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REVIEWS OF Kurtz & Blum, PLLC IN North Carolina

greg hudson

Fast, effective help for my speeding tickets. I believe their fees were a tad higher than some of the fees I received from mail-solicitation from other attorneys.

Jason Raitz

Robert Hagins

Kurtz & Blum, PLLC of Raleigh NC really helped me out when I really needed them. They were very informative and worked really hard for me. I really appreciate the service that they provided for me. I have recommended Kurtz & Blum, PLLC to all my friends and family members. Thanks so much for your support and effort to help me! Thanks !

Jennie L

My case, fail to stop for the stopped school bus, was dismissed in court. Thanks for attorney Jesse Ramos professional work. When I called the office at the first time, Mr.Ramos explained my case in details very patiently. And on the court date, he also taught me how to perform on the court. Most importantly, Mr. Ramos responses the real situation fast and efficiently. The judge dismissed my case after his statement. Thanks for the staffs and firm. I sent the office some files in the afternoon the day before the court date, and the office transferred the files to Mr.Ramos and he reviewed them before 9am, and then he gave me some suggestions. The all process is smooth. Thanks.

Jenn Fuentes

Kurtz & Blum, PLLC truly made my case a very smooth process. The communication was outstanding, and they were there to answer any questions I had. They truly went above and beyond to help me in my unique situation. For that, I am extremely fortunate that I found Kurtz & Blum. I highly recommend!!!

Harris Williams

This firm will do what it takes to keep their clients happy. The manager is a great guy to deal with

jackie guerra

I totally recommended it !!!!

Heidi Dragon

I have been a client of Kurtz & Blum for well over 10 years now for a number of different legal matters on issues where the fog surrounding me ranges from emotional distress, legal confusion or fear of what could happen next... And, no matter what has brought me to seek their advice—or to use their counsel in court—they have always made me feel completely comfortable in doing so. As stupid as I may feel, or as stupid as I fear a question may be, I have never felt judgement from any of the firm's lawyers I have sat down to discuss a matter with... That is HUGE when you are already either judging or doubting yourself and ultimately you know you will be judged on the issue. They have always excelled in being respectful, informative and reassuring. I also need to add that even on a couple occasions when I've known they do not offer legal services I had questions about, I have called them first to ask them who I should call. They are always happy to refer you to who they trust is best to help.

Leon Garcia

Had them take care of a stop sign violation. They took care of everything and did not feel stressed about the process. They kept me updated periodically as the process continued, and once they had the charges dropped, they let me know and even refunded my money left over from court costs. I highly recommend Kurtz & Blum for any and all traffic related incidents!

Allan Maule

Professional, prompt, and extremely good at what they do, Kurtz and Blum earns an easy recommendation from me. I had some bad luck a couple years back with speeding tickets (having earned more than 1 in a year's time), and turned to Kurtz and Blum to defend me. Each time, my attorney handled absolutely everything, including going to court for me and getting the best possible result. Thanks to Kurtz and Blum, I never had my insurance costs go up at all. And I learned my lesson - my driving record has been spotless for three years.So if you find yourself in need of legal aid, these are the guys you want on your side.

Danil Eremeev

Amazing company. Got our case dismissed and they even sent back a check for court costs that didn't have to be paid.

Sean Everett

I have had my share of dealing with different law firms in the past, but Kurtz & Blum has been hands down the best around! I was facing my 2nd DUI within 7 years and called them to help me out! Jesse Ramos answered all my questions, made sure everything was in place like it should be and was friendly through out the whole process! I couldn't have ask for a better lawyer than Jesse Ramos, after all was said done, Jesse got my case to trail and was able to get it dismissed, all because of the work and effort he put into my case! Thank you again Kurtz & Blum

Eduardo Verna O.

They took care of my case but did not offered me a payment plan. They are very proffesional!!

Lee Cordoba

Kurtz & Blum I can not thank you enough for your stellar attention to my case. Working with your firm and especially with Ms. Granados was an absolute pleasure and I would recommend your firm and her services specifically to anyone who requested my opinions for legal assistance.

John Wilkerson

They took care of my ticket with profession and efficiency. Highly recommend them.

Ethan Carter

I hired Kurtz and Blum to handle a driving while impaired charge I received in February 2017. This law firm advised me on the steps to take and kept me informed on what could happen. My attorney, Lindsey Granados was very thorough, diligent and willing to give my defense her best effort. Her knowledge and experience inside the court room were key factors in the not guilty verdict I received. I do not think there is any other attorney or law firm in the state of North Carolina that could have won my case. Thank you, Lindsey Granados and the entire Kurtz and Blum team for helping me get a second chance. If you want the best defense possible, trust in Kurtz and Blum - they are in your corner. I would highly recommend this law firm to any friend or family member who need the best defense possible.

Geoffrey Mackey

I received a traffic ticket as a result of an accident, hired K&B and they got my ticket dismissed. Case closed.

Rose Ann George

I'm not ready to do a review since I personally have never used Kurtz & Blum. However, they are representing one of my doctors and friend presently and I was worrried about him not receiving the BEST legal help since he was treated like a criminal over something he had very little to do with.*Note the doctor in M,ichael Jacksons' case... My doc here had simply written a pre- scription over 4 years ago to a peson who died in a car accident. His home was invaded and his personal prescription for the "knee replacement" he had years earlier having absolutely nothing to do with this former patient! He's suffered loss of his business practice, home affairs and much more being forced to reside at New Berns' Detention Center. **Mind you, this is a very caring and serious-minded physician who devotes himself solely to his patients(not married)and even rarely writes prescriptions since he believes in exercise in his therapeutic Gym on Glenburnie Road and a DEEP-TISSUE massage which he takes his time with and sends each pt. home with one at the end of each visit workout. He is a GOOD person and doctor. He's either being railroaded for being a foreign person, not the average ho hum physician so isn't well liked and appreciated by most other doctors in the area who prefer drugs and quick in and out visits. **One thing is certain, he does NOT deserve what is happening to him I was worried about how he was handling the legal problem having been incarcerated and away from his practice for over two months. Upon our visit(another patient and I)today, we learned he had more than one attorney, but these reviews are telling me he shouldn't NEED any other attorneys but these and he will get a character witness out of me, also the other patients I know.he has NO family here in the area as he's from India. THIS HAS TO STOP so he can safely live his life. He hurts no one ever!!



Douglas Christian

I had a dispute with DMV about my driving record that was effecting my license. Karen Griffin took my case and was able to resolve all my issues quickly & professionally with great kindness and understanding. I'm grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone in need.

Ameer Zalza

thanks to help me excellent customer service

Sunil Sadani

Excellent , I have not seen anything better in this Traffic Lawyer world , very professional have answers all the time , no dependency on one person , call office and get status from anyone who picks the Phone. They mailed me check back on the extra amount which was not needed 2 days after case closed. They explained and discussed all aspects of the case with me , all documents and discussion through emails makes communication very easy.

Kaushal Shrestha

I was given a speeding ticket in 2008 on West Market Street in Greensboro, while passing some slow cars and a slow biker. I don't believe i was doing 69 on 45, but the cop seemed to think so. Anyways, after a long and tiring day at work, I really wasn't ready to argue with the cop. He just happened to put me in the speed trap and just happened to catch me while I was trying to pass the extremely slow moving car .... Anyway, Kurtz & Blum came into my rescue. They fought my case and they basically saved me. Rightfully, the case was closed and I only had to pay the attorney and the court fee. Go Kurtz & Blum !!!

Beth Luangamath

Lynn represented me in a case recently. She was very prepared and confident. She always made sure I knew what was going on and why she was doing what she was doing. I felt that she was really looking out for my best interests. I would recommend her to my friends.

Douglas Vought

Amy Broughton is an effective and masterful criminal system navigator. She will work with you to make sure your rights aren't ignored. She negotiated the dismissal of a misdemeanor case against me.

Alan Dean

Kurtz&Blum have always helped me reach the best out come at the best price, I talk about them often, whenever a friend or colleague needs legal services. When I need such services, I expect the best, and Kurtz&Blum never fail to go above and beyond expectations.

Harvey Schmitt

Highly recommend the K&B team. From the start of the process till the end...professional, competent and thorough. Their entire team helped identify the best path to the best result and delivered.

Cliff Matthews

I hired kurtz and bloom for a misdemeanor larceny charge. They told me it would be 1,000$ i neglected to pay them the full 1,000 so they dropped me which they should have. Any way they where seeking fines and court cost. When i went to court today i got the same outcome representing myself. In other words they could have said you would be better not hiring us and pursing this on you're own.

Amber Kaye Trawick

Kurtz & Blum handled my case effortlessly - they appeared in court on my behalf and answered my questions patiently. I could not have asked for a better legal team!

Christy Payne

I was absolutely impressed with this entire firm from start to finish. Within a couple of hours of submitting my information for a consultation, I got a call. And this was on a weekend! I felt completely taken care of, and most importantly of all the outcome couldn't have ended any better.

Jennifer Gomez

Baldo Sparacia

They are very professional, They will inspire confidence. They helped me with my case of a misdemeanor. I tried to contact several but none returned my phone call. As soon as I ask for legal advice on Avvo, K & B they answered immediately. I contacted them by phone and quickly they answered . If you are looking for someone who can help you, make an appointment with any of them.Thank you very much.Baldassare Sparacia

Salsa Bidet

The service were efficiently to the point. I am most satisfied witht the way that the offices of Kurtz & Bloom represent themself.

Jim McKinstry

After my wife (unjustly) got a fairly serious ticket we waited the normal 2-3 days for the letters from lawyers to arrive. After we had 8 letters I called each lawyer for advice and to check them out. I spoke with Seth and he came off as the most knowledgeable and gave me a sense of confidence that we should fight the ticket. We ended up working with Karen and she was awesome. Very easy to speak with and she put my wife at ease. We went to trial with Karen and my wife was found not guilty. Money well spent! I'd use K&B again in a heartbeat.

Daijah Wyche

woodrow hill

Jay ONeal

I consulted with Kurtz and Blum about two years ago exploring a custody case. I found the card I picked up from her office and the incredibly disappointing experience I had caused me to write this review. As mentioned, I was exploring the viability of pursuing a custody battle with my ex-wife. Not great circumstances to be under in the first place. I visited this office, After paying the obligatory consult fee, with the hopes of understanding the law better and how to best position the situation. Kathryn advised me. Unfortunately, she was incredibly rude and condescending. She implied that I was not doing the best thing for my child with how much I was paying at the current moment. I felt it was 1) outside the scope of the consult, and 2) deeply a personal attack. I expected lawyers to be unbiased and impartial. She was neither of those. Kathryn also seemed very reluctant to take the case, likely because it would be a lot of work. It’s a shame these professionals are gate keepers of the law, and they would rather do the easy, open and shut cases. I would highly recommend other law offices. Don’t let their prominent location in downtown Raleigh fool you.

Dan Hart

I decided upon Kurtz and Blum for a traffic issue. Initially speaking with Howard Kurtz, he quickly had a plan to make the difficulty go away and with no penalties. His Team contacted me and kept in touch as needed. Michelle, one of his Legal Assistants was very helpful with all of her information; she was patient to answer questions I had. Since I do not normally 'need' Legal Assistance, I had quite ignorant questions that Michelle answered with aplomb. Karen Griffin handled my case; she was easy to speak with and availed herself of all options she and other Attorneys could find that were both a penalty-free and involving the least cost possible. Once a plan was in place, Howard/Karen and Associates would have a result, usually ahead of the Court date. I had a great experience with Kurtz and Blum. Their motto is: "We're in your Corner". They were and did a hell of a job! Should I ever need an Attorney, I would eagerly seek Howard Kurtz and Seth Blum, of Kurtz and Blum.

Shandale Best

My experience with K&B PLLC was a very professional and helpful. From the first call to setup an appointment until the last payment I made to K&B PLLC, everyone I worked with was very nice, and took the time to provide me with exceptional service. The legal counsel is very knowledgeable and honest about how they can assist you, and how they may not be able to. If I recall correctly, the retaining fee was pretty manageable also. If needed again in the future, I would definitely consider K&B PLLC.

Seth Blum

Brilliant legal service. Reasonable price.

George Sinkler

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Howard, Mr. Ron, Mr. Byron and Law Firm for helping me start my life back up again! You guys just dont know how much I thank God for what you all have done for me, Ive had those times where I would be depressed, hopeless and scared of the outcome but Mr. Howard was there with me every step of the way to help piece together a complicated case, Through these Long months of getting to work with this law firm! I can honestly say that these are true professionals.. Theyre not crooked lawyers and they are truly on your side 100% all they ask for is the truth and they will do the rest! thats what they did for me and Im truly Grateful to God for allowing them to help me out in this Serious Misdemeanor Case. I would recommend Kurtz & Blum to anybody who needs a GOOD LAW FIRM on your side who TRULY has your best interest at Heart! PLEASE I beg of You CALL Kurtz & Blum! They are very professional inside the court. In closing for almost 2 years I was uncertain over my future because of a Lie! and recently I was found not Guilty by the Judge! I thank you ALL once again for the hard work! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alannah macon

Kurts and Blum kept me informed about what was going on with my case and gave me all the information that I asked for, also when in court my lawer quickly got me a good deal :) I was very pleased

Don Kornegay

Kurtz & Blum represented my wife and I in several traffic violations that ranged from minor to serious. I was amazed with the professionalism of all the staff and attorneys that we dealt with. They kept us informed of the process the entire way. At the end of the day they took care of everything and was able to get my wife license restored. Plus the cost was very reasonable. I will definitely use these guys in the future. Thanks K&B.

Lisa Harrington

My husband and I are frequent customers. Evidently we have trouble with speed limits. K&B has been extremely helpful and their service has been exceptional. At one point I had to deliver a document to their office on the 10th floor and the elevator was broken. Rather than making me trudge up 10 flights of stairs, they came and got it from me in the lobby. They are always accommodating and I highly recommend them!

Steve Tavares

If you want someone to truly care and fight for you this is the law firm! All my thanks to Seth Blum. It's just nice knowing that he is there.

Brad B

I was caught speeding doing 70 in a 45, thought for sure I was going to lose my license. Kurtz & Blum, PLLC came through with the win!!! Not only did they get the case dismissed more importantly I still have my license. Will be slowing down in the future. I have referred a few friends to them as well whom they are helping out! Keep up the Great Work!!

Nevaeh Prieto

I’m very satisfied with this firm, very straight forward and perfect guidance!

Steve Stone

Very Professional. Grace represented me in a DWI with multiple other charges (the other charges were dropped) and did a great job. It was nice to have someone with a great understanding of the law advising me on my options and making sure I got the best outcome I could.My case was a difficult one as I blew high and made some incriminating statements.I'm happy with the work they did and would use them again.

Eric Caldwell

These guys are the best! Mr Blum is extremely professional and knows everything about law. Communication is excellent and they are truly in your corner. Highly recommend them!

Christina Douglas

I called Monday with a traffic issue. They sent necessary documents and by Tuesday everything was finalized. It was fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. Will definitely recommend.

Madeleine Gattis

They helped me keep my driver's licence when I thought I was done for. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lenn Soulessaint

Mr. Byron Jennings is knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to Traffic tickets and Insurance. He was very professional and helpful with my case questions. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me, sir. I wish your firm the best. Take care Lenn

Meloni Jones

I used Kurtz & Blum for a traffic ticket and they were able to help me out and get the charge reduced to not affect my insurance. If I had handled the matter on my own I most likely would not have gotten then same results. I am happy with the outcome. Thank you!

graytharpe1 .

I was facing a pretty serious traffic offense that would have cost thousands of dollars in high insurance rates. Kurtz and Blum were able to help have the charge reduced and no points on my license or insurance. Could not have been happier.... Highly recommended these guys..... Kudos

Olivia Griego

Kurtz and Blum: Experienced, Friendly and Respectful. Recently, I was in need of a lawyer. Kurtz and Blum came very highly recommended and they did not disappoint. The staff of Kurtz and Blum were very friendly while remaining professional and clear in what was needed and expected of me. The staff at Kurtz and Blum kept me updated throughout every step of my court proceedings and was always available and prompt to answer any questions that I had. My case was dismissed and the charges were dropped thanks to the wonderful work of Mr. Blum.I hope to not need a lawyer for court in the future but if I do I will definitely return to Kurtz and Blum.

Kristen Nicewicz

Had a great experience working with Maria Hawkins. Constant communication was greatly appreciated. She was attentive with follow ups and efficient with resolving my issue. I felt that she definitely went above and beyond to help me.

Benjamin netenyahu

Stand up guys. Reasonable prices, Knowledgeable, honest, and most importantly DAMN GOOD LAWYERS!

Thomas Cass

Worked with another attorney in a different county on a complex filing on my behalf. Great work!

Mathew Duty

The service I received was excellent, They kept me informed every step of the way! I never had to call or wait for a response because they are right on top of everything! Thank you for your service. I am a very pleased client! I highly recommend Kurtz & Blum to all my friends and family!

Brittany Keim

Great team of attorneys and leadership! I would highly recommend! They were successful in every case of mine and provided significant discounts when I rehired them. I was able to speak to anyone on the phone that I requested, and they always had a solid plan of action. I am very thankful and please with their service!

Ty Kirkpatrick

A few weeks ago I contacted Kurtz & Blum to help with a DMV block on renewing my California Driver's License. 18 years ago I had a received a ticket in lovely Cary, North Carolina, but somehow failed to clear it. Because I missed a court date the matter was greatly complicated and now required my appearing before a judge. I found Kurtz & Blum through Google and quickly had a very direct and help conversation with Mr. Blum. I was quickly impressed with his ability to addresses my concerns and lay out how he would work to correct the problem. The bottom line is that he and his staff did EXACTLY what they said they would do and cleared the matter within just ONE Week.I really appreciated Debbie updating me along the way and seeing that I even received a small refund in a timely manner. I work with a large number of attorneys in my line of work from all different areas of the law and am very pleased to say "I highly recommend Kurtz & Blum". Ty Kirkpatrick

patrick sprout

These guys helped me out of a jam a few years back. They were a little pricey but worth the money. Friendly and helpful.

Leslie Ben-Zvi

I am an attorney from NYC and sought out Kurtz & Blum regarding a family law and criminal matter on behalf of a client. Lynn Prather handled the matters for us and obtained excellent results. She is well-versed in the law, very thorough in her preparation and knows her way around the courthouse. I highly recommend her.

Joe Hucks

Mr Blum , was such a pleasure to work with ,he always returned my calls and offered great advise .I have had to use lawyers many times in my life and never liked the experience but mr Blum has changed all that and even though I hope I never need his services again if I do he will be my first call. Thanks Mr. Blum you and your staff are first class professionals.

John Clark, Sr

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to Mr. Kurtz. Dear Mr. Kurtz, I am writing to let you know how well Ed Luggen of your firm has taken care of me in regards to an unusual traffic accident I was involved in, last September. It is difficult to express how much relief his attentiveness and obvious desire to protect my interests has brought me. If we reach a stage in this process where I need your firm to handle some issues that were not a part of our original contract, I would like for your firm to handle that, too. Sincerely, John Clark, Sr.

Lester Williams

They worked very hard to get the best outcome. Helped me to keep my license. Very great firm!

Barry Cunningham

Great experience. Everything was handled as expected, and I never had to go into the office.

Jonathan Maturan

I got a ticket for speeding and I needed a lawyer. Kurtz & Blum, PLLC handle my case like a Pro and I didn't have to be present in court.

Jacob Trotter

Very helpful! Grace was amazing and they were very friendly. she gave me great information right away. I recommend her to everyone, I will be using them in the future if ever needed

Canaan Bishop

The epitome of professionalism and client service. Hopefully I'll never need representation again, but if I do, it will be Kurtz & Blum! Thanks y'all and God Bless. Vote for Ted Cruz :)

Aaron Stork

Daniel Lowery

Excellent service. Took care of me quick and was willing to work with me as far as payments and keeping me informed. Thanks Kurtz and Blum.


Unfortunately I have had to be in a position to use this firm for various reasons over many years. It has always been a reactive hire and not necessarily a proactive one, and usually one for a court related matter. I have been reluctant to write a review....because I did not want to reveal my personal story, for privacy. But they have been a great ally over many years for me. Their slogan is true. They are in your corner. It is not just a catch phrase for them. I felt like I had a true partner in the courtroom. Maria Hawkins was my attorney in my case. Her and her team were tireless. I also had used Seth Blum many years prior. He leads an excellent team. I had a previous attorney that I had hired - who I considered excellent, but I needed a separate attorney for a specific component of my domestic case. I was fighting a serious, but very wrongful accusation made by an ex-fiancee. They were there"in my corner". The case was dismissed. If I have to hire this firm for any matter...civil, domestic / family or even for more dramatic needs - they would be on a very short list of prospective firms to hire in Wake County and possibly the state.

John Meeker

Toss the other envelopes!! I got a speeding ticket and a week later what seemed like a truck load of envelopes! I had no idea who to call and just picked one at random. When I called around 5:30pm no one answered and I couldn't leave a message, I called back once more and still nothing. I opened the Kurts & Blum envelope and gave them a ring. I was attended to on the first ring and with in 5 minutes I had all the info I needed including pricing and contracts. It has been nothing but the smoothest of experiences and more than worth every penny!! I'll never use another firm!!!!!!!

B.A. Talbot

Super professional, fairly priced, and very friendly. I would recommend this team to anyone who needs legal services with professional and on-top of things staff.

Thomas Driscoll

Through several difficult times in the past several years, from divorce to minor traffic infractions and even more serious criminal offenses charged against close friends of mine the offices of Kurtz and Blum have been a rock in the legal arena. The knowledge, kindness, and professionalism that the attorneys and their office staff have consistently displayed are unprecedented in the field. Any time someone I care about or myself needs legal assistance I do not hesitate to turn the Kurtz and Blum to represent me or my loved ones as I know and have full confidence that they will effectively get the job done and keep me or my loved ones fully informed of all facets of the case. They take a specific amount of care in providing their clients with all information regarding their cases while explaining fully exactly what is happening as to set the client at ease. For each case I have used this office for or witnessed others that have used them they have consistently provided a phenomenal outcome often times far exceeding the expected results. I would and do recommend this office for any legal needs you may have as they are the front runner in the Wake county legal arena. When I had an issue in another county, though for a price, the office KINDLY offered to represent me outside of their general working county if it were to make me feel more comfortable. This is the type of service one needs during a stressful time of legal complication. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and efforts and will continue to recommend them to everyone I know. They get the job done and they get results that are shockingly beneficial for their clients.


Awesome team. I would recommend Kurtz & Blum to anyone. Karen was very professional and helpful throughout my case.

Rebekah Isgitt

bignewf993 .

Extremely fast, professional resolution of my speeding ticket at a minimal cost. When I received my first speeding ticket in NC, I was concerned about the insurance rate increases. After reading reviews of successful resolutions from Kurtz and Blum, I decided to try them. The first contact was a very pleasant and professional legal aide, who described the process quickly and answered all my questions. They were able to represent me in court without my presence, which allowed me not to miss work. The forms were emailed to me within minutes and I engaged them as my counsel. Any additional questions were promptly answered by email and phone. The ticket was resolved exactly as explained, and I even received a refund check from Kurtz and Blum overpayment of the fees! The money was well spent as the summons was reduced to a point where my insurance rate hikes will be minimal. I highly recommend Kurtz and Blum to anyone needing legal assistance for a speeding or other traffic violation. Their expertise alleviates your worry about your violation. Thank you again.

Levi Lantz

Kurtz & Blum employees were prompt professional end did everything in their power to make the entire process as painless as possible.

Charlene Sumter

I thank Jehovah for sending me to this company they are very good at what they say they going to do for you they won my case that I had doubts about them not being able to win but I was proved wrong so I would like to take the time out and tell them this wonderful team thankyou for having my back on this case cause I felt my life was gone down the drain until I got that call saying that my case was dismissed I will consider telling anyone that if you need the best laser in town this is the one to come to cause naw I can move on with my life naw thanks so much Kurtz and Blum for your helping hand.

Dan O'Rawe

Very Good, excellent follow-up and updating of court case status

Michael Gjertson

I was called upon to help someone who found themselves in a tight spot. After speaking with a couple other firms, I presented Kurtz & Blum as the recommendation. @ last report, the troubles seem to have been very well handled by this firm & the report received is 5 STAR...

Mallory Chambliss

These legal professionals are dedicated to zealously advocating for their clients. Everyone in the office plays a role in obtaining the best possible outcome for each client. The partners have profound knowledge of the law and a great amount of experience. The associates and paralegals work tirelessly to fight in your corner. And last but not least, the office manager is the glue who holds it all together and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend Kurtz & Blum when you find yourself in need of legal help.

Valerie Turlington

Kassie Smith

I have had person experience with this firm and can say hands down they are the ones to use!! Don't even bother searching around, they are the best in Raleigh!! Friendly and efficient with thorough communication. You will not be dissappointed!

Alexis Amato

I only consulted. In which Mr.Kurtz himself lied to me to try and get me to pay for business. smh. YOUR BETTER OFF WITH A COURT APPOINTED. The only honesty was the price.

Jason Janet

Very professional, insightful and effective. I highly recommend K&B!

Matt Srdjak

Minor Traffic Violation = Case Dismissed!!!!

Brad Thompson

Kurtz & Blum did a great job representing me and kept me informed during the whole process! They helped me get a fair ruling in my case and provided excellent handling of my case at a great rate. I hope I don't ever have to call them again but if I do need a lawyer they will be the first people I call.

James Innocent

I hired Kurtz and Blum to handle a case for me. Their fee was significantly higher than most other firms, but they assured me it was because of their level of experience. After I hired, my case was handed off to a junior attorney, not one of the more experienced ones I was "sold." After being told in my interview process that my case would likely be favorably resolved in district court, I felt like little work was done to get a reasonable resolution in district court. I was told my option was to resolve it in superior court, and I was then quoted another outrageous fee. I felt that the handling of the case was just to lock me in and gouge me on the fee. I decided to hire another attorney that came with good recommendations and was much more in line with the average fee I found for good attorneys with experience handling my case. That attorney was able to get me a dismissal of charges in superior court. This process took forever - I've been dealing with this for a year now. While I realize that no one can make a guarantee as to the outcome of the case, I feel that these lawyers were not up front in terms of fees, the lawyer that would be working on my case, and how it would likely be resolved.

D Nice

This law firm will fight for you to get the best out come in your case. They will answer any questions at anytime. Also very professional and polite.

M_J _R_

This review is late and I regret not submitting it earlier. Kurtz & Blum worked hard and diligently with me to a successful conclusion. Every person involved in my representation including office personnel (who were multi-lingual) were courteous and professional. Initially I was reticent to pay their flat fee, but given all the personnel, time, and, resources they allocated towards my representation I certainly got a bargain. Special thanks to Ed Luggen Esq., he is young and an associate but don't let that worry you, he's going places and seemed to have excellent relationships at court and an intimate knowledge of the same. I would recommend their services without reservation.

Maggie H.

I had a wonderful experience working with Maria Hawkins at Kurtz & Blum! I had a difficult contracts case and Mrs. Hawkins handled it quickly with great attention to detail. She kept me informed every step of the way and worked hard to bring my issue to a close in a cost-effective manner. I am so happy with my resolution and I would recommend Maria Hawkins to anyone with a legal issue!

Rob Ryan

They listened to what I wanted. Then they got it done. Couldn't ask for more. Thank You!

Nick Overby

Awesome!!! Ed from Kurtz and Blum was as professional as they come. He was on my side and did everything he could help me in my case. The result was better than I could have expected and am very happy I went with them! This is the only call you need to make if you need legal representation! Thanks Ed and Kurtz and Blum!!!

Courtney Pedrick

I used K&B and they took care of my speeding ticket, they only thing I had to do was an online driving school course. I could even break up my fee into payments. They kept me well informed. I would use again if I ever have another ticket.

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