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REVIEWS OF Parnall Law Firm, LLC - Hurt Call Bert IN New Mexico

Christina Jaramillo

Great team made me feel like family. In the time that i was lost i had never been in an accident before they walked me through it. Step by step and made sure i was comfortable. Thank u so much to the whole team..

Roger Chipps

We have used Parnall law for 5 plus years. Excellent representation.

Estevan Ramirez

Nettie and Cynthia made the entire process of my terrible situation as smooth as possible to handle and focus on healing. I am very grateful for all their help.

Kelsey Grubb

Burt and his staff got us a great settlement after our accident. They were quick and walked us through every step of the process. On top of their great professionalism, they also treated us like family.

Frank Castle

I am a Veteran that had the unfortunate experience of being "represented" by Nicholas Trost after being involved in a bad motorcycle accident where the man left the scene. Months went by and the only information given to me about my case was when I called after not hearing anything for weeks at a time. The first time I called I was told they couldn't find the 911 call from my accident, which took me roughly five minutes after I hung up the phone to find by calling city dispatch. The next few times I called I was told they were putting a proposal together to give to the other person's insurance. The last call nearly six months down the road they said they were going to withdrawal from the case for reasons they were made aware of from the beginning. I'm guessing they forgot to file a notice of intent (which now another attorney is unable to file on my case because too much time has past) then spent the next few months buying time and making excuses before dropping it completely. Several attempts to reach Mr. Parnall have been made and have been ignored. I'll be awaiting the reply below here to justify or make excuses for this behavior, my only hope is that other people and members of the armed forces see the way I was treated and find other "local" attorneys to support. I also hope that whomever reads this and all the countless other one star reviews seeks counsel elsewhere before wasting their time with yet another T.V advertisement tycoon who apparently doesn't care about people, only stuffing his bank account. Post edit: Now they've replied to my review, made a childish joke and posted my last name, which I was trying to NOT make public. This is further evidence of the unprofessionalism and lack of character that I spoke of, so thank you. They also stated "additional considerations" arose with my case, which is not true. The excuse I was fed for their dropping out was something they knew about the entire time. Don't be fooled by antics folks!

milissa lopez

I was hit by a drunk driver in October of 2018 and was recommended to Parnall Law by a friend. I'm very glad she recommended you guys! From the first time I called all the way through the process I always felt like I was a priority. Aracely and Greg were both awesome! They kept me informed and in the loop every step of the way! The front office staff was also very nice and got my messages through right away and I was always contacted promptly. I never felt like I had to wait long for a response. Aracely and Greg explained everything to me so I understood exactly what was going on. Thank you Parnall Law!

Eddie Tenorio

Hi everyone n yes I am very thankful for your help. You are nice people every time I go in there it feels like home because everyones nice to you so you people keep up the good work you do and my family's happy now . thank you again

Plague Doctor

Parnell law firm took my case and did an absolutely wonderful job for me. When there seemed to be no hope left for any compensation for me, they did the impossible and got the corporation that harmed me to settle. My 8 year old son and I are very grateful for the hard work and persistence Parnell Law firm put into my case. In particular I would like to thank Aracely and Mark for there time and work. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone needing legal work of any kind to contact Parnell Law firm. Again, thank u very much. Danyelle N. Eaton

Sammy Piar

No one is explaining any thing to me no one evwr gets back to me i need to know what to do broke and cant work dont know if i can ge5 disability cuz no call back and i dont even kniw whats going on wit my case its been 4 month's ive think ive only have got 3 calls idk whT to do

Robin Rennecker

I had such a great experience with Una, Logan, and the rest of the team here. They were very attentive and I was at ease knowing I could focus on treatment of injury as they kept me informed at every step. I highly recommend this firm! Thank you for all of your help!

Carl Lopez

I can't say enough good things about Parnelli Law Firm they help me in difficult time in my life when things were really down and they pull through for me like nobody ever has. They wouldn't give up on my case and it was pretty hard but they would not give up on me and my case. I'm grateful for them thank you Una thank you Sophia you two ladies are the greatest lady that I know, you mean the world to me thank you so much for all your help and not giving up on me you two ladies are the greatest ladies in the world thank you very much. Also the receptionist in the front she was a very nice lady to me every time I Came in she always had a smile for me or offered me somethings to drink very polite thank you very much. The Purnell Law Firm has the nicest and most respectful people I've ever met thank you again. Carl Lopez

Robin Bartee

I have been a temp/contractor with this firm for the past 3 weeks. I've worked at two other law firms as a legal assistant and various non-profits as a social worker, and I have never witnessed a team so incredibly dedicated to their clients. The legal team, composed of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants, works collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcome for clients. But more than just getting the highest possible settlement amount, they really care about clients. My first week here, a paralegal went to the hospital to be with a former client who was scared and alone -- just to be with her as a comfort. Team members call to check on clients regularly to see how their treatment is going as part of the case process, but also to be a supportive and consistent part of their recovery. And the staff all respect and honor each other, too. The office culture is one that fosters and celebrates employees' unique contributions and strengths and allows for difference in a meaningful way. I cannot recommend this law firm highly enough, and I know that should I ever need personal injury representation, I would hire them in a heartbeat.

Amos Strickland

From the top to the bottom the whole staff was very accommodating, courteous and professional.

Josh Logan

I’ve seen the “call Burt” signs all over town and heard his advertising since I was real young. I was riding a motercycle and got cut off and had a major wreck multiple surgeries and it ruined my bike and my body, but thankfully through this troubling time I had the Parnell team. They were amazing kind thoughtful and most of all professional. They kept me updated throughout the entire process made me feel like everything was going to be ok, after my world fell apart. I cannot day enough good things about them each one was a blessing. Thankyou so much!

Penny Win

I have called Parnall and received great advice on an issue I was having. They did go above and beyond for me. Should I ever need to hire a TEAM for their services, I will be calling them again!

Leslie Archuleta

When an accident happens and we don't know what to do, we should always get a lawyer. The free consultation gave me the information i needed. And Burts team got me the money I deserve. I should have called sooner. If I'm ever in an accident again, I'm gonna call right away.

Gordan Ortega

I cannot explain how lucky I am to have been able to retain the services of Mr. Charles Parnall. I'm not sure if he is technically part of the Parnall Law Firm because I know that he does have his own firm independent from his brother Bert Parnall's Law Firm, it was however because of the catchy slogan if your hurt call Bert that I contacted the Parnell Law Firm when after a terrible automobile accident in May of last year I realized I was going to be needing some legal representation. After my initial consultation with Bert's law firm I was told that various factors meant that Bert and the Parnell Law Firm would not be able to assist me in my case however his brother Charles Parnell perhaps could. It was at this point or shortly thereafter that I was lucky enough to get in contact with Charles Parnell and retain him as my lawyer for my automobile accident. My experience with Charles and his Law Firm has been excellent and I could not have asked for a better attorney as well as group of people to work wirh. Karina and Ariel have been totally awesome to deal with and they have assisted me with any and every request that I have had since retaining Charles last year. Not only did I receive customer service and attention that was unparalleled but as we finally near the conclusion of a drawn out case ( due to no fault of our own meaning the other "at fault" drivers insurance company dragged it out) the results also are as good or better than I could have expected and hopefully will soon make up for the 15 months of hardship this unfortunate situation has created. I have been without transportation, had physical pain and injuries, and lost plenty of money as a result of this accident however knowing that I had Charles and his team fighting for me has given me comfort and been the silver lining in this whole situation. I would like to thank Bert and the Parnall Law Firm for such an excellent referral and mostly I would like to thank Charles, Karina, and Ariel for having my back and being so patient and understanding with me. Anyone who is able to work with Charles Parnall and his team are in great hands and I'm sure the same goes for Bert and the Parnall Law Firm as they are obviously two experts in their field that are quite literally cut from the same cloth! Thank you again! - Gordan Ortega

Marilyn Smith

Logan and Mr. Abel were excellent!! That everything was explained and no question was not answered in a timely manner. Good Job!

Stephen Turner

Very good people, worked hard to accomplish what we sey out to do. I want to thank Deb and Pete for their hard work and the other staff also. Have a great holiday season and hope to not have to use your services again, lol, but if I do I will be happy to use Parnall Law firm

Traveon Nelson

This Law Firm was amazing! They not only did what they said they would do but they got me more than I ever expected! I had never needed any legal action in my life until August of 2017! I was rear ended by a guy on his phone! The Parnall Law Firm was one of the first recommended and that I could see advertised as shown! They went above and beyond to make sure I did not stress and had the proper help to recovery with their recommendations of chiropractors and doctors! I recommend them to anyone in the future that needs help with accidents!

Austin Aguilar

Very easy to work with. Professional staff, and quick responses to questions. Great settlement! My family and I are very pleased! Highly recommended

JBex D

There are major barriers in attempting a claim in an automobile accident, parnall law was very upfront around the possibilities and lack thereof in regards to attempting to recover anything in this case. Where multiple other larger firm would not accept the case, parnall law point it out missed opportunities and our willing to explore this legal issue.

Megan R.

Highly recommend Parnall Law Firm. I am really happy with the services they provided! 5 Stars!

Jackie Stuard

If you ever need a good lawyer go to the Parnell law firm. They are fantastic. They fight for you to get everything you deserve after a car accident. I wouldn't go any where else. Nicholas J. Trost is a fantastic lawyer. And his assistant Nettie is fantastic also. They make you right at home at there office. Great atmosphere. And they care.

Connie Maynard

Excellent firm with a professional staff.

Agustin Villegas

If you're hurt call Bert! I HIGHLY recommend the Parnall Law Firm, if you've been in an accident. I didn't know what to expect because I've never been in this situation before, but the friendly, helpful and courteous staff helped me every step of the way. The communication was top notch. I was never left in the dark and knew exactly what to expect throughout the process.

geovanny miranda

Just want to say thank you so very much to Nick and his amazing partner Nettie from the Parnall Law Firm .You guys are amazing and a gods send to me .If you need a local team that cares for you .You must get the Parnall team behind you I know that i will thanks again yours truly Geovanny Miranda

rocio avitia

I was involved in a car accident last year the person responsible was a drunk driver. Parnall Law was very attentive to my case. They helped me even while I am out of the country. I am so satisfied and happy with the results of my case and how helpful they were. I highly reccomend them!

Ted Knudsen

I am very pleased with the service and care I received with Parnall Law, they handled everything from beginning to end. They were not only very professional, but they showed genuine concern for me and my situation. I could not be happier with them. Mine was not a large suit, but they gave me the same care and consideration I imagine they give evey client. You won't go wrong with Parnall Law. Thank you !!!

Jim Layman

Everyone is very professional, caring, and thorough in explaining the process and answering questions. They kept me updated in a timely manner on the progression of my case and were invaluable in helping me with my medical process. I highly recommend this firm if you’re in an accident.

Ron Archuleta

I'm writing this review on behalf of my mother. She went to Parnall Law Firm on the recommendation of her chiropractor after she was rear ended last year. She has had nothing but good to say about his law firm. They were friendly right from the start. They were very attentive to her concerns, and always kept her in the loop about the status of her case. They called to check on her to see how she was doing. They got her a great settlement from the insurance company. My mother recommends them highly, and would use them again if she ever had to.

Leo Rebolledo

Excellent service, plenty of communication throughout my case, and the end result was fantastic. I would recommend Parnall Law Firm, anyday.

Steven Ortega

Burt and his staff made the whole process very easy and straight forward im glad that someone recommended them to me otherwise i would be alot worse off than i am. Thank you everyone for helping me and being so nice about everything

Abdallah Safi

Nicholas J trost is awesome very friendly and a kind person worked really well with me response was always quickly made major moves and proceeded with my accident extremely quickly he is awesome I definitely recommend for you to go see him at their office couldn’t of had a better experience with anybody else thank you so much Nicholas for all your help if I could give 100 starts I would do it!!!!

Monte Chavez

The way they conduct business is super professional. Super easy to contact if I had a question always, kept me updated. Finish my casa with in a timely manner. Very polite helped me understand. I recommend this attorneys office.

Fractal Man

Couldn’t be happier with the service they provided - detailed, thoughtful, excellent. It was great to have this team working for me during a difficult time when I needed help. They did everything I could have hoped for, and more, and the outcome was the best it could have been. Highly recommended.

Roberta Gutierrez

I was treated very well by everyone. Very friendly environment. I was always kept informed by Aracely and Gregory Abel. I never had to worry, they did it all! Keep it up...I highly recommend Parnall Law

edward gallegos

I worked with Roni and had nothing but a good experience, everything was very professional, organized, and communicated promptly and thoroughly. I will continue to return to Roni if I ever do have a problem in the future that I would need her help with and definitely recommend her as well as the whole office staff.

Donna Welty

Cynthia and Pauline are amazing!! Worked so hard for me! I appreciate everything they did for me... The best!!! I 110% recommend !

Dezzy Blaze

Excellent laywers. Very professional and dedicated. The Parnell staff was kind, informative, prompt and thorough in my case. I highly recommend them.

Leroy Harrington

I went to Bert for help when a guy running from the law crashed into my house. Attorney Greg Abel helped me get compensation, quickly and without much trouble. The staff is friendly, professional and efficient. I'm so glad I contacted Parnall Law Firm and I highly recommend them. Tomasita Page

A Google User

Very pleased with the dedication and tenacity of Nick Trost, Dannette and the rest of the team! Thank you for all your help!

Danny Lopez

I worked with Parnall Law for a little over a year and have nothing but great things to share. They were incredibly responsive and worked tirelessly on my behalf. I would go to them again and am already recommending them to others.

Megan Molinar

Very professional and extremely helpful. Their Team is very informative and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend family and friends or anyone looking for a law firm that will go above and beyond for you!

Tony Herrera

I was treated with respect and dignity by Parnall Law Firm. They did an awesome job for me. I highly recommend them.

Kimberly Fejeran

Very professional and extremely helpful. I definitely recommend family and friends. Or anyone looking for a good law firm. Thank you, for all your help parnall.

maria Garcia chavez

Absolutely will recommend them. Bert DOES care about every single of his clients. After I had my case resolved and paid them, I had some doubts about the case and Bert personally made time for me and met with my and my son to make sure that I didn’t have any doubts about the process. He was so professional and so good to my little 13 month old son while I was in the meeting with him. He could have easily just sent someone else to answer my questions but no, he made sure to address it himself. Absolutely incredible. I will always recommend them. I am so happy with them. Thank you Bert :)

Una Campbell

I am an attorney at Parnall Law and I am humbled to work with the most dedicated and hardworking advocates for justice. My teammates are some of the most knowledgeable legal professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. More importantly, they are some of the best people I have ever met who fight for their clients with heart.

Raymond Chavez

I dealt with other lawyers before, but this time I went with Parnall Law Firm, and I'm glad I did. The Law Firm was exceptional, from beginning to end. I would recommend Parnall Law Firm to anyone, who needs a lawyer.

Monica Gabaldon

Parnall Law Firm was voted one of best places to work for a reason! It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of such a talented, kind and hardworking team.

Colleen Gregory

The staff at Bert Parnall's Law Firm is the most amazing team of lawyers I have encountered. Their level of professionalism and integrity is incredible and goes above and beyond the highest expectations. I am so fortunate to have had Attorney Greg Abel and Jessica Roberts on my side. They worked endlessly to take a stressful situation and flip it around until it was manageable. I have been treated with the utmost respect every time I walk through their doors or have received a phone call from any one of their staff members. Greg and Jessica gave me 110% of their time and focus from day 1. I felt they made my case top priority and find it remarkable that they were managing other clients cases at the same time. Maymie Mitchell did an astounding job at keeping me connected with Greg and Jessica throughout the process. Her interpersonal skills and phone etiquette is truly admirable and helped to make sure everything went as smooth as it possibly could. She immediately made me feel as though my case was important and mattered when I was feeling as if it didn't. I highly recommend Parnall Law Firm to anyone who is in need of personal injury representation. They are the hardest working team that never stops. Their level of expertise and authenticity when working with clients is unlike any other and outweighs anything I could have ever imagined.

Karen Castillo

All of you have been very helpful and very attentive to my needs. Thank you!

Brittany Yazzie

Nettie and una were great! Thank you parnell law

Roni Fraire

I love seeing our clients’ five star reviews. Many attorneys and paralegals are often thoughtfully mentioned but I wanted to personally provide a five star review to the rest of our support staff who are such a big part of what we do. Stephanie and Alex are at reception to greet you when you arrive. They are familiar with everyone and provide an excellent first impression. Chysandra, Justin, and Aubrey, are on our intake team. Their intake conversion rate is outstanding! Our legal assistants, Robin, Joel, and JaNeisha quickly and efficiently set up claims and get coverage documents in line early on. Daniel is our evidence assistant and tracks down evidence before claims adjusters can. Rickie gets the medical damages in line for all our clients. Ryan ensures proper submission of medical bills to med pay or health insurance. Meredith is our demand writer and her work never ceases to amaze me. Holly is our settlement paralegal. She works hard and fast each day negotiating with subrogation carriers or medical providers to maximize the client’s recovery and she provides clients with a prompt disbursement once their case is settled. Jessica is our courier (and assistant) and always gets us what we need, when we need it. She also plans events. Khanh is our marketing director and assists with event planning. Our Administrator Lori takes care of all dynamics of a rapidly growing law firm handling the hiring, the building, the vendors, and every need anyone here at Parnall Law could ask for. Ashly is our bookkeeper and also assists with the administration including hiring and so many other tasks that cannot possibly be documented here. I’m proud to say I love our team and our culture. If you want to work at an amazing place like this, you should definitely review our jobs ads page.

Claire Addison

As a visitor who suffered a New Mexico accident, I feel lucky to have found this firm. For exceeding my expectations, I’d like to thank Ms. Martuccio- Whitsell Esq., Ms. Padilla, Ms. Bennett, Ms. Kent and Mr. Day. Staff welcomes you with a smile, elicits your opinion, provides options, communicates well and acts as zealous advocates on your behalf.

Maria Aragon

My son was seriously injured by a drunk driver in December of 2018. I called Parnall Law the day of the accident and they send Nick Trost to the hospital a few hours later. Nick made myself and my son feel like everything was going to be ok. His kind words were so comforting at that horrible time. Nicks constant communication and reassurance as well as Arrecelis were so comforting. They settled his case in only four short months! We are very happy with the outcome! Thank God for you all!!

Adam Castille

Araceli and Cynthia did a fantastic job helping my daughters claim and fighting hard with the insurance company to get as much as possible for her injuries. It was a difficult time for my daughter and I but with their commitment it was well worth the wait. Thank you young ladies for everything!

Nicholas Trost

I've worked as an attorney at Parnall Law since March 5, 2018. I've never been happier. Everyone who works at Parnall Law is extraordinarily talented, tenacious, and kind. We all have the same common goal: to help injured New Mexicans. I've become very close with my co-workers over the past year-and-a-half, and we all genuinely care about each other - both personally and professionally. Our close-knit team also produces tremendous results for our clients. Insurance companies know they can't push us around. We have the resources to tackle any case - regardless of the circumstances. The attorneys, paralegals, and legal staff have decades of combined experience and our passion for justice is our greatest asset. We will stop at nothing to achieve our clients' goals. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am excited to walk into the Parnall Law office everyday. I really enjoy my work. Each one of my co-workers feels the same way. I've also become a better father, husband, son, brother (twin), cousin, and nephew because of Parnall Law. Happy employees equal more productive employees. We're all so fortunate to work here. If you can, please stop in to say "hi." We'd love to see you!


Through compassion and genuine concern for injured New Mexicans the Parnall Law Team continues to build strong relationships and provide support to victims and their families in Albuquerque and greater New Mexico. They are responsive and knowledgeable about New Mexico laws and are dedicated to helping victims move forward with their lives. They are also committed to making sure that their clients have a positive outcome in their cases. I would recommend Parnall Law to anyone that not only wants a law firm that is experienced, but will also fight for their rights to a just outcome.


Great people that care about you. I got my settlement in less than 5 months wich is great considering most people wait way longer. I know that if im ever injured in a car accident again, (and i hope im not), Parnell will be there fore me with understanding and compassion. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to my situation.

Kurtiss Eddingfield

Had a unique situation both Una and Deborah helped me see what I could do and they were good about keeping me updated the whole way. Thanks for making it easy and painless. I would recommend anyone to go to them they were great.

Don Allen

I had my finger bitten off by a friend's dog and his insurance company was condescending, uncooperative, and difficult to deal with in general. My negotiations with them were confusing, extremely stressful and stagnant. I met with Bert, Cynthia, and Sophia at Parnell Law for free advice. They explained my claim to me and helped me understand my situation. Consequently, I turned my case over to them. It was the best thing I could have done. They are a great team. They know Injury Law well and are very experienced. Being familiar with all the insurance companies and all the technical legalities that arise make Parnell Law a formidable ally. They were able to settle my claim fairly, reasonably, and in a timely fashion. I cannot emphasize enough how much they helped me and saved my claim. I highly recommend Parnell Law firm. Call them immediately if you are injured. You will be treated honestly, professionally, and with great care.

Andra Woods

I was in a bad space I was recommended by a very close family member they took my case which they don't usually do they work so hard for me they turned my world around brought back a smile to my face put my face back into the humans population I love them they are the most wonderful people attorney staff they're all just wonderful thank you all

Mark Blasetti

Best law firm in Albuquerque

Jennifer Gallegos

If you're looking for quick cash, this is not the place for you. If you want the attorney you saw on the billboard, again not the place for you. And I was none too pleased that my case had passed hands from one gent, to Bert then, to Una. Though it's coming to a close this process has taken over two years, as many cases do tend to go on for years. Poor dears, Una had to hear about that and so did Araceli. As the months turned into years my patience thinned into oblivion. At one point I decided I would get a loan against my case, but Bert protected me by not approving it. I was livid about it at the time, and I lost a few things for planning on having cash sooner; but in hind sight, I'm glad that Bert was adamant against the loan. Una and Araceli had to bare my disappointment and I was quite disappointed. Then I had some personal issues. These pushed me to wrap up the case and led me out of town. I wanted to settle for half of what Una would eventually settle. But Una assured me that we had a solid case, and we could and should move forward. Then she went over and above by personally assisting me with a much needed resource. Araceli too showed that she and Una were personally invested in me by escorting me from the bus station back to my home and making certain I had a few indispensable necessities. Now that Una has reached a settlement that we agree upon I'm excited. As I mentioned earlier it's twice what I would have gotten had they not encouraged me to continue. But if I had the opportunity to do it over again. I'm not sure that I would. But I'm sure you wouldn't make the mistakes I made. Cheers.

Tomasita Page

What a wonderful staff, very helpful and compassionate. Hopefully I never need another personal injury attorney but if I ever do I will call Bert.

Kerrie Kiefer

I had the unfortunate event of getting t-boned roughly a year after getting rear-ended over a year ago. I went to Parnell Law for the first accident, and it was the obvious choice to go back for the second one. I never thought I'd have to call back, but they were absolutely thorough, kind, patient, and really did everything in their power to be sure I was taken care of and was not brushed aside. Una Campbell fought for me and Jessica Roberts was more than I could have asked for in a paralegal. Now, I hope I do not ever have to call back for representation but if something were to occur Parnell Law would be my first call. Thank you all.

Maria Dilley

I highly recommend going to Burt!! They not only care about you and your situation but they make sure to go above and beyond for their clients. Everyone is extremely nice and they are great with communication with the case as it progresses. Aimee and Kim were the ones I dealt with and they both are just the best! I will never go to anyone else! Thank you all for the help you provide, you helped me when I thought I was helpless and for that I am so thankful. Keep up all the amazing work!

Tanya Brown

I wanted to write a review on Una Campbell (lawyer) because it is well deserved. I cannot thank her enough for her services, expecially in a time of my family's condolences. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to her for all of the care she deadicated and shown me. I couldn't be any happier with the services I have received! She is EXTREMELY professional, experienced and knowledgeable. She helped me through every step of the way and addressed behond any concerns I had. I'd like to thank her paralegal as well, she was extremely helpful for any additional questions or concerns we had. She done everything possible to help me and my family! I want to thank her again, and I am verypleased with her and advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone who need a professional lawyer!

Jrome Cordova

I was in a bad car crash last December. I had a great experience with parnall law firm. Una and Logan took real good care of me and explained the entire process. I was notified of any changes and was updated the entire process. I would recommend parnall law firm to anybody I care about. Thank you parnall law for the pleasant experience!!

Brandon Barber

This group of professionals has been exceptional when it comes to making there clients feel welcomed and appreciated. I initially spoke with Ryan Day who gave me great guidance and advice. I knew upon speaking with him that i would be in great hands! Thank you for all that you gentlemen and ladies have done for me and my daughter. We are greatly satisfied with the professionalism, empathetic and diligent work ethic that this office provides. This was a very great experience. Gregory, Abel and Gideon were very transparent and never put me in an predicament where I had to make an uncomfortable decision. I highly recommend this office!

Latisha Aguilera

Very nice and respectful people low information that they give me if you really wanna good lawyer go a Parnall

Cora Cordoba

This Law Firm is the Best

Savannah Trujillo

Parnall law’s Una, Jessica, and everyone else who has helped with my case has been so amazing! They fought for my family and we couldn’t be more thankful for all their hard amazing work! Very professional, patient, hard working, they took very good care of us and answered any and all questions we had.

Kellie and Christina Carroll-Juarez

Abel and Deborah were amazing. They took our case and Put themselves in our shoes. They stayed in touch constantly so that we knew where we were in the case the whole time. I would recommend Parnell Law to everyone. They are family!

eleanor maier

Thank you so much guys for all your help!! You helped me with what would be considered as too small a claim but you took it on anyway based on a matter of principal. Truly defending the victim (me) when other law firms turned me away. Special thanks to Nick (lawyer) and Logan (Paralegal), you both made the whole experience fun! I will recommend you to anyone who needs legal assistance.

JaNeisha Brown

I have never worked at such an amazing place in my life. Everyone who works who is extremely passionate and supportive about anyone and everyone who walks through the doors. I love it here!

Bernard McGartland

Very helpful. Seemed genuinely concerned with my situation.

Christopher Eimer

Peter and his team are outstanding couldn't give enough thanks to them and there team thanks Parnell team


Nick and Nettie were fantastic with me and professional. My case went on for 1 1/2 years and they followed through with everything in my best interest and kept me informed at every step of the way. I will definitely recommend the Parnall Law Firm to family, friends and the veteran community. I thank you very much.

Otto Rousseaux

Roni assisted me with my claim and did an amazing job. I couldn't be happier. I had a great outcome.

Bryan Baker

Nick took his time to fight for every last penny. He went above and beyond expectation to take care of all of the clients in the case, and made sure that every detail was accounted for!

Christine Brush

I was rear-ended in April of 2017. I wasn't sure if the accident was 'bad enough' to warrant legal assistance but I called anyway. As a veteran, I used the VA to treat my injuries. It took time to get the other insurance company to agree to the settlement, and to negotiate the VA system part of the claim but Nettie and Mr. Parnell (and I) were patient and it all worked out. Even if you are not sure your accident is serious enough, you should give them a call first. I recommend their services in Albuquerque (the Driving Accident Capital of America).

Misty Garley

Una and Logan are amazing! Thanks for all the help and the quickness of closing the case for my mom. They were in constant contact with us and never left us out of any details. I hear stories about other law firms and thank God for Una and Logan and all the staff at Parnell Law Firm, we couldn't be more grateful for all that you have done! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for hard working, dedicated, professionals! Thank you all for everything!

Amber Gaytan

I would highly recommend Parnall Law. Cynthia and her assistant Debbie were so terrific and helpful with the entire process. Every encounter with everyone in the office was a positive experience they were all so kind. Also they made our case headache free. They have an amazing team.

Tyrell Irving

No one likes to be in a car accident but if it happens you want to move on with your life as soon as possible. Parnall Law Firm made that possible for me. They took care of everything and gave me updates as often as I wanted. I was able to pick right up where I left off prior to the accident due to the seamless process and services they provide. Gideon is the absolute best so if he’s involved in your claim then I know you’ll be as satisfied as I have been. Thank you so much Team Parnall!!

mike vigil

Parnall law firm handled everything for me and my family.they have a great team thanks for everything

Jordan Rodriguez

Great experience! Thank you all!

Angela Teertstra

Una and Jessica kept me up to date regularly and were patient with my questions. They did a great job and I am very pleased with the result. I highly recommend this firm!

Chantel Quick

Parnall law has been incredibly helpful. Great people to work with. Nick Trost has been nothing but great and consistent with my case. Thank you everyone who helped out with my case. Greatly appreciated!!!

Anne Lindemann

Very helpful and answered my questions I had about the care my father got. We came up with a plan to move forward that made me feel so much better and I really felt like they cared.


Tried another law firm briefly and did not feel any personal connection, then decided to explore here instead and was very pleased. They were in contact with me the whole time, I was able to call or email whenever I needed an update. We settled out of court and had a personal connection the whole time. I would recommend coming to Parnall.

richard sawin

I was involved in a serious automobile accident in March of 2018 involving a drunk driver, the Parnall Law Firm handled my case and was able to get me a sizeable settlement without going to court, I highly recommend them if you are in need of an attorney, everyone involved in my case was extremely friendly and professional, they made me feel very comfortable whenever I was in their office. I am a Deputy Sheriff and after being in Law Enforcement for over 34 years I have never met an attorney that impressed me more

Teri Mayerstein

WOW! What a blessing to work with your firm! There were so many challenges presented to our family when a bad car accident took place on October 30, 2018. My mother sustained serious injuries to her left arm... she required surgery, 2 steel rods and 42 screws to put her arm back together... she was in rehab... she still does not have 100% of her mobility back, and there is a possibility that she never will. Her boyfriend was (thankfully) not hurt, but his truck was totaled. Parnall Law Firm negotiated a settlement that paid all the medical costs, helped to compensate her boyfriend for the truck, and allowed for funds to be dispersed to pay for any future medical expenses that might arise. Parnall Law firm (and especially your amazing legal assistant Logan) worked tirelessly to negotiate every aspect of this case with professionalism and in the most expedient manner possible! Her caring attitude and patience (in dealing with my mom’s declining mental and physical health) was the biggest blessing for me and my family. Logan was always available for any questions or concerns that my mom or I had. There was NEVER a time when we experienced any problems! She is an amazing asset to the firm, and I know one thing for sure: she is going to “give her all” to any case she will be assigned... she’s just a GREAT employee and an even better young woman! I highly recommend Parnall Law Firm with 5 stars! I wholeheartedly thank them, and I ask for God to bless their firm and all the families of their staff legal team! TeriMayerstein

Margaret Hempstead

Amy represented me concerning an auto accident. I highly recommend The Parnall Law Firm. The firm is efficient and they helped me to obtain a good settlement.

Cody Booker

An absolutely fantastic place to work! You will not find a more passionate, tenacious group of people fighting for justice. Everyone truly cares about the clients and works diligently to protect their rights.

Debbie Jaramillo

All personnel were generous with their time.The communication betw. Deborah and myself was consistant & timely.Whatever the status of the case, I heard from her frequently with updates. I am overwhelmingly amazed at the recent outcome settlement.Feeling blessed. I give you high praise. .Thank you all at Parnell Law Firm

Stephanie Roth

I would highly recommend anyone that is going through any type of difficulty with a legal situation. Go see Una Campbell! You will not regret it! She works hard to get you what you deserve. Point blank. I NEVER had ANY issues with this law firm at all!

laura harmon

They were very helpful with everything that we need help with. They answered all our questions that we had. They were very professional with all the phone calls we had to make. Thank you for all your help Parnell law firm.

Chad Griffin-Lucero

The entire staff was excellent, Nick was very cleare & informative and Pauline was amazing. She really went above and beyond to finalize and get things completed. The timeframe they told me from the beginning was highly accurate.


Hardworking team of professionals!

John LeGate

If your case is less than $3,000 in claims they cannot justify the hours and they will not waste their time with you.

K Nashay

Love this law firm the team I had was wonderful I was in the hospital a few months after retaining there services that had noting to do with my case and they came to see me Ms. Deborah sent flowers as well as come to see me thay call never left me in the dark would recommend to anyone in need of a lawyer they truely care

3 peas in a pod

They awesome work in my case thank you

Dvr Swann

I was rear ended A Friday night in February 2018 . By Monday morning these guy where already on my case getting stuff rolling. Helped getting my insurance company to co-operate after being difficult after the accident. Good attorneys here i would recommend anyone.dont hesitate give them a call they will tell you if you have a case or not no run around.

Mr. Com Tam TV

I personally think Parnall Law firm is probably the best personal injury law firm in Albuquerque. They do not only have great commercials, but also friendly staff

Miguel Ruiz

I had the best services the really care about people it was a long process but with the help of Nick and sheneille and the rest of the parnall law team we got justice thank you all.

Lynette L. Deuel

Cynthia and her team worked very hard for me and I am so grateful. I highly recommend Parnall Law Firm. If you want knowledgeable, hard working attorneys you want Parnall Law.

Ling Zhang

Parnall law helped me step by step from start to finish .

Greenview Admin

Wouldn't take my case. Wasn't significant enough of a claim to represent me. Thanks for wasting my time.

Jeriah Pouncil

I loved how easy the process was and how helpful they are. Definitely recommend!

Miss Garcia

Everyone here is so helpful and professional. There is open and clear communication, and they answer all questions with expertise and patience. They also fight hard to get a fair settlement for the client. I was very happy and satisfied with their service and totally recommend them.

danielle Avila

Cynthia was lawyer and Gideon was my paralegal. I couldn't have asked for a better team. They are both such amazing people. They treated me so well throughtout the whole process, so respectful! They genuinely care about their clients at Parnall Law Office. They handled things in such an efficient manor. If I ever need an auto injury lawyer again, I wouldn't dream about going anywhere else. Thank you so much for fighting for me. Y'all have a friend for life

Kimmi Castellano

Had an amazing experience at this law firm. They were extremely professional and super helpful! We'd definitely go back to them (hopefully we wouldn't need to) but if we needed trustworthy and caring people that fight for what is fair we'd think if them immediately. A special thanks to Mr. Greg Abel and Deborah Padilla for EVERYTHING they did for us during this long and stressful journey. You guys are appreciated!! Would most definitely recommend Parnell law firm to anyone who may need a good lawyer/paralegal. Thanks again, Robert and Kim

Megan Robbins

10 months ago I came to Parnall law firm because a distracted driver T-boned me. Yesterday we finally got close this chapter. I couldn’t be happier. I have to say that choosing them to represent me in my battle was absolutely amazing. Greg Abel and his paralegal Deborah were truly amazing and considerate. Keeping constant communication and made sure everything was transparent. They made sure I understood every step of the way and answered any questions I may have had. They always went above and beyond for my needs. You won’t regret choosing this law firm in any way shape or form. I truly couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Bert for having such an amazing team.

Anh Nguyen

I met Mr. Parnall in the 10-year anniversary picnic. It was such a pleasure to see him in real life. Mr. Parnall was nothing like the person on the commercial, he’s just like one of us. He’s a caring, warm, and passionate attorney. He talked to me about how his firm has evolved in 10 years. If I ever get into an accident, I would definitely give him a call

Tonita Zamora

Peter and Aracely are truly amazing people! We couldn't be more grateful for the how they handled our case. They are caring, kind, and very professional. They went above and beyond what was need of them. Thank you Peter and Aracely!!

Kay Dee

My sister and I had a wonderful experience at Parnall Law Firm. All the staff members were very friendly and professional, especially our paralegal Sophia and attorney Nick. I would highly recommend this law firm to all of my friends and family.

Trev Trey B

Highly recommend Parnall Law when involved in a car accident. There such a great team. They listen to your concerns and they will go above beyond for you.. They work with you very well when there was an updated on a case.. Very pleased..

Gina Castellanos

I would highly recommended anyone to Parnall Law Firm. Parnall Law Firm was a great support to my Brother and I. Una and Gideon were extremely hopeful always communicating with me with any little details about my brothers case. The hospitality and respect that was given to my brother. I couldn’t ask for a much better team. Thank you!

Alejandra Arriola

In a time of need, these are the kinds of lawyers you need to equip yourself with. They were all so friendly and helpful. I couldn’t have done this without them. I appreciate their support. Cynthia was fabulous throughout the entire process. I felt confident with them in my corner. Thank you!

Kristy michaelis

Very professional And most importantly sticks to their promises which means a lot from lawyers these days! So glad I had the opportunity to work with Parnall Law Firm under the circumstances. I would deffinality recommend them till all my friends and family if they ever needed an a attorney. If I ever needed to use an attorney again it would definitely be Cynthia with Parnell office. Thank you Cythina and the team at Parnall Law Firm!

Jesus Payan

The entire group at Parnall Law Firm are very interested in your situation and concerned of your well being. They are courteous, and treated us with respect and dignity. Our case settlement was to our satisfaction and we appreciate them for their hard work. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone needing a professional team like Parnall Law Firm!!! Sincerely, Jesus Payan

Joseph Thompson

My experience was excellent! From start to finish I received great care and attention from obviously capable and experienced professionals. The outcome could not have been better. They made it seem too easy. When I was injured, I asked my brother to find a highly rated law office online but they had to also have a large number of responses. Parnall Law has this and I know I made the right choice. Thank you!

Know Won

I highly recommend Parnall Law! They helped me every step. From the first call they treated me respectfully and compassionately. Shenielle and Nick are an incredible team! It didn’t matter if we communicated thru emails, phone or in person. I was genuinely taken care of at a time I needed it most. Thanks to them, my surgery was successful, I am healing and can replace my car. I truly could not have asked for more! Thank you for turning my tragedy around. If I ever am in a similar situation, Shenielle will be my first phone call. Thank you is just not enough. Sheneille went above and beyond for me. I am forever indebted to Shenielle.

Jackie Conner

Great communication. Sincere, personable, knowledgeable, honest, professional staff. You can rest assured that you have a team of legal professionals working for you.

Robert Hoover

We were wrecked into by a distracted driver. We looked up reviews and called Parnell Law after having issues with the other drivers insurance company. This proved to be a great choice. Parnell Law Firm took care of everything from the moment we called them.


Parnall Law (Nick, Aracely and Una) were very professional, personable and genuinely concerned about my case. They did what they said they would do and fought for me aggressively. I would recommend the firm to any of my friends without hesitation. Thanks Parnall!

Debbie Encinias

I spoke to a couple of different law firms and knew after talking to the staff at Parnell Office that I was going to best served there. I got a call every week letting me know what was going on and if I had any questions they were answered. My calls were returned that day. I was lucky to have worked with Aracelli, she was awesome! I would recommend Parnell Law Firm to anyone.

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