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Martina Michlickova

I needed to find a lawyer when my green card got rejected. I only had 30 days to submit all the documentation. I talked to 3 lawyers and chose Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg. Marilyn talked to me about all my options and recommended an option that would most likely ensured me the green card. She submitted all the paperwork on time and I got my green card in 4 months. Marilyn is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to anybody.


I hired attorney Orbach-Rosenberg to represent my wife in a very difficult waiver case. I am a United States citizen and my wife was stuck overseas for a very long time because of an earlier misrepresentation. I consulted with other lawyers and they didn’t give me much hope. Our future looked bleak. I came to attorney Orbach-Rosenberg’s office to consult. From the moment I stepped into her office I felt confident that she could help us. She explained the case to me and the steps we needed to take to resolve my wife’s case. We followed her advice to the tooth and boom! My wife got approved! I still can’t believe how quickly this case was resolved! Thanks to attorney Orbach-Rosenberg my wife is here, next to me and our family is together! I cannot express the gratitude I feel for what she did for us! She is a professional and extremely knowledgeable lawyer. Dedicated and personable, brilliant and quick thinker! She truly cares! Trust her and follow her advice. With attorney Orbach-Rosenberg you are in good hands!

gleyson requena

Jonathan Vasquez

My sincere thanks and appreciation to lawyer Marilyn for her incredible dedicated and professional work in my case. She is an amazing lawyer and very experienced, professional, and efficient!... She helped us obtain a green card without any complications or delays. I highly recommend his law firm. Thank you for your help, couldn't done it without you!

Iqbal mannan

The Attorney Marilyn knows how to deal Immigration Case with complication issue addressing to USCIS to bring positive feedback for clients. Also, she is handling all clients with positive manner, respectively and smart way to find out the case details to make a strong case with legal fact. I would like to thankful her because she worked hard with positive manner to approve my Waiver Case that was bringing to her. I would like to recommend as a Reliable Attorney.

Miles Dawborne

Professional and attentive service that delivers results.


Ms Marylin is the best immigration lawyer I’ve ever met. She and her entire team from her office are so friendly. She went through the all details with my case & made me understand that I’m in the right hand. I strongly recommend to hire her as immigration lawyer.

Felicia Fredericks

Juan De Castro

I am very grateful to my lawyer Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg. From my first appointment with her she has been kind, attentive, and caring. She made me feel comfortable and confident. She is an expert in immigration law. She not only speaks Spanish, but understands Hispanic culture. I fully recommend Dr. Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg. She was very helpful in resolving my immigration case and in helping me become a US citizen. Her prices are also very reasonable. Thank you so much Dr. Marilyn!


Ms. Maryilin Orbach Rosenberg is the best immigration lawyer in NYC. My husband and I hired her to help us with his green card. Since the first moment we met her, we saw how professional, kind and knowledgeable she was. Very diligently, she went through every detail of his case. Thanks to Ms. Marilyn Orbach Rosenberg , my husband case was resolved quickly and efficiently , resulting in my husband receiving his green card .

Miguel Agramonte

I would like to thank you for your services it was a hard task at the immigration office we could n`t have done it with out you for as long that my wife and I bean together we never would have thought of the questions that they ask you made it a lot easier by preparing us for that hard task we experienced i would like to thank you again Mrs.Rosenberg for you services and I will recommend people to your office for you service thank you again an again

Bernadette Turrisi

When my husband and I needed to find a Lawyer to assist with his green card, we found Marilyn Orbach Rosenberg. Her reviews spoke for themselves, so we made an appointment for consultation. Best decision hands down, Marilyn is professional attentive and has a vast knowledge of Immigration Law. We felt comfortable and at ease from the start. We highly recommend her for your Immigration needs. Our case was resolved quickly and effortlessly, resulting in my husband receiving his green card.

Nehra Usa

Marilyn Rosenberg is such a grate n knowledgeable immigration lawyer.she treat her client as a family member n she is very kind person.she knows what she do they r grate firm for any immigration case was very difficult but with the help of Marilyn Rosenberg made so smooth n help me out to get permanent residency. I was deal with four year with some other law firm they took all money n never not even answer or reply any text or call. My friend recommend about Marilyn Rosenberg than on first meeting I found that she is the perfect immigration lawyer which one I was looking . I met Rosenberg after that she took whole responsibility n made my case to easy n get approval of permanent residency. She always reply my calls n text . Grate law firm in nyc . If some one have immigration issue so pls go to see Marilyn Rosenberg definitely She deals difficult cases. Again thank you so much for Marilyn Rosenberg to help me to get permanent residency today .

Sal Rizwan

Marilyn came thru clutch for us. One appointment is all it took. Im glad we had Marilyn on our side. I must say uscis sucks, but because of their incompetence I met Marilyn. Our case was simple, I'm a US citizen and married a Canadian resident who was visiting the state's. I assumed it was simple so I submitted my i130 and i485 on my own, several months later we got her greencard, woohoo.. Or so we was anything but simple. Shortly after, uscis sent a letter(addressed to someone else but with our A-number saying we abandoned the residency application and they were going to revoke her green card. Furthermore the green card, though it was valid for 10 years, it was issued under the wrong category. Shame on USCIS!!! infopass appointments are useless. You really need to see the officers assigned to the case, which was almost damn near impossible...i kept asking for supervisors to get someone to let me see the officer assigned to my case...After several wasted appointments via infopass, and countless hours of dealing with pure incompetence, I gave up trying alone. I decided to hire an attorney....after asking around for referrals I decided to do my own research and met with Marilyn. She was very willing to take on my case. I spoke to her assistant at 730pm and the next day met them in person. She charged a small consultation fee and provided advice and offered to represent us for my wife's infopass appointment for a flat rate in addition to the consultation fee. It's all about who you know. Marilyn knows everyone at the USCIS building or at least she and everyone I met made it seem that way. She went to the infopass appointment and called me, while in front of the officer and got us a face to face with the officer the next day. She then offered to join us for the interview for another flat fee but was honest enough to say we probably didn't need her. She prepped us for what to expect. When I got to the uscis appointment the clerk recognized our file immediately and said I -#.should be called very soon. He said "oh I'm familia(with your case, Marilyn was here yesterday discussing it for you guys, it should be quick. Few minutes later met with an officer and the rest was a piece of cake. The officer apologized for the fiasco and said she'll make it all right. She did. My wife's proper resident card just arrived (week later). Thanks Marilyn !!

Osbaldo Minchala

If I could say one word to describe this law firm, it would be "perseverance". Marilyn went above and beyond for my parents. I could never repay the peacefulness she brought to our family. I can only say if you choose " The Law Office of Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg" you won't regret it.

Mireya paladin

I would not recommend this lawyer she is giving you a price at the beginning and later on after you make a deal she is increasing the price radically.... Another issue the secretary is totally RUDE There are very efficient lawyers in Manhattan and they do not charge you for consultations

Cassiopea Cassandra

Atty. Orbach is a great, smart and very professional lawyer! I highly recommend her services. She is very knowledgeable and is straightforward.

Nicole Pabon

From the moment I met with Mrs. Rosenberg I felt comfortable and confident in leaving our sensitive case in her hands. My family was in despair and had no hope when other attorneys told us our case is hopeless. Mrs.Rosenberg was very professional yet compassionate. Her knowledge and persistence is truly admirable. She was very consistent and thorough in collecting all documents needed for our cancellation of removal. She knew every detail of our case and went over every single piece of documentation with patience. Mrs. Rosenberg kept us informed and walked us through every step of the case. Our appointments were never rushed. Mrs. Rosenberg prepared my family for court and on the day of, she defended and won our case so gracefully. Thanks to Mrs. Rosenberg for winning our case so that our family can be together.

Julio C

Great lawyer. She resolved our issue with becoming a US citizen. She is very helpful and very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend her for any immigration issue.

Narcisa Aguaiza

I would like to recommend the services of Ms. Rosenberg. I had a complicated immigration case. i went to several attorneys but I was told that my case could not be done. Me. Rosenberg’s representation was valuable. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. She explained the process very well and made me feel comfortable. I decided to hire her on the spot. My case was time sensitive and had to be submitted within a month. I am so happy that I hired Ms. Rosenberg. Today I got my green card in the mail. If you’re looking for a solid immigration lawyer do not hesitate and hire her.

adam akharroub

What a great lawyer!!! WOW!!! My case was denied and I was facing a long and costly appeal of my citizenship. I met Attorney Orbach-Rosenberg and she said that there was an easier and less expensive way to resolve my case. She was so knowledgeable and positive I trusted her. I couldn't have made a better decision!! She reopened my case in literally two weeks!!! TWO WEEKS!!! Its unheard of! She is kind but tough and persistant. She is professional and VERY experienced!!! She is an excellent lawyer and you will be lucky to have her by your side.

Dave Hong

I got married to my wife that had a J1 visa and she overstayed her visa. Marilyn made the process really easy for my wife to get a green card. She has excellent knowledge in her practice. We noticed she also has a great relationship with a lot of the immigration officers in the building. The interview couldn't have gone any smoother. She definitely knows the ins and outs in winning cases. Her fees are very reasonable and we've compared to many other lawyers and found her personality and knowledge to be the best. We're very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend her!

Monia A joie

I don't know you but i have confianc that my case will be good and I'm coming to your office this week

Mag Lew

If you are looking for the Best ; honest; responsible knowledgeable immigration lawyer that is her! I highly recommend this lawyer for everyone who is looking for a good; good lawyer. Thank you very; very much Marilyn ... you are the best

Arooj Bano

My friend went to see her for his case and he told me “she is great and so dedicated that even if you are being deported she will fight till the end to save you”. I took his advice and there was no turning back! I absolutely love the way Marilyn works! And also her team! She is straight to the point. Doesn’t waste anyone’s time. No beating around the bush. Handled everything professionally and in a timely manner. I have recommended her to my friends and they are also thrilled to have her. I knew she had my back from day 1!

Harry patel

We were lucky to have our case with you. You were such a amazing . I believed that you are our family.You solved my case in such a good way. Thank you so much.

Jeff Erber

I would give her six stars if possible.. Super knowleggeable about all aspects of immigration law, and always knows the best route for the best possible outcome.. She can be busy at times, but this is a reflection of her competency.

Maria B

came to the office of Ms. Rosenberg because i was referred by my friend. I was married to a US citizen and needed advise in my immigration case. My marriage fell apart and I thought I had no possibility of legalizing my status. I was very concerned and Ms. Rosenberg advised me that I can apply through VAWA since my US Citizen husband was abusive to me. My VAWA case got granted. I am now a green card holder. I highly recommend Ms. Rosenberg for any immigration related matters as she takes great care and dedicate a lot of her time with her clients. She is very kind and treats her clients like family.

Myra Wang

I feel so lucky to have Marilyn as my immigration lawyer. She knows her stuff! With so many positive reviews here you can trust all of them! High energy, trustworthy, professional and efficient. Reasonable price too, pay what she asks, it's worth the price, no headaches. She answers all the questions you have and put your mind into ease. I will definitely trust all my immigration matters to this office, and recommend it to anyone who needs it. If anything goes unexpected, just want to say most of the cases it's not their fault, there is always solutions, just provide whatever you can and follow up with a positive altitude, any problems can be resolved smoothly.

karina zimnis

In 2018 I was looking for a good immigration lawyer for my brother. He had his interview scheduled and we needed to find the best lawyer in town to explain clearly my brothers case since this was a case where my brother was applying to became a Permanent Resident through my Mother with the 245 law , not a lot lawyers know about this law . (From 1998 until 2001) . Marilyn M Orbach Rosenberg was very knowledgeable a great communicator, smart and the best thing in this case she knew about this law. She did a lot of research due to the fact she knew the young immigration officers would not have the knowledge to take any decision since they did not have a lot experience. Marilyn spoke with supervisors and also she went to the top officers for them to hear and study this complex case. Marilyn got the green card for my brother. As a family we are very happy that we found Marilyn as our lawyer and I can assure to anyone that she will do everything and she will win any case . She is a fighter and she will look for the best solution.

Dave M

Marilyn is knowledgeable and personable. She has lots of expertise on Canadian immigration issues. My wife's green card process went smoothly. We highly recommend her.

Jaime Miranda

I would highly recommend Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She will truly care about your case. She is kind and compassionate. Her prices are fair and reasonable. I had a VAWA case that was completely ruined by the other lawyer. As a result it got denied. I went to see Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg desperate and hopeless. I left her office confident and hopeful. My case got approved so fast. I’m very happy with her services. One more thing: she speaks like a gazzillion languages, Spanish is one of them. You can’t go wrong hiring this lawyer. She rocks!!!

Patrick P.

I highly recommend Ms. Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg as an immigration lawyer. She understands immigration law and was able to successfully resolve what I thought was a difficult case. Back story, I was ordered deported in absentia over 5 years ago for failing to appear in immigration court. I never received the notice to appear because I had changed addresses before the notice was mailed. Ms. Orbach was able to successfully prove to the court that the notice was never received which allowed my case to be reopened. When my case was called, she successfully defended me in court and I was granted my Green Card by the immigration judge. Ms. Orbach when even further, in that at the very close of the same day of the case, she and was able to successfully allow USCIS agent to grant me a temporary Green Card stamp on my passport so that I can travel internationally the very next day. I went on a long awaited vacation to my home country after being away for more than 10 years, and couldn't be happier. I HIGHLY recommend her. She is very thorough, detailed, and knows how to navigate the law!!! I am a very happy customer!! Thank you very much Ms. Orbach, I can finally breathe a sign of relief.

Claudio Pienti

Marilyn is fantastic! She is brilliant, motivated and confident in her practice. What she promises, she delivers. My partner and I met with Marilyn to learn what steps we needed to take in order to establish him here in the US from Italy. From the beginning she instilled us with confidence and ultimately delivered on everything she promised. Her ability to speak Spanish was a great benefit as well.

M.A.Mohaimen .

Gullermo Prieto

I certainly can recommend Immigration lawyer Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg because she was able to win a very difficult case of removal from the U.S. even though I had been admitted into this country with a permanent residence visa more than 30 years ago. The order for my removal was issued as soon as the U.S. Immigration service found out of my past felony charges when I made the mistake of applying for the U.S. citizenship. Several decades ago, after 10 years of living in this country, I was incriminated in a felony incident, in which I felt that I could not prove my innocence because it was the word of the accuser against my word, and I ended admitting guilt due to my ignorance of the law and from fear of publicity in the media. This made my case very difficult for my first lawyer then, and for any immigration lawyer decades later when I submitted my documents to get the U.S. Citizenship, long after I had ended my three years of probation and I was discharged absolutely. When I made the mistake of submitting my application for U.S. citizenship, I consulted two immigration lawyers, including a self-proclaimed experienced tough lawyer, but I did not feel comfortable with any of them as I did with Ms. Rosenberg from the first day. While I felt pressured and rushed in the offices of the other lawyers, I felt very comfortable and at home with her. On my first visit and consultation with Ms. Rosenberg, she paid enough attention to the details of my description of my case while she took notes, which I cannot say about the other lawyers. To make my story short, Ms. Orbach was able to stop and cancel the removal order from the I.C.E. service by showing that I qualified for a 212c waiver, that is, a pardon from the U.S. Homeland Security Agency and Immigration Service, which she obtained for me finally from the Immigration Judge on the final audience. My case was extremely difficult to the point that my family, who paid for her services, did not have much hope that she would be able to stop ICE from deporting me back to my country. The date of the last audience when she told someone in my family about the good news that we had won, my family member could not believe it! Then, he (a self-declared agnostic and/or atheist), exclaimed to Ms. Rosenberg, “That … is a miracle!” while keeping an expression of great surprise and bewilderment. I thank God Almighty that He guided me to find Ms. Marilyn-Rosenberg on a Spanish newspaper, in which she had published a very informative article about different types of deportation cases and their possible solutions. I almost forgot: Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg speaks, reads, and understands six (6) languages. Besides English and Spanish, she knows Hebrew, Russian, and Polish. {La gente hispana no tiene ningún problema en comunicarse con la Dra. Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg My advice for her interested and prospective clients is to have your questions ready for her and to be proactive in your communication and appointments with her and in following the steps that she indicates for you to take during the whole paper process of your case without any procrastination. Believe me, you can expect a miracle from her with the help of God.


Extremely, efficient, professional and courteous. Highly recommended.

Mohammad Ali

koroush yadegar

She is very straight, forward and will answer all your questions

Esteban R

Best lawyer of emigracion she solved all my emigration problems thank u

Maria Gloria

My husband and I consulted with Atty. Rosenberg exactly two weeks left before our STOKES interview. Without any hesitations and with outmost confidence, she accepted our case and gave no judgement as to why we failed the first interview. Our whole experience and interview result would definitely attest to how PHENOMENAL and EXCELLENT lawyer Atty Rosenberg is. She prepared and guided us with all the possible questions we might get asked and documents we needed to provide during the interview. She's very KNOWLEDGEABLE, HARDWORKING and STRAIGHTFORWARD with a HEART for her clients. On the day of our interview, almost 100% of the questions she prepped us were asked. We got approved on the same day and we received the card on hand the following week. We couldn't thank her enough for the peace of mind she gave to our family. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the BEST & REPUTABLE IMMIGRATION LAWYER.

Apolinar Bueno

A truly fantastic lawyer! Í had a very complicated case due to my criminal issue. As a result my green card was confiscated and I was facing deportation. No lawyer wanted to give me a chance of success. I was very concerned and scared! I found attorney Orbach Rosenberg and she explained that i needed a waiver. She said she could help Me. She was so knowlegable and confident í felt very confortable with her. In her waiting room i met many people who were very happy with her! I hired her and i must say it was the best decision of my life!!! She won my case and thanks to her i got my life back My waiver was approved and i got my green card back. I am very so very grateful to her! Attorney Orbach Rosenberg is a brilliant, kind and dedicated lawyer! She actually cares about your case! In my life i have met many lawyers but i never met a lawyer of this caliber! Worth every penny!

anam fatims

today walk in for some information they even not say to hi without $150, then i ask front desk lady can you just tell me how much charge for renew travel docoument then she replied attorney can tell you first pay here $150

Yesmin Saba

Ms. Orbach- Rosenberg is an excellent lawyer!!! She handled my citizenship case that had many, many issues. I was told my case couldn’t be resolved. She fought really hard for me and never gave up. My citizenship was approved. I just couldn’t believe it. She works really hard and really knows the law. She is kind and understanding but fights aggresively to win your case. It is quite amazing to see her in action. If you’re looking for an excellent immigration lawyer you’ll be thrilled with her.


Krzysztof Wieczorek

Excellent lawyer!!! I had a complicated n-400 Case. I hired her and I couldnt be happier with her representation. She is knowledgable and detail oriented. Thanks to attorney orbach rosenberg i got my n-400 approved. Trust her and she will guide you well.

drubo tara

Benjamin Zegarra

Attorney Orbach-Rosenberg is a really good lawyer! You cannot go wrong hiring her! If she takes your case she will work really hard to resolve your issue and win your case. She knows the law well and has an excellent bedside manner! I had a complicated adjustment of status case and she was able to resolve it for me. She is a hard worker and really cares about her clients. Thank you for helping me get my greed card attorney Rosenberg!

Alicia Menjivar

AMAZING IMMIGRATION LAWER!!!! Wow!!! People need to know about this lawyer!!! Attorney Orbach-Rosenberg is unbelievable!!! Extremely professional, knowledgeable and so very kind!!! My sister had an asylum case with her and she asked her if she had any other relatives because they could also be eligible. I came to her office and retained her. She is very thorough and detailed. She prepares the case very well. She got my case approved at the asylum office, which is very difficult as most of the cases are transferred to immigration office. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to her for her hard work, empathy and the result! Thank you Attorney Orbach-Rosenberg!

dulce castillo

TOP NOTCH LAWYER If you’re looking for an excellent immigration lawyer. Look no more! Attorney Orbach-Rosenberg is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. My wife and i were looking for a lawyer to handle our PROVISIONAL WAIVER case. After meeting with attorney Orbach-Rosenberg we knew that we found the right lawyer for the job. First of all she will explain the process to you and make you feel comfortable. She has so much knowledge you know right away that you are in good hands. Everything on our case was done in a timely manner. Our phone calls were always returned, our emails answered. Every time we came to her office we were treated like family. We cannot say enough good things about this lawyer. We noticed that other clients that we met in her waiting room were happy with her representation. In short, great lawyer. Do yourself a favor and hire her. My husband’s cSe was approved and was finally able to travel to DR after 10 years!!!Thank you for all you did for us attorney Rosenberg.

Marlenny De La Cruz

My husband had a very difficult case due to his prior order of removal. We hired attorney Rosenberg because she came highly recommended. She spoke excellent Spanish, was kind and extremely knowledgeable. She took my husbands case, got it reopened in court and got my husband his green card! She is excellent! Listen to everything she says and do as she says. This is a great, honest and dedicated lawyer.!

Vera Karim

Ms.Orbach-Roaenberg is the best lawyer I ever met. She is kind and very knowledgable. She truly cares about your case. I had a N-400 case that needed a lot of attention. Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg did a fantastic job! You will be very pleased with this lawyer!!!

love hate

She is the best attorney a person can ask she is the best of best you will not regret giving her your buiness.....

Ivan Radujko

On Thursday 4.6. we received a letter that an application for my Green Card has been rejected due to a failure to provide some simple additional documents, but we never received the request. It was a nightmare! I knew it's a big deal to be denied so a day after we started looking for a lawyer. I was actually just looking for a consultation, but when we met Marylin we changed our mind (for a good reason because what she did we couldn't do ourselves). I Googled for an attorney that deals with same sex couples and one of them was Marylin. She was not the first one we called, but she was the only one that was willing to meet us the same day. We met in her office at 8pm. She started working on hours case on spot (for the next three hours!!!) even before we singed a contract and paid for her services. Regarding our case, she said that it is obviously not our mistake and she added: "before we file a motion, let me go there in person and try to convince them to reopen the case without filling a motion and paying a fee". On Tuesday afternoon I brought the documents USCIS required to her office, on Wednesday next day at noon I received a phone call from an immigration officer to come the same day if possible for an interview (although it was originally waived) and he will approve the Green Card on spot!!! When we went for an interview she was there with us. The officer did not ask anything about our relationship, only some (silly) security questions (are you a terrorist and similar). Without her we would have to either reapply or file a motion. Either would cost us a lot of time, money and stress. I am very happy we met her, although it was a random luck! Thank you Marylin!

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