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Robert Friend


abdulmajid hajeb

It was wonderful to have dealt with this this law firm especially Mr. Goldenberg. I had a bad debt hanging over my head for about four years and was not able to resolve it until I met with Mr. Goldenberg. Within two months the case was resolved and settled for $8000 from $50000 !!! I highly recommend this law firm to any one who needs to resolve debt problems. Thank you Simon et all Hajeb

Karine M S

Mr. Simon Goldenberg is an amazing attorney, he's honest, trust worthy and always returned my calls and answered my questions, he got me the best settlement I could ask for.. 5 starts plus!!!

Olga Pozhodzhuk

Stephen is a pleasure to work with. He helped me with my issue, recognized the problem and found the solution, always been responsive, respectful and very polite. We spoke over the phone and even without seeing each other(which was my choice per convenience) I had a feeling right away that this is a person I can trust. Always answered my questions within one hour which is very rear for the attorney. I think being available for the client is one of the best qualities. Thank you Stephen and all of your teem!!!!!

Rush Perez

Simon Goldenberg is a lawyer who will fight for the best possible deal for you. I was in debt to Sallie Mae, and their creditors, for a total of $250,000 for my student loans. I never thought I would be able to get out from under this massive debt. However Simon and his team were able to reduce that staggering amount to $80,000, a 70% reduction! Thanks to the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, I now have a financial future! Anyone who believes their student loan situation is hopeless, should seek this man out. Simon will fight tooth and nail to make sure you get the best settlement possible.

Michael Schor

Simon was kind, patient and very informative. I highly suggest getting in touch with him.

Ian Quiles

Went to the Goldenberg firm about a credit card issue. Mr. Basedow was honest and upfront about every aspect of this case and resolved everything within my budget. I'm extremely satisfied with the work by the Goldenberg firm.

amy lovaglio

I worked with Mr. Stephen Basedow from the Goldenberg office. He and the office staff made this unpleasant experience a pleasant as possible. He was with me every step of the way. Great outcome and they are very repsonsive when you have questions. Thank you Mr. Basedow!!

Yaakov Lefkowitz

Had a wonderful experience with Simon Goldenberg. He's a great attorney. And I suggest other people to use him.

Mona Saad

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Stephen Basedow and Mr. Arthur Lebedin about a year ago. They are both very hard working, always responsive and I really felt that they had my interest at heart. They gave me excellent legal advice and followed up on my case regularly until it was successfully resolved. I hope I do not need assistance on a legal matter in the near future but if I do I will always seek their help. Their fee was very reasonalbe and very well deserved.

Ross Morrison

I went to Simon Goldenberg with a false claim by a collection agency that was driving me crazy. They were able to stop the collection agency from garnishing a single dime from my bank accounts, and also guided me through a counter-suit. I actually ended up coming out ahead with a nice, fast settlement from the collection agency. I worked with Jared and he was fantastic, making the process very easy for me and checking in regularly. Let me tell you, this dude hates collection agencies and takes great joy in taking them down. I highly recommend these guys.

Jignesh Gandhi

I retained Mr. Goldenberg to represent me and negotiate on behalf of me for 2 judgement settlements on my credit reports. Mr. Goldenberg did a great job negotiating my settlement down by 30-50% in the cases. He also was able to negotiate a vacate on one of my judgements. Throughout the whole process Mr. Goldenberg kept me informed and made me feel comfortable. I will definitely recommend him to friends.

Ayla Cakirca

Mr. Simon Goldenberg is the best lawyer in New York! I was frightened when i received a letter from one of the collection agencies out there. I was so lucky to find Mr. Goldenberg and his team during my lawyer search. Simon is a very professional and trustworthy. He called me as soon as I emailed him and he answered all my questions. He even gave me advise on how to build my credit score and fix things on my credit report. He offered free consultation which I believe was very nice of him. His team is also very helpful and they always did their best to find solutions to my problems. They were always available whenever I needed them. I didn't have the wait for hours on the phone to talk to them. They always responded to my emails on time. At the end, he got me a great settlement offer and helped me save a lot of money which I couldn't afford to pay in the first place. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone who needs help out there. They provide exceptional service and I can guarantee that you cannot find a better one!

Amerkadan Xabarlar

Grinz N. Giggelz

If you, like me, are suspicious of services being offered by people on the internet, please know that this man is entirely legitimate. I found that I had a judgment against me on my credit report. I needed someone to help me deal with it ... so I searched the internet for an attorney in the NYC area. I found Simon Goldenberg and initiated contact with him through his website. He got back to me the very same day. Within a couple of days, he had a plan for moving forward on my case. In less than a month's time, he had arranged that the judgment against me be completely vacated and that I wouldn't have to pay the plaintiff in the case anything. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome or for a faster one! Mr. Goldenberg stayed in contact with me throughout the process, always offering to answer any questions I might have. I definitely would recommend your hiring him if you find yourself in a situation like mine.

Dmitriy Godlevski

Simon Goldenberg and his associates compiled excellent service, treated me with courtesy and respect, delivered on schedule and were very responsive to every request. 5+


had these people fixed my credit, result came back positive and credit score up dramatically.

Frank Fung

No one can do it better! This is the second time I hire the services of Steve Basedow (Super Steve as I call him) and the results have been above and beyond my satisfaction, him and the staff always follow up and go the extra mile while representing a client. His professionalism, honesty and A+ work ethic definitely separate him from the rest. I highly recommend him.


Stephen Basedow is one of the best attorney in my life. I was very nervous in the beginning. He made everything so easy in my bankruptcy. I highly recommend Mr. Basedow to anyone who need help in Bankruptcy case. My experience with him was excellent. He was helpful from day one.

Mari Keeler

Big Fan! Simon was always available to chat and was clear with explaining all the scenarios. I never had to worry about how long the issue would take. Very professional and I would recommend him to my friends. My credit problem has been fixed and I couldn't be happier.

Carmen R

After a loss of income, I defaulted on a private (and co-signed by a family member) student loan. I naively thought that I could work with the lender, but they were unreasonable. My co-signer and I were being harrassed and threatened by the lender. I found the Office of Simon Goldenberg online and spoke to Arthur. He listened to the details of my situation and answered all of my questions. Soon after enlisting the help of Simon Goldenberg's office, the harrassment stopped. Arthur, Donna and Stephen Basedow were always in contact with me during the process and I felt that the work being done on my behalf was a team effort. Stephen Basedow and team negotiated a settlement of $5,700 from nearly $29,000! My family and I are so appreciative of this outcome, and I myself, feel as if a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders. I would definitely recommend this law office to friends and family.

Salvatore Pino

Spent 1000 dollars just to find out i wasnt eligible for chapter 7, so run your numbers before attempting to file

Olivier Vallez

Simon Goldenberg was referred to me by a trusted friend, who is a respected attorney in his own right. My experience with Simon provided a truly unparalleled consultative experience. I have been dealing with issues surrounding my student loans for over a decade, and I can honestly say that 5 minutes of consulting with Simon was much more informative and educational than years of self-driven research. I truly and vehemently recommend him for anybody that is experiencing hardship as a result of their student loans. We have paid a high price for our education, and these days, it seems as if we are being punished for pursuing further schooling... Simon is the man to consult if your situation is becoming untenable. Very sincerely, Olivier Vallez, JD, MBA

Robert Kohl

Simon helped me through a very difficult situation. The creditor was unresponsive for months, but Simon kept after them. After 8 months we finally reached a settlement, saving about $80,000.

eurika destin

Stephen Basedow was absolutely amazing. He explained the process to me and was able to resolve my issue quickly and efficiently. He kept in constant contact with me via phone and email relaying information. I felt very secured with Stephen taking care of my issue. I would definitely recommend his services to all. Thank you!

Melissha Doctor

One of the best bankruptcy law firms ever,thanks to Stephen basedow he's the best in getting the job done ,I just want to thank everyone one that call and help me through my difficult time, thanks Simon goldenbergfirm.i honestly recommend this law firm to everyone that need help.

Anthony G.S.

Knocked off 70% from a private student loan which is unreal. Definitely hire these guys (especially Stephen Basedow) to become debt free.

Eugene Mezh

I came to Simon Goldenberg for some advice and help and what I received in return was more than expected. By all means, one of the most intelligence, the utmost reliable, and surely the most helpful out of them all. If I would recommend anyone in the tristate area for debt settlement, Simon Goldenberg is definitely the attorney to go to. Everything was done in a timely manner if not faster, he made the process go by without a hassle. And the best part was that he was honest, kind, friendly, and professional. Best attorney in NYC on debt settlement!

Eric Hancock

My experience with Mr Goldenberg's legal work could not have been better. Comforting and confident, he got such great information and kept me the loop at all stages. And he secured for me a far, far better outcome than I ever expected. I fully and heartily recommend Mr Goldenberg!

matter max9000

Great people, great team. if you qualify they will defenatly help you. i strongly recommend Mr. Simon Goldenberg"s Law Firm. Special thanks to Mr. Stephen Basedow.

Pak Man

Don't even know why they advertising if they can't even help for giving advice on mca default They know how much to charge but no guarantee

Kathy Gonzalez

I cannot stress how amazing this firm was and very quickly at that. My matter was resolved literally in less than 2 weeks, what a load off my back and Samantha was super super helpful, polite and made me feel so comfortable. She informed me every step of the way and kept me up to speed. Stephen Basedow as well was very attentive and answered my emails right away. I would definitely hands down recommend this firm. Nothing but great staff and environment.

Julianne Valente

Had a great experience with Stephen Basedow and team. Very professional, courteous and responsive. They helped negotiate an amazing settlement with one of my creditors. I would highly recommend Stephen and the team at Simon Goldenberg.

Gigi AC

My Experience with Mr. Stephen Basedow was amazing. He’s an amazing attorney, knows his information. He’s professional, responsible and courteous. Both him and his staff checked up on me often and were always there whenever I needed help or had questions, which was great. Made the experience easy and painless. I’m so happy I chose him, he’s great!

Cindy Barrientos

Simon and Samantha were great ! Simon was able to intervene and help me out with an aggressive debt collector who was not willing to provide much information or cooperate with me. As soon as I spoke to Simon and Samantha I was able to get piece of mind and I knew I was in good hands.

Ro Scognamillo

I highly recommend this law firm! I was so nervous about my situation and Stephen Basedow and his team were polite, professional and responsive. They took care of everything, which put my mind at ease. I am relieved and thrilled at the favorable outcome of my issue. I cannot thank Mr. Basedow and his team enough!!

alex pacifico

Always available, professional, and honest!!

Joel Myers

Very helpful, thorough and professional. Highly recommend!

Marvel Chung

I received exceptional service from Simon and his team at the law office of Simon Goldenberg. Simon is very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable and he has great attention to detail which makes him a great lawyer. He was able to fix all the errors on my credit report in a timely manner which I was then able to finally rent the apartment of my dreams! He is patient and will always represent you to the fullest and stay by your side for however long it takes to resolve any type of credit issue. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of help with their credit. You saved my credit and made my new home possible! My fiance' and I thank you tremendously!

marcel bluvstein

Great, experience. Simon gets the job done!

Yasmin Bell

Stephen was such a pleasure to work with and such a life saver. He was available to answer all of my questions and kept me calmn at all times. I would recommend him and this firm to anyone and everyone!

Suleman Malik

Simon was absolutely helpful in relaying advice regarding student loans. He took his time to thoroughly answer my questions and always prompt in replying. I highly recommend his firm to any potential client!

Michael Bresler

Excellent service, got us a great settlement. Mr Goldenberg is very knowledgeable and efficient attorney. Very happy

Nicole Jeter

Attorney Basedow of the Law Office of Simon and Goldberg is excellent. Not only was he straight with me from the beginning, he understood my situation, and was a complete professional from start to finish. You are in great hands with this firm.

Brooklyn, NY

Best decision I ever made was finding this firm on Avvo. Filing for bankruptcy is extremely stressful and yet Stephen Basedow, Esq. from the Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC calmed down my fears and was extremely helpful throughout the process and quickly replied to any inquiries I had about the process. I would definitely recommend using this firm.

Randi Ricotta

Simon Goldenberg did a great job helping me with a debt collection lawsuit. My judgment is vacated and my bank account was released. I felt very comfortable during the process and the lawyers were diligent in answering my concerns and keeping in touch with me about my case. I saved over $3500 from my debt and the judgment is taken off my credit reports. I would recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for the hard work!

Aldo A. Tortorelli

Excellent service with great results. Samantha kept me informed every step of the way and made me feel comfortable asking any questions that I need to know. They are just fantastic!

Adrianna Greaves

I had a judgement against me,which I knew nothing about, did not where to turn or what to do. Found the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg online, choose them because of reviews never regretted it. They were very patient with me, called me with updates frequently and spoke in terms I understood. They were able to get my judgement I'm very happy. I pray that God will continue to bless them and give them endurance in all their works to come.

Edwin Rodriguez

I want to thank. Stephen Basedow. Excellent job.

Angelica Colon

In a moment of desperation and mixed emotions, when everything seemed impossible, and the world felt like it was falling on my shoulders , Steven Basedow at Law office of Simon Goldberg was able to help me and was amazing to work with. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Mr. Basedow has a very kind professional attitude, that's full of compassion. He did everything in his power to ensure this process had truly been as smooth and comfortable as possible. Every step along the way, I was kept informed of the progress, promises were maintained, I received copies of communication and contracts, I could not have asked for more! Thank you so much for your help!

Joy Canter

Look no further - this is the firm to help you with your bankruptcy!! Everyone who works at this firm is AMAZING!!! My attorney, Stephen Basedow, is a real professional and a very well educated standup guy. I highly recommend this firm.

Chris V

I met with Simon in January of this year ('14) to discuss to my student loan debt of over 160+. He was very honest with me on looking for about 50% savings but would shoot for better. Also the process usually takes an average of about 2 yrs. Much to my amazement I received a call from Simon just 3 1/2 months later with notice the collection agency was ready to strike a deal and for 84% savings on my debt. I was shocked and thrilled and the speed of the deal and the outcome he was able to get for me. I would recommend Simon to anyone I know that is in the same situation as me. I couldn't be happier. Something that would take half my life to pay back was done in 1 payment. If you are looking for help in this area I would look no further then Simon!

Janay Beverly

I have been working with Mr. Stephen Basedow on a suit regarding my student loans since 2015. Through my chronic illness and all he and his team were very supportive, understanding, and always had not only settling my case within my means but also in caring for my overall well being. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!

Malcolm Tucker

Had my bank account held by a creditor that was obnoxious. Stephen Basedow at Simon Goldenberg's office took my case and knew the creditor which helped enormously. Steven took the time, always took my calls, and we were able to get the creditor settled at very reasonable amount. I was panicking before Steven took this thing on and got my bank account back in order. Great attorney.

Cha Rub

The law office of Simon Goldenberg took care of my credit situation with the utmost professionalism. I appreciate their tenacity in dealing with the big creditors to expedite the process and to make sure I understood and was kept up to date with all moving parts in the final revocation of the debt on my report. Thanks Simon and continued success!!! Charlie

Frank Montanez

Beyond excellence in handling my case! In particular, Mr. Jared Louzon, Esquire, always kept me up to date on the case. First time I dealt with a law firm that contacts me constantly with the latest info on the case. Don't go anywhere else, you truly found gold when you go with the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg.

Demetrius Dudley

I called Simon Goldenberg and associates and told them I was interested in filing for bankruptcy. Stephen Based was the lawyer selected for me. I was very pleased with how informative he was during my consultation and decided to proceed with the filing. He answered every question, there were many, in a timely manner and was very hands on from the moment I walked into their offices until the day my bankruptcy was discharged in court--two months later. He was informative, genuine and very professional which helped in me trusting him to do a good job. All of my paperwork was filled in a timely manner and he prepared me for my court appearance, which ended up being a walk in the park. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a great experience with a professional lawyer who knows exactly what he's doing.

Barnett A. Zitron

Great trustworthy advice and service.

Nilsa Conde

They were very professional and kept me posted every step of the way of the progress. Also to let you know that you guys will be highly recommended.

Michael A. Lindstadt

As an attorney in the NYC area, Simon is always my 1st call when dealing with a debt collection issue :)

Bradly Marks

Alexis Fliller

During a time when I was extremely stressed over a legal, financial matter, Simon and his team were there for me. Before even discussing/accepting payment for his services, Simon spent 51 minutes on the phone with me! Who does that? He made me feel like I was his top priority throughout the entire process. Most importantly, he was able to settle for more than a 50% savings on my loan. Simon was able to negotiate a deal that was both acceptable to the other party, yet manageable for me. Reviews are consistently positive from satisfied clients because Simon and his team are just that good.

Natalie Avila

I used the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg to file for Bankruptcy this year and would highly recommend them to anyone. They helped me discharge $30,000 in credit card debt and the process couldn't have been easier. They were very diligent in answering all of my correspondence and made a stressful situation very manageable for myself. Feel like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders!!!

Michael Etienne

At this point, Simon feels like a family member, especially it being that I usually only see him during stressful times haha He and his associates were able to clean up my case and get it dismisses after I almost cost myself +10K trying to handle it myself. Thank God for Simon!


I found Simon Goldenberg on Avvo via a Google search. After reading multiple postive reviews on him I gave his practice a call. From the beginning everyone I spoke to was pleasant and processional. I was being sued for a student loan I cosigned for almost 10 years ago and didn't know what to do or what my options were. Simon promptly returned my call and within minutes our initial conversation I knew I was going to hire him. I explained my situation as a single mom that made a silly mistake in undergrad cosigning a loan for a friend. He was not only professional but spoke to me as a friend; it was comforting. I felt he spoke from experience and would have my best interest in mind. I don't know much about lawyer fees but I felt his rates were fair given what it included. I think my case went on for a little over a year. Through that time Simon kept me in the loop and up to date on my case until one day he called and said it was over! The company suing me decided to drop their suit against me and I felt free! I can't express have grateful I am to Simon and his staff for all their hard work and patience. I honestly don't feel I could've handled my situation without a lawyer and I damn sure wouldn't have been able to part ways with the creditor the way they did for me. I more than recommend Simon. He's saved me thousands of dollars and I won't forget it! Thank you Simon!!!

Kristine O'Hagan

After not living in NY for many years, I was overwhelmed with a collection from a college loan taken out in 1998 (it is now 2019). On a day that I thought I did not have a living soul to speak with, I found the contact information for Simon Goldenberg. When I spoke with him, he listened, knew exactly what path to take to rectify my situation and even welcomed me to call him back to follow up if needed to. I highly recommend anyone that is having an issue with debt collections, student loans, or in need to know if this the right way I am doing this to contact Simon. I just teared up with thanks and well praises because he really did ease my mind. I am looking forward to keeping in touch throughout the process and keep thinking, if you postpone it will get bigger you are better off tackling it now! One word folks MARVELOUS!

Jennifer MacQueen

I am very impressed with Attorney Stephen Basedow of this law firm for his tenacity, depth of knowledge and professionalism. Highly recommended.

Greg Keras

I worked directly with Mr. Stephen Basedow within the Simon Goldenberg umbrella. Mr. Basedow and his staff guided me through the bankruptcy process and made the entirety of this usually very difficult scenario as smooth and painless as possible. I was able to deliver most material digitally, and they worked with me in order for the payments to be both reasonable and timely. Mr. Basedow himself was very warm and available, and there were no surprises along the way. I was never given anything other than a straight, honest answer. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, I would strongly recommend giving Mr. Goldenberg's firm a call.

Robert A. McAuley

Simon was extremely helpful in just about every way possible. His response was immediate, his knowledge was vast and his advice was spot on. He helped me resolve my issue in a very short period of time and for this I am grateful. I will not hesitate to enlist the services of Simon and his associates in the future!

Johnny Lopez

Amazing work and attention to detail that Mr. Basedow, Esq and his team provided me throughout my issue!

Kareem & Marie Rolland

I had a straight forward proceeding with this firm, receiving patient and detailed direction through out the process. I was also prepared and well versed by the attorney for our meeting with the trustee. An overall excellent rating on service provided.

Cookie& Milk

They did their best to offer whatever help they could.

Danny Yoo

I'm always skeptical of high rated reviews. But after doing a little research and reading all the reviews I was sold on at least a phone call. I am so glad I did because Stephen Basedow is an awesome lawyer. He made the process easy and comfortable. From the beginning he was very upfront but not in a brash way. He was friendly and attentive. The biggest difference beyond his friendly demeanor is his work ethic. I saw a lot of other lawyers during my hearing and by far Stephen was the best prepared. He prepared me thoroughly so there wouldn't be any surprises. Other lawyers I saw didn't seem as thorough in preparing their clients. It showed in how they made excuses about missing paper work and just bad responses to the trustee. But not Stephen. He knows what he's doing, and he's good at it, and on top of he's just a really friendly guy. I wouldn't recommend any other lawyer. It's not even worth the hassle of looking. Call him if you need a bankruptcy lawyer. You will not be disappointed from start to finish.

Sanat Tillaev

Alan Bal

Simon Goldenberg was great help in improving my credit by removing an account that was reporting to be in collections with the credit bureaus and I was not familiar with it. I placed a phone call 2 weeks ago, spoke with Simon and retained his services. After speaking with two other attorneys, I knew from our initial consultation he was the perfect person to help me. It has been less than 14 days and today I received a letter stating that the issue at hand had been removed from my credit report. I highly recommend the staff as well as Simon at the firm if you're looking for effective results.

Milton Klein

Very nice people easy to deal with. When they take on a case they really work hard for you for the best possible outcome an established firm that knows what they are doing.

Julian M

This was my first time seeing a lawyer for a serious major issue. I did my homework before seeing Simon and two weeks after having seen him I must say that it was definitely the best $500 I ever spent. I hate to mention financials but the price seemed big at first, however, the amount of money the consultation saved me and the money it will save me runs in the tens of thousands. I can't even begin to list the reasons to see Simon or the amount of things he helped me with, because if you've done some homework, and go in prepared, it's going to take 90 minutes with Simon anyway. But believe it, you're dealing with an incredibly intelligent guy who is one of the best assets to New York City that I've encountered. Not only did he solve my debt problem, but he took a humungous amount of crippling, daily pain off my head. Surprisingly, some problems are not for a doctor, or meditation but for a smart-as-a-whip lawyer who is genuine and is a true personal finance legal professional. Thank you Simon!

Brighter Edge

August 16,2019, I called the attorney to schedule a consultation and was denied an appointment with the attorney’s office staff member “Ashley”. The encounter with the staff member was extremely negative as this staff member spoke to me in a very rude and unprofessional manner. The staff member failed to communicate clearly what services the firm offers, a total contradiction to the advertisement, and I was very dissatisfied with their overall office screening process.

Nancy Z

What a pleasure working with Stephen Basedow. From our first meeting, he made me feel comfortable because of his empathy and vast knowledge. My emails and telephone calls were always answered in detail and promptly. My situation was resolved satisfactorily and I was informed every step of the way. Stephen is a down-to-earth and compassionate person who helped make my unpleasant situation a little easier. Highly recommended!!

Abbas Abuwala

Mr. Stephen Basedow worked hard, diligently and professionally. His counsel was very helpful and valuable. He successfully brought this matter to its final conclusion. I would definitely reccommend Mr.Basedow and his firm to my friends if ever they need an attorney and counsel in such matters of law. comcarerx

Gregory Pelletteri

Wow I'm not easily impressed but they did a great job for me


Robert Paquette

Completely happy with the services of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC and specifically representation by Stephen Basedow Esq. My daughter needed to clear her credit from what seemed to be irreconcilable arguments with the source company. Stephen was very experienced and explained our rights and options, negotiated a very satisfactory settlement and brought the matter to a final conclusion. I recommend use of this firm and Attorney Stephen Basedow.


Spoke to Simon Goldenberg and he took his time to counsel me with helpful advice. Sounded to me very knowledgible and honest and all he asked in return was an internet review. Hope more people can seek his service and in return he gets rewarded for his hard work in the future

k rohrich

The reviews don't lie- this is a 5-star law firm. Stephen Basedow was helpful, professional and handled everything in a timely manner. The staff as well was a pleasure to deal with. I had 100% confidence in my attorney's abilities and therefore absolute peace of mind.

Salma Umme

Excellent service, patient and professional, Goldenberg and his team gets you the results you need!

Benjamin H

I was very lucky to have Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, specifically Stephen Basedow, represented me in a recent matter. Stephen's professionalism and expertise to be exceptional; He was very transparent about the service and potential outcome that you might expected. Stephen always explained the legal jargon in the layman term and he kept me informed very step in a timely manner! In additional to Stephen’s great service, Sammy was also very patient and friendly to answer questions throughout the entire process. I'm very happy with the service and satisfied with the favorable outcome. I highly recommend Stephen and Law Office of Simon Goldenberg!

D Hurst

Stephen Basedow is unrelenting when it comes down to a getting a settlement in your favor. He is a strong advocate for you, who won't quit until you win.

Christian F

Stephen Basedow and the team of Simon Goldenberg is the best. Mr Basedow is extremely professional and helpful. He is very detailed and works had to get great results. Would recommend with full confidence.

Arielle K

After doing a general search for Lawyers who would be able to help settle my debt from breaking a finance agreement, I had the absolute luck of coming across Simon. We spoke over the phone initially, at which point, he asked tons of questions about my situation. Simon made it crystal clear what his ideas were and the steps he would take if I retained him. About 2 weeks later, we met in his office. Not only was he informative and able to lay out a clear plan of action, but he was sincere, and stuck to his word. He delivered amazing results and went above and beyond to fight my case. He did not stop until I was happy with the terms. Thanks to Simon, I was able to pay off the debt incurred due to breaking this agreement and at a rate which was about 1/3 of what I owed. I would highly recommend Simon Goldenberg to anyone in a similar position.

Adam Rokhsar

Stephen Basedow and the people he works with are professional, respectful, and highly competent. It was a pleasure working with him, and I felt good knowing he was on my side. Thanks to Stephen, what could have been stressful worked out very well for me.

A ukognes

Stephen Basedow was a champion. He was patient in explaining my situation and always made himself available when I needed him. In the end, the settlement he negotiated was far more a favorable than I expected

Michael Martelli

Simon and his team used their expertise to help me settle student loan debt. I was blown away by their knowledge of the student loan system, and the key players in the field. I interviewed dozens of attorneys, but none of them had as much knowledge of student loan system as Simon and his team. I felt like I was in good hands from the minute I went in for my consultation meeting. The teams hard work has enabled me to get out of debt and to finally be able to move forward with my life.

J Gold

So easy..I made one phone call, and was quoted a very fair price...did all my work via email, and less than 2 months later, I won my case and am no longer liable for some unfair nonsense. This firm is honest and efficient..I hope to never need this kind of help again, but this is the first call I'd make if it came to it...


I wish I had talked to Simon sooner because of how fast and thorough he solved my various cases. If anything, promptness is among his greatest strength by far. To start off, I called for an initial consultation regarding one of my defaulted student loans, and later on in the SAME DAY we were already on the line with the loan collectors and he got me a better settlement price. After that I knew we were already off to a great start. Even when working during my other student loan settlements, not only is he prompt with replies and suggestions every day, he works hard to solve sudden unexpected news again literally the day of them happening. And during upcoming December holidays too, which again I must apologize about... The best part is that he makes it look easy. Aside from him helping with financial burdens, having someone who's already looking several steps ahead has relieved me of a lot of mental burden that has been plaguing me for years.


I will definitely recommend to anyone who needs law services. Stephen Basedow, Is a great attorney!!!

missladydulce .

I was skeptical about using a law service at first. This company was recommend to me by a friend whom had not used it. However, my back was against the wall as I was being sued by debtors. I went to their office for a free consultation. I was pleasantly surprised by amiable lawyers. The lawyers of Simon Goldenberg are knowledgeable. They were forthcoming with all the information that would help me settle my issue. They handled every aspect of the issue from the beginning to the end and they kept me informed of the entire process. They promptly and patiently answered all of my questions. My issue was resolved in a matter of months. They continue to be a resource for my general knowledge.

Lori Heim

My experience with this law firm was great!!! My attorney Stephen Basedow was caring, patient, responsive and very knowledgeable!!! Even when we were at Court he made sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. I would and will highly recommend this firm, especially Stephen.

Ned Ticak

Contacted the Law office of Simon Goldenberg on February 23rd via company web site to schedule a consultation and received an email few minutes later stating someone from the office will contact me shortly to schedule appointment. Waited patiently a week, too weeks, three ... and finally on March 26th (one month later) decided to contact Simon Goldenberg directly to see what's going on. Mr. Goldenberg replied to my email imediatelly saying someone will contact me shortly. About an hour later an employee of Mr. Goldenberg called me about the case. I tried to explain to him as best as I could but he wasn't really interested into listening to me nor he let me finish. Instead he placed me on hold for a few minutes until he asked someone else what can be done. When he came back he advise me I should contact Bar association to find someone else. They couldn't help me. Or, let say, my case was too little for them and they did not want to be bothered. Not enough money, I guess for them. Instead of dealing with lawyer referral services I contacted a friend of mine who is also attorney in Brooklyn. Bang, bang ... Took me less than 10 minutes to explain him what exactly is going on. He asked me few questions as well as forward him some related documnts and would take an hour or so, one letter from his office on letter head for the issue to be resolved. No job is too small for a friend of mine but it must be for those widely advertised law offices. I was too naive and patiently waited a month for something to happen. It could be easily done long, long time ago.

Luis Vasquez-Diaz

Excellent law firm, was able to help me reach an amazing settlement. Great communication throughout the process, A++

Hoda Mekhail

Outstanding service & the results exceeded our expectations!!

Katie Curiel

In June of 2013 I accidentally defaulted on my PRIVATE student loans after they were assigned to various servicing companies. The Simon Goldenberg Firm was able to negotiate the loans, saving me $35,000 and almost 60% off the balance in less than 6 months. July-December 2013. The firm pays attention to detail, provided guidance and advocated on behalf of my account and the co-signor of loan. All e-mails and phone calls were promptly answered. The firm provides excellent service. What really stands out is their ability to negotiate with these ruthless collection companies. Simon is well versed, experienced and knows the procedure well. If you need an honest, open book, upfront advocate- look no further. Thank you Simon!

Natasha Clara

Very helpful attorney.

Jenna Fleury

Knowledgeable, respectful and nonjudgmental interaction when I called!

Rowell Graham

Overall I had a great experience working with the firm and Stephen in particular. Would recommend their services 100%!!!

Elaine Escobar

Law office is very professional and responsive. My claims was settled very quick.

Binyamin Lederman

Exactly what I was looking for. They helped me stop the collection calls and reduced my business debt for a very reasonable fee. Great experience, I highly recommend this law firm.

Belinda Reardon

"Simon Goldenberg did a great job at resolving my judgment and helping me unfreeze my bank account while saving me a lot of money. Further, the judgment will be removed from my credit report. He provided honest advice during the free initial consultation and stood by his word. The entire matter was resolved within a few weeks, and I didn't even have to appear in court. I would recommend this firm to all. Thank you for your hard work."

Asha Garcia

Excellent service with prompt resolutions, friendly staff making everything simple to understand. Thank You


Jarod Louzon handled a Timeshare account that was a huge problem for me. He communicated with me every step of the way from beginning to end with documentation which was very important to me. Everyrhing is done in writing and in a professional manner ... no sales pitch or any nonsense talk. Now, they don't work with small debts but if you have a huge debt and you need relief, this is the firm to look for. I was blessed to have reached this firm to finally get rid of my Timeshare dilemna.

Quang Le

Wonderful experience! Simon follows up with you and provides timely and accurate advice. He solved my school debt problem in a short amount of time. Best lawyer I have ever had!

Marina I

I found Simon Goldenberg on the internet and decided to hire him on a credit card debt case. He has been outstanding. He has walked me trough every step of process. He is always responsive and always keeps me informed of any issue and what happens next. He made great settlement and vacated the judgment in a short time. He provide exact help I needed at a great price. I would definitely recommend Simon to my friends.

Will Pitman

Stephen Basedow is by far the best!

Michael Martin

Simon and his team were professional and persistent in helping me settle a student loan debt. They helped me understand the process and the requests being made by the lender and guided me to a successful settlement, even going beyond the contract term we had agreed upon in order to find a suitable resolution.

Tahir Salemi

I will give them a five star because of their excellence service. I had 2 issues and both were smoothly handled with minimum hassle. Thanks Tahir

Simon Mok

Mr Goldenberg's legal Team has been Amazing. Very attentive to all my needs, resulting in a smooth transaction through a difficult time, Thank you for all your help Mr Stephen Basedow.

Arthur Rifkin

I would like to commend and recommend Stephen Basedow, Esq, who represented me for a traffic ticket I received for passing a school bus. This is a terrible offense, that can result in a large fine and six points on your license. I was innocent, and worked with Mr. Basedow to clear the ticket. He was easily available and handled the matter professionally and with calm assurance to me. Due to his help I was found not guilty and relieved from this burden. I recommend Mr. Basedow enthusiastically to anyone in a similar position. Arthur Rifkin


I was able to avoid bankruptcy by settling my credit card debt with the law firm of Simon Goldenberg. Great job guys!! Highly recommended!!

Chaim Lebowits

The Goldenberg Law Firm did an excellent job with helping me deal with debt collectors. I am now out of debt, and I was able to get a settlement of over $1000 because a debt collector violated my consumer rights. They are very good lawyers, I would recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for the hard work!

Jenna Richardson

I contacted the Goldenberg Firm in March 2012 and roughly 14 months after constant communication, an affordable installment plan, and tedious negotiations, Simon Goldenberg and Associate, Arthur Lebedin reduced my private loan by more than $40,000. They provided guidance, to me and the co-signers of my loan. They always replied in a timely manner to our many questions. I personally thank Simon and his staff for facilitating this settlement. Even the private loan representative candidly stated "you're getting a good deal" toward the end of the negotiation. It was worth every penny and I will gladly seek this firm's services in the future if needed.


I retained the law offices of Simon Goldenberg and was blessed to have been assigned Stephen Basedow. I couldn't be happier with the successful outcome and was pleased with Stephen's caring, supportive a professional rapport. I highly recommend this outstanding law firm if you are facing credit or bankruptcy issues.

nabil shenouda

This law firm is nothing like anyother law firm anywhere . They are all very Professional and very caring law firm especially Mr. Simon Goldenberg who has helped me along with his entire professional team !! I highly recommend them .

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