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REVIEWS OF Griffin Law, PLLC IN North Carolina

MG Burner

Great service and excellent representation. Everyone in this office is courteous and return calls promptly. I highly recommend Mr. Griffin.

Jamie Moore

Will definitely use this law firm again for any issues! They took great care of me and settled everything I needed done!

Dean Horowitz

Just an easy experience with a traffic issue. They were terrific from first call to completion of case. I highly recommend this firm.

Donnie Wise

Johnathan did a great job representing me in a legal matter. He is a no nonsense attorney and has His clients best intrest in my mind.

Meghan Sanders

Our experience with Griffin Law was positive from the first moment we consulted with Jonathan Griffin. He was attentive, thorough, and helpful throughout a difficult time and his prices were very reasonable. Jonathan and his staff were with us every step of the way with insight and compassion, always responding quickly and effectively with any questions or issues as they arose. I highly recommend Griffin Law.


I could not have asked for better legal representation when it came to gaining custody of my daughter. Mr. Griffin is professional, understanding, and compassionate. He is knowledgeable of and up to date with current laws, and is very diligent in the court room. He gained me everything I was hoping for with my case. I will continue to use Mr. Griffin, and I highly recommend his firm for any and all of your legal needs.

Tiffany Lawson

Very good lawyer and willing to work with you.

cassie Stevenson

Bouta to be lawyer hopefully

Melissa Byers

Joshua McGee

The best lawyer in Iredell County hands down. He has always done what he says he will do or better. Mr. Griffin Has helped me and my family for years. Also he has the fairest prices around. You will not be disappointed.

Paul Seguin

Due to work circumstances I had to hire an attorney the day of the court date. Three other attorneys could not help but Griffin law offices saved the day. Not only did they get it dismissed but their fees where very reasonable. Thank You

Tyler Brooks

I had a very positive experience with Jonathan Griffin and his firm. He won't nickle and dime you for any calls or e-mail which is almost next to impossible to find nowadays. He is a very professional, and very down to earth man who will stand by you when needed.

Chris Kozak

Mr. Griffin handled a speeding ticket I received while traveling through North Carolina for me and I am very satisfied with the results. He provided excellent service at a very reasonable price. Tina, his legal assistant, was extremely helpful. She always replied promptly to all my questions (I had not received a speeding ticket in almost 20 years and was very nervous about the whole event) and genuinely cared about my concerns. I highly recommend Attorney Griffin.

Scott Watts

Great so far

Tamara Linford

Attorney Griffin is professional and certainly in my opinion the #1 attorney to hire in Iredell county for a DUI! His attention to every detail, research of the law and proper execution of the states evidence, he was able to get the DUI dropped to a lesser charge as the charge was not accurate. Call Jonathan for your experienced representation!

Zach Ruth

Stepping in a courtroom is kind of like stepping into the ring. You win some, you lose some. However you have to have the right man in the corner to guide you through what may seem to be the impossible. Griffin Law is who I chose to be in mine, and will continue to do so if needed. Of course you’re his client and this is his occupation, but he genuinely cares for your well being and wants to make sure that the “fight” is fair!! His light shines on his staff as well!! Very professional, and WILL ALWAYS keep you updated on your case. A DWI case that would seem to be set in stone for the DA as well as the officer...clearly was not on Mr Griffins agenda. He did his homework, and the case was dismissed without question!!

Carol McClain


Tonia Schubert

steven jones

Mr. Griffin and his staff are extremely professional and listened to what i had to say, and always made extra time for my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a family attorney!

Lisa Mcgee

I hired Mr. Griffin to handle my court case and my experience with him was awesome. He not only did what he said he would; the outcome was even better. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and family. He is honest, reliable and very easy to talk to. Very reasonable fees is also a plus. Thank you so much Mr. Griffin for all your help!

Krystal Bailey

Horrible! The lady who answers the phone never sent me a bill of cost, never followed up and then was incredibly rude! Worst lawyer experience ever! Beware of this practice

Chris Schermerhorn

Very professional, quick free consultation. Rates are very reasonable for services provided.

H Jimenez

I hired Mr. Griffin firm to represent me on a driving matter. I thought I would be able to get a offense reduction and keep my insurance from going up but he got the whole case dismissed. I didn't have to go to court.

Mike Ballew

I am a resident of S.C. and I unfortunately got a speeding ticket while traveling thru Charlotte . I contacted Griffin Law and Mr. Griffin helped me with my case and kept me from needing to miss work to attend court. The rate that I was charged was very reasonable .

Michelle Kivett

Very pleasant experience. Communication and timely responses took the worry out of the equation. Very friendly from beginning to end. Thank you for positive results. Highly recommended !

Andrew Wilcox

It is my opinion that this attorney provided the worst legal counsel I have ever received, in any of my dealings with any other attorney I have ever worked with. It is also my opinion that the documents he created were incompetently written. It is, further, my opinion that anybody seeking legal counsel would be better off hiring Peter (or Chris) Griffin (Family Guy reference). I wish the "star" ratings here could go into the negative. Even giving 1 star is too good. Does anyone else find it curious that 8 months go by with no reviews, then almost immediately after I post my "1 Star" review, suddenly, 4 reviews ALL with "5 Star" ratings get posted?? Things that make you go "Hmmmm"!

Nancy Case

Mr. Griffin's skill in court and care of his clients is beat by none. I highly recommend him for anyone needing an attorney.

Abigail The story Teller Little

Debra Coffey

We are located in Florida, so when my son encountered a legal issue in North Carolina, we were at a loss as to how to handle things. We were referred to Griffin Law and they handled everything for us. Ultimately, the potentially serious charges were dismissed in their entirety. The outcome could not have been more positive on my son's behalf. We were very pleased with the professionalism and service of Griffin Law. Highly recommend to all.

will barnes

Jonathan and his team are the best attorney group I have ever done business with in my 25 year history. Will Barnes General Manager Rick Case Hyundai Roswell

David Foote

Mr. Griffin takes a "no-nonsense" approach to his services. By this, I mean he will tell you up front the way he sees a situation. This is very helpful for his clients because they know where they stand before spending their money. He is very knowledgeable of our local laws and knows how our "system" works. He has helped me with several situations over the past few years, and I have recommended him to many others in need of good legal advice. From the research I have done, his prices are very competitive as well. I feel I can trust him to give the best legal advice and services for the money that is spent. His support staff has also been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Griffin Law, PLLC.

Heather Ballard

Mr. Griffin and his associates have been the best decision I have made regarding my legal needs. He has worked diligently to provide me with the best legal council he can and I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family members.

Laura Sheehan

I have used Griffin Law more then a few times in my life. There is nothing that Mr. Griffin and his staff can not handle. They return phones quickly when you need answers fast. I have always felt that Mr. Griffin listened and answered all my questions with terms that I could understand. Mr. Griffin walks you through every step of the way. I moved out of state but Mr. Griffin's office was still able to help with all my issues. I would highly recommend Griffin Law to whom ever wants a Lawyer that listens to his clients, and gets the results that you are looking for. The prices are not to high and Mr. Griffin is willing to work with a payment plan that helps in time of need.

crystal padfoster

Tina is very new nice and Mr Griffin is helping my husband well

Carlie St Louis

Dalton York

Highly recommend any legal services by Mr. Griffin!! Did great on my case and would hire him again for sure.

Joshua LaCourse

Mr. Griffin took on my case and was phenomenal! Easy to communicate with, quick to respond, always gave the worst case scenerio (everything turned out much better) but if I had to hire an attorney for anything again this is the guy!

scott brady

Excellent attorney very informational about everything. They got everything I wanted plus more for a reasonable price.

Courtney Melvin

Mr. Griffin is a professional, knowledgeable, and understanding attorney. He has represented me in traffic, child custody, and child support matters- and all were resolved successfully. I will absolutely hire Mr.Griffin for any future legal advice!

Josh McGee

Great Attorney! I have used Mr.Griffin since 2009. He has always been very good at keeping in contact with me as well as keeping me informed on case. He always does what he tells me he can do for my case. I have never had a bad experience, neither have other clients I referred Mr. Griffin too. He also is very reasonable with his fees. Will continue to use.

Robert Ryckman

This lawyer represented my custody case in November 2013 and was able to win granting custody of my two children. He was very ethical in his dealings with my ex wife. She was found to be lying in the courts on multiple occasions, she moved the children to a different state and had to be tracked down, and she is extremely spiteful due to the situation of losing custody of our children from being an unfit parent. My lawyer has continued to represent my case at a very reasonable rate. He has been very patient throughout this process even as she continues to harass both of us in attempt to damage our reputations. I would recommend him to anyone that is seeking an ethical, honest, hard working attorney.

William Lister

I received my 1st speeding ticket a few weeks ago and was encouraged to obtain an Attorney to lessen the charge to avoid points on my license and a major increase to my auto insurance premium. This may be common knowledge to some but I was very embarrassed and shamed. I had heard only positive things about Jonathan Griffin so I decided to visit his office. I have to say I was pleased and satisfied with Ms. Wasik, his aassistant, and with Mr. Griffin from beginning to end. They were both friendly and professional and everything was explained to me step by step on how the process worked. I went from embarrassed and shamed to confident I had learned my lesson and life would go on without damage to my license or car insurance! I thank them both sincerely and highly recommend their services!


He has given me good legal advice on numerous issues over the years. When I have a legal issue or question he is the first person I turn to.

Matt Tiffany

Mr. Griffin might be awesome? I didn't hire him because there was question if my case needed to be moved from my ex's previous county she resided in to her current. I was told I would need to schedule a consult to discuss this with him and that would cost $100. This was just during my first conversation with his office to determine if I like the office and wanted to use them to represent me for a modification due to a child having turned 18 and graduated. So otherwise pretty straight forward I would think. Just my opinion, and maybe this is pretty common for attorney's but of the 3 I've spoke with thus far, Mr. Griffin's office was the only to ask for this. Didn't make me feel great about trying to find an affordable option verses some of the other attorney's out there. Made me think he would charge me for filling up his gas tank on the way to court.

thomas gashaw

This place has great customer service and super friendly. I never leave reviews but I was Extremely impressed . I called three different law firms, never got an answer or a call back. I called Griffin Law once and within the first ring I got a answer. The person that picked up was super friendly. She answered all my questions and helped ease my mind with the matter I was calling about. I would recommend this law firm to anyone. Top notch service.

Nathan Dellinger

I have used Griffin law twice now myself and was referred through my wife who had prior. Each experience with Jonathan is always pleasant and assuring. Even on a weekend I was able to get a prompt response regarding my case while he was mid-way through 18 holes. I would recommend anyone needing court matters dealt with to seek consult here. In a world where attorneys are sharks, this man is the dolphin the sharks swim away from.

Roger Josey

Chelsey Butler

Lawyers only play the game the DA and judge set forth. Thank you for reminding me you're human.

Antonio Rupp

We had a very good experience. Mr. Griffin help my son through a tough time. The staff always called us back and kept us informed. We got a result very different and better result than we thought we could. We are very thankful.

Tracy Cartrette

lamia sangs

I got a traffic ticket and was going to just pay the fine, until I received advice from Griffin and his assistant (Tina) that simply paying the fine would not be the best idea. Thankfully, Griffin was able to get my traffic ticket dismissed altogether. I am very grateful for the legal help and advice. I recommend this firm to anyone needing a lawyer!

Wendy Williams

Very caring and passionate!

Brandon Henrickson

I would highly recommend Mr. Griffin. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful. He is extremely knowledgeable, and cares about his clients. He has helped me on several things. And has always come out winning.

Stephanie Ryckman

If you're looking for a ruthless attorney without a moral compass … this is the place to spend your hard-earned money. I watched this attorney lie multiple times in court without having a coronary in front of the judge. I guess a little payola goes along way in Statesville. As a result, I haven't been able to see my two children since August 2014 … this attorney treats court orders and civil matters like a joke. I would think a few ethical guideposts would be useful in life … he has none. This person went so far as to say that I can't even read in a letter. Doesn't the State of NC uphold a code of conduct? I will say for convicted felons that have the same attitude as Griffin … go for it! Terrible person.

Debra Hottenrott

Mr. Jonathan Griffin of Griffin Law has not only handled legal issues for myself, but he has handled legal issues for my family members as well. He has successfully resolved legal issues such as traffic matters, child custody, child support, and other family law matters. He has always been very knowledgeable and has even researched previous case law to argue and ensure the best outcome. We have been very happy with Mr. Griffin. He may have a smaller staff - but this helps to keep his fees low and most competitive. I would recommend Griffin Law and Mr. Griffin to anyone for any type of legal matter. He does know his line of work, is very good at it, and can be trusted to handle your case the way he sees fit! Sometimes this may be with complete aggressiveness and sometimes it may be with patience and wait... he is down to earth and very professional at the same time. Honest and trustworthy. Thank you Griffin Law!

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