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maxim repin

The Law offices of Andrew P Johnson applied for me to get a green card through extraordinary ability as a photographer (EB-1). Although they said the process might take up to a year and a half, I received my green card much sooner than I expected. They guided me through the entire process and were able to organize all my contacts and articles and pictures into a successful application. I've always heard that obtaining a temporary O-1 visa for extraordinary ability for a photographer was possible, but I read that it is much more difficult to actually get a green card because of a higher level of evidence needed. Andrew Johnson was able to guide me and help prepare the documentation to get to the higher level of evidence. Once I saw his expertise, I have referred him all my photographer friends and models within the industry. If anyone can get a person an O1 visa and green card to extraordinary ability, it is Mr. Johnson.

Jimmy Aldido

I heard about Mr. Johnson from friends who have obtained their green card through his representation. I brought my first cousin to him as her entire family was waiting outside the United States. The family abroad gave me the responsibility of taking care of my cousin. I needed to find the best attorney to represent her because if she won her case her entire family would be able to join from in Albania. Simply stated, I gave Mr. Johnson the responsibility of winning my cousin's case. I was fortunate enough to be in the immigration court room and watching him interact with the government attorney and immigration judge. He clearly knew what he was doing and appeared to have a high-level knowledge when he interacted with the immigration judge. Needless to say my first cousin won her case. I am so glad I listened to my friends and choose Mr. Johnson, and since he won the case, we are able to legally bring over my first cousin's husband. My entire family is overjoyed and very thankful for all of Mr. Johnson's work.

Rina Blinov

Andrew has successfully helped me with immigration questions in 2006 when I first came to the USA. Since then I have completely trusted his services and referred over 5 of my friends to his firm. Everyone has been completely happy working with Andrew and his team. Andrew has a very direct and to the point approach, explains all matters clearly - which was most important to me in dealing with immigration. Recently, I brought him a very close friend that wanted to get a green card through the EB-5 program. EB 5 program involves a a significant investment - $500,000 to a US government regional center and so I knew the only immigration attorney I could trust was Andrew Johnson. He carefully went through the options and guided my friend and her family through the process. They now have green cards through the EB-5 program, and they are very satisfied with the regional center they chose and the guidance by Andrew Johnson throughout the process. I have known Andrew Johnson for over 9 years and his knowledge and comfort with immigration laws is exceptional. I completely recommend him for any immigration situation a person may have.

Salif Ouattara

Andrew johnson law firm is one of the best immigration lawyer in the country .He helped hundreds and hundreds cases of people from my community the African community. I personally will say without hesitation that to all those people Andrew helped are very satisfied .

Sidique Wai

My name is Sidique Wai, the President and National Spokesperson of the United African Congress, the Pan African Umbrella Organization representing the interests of over 3.5 million continental African Diaspora immigrants residing throughout the United States. We also have chapters in Connecticut, Morocco North Africa as well as our national Headquarters in New York City. Our primary focus is to provide effective and sustained services that would help build the capacity of our communities and constituencies to become law abiding productive residents in the United States. In carrying out our mission in service delivery, we generally rely on the wise counsel and support of quality professionals that share our vision. It is in that regard that our National Organization Board of Directors have retained the services of Mr. Andrew Johnson as our official Immigration Attorney over the past 10 years and still counting. In fact, about seven years ago, a member of our organization was arrested by ICE and been driven to the Airport for deportation in his native country of Ivory Coast. Accordingly, our leadership contacted Counsel Andrew Johnson who got on the telephone and stopped the deportation, with ICE actually turning the van around and returning the member back to a detention center, where Andrew got him released from detention. Today, the lucky victim is now a legal permanent resident in the United States as a productive resident and proud father to his family. Additionally, Andrew has also conducted free legal clinic services in public fora organized and hosted by the United African Congress to inform and educate our communities on changes in Immigration laws that affect our constituencies. He has continued to handle very difficult immigration cases for us and many of our members that are nowlegal permanent resident green card holders in the United States. He is well versed in the EB-5 Investment program that several of our diplomats have been able to participate in. United African Congress Board of Directors, Trustees and members are honored and proud to not only call Counsel Andrew Johnson our immigration Attorney but a friend with incredible integrity, superior intellect and loyalty to the profession of law that he practices with honor and distinction. We highly recommend Mr. Andrew Johnson as our proud attorney par excellence. Respectfully, Sidique A. Wai, President and National Spokesperson, United African Congress

mira teofanov

Thank you very much for our employment based green card.

sophia you

I am very grateful for the services Andrew Johnson has provided for my father and I. After the first consultation, I was able to tell that he had plenty of experience with immigration cases. Rather than ignoring potential rejections and injecting false hope, he straightforwardly presented us with a realistic estimation of the results to expect. By limiting down all the possibilities that might not work—such as the irrelevant forms and immigration applications our previous attorneys suggested—we were actually able to start making sensible decisions. During our visits, he would be coherent in his presentation of my dad's situation and explain terms or concepts to minimize the confusion of jargons. What I respect about Andrew Johnson is that he is not seeking to take advantage of a client’s ignorance (there’s plenty of chances for that) and insert extra charges, but is actually seeking to do his job well and yield results. I would certainly recommend him to anyone in need of immigration help.

Alex Miro

The most professional, honest and friendly lawyer I have ever met in my life! Andrew and his team definitely know what are they doing and you will never have any concerns about your case. I met Andrew 4 years ago, and he helped me a lot with my situation and since then all my friend are Andrew's clients. I will highly recommend Andrew!!


Very professional team! Everything was done in a short time! I advise everyone. професиональная команда! Все было сделано в короткие сроки! Всем советую.

baha alphan

Mr. Johnson has helped us with our E – 2 visa for the last five years. This has allowed me to run my own business in the United States and my wife to work as an E2 – spouse (she is allowed to work for any employer, which gives her a lot of freedom). Andrew Johnson has also applied for our green card through the EB-2 process. We have been approved at the first two steps and we are now very close to receiving our green cards. He is always very helpful and we are extremely happy that we chose him as our immigration lawyer.

Cacho Falcon

Andrew Johnson is a fantastic lawyer. I hired him years ago to get my green card and then my US citizenship. I referred all my friends to him. He helped a close family friend obtain an EB – 5 investment visa, and he was able to get my musician friend Pier pappalardo an 0–1 extraordinary ability visa and eventually his green card. Pier now has a prosperous career in the US music industry based on Andrew Johnson's help. Mr. Johnson can handle any immigration case. He is a true specialist in the field and I highly recommend him.

Derya Aydogdu Worthing

I had a unique immigration case that I will never able to get my green card but they recommended Andrew Johnson I work with him all details and he helped me to prepare all documents and responds all my questions ,also correcting all my mistakes I got my green card at 2012 after a short time even immigration was giving me hard time Andrew Johnson did everything to get my paper I was in tears when I received a call from them I am so thankful him and his crew I recommended to my friend's husband he just received his green card a month ago as well .THANK GOD I had him ;)GOD BLESS him .

Fabian Silva

Yury Polozov

Incredible attorney, he just won my case! He was very clear with all my business questions. With my approval I'm going to receive a green card very shortly and I am extremely happy and grateful that I chose the Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson to represent me. They are a very professional group of people. They did a wonderful job! And their price was very reasonable too, actually it was the best deal!

Sophia TK

Highly recommended. Mr.Johnson is an amazing professional with years of experience and skill set, that will guide you safely throughout your journey. He cares about his clients and always ready to help, answer questions or provide guidence. Very reasonable attorney fees. He was recommended to me by his other client, I hereby recommend him as well

Julia Buben

Я була клієнткою адвоката Ендрю Джонсон Абсолютно задоволена його роботою Знає свою справу і додає впевеності своїм клієтам Він був другим адвокатом якого я найняла в своїй справі і зараз дякую Богу що я зробила правильний вибір Мені порадив містера Джонсона мій знайомий з коледжу який також виграв справу з ним Прийшовши на безплатну консультацію я отримала відповіді на всі свої питання тому без сумніву перевела свою справу до нього Наш з Ендрю РЕЗУЛЬТАТ- моя ГРІН КАРТА Рекомендую його всім без виключення! Мені є з чим порівнювати

Fredi Nela

To describe the ability of this Attorny and his staff on providing the excellent services for your Emmigration needs it would take me A lot more then a review , there for I'm keep it short , based on my experience and getting the job done for my family .Andrew is the best Attorny that you could chose solve your case with positive outcome ,as his record speaks for it self as well , highly recommended .

Brad Desjarlais

I hired the Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson to get my wife a green-card based on her marriage to a US citizen - me! Andrew handled everything from start to finish. My wife had not been home in some time and we wanted very much to for her to be able to take a trip back. Andrew gave us clear information so that we were able to travel without any stress. We traveled home and got to see her family, all due to Andrew's hard work. My wife received her green-card and is now a citizen. I have, and would, refer anyone I know who has an immigration question to Andrew Johnson. I give him the highest recommendation. Thanks!!

Vidana Karbovskaya

(Translated by Google) Andrew Johnson helped me with my asylum case. He helped me with preparing supporting evidence for my case and the interview. As a result I was granted asylum at the interview stage. I am very happy with the quality of his services. Andrew and his staff always tried to listen to me and tried to be helpful as best as they can. I highly recommend this lawyer, he is very easy to talk to, very honest, friendly and professional. Andrew Johnson helped me with political asylum. He helped me prepare the necessary additional documents and prepare in an interview. As a result, my application was approved at the interview level. I am very pleased with the quality of his legal services. Andrew and his staff will always listen to you and try to help as much as possible. I highly recommend this attorney. Andrew is very friendly and honest, he is easy to talk to and he is a high-class professional. Turn to him. (Original) Andrew Johnson helped me with my asylum case. He helped me with preparing supporting evidence for my case and the interview. As a result I was granted asylum at the interview stage. I am very happy with the quality of his services. Andrew and his staff always tried to listen to me and tried to be helpful as best as they can. I highly recommend this lawyer, he is very easy to talk to, very honest, friendly and professional. Эндрю Джонсон помог мне с получением политического убежища. Он помогал мне подготовить необходимые дополнительные документы и подготовиться в интервью. В результате мое заявление одобрили на уровне интервью. Я очень довольна качеством его юридических услуг. Эндрю и его сотрудники всегда вас выслушают и постараются помочь по всей возможности. Я очень рекомендую этого адвоката. Эндрю очень дружелюбный и честный, с ним легко общаться и он профессионал высокого класса. Обращайтесь к нему.

Matt Brown

What can I say but Andrew Johnson's service was phenomenal. My wife is from another country and when we decided to get married Mr. Johnson took control of the process and told me EXCATLY what to do and how to do it. He knows and understands the intricacies of the Immigration process to an amazing degree. The reason I can say this is that I initially tried to apply for my wife's visa on my own and I was denied. It cost me a lot of money, time and aggravation. When I used Mr. Johnson he took over and told me exactly how to present the information and what I needed to provide to Immigration. Within a few months my wife was approved, what a relief. I can enthusiastically recommend Mr. Johnson. He is knowledgeable, detail oriented and most of all, HONEST. He will tell you exactly what your chances are and then step you through the process from start to finish. If you need an Immigration Attorney call Andrew Johnson and you won't regret it.

Ismail Agcicek

Mr. Johnson was able to obtain an E investor visa for me. I was impressed with his work as he guided me every step of the way. The E investor process is very detailed, and tracing the origin of money is crucial in a successful investor visa. Mr. Johnson emphasize this and made sure I had a clear trail of the origin of money. He is a very smart immigration lawyer, and I am glad I chose him to be my lawyer for the E investor process.

Muhammad Aqleem

Very honest and professional

Cecilia Reboursin

Vladimir Vysotskii

Очень доволен, что обратился к Эндрю. Грамотно и качественно выполненная работа, в подготовке к интервью в получении политического убежища. Внимательное отношение. С первой встречи появились доверие и уверенность. Благодаря работе Эндрю, был получен положительный ответ на этапе интервью. Спасибо Эндрю и отдельное спасибо русскоязычному сотруднику!

Adriana Falcon

I have known Andrew Johnson for over 12 years, and he help me get my green card and US citizenship. With my case, I trusted him completely and knew it would be done correctly. I also referred him a friend in which he got an O-1 extraordinary ability visa, and then Andrew got his entire family a green card through the EB-1 Green card process. He guided one of my Family friends through the EB-5 visa process, and assisted many of my friends with B-2 extensions and H-1b visas. I absolutely have always trusted him for any immigration situation.

Roberto Cevoli

My experience with Andrew Johnson and all his staff was beyond of my expectations! He handled my whole Visa application and now I am a proud Green Card holder. Everything from the beginning of my experience was easy and painless. I will definitely recommend Andrew to friends and family and looking forward to work with him for my next steps. Thank you Andrew!!!


Amazing Law offices. Competent, dedicated attorneys.

Landing Demba

Unlike most people, i've known Andrew Johnson for over 12 years. I went through some extra complicated immigration issues twice, and Mr. Johnson helped me get out of them. I was recommended to him by a Texas attorney who told me he is the best immigration lawyer in NY. Andrew and his staff especially Birsen had gone all the way in passionately to help and guide me through my hearings and filed for my necessary papers. Today, i'm able to live freely and explore my opportunities in the US, with the help of Andrew Johnson. Speaking from my heart and being sincere about it, i will definitely recommend any one going through an immigration process, to contact the Law Offices of Andrew P Johnson. I will assure you that it will be the best decision you'll make.

Ben Anthoine

well; My experience with Andrew Johnson and his paralegals has been amazing all along. Great lawyer . He simply knows what he is doing but also knows how to explain you the steps of his work. I did my Green card with him. and now my citizenship. simply flawless. Average response time for an email ... like 3.5 mins lol . He is always there to help and answer any of my questions .. I refered him to a few friends and all of them have had a great experience as well. He is def my go to guy when it comes to the legal aspect of my life . Thanks Andrew !

Mary Bindi

With a great joy I am writing a recommendation for Andrew Johnson and his firm. Andrew, was my immigration lawyer and helped me to get my green card. My case needed to be processed through the US embassy in my country, which was a very long complicated process. I was afraid that something might go wrong or delayed. But all I had to do was just to follow Andrew's instructions and everything went well. Andrew and his staff always patiently explained everything to me in detail. He is the best immigration attorney. I am very happy that now I am living in the USA. God bless him and his wonderful staff!.

Seda Kullolli

Total Laundry Equipment

Superior Immigration Law Firm. Everything they have ever told me was spot on. I am so happy I hired them for my greencard. They were clear on every step. When dealing with the government, I wanted a true professional on my side, after my excellent experience, I have sent any friend I know with any immigration problem to Andrew Johnson. They really know what they are doing and they deserve a five star rating.

Hilmi Shehu

Andrew Johnson is an extremely experienced attorney. Over the last 14 years, he has successfully represented my family members in immigration court. He won my wife's asylum case in Hartford, Connecticut, and he was able to win my nephew's case in Baltimore, Maryland. And I've had numerous cousins whom he has successfully represented. Mr. Johnson is very well familiar with the court system, the judges and the government personnel. For my wife's case, I was able to personally watch him perform in the court and I believe his background as a former prosecutor gives him an advantage when he speaks with the judges and the trial attorney since he used to be on their side. I can personally recommend him as an excellent attorney as he has won my family's asylum cases which eventually led to green cards and US citizenship.

Roberto Manfé

As one of owners of a large restaurant in Manhattan, we have had the the Law Offices of Andrew P Johnson represents us for the last five years. At our Italian restaurant, we have had numerous issues regarding H – 1B visas and H – 2B visas. Mr. Johnson has been an invaluable resource and guiding us through the various immigration options. He also was my attorney in obtaining my permanent residency card. He is an extremely insightful and intelligent immigration lawyer. Whatever question I present to him, he always provides a clear and concise answer. We will always have problems or immigration status questions in the restaurant business, and we are confident that Andrew Johnson and his experienced staff can handle it: they are true professionals.

talip ciftci

Andrew Johnson he is doing great jobs

catherine bachir

I hired Andrew Johnson for the Greencard process, however, my case became more and more complex and I had move to a different state and immigration had to move my file which causes complications. Also, I needed to travel home to see my parents and US CIS seems to make everything difficult. Luckily, I had Mr. Johnson helping me through everything. He never seems surprised at any question and always knows the answer. I always felt confident that he was representing me, and I now I have permanent residency in the United States. If you have any complicated immigration problem, he is the right person to speak to.


Eylem Frazier

Andrew has been my lawyer since 2013. He is honest and upfront with you, about your immigration case. We all know immigration process can be stressfull, and last thing you need is stress. He will go over every step with you abour your process and make sure you have every single document that needs to be submitted to USCIS. Thanks to him and his staff for all they have done for me to get my greencard. I would highly recommend him if you need an immigration lawyer who knows what he is doing and thorough about his work.

Liridon Shqutak

Immigration lawyer, Andrew P Johnson, was able to get four separate green cards for me and my three brothers. Each case was different, he did an amazing job and we are all now green card holders waiting to file for US citizenship. I highly recommend him as one of the best immigration lawyers in the country.

Boureima Dicko

Cim Hasa

Joana Rodrigues Albuquerque

S. Baris Erguc

Владимир Белый

Albert Alla

I had a long involved immigration case that lasted numerous years. Andrew Johnson never over promised, and always stated that we have to systematically go through each step of the process. For privacy personal purposes I do not want to go into the details of my case. But it involved all branches of Department of Homeland Security, including the board immigration appeals, immigration court, a joint motion to the Department of Homeland Security and finally numerous US CIS Applications. The end result was a green card and I appreciate all his work and all his time that he put into the case. He keeps himself up to date with all the changes in immigration law.He has excellent knowledge of all branches of the government and I highly recommend him as an excellent immigration attorney. Make no mistake. He gets the job done

Ma Cellfix

If you have any immigration question or problem go to Andrew Johnson.


Before I was introduced to Andrew, consulted to so many lawyers in Manhattan.All has said same thing,don't waste your time and money.Right after i gave all my info and files to Andrew , he called me to see him,when i got there he told me straight forward that I have maximum 20% chance of wining this case.I took chance with a lot of money at the end, I got what I want.Thank you Andrew.

Igli Kadriu

They are really helpful immigration law firm. They have not only help me and my parents through the immigration process, they have help numerous friends of our family. We entered the country legaly, but some Albanians come across the Border from Mexico and get captured by the US Government. This has happened to some of our friends, and we immediately contacted Mr. Johnson, and they know exactly what to do. They got them released on bond, and had their cases moved to New York. He did everything by phone. Mr. Johnson and his staff move quickly act on cases which real important when someone is sitting in jail in Texas. My family is grateful for helping us and our friends through the immigration process. They are a great Law Firm.

Thea Robles

Andrew Johnson and his staff are an exceptional immigration Law Firm. I hired them to get my greencard, they were very courteous and professional thoughout the process. After receiving my greencard, I had my documents stolen abroad and I was immediately able to get guidance of what to do from Andrew Johnson. I have eventually received my Greencard and citizenship from them and recommend them as an extremely helpful and experienced Law Firm.

Gerald O'Donnell

My company handled immigration business plans for attorneys throughout the country. Since we had to work with Mr. Johnson regarding specific business plans for his L – 1A, and E-2, and EB-5 investors visas, I can attest that Mr. Johnson has intricate knowledge of those visas as he has guided us to prepare the business plans in order for approval with US CIS. We have had to go back and forth on numerous business plan drafts with Mr. Johnson as he is extremely motivated in making sure his clients are approved in their visa applications. Every case that we have worked with Mr. Johnson has been approved. He is a very thorough and detailed attorney and has top-rate knowledge of the L–1A, and E-2, and EB-5 investors visa process.

Es Isabaliieva

Always so helpful, friendly, welcoming! Any additional help/consultations - always accommodating. Great at guiding through the process! Thank you so much for everything!

Inna Suhina

Andrew Johnson is an extremely experienced attorney! Highly recommended. Mr. Johnson is an amazing professional!

Valentino Feliciano Jr

Lida Arkhipova

Задоволена роботою Ендрю Джонсон який виявився першим адвокатом до якого я звернулась . Порекомендували мені його мої друзі , які успішно отримали Зелену Карту з Ендрю. На даний момент залишаюсь його клієнтом, та високо рекомендую його знання у своїй справі !


I've known Andrew Johnson for years, he is an expert in immigration law. He answers any business immigration law question that I have. My wife handles international adoption cases, which obviously have immigration consequences. He guides us through any difficulty we may have when it comes to USCIS or Department of State. Not only does he know any answer to a question I ask him, he provides me the immigration regulation that addresses the situation at hand. If you have any complex problem in the immigration field Andrew Johnson will be able to explain it and handle it.

L. Yemane

I applied for my H1b visa through Andrew Johnson's office. He explained everything in detail and handled all the paperwork with my employer and made sure everything was submitted on time. Everything went so well. Andrew is a very professional and experienced lawyer. He and his team are great people to work with, always friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Andrew Johnson for any immigration issues. He also offers free consultations. I will definitely hire him again when I will file for my green card.

Karl Walsh

While running the operations of a company in New York, we hired numerous Irish employees to fill slots as we grew. We primarily dealt with H-1b Applications, and occasionally employment-based Green Card applications. We used the Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson to handle all these immigration applications. As well as obtaining the relevant working documents, the team there helped with a number of challenges we and our new hires were facing, such as the below: - When can our H – 1B employees start? - Could their H – 4 partners work? - Which employees we are going to sponsor for Green cards and why? - Transferring their visas when we re-incorporated our business under a new name and entity Andrew and his great staff handled everything from start to finish and were extremely responsive whenever we had concerns or ad hoc queries. They made the process incredibly clear and easy for all of us. I am extremely impressed with this immigration law firm and will continue to use them in the future. I have no hesitation recommending them to any business looking for legal assistance in this space.

Ercan Sukut

Aleks Miashkov

A very qualified lawyer. With great experience. Very qualitatively and carefully approaches to the analysis of your case and the collection of evidence. It is clear and professionally prepares you for the interview and composes the case. Completely accompanies you from the stage of filing documents to the interview + if you need to submit your case to the immigration court. Helps you get a work permit and all the necessary documents. It helped me a lot! Thanks to him and his Russian-speaking assistant. If you have a difficult case - this is your lawyer.

Nur Ozdamar

Years ago, I received an H1B approval through the Law Offices of Andrew P Johnson. Since then I have had to change my H – 1B to different companies. Some of the companies were so large that they had their own attorneys, and some large companies used larger immigration firms. Nonetheless, I always knew I could email and get the proper advice regarding my immigration status from Andrew Johnson. I could always check with him to make sure everything was going correctly and I was being told the correct information. It has been extremely helpful to have an immigration attorney who I trust to be in my corner. I have referred him any friend that I have regarding any immigration problem, including my Turkish friends with EB-5 investment inquiries. He was able to guide them in the right direction and give them the straightforward answers. He has done a great job for me and all the friends that I have recommended to him.

Senel Karnabat

ad a long and difficult case with immigration and Andrew Johnson and his staff kept us updated throughout the process told us how long it would be and told us to follow their instructions and we will receive a green card. With something so important as a green card is nice to have a strong attorney who can make sure everything is done properly. We felt very confident throughout the entire process because we knew we had someone who is an expert and we received a green card in 2018. They did a great job.

Saygi Akca

I had a very long and difficult immigration process. First I was on my F-1 student status and then I switched to a work visa which turned out to be a lengthy and complicated process. The government kept asking for documents from me and my employer. It basically was a bureaucratic mess, but Andrew Johnson helped me with every single step and was very patient and focused whereas I was frustrated and at times discouraged when getting a letter from USCIS with intent to deny... But thanks to Andrew Johnson everything was worked out in the end. I was so much relieved when my H1b was approved thanks to him and his good knowledge of the process. Then I applied for the green card and knowing that the process can be a bit complicated and I didn't want any delays I asked for Andrew's help once again and he guided me through all the steps for my greencard. Then finally it was time for me to apply for my US citizenship and once again I turned to Andrew and his team. And again everything went smoothly thanks to Andrew's outstanding knowledhe of the immigration law and regulations. It's good to have such highly professional and experiences attorney to work with when it comes to matters of legal nature. I recommended all my friends and acquaintances that needed any assistance with immigration to work with Andrew Johnson and everybody was very happy with his services. I highly recommend Andrew Johnson to anyone. If you need services or even just an advice on how to proceed in your specific situation Andrew Johnson is the go to attorney. In addition to his superb professional qualifications he is a pleasant person, very friendly and honest. So do not hesitate calling him for free consultations.

Raphael LEGROS

Andrew is the most knowledgeable lawyer I have ever come across. He is very friendly and cares about his clients ensuring the best possible service and outcome. All throughout the process he was very responsive to all my requests which made me feel super confident. He made sure to flag things that could delay the application or were critical to the application preventing us from getting sidetracks and not submitting on time. Overall, I am very happy with Andrew's excellent services and would recommend to anyone who want the very best of New York legal advice.

Svitlana Popovych

Andrew Johnson helped me with my green card application process and then with my citizenship application. He is very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. I recommended him to all my friends and every one of them were happy with Andrew's work. He offers free consultations and always explains everything in detail. He is an excellent attorney, I would highly recommend him for any immigration matters.

Tazul Islam

He is an amazing person to work with. I feel privileged, get to know him and his excellent advice and professional service. Must recommend for any kind of legal help. Best wishes for him and for his dedicated team.

besar mujka

Anika Morris-Christopher

Andrew Johnson came recommended to me by two persons who had also used him for their immigration related issues. I am happy to say that their recommendation was worth it! Mr. Johnson and his team were very professional and informative when dealing with my H1-b case. He answered his emails, knew his stuff and was always willing to share information. I am very happy to have had the pleasure of working with him and his team and I am ever so thankful for his hard work and diligence on my case.

Pinar Senveli

Andrew Johnson applied for my H-1B Visa and it was approved. I knew right from the beginning that he was quite smart when he spoke about immigration law. I have had some questions throughout the years regarding my immigration situation and he has always been responsive and helpful. I recommend anyone who wants to have a quality immigration lawyer to call Mr. Johnson.

S Nova

Front desk are very client oriented. Makes appointments quick and easy. It is really hard to find a professional lawyer that is not business oriented and very loyal to give a good advice in your complicated situation.

Margarita Podorova

(Translated by Google) I got married, but the marriage was unsuccessful, there were difficulties with my husband, he threatened and beat me, and I became afraid of him, and not having time to complete the paperwork, I left my husband. I didn’t know what to do now, I was very afraid of the illegality of documents being illegally left behind. I accidentally found their number on the Internet and called. And I didn’t even know that I could get a green card even after a divorce. Andrew was very kind to me, listened to everything, explained my rights. I was so glad to find people who could help in my situation. I applied as a battered spouse and got approval. Andrew is just a great person and a great lawyer. If someone has the same situation as me, please contact this office! (Original) Я вышла замуж, но брак оказался неудачным, были сложности с мужем, он мне угражал и бил, и я стала его бояться, и не успев оформить документы я уехала от мужа. я не знала что мне делать теперь, очень боялась остатся нелегально буз докмуентов. Случайно в интрнете нашла их номер и позвонила. И я даже не знала, что могу получить гринкарту даже после развода. Эндрю очень по-доброму ко мне отнесся, выслушал все, обьяснил мои права. Я была так рада найти людей, которые могли помочь в моей ситуации. Я подала документы как battered spouse и получила одобрение. Эндрю просто замечательный человек и отличный адвокат. Если у кого-то такая же ситуация как у меня обращайтесь в этот офис!

krista lik

Andrew P. Johnson is the best immigration lawyer ! His assistants and secretary are very attentive, patient and knowledgeable. I got my green card and US citizenship with help of Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson. I, defiantly, recommend Andrew's services for anyone who need any legal advise or help with their immigration situation in United States.

Atilla Tamtabak

The circumstance surrounding my situation was extremely frustrating, US CIS put road blocks at every step, but Mr. Johnson got my H-1b approved and then I received my greencard. I very impressed by the personal touch and how they followed up on my case. A very professional law firm and I am glad I hired them. The staff was alway courteous and helpful whenever I needed anything. I have great respect for Mr. Johnson and I am grateful for all the hard work they did on my case. This is truly an excellent immigration law firm.

Viktar Kolatau

Mr. Johnson and his team had showed high quality professionalism when helping my and my wife getting immigration paperwork done. Especially in NYC, it is crucial to have the best representation when it comes to dealing with your move. We highly suggest Mr. Johnson's office for that process!

John Mirzoev

Zum Zum

Great attorney!!! They helped me through an extremely difficult case and I ended up with my green card. They guided me through all the steps and help me prepare well documented statements that convinced US CIS to approve my case. They spent many hours making sure we had all the documents needed in order for me to end up receiving my green card. They are very trustworthy and excellent lawyers. Он помог мне в чрезвычайно трудном случае. Очень надежный и отличный юрист. Очень рекомендую!!! Andrew, menga juda og'ir ishda yordam berdi. Ishonarli advokat, tavsiya qilaman!!!

Dilek A.

We had a detailed investor visa application with Mr. Johnson. He walked us through each step of the process and made sure our transactions and money transfers were in the correct order for immigration purposes. The investor process can be very stressful because of all the complicated steps involved. Andrew Johnson patiently guided us through each step and prepared a detailed organized application package for USCIS. Our visa was approved and we are now happily living and working in the United States. His experience of preparing numerous investor visas over the years was invaluable as he was able to answer any questions or any hypothetical question about our visa situation. He made sure we were completely prepared for our investor visa interview in Canada. I highly recommend him.

Mehmet Başoğlu

C Atmaca

We hired Andrew Johnson to obtain my permanent residency card. We were very happy with his performance and everything went smoothly. He is clearly very well-informed about immigration law and his staff were very kind and gave us confidence throughout our permanent residency application process. I recommend his services to anyone who has any immigration concern. Call their office, they will be very helpful in answering your questions.

Mohammed Hasaballa

don't waste time or money. doesn't even know how to file the correct forms for H1B visa. very rude when asked to return the money

amantia shehu

He won my immigration green card in court and he also won my sister's immigration green card, and my nephew. Wonderful attorney and give him the highest recommendation.

Julia Gadzhuk

Andrew Johnson and his team helped me with my immigration process. He went all over options and explained all the details that needed to be addressed in my case and was realistic about possible outcomes. He is very experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. I am grateful to Andrew and his team. I would recommend this law firm for any immigration matters.


After receiving the refusal of the immigration court with another lawyer, we were looking for a new lawyer and decided to turn to Andrew Johnson. He recommended filing an appeal because after reviewing all of our documents, he said that he could challenge the judge’s decision. He prepared the documents and arguments for the appeal and we won the appeal. Our case was returned to the judge and new hearing was scheduled. In the end, after many years of waiting, we won the case in court. I highly recommend Andrew P. Johnson's lawyer on all immigration issues.

hulika aydin

Andrew Johnson is a great attorney who makes time for his clients. They have always been responsive and helped resolve my case rapidly. His assistants and office staff are also very professional and on time. Highly recommended!

Kate Sck

I believe most of the reviews for A. Johnson are unsolicited, its amazing, I know mine is. In short, he is very professional, sharp and knowledgeable lawyer with breadth of experience, he is liked by judges, he may appear goofy and unorganized , but don't be fooled by it. My mom had a very professional looking and organized lawyer for asylum case, was given WOR due to 1 yr rule, which with good preparation should've been overcome, but wasn't. A. Johnson handled the appeal, we were granted a remand which is best possible outcome in our situation and now are preparing for a new hearing with a chance to bring in new evidence. Several other lawyers, including the our initial lawyer, refused to consider a possibility of appeal, saying that would be waste of money, clearly they didn't have Andrew's smarts and wit, after all what was there to lose besides money? I would also suggest to retain your country's paralegal/lawyer for evidence collecttion specific to your country

Toma Danko

Law offices of Andrew Johnson really help my to be legal in USA. I had very difficult case and Andrew and Lala help me to went through all misunderstanding in my way.The are responsible and really helpful.They have been with me for 2 years till now. I recommend that Law team for all people who need help in USA. Thank you guys!!!!!

Ana Kaminskaya

(Translated by Google) Mr. Johnson has helped me a lot with my case. He is very knowledgeable and professional. People who work in his office are also very nice. I always recommend him to my friends Andrew Johnson helped me a lot in my business. He is very competent, he knows what he is doing. People who work in his office are also very pleasant. I always recommend it to my friends (Original) Mr. Johnson has helped me a lot with my case. He is very knowledgeable and professional . People who work in his office are also very nice. I always recommend him to my friends Андрю Джонсон очень мне помог в моем деле. Он очень компетентен, знает что делает. Люди которые работают в его офисе тоже очень приятные . Я всегда рекомендую его своим друзьям


David Farrell

I have been associated with Andrew P Johnson and his wonderful staff for a very long time. He explained everything in detail on how I can get my wife daughter here and now she is waiting for her Citizenship Test. My wife, daughter and I had to go to Tbilisi Georgia for an Interview at the American Embassy for my wife, she too has her Green Card and is waiting for our daughter to get Citizenship then will start on my wife Citizenship. Not only did Andrew P. Johnson told me that I did all the right moves by claiming my wife on my tax returns letting the Government know that she was her helped out tremendously. Andrew P. Johnson, Lala, and Bersen are a true great professional team, we Love you guy's. Will see you soon Dave

Tashthed Kabir

Andrew Johnson worked on my case and help to win it when my previous lawyer said i would lose. The process was long and rigorous and there was a lot of back and forth communication but Andrew stayed positive, explained everything to me in detail and in tbe end he won my case. I then processed my green card case with his help. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for great attorney.

Palina La Diva

I wanted to get my artist visa with Andrew's service and after coming to his office to talk about it everything sounded great - he said he would work with another lawyer on the case just because he is not a specialist in this field. That was in February and I told him that I need to have everything done by June 1st with done I meant holding the visa in my hands. He said that it's good that I came so early so that we have enough time to put everything together. After starting putting my documents together I would have questions and so on. Andrew was in general never to reach. When I called the office they would always tell me that he is busy and that he will call back (what he never did) so I needed to call several times and always ask for a call back until it really happened. He also ignored my E-Mails and I sometimes got only a response after weeks. He told me that I can translate my documents that were in another language myself that I don't need a translator doing that. (What in the end of course got questioned from the USCIS). He submitted screenshots that were made with the phone with my file (what seamed very unprofessional), my whole file was unorganized. He told me that he would correct my recommendation letters to make sure they're written right and have everything important in it what is needed for the USCIS officer. But he didn't really do that. He submitted the letters with typos and not enough information. Also the information about the itinerary were not enough. He submitted files that I didn't know about without telling me that what in the end brought me into trouble. He requested the no wrong union for the no objection letter. And I could honestly go on with things. In the end when I got everything completely together (that was in the beginning of april) he ignored me and my messages/calls for almost 2 months until I got the message that he filled my case on May 23rd to USCIS (way too late when you think that I requested to have my visa by June 1st and that I was done with my documents by April 1st). And of course I got a request for evidence for my file (that he didn't even send me until I asked for it). After the RFE he told me that I would need more recommendation letters (10 or more), that I need to explain the venues that I worked for and more wrong stuff - after talking to a different lawyer and telling him the whole story I realized that I have to change the Lawyer and the new lawyer fixed everything in 3 weeks. I didn't need 10 recommendation letters just 2-3 good ones that are written right and way more information I'm trying to keep it short. All in all I got my visa approved through my new lawyer and I'm very sure that I wouldn't have gotton it if I would've stayed with Andrew. I hope I could have helped someone with that review to not do the same mistake I did in hiring the wrong lawyer

Alessandra S Frozz

Nice lawyer give totally attention for your question. I recommend good Immigration Lawyer

Gulayat Hajiyeva

Andrew P.Johnson, is a great attorney with many years of experience. Every time, whenever i visited him regarding immigration questions,he kindly and professionally assisted me. His office speaks many languages. Russian, Turkish,Azeri, Uzbek etc. He is one of the great lawyer with affordable price.

T Black

Our company Turkana Food is a food distribution company based in New Jersey and we have used the Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson for numerous employment-based applications. We have worked with Andrew Johnson for over eight years and in that time we have received green cards and citizenship for some of the owners and employees of our company (along with their spouses and children). Mr. Johnson has successfully applied for L – 1a visas for company, and EB-1 and EB-2 permanent residency applications. He has successfully applied for our H-1b employees, and if our H – 1B potential employees were not chosen by the lottery, Mr. Johnson has found alternative visas in order to keep them in the country so that they can apply the following year. And since we have over 40 employees with multiple issues, we like the delegating all the immigration issues to the Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson, their staff is very friendly and they answer all our employees immigration questions, so we can focus our attention on increasing our food distribution business. We are obviously very satisfied and we highly recommend them. Great experienced lawyer to work with!

Amarildo Vrapi

Murat Biyik

yin Johnson yesil kart alma surecimde bana bir yol haritasi cizdi. Kendisi oldukca profesyonel ve organizeydi. Kendisine guvenim tamdi cunku gocmenlik yasalarini tumuyle biliyor ve bu konuda bircok davaya bakmisligi varMr. Johnson guided me through the entire process and got me a green card. He was extremely organized and professional. I trusted him completely because he has done so many cases and knows everything about immigration law.

Andy Samers

Хочу сказать спасибо Andrew и всем сотрудникам принимавшим участие в решении моих проблем и вопросов. Кроме того, что кейс был решен в мою пользу, есть ещё несколько причин выбирать именно данную компанию. Сотрудники компании и сам Andrew был всегда на связи, звонок или email возвращался в течении 24 часов без исключений. Большая редкость в иммиграционной сфере NYC. Потресающая внимательность к срокам и мелким деталям. Все формы высылались в срок, все напоминания приходили вовремя. Адвокат не решает 100% кейс, но хороший адвокат может уменьшить ваши шансы на ошибку и снизить стресс от непонимания системы. Andrew - хороший адвокат!


Andrew Johnson helped me with my adjustment of status process. He explained all the steps of process, followed up when when information was needed, answered my questions clearly. My application went smoothly and worry free for me and I got my green card. Now I am a US citizen. Andrew deals with all kinds of immigration cases (marriage, investor, work, asylum, etc) so if you have any immigration related issues do not hesitate to contact him.Immigration is a complex process so it's good to have a qualified attorney on your side to guide you through it. I highly recommend Andrew Johnson as an immigration attorney.

Zubair Ahmad

Steve Leo

I work in the financial Industry, and if I have any issues pertaining to business immigration law I talk to Andrew Johnson. Andrew's knowledge of Business immigration is exceptional. He has always answered all my questions, and explained the ramifications of each option. He is the only immigration lawyer that I trust, and is truly an expert in immigration law.

Frc Gj

Great service

Albin O Laci

The best for immigration issues,very consistent,professional and honest at the highest level.My relatives proccess was smooth and very well explained for each upcoming steps,Andrew was on top of every detail.I strongly recommend everybody that want their immigration case to move on Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson is right place to call.!

Anastasiia Kriukova

Rude, disrespectful and anti-russian. Stay away from this attorney.

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