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REVIEWS OF Alexander J. Segal ESQ. IN New York

Suzan Wilson

My service at this firm was excellent I had the pleasure of working with miss Wendy and mr segal I will definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them again

Grand Merci

This Guy takes your money first ,then he is not picking up his phone,after a while he calles you back suggesting he was sick,horrible manners and attitude,they will never let you in unless you pay in advance for so called consultation !

Jeremy Rempel

Alex Segal assisted me with an employment based immigration matter. He was knowledgeable, professional and reliable. I would highly recommend utilizing his services.


We couldn't have picked a better lawyer for my fathers deportation case and for him to gain citizenship. When facing something so big and scary you can only hope for a miracle as the outcome is 50/50, it really all depends on who is working with you and for you. Thank you Alex for sticking by my fathers side all these years, you're the reason we're still here as a family, thank you for answering each and every question we had and working hard for our family! would recommend 100% to everyone

Zarif Inamov


igal tahalov

Alex worked with me on getting my citizenship for years and when working for so long you are filled with worries and fear, I’m glad to have worked with a lawyer that didn’t see me as another case but as a human being. All my questions were answered, all my worries he made sure I knew where I stand and today I hold a green card because of his hard work. Recommend him to each and every person that is seeking a hardworking, caring lawyer

Argentinets777 Bmw 535


I’m happy of my connection with Alexander J. Segal. He is a professional attorney and a good guy. He helped me with my case, gave me all information about it. And I was so excited to find out that my case got approved like I found out that tomorrow is my birthday

D-Lux Group Inc

Alexander Segal is a great attorney, helped me so many times. Thank you so much.


Abadiya Tadibekov

I worked with Alexander on my immigration problem. The problem was not an easy one and took time to resolve. Several years. I was happy with him and his firm. People are nice and accommodating. Attorneys are very knowledgeable and involved. I definitely recommend Alexander to everyone who is looking for a good immigration lawyer.

Maryna Neganova

I had a very complicated and complex immigration matter, years of struggle. My friend recommended Alexander Segal. Alex clearly described my situation, the consequences I was facing, he was very realistic, and I liked it. After years and years, I can proudly say, the problem is solved. I am finally legal in the United States. Thank you very much to The Law Offices of Grinberg and Segal, and their whole team for being there for me and with me throughout this very steep path. Thanks a lot!!! I’ll recommend Alex to everyone who’s seeking professional help to solving their immigration problem.

K Sakin

He has no professional manner! First phone was delayed for an hour and we wait another week to make appt to start to process. He canceled on us 1 hour before giving no explanation but he wanted us to go to office and sign the financial contract!! Definitely not hiring him and I am telling anyone who wants to hire him to stay away. I spend my time looking for a lawyer for a month and I choosed him and it was definitely the bad idea. It is good to have this horrible experience in the beggining at least I did not waste my money! This is New York there is more responsible lawyers out there, spend your money and time someone who is more professional and responsible. He is also responding saying this is fake review. I get a phone call from office after I put my review and somehow he had time to see us. I am not trying to ruin his reputation after all my research I decided to hire him and ignored all the bad reviews. Last minute cancellation with no explanation is not acceptable and having call after the review and telling me I can come back now is a red flag. I am sorry Mr. Segal, we really wanted to hire you.

Artyom Gusarevich

I came to the U.S. with the hope of a new and free life. Alexander Segal made my dream a reality. We went through a long process. At this time, this man showed itself only with the best hand. For my case it came with great responsibility. He professional and an excellent conversationalist. His entire team is working harmoniously and without errors. I recommend it to my friends and you. Thanks very much to Alexander Segal and his team for their work. Right now i feel very happy to stay and live in US.

Artem Sharamet

Alexander did a great job taking care of me as a client for the seven years we worked together. I had been to his office many times over that span and each visit Alexander and his team spent as much time as was needed with me and always made sure to answer all my questions in a professional and easily understandable way. I had never previously been to court, but the help and support from Alexander and his team made it easier and less stressful than I thought it would be. In the end, Alexander's professionalism and knowledge helped me towards a successful resolution in my court case. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an immigration attorney.


Horrible manners...asked me to get out as soon as the "supposed" appointment time was over...extremely rude in talking - constantly said that I should refer to his website and not ask him. Mentioned that he is repeating the same facts multiple times (when he wasn't at all). Had some facts jumbled up without knowing explicit details...front desk people were eager to have my credit card as soon as possible...worst appointment with a lawyer in NY...would advise anybody against visiting this man....

Roman Leuchankou

Alexander Segal is the best choice if you're looking for attorney whom you can trust. He helped me to resolve my complicated immigration matter that I brought to him from different lawyer's office. His office was very professional, respectful, knowledgeable and responsible from the first time I called and during the whole working process. Alex answered all my questions and concerns. He is real professional and knows what he's doing. So just trust him and do everything that he recommends, and in the end you'll get the results. Also he is one those attorneys who always responds back to emails and calls, and have time for his clients - it was really important for me. Thank you very much for making my dream come true!)

Ilia Mesen

I have been a client of Alexander J. Segal for many years now. He is a good and reliable immigration lawyer. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. He is also honest to the point of being blunt, which is great when you are facing difficult decisions and need complete and accurate information to make them. It is in those situations that you realize how important those qualities are. It is when you need guidance, advice and competent representation that you begin to appreciate how important the lawyer. you had chosen is. I would recommend Attorney Segal to just about any person in need of a good immigration lawyer for consulting or to hire.

Snow Kelevra

I would like to thank Mr. Segal and his team for all the hard work they did for me. My case was screwed by my previous attorney so Mr. Segal had to fix it all. From the first day when Alexander started to work with me I had no doubt that we are going to win. And we did! Even though I live far away from NY Mr. Segal was able to make it work by communication via the phone and internet. He also prepared me for the court very good so I was absolutely confident in myself and my attorney. And this is the most important thing! He does care about his clients and always has time to answer any questions or just talk to you if you are simply have a fears about your situation. He gave me a very bright future and I'm extremely thankful for it. If I ever will need an attorney again for any reason I will call Mr. Segal without a doubt. If anyone needs a great attorney Alexander J. Segal is the one. Thank you very much Alexander for everything you've done for me. I greatly appreciate it!

Alexey Alexey

I am writing this review to express my sincere gratitude to Alexander Segal and his professional team: Wendy Barlow, Ricardo, etc. Around three years ago I was referred to the law office of Alexander Segal by my friend. It was the best idea to hire him as my attorney in my complicated political asylum case. From the first initial consultation, during the whole working and preparation process he proved himself as a professional, knowledgeable, experienced, detailed oriented immigration attorney that you can trust to and rely on. Anytime I had a question or doubt I could ask him and he always found time to respond me back and give the best advice during the meetings. He was easy reached by skype, phone or email too. Alexander Segal is straightforward and does not ’babysit’ you. He took my case seriously. At the beginning I felt a little bit overwhelmed but later I used to his pace because I understood that it was his own manner to help and prepare me to the interview. During your meetings you have to listen to him carefully and answer his questions precisely. He assists you in preparation to the interview but you have to put your part and be responsible and truthful. Along with Alexander Segal I would also like to thank other attorney Wendy Barlow who closely worked with me in preparation to my interview and assisted the interview in Lyndhurst, NJ. She made a considerable and valuable contribution in overall success of my case. Three years ago I believed in smart and intelligent Alexander Segal and his reliable team and they delivered. Together we achieved our goal. Last February I was granted political asylum from the interview after being in this country for more than twelve years. I greatly appreciate your assistance in achieving my dream. I sincerely recommend Alexander Segal to anybody who is seeking political asylum or trying to resolve any immigration matter. I know that all cases are different but I can assure you that it does not matter how difficult and complicated your case is, Alexander Segal will try to do his best to win it or give the best advice in resolving your immigration matter.

Diana Gurevich

No words can express our gratitude to these professional and wonderful people who work with Alex Segal. Before Alex we had another immigration attorney who totally messed up my husband's case and we were left in a worst situation then before we hired this lawyer. After being in this country for almost 10 years my husband did not even have a simple work authorization. I was very nervous and scared. I have to say that his case was pretty complicated and in addition, it was in a different state. However, when we came to Alex's office he put everything in a very organized way and gave us a detailed explanation as to what has to be done. I would like to say that Alex is the kind of person who will make you believe that anything is possible, even though, at that particular moment it seems absolutely impossible. Every time we came to see him, Alex was very polite and told us not to worry and that everything will be ok. I would like to say that it is a very important trait to have as a lawyer, besides being professional as Alex is. He is also an incredible person who can give you good advice. My husband received a green card and now we can finally start a new and better life together. What can I say? A great thank you to everyone in his legal team for helping us! If you ever need an immigration attorney Alex is the person you should go to.

Zinnatul Jahan

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr.Segal and his entire office from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my husband get these rough times. My case was not a simple one, and I had never dealt with any immigration issues. Mr. Segal has always explained and helped me understand what was going on with my case and what it meant. I was always able to get answers or help whenever I needed. Either Mr. Segal himself or someone from his office would communicate with me over the phone, email, or in person. Mr.Segal has gone above and beyond to help me. Whether it was sitting with me for hours helping me write my affidavit or emailing me back to answer my concerns and even coming up with a payment plan suited to my income. I truly felt like he cared and wanted things to get better for me. I am happy to say that things are better now, and largely due to Mr.Segal and his wonderful staff. I appreciate it all, Thank you so much.

Artem Mishchenko

There was a nightmare, the long seemed to me that there was no end for it. But now i have a new life. I have no fear and i am totally happy. And for all this i am grateful to one man Alexander Segal. In our time its hard to save inside of you the qualities of an honest man. Alexandr is such man, his pesonality combines great professionalism and all the qualities to be a good person. I sincerely glad to know him and respect him very much!! He is the one who can give you a second chance even if you think its all vain!

Alex Tyrlia

Best immigration lawyer I met, Alexander knows what he is doing.

evgen taran

This lawyer has not returned my money, the sum is $2660, fraudulently made a list of works which I, absolutely did not ask him to carry out, work on my case has not been executed, and has not been executed, work on my case is not made, money my lawyer has refused To return, for which he took such a large sum of money, for what work, I do not understand and it is not clear, he just cheated me and I go to make a complaint against him in court. This lawyer, made a resit for telephone calls and for text messages in the amount of $ 2500, took for a consultation that I did not need, $ 160, after I finished the contract with him he took my money from my bank account chase, I there is all evidence of this and I open a criminal court in this regard. He just pulls out all my money and behaves like a thief.

Julia Dars

(Translated by Google) Alexander J. Segal most qualified lawyer, whom I met in New York, and I perevedala their large number. No unnecessary talk, no eulogies in his honor. No advertising itself. Alexander, and, incidentally, velekolopnaya team helped me in my case is not simple. Working with them a pleasure. My advice to anyone looking for a good lawyer, do not waste your time and money on people who are interested in only the amount you they zaplalite.Tolko office Alexander J. Segal, I felt and saw the real support and care. After successful completion, the weight of office congratulated and rejoiced with me !!! Thank you very much !!!! You are best )))) (Original) Alexander J. Segal самый высококвалифицированный адвокат, которого я встречала в New York, а их я переведала большое количество. Никаких лишних разговоров, никаких хвалебных речей в свою честь. Никакой само рекламы. Alexander, и его, кстати говоря, велеколопная команда, помогли мне в моем не простом деле. Работать с ними просто одно удовольствие. Мой совет всем, кто ищет хорошего адвоката, не тратьте свое время и деньги, на людей, которым интересна только сумма, которую Вы им заплалите.Только в офисе Alexander J. Segal я почувствовала и увидела, настоящую поддержку и заботу. И после благополучного завершения, вес офис поздравлял и радовался вместе со мной !!! Спасибо Вам огромное !!!! Вы лучшие ))))

Petar Lekovic

Veranika Antanevich

A professional attorney who knows what he is doing. I was looking for a lawyer and a friend of mine who had a good experience with him gave me his phone number. Very easy going person. Actually I was shocked when I found out that he is so experienced and he doesn't show off. Most of his clients are repeat clients (as me) and referrals which means he knows how to help people and actually does it. If somebody asks me if I know a good lawyer I just give them Segal's number.

Kanstantsin Kazadoi

I am using this opportunity to show my appreciation to Alexander Segal and his professional team ( Wendy, Eliza, Ricardo, Tatyana and many others) on successful completion of my WAWA case . My trip to becoming a permanent resident took more than 4.5 years and Alexander was my second attorney that took over my complicated case. I was completely depressed before seeing Mr. Segal for the first time, but person who referred me to his office told me that he is one of the most competent lawyers in Immigration field so I gave it another try. With a bunch of paperwork and "emerging hope" we started fixing a lot of mistakes and clearing up the complications, I had to go through a psychologist also ( wanted to say another "thank you" to Alex for referring me to Alla). To cut a long story short, there is no way I could come up with a better case without having a professional attorney on my side. Having been in the US for about 6 years I ve learn't that getting the job done needs proper funding, especially when you deal with your future. For those people who like to "shop around" for the best price - cheaper doesn't mean better and I ve learnt my lesson. I am giving Alexander J. Segal 5 stars, because he gave me hope and because he has a professional team of attorneys and paralegals working with him. Thank you!

diana tambieva

Absolutely on top of each and every case! everything always smoothly and on time! They are doing a great job! Defiantly will recommend if you do need a lawyer who does know how to do his job! Great office team, very responsible people!

Melbourne City Dance Center

Meeting Mr. Alexander J. Segal and having him as my attorney in the extraordinary abilities greencard process is the best thing that could have happened to me! Alexander and his office's employees proved them as the most caring, professional and effective attorneys that I have ever worked with. Their advices and strategy for the case were fundamental. I am the World and European Champion in Ballroom dancing, pro teacher on Dancing With The Stars in Italy and Russia and I always prefer the best quality in services. Mr. Segal made an excellent service for me, winning my case and giving me a possibility of sharing my extraordinary abilities in the field of ballroom dancing with American dancers. So currently I am waiting for the audition for ABC Dancing With The Stars and if it wasn't for Mr. Segal's help and following my case on every step of it, this wouldn't be possible today! I am truly satisfied and grateful for his excellent job!

Kamal Asham alla

More than professional. The best law firm office that you can deal with. Finally got my case granted after struggling with three different lawyers.

Murad K

I was a client of Alexander Segal for five years. He worked on my case from the beginning until I was granted Permanent Resident status this year. I am grateful. If you`re looking for a reliable lawyer, then going to Alexander Segal is one of the best choices you can make. He`s a professional and knowledgeable. You can trust him without looking over your shoulder. He`s experienced, he has been practicing immigration law for decades. You won’t regret working with him.

Yuri Kashirin


Prashanth Reddy Palvai

Dont go elsewhere...if you wanted Immigration related suggestions and help..Mr Alexandar segal is best attorney..Highly recomended

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