaland Law to handle any of your legal needs! I will recommend them to all my friends and family!

google user

Not impressed. Called multiple times to ask for a simple consult. Explained the situation briefly to the Secretary ... NEVER received a call back. I understand if there would be nothing your team could do to help, but at least have the courtesy to call someone back and say it.

Connor Brennan

Aaland law helped me get out of a tough legal situation, with the sharp eye of Dan, Jesse and Cash. These guys turned my life around, and gave me hope. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, you couldn't make a better choice.

Kristen Wiebe

Jennifer Braun is an amazing attorney!!! She put me at ease and saved me a few times. She always had time to answer any of my questions and I called her a lot! She even got my seized car back for me. I was very happy with the results! Thank you!!!!

Alex Larson

Kind, polite, understanding and professional.

Kyle Brown

Very helpful and provided excellent service for what was needed. Costs were fair for others in region. Always available when any necessary to meet or answer questions.

Paul Kibler

Great Law firm that helped me during and after my case was closed. Kudo's to Cash, Jennifer and Dan. I would recommend this firm for any legal needs. I think what I received in service was well worth the fee I paid.

Alex L

Aaland is truly amazing. With Jennifer's confidence, I had complete faith in her. She showed me all my options and explained them all in a very understanding way. I had no doubts that she would do what was best for me. And in the end I couldn't be any happier with my results. I can honestly say, I will never go to anyone else again. Thank you Jennifer and thank you Aaland!

Bret Ridenour

Brian Cooksey

I have nothing but great things to say about Jesse Lange at Aaland law firm, as well as everyone there! He attacked my case right away and challenged the state with a surpression motion to drop the evidence in my case which lead to all charges dismissed. Without the help of Jesse Lange at Aaland law firm i would have had 3 felonies on my record for the rest of my life.

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