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REVIEWS OF Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP IN New York

Karina RB

(Translated by Google) They helped me in my case. I recommend them. (Original) Me ayudaron en mi caso. Los recomiendo.

Jo Tse

Greatest Immigration attorneys in New York. You are in good hand if you hire them.

Marin Flores

Ser paciente ya que es casi de ir todo el dia

lagrimablack18 .

(Translated by Google) We went to consult and unfortunately we had Fasano, that man is a self-centered guy, with a horrible attitude towards the people we feed him. The young ladies who attend there are very kind and helpful. But that fasano is a beast. You do not have patience, you want to finish quickly with the consultation, it's as if you're angry, because if you're already fed up with what you're doing, if you do not want to work anymore, take a little bit of anger management that you really need ... Because you go with problems trying to find a solution and just by seeing his face, one is already discouraged ...

wilmer loja

Because is the best

Sandra villagran

(Translated by Google) Do not expect to see those lawyers who see in the cameras, posters or cards for nothing they say a heavy one who works there that they do not see anyone that they have other lawyers who work there. Bad experience for me you can try but understand you have to wait at least 4 hours. Luck (Original) No esperen ver a esos abogados que ven en las camaras,posters o tarjetas para nada ellos dice un pesado que trabaja ahi que ellos no ven a nadie que ellos tienen otros abogados que tabajan ahi. Mala esperiencia para mi ustedes pueden tratar pero entiendan hay que esperar por lo menos 4 horas. Suerte


Really bad experience, waste of time and money. For interview they charged me $100 plus to get the information of my father from immigration office $1500... after 6 months they called me and I have the interview with one of the lawyers (lady) at 82 Street and 37 av (Queens). She explain that my father has no opportunity to apply because he will get a derotation letter and many courts days. Made o was passing by the hall she explain him in 2 seconds he said NOT .. IMPOSSIBLE... waste time and money. Went to the lawyer at the city first time free consultation and in 7 months my dad get his green card. They wants to treat people like we were not educated or Less than them, that’s why they have to many commercials on tv.. losing customers, no money for them. NEVER NEVER RECOMMENDED


They are the best

Dexter Cabrera

Because they care

Marlyn maria Garcia

I have 2cases here and i have 3kids, these secretary are horrible.. I go with my kids and they ask for my kids to lower their tablet volume down very rudely, its like they were annoyed. None of them care for the cases they just care about getting paid, but with something soo delicate i think you should love what you do if not why do it?..

Rocio Granado

(Translated by Google) That's the most false, they stole 250 For a little contract, and then they told me K could not take my case, those from the tv are fake gents (Original) Eso son los mas falsos, me robaron 250 Por un mardito contrato, y después me dijeron K no podían tomar mi caso, esos de la tv son gents falsas

Sandy Sal

Too many people and the lawyer Fasano has no patience towards his clients who pay $100 to get an interview with him. He only spend like 4 minutes with us and gets impatient if you don't understand him hello we are not the lawyers and obviously we are not going to understand that fast and we are going to have questions.

chulita uñas de Rossy

(Translated by Google) I do not recommend these lawyers at all I went with them and they made me lose my time, my money and many papers that they were kept for 6 months in their office and they never sent them with immigration, I gave them a check of $ 450 to send them to visa center and never they sent about that they did not want to reimburse me a thousand dollars that I had already given them for sending my documents, those lawyers are a disaster (Original) No recomiendo para nada a estos abogados Fui con ellos y me hicieron perder mi tiempo , mi dinero y muchos papeles que les lleve los mantuvieron por 6 meses en su oficina y nunca los enviaron con inmigración aparte les di un cheque de $450 dls para que lo enviaran a visa center y nunca lo enviaron sobre eso ni quisieron reembolsarme mil dólares que ya les había dado por hacer el envío de mis documentos , esos abogados son un desastre

Aileen Moreira

Very good services professional staff great lawyers 2 thumbs up

Alexplays GAMES

(Translated by Google) I like this place There are several locations .For example gramen .and other healthy lifestyle (Original) Me gusta este lugar Ahí se encuentran varias localizaciones .por ejemplo gramen vida sana .y otros

garchomp301 1209

They helped a lot. If you are an American citizen married to someone and having trouble applying for citizenship for them. These guys can help.

Jose Hernandez

Los peores de queens muy mal en todos los aspectos irresponsables

Guillermo Alfonso


Damaris Garcia

(Translated by Google) My lawyers the best (Original) Mis abogados los mejores

Diana G.

The first time I called they said I had to make a consultation fee of $50. I spoke to Fasano and I told him all about my husband’s case, and I showed him the FOIA and he said we could do a motion to reopen. In order to do that he needed the money. We went to sign the contract on August 2018. Once we went there we signed a contract and he said it would take up to 3 months to get an answer. We waited a few weeks and I called to to see if they had an update. They said they would call be back but they didn’t. Exactly two months after around October 2018 the paralegal called back saying they need prove he was here on 2009. I told her I had prove before 2009 and after 2010 when our kids were born. They only want prove on specific months of 2009. We were first getting in contact with the paralegal (Vielka Ramirez), we didn’t speak to no lawyer. Sometimes she said she would return the call and she didn’t. After she told us we needed prove for those specific months we asked for a refund. She first had to speak to the manager. We spoke to a man name Ramon and he said we have to speak to a lawyer first and see if he could do anything in order to start with the refund process. We didn’t get to see Fasano. We went to see another attorney Daniel Andrew Meyers and he said we can’t do anything unless we have a prove from 2009. Why didn’t the lawyer tell us we needed prove before we signed the contract? That’s why I paid the consultation fee to see if we qualified or not. That’s why I showed him the FOIA and told him all about my husbands case. Ramon said to get a refund it would take up to 6 weeks to get an answer. 6 weeks have past and still no update. We keep calling and no update and he said everything is on the managers hands right now. Everything goes through the manager. He said that they also would have to take $250 and additional more for reviewing the case. They didn’t do anything to my case. When I went there I saw the folder like the first time I gave them all the paperwork. WASTE OF TIME. Paid $3000 for nothing and still no refund. First they tell you you qualify for something and after they tell you they can’t do anything and they take your money!!!

Vivian Jorge

I been with youman,madeo and fasano around 6 years.I never concentrate on how is the office,how is the waiting time,how are the bathroom...for me...that is not important. Important for me is how the are as a lawyer,and...they GOOOD they fight my case with a lot of interest...Daniel was the lawyer who was with me when he get that word that i was looking for 23 years: yes,she can stay on the country. If i have to choose a inmigration lawyer..i will do it again with Youman,madeo y fasano. Thank you all

kenia frias

(Translated by Google) They made me pay 250 for signing the contract and I gave them 500 in advance for my process and two months later they have not returned my money they always have new excuses now they are the ones that are missing the contract and they do not give me the face. company. (Original) Me hicieron pagar 250 por firmar el contrato y les di 500 por adelantado para mi proceso y dos meses despues no me han devuelvo mi dinero siempre tienen excusas nuevas ahora son ellos los que faltan al contrato y no me dan la cara.

Dorian M

What an awful experience. Had to pay for a consultation that consisted of waiting for over 6 hours (not exaggerating) to see an assistant who answered our questions by searching Google. I could have done that myself. The waiting experience was really horrible. The waiting areas are packed tight with people and you are treated horribly. People should be treated with more honesty , respect, and dignity.

Denys Hernandez

I came here with my husband and two kids bright and early to the manhattan location and the secretary is awesome. We met madeo he was great and had time to answer all our questions! Also the translator did a great job translating all the questions both my husband and I had!! By the way the office did not seemed bothered by both of my boys being there. Even madeo was playing with one of them from a distance!! I can understand other reviews that put one star but not everyone goes through the same situation. It depends on the time you go because it goes by time of arrival to be seen in that case. I want to thank madeo for making this first impression great for us. Once again thanks!

Diana Bonilla

Amazing staff especially Marilyn she was always there willing to help and guide me through my husbands process. Will be using them again for sure.

Elizabeth Melendez

(Translated by Google) I do not recommend this law firm. I accompanied my mother for a consultation with the lawyer Fasano and it was so rude that she told my 60-year-old mother to shut up and that I was annoying him among other words out of place just because she was asking him some extra questions. In addition, this Fasano lawyer does not speak Spanish and the translator does not express himself very well in Spanish. At no time did he apologize. You pay in advance more than agreed by phone, lack ethics and understand customer concerns. I do not recommend waste your time and money in this place (Original) No recomiendo esta firma de abogados. Acompañe a mi madre para una consulta con el abogado Fasano y fue tan rudo que le dijo a mi mamá de 60 años que se callara y que lo estaba fastidiando entre otras palabras fuera de lugar solo porque ella le estaba haciendo unas preguntas extras. Además este abogado Fasano no habla español y el traductor no se expresa muy bien en español. En ningún momento se disculpó. Se paga por adelantado más de lo acordado por teléfono, les falta ética y entender las preocupaciones de los clientes. No recomiendo pierdan su tiempo y dinero en este lugar

soy el que soy

(Translated by Google) I was thinking of going to consult some issues at the offices of these subjects but with the qualifications and comments that I see here from the clients almost all have been very bad experiences and if I better look for other lawyers with better qualifications thank you all for your help (Original) Estaba pensando en ir a consultar unos asuntos a las oficinas de estos sujetos pero con las calificaciones y comentarios que veo aquí de parte de los clientes casi todas an sido muy malas experiencias y a si mejor buscaré a otros abogados con mejores calificaciones gracias a todos por su ayuda

Oswaldo Naula

I had a case with them and finally after 20 years of being here without being able to travel I can finally travel to my country. The attorneys are professional the paralegals are kind and attentive. I know every one has a different experience but I am EXTREMELY happy with the service I received. I recommend them 100%

Yajaira Rosales


oscar castillo santana

(Translated by Google) Worst experience of my life, I do not recommend it to anyone, disrespectful, unprofessional, tried to steal 2000 dollars in over-priced forms, when I realized, the lawyer youman took my wife my girl and my office in front of all the other clients and with an attitude of loathing, I answered him in a bad way, and he came out behind me to fight just because I discovered that he tried to steal me, he takes advantage of the migratory situations of people to try to humiliate them, it is a Racist believed in white, he does not care about his clients just the money ... (Original) Peor experiencia de mi vida, no lo recomiendo a nadie, irrespetuosos, poco profesionales, trataron de robarme 2000 dolares en sobre precio en los formularios, cuando me di cuenta, el abogado youman nos saco a mi esposa mi nina y a mi de la oficina delante de todos los demas clientes y con actitud de amenasa, logico le respondi de mala manera, y salio detras de mi retandome a pelear solo porque descubri que trato de robarme, se aprovecha de las situaciones migratoria de las personas para tratar de humillarlas, es un racista creido de blanco, no le importam sus clientes solo el dinero...

•Rose Lps•

Good lawyer's

Stephany Morales

(Translated by Google) Good lawyers with immigration and helpful. But I knew more than the account. The secretary could be nicer. Good lawyers with immigration and very friendly helpful. But he knew more than the accountant. The secretary could be kinder. (Original) Good lawyers with immigration and helpful. But I knew more than the account. The secretary could be nicer. Buenos abogados con inmigración y muy serviciales amables. Pero sabía más que el contador. La secretaria podría ser más amable.

Margarita Tineo

Love them

mar zem

(Translated by Google) Think about it before going with them. First they tell you that if they can take their case and when they have already given the money they say that nothing can be done. The first time I called I was told I had to pay $ 50 for the consultation. I told the lawyer Fasano everything about my husband's case, I showed him the FOIA and he said we could make a motion to reopen the case. To do that, he needed the money. We went to sign the contract in August 2018. Once we went there, we signed a contract and they told us it would take up to 3 months to get an answer. We waited a few weeks and called to see if they had any answers. They said they would call me again, but they did not. Exactly two months later in October of 2018, paralegal Vielka Ramirez called me saying that they need to prove that my husband was here in 2009. We told the paralegal that we only had tests before 2009 and when my children were born in 2010. They We were asking for tests of the 2009 specific months. Then she said that I was going to ask the Manager and she was going to call me again and I did not return my calls. I always had to call her. First we were in contact with the paralegal, not the lawyer. After she told us we needed a test, we asked for a refund. We talked to the accountant named Ramon and he said that first we should talk to a lawyer and see if he could do anything to start the reimbursement process. We went to see a lawyer Daniel Andrew Meyer and he said that we can not do anything unless we have proof of presence in 2009. Why did not the lawyer Fasano tell us that he needed proof before signing the contract? Ramon said that to get a refund it would take up to 6 weeks to get an answer. It's been 6 weeks and we still have no answer. Pay $ 3000 for nothing. He also told us that they are going to take $ 250 and more to review the case. They did nothing with my case or reopened it. When I went there, I did not see them working on my case. WASTE OF TIME. First they tell you that you qualify for something and then they tell you that they can not do anything and they take your money. (Original) Piénsenlo antes de ir con ellos. Primero le dicen a uno que si pueden tomar su caso y cuando ya dio el dinero dicen que no se puede hacer nada. La primera vez que llamé me dijeron que tenía que pagar $50 por la consulta. Le conté al abogado Fasano todo sobre el caso de mi esposo, le mostré el FOIA y él dijo que podíamos hacer una moción para reabrir el caso. Para hacer eso necesitaba el dinero. Fuimos a firmar el contrato en agosto del 2018. Una vez que fuimos allí, firmamos un contrato y nos dijeron que demoraría hasta 3 meses para obtener una respuesta. Esperamos unas semanas y llamé para ver si tenían alguna respuesta. Dijeron que me volverían a llamar, pero no lo hicieron. Exactamente dos meses después en octubre del 2018, la paralegal Vielka Ramirez me llamo diciendo que necesitan probar que mi esposo estuvo aquí en 2009. Le dijimos a la paralegal que solo teníamos pruebas antes del 2009 y cuando nacieron mis hijos en el año 2010. Ellos nos estaban pidiendo pruebas del 2009 meses específicos. Después ella dijo que le iba a preguntar a la Manager y me iba a volver a llamar y no regreso mis llamadas. Siempre le tenía que llamar yo a ella. Primero estuvimos en contacto con la paralegal, no al abogado. Después de que ella nos dijo que necesitábamos una prueba, pedimos un reembolso. Hablamos con el contador llamado Ramon y él dijo que primero debemos hablar con un abogado y ver si podía hacer algo para comenzar con el proceso de reembolso. Fuimos a ver un abogado Daniel Andrew Meyer y él dijo que no podemos hacer nada al menos que tengamos una prueba de presencia del 2009. ¿Por qué el abogado Fasano no nos dijo que necesitaba pruebas antes de firmar el contrato? Ramon dijo que para obtener un reembolso tomaría hasta 6 semanas para obtener una respuesta. Han pasado 6 semanas y todavía no tenemos respuesta. Pague $3000 para nada. También nos dijo que nos van a quitar $250 y más para revisar el caso. No hicieron nada con mi caso ni lo reabrieron. Cuando fui allí, no vi que trabajaran en mi caso. PÉRDIDA DE TIEMPO. Primero te dicen que calificas para algo y luego te dicen que no pueden hacer nada y te quitan tu dinero.

ashley rosales

They charge you to find out your case but they never find out anything, and they steal your money. They choose simple cases to be able to charge but they do not choose a difficult case, once that they know that it's hard. They charge you for any thing that they do not tell you of your case, and you keep with your money. No good.


(Translated by Google) I like the coordinated and cordial way of attention (Original) Me gusta la manera coordinada y cordial de la atención

Sandra Paniagua

(Translated by Google) The 3 of them say that they are never there and that they do not see the people who are looking for their work, which is why they have other lawyers. Not happy at all (Original) Los 3 ellos dicen que nunca estan y que ellos no ven a la jente que busca su hayuda que para eso tienen a otros abogados. Not happy at all

glenda alavarado

This place and attorney are very unethical. Once you make a payment, attorneys do not want to see the client again. You will see a paralegal. At one of the court day, our paralegal was not well prepared that the judge had to point out how unprepared she was. The judge was also given a copy of another client's documentation by mistake. What a horrible place that I do not recommend. So many mistakes and so rude and unprofessional.

Fransys Valdiviezo

This is the slowest place I have ever been in my life. I have been here twice with my dad for consultation waited 4 hours each time to be attended.

Janine Moran

The worst people to call no one speaks english. If you call and they don't understand you they hang up on you. Even after consultation if you call back with a question they make you make another appt. Clearly more $'s int their pockets. They should invest that extra money in at least one person that can speak english fluently for clients that do not speak spanish. Very disappointed I actually liked the attorney and was going to use his services until i was unable to communicate with him. The rececptionist's are beyond rude I would never recommend this place on the staff alone.

stefany lopez

Worst service everrrrrr!!!!! The staff wasn't professional at all, very disrespectful, Disorganized, time consuming. Its just a disaster! they only care about your money. I gave this place two chances and both failed me, there a guys that lie straight to my face about him recommending me to Alexandra. also madeo lie to me about false information. now I understand why they have so much advertisement on t.v to get people to come in. I paid 100$ for them to get me no where. I finally found a great imagration attorney her in Elizabeth N.J with free consultations. this place is garbage... the staff is the most unprofessional staff I've ever seen before

Rity Peng

I trust them 100 %.

M1riam Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Personally, they treated me very kindly (Original) En lo personal me atendieron muy bien amables

Clara Bermeo

Worst law firm ever and when you don't want their services anymore they take like a year to refund your money. And they have poor professionalism.

Mario Alulema

They are very kind, friendly, understand definitely recommend 1000%. Yes. 1000%

Charlie Quizhpi

(Translated by Google) These lawyers do not serve do not grab the work as they should only charge and they already do not care per case (Original) Estos abogado no sirven no asen el trabajo como se debe solo cobran y ya y no se precupan por caso

Kokis L

(Translated by Google) They are real lawyers but they work as a typical business that already has a guaranteed clientele and does not even have to pretend that they care. These are legitimate attorneys at law, but they conduct themselves as the typical business that has been guaranteed to clients and no longer has to pretend to genuinely care. (Original) Son abogados reales pero funcionan como tipico negocio que ya tiene clientela garantizada y ni siquiera tiene que pretender que les importa. These are legitimate attorneys at law, but they conduct themselves as the typical business that has a guaranteed clientele and no longer has to pretend to genuinely care.

R. Robles

(Translated by Google) The truth is I don't know how these people have a law degree if they are actually taking advantage of our clients' ignorance since one looks for them because I am supposed to be professionals and they know about laws but the truth I lost almost 3 years with an immigration case and to date I could never coordinate an appointment with the lawyer that the truth is that I don't even know who was always talking to paralegals and not only that they changed me every time that nobody really had my case It is unfortunate that they are working even as lawyers if you are really scammers since the money did charge me but they never gave me any results, if someone is lucky enough to read this before they can go where they are better to find out well who are hiring so that the same thing does not happen to me unfortunately I never found out who I was hiring as my representative and the truth has disappointed me with their work and little professionalism ... Nero is recovering but time does not think well who to hire as his lawyers so they do not regret the day of tomorrow. (Original) La verdad no se como estas personas tienen un titulo de abogados si en realidad se estan aprovechando de la ignorancias de nosotros los clientes ya que uno los busca a ellos por que se supone que soy los profesionales y saben de leyes pero la verdad yo perdi casi 3 Años con un caso de immigracion y hasta la fecha nunca pude coordinar una cita con el abogado que la verdad no se ni quien fue siempre hable con paralegales y no solo eso me los cambianban a cada rato el cual nunca nadie en realidad tenia mi caso, es lamentable que esten funcionando aun como abogados si la verdad sos estafadores ya que el dinero si me lo cobraron pero nunca me dieron algun resultado, si alguien tiene la suerte de leer esto antes de poder ir donde ellos es mejor que se averiguen bien a quien estan contratando para que no les pase lo mismo que ami lamentablemente yo nunca avergue a quien yo estaba contratando como mi representante y la verdad me han desilucionado con su trabajo y poco profecionalismo... el dinero se recupera pero el tiempo no piense bien a quien ban a contratar como su abogados para que no se lamenten el dia de manaña.

Anthony Calderon

Horrible! Started a case with them two years ago. Took our money have yet to hear back from them. They only accept appointments NO walkins. Which is the reason why we haven't been able to get our money back. DON'T TRUST THEM!

Franco Procel

(Translated by Google) I wanted to go to this office but with so many bad reviews that I have read ... no thanks they seem to be very picky .. (Original) Quería ir a esta oficina pero con tantas malas reseñas que he leí gracias parecen que son muy rateros..

hortensia flores

(Translated by Google) very slow work (Original) Trabajo muy lento

Katherine Flores

Hi Everyone I usually do not like to do this but I feel that other people going through my situation may understand. I went in for a consultation in regards to my husbands case with immigration. (He was taken by ICE in July and I have two beautiful boys) I met with one of the lawyers there. The minute I sat down she told me that he would not place foot back in this country, if it was up to her she wouldn't want him here either and that the only way I would have him back was if I had 5 kids with him and that all the kids were diagnosed with Down syndrome! and mind you my 9 yr old son was there with me. She could have been more delicate with her words. To me it seemed as if she was mad at the fact that I even had hope. Nobody can understand unless they are going through it; how it feels to have your loved one take away and that your kids no longer have there father with them. she should have said it differently. That is not the way you talk to a human being who is going through a situations like this. She had no heart. All she had to say " You know what there is nothing we can do for him, i suggest you have him signed deportation papers" thats all. not down talking. I felt like I was talking to Trump! Am not writing this review because there was nothing that could be done in my husband's case. Its the fact how she handled herself when she spoke as an educated women that she is. You do not talk to a family like that I don't recommend this place. Plus the staff is very impatient.

Ivan Runner

(Translated by Google) An experience (Original) Una esperienz

Brenda varela

(Translated by Google) Very bad

Yaneth Balderramo

(Translated by Google) I also wanted to go to these offices but with so much bad experience the people took away the desire (Original) Yo también quería ir a estas oficinas pero con tanta mala experiencia de la gente se me quitaron las ganas

Graciela Ramos

(Translated by Google) It's very good they cater very kindly (Original) Es muy bueno atienden muy amablemente

Narcisa Mendez

(Translated by Google) Excellent professionals! (Original) Excelentes profesionales!!

Ana Rivadeneira

(Translated by Google) My ideal site (Original) Mi sitio ideal

emilio cornel

(Translated by Google) These people are scammers, unprofessional, starting from the secretaries who have a very unprofessional treatment, they charged $ 800 dollars to my wife to renew their work permit plus $ 450 for the permit, being that the renewal of the work permit is free , a month ago we went to the Queens offices and they called us, they never did it then my wife called and they gave her an appointment for a month and a half just to fill out the papers, the ones that appear on TV never see them in any I was tired, my wife was another lawyer who charged $ 150 dollars and in 30 minutes I filled the papers and everything ready there, I send it to Immigration, I do not recommend it to anyone (Original) Está gente son unos estafadores ,poco profesionales, empezando desde las secretarias que tienen un trato muyyy poco profesional, le cobraron $800 dólares a mi esposa para renovar su permiso de trabajo más $450 por el permiso , siendo que la renovación del permiso de trabajo es gratis , hace un mes fuimos a las oficinas de Queens y quedaron en llamarnos , nunca lo hicieron entonces mi esposa llamo y le dieron cita para dentro de un mes y medio solo para llenar los papeles, los que salen en la tele nunca los ves en ningún lado , cansados fue mi esposa a otro abogado q le cobró $150 dólares y en 30 minutos le lleno los papeles y ya todo listo ahí mismo lo mando a Inmigracion, no se lo recomiendo a nadieeee

Wilson Barros

Bad experience waste money

Miguelo Canela

(Translated by Google) Very good service alone that to wait for a good time between 3 and go out at 6. Waiting my shifts and you have to wait all that time (Original) Muy buen servicio solos que al que esperar un buen ratos entre a la 3 y salís a la 6. Esperando mi turnos y tuves que esperar todos ese tiempo

samantha martinez

(Translated by Google) Very bad experience with this office, to go to a consultation with a lawyer you pay 60 dollars and they do it at 6am in the morning and the lawyer does not take care of you at that time, he arrives just at 8 or 9 in the morning when he is On a Saturday, they attend the same thing on a first come first served basis, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, they go at 8 in the morning and the lawyer attends to the client at 10 or 11 am in the morning, a lack of Consideration for people who come from afar, they abuse because they know that we ARE IMMIGRANTS and we need the advice and help of a lawyer. THEN, IF YOU MAKE A CONTRACT, do not expect them to call you soon, they NEVER CALL YOU, YOU HAVE TO CALL, A WAIT OF ONE TO TWO MONTHS SO THAT THEY WILL GET A PARALEGA WHEN TO VARY IT TREAT ONE WITH A BAD ATTITUDE .. .... WHAT HORROR .. I must also say that there is a person in the Registration aera, skinny with glasses that does not serve the client well, is very serious, attends to one as if one is going to bother, ugly attitude of that girl, with an angry face, just says write your name and feel, however another lady who sits at the entrance, very cordial and attentive, explains things with patience. In any case, THE COMPANY SHOULD TAKE MORE INTO ACCOUNT THE PEOPLE THAT PAY TO ATTEND THE CUSTOMERS AND ALSO THE PARALEGALS, (Original) Muy mala experiencia con esta oficina, para ir a una consulta con un abogado pagas 60 dolares y lo hacen ir a las 6am de la manana y el abogado no te atiende a esa hora , llega recien a las 8 o 9 de la manana cuando es un sabado , van atendiendo por orden de llegada, los dias martes y miercoles la misma cosa, lo hacen ir a las 8 de la manana y el abogado lo atiende recien al cliente a las 10 o hasta 11 am de la manana , una falta de consideracion para las personas que venimos de lejos , ellos abusan porque saben que SOMOS IMMIGRANTES y necesitamos de el consejo y ayuda de un abogado. LUEGO , SI HACES UN CONTRATO no esperes que te llamen pronto , NUNCA TE LLAMAN, tu tienes que llamar, UNA ESPERA DE UNO A DOS MESES PARA QUE RECIEN TE DEN UNA PARALEGA L QUE PARA VARIAR LO TRATAN A UNO CON UNA MALA ACTITUD...... QUE HORROR.. tambien debo decir que hay una persona en el aera de Registracion, flaca con lentes que no atiende bien al cliente, es bien seria , lo atiende a uno como si uno va a molestar, fea actitud de esa muchacha, con una cara de enojada, solo dice anote su nombre y sientese , sin embargo otra senorita que se siente a la entrada , muy cordial y atenta , explica con paciencia las cosas. en todo caso LA COMPANIA DEBERIA TOMAR MAS EN CUENTA LAS PERSONAS QUE PONEN A ATENDER A LOS CLIENTES Y TAMBIEN LOS PARALEGALES,

Nick Valle

They suck. I mailed them my documents. Once my documents arrived the staff missed place it. I sent them again. They. Charge $100 dlls to talk for a few min. I didn't get no where. I never hear from them again. I try to contact Sue the lady in charge. Just want to let her know. How I feel. Never. Call me. I just don't want people to go thru the same experience I did. Que mal servicio !

Ermel Ermer

Very Unprofessional

Emidio Delcid

(Translated by Google) Good customer service (Original) Buena atención al cliente

Jorge Arias

(Translated by Google) It is the worst of the lawyers that there are on television on radio saying they are the best but it is not like that is only to get the money and then they forget everything we have been a year and it is a daca application and they do not give us any good answer is called and they are badly educated, those who answer are insulting when they ask themselves what the call returns and they never do it, they do not go there they steal the money and they do nothing they just give excuses False and to date do not want to give any explanation what happens they throw the ball one by one more what we paid a lot and paid everything full they were clear that if you do not pay all the paperwork is not done we pay everything and nothing and the removal of the deportation order is false they ask you for papers and you wait and then they tell you that you have to wait for them to get upset to start your case they do not believe them these lawyers are liars and the worst thing that I am ashamed to be named from Ecuador the lawyer We Ecuadorians are workers, not thieves (Original) Es lo peor de los abogados que hay pasan en televisión en radio diciendo que son los mejores pero no es así solo es hasta resivir el dinero y de ahí se olvidan todo llevamos ya un año y es una aplicación de daca y no nos dan ningún buena respuesta se llama y son mal educados los que contestan lo insultan cuando se pregunta qué nos devuelve La llamada y nunca lo hacen no vayan allá ellos roban el dinero y no hace nada solo dan escusas Falsas y hasta la fecha no quieren dar ninguna explicación qué pasa se tiran la pelota uno a uno más lo que pagamos mucho y se pago todo completo ellos fueron claros que si no se paga todo el trámite no se realiza lo pagamos todo y para nada y lo de la remover la orden de deportación es falsa te piden papeles y esperas y después te dicen que tienes que esperar que te aresten para empezar con tu caso no los crean son unos mentirosos estos abogados y lo peor que me avergüenzo que se nombre que sea de Ecuador el abogado Los ecuatorianos somos trabajadores no ladrones

JBE Enterprise

(Translated by Google) The worst office, first they charge for the consultation, and they make excuses to attend it. Wait 3 hours for nothing, the supervisor did not get to talk to me as I requested, Fasano's assistant attends very badly and bad temper. I never talked to the lawyer and while I wait another hour for a refund. Because they never gave me the services I paid. It will be that the lawyers know that they have this type of people putting the face by them. That ugly attention super bad .. if I could give it less qualification I would give it. Do not waste time here. (Original) La peor oficina, primero cobran para la consulta, y ponen excusas para atenderlo. Espere 3 horas para nada, el supervisor no llego hablar conmigo como lo pedí, el asistente de Fasano atiende muy mal y de mal genio. Nunca hablé con el abogado y mientras sigo esperando otra hora para un reembolso. Porque nunca me dieron los servicios que pagué. Será que los abogados saben que tienen este tipo de personas poniendo la cara por ellos. Que fea atención súper mal.. si pudiera dale menos calificación lo daría. No pierdan el tiempo aquí.

Deisy Naranjo

(Translated by Google) Unfortunately we had a bad experience with these lawyers, we lost money and time, they pass your case from one paralegal to another, it took them like 3 years to tell us that we had to start the case again, and now we have to pay until the appointment , and were not able to see from the beginning that in the husband's petition there was a problem, the contract was given for $ 6,000 in the 2016 petition of citizen's husband, $ 4000 was paid for the attorney's fees and the forms put surcharge and the Only refund they gave us was $ 1750, I really do not recommend (Original) Lamentablemente tuvimos una mala experiencia con estos abogados , perdimos dinero y tiempo, te pasan tu caso de un paralegal a otro ,se tardaron como 3 años para decirnos que teníamos que empezar de nuevo el caso , y ojo ya se mando a pagar hasta la cita, y no fueron capaces de ver desde un principio que en la petición de esposo había un problema , el contrato se dio por $ 6.000 en el 2016 petición de esposo ciudadano, se pagó $4000 por los honorarios del abogado y los formularios ponen sobreprecio y el único reembolso que nos dieron fue de $1750, realmente no recomiendo

Double State

(Translated by Google) A lot of inefficiency on the part of the office, they call 3 months ago that they are going to send the papers and that they need a payment. 2 months later they call and leave the same and one trusted that they sent the papers but not the month they call Others you need to make another payment that are ready to send the papers ... what a shame you can not do if you worked (Original) Mucha ineficiencia de parte de la oficina , llaman 3 meses atras q ya van a mandar los papeles y que necesitan q uno agan un pago .. 2 meses despues llaman y dejen lo mismo y uno confiado q ya enviaron los papeles pero no al mes llaman otraves q necesita de hacer otro pago q ya estan listo para enviar los papeles ... que mal q no puedas hacer si trabaj

Sura Hanna Gutierrez

(Translated by Google) There is not a sign outside the Building indicating that the office is located there (Original) No hay ni un letrero fuera del Edificio que indique que la oficina está ubicada allí

Chrissy Weeks

I don't care how good your advice is, 4.5 hours of waiting is simply unacceptable.

Cinthya Ordonez

This law office is a joke. They just like to scam people and treat them like animals. After they took more then $5,000 and told us that they can't do anything with our case. After the nonsense that they were saying I went to the office of Andrew Cuomo and they were kind and help us. Now because of them we are going to get our money back. Diana G. You should go there and all of the people that got scam should do it because we all have rights! I'm also going to do is write an letter to the law school disiplinary regulations. This law firm can't and shouldn't continue scamming people.

Dante Bermeo

Help to everyone

luis10606 .

La Palmera Sanchez

(Translated by Google) They are lying thieves sell heartless dreams to steal the poor (Original) Son unos ladrones mentirosos vende sueños sin corazón para robar a los pobres

Silvia Gaston

Number one

Jose Oliva

Very good

Meg G.

(Translated by Google) The consultation with the lawyer Saturday May 4, 2019 very well do not listen to what I wanted but according to the query, but I have a complaint of the girl who was in front desk very, very badly educated, rude and totally unprofessional located together a thin plant with glasses and short hair not very bad service she asked him something that told me firm and sit down does not give the correct information, for that better attitude stay in a house sleeping so that nobody requires your service my friend wanted a appointment with the Ecuadorian lawyer her response was to call and make the appointment and that she does not have appointments until a month but with a very dishonest attitude I do not know why she is there she does not even have the image so she is giving a service in a lawyer's firm. I am very badly educated but I did not like that treatment to the client that I received from her. (Original) La consulta con el abogado sábado 4 de mayo 2019 muy bien no escuche lo que yo quería pero conforme con la consulta, pero tengo una queja de la chica que estaba en front desk muy pero muy mal educada, grosera y totalmente no profesional ubicada junta a una planta delgada y con anteojos cabello corto no no muy mal servicio de ella le preguntaba algo lo que me decía firme y siéntese no da la información correcta, para esa actitud mejor quédese en casita durmiendo para que nadie requiera de su servicio mi amiga quería una cita con el abogado Ecuatoriano la respuesta de ella era llame y haga la cita y que no tiene citas sino hasta un mes pero con una actitud muy deshonesta no se por que ella está ahí no tiene ni la imagen para que esté dando un servicio en una firma de abogados. Muy mal educada lo siento pero no me gusto ese trato al cliente que recibí de ella.

blkcadij blkcadij

Greatest attorneys ever. Staff is great and very professional.

Roberto Jimenez

The can do a better job by enhancing customer service and follow up more closely with each case

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