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REVIEWS OF Sodoma Law IN North Carolina

Daryl Woods

Professional hard working group of attorneys. Highly recommend for divorce.

Angie Lee

Penny was great! I loved how clear, consistent and transparent the entire process was. She represented me only for a custody related deposition but worked well with the other lawyers and gave excellent advice to my husband and I. She helped us feel confident and secure in our decision-making by not sparing any detail, and by fully explaining all our options. All fees were meticulously explained and no expense was wasted. If I ever need legal services again, I know I can trust Sodoma Law to have my best interests at heart.

Liz Walter


Doughton stepped in at the last minute to handle a very high conflict child custody case involving domestic violence that had been coming since 2017 and surpassed all expectations. Despite only having a matter of mere days to prepare, he didn’t miss a beat, catching up on an extensive history and developing a potent approach, all while remaining patient with me as I was ready to spiral. He was both courteous and respectful and when the time came, his tenacity, strategy and expertise in the courtroom proved to be not only powerful, but effective. Although I hope to never have to find out, I can only imagine what he would be capable of if he has more than just a few days to prepare. Both Theresa and Doughton's work on my case gave me the confidence and direction I needed to guide me through a very unfortunate situation with the highest stakes possible, my children. I would not hesitate to recommend either to anyone seeking an experienced family law attorney who is ready to deliver results.

Chris Lanham

This law firm and specifically "robin" are not representing their own advertisements. They have signs promoting being "authentic" and have quotes promoting to "do the right thing" but that's not the case, no pun intended. This law firm and specifically "robin" have used lies and complete falsehoods. When my wife physically assaulted me, the attorney "robin" thought it work to suggest I photoshoped my swollen face and told the judge "He doesn't look that much different!" Thankfully the judge didn't believe her. Also, I have been wrongfully investigated for having sex acts infront my sons to wrongful restraining orders and one claiming I had a sex act with one of my sons to try and win some case. This law firm definitely doesnt "do the right thing" and the last failed restraing order that "robin" from this firm led went on for what seemed like an eternity and at court "robin" asked to keep it in place with NO evidence against me. Thankfully again the judge didn't believe them. I have spent thousands defending my innocents against the ridiculous wrongful acts of this firm and specifically "robin" and all while I suffered with cancer. There are times when a divorse may be necessary but these acts are against any effort to "do the right thing" and definitely against the best interest of families and children. This experience and review I'm sharing is truthful and is documented.


David Simmons was my attorney for roughly 1.5 years during my highly contentious divorce litigation. David is a highly intelligent, detail oriented, responsive and extremely capable attorney. He thinks outside the box and is willing to push hard for what is right for his clients. He took the time to patiently explain things when I needed him to do so. His motions are incredibly well-written and his arguments highly articulate. Besides being a tremendous attorney, David is a really good person who truly cares about his clients. His calm approach to incredibly tough situations was very helpful and I also enjoyed his sense of humor. I would highly recommend David Simmons to anyone needing a family law attorney. He's a star.

Amanda Cannavo

Eloisa GGtmo

Sharon Balas

When life unexpectedly turns there are people you will want in your corner. Nicole Sodoma, David DuFault and Matt Day are my team. Words cannot convey what they accomplished to add peace and solace to a situation beyond my control. With infinite gratitude I can highly recommend this firm.

Emily H

Excellent, thorough , and worth it!

John Heiden

Best Family Law Practice in Charlotte. Highly recommended.

Mary Austin

Started off with a wonderful assessment and plan and ended very costly and not at all worth it. Did not follow my directions and did not keep up with any promises or any previously discussed plans of actions. Repeatedly acted as if I was being noncompliant or not punctual enough but rarely gave me more than a few days notice to produce very intracate documents or take off work yet again to have a planning meeting that resulted in high invoices and nothing more than what we would have been able to accomplish via phone or email. Did not introduce pertinent evidence to the record which I think signifigantly impacted the outcome of my case and relationship with my children. I was even billed for a motion that was generated by a paralegal and asked to be hand delivered to the court house while we were in Chambers at a hearing that my attorney later decided was not the right time to submit and would be better left till next time. I am very unhappy with the results of my experience with Sodoma Law Group and even after trying to get a second opinion from someone in the main office and was never given a return call. I've now spent 20,000 on my case and have not been given even phone calls with my children and never abused or neglected my children and now I have used all thier college funds trying to correct slander and lack of due process. I would not recommend the Rock Hill office if you are on any kind of budget and if you need someone who has to make waves in that community.

Acroba One

Your looking at 350 for a consultation and 3500-7500 for a retainer. NOT for the full divorce/litigation.

Stephen Sahl

I have not been associated with Sodoma, but I have worked with David Simmons. If they have him in their roster, they are worth every penny!

Michele Empath

I was so lucky and glad to have found David Simmons in one of the most stressful times of my life. David guided me through the path of getting a divorce. He made it as easy to understand as possible, organizing the process and remaining patient, as well as staying on top of things. He kept all the details in order, during an extremely difficult chapter. He went above and beyond. I felt I had a good strong support system with David at the lead. He kept me as calm as possible. David made sure that each step was what I wanted. He is a great communicator. In the end, the result was achieved, with a lot of hard work and patience. I am now looking forward to the future and am smiling again. Thank you, David Simmons, so very much.

Melissa Patera

I met Penelope in 2012. At the time she was with another firm and was very helpful in meeting with me immediately and addressing my current concerns. We developed a good working relationship which continued on when she moved to Sodoma Law. She assisted me throughout my divorce and was always very pleasant with me offering different suggestions on how best to proceed at each step in the process. Penelope was very aggressive in her approach in fighting for my best interest. Penelope is honest and I trust her. She was always quick to respond and did not let issues sit idle. If there was a delay, it was not her or Sodoma Law. The paralegals were equally as helpful in answering questions and forwarding me coorespondence in a timely manner. I highly recommend Penelope and Sodoma Law.

Matthew Tejeda

Penny has been wonderful to work with. She has had consistent communication with me during this entire process. Her support and guidance have been invaluable. Thank you for being our family's advocate.

Mark Dobbs

David Dufault has been great to work with for our real estate and family estate planning needs. His expert advice and patience during the process of achieving our goals is second to none and I highly recommend him! Mark

Andres Lopez

Penelope Hefner, as my family attorney, did an excellent job throughout a long process in regards to divorce, child custody, and child support. She was always willing to listen, and more importantly, she was always honest with me about what was reasonable and not reasonable for what I wanted. Nobody ever comes to a family attorney as a happy person (and I was no diffferent) - but it helps to have an attorney who you can trust to handle the legal aspects of your situation, while you rebuild your life for the better.

Casey Ball

Robin is an outstanding attorney. She is knowledgable about what to do and what to expect. She is very responsive and her advice is spot on. You can't go wrong electing to hire Robin.

Connie Barker

Matt and Nicole were amazing, always taking time to call me when I had questions and fully explain paperwork submitted in full detail. Divorce is not easy to anyone, especially being a single mom of 2 young boys, and having Sodoma Law on my side made me feel confident that I was getting the best care for myself and the future of my family.

Cindy Fowler

My team at Sodoma Law made a bad time in my life better. They helped me get through what I had to and move on with my life

Aaron Brown

Very professional services provided. Absolutely happy with everything. Communication from the legal team was always extremely prompt. Pricing was very reasonable and upfront. I would not hesitate to use them again. Mr. Simmons was excellent.

Rebecca DuPre

Amanda Bruton was the best attorney that anyone can ever ask for... She listened to my needs and came to the best solution. She is extremely professional. My divorce was a very strange one BUT she took care of all my needs!! Thank you so very much!!!

Julie Goforth

David E. Simmons with Sodoma Law Firm was my attorney during my divorce proceedings. I interviewed at least four attorneys and started with a different attorney for the first six months after my separation before discovering Mr. Simmons. I was not satisfied with my previous attorney and David Simmons was recommended to me by a friend who had utilized Mr. Simmons as their divorce attorney. I am so glad I made the decision to change midway through and hire David Simmons as my divorce attorney. He was available to discuss my case with me and give me realistic expectations. He is very organized and never forgot a detail about my case. His calming demeanor was always reassuring during my most stressful times. Mr. Simmons exhibited professional courtroom etiquette during my divorce hearings, developed a lawsuit on my behalf to obtain child support, post separation support/alimony and successfully represented me during mediation to finalize my case to prevent any further court hearings. I was so proud for Mr. David E. Simmons to represent me and would highly recommend him as an excellent divorce attorney.


Robin was a fabulous lawyer to work with. She was not only extremely professional, but also very thorough and patient with all of my questions.

Elizabeth Vaughn

Fin Paulumah

Attorney David Simmons represented me in court few days ago and we won the case . Working with him was great. He is very smart and he knows what to do in and out of court. It was a great time working with him.

Tony Stevanovich

I chose Sodoma Law after doing quite a bit of research online. I couldn't chance losing my children in my custody case, so I needed excellence. Penelope Hefner @ Sodoma gave me exactly what I needed. During trial, she reminded me of a lawyer you see during a courtroom drama on TV. She destroyed the opposition and I won my kids. I'll forever be grateful.

shanna batten

I met Nicole two years ago as I was going through my separation and eventual divorce. I do not think I would have survived the roller coaster ride of this process without Nicole and her rock star team by my side. They were there for me every step of the way for over a year. Nicole always made time for me and helped me to keep the costs down as much as we possibly could - it did require me to be organized and willing to dig in but I appreciated the support and direction from which I was able to run with to help get some of the research done on my own. One year ago today the Judge signed the separation consent papers that Nicole helped to draft that allowed me to move home to Georgia. Since then we have moved into a new house, made amazing new friends, found a home in a church family, we begun a new beginning so to speak. There is light at the end of the tunnel and Nicole's Team is the best at what they do - to them you are more than just another client. Today I consider them friends and blessings in my life.

Ali Kalenak

My twin sister passed away in May of 2013. She was a single mother of three. Her death was a complete shock, and I agreed to let my nieces and nephew go on vacation with my cousin, her husband, and their two children while I made arrangements. My cousin, her husband, and their attorney filed a false complaint with the North Carolina court stating that the children were abandoned, leaving no one to care for them. Consequently, they were awarded temporary custody. Robin was the fourth lawyer I hired. Our case was extremely difficult, although it should not have been. We were fighting an uphill battle from the beginning. I had been an active, loving part of my niece's and nephew's lives since they were born, yet I was about to loose custody to my cousin - a person who hadn't met the children until their mother's funeral. Robin is smart, patient, and professional. She is also kind, which helped tremendously during an awful time. She outwitted my cousin's Harvard attorney, and I was awarded sole permanent custody of my nieces and nephew. I am forever grateful.

Sue Moore

Needing an attorney is never anything we want in life. But when situations arise that we do need one, we want to be sure we have the best. When my marriage ended and my husband acted in behaviors that were detrimental to my family I know I needed to find the best lawyer I could. David Simmons is absolutely that lawyer! David is professional, thorough, articulate and highly competent. I trust him completely! My divorce has not been an easy one mostly because of my husband's lack of participation. It was so frustrating and very emotional at times, but David's demeanor helped keep me calm and focused. I consider him not only my lawyer but a good friend. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him without reservation!

Mahdi Chambers

Mr. David Simmons was my attorney and did an outstanding job on my case, helping me reach an excellent settlement. Mr. Simmons possesses significant legal expertise and knowledge. He utilized a customized strategic approach for my case which was quite beneficial. He also exhibits a calm, confident, and collected demeanor, which helped me stay calm and focused regardless of what was being thrown at us from the opposing attorney. Mr. Simmons provided a very thorough financial analysis of what was at stake if I chose not to move forward with the case. It was an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Simmons. I highly recommend his services.

Victoria Mabry

My first meeting with the staff at Sodoma Law was very friendly and welcoming. I found them to be very thorough.

Lauren Kelly

I had a great experience working with Robin! She's very thorough, realistic, and reliable. She listens to you and takes your input on the matter, willing to try things you're willing to add to the case, while still being up front if her expertise leads her to believe it won't help your case. Very professional and on top of things! Let's not forget also her paralegals and other office staff! Thanks for everything!

Theresa Viera

Greg Miller

Great people that know what they are doing.

carmen marquez-ulloa

I approached Doughton a little over a year ago with my situation. Single mom of two children alone in a different state with no friends or family. I needed an immaculate attorney who actually cared about their client because i honestly didn't know what i was doing or how to do anything. Over the last year Doughton has exceed any and all expectations i ever had. He is the type of attorney you want on your side of the court. No matter what he will fight for what he thinks is right for you even if you have doubts and not sure about things. He has your best interest at heart. I didnt feel like i was paying for nothing. I felt my money was SO WELL SPENT and if i ever need a lawyer again he is going to be the only one i will ever go to or recommend! I seriously can't say enough good things! Thank you so much Doughton you have changed my life.

Sherri McGee

I have been working with David DuFault for the last couple of years for my small business. He makes every transition so easy to understand and he gets things done so quickly. I highly recommend giving Sodoma Law a call for all your legal needs.

Amy Janak

Robin Goulet provided me with exceptional legal support - she is accessible, knowledgable and compassionate. She successfully guided me with thorough explanation and common sense. She would be an asset to anyone navigating the ending of a marriage.

Susan Rodgers

David Simmons was the most professional, hard working, caring lawyer. We hired him on an emergency custody case 4 hours from our home. He spent the weekend getting ready and handled our case very knowledgeablely. He kept us up to date on everything happening and was always available to help and answer all questions and concerns. At the next hearing he was right on point and the other lawyer was unable to answer. If I ever need a lawyer down that way again I would use David Simmons only. I would recommend him to everyone that needs a lawyer near or in union county. He is wonderful.

Susan Klemm

After being with another attorney with little progress, I was fortunate to find Penelope Hefner and the whole staff at Sodoma. Penny is like a fine surgeon who went in and got the job done skillfully and artfully. She followed up relentlessly which was essential to moving it along. She treated the other party assertively yet very professionally. She was empathetic and provided legal and common sense guidance. The process of paying for services was transparent throughout and Donna was helpful. She and her staff have my full confidence. I have highly recommended Penny to friends and will continue to do so. Working with Sodoma was truly one of the best service experiences I have ever had. There was heart, passion, intelligence, and persistance. Thank you so much!

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