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REVIEWS OF The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin IN North Carolina

Critter Kids Rescue

Hilton Martinez

The service was fast and adequate. Truly stress free

Jonathan j

Douglas Osborn

They accepted my case then dumped me when they couldn't get the insurance company to settle and the case had to go to court.

ken zab

Mi nonbre es pedrozabala y quiero darle las gracias a los abogados de James Scott farrin por sus servicios asi ami y ala comunidad en general de mi parte les agradezco mucho por todo eso yo ya les he recomendado mas de 5 clientes lo cual ya ganaron el caso y les seguiré recomendado mas casos me gusta como son de amables con uno entodo momento son los numero uno aquí en norte Carolina bravo todos los abogados que asen fuerte james Scott farrin como Mandy reyna Matthew Harbin Ryan y a susana Bliss make mckay y mas personas que les quiero dar las gracias y mis disculpas porque se me an olvido los nonbres de otras personas mas que me ayudaron en mi caso pero eyos saven que son parte de ese equipo tan fuerte dios me los bendiga siempre de parte de su amigo pedrozabala

Dominique Hickman

I love them.... they treated me like family... they checked on me during my whole case at least once a week.

Eladio Bobadilla

The attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin are outstanding professionals. While no one wants to be involved in an accident or be in a situation where an attorney is required, when you do, you'll be glad to have folks like these available to you. I worked specifically with Eric Haase, and he fought hard to get me a fair, reasonable settlement after an accident where I was not at fault. I am deeply grateful for the staff for taking my case, fighting for me, keeping me informed of the process, and treating me with dignity and respect all along the way.

Came J

At first I felt like they cared about me, spoke to about 4 different people who worked there as they followed up on my case. I figured since they were asking me about my case that they were taking care of things on their end. Especially after telling me they would help me, Sending someone to my home to sign a contract and getting letters of representation sent out. After about a full month if not more I finally got a call from Attorney Micheal Shepard who handles injury claims just to find out that he was skeptical about the case and that there was too many issues he didn't want to deal with. I was appalled and told him the firm should have been straight forward with me sooner instead of wasting my time, it bothered him enough to fully withdraw. At the end of the day the motive to withdraw was that their 33.3% wasn't going to be as high as they expected since the property damage was about a 3rd of the injury bills. He felt it was a burden to help. I am already going through a stressful situation and Attorney Shepard made it worse with his lack of compassion and truculent behavior. I personally do not recommend them because of the way I was treated by the Attorney who also happens to be a shareholder of the company but everyone has a different experience. I will say that when I called another law firm they explained the situation better and assisted me with my questions. Apparently there is an insurance cap that companies have and if your bills exceed more than a 3rd of there cap then it's not beneficial for a law firm like J.S.F to take the case. Attorney Shepard told me no one would take my case. Luckily I did not listen to him and found an Attorney to help me. Don't give up just because a big dog barks at you. Best of luck to anyone who reads this.

Omar Moore

Very nice people had fun and learn alot

Lauren Kricko

If you are starting the Worker’s Comp process, call them first. These are people who will fight for you, and the sooner you start the process, the less likely you will end up like me. I fell in July of 2017 in a rock climbing gym, working a camp for children. My employer neglected my care and ignored me. My “caseworker” never answered her phone. I called Gallagher Bassett’s corporate office and they would not answer. After finally getting set up with Ryan Bliss and Angela Ebert, my case moved forward. They fought for me. They listened to me, whether it be my opinions, updates, or my tears. Angela held my hand (literally and figuratively) through a process that almost broke me. I ended up developing CRPS, and I will never climb or have a normal life again. With that being said, I would not change the process, because I was in the best care possible. Angela and Ryan are family to me, because not only fought for me, they kept the fight alive in me when I wanted to give up. We finally came to a settlement that was significantly more than I ever would have gotten myself. My only regret was not contacting them the day after it happened. You do not know the Worker’s Comp. system in this state. It is not looking out for you, the worker. It is making life easier for the employer. Do not lay down and let your employer or the insurance company steamroll you (because they will!); you will need the support an experienced Worker’s Comp team will provide. If you want the best, you’ll go to James Scott Farrin.

Antonio Dunn

After being in an accident wherein I flipped 3 times caused by an unlicensed driver (owner) and an unlicensed teenager (driver) at the wheel, The James Scott Farrin team worked very hard to get me my money. After only 2-3 months, I have a check in my hand and I'm satisfied. My paralegal Pamela did her thing by staying in contact with me at every stage of the settlement process. Attorney Mattox is a straight shooter, let's you know what it is without the sugarcoat. If I had to do it all over again ( Lord, I hope not), then i'd still choose the Law Office of James Scott Farrin.

Deborah Blaylock

Attorney Shepherd and Paralegal Dawn Parham provided excellant service and communication to me doing my case. If I my family or friends should ever need legal services in the future I will recommend The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, Thank you all so very much for your service and professionalism.

Jose Antonio Alanis

(Translated by Google) For me it was such a great experience I never thought that it was like what is the goodness that they don't go around with false things. Mrs. Brigche iso such an excellent job and the lawyer. Also I will continue to recommend people k always have the lawyer jeims c F. He is the best lawyer for. The rejion They were very good work. (Original) Para mi fu una esperiencia tan grande nunca pense k era como lo k es la berdad k no andan con cosas falsas. La señora brigche iso un travajo tan exelente y el abogado. Tanbien yo segire rrecomendando a las personas k siempre tengan al abogado jeims c F. El es el mejpr abodado de. La rejion Isieron mui buen trabajo .

Sadie Brandon

They handle my case perfectly they kept me updated on any and every changes that’s was made to me and my case I could tell by every phone call they mainly wanted was best for me and my daughter I am greatly appreciative of Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Jennifer thank y’all so much for taking on my case

todd dunn

I worked for a county government. When I got injured on the job no attorneys would take my case because I worked for an elected official. I called the office of James Scott Farrin which I had used before in a motor vehicle accident. My attorney was Doug Berger he was great he listened to my side of the story. He accepted my case even though it was for a small amount of money. Through his case investigation it was determined that what I had been saying all along was accurate. That my employer was sitting on information that would collaborate my statement and not giving it to others. He also found that they were slandering me. While the amount of money was a little more than I wanted the fact is that my former employer cannot say anything about my previous employment. To be exact now when I submit an application they do not even call them. They talk to a separate manager. I would recommend them to anyone. Doug Berger is the best!!! I would help him in anyway I could.

rahkiah cunningham

I had an amazing experience with James Scott Farrin. Jennie and Ms Weaver were nothing shy of awesome. After my accident I was drained and didn’t think I would bounce back but this law firm help men tremendously along the way. They stayed in constant communication with me every step of the way! Thanks Ms Jennie and Ms Weaver!!!!!!!!

Mary Schmidt

This group of people are the most caring and compassionate people.

Mercy Santosuosso

My daughter and I had an accident in December last year, I have not had a good experience with them, the attorney talks to me like he is really doing me a favor and referring to the legal system like " in this country this is what happens " because am an immigrant then I have to treated like am not knowledgeable. I call Erica the assistant to make follow ups and she never returns my calls....I have not been treated with respect and the courtesy that they so preached about....Had I known I could have made my own research and contacted other law firms....I would never recommend this firm to any of my friends or family to the point where they can just stop representing me and I will handover to other firms that will respect me and offer a better service.... Mercy s

Alicia Ghetto-Monroe

Very professional staff!!! My attorney Preston was very informative about NC personal injury laws. I would definitely recommend this firm!!! Good job guys!!!

Carl Mcintosh

When I had my car accident I had many law firms contact me within the first week. But I received the office of JSF in a next day package at my door step. Not just a simple letter like many of the other law firms, but a full package detailing more than I could have ever expected. So as a first impression , I felt as though I would have the professional representation that would be in my corner. I was serviced by Attorney Jeremy Maddox and Paralegal Maria Nogales. While they were very professional they both also displayed a great deal of sensitivity and compassion to my circumstances as I had unrelated issues to this case going on in my life at the time. Mr Maddox shared with me what to expect in compensation once we got to a certain stage in the process. It almost turned out to be exact. As someone that has spent many years of work experience in areas of service from retail and banking to the higher level of service as an electricity trader, in which we transacted hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, I recognize the value of service regardless of how small or large the reward. Some think they should be diametrically in opposition to each other. I do not. I had to leave a message, I appreciated the fact that I never remember ever having to wait for more than an afternoon or possibly a day in which I received a call back. I always spoke to someone by the way, even when having to leave a message. In today's world where technology seems to want to dominate so much of what we do, companies forget the value of the human element all at what they believe reduces the bottom line cost at the expense of the human interaction and experience. So just as I received the prompt package and then days later the visit of a representative to take notes about my case, the experience was closed by another very professional, sensitive and warm JSF representative Melody Blomberg. She wanted to make sure that my experience with James Scott Farrin was acceptable and one in which I would be happy to use again and hand me a check. So, yes, I would use them again and I would be happy to refer others to them as well. So if you are on the fence, it would be a good decision to have them in your corner!

moretta randle

My son was a passenger in a 3 vehicle accident. I received an advertisement for James Scott Farrin and decided to give them a call. Dawn and attorney Sheppard made the process very convenient. I only had to go into the office once to get the disbursement once the case was settled. The team kept me up to date on where we were in the process and explained the all of the steps and during negotiation process with the insurance companies. I was able to focus on getting my son well while they handled the settlement.

Miles Reck

After a harrowing accident in which another driver ran a red light and caused my car to flip and become totaled with me being sent to the hospital, I was fortunate enough to work with attorney Anabel Rosa and her paralegal Crystal Stone. Much to our delight, the insurance company settled the case. I am absolutely certain that no settlement would have been reached if I had not had Anabel Rosa and Crystal Stone working so diligently on my behalf. I can't recommend this team more.

Sarah Michael

James Scott Farrin has the best employees. They helped me once I was injured in my auto accident. Not once did I feel betrayed, they were there to help every step of the way, even in a timely manner. Choose James Scott Farrin if you ever become injured. I recommend them 100%!

Michael Graham

I was involved in an accident that left me with terrible pain. I called the law office of JSF because I remembered the commercials. I must say that the level of customer service at JSF is top notch. Everyone that I spoke with was genuinely concerned about how I was doing. They followed up with me every step of the way, I never wondered where I stood on the progress of my case. It is rare to find this level of service in this day and age. I highly recommend using them.

rayfield oglesby

They are upfront, give you a piece of mind, and they give you the best. I had great results but the process is important too, from injury to resolution. They deliver the results they say, but they also step you through the process so your mind can be at ease

Charity Hall

Staff if friendly professional and do their best to give appropriate knowledge of your case.I would refer clients.

Jay Yeasmin

paperchasin25 .

Chatiera Hinton

Good Lawyers

Neptali Rivera

(Translated by Google) Because I find all (Original) Porque encuentro de todo

Brandon Wells

Best experience ever! The entire staff was very helpful and did all they could for my case. They followed up with me within a timely manner on every issue, and I would recommend them to anyone out there.

Ralph Iriarte

I was involved in a car accident. I was rear ended and needed medical attention. The first thing I did when I was released from the hospital was call the Law offices of James Scott Farrin. They took my information and they told me they would take care of everything and they did. The only thing I needed to do was see my doctors and send any following correspondence from insurance companies to them. My case was settled within 6 months of my accident and all parties were paid in a timely manner. Thanks to all at James Scott Farrin who took care of my case. I would highly recommend this group to any party involved in a car accident.

Clo Wal

Bertha Bagley


Kristin Simpson

They were there every step of the way; always willing to help in any way they could. Excellent customer service and got the job done!!!

Jackie Franklin

My experience with this firm after my auto accident was very positive. Every person I dealt with was professional, caring, responsive and efficient. I initially tried to handle the claim on my own before following a friend's advice to seek an attorney's help, and this team took over and greatly reduced my stress and anxiety so I could focus on healing. My advice is to anyone injured in an accident is contact this team immediately, don't try to go it alone.

Zach Estep

I would just like to say that their Durham office Miss Chelsea attorney Chelsea whoever-she-is and her paralegal it is not up to par. everytime I try to ask a question she tries to avoid while she don't try she avoids answering my question will not answer my question threaten to drop my case because she didn't want answer my question and after reading all these bad reviews from people saying they waited two and three years just to get dropped because the insurance people wouldn't settle and taking up to 50% of your settlement how are they there to help I don't understand that taking up the 50% good luck people if you need an attorney I really don't know what to say I never had to use an attorney for car accident but I can clearly see I do not want to do business with Chelsea at the Durham office period.

Robert Peace

You have the best on your side and they won't settle till you are satisfied. Thanks Josh and Jackie

A Google User

willaim MURPHY

They did a wonderful job for me on my workers compensation. Everyone was a pleasure to work with. I didnt have to come to the office in the beginning. They sent a gentlman to my house on Saturday to get my information pertaining to my case since I was recovering from surgery. They got my case settled. I would highly recommend James Scott Farin to anyone. Thank you for the great service.

Katrina Terry

I had a bad experience with my personal lawyer but Melody Blomberg stepped in and fought all she could to make sure that I was a satisfied client.

Stacy Arnold

I was in a car accident, was injured and didn't even know where to start in regards to the financial aspect that was due to this. The very next day I was contacted by the at fault parties insurance adjuster. They were very eager to settle the case and offered me $500.00 to do so. Keep in mind that I was injured and I had no idea if my car was even totalled or not yet. Luckily, I told them I would have to think about it and hung up. I spoke to a couple people who insisted I call a lawyer after I told them what this insurance adjuster was doing. A couple of my friends recommended The law offices of James Scott Farren as they had positive experiences. I contacted them and someone was at my home the next day starting the process. From beginning to end they made the process as easy as possible for me. They took care of everything and I always felt as though I could trust that my case was being held properly. I had trust that I was given the correct advice in my case and always was kept well informed. They were with me every step of the way. They were there to advice and assist with the totaling of my car, medical bills, medical insurance, lost wages and compensation for my injuries. I wouldn't of been able to do it with out the team who handled my case. When all was said and done everything was settled and I walked away with 8 times the amount of competition then the adjuster originally tried to settle for. I can't thank them enough for helping me through a very tough time and getting me the compensation I deserved.

Gerjuana Holloway

Was referred by my dad Douglas Holloway he said "Don't talk to anybody" Call James Scott Farrin....I was very pleased with the process they even stayed in contact with me through the case and what steps would be taking next...I would refer them to anyone that need answers or an attorney for their case.... THANKS JAMES SCOTT FARRIN

Elaine Overby

I was really pleased with Tiffany Morrison and Eric P Haase they stayed on top of things and kept me informed I would highly recommend them to family and any one else who would need them

Cute then you mom Kymyni

I am beyond pleased with James Scott Farrin. The best experience i have every had with a law firm office. They treated me so wonderful and with so much genuine love and support. I thank them so much for all their hard work. I highly recommond James Scott Farrin to anybody looking for a good family and freindly firm. You wont be disappointed.

Bluejay O'Shea

I hired these guys to help out with a worker's comp issue where my family was left without pay because I had crippling injuries from a work accident. I was worried we would lose everything. Simply put, the Insurance company doesn't care about the employee. But James Scott Farrin does. I’d hire them again in a heartbeat.

Rick Polk

Great speedy results. Nothing is better than someone telling you an estimated time to receive your check and then they hold to it. Uber friendly staff, I'll definitely use them again

Charity Montgomery

Easy to work with and they walk you through the process. I wasn’t the easiest client to deal with, but they always greeted me with a smile and treated me great.

Dominque Fauntleroy

Everyone is always friendly and very helpful would definitely recommend them if you need a good lawyers office.

Garland Slack

I would never recommend this place. After 2 years of Attny Mike Sheppard sitting on the case he decides to drop it. They did not keep us informed on what was going on. They will be gald to act like they are going to help you at first with all the people there trying to get you to sign with Attny Sheppard but that is just for looks, After the will drop you his assistant Denise Riley will never return a phone call or spends her time trying to avoid you when you call to ask a simple question like you have all our bills can we get them back. WARNING this attney will leave you high and dry with no warning!!!!!

Elizabeth Vaughan

JSF is the Absolute Best Attorney’s I have Ever had the Distinct Pleasure of working with. You will Not find a better Attorney to work with! Josh Fien was always quick to answer my questions and assist me with my needs. Eric Haase is an excellent attorney and enjoyed my conversations with him. Together, Eric and Josh were able to secure the very best outcome for my case. They are truly a Dynamic Duo!!! Very well represented the James Scott Farrin!! Best

zachary blevins

The service I received at Farrin was second to none. They became a part of my family from showing up to the hospital when my son was born to just checking to see how I was doing. I mainly worked with Kari Davenport my paralegal who is not only more than phenomenal at her job but just a caring aand genuine person. There were a many nights days weekends where I was concerned or worried and she always had an answer or solution. Marie Lang my attorney was also quite spectacular she would never push me off to an assistant and if there was a tough decision to be made she handled it with grace and poise. I really got to know these people throughout my case and would recommend them to anyone. It's not everyday that you find a group of people that truly have your best interest at heart. Thank you Kari. Marie and everyone else at Farrin for truly making a difference in mine and my family's life.

litesia Harmon

I love them best law office around

Curtis Bakke

just wanted to say that once jsf stepped into my life after a car accident there was no doubt in my mind i hired the right people for the job.very knowledgeable of the laws in nc , very professional , always had the right answer to my questions and the best resolve for my case . if your looking for a great lawyer team your in the right place!

Amber Eckard

I had three cases with them; two involving children. Service & Comunication skills were excellent. I was pleased with how the attorney and paralegal handled our cases in a timely manner. I would recommend any one to this Law Office.

Diane F

Disappointment. We waited a week with no callback. After calling the third time I was told the review was done and a letter was sent. I would have preferred a phone call or told when I called previously they wasn't interested in the case . Time wasted!

Trazjae Moss

I recently worked with the Law offices of James Scott Farrin in Durham North Carolina. I was very pleased with the service and attention I received from Eric Haaz and Joshua Fien. They went above and beyond every single step of the way and was not willing to settle for less. They were in constant communication with me from the time I agreed to work with them until my case was settled. I am very thankful for their hard work, dedication and personal attention. I never felt as if they were too busy for me because they were always prompt in responding to my phone calls and emails. I would recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance. Thanks Eric and Joshua for all that you do!

Noesito Garcia

es un buen cervicio que si bale la pena de asignar para solucionar problemas de diferentes accidentes en el trabajo....

Mike Campbell

I was injured on the job in 2008 and after several surgeries and continued issues I made the call to hire an attorney. They sent someone to my house and we discussed everything and I was very pleased with their answers to my questions. I had another surgery in 2013 and my employer was pressuring me to be 100 percent or look for a new job so I discussed all of this multiple times with my attorney Barry and Cassidy and they gave me great advice. I made the decision to retire from that line of work and move forward with my life.... Once I made this decision it was months before we were contacted by workers comp for mediation and since I had never been through that or new anyone that had I was extremely nervous and had many many questions...which were all answered. Once Mediation came I had Mike Mckay on my side and he was outstanding and walked me step by step what would take place and he informed me and reassured me that everything was my decision and not to feel pressured and he was extremely thorough and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the agreement we reached. I will be forever grateful for James Scott Farrin's assistance through this ordeal, I have been dealing with this for six years and now I can move on with my life.

Jalen Harris

Mr Harbin is great and Katie was Awesome

sheryl bailey

My experience with JSF was amazing. My accident happened in October and a friend recommended me and my daughter to them. Heather my paralegal was fantastic. She kept me in the loop and whenever I had an question that she could help me with she definitely was there. Jennie my lawyer was nothing short of amazing as well. It took a lot of patience but so worth it in the end. These 2 ladies are so wonderful and I’m glad I got the chance to have them help me with my accident issue. I would definitely recommend JSF to anyone looking for representation. Thank you so much Heather and Jennie for all y’all help.

Carla Perez

Over the course of 2 years, from my husband's motorcycle accident to his treatment, recovery, and case settlement, the James Scott Farrin's legal team (to include attorneys, paralegals, administrative assistants) treated us with the utmost professionalism and respect. More specifically, our paralegal Kari Davenport, did an amazing job of keeping my husband and I constantly updated on the status of our case by answering any and every question we had. Our e-mails were swiftly replied to and phone calls were answered and returned promptly. Professionalism aside, JSF also met our emotional needs in a way I could have never expected from a law firm. We were treated like family, and I always genuinely felt cared for as I know my husband did too. I would highly recommend JSF to anyone who does not want to be treated like "just another case" but as a human being with dignity and respect. JSF made one of the most stressful times of mine and my husband's life not only a bearable experience but a wonderful one too. While the case was a lengthy process, JSF always kept us at ease and helped change our lives for the better.

Kimberly Yancey

Best firm to handle your claim! Everyone was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and truly cared about me and my well being! They kept me informed every step of the way and everything was done and handled in a timely manner. I will be recommending them to all of my family and friends! And if the need should ever arise they will be the first that I contact. Satisfied customer

Dawn Parham

It was clear the insurance company was only interested in making a quick settlement before I even knew the extent of my injuries. I wanted to have experience and compassion on my side and that is what I received from James Scott Farrin. As a client, I also received top notch customer service from everyone from the receptionists who answer the phone to my paralegal and to my attorney. The staff were genuinely interested in me as a person. They listen, they are responsive, they are excellent at what they do. Highly recommended!

Online Marketing

My name nabila I had problem works comps I contacted Mr Jacob Goad, he was very patience he gives me to much advice and support, I advise you to contact him as soon as possible, you will not find better than him Thank so much low offices of James Scott for everything you did it's to me

Kristen Norton

victor martinez

Great experience and great personal I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to solve a case in an accident .

Graziano de luca

They helped me with a workers comp case. You have to call them to keep track of your case but the paralegal was pretty quick on call me back

Amari Smith

Kevin Reed

Felt like all of the James Scott Farrin team had my best interest in heart during the whole process. Special thanks to Josh who is a great conversationalist as well as an expert in his field. Highly recommend this team.

Justice Drake

My whole team was perfect. I would recommend any injured person to request the services of JSF!!! I would also like to thank Miss Cynthia Fabian Medina and my Attorney Rosa S. Antunez!!! Thanks JSF!!!

Nikki Capps

They were very easy to deal with. They kept me updated on all the progress of my case. The insurance company would not do anything for me and they easily got things moving.

David Mabry

I had a bad accident at work. I had seen the advertising on Tv over the years so I called made a appointment over the phone and they came to my house. They took care of doctor bills, and my pay also. James Scott Farrin is the most professional people the the industry. They were quick to get my settlement. Me and my family thanks Matt and Kensey and all of the team that helped me. You did a wonderful job also God bless James Scott Farrin.

Nancy Wines

From the moment I reached out to JSF they were so warm, friendly and open about the process. They answered all my questions fully and really put my mind at ease so I could focus on getting better. They constantly kept me up to date with the progress of my case. I never had to call them and they fought to get my medical costs reduced. They always asked how I was feeling and how was my recovery going, they were truly concerned for my well-being. They went above and beyond just being my attorney. Crystal was awesome to work with during the case and Melody was just like meeting an old friend when my case was closed. Every person I came into contact with from the start to finish was like talking to a friend. When I went to sign the final paperwork, the receptionist, treated me like we had been friends forever, showing me the office and offering me a drink! When they say, they treat you like family, they really mean it!! I would and will highly recommend JSF to anyone!!

Latasha Harrington

Great firm! I had a really good experience with them following a car accident. I had the chance to work with Gabrielle and Gabe on my case. Gabrielle was very easy to talk to and very considerate and informative in helping with information and the whole process. Gabe was very helpful in giving advice. I also really enjoyed meeting Yolanda at the end. She helped with the final process of the case. I would highly recommend this firm for legal needs!!

Vanessa Watson

Professional, personal, and extremely friendly staff. The best experience I have ever encountered when dealing with an attorney.

Mercy Malulu

I posted a negative review based on how I was treated by the first attorney that was assigned to me, thank God melody in PR got in touch with me immediately called ,listened to me, didn't talk at me and she assigned another team Attorney Mike and assistant Asia they have been very respectful, understanding and in less than a month we are finally concluding the case...Its been an experience but that's just every place we have people that are great professionals and will put their heart into doing a great job and their those that just go with the flow.. Yes if you asked, I will definitely recommend James Scott Farrin to anybody especially Mike and the team....Thanks Melody am so grateful....

nicole clark

I was involved in a car accident and had no clue of what to do. A coworker referred me to James Scott Farrin. At first I just giggled because I have seen the commercials. But she explained to me her experience. I immediately reached out to them. They always call right back and my experience with them was great. Friendly and professional staff. Always answer my questions with a quick turn around. Kept me posted on my case and always checked to see how I was doing. I would recommend them and if needed in my future I will be reaching out to this office for my future needs. I highly recommend this office to anyone seeking a personal injury attorney. Thank you,

Jane Canales

I am an actual client of the Durham, NC location and I can recommend these attorneys for both personal injury and WC. I have had a wonderful experience with everyone I came in contact from the reception, paralegals and all the attorneys. Every time I called and left a message, my call was returned very quickly and follow to all my questions and fears were handled with the up-most professionalism. Several times throughout the case, I was called by my paralegal, just to check on how I was doing. I've been called even after my case settled, again to check on how I am doing. I have nothing to gain by providing a false recommendation or review for the offices of James Scott Farrin. I have since referred a few friends to them and they are very happy with everyone at this office.

Veronica Kornegay


Amelia Vereen

The law office of James Scott Farrin was very helpful in helping me get my case settled. Paralegals Hannah Biscardi, and Kerri King, and attorneys Jeremy Maddox and Preston Lesley were all very helpful, kind and informative when it came to settling my case. I want to express to them that I am truly thankful for their hard work and dedication. I definitely will recommend this office to those in need. Thanks Again!

Michael Russell

Wow! where do I start? Mr Farrins office has represented me in 2 workmans comp cases and 1 auto wreck. They treat you like family never turning their back on you and always having your best interest at all times. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a dependable attorney

Rashad Jones

I had a great experience with the firm. They not only payed attention, but they listened and advised. My customer experience was great, I spoke with several people and each time I got a willingness to assist attitude. This was my first time having to deal with an attorney and it was great. I would recommend to everyone.

Hannah Tosch

Jenny Glish and Christina Rhew are fabulous. They were kind and helpful through this whole process.

Abigail Ivey

I don't feel as if they put as much effort into my case that I was due but I have signed and sent my clincher so I guess there isn't much at this point I can do. The attorney on my case, Ali, was very sweet and the Main paralegal I kept in contact with, Kensey, was nice as well so I am not sure who dropped the ball on what should have been "open and shut" where my workman's comp case is concerned. That was a huge lack of communication on their part and I did not feel as if my voice mattered to them. I am now tied to a settlement that is not at all what I deserve. I believe that with another team I would have gotten more if said team had looked over the facts of my case more in depth. My lawyer didn't even know that I was fired while on medical leave until the day of my mediation. I am very disappointed as this could have gone more in my favor had there communication and listening skills on their part. I give two stars because they were sweet, but I can not get back all that I have lost on sweet. Heaven forbid if I ever need another lawyer due to injury I would not return with them nor would I recommend them to anyone else.

christine warren

I want thank everybody that worked on my case at James Scott Farrin law office they did a very professional and great job I would recommend them to anybody that was ever looking for a lawyer and I definitely would use them again if I needed them for anything and thank you to everybody at James Scott Farrin law office.

DeAndre Burgos

It was a long hard road back to recovery and there were times I felt like I was going to lose my mind but thanks to the incomparable Vanice Riley who was there to call and check on my condition and well being after my accident, coupled with Attorney Shepherds diligence in getting me results (the best), the results were astronomical. I thank vanice for giving that personal touch that actually made me feel special and not just a client on the list! If you are in an accident that wasn't your fault and Need results, call James Scott Farrin, "They mean Buisiness"!!!

Shawn Duncan

Best lawyer around

Jay Smith

Best place to choose, no capp

Elizabeth Archer

Angela Ebert is the BEST HANDS DOWN. I would recommend them to ANYONE.

Nina Cespedes

Annabel and Halea were exceptional the entire time while they took care of my case. Halea kept in touch with me and I was always updated. Annabel got us the best outcome. Every one was always so nice from the receptionist every time we walked in to Gabriel who finished off the paperwork. Thank you all so much.

Ben Carter

Gabriel was helpful with disbursement , however there were many folks behind the scenes and doing processes that sometimes dont get recognized. Kathy C. was instrumental in keeping me informed on progress of the case, doctor bills being paid by insurance companies, and workers comp payments to me.This lady really helped me recover from the accident at peace knowing she had everything under control.

Bosshall Black

They were so patient with me and came to my every need. I would recommend this Law firm to anyone with any situation. They are BIG stress relievers. I literally had to worry about nothing.

Sam Perry

The offices of JSF and my attorney Jeremy were able to settle my case within a few short months. They were professional, thorough, and helpful in all aspects. Any questions I had were quickly and fully answered as they guided me through every step of the legal process. I was very satisfied with my service, and I highly recommend their office and attorney Jeremy Maddox.

Maurice Greenfield

They were there for me every step of the way .I would recommend them highly.very nice and returned all calls .thank you for your services.

akiim allen

First and above all, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the hardworking staff at JAMES SCOTT FARRIN for their due diligence, courteousness, compassion, patience and respect for my Workers Compensation case. The moment I made my report, Mr. Farrin’s team worked tirelessly and delivered the greatest service a man could ask for. At times I became impatient as my family needed me in this time and although that time was very challenging for me, The JSF team took my case, my emotions and my pain into great consideration and handled it professionally. I could never thank them all enough for helping through this all. Thank you all again! All the very best! -AKIIM ALLEN

Robert Dubeck

Sheldon Briggs

Nicole I

JSF has been nothing short of excellent in dealing with my case. They walked me through all steps and let me know what to expect, being that it was my first accident that I was involved in. I would definitely recommend JSF to anyone in need of a lawyer, they are amazing!

Dale Reed

Dana R

This law firm was exceptionally professional, caring and successful with my entire legal issues!!!! Meticulous teamwork with Micheal Shepherd and Venice Riley!!!

Kimberly towles

I have been a client since I was injured ten years ago. I have been treated like family and given great advice at every step of my lawsuit. I have been treated like a member of the family and every phone call and email answered with respect and in a timely manner. I was afraid of losing everything I had worked for due to my injury but my attorneys fought for the best medical care available and they gave me the guidance and confidence in them to fight for a settlement that will support me for the rest of my life. I can’t say enough good things about the JSF team and I will always be a part of their family!!

Carolyn Hicks Torres

They are the first law firm that stayed true to their commercial. They told us from day one stay calm and worry about getting better we will handle everything and they kept their word. From start to finish they kept us informed on every decision and every step. They are the best and their staff goes far and beyond to make you comfortable and accommodate you. Me and my family are forever grateful to them for making such a traumatic experience so much easier. Thank you

Donnell hamilton

Josh and Angela are so caring and helpful in serving you, so you don’t have to worry about about anything. They are the best, so when ever you need an law office choose James Scott Farrin for needs,The really care about the person.

Sharon Atkinson

Debbie does a great job at James Scott Farrin....They have a great team!!!!!

Mandelious Mcneil

Don't think twice about another law firm. They deliver and make the entire ordeal simple. They make sure you understand the entire process in detail, they truly care about your well being. THANKS to them all. Ms. Jennifer Welch and Mr Josh Smith so informative. Ms. Welch very nice lady and always calm demeanor. THANKS.

Nathan Adams

They were always attentive to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend JSF if life puts you in the position of having to hire a personal injury attorney, they're the only one to consider.

Shannon Layne

Nice place, parking is a bit of a nightmare. But everyone is pretty friendly. The lobby overlooks the baseball field which is kinda cool.


No comment

ashley king

So Kind, so precise. James Scott Farrin is the way to go for all your needs. I have a child so it was hard for me to always keep in contact with them. They made sure everything was taken care of and I literally just had to call to ask questions and check in. They're perfect!!!!!!! Thank you JSF!! Venice, Gabriel, and the whole team is awesome!!!!!!

Nathan Roach

The experience with the firm and their associates was great. I recommend them highly...and if you are involved in a workers comp issue, no matter how minor, hire an attorney to take care of it for you. The workers comp insurance company doesn’t care about you at all...all they wanna do is try to save every penny they can and from my experiences, they will take shortcuts in medical procedures, just so they can do that...but with the help of Ryan, Bridget, and the rest of the team I worked with at James Scott Farrin...I was able to get what I was entitled too...that I, more than likely, wouldn’t have...had they not been in my corner fighting for me every step of the way.

Karen Mitchell

I was in a car accident in May of 2017. James Scott Farrin Law Office was great. They took care of me and my case was handled in less than 7 months. Kathy and Miriah was great!! Thanks JSF.

Ray Rodriguez

James Scott Ferrin office is packed with professionals that really understand the feeling of being injured and displaced physically and financially. Attorney Walter with his paralegals Leslie and Tifany made me feel informed and in control from day one. And that really made a difference in the way I felt and saw the whole process. Thank you guys, you are not only great professionals but lovely and charming human beings.

Seirra Sowell

I had a family member that recently received services from this law office. It was HORRIBLE ☹️ !!! The wait was over a year long only to receive the minimum offer. Jessica or what ever her name is was his attorney and she did not seem as if he was a priority to her. Even after taking as long as she did she acted irritated at the fact that he was calling to ask questions about how much longer it would be after settling and she said it would still take several weeks. I'm not sure how it works but the few car accidents that I have unfortunately been in it has NEVER took several weeks after you settle for u to receive the payment! I'm just not stoked about their service and would never use them or refer them to anyone!!!!

Lala Love

Brandi Wayman


Right. Okay. The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin are absolutely amazing. I really wish that I did my disability case through them. My husband used their services for a worker's comp case and I was blown away by the service received. Everyone was friendly, competent, and helpful. Matt, Mr. Farrin himself, and everyone else we came in contact with were lovely. They handled the case very quickly and professionally. I would not trust any other Law Firm the way I trust them. Thank you again for all your help.

Cedric Thomas

Miss wendy Nolan...kerri king...Yolanda...Francisca....they was very nice polite...and professional...I reccomend them any time

Rick Russell

I had a workers compensation case that had special issues and would be difficult to win if I had less than the best attorney. There were times when I wondered if I would be successful or not. Fortunately, I was paired with a great team of professional, friendly and hard working individuals who made me feel like my case was important. In the end, all issues with my case were taken care of and my settlement was more than I expected. I highly recommend James Scott Farrin to anyone who needs only the best to defend them and work for what belongs to you.


We "called" and asked for representation because our intellectual property is being used and sold around the world by a popular company... The reply email from J.S.F. was "People generally call us when a lot is at stake"..."We only take cases where we believe we can make a significant impact." (They had the word significant in bold). Not enough licensing profit for them to help. Ok, thanks anyway... But, why the Insulting email? (We'll blog that question) They actually subscribed us to their Constant Contact to further spam us after the insulting email declining representation. We called only. Giving a person taking a message your email address for a reply regarding representation does NOT allow you the privilege of adding them to your email list. That's an illegal subscription to an email list. Someone over there needs to read the CAN-SPAM act. Because that'll cost J.S.F. up to $16,000 per unsolicited email. Maybe that'll be "significant" enough for you. Now all those people being spammed by you will know...good luck

William Hill

Exceptional service from Josh Smith (Attorney) and Jennifer Welch (Paralegal). This team at JSF made it their mission to keep me informed of any and all aspects of my case. From the initial consultation, I was made aware of what to expect as well as an approximate time frame that my case would be settled. Both Josh and Jennifer was very professional but open and friendly at the same time. Any questions or concerns I had were quickly answered or followed up on. I would definitely use the Office of JSF again if I ever had the need; hopefully not but just in case, I can say that I already have an attorney.

Keyla Martz

(Translated by Google) The lawyers of this great firm are inefficient

Jacques Ingram

a forte

Everyone here is so warm,welcoming and helpful.

Alonzo Yates

Their communication is awesome they are literally the best in the business. JSF will fight for everything you deserve which is a blessing!

Shawnee Bigelow

I really appreciated the support throughout my lawsuit, given by Shara Weaver, one of their best legal staff. I felt heard, was encouraged through the process, and ended up with a great settlement offer. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend this firm, and I am so thankful that they were my attorneys, advocating on my behalf. Great group of legal eagles, including my attorney Jeremy Maddox. Thank you!

Arlin Firestone

I had an accident at work and was subsequently laid off. Knowing that employees have Workers Compensation rights but that the laws regarding this are complex, I worked with Matt Healey at JSF, who guided me through the process with a favorable outcome. Matt and I communicated regularly over the course of approximately three years until my case was finally settled. It was a real pleasure working with Matt and JSF.

Lydia Salett

Farr in Law firm did an excellent job! They were very thorough!

Bekah Parnell

So I had Kari Campbell (paralegal) and Michael Rothrock (Attorney) for my son (7yrs now) who got in a really bad car wreck with his father's side of the family back in 2013. They never could give me any new updates in the case. So for that and it being 3 years and nothing new I told them I wanted to get the case solved and give the money my son deserves. They said they called me but I had no missed calls or voice mails. Their way of getting in contact with someone sucks! Now they are telling me they are not going to represent son and I have to go to someone else to get money for the pain and suffering my 4 year old son had to go through and still going through 3 1/2 years later. I called to ask Kari why they were doing that when I never got a phone call from them and she could not answer that question for me. All she could say is we are not going to represent you and your son. So I said ok then she said okay and hung up on me as I was talking. That's a great way to treat your client!

Russell Braxton

Please allow me to express my deepest appreciation for your expertise, honesty, loyalty, and commitment to my case. I felt like "I" mattered. Without hesitation, I would recommend you to any, and everybody I know. Thank you again to the "Team" of James Scott Farrin. Sincerely, Russell Braxton. Ps. Jennie Glish and Shara Weaver you Ladies are a Team well put together. Great Team Work enjoyed working with you guys.

matthew Harris

I have to say after reading all of the materials I received in the mail after my auto accident i was impressed with what James Scott Farris stands for and is the main reason I choose them to represent me. They did help me along the entire process. The company is very professional and cares about you as a person. They are not about the money they are about helping you get the treatment you deserve from the insurance company. My only mistake in the process was, I should of hired them the day the accident happened because my case would of probably been easier with knowing the right steps to take when injured. Don't do like I did and delay until you realize your insurance company is trying to take you for a ride. If you decide to hire this company you should know they will do the best they can to help and it's not about the dollar amount. Hiring JSF has made me realize good people do exist and they are on the injured people's side and work for your best interest. Life isn't always fair but we have to make the most out of the hand we're dealt. I'm happy to meet dedicated and honest people who have strong morals and ethics, which is something insurance companies do not have. I can only say good things of my overall experience.

Ian McKee

The only review on here is by someone who works with the firm, they used Dawn Parham who is not in management to write the review so you won't find her name on the website. James Scott Farrin is the Wal-Mart of law firms. They lie to their clients, market a fake image, take up to 40% of settlements for themselves leaving little behind for the client after fees and extra costs, they employ the cheapest, unqualified labor possible and make them cold-call and market false material to potential clients. Long and short, they like money, making it and not sharing it. They see this personal injury thing as a ticket to make millions off the backs of poor people hurt in car accidents. This is not a firm to use unless you like seeing a lawyer make a ton of money on your tragedy while leaving you the scraps and the bills.

Aric Montgomery

Travis Mccowan

The absolute best service ever!!!

Donna Lyons

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin were very professional and friendly. Everyone I had an interaction with was informative and helpful. Any question I had was answered in terms that I could understand and with patience. I would recommend James Scott Farrin to everyone in need of an attorney and staff that cares, and listens to their client's needs.

Patrick Hairston

Without a shadow of a doubt I have experienced the best representation in the world through the law office of James Scott Farrin. I have been in three different accidents that forced me to need reprentatation. All three accidents were handled by the Law office of James Scott Farrin. I was blessed to have an amazing legal team work with me. Venice Riley, Michael Shepherd, Doug Berger, Dayna Ferrel, Gabrielle Spence, and Miriah Yanez gave me amazing representation and all made me feel like I was worth more than the money I have received. Whenever you can find a law office that makes you feel like your life is more important than a check, you have truly found a successful law office. I personally want to thank them. You all are an amazing legal team that truly helped me in my time of trouble and need. I will always be forever grateful for you all’s hard work and dedication. Thank You!!!!

Rickie Barbee

Good people to work with if you need help this is the team

Jermany Alston

Kim Smith

Very pleased with James Scott Farrin. I was treated wonderful, and got so much support. I was kept informed all the time and had a wonderful experience with everyone came in contact with,from the paralegals and all the attorneys. I recommend this law office to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Sierra Neal

On November 2014, I was involved in a hit and run vehicular accident with a drunk driver. My car was totaled, the drunk driver fled the scene and I was left with a mild concussion. James Scott Farrin was the first law office to send me information and also a detailed police report. Not only were they the first to contact me, they also delivered their information to my door. I contacted them and within weeks I met with an investigator and was in touch with my paralegal. I believe her name was Isabel, and she was great. She kept me up to date with my court case and everything that was going on. She also gave me time frames as to when each phase of the legal process was complete. My case ended up in court because my attorney felt that I wasn't being treated fairly due to the extent of the accident. It's now August, 2015 and I received my package or disbursement during the second week of this month. It was more than I expected! Enough to cover the cost of this law office, medical, and insurance fees. It was also enough to make a down payment for a new car and have some to put in the bank for car payments. This law office takes care of their clients and they were really helpful to me. Anytime I had a question I could call and ask without having to wait an extended amount of time. I highly recommend this law office!


Great experience from start to finish! Angela and Susan handled my case and listened to all my concerns and needs and kept me informed and up to date regularly. Angela and Susan are both very kind, compassionate and professional people. I feel blessed to have meet them and had them oversee my case.. Thanks again you to for a wonderful job well done. God bless you both.

Rachael Andrews

Great job Preston Leslie!


Shannon Webb

The case was very hands off for me although the law office seemed very hands on. Only had to go to the office once but they came to me right after my accident and checked in via call and text. Great experience during a tough time.

Brittany Clayton

Hard to get anyone to answer the phone or call you back

Ezella Smallwood-Terry

I was injured on my job and was denied worker's compensation and wrongfully terminated. I started to become suspicious of the insurance company and decided to take action into my own hands. It was then that I came to James Scott Farrin and instantly they took my case and began working on my behalf. It was a long painful process but my paralegal Jennifer and my lawyer Susan were there with me every step of the way. I don't think I would have been able to get through it without them. They were my advisors and they really showed me that they cared about me as a person and not just because I was their client. They kept me up to date on every single step of the process and gave me accurate information and the best advice. They even called me sometimes just to check in and see how things were going for me. They fought toe to toe with the insurance company and got me the compensation that I was owed plus more. To be able to put it all behind me and move forward with making a better life for my son and I was truly touching. My team was nothing short of amazing and I hated to have to let them go because they were just that good! They really changed my life. Anyone who has been hurt on their job and denied compensation James Scott Farrin is definitely the way to go!

Tamika G.

Very friendly and helpful

#Omega GT

They've been great help!!! I FULLY recommend them.

EnjoyBeing Yourself

The team was so helpful. They were informative and understanding. Susan and Bridget were great, if I had a question they were there, if they needed more from me it was communicated, and there were any changes I was alerted. I am so pleased and greatful for everything, I only wish I had call you guys sooner. Definitely recommending to friends and family. You guys rock!

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