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REVIEWS OF Glenn Smith Valdez, New Mexico’s Traffic Ticket Lawyer IN New Mexico

Yao Y

I had a speeding ticket in New Mexico when I travelled there, somehow the officer misunderstood my intention was to paying the ticket instead of appearing at court cause I live in Virginia. And obviously after I paid the ticket they still sent me couple letters said I missed the court date. I contacted Mr. Glenn Valdez and his team helped me to resolve the case, specially Mr. Diego Manrique he is so nice and patient with all the questions that I have, including helping me solve the driver license issue with New Mexico Department of Motor & Vehicle. Highly recommended!

Chelsae Wetherbee

I’ve hired Glenn Smith Valdez to represent me twice now. The first time, I had two tickets for one traffic stop. He was able to keep both of them off my driving record. This time around, I received yet another traffic ticket 8 months later. This traffic stop was a spending ticket. I was afraid I wouldn’t get out of ticket based off of my previous tickets. Well, I was proven wrong! Not only did was my driving record saved again, he also was able to dismiss my ticket all together! Mr. Valdez Is a great attorney! His staff and legal team are professional, polite and punctual! If you are lucky enough to work with Jocelyn, you would agree with me. I highly recommend Glenn Smith Valdez and his services!

Olivia Davis

I got speeding ticket over 10 and they halped me with accurate and professional results in my favor and good part I always feels comfortable and in safe and during entire process.thanks for helping me

Steven York

This is THE BEST lawyer in the state of New Mexico for CDL. I highly recommend Glenn Smith Valdez!!

4114Lucrecia Carvajal

Thanks to Mr. Valdez my husbands traffic ticket was dismissed, being a truck drive your driving record is everything, the better the record the more options for better pay is out there, thank you Mr. Valdez

Angel Escobar

I got pulled over in downtown they gave me 8 citations and Mr. Valdez helped me out and I am grateful for that.

Cee Lyman

Very professional and effective. Prompt, thorough, courteous, and made my experience of the process efficient and easy. Worth every penny.

Marki Pehrson

Mr. Valdez and all his associates were amazing to work with! My husband received a careless driving ticket in Raton New Mexico for eating a candy bar!! Mr. Valdez went to bat for us and got the ticket dismissed! We highly recommend him for your legal issues. Marki Pehrson

Candice M

The Valdez team is amazing!! They worked so quickly and helped us every step of the way. If I had questions or needed to wait a day or two for payment they were so understanding and just so informative! Thank you all so much for all your hard work and always being so kind and helpful. We would refer this team to anyone for CDL traffic tickets!

ronald waters

I want you to know that you need the Valdez law firm if you have received a traffic citation in Eddy county. I was ticked in Eddy county for speeding. And his team helped me out of possible career altering citation, as I am a truck driver. I really didn't think I was going to see results,because this was a serious charge (20 over). They were able to get the ticket dismissed. Thank you Melissa , Myrna, and Ashley. These are the wonderful people ,that guided me thru this very stressful process.

Joey C

Glad I chose Glenn Smith Valdez to help me with my traffic tickets! Glenn was able to use their legal knowledge and capabilities to make the legal process much easier and give helpful advice.

laura Richards

I had a wonderful experience through this law office. They worked very quickly on my case and very trustworthy. I am from out of state so the worries I had were all taken away after working with them! Definitely would recommend.


I got a speeding ticket in the middle of the night following a big truck. The offer never told me how he caught me going the speed he said I was going nor did he show me his radar gun. I didn't sign off on pleading guilty on the ticket because after looking at the ticket, it didn't say anywhere that he actually used a radar gun. I kept quiet and signed the acceptance of the ticket only. I called this law office first thing in the morning and sent them a photo of the ticket. Atty Valdez went to court for me and got it dismissed right away. He knew the officer because he's dealt with him before, so that helped my case more. If you need a great attorney to help you out, give him a call. There are so many ways to get a ticket dismissed that you don't know about until you call this office. It's totally worth saving yourself the three-year increase of insurance premiums, to say the least, plus you don't get the point on your record.

Elizabeth Sterling

I highly recommend using Mr. Valdez to help you resolve any outstanding traffic tickets and/or warrants for traffic tickets. From my first contact with Mr. Valdez and his office staff I received quick and courteous professional assistance every step of the way. Mr. Valdez and his staff kept me informed of progress and costs and got an old traffic ticket and warrant in New Mexico quickly resolved. I expected the process to take months but it actually took less than two weeks! They are very understanding and care about really helping you.

Supreme Aluminum Florida

Truly professional service offered and kept me informed of my case throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them for any traffic violations. Thank you for a job well done!

The Space Monkies

Great office, all employees were very nice! They were quick to reach out and explain everything in easy details; highly recommend to anyone!

marwan abubakar

Very convenient valdez is one stop for all legal matters i have a ticket and i can't afford to get there but he make it happen without going there thanks alot

Joe Melchor

Super worth it if you really care about your driving record since sometimes it could be critical for certain jobs.. this lawyer will fully get your cased diss missed with no problems, also super nice to work payment methods with you.

Mike Hicks

Glenn Smith Valdez’ did a great job of handling my citation! Would definitely recommend using them!

Gregg Browne

I would like to take time to say "thank you so, much for the fantastic results"! You really are the BEST IN NEW MEXICO. (Case dismissed) - Gregg B. CDL Driver from Kansas

Cesar Echavarria

Good service. I called them for when I needed to reinstate my license because I had a hold on it in New Mexico. I live in Texas and for my line of work, I travel so I didn’t have time to go to New Mexico and deal with it. They were very helpful and kept me in the loop whenever anything would happen. Took a while but they got the job done. I would recommend them . Good service

Turhan Hall

What a great experience one phone call was all it took. I’m a over the road truck driver. While traveling through New Mexico I received a speeding ticket right after receiving the ticket I call Glenn Smith Valdez law office and that’s all it took they went in to action and took care of me, and dismissing my ticket and keep me in the loop as to what was going on at all times In the processed from beginning to end! Thank you to the law office of Mr Valdez for going to battle for me and keep my record clean you guys are my number one and only stop for legal help in New Mexico keep up the good work Turhan T Hall

raj narendrareddy

Great service, regular follow up. Glenn provide the best out come for a case.

omar walton

Mr.Glenn Smith and his team were amazing i had a ticket of 30 MPH over the speed limit and they brought it all the way down to just 29 dollars in court fees. Damn and there communication is bar none.The Receptionist Chris is cool as hell to and kept me informed the whole time. Anyways thanks to Glenn and his team i stayed out of jail and kept my driving record clean. Storm Walton

Allen Galo

I couldn’t be happier with the Valdez law office as they provided excellent service and great people to work with.

Juan Ruiz

Coming back from a ski trip with my buddies, we were talking about the trip and I was not paying attention. I got pulled over and the officer said I was going 20-25 miles over the speed limit. I called Mr. Valdez’s office the next morning, they took over my case and got it dismissed with no points on my CDL/Hazmat license. The process was very easy. I was informed on every detail and I never had to show up in court. Mr Valdez took excellent care of my case, I recommend him 100%.

Miguel Espinoza

My case was handled very well and I am satisfied with the outcome.

Jared Sine

Got a great outcome for me. Case dismissed!

Elizabeth Brown

I'm glad I chose Mr Valdez to defend my commercial license, he got my ticket dismissed. I feel that the ticket was unjustified and hired a lawyer to defend me. Many officers count on out of state drivers just paying the ticket to avoid having to take time off from work to defend themselves. I saw the ticket fox billboard and called and happy that I did. Trucking companies treat you as though you are guilty even before you've had your day in court. Crete put an inward looking camera to watch me because of this ticket. I changed jobs as a result of their mistreatment of me. When you've been treated unfairly and your job is in jeopardy call Mr Valdez for help. Everyone I spoke with at his office was always very polite and understanding. I hope I never need his services again but it's nice to know he's there if I do.

Corey Godwin

Very pleased by the services offered by the Glen Smith Valdez Law Office. They were always professional, quick to respond, and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend them to anyone with a traffic ticket looking for a good lawyer in the New Mexico area.

Nathan Nieves

The service they provided was top of the line, they handled everything for me and best off all won my case. I had great confidence in them from the beginning and in the end they proved their service was worth every dime. Thank you!

Manuel Talavera

Great service. We did everything over the phone and email. Above all we won the case. My records are now clean.

Wesley Mazurek

I am very satisfied with the professional service and outcome of my case. Truly recommend to everyone looking for help in legal services. Thank you to Mr. Valdez and his staff.

idally villareal

Very professional and responds quickly. Got my traffic violation dismissed. Very satisfied!

Chris Torres

Melissa was awesome, tirelessly worked and checked on my case every hour and got my case dismissed in less than a week! Highly recommend this office to anyone! THANKS MELISSA!!

Nate Alton

Very excellent lawyer and team. They all worked great on my case. We’re very quick at responding and very friendly. Was glad to get my case Dismissed and didn’t even have to appear. Glenn And his team did and excellent job!

Laura Giuliano

Thank you so much for your help. Since I was from out of state, I greatly appreciate your excellent customer service and honestly regarding my speeding ticket. Grateful I didn't need to travel back to NM and my case was dismissed. You have an awesome team and highly recommend this law firm!!

Yury Medvedev

thank you Valdez office for beating my speeding ticket out of Otero county ; special thanks to Melissa Padilla for being my legal assistant. I could not be happier for the outcome .

Angel Tercero

The Valdez team is amazing. Quick and efficient with working on your case. Highly recommend to anybody looking to get their business handled by experts.

Omar Bahir Muse Galac

Valdez is GREAT!!!! Knows his way around the courtroom and will fight for you.. i had a speed ticket in New Mexico 6Mph above the speed limit, he dismissed my case, If you need an attorney you owe it to your self to reach out. Great guy. GREAT attorney!!!!!!!!!! Cant say enough... OMG.. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalen Hall

The Valdez law firm took care of a traffic citation for me and as a cdl driver it is very important to keep our driving record clean. They were professional and very easy to work with and kept me informed of all aspects of the legal process in NM. Not only did I not have to take time off work to appear in court the got me a very favorable outcome at a reasonable price.

Pawel Debowski

I contacted a few law offices before I find Valdez Law Office Finally, I chose Glenn the way he approached me as a client and helped me resolve my matter in question, timely exactly as discussed. I am very grateful for their excellent job! Thank you, Mark W.

Truth will set you free

Excellent lawyer. Hired second time for speed ticket, both were dismissed. Wonderful staff. Thank you Mr. Valdez and staff!

Dillon Rountree

By far the best traffic lawyer! Vary responsive and quick to settle any worries! Will most definitely use them in the near future.

Claudine Abbruzzi

Amazing staff, always available to answer questions or concerns ..Thank you all for all your help resolving our issues..

Vanesa McCann

Great experience, every single staff member I came across with was very professional and thorough. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. And would definitely recommend Glenn Smith Valdez to anyone.

Deon Ainsworth

While driving through New Mexico I was ticketed for allegedly using a cell phone while driving. To be honest I wasn’t using my phone but the ticket stood no matter what I explained to the officer. I’m sure we all know how that works. A few days later I was looking for an attorney to represent me. I stumbled across Mr. Valdez’s website and thought this was a professional. So kudos to your web designer. I then began to read the reviews and I was sold. After retaining Mr. Valdez, I was pretty confident that my ticket would get dismissed because of the knowledge and confidence his staff displayed leading up to my court date. End result case dismissed! So if you are ever ticketed in New Mexico, give them a call, you’ll be glad you did. Thank you Mr. Valdez and staff.

kelly lynch

Easy breezy experience. They took care of everything. It was a ticket I got years ago. Didn’t know I had a bench warrant and a suspended license. Yikes. Everything was handled for me and cleared up in a matter of days. Great service, very pleasant and professional.

Adi Cebo

As a truck driver clean driving records is the greatest asset. I was driving on cruise control having some family issues and wasn't paying attention that the speed limit decreased and naturally state trooper was there to document my mistake of not paying attention to those signs. I googled law offices around Lordsburg NM and few of them came up. I did call 3 of them. Even though Mr Valdez was most expensive of all of them, speaking with all three I determined that he is the most professional and I stand the best chance with him. Everything was handled professionally. Communication was great. My case was dismissed and I am happy I made a great choice. Thank you and your team for great work.

Hiyello1 Gal

Kudos to this team of experts! I am from St. Louis, MO and was in New Mexico on business and happened to need the assistance of the Ticket Fox! Everything was handled professionally and with ease over the phone, text and or email. It was so convenient and the staff was very polite. The team won my case and the fee was very reasonable, esp as an out of town customer. I would choose Attorney Glenn Smith Valdez any day!

Kylie Smith

When my fiancee came face to face with a career ending citation, Glenn Smith Valdez and his exceptionally kind staff reassured us, and took care of all legalities. Sure enough, the case was dismissed! This law office is definitely the best at what they do! Highly recommended.

Michael Deer

Was given moving violation while driving cross-country earlier this year. Hiring Glenn Smith Valdez not only saved me a trip back to New Mexico to fight it, but to my surprise resulted in a better than expected outcome - case dismissed! The office was very professional, easy to deal with and costs were really quite reasonable.

Najeebullah Emamyar

Great experience all around I HIGHLY recommend this Law Office. They are always on top of your case, the results are usually ALWAYS great I was driving from Houston to California and I got a ticket in New Mexico it was very hard for me going to the court which is 1150 miles 17 hours away from my place then I found Glenn smith Valdez Law office and the dismissed my ticket perfectly I appreciate that and They give you simple instructions just follow them, and sit back and let them work! Definitely recommend, great pricing as well!

Michael Criddle

Excellent experience. Prompt response. Reasonable price. Got my speeding ticket dismissed. Definitely recommend.

Azizbek Ikramov

One of the best traffic lawyers. Dismissed my case. Really satisfied. Thank you

Sharon Alexander

From the minute I called the Valdez Law office and spoke to Melissa, I knew I was in great hands! Courteous, professional, prompt, these guys know exactly what they’re doing. Being in a car accident is stressful enough. Having a competent team on your side is absolutely everything! Thank you to everyone involved in my case. My family and friends will be hearing your name!

Cynthia Sinclair

I am very happy with the outcome of my case, which was just dismissed. Mr. Valdez and his team worked hard on this and did a great job. I was run off the road by a scary tailgater, and though the officer saw this, he decided to ticket me for being out of my lane and let the other driver go. I thought this was outrageous. I was also ticketed for no proof of insurance, though I had it on my phone. I am so glad the case was dismissed. I was also glad that I didn't have to show up in court. This is the second time I have used the Valdez law office and have been very happy with both results.

Lesley Delcid

Amazing! Took care of my ticket sooner than expected, I truly recommend them, the staff is amazing and follow up with you every step of the way!

Tim Champagne

Very nice people. Very professional. Did what they said they said they would do. I will tell everyone about Glen Smith Valdez. Thanks Tim C...

Evan Montoya

My first time having to use these amazing folks down at the Valdez office. Melissa was great. Kept me informed and up to date. They were the best to work with and were able to give me the favorable result I was hoping for in the my case. DISMISSED! Would recommend anyone looking for a lawyer to reach out to this office and see how they can help. Beyond happy with them.

Adan Salinas

Very happy with the outcome of my ticket I would recommend this law firm if you need one in New Mexico.

Ricardo Arreola

My fiancé is currently incarcerated and had a few outstanding tickets that were preventing him from being released to the halfway house. Since we aren't from that area, I couldn't take care of them for him Lucky for the both of us, I found Glenn Valdez online and explained the situation. All the staff were extremely helpful, professional and responsive, and the case was dismissed in just over a week. They even did the case pro bono! I'm so grateful for all their help and would recommend them to anyone Thanks again!


They have been a great legal representation for traffic citations consistently

abou conde

It was a great decision of mine to have this team work for me to get my ticket dismissed, of course I was little bit skeptical in the beginning but I was wrong, thanks to God their good work paid off today and I am very grateful to them all. from the beginning to the end, the communications from its staffs to me was excellent. I will recommend this team to any one in trouble with ticket. Abou conde

Bryan Stewart

Very happy with how everything came out. Communication was excellent. Definitely would recommend.

Jeff Schizas

Ashley and Glenn Smith Valdez are amazing to work with. They were able to get my situation resolved in an extremely fast and efficient manner all while being very communicative along the way. If I could give 6 stars I would, they brought peace of mind to a stressful situation. If you need professional help whether you are in New Mexico or live out of state they are the company to call. Trust me, do not hesitate to contact them. Thanks all!

Yazmine Huizar

Once l contacted the Valdez law office, l was able to send the documents over and forget about the whole thing! They took care of my speeding ticket case and were able to get it dismissed without me even being there. I would definitely recommend their services.

Zedek Harris

Amazing did above and beyond what I expected for what I needed. Definitely worth the money. Well priced

Соконо Тэгшээ

Thank you so much mr. Glenn Smith Valdez. His law firm is very good firm. My case was dismissed.

Stephen Jackson

Was involved in a motorcycle accident with a car. Charged with careless driving. It was nice having Glenn in my corner when it came to court. Ended up with deferred sentence dismissed after 6 months. Great team at the Glenn Smith Valdez firm, strongly recommend.

Vera Casela

I got popped at 6 am on a very rainy Saturday morning heading to work. The cop was hiding behind a church. Total entrapment and dead wrong set up. I don't have time for childish games and outright foolery. Coming from the East Coast I was highly heated with the nonsense. This firm pulled me out every step of the way. Don't call anyone else, they will do right by you every step of the way. Many thanks!!

John Hernandez

Excellent service from beginning to end. Kept me informed and up to date Thank you John El Paso

Carlos Alas

Great service !!! Case dismissed!!! Highly recommended!!!!! I got pulled over in New Mexico on the way to Florida from California. Got 3 tickets possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and speeding.all charges dismissed!!! Myrna was very helpful and answer all questions I needed anytime I called. Thank you !!

Michael Paffett

Glenn and his staff are first rate legal professionals that make the unfortunate experience of having to challenge a speeding citation about as stress free as possible. I am very appreciative of their efforts and excellent communication throughout the entire process. I highly recommend services from the Glenn Smith Valdez Law Firm.

Josh T

Very good team of people. Did an excellent job and would recommend them to anyone dealing with a ticket in the counties they work in. That’s what i personally hired them for. Thank you all again for your assistance.

Michael De Leon

Absolutely and completely satisfied with their services. They were kind, professional, proficient and above all they made quick work with the lot. They did what they said and said what they did. The stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process and explained it all to me, the experience was effortless. I would like to thank you immensely for all of your efforts and due diligence.

Isaac Brito

Thank you Glen Smith Valdez law firm for a great job well done. You took care of my traffic tickets though I was from Texas and I don't have to worry about them no more

Carl Ballinger

I unfortunately received a speeding ticket in Tucumcari, NM. I found a local attorney who referred me to Mr. Valdez' office. Chelsey took really good care of me and my case. For a reasonable flat fee, they negotiated my ticket for me, getting it completely dismissed. If you get a ticket in NM, don't plead guilty. Hire Ticket Fox!

Jordan Hunter

I received a ticket a few hours outside of ABQ, NM and they got it taken care of and removed really fast. Really nice service and very reliable. I recommend anyone to take care of their problems here.

Ines Rivera

Thank you for getting my ticket dismissed, good communication and friendly

Mary Miranda

The whole staff was very attentive and helpful, they by far made the whole process very comfortable. Chelsea was very responsive and provided all the neccessary information needed to further the resolution process of my citation. I appreciated the follow up from Diego as well. Thank you guys

Ryan Wilson

They Were Very Professional, Handled My Case Very Quickly Got It Dismissed A Whole Month Earlier Then The Court Date. Definitely Saving Their Number For NM Troopers Hospitality ..... Fair Prices With Great Results Can’t Go Wrong With These Guys That I See So Far

Jupiter Deseo

Thank you so much Atty. Glenn Smith Valdez and staffs for the best outcome of my court case. My case was dismissed. Thank you for the excellent customer service and great legal assistance. Highly recommended.

Go Hard Performance

They did an excellent job. They kept me informed of every step it took for them to fix my traffic ticket . I am a cdl holder and they did an awesome job in help keeping my csa score at zero. I recommended them in all the cdl groups i have joined . I appreciate everyone at GLEN SMITH VALDEZ. They made me feel at ease with them on the case.

Orlando Ramirez

Here I leave my 5-star reference and I tell them my situation so that everyone who goes through the same thing knows where they can solve their problems, since a while ago I was stopped by an officer in New Mexico and sent directly to court for a few miles above and also for not speaking perfect English, at that moment I felt bad because I thought I would lose my license but I found the lawyer Glenn Smith's office and they treated me very well and I did not have to go to court because the lawyer went my since I live in Kansas and everything went perfect I do not stay any record. Actually I am very happy with the lawyer and all his team. I recommend 100%.

Frank Gutierrez

The whole office was professional and super helpful with my case. I would definitely recommend them to anyone

Tana Doyle

Our law firm used Glenn Smith Valdez for a New Mexico Traffic Ticket Lawyer and they were very professional, very attentive, polite, and very knowledgeable on New Mexico Laws. We will highly recommend this law office to future clients.

Idalia Rodriguez

The whole Valdez team really made this whole experience easy for me. They kept me posted on what was going on with my case and were really friendly (:

Melinda Olswang

Excellent communication throughout. Mr Valdez assisted me with a traffic violation issue. I highly recommend him if you are in need of an attorney. Melinda

Japera Williams

They were extremely quick with responding to my request from the contact request form. I believe I received a call within the hour of submitting the form. Everything was explained thoroughly and was executed exactly as explained. I was able to call and speak with someone without having to wait hours. The communication was excellent and I was satisfied with the outcome of the my husband's case. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a lawyer.

christal garcia

Mr.valdez and his staff are super friendly, worked hard on my case to get everything dropped! People make mistakes and his office understands that and fights for you in court. I live in another state and didn't have to appear once in any of the trials he did all the work for me. I thank him and his staff so much for everything thing they did for me. I greatly appreciate there help. And if I know anyone with any issues, I will not hesitate to refer them to the Valdez Team.. thank you again so much Robert Smith

Gareb Tahir

Truckers! This is by far the BEST firm I’ve had to deal with it. I was driving east on I-10 and missed a hidden weigh station. Fortunately Mr. Valdez was able to get it dismissed on my behalf. His staff in the office is wonderful very easy to work with and informing. Definitely worth giving them a shot.


Efficient and professional service! I had a speeding ticket and Glenn and his staff were able to get it dismissed.The team was always keeping me updated on the case status and got back to me whenever I had a question. I would recommend them without hesitation!

edwin jimenez

Great work you guys thank you for everything you did to get my case dismissed.

Raul Barrera

Had the best experience didn't have to do anything just gave my information and the office took care of everything appreciate it and I do recommend hiring valdez offece

Alexandru Batrincea

Helped me with my ticket , very professional. Nice team ! Great customer service.Thank you

Jose Cruz

Valdez Law Firm was great .There secretary will help with any questions or regards on your case. If you leave a message they will respond quickly.


I was driving from Phoenix to Colorado and was pulled over In New Mexico for driving 84mph in a 75mph zone. I had set my cruise control to 83- and was going down an incline. The officer also stated the car smelled like marijuana and the passenger in the car gave him 4 joints after the officer threatened to take us to jail. I got a speeding ticket and also a court date for having less than an ounce of marijuana in the car. I was panicked and googled lawyers. Thankfully I found Glenn Smith Valdez and his amazing team to help me! They were so positive and quick to communicate with me. I didn’t have to appear for my court date and they represented me (thankfully because I live out of state). I was just notified that ALL the charges were dismissed. I could not have had a better experience and it is all thanks to the great people who work for this team. I strongly recommend anyone looking for representation to contact them. You will not be disappointed, I wasn’t!!!

Nancy Drake

Outstanding! Well worth the money! Would highly recommend their services!

Robert Hunter

We live in Texas and received a speeding ticket in New Mexico. We contacted Mr. Valdez's office and they were very friendly and professional. All they asked us to do is to be by a phone on our court date in case we were needed to answer any questions, if they arised.

Phillip Knight

They are very professional and easy to do business with. They acted swiftly and got my ticket dismissed. I’m a Truck driver and got a seat belt ticket that would go on my MVR for 3 years. They got it dismissed within a Month. I will definitely recommend you to use them.

Juan H

I'm glad I contacted Mr. Valdez and his team. They were very helpful with a speeding ticket I received while in New Mexico. Being that I was not from New Mexico, Mr. Valdez and his team took care of everything for me. They were very professional and kept me informed thru the entire process. I highly recommend Mr. Valdez and his team!!

Emory Kimberlin

They were great. Very helpful in keeping my license safe. I will not hesitate to call upon them again. Thank you

Ivan Contreas

After a mix up on a New Mexican back road I was pulled over by a state troop late one night. He wasn't having any of my explanation. Being that I'm a native Texan I had no idea how to navigate New Mexicos legal system. Thankfully the team at Glenn Smith Valdez not only took care of everything for me so I did not have to return to New Mexico, not only where they friendly and helpful, but also got my case dismissed, I hope I'll never have to use their services again but if I ever need I know I can trust them to get me through it.

Nick Brannock

I'm a High Voltage line worker, Class A CDL driver had been out in California working help restore power for the victims of the campfire I had been on the road 3 months no days off I arrived in Albuquerque to see my wife and kids was heading home excited to see them and wanted to get some rest well I got pulled over doing 12 miles over the speed limit and Mr.Valdez and hes team are well worth the money they got my speed ticket dismissed I'm very happy with Mr. Valdez and his team thank you guys

John H

They handled everything perfectly and went to court for me so I could continue working. I'm very satisfied.

Markcuss Bellajaro

Got a speeding ticket while traveling through NM. I'm from out of state and they were easy to work with. I did not have to drive back to NM and they took care of everything. The charges were drop so I don't have any points on my license and very happy with their service.

quinn beasley

My husband and I live in Atlanta, coming to NM to handle our traffic court issue was not an option! Glenn Smith Valdez law office did not only handle our case with up-most care but personalized our experience. They stayed in constant contact in regards to the process and ensured we got the best outcome (case dismissed), oh and they did this within a 2 week time frame......Amazing PS. Their pricing is also pretty affordable

Wendy Lasley

The staff at Mr.Valdez office are amazing. My son had a ticket for careless driving and they kept me informed with court dates and taking care of paperwork. Thank you so much and i highly recommend anyone to them.

2407 express

Mr.Valdez and his team did great job on my Husband case. Case bean dismissed Thank you so much for your help Sincerely Ayna

Alvaro Castro

The Glenn Smith Valdez law firm represented me on a traffic charge in New Mexico. I am a Texas resident and they made it very easy for me by not having to attend the court hearing. The Law Firm was extremely professional throughout the process and maintained communication with me so I was aware of what was happening. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone and I myself will seek them again if need be.

Maya Martinez

They make sure that you understand every direction of you case. Very friendly and super helpful. Highly recommend!

Jinxers D

Was ticketed just as I exited the construction area off I-40 near Manuelito, NM before Gallup at about 11:30 pm. My Qualcomm and dash cam proved otherwise! Qualcomm said I was going 51 mph in the construction zone and dash cam shows the officer pulling me over way outside the construction zone and passing two 75 mph signs. I called the Valdez team and they were right on my case and communicated with me about any updates, details about my case. They handled everything and showed up to court for me. Having a class A license, we have to be diligent and protect our license and the staff here did just that. Very professional and courteous. Took care of my ticket and got a dismissal! Great job! Thank you! Highly recommend.

Jim Dobberfuhl

The Law Office of Attorney G. Smith-Valdez was excellent. They are professionals through and through. I could not be more pleased with their dedication and communication throughout the entire matter. Particular recognition should go to Ms. M. Padilla, who handled most of the logistics and ensured I was kept informed every step of the way in my case.

Terry Riggs

Excellent service. Handled in the most professional and expedient manner. Highly recommend.

Elaina McMillan

Valdez Law office did a great job managing my traffic ticket in New Mexico. I’m on many highways in NM, the speed limit is 75. Unfortunately, I passed through a stretch where the limit dropped to 65, and was immediately pulled over. Valdez helped manage the whole process, and communicated with me clearly and often.

Darlene Pruess

Whole staff was wonderful and attentive and explained well and did exactly as they said. I also got the results I wanted and that is always good. I am from out of state and appreciated everything they did for me. Thank you again!

Nate Padilla

I received a speeding ticket in Aug 2018 and Mr. Valdez was able to get it deffered. I received another during my deferral period and Mr. Valdez was able to get it deferred AGAIN. As of today, it is officially dismissed! His fee is a small price to pay compared to the increase in insurance premiums you're sure to pay for years! It was also a pleasure to work with his team. They are always very helpful & kind and are in contact consistently through the process. I definitely recommend.

Shohruz A

5 honest star for the service that was provided by this company, Ashley customer service support she is the best!! My friend received speeding ticket in New Mexico at the construction zone and got dismissed by this legal entity really satisfied with the service. Definitely recommend everyone who has traffic violations, this company is to go with!!

Jesus Guillen

I am very glad with the results of my got dismissed and I had no hassle in getting thru it all...I would recommend to anyone who needs help with a case to contact Valdez law firm for good results

John Calma

Got a citation in I-10 by Lordsburg for speeding. Immediately looked up lawyers that serve the area but honestly forgot to call them until I got another letter from the court to remind me of my court appearance. Luckily, I was able to speak to Ashley and she took care of my concerns in a professional manner. After almost 3 months since I got the citation, I got a call from her saying that my case got dismissed. It was the great news of my day. As a student, I find the costs a bit over my budget but beats paying my fines and a record to my driving. I would definitely recommend them. PS. Watch out for officers around that area where the speed limit goes from 75 to 65. They love to hang out around there.

Seth Shore

I got caught in a speed trap in NM. Called to see what they can do to help me cause I can't afford a ticket as a truck driver. They where able to help me by getting it reduced so it won't be as bad. Best part I didn't have to take time off to go court they handled everything while keeping me updated. Thank You

Corbin Simplicio

This has to be one of the speediest and streamlined law firms I've dealt with. I am happy with my service done through them. Clear communication and support. IF I'm ever in a bind again, I'll be calling them again..

Stephanie Johnson

Great professional team did everything he said he was going to do!!!!!would give 10 stars if I could.thanks for your help

JP Hernandez

I have nothing but great things to say. I have mainly dealt with Myrna. She was prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. They kept me up to date on the case. And they got the perfect results. I hope never to get a ticket again, but if I do, I will only come back to Valdez law firm. Thank you all!

Juancarlos Diaz

Thank you to Mr Valdez and friendly staff for helping through the process to fight my case in court and for obtaining the most favorable outcome for me. the staff was always available to answered any questions i had and i specially liked the fact that when i asked to speak with Mr. Valdez, he called me and went over the process and his strategy to fight my case. thank you all for the great friendly and professional service.

Robert Caples

Chelsey & the rest of the team at the Glenn Smith Valdez firm were helpful, supportive, & effective with a ticket I received in Northern New Mexico during the winter. I might add that I also searched these reviews when searching for legal assistance, was impressed by the reviews, but still unsure as the online review process isn't always fully accurate. I can say, without hesitation, that my experience was positive & successful.

James Thomas

Very fast and helpful, Melissa was outstanding and they took care of my issues.Thank you very much!!!!

Alberto Flores

All my worries were solved by this amazing team in no time. They are extremely professional and responsive. Something that you so desperately need at a situation involving the law. Everything was explained to me in great detail and their customer service is unbeatable!!!

Henry Brutus

Glenn Smith Valdez took my case. The process was explained clearly and thoroughly from the beginning. I knew what to expect. At the end, they got me the best result possible. The entire staff was very professional and friendly. It has been a joy. Although I do not wish to have another speeding infraction, I 100% recommend this law firm for your needs. Totally worth it! Thank you.

oscar burciaga

Great communication! Staff was super friendly and everything got taken care of. It was an easy and smooth process and would definitely recommend them to anyone who has any traffic incidents!! Thank you again !!

David HU

Im a truck driver, got a ticket at NM at June. , for our truck driver it is so seriously. I found Glenn Smith lawyer on google, contact with them, they give me warmly and professional reply. I intrust them and at the day court hearing, I just wait standby at the phone, after 10-15minute they told me the ticket was dismissed! Professional, confidence, is my feeling. Thank you everyone!

Sylia Gallegos

Quick and easy. Thank you for making a painful process completely stress free. My ticket was dismissed in less than 2 weeks from my first phone call to the office. Definitely recommend!


I got a serious ticket for going fast on an empty road on a clear day which I don't think is wrong but the state didn't agree. These guys were honest and didn't have too much hope that they could help me a ton due to the severity but thanks to Mr. Valdez and his team I got off free with no fines or points. They took care of everything as soon as I gave them my citation. I didn't have to lift a finger. Thanks to them I have no fear of any legal trouble and I'll definitely have them in mind should I ever need help again. Whether it's against the state or someone else it looks like these guys will help you out. Price was fantastic too. You can't afford not to hire these guys.

16 JayP

Helped me get my case dismissed, couldn't have done it without them. Thanks.

Adam J

I was going 60mph in a 55 zone, and was pulled over for speeding in a construction zone, but I felt it was unfair because all the cones were pulled back and was still 2 miles from the actual construction zone where it narrowed to one lane. So I did some research and found Valdez Law. Igave them a call and I AM SO GLAD I DID! They were very professional and communicative, just like the many descriptions I had read, and although it was expensive, you get what you pay for. Melissa, the legal assistant assigned my case was great and kept me apprised every step of the way. When it came time for court, I didn't have to appear and they gave me options over the phone. They eventually were able to get the construction zone offense dropped, and I was left with a 1-5 mph over speeding ticket! This was great news, as the construction offense was serious fines and points on my license. I highly recommend this law firm for tickets, by far the best outcome I could've expected, great communication, and very professional, great results. Call them.

Kurosh Rassti

Great professional service. Made everything easy and clear. Would recommend them to anyone.

J Ungar

Ashley was awesome they took care of my bogus ticket and answered all my legal questions immediately !!! I would not think twice about calling them again if I have an issue !!!

Eduardo Larguero

I got a speeding ticket and by Carlsbad nm and I call Valdez offices and they handle it pretty good they did everything for me I have a CDL and I didn’t want it to appear on my record and these guys take care of it really good I didn’t have to go to court or anything they did everything for me. Thanks. Myrna

R Leal

After getting a bogus speeding ticket driving through the town of Lordsburg, I looked into several options to fight it. I researched and decided my best option was to get legal representation to fight this ticket. I kept reading great reviews from the office of Glen Smith Valdez from previous clients who had their tickets dismissed online. That was all I needed. As a non- resident, I was looking for someone who knew the laws and would defend me. My gut instinct kicked in and I chose this law firm to help me. They were thorough and very helpful every step of the way and in conclusion got my ticket dismissed. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone including my own family and friends if they ever need help with traffic tickets in the great and friendly state of New Mexico. Count me as one highly satisfied client.

Sergio De La Rosa

Amazing Law office! I was stopped for a 90 on a 75 in my POV and I hold a Class A CDL. I thought they would only be able to reduce the charge, but to my surprise the case got dismissed. Would definitely use this law office again if need be, though I hope I am not in this situation again.

Erik Romero

Charged with a 102 in a 75, even though I was positive my cruise control was on and much lower. Mr. Valdez got my case dismissed completely with minimal effort on my end. The money you save in insurance costs makes him well worth it.

P Sidhu

Very professional lawyer, I am an out of state CDL driver and they took care of my speeding ticket (it was dismissed). Highly recommended.

Jerry Seivert

I was a truck driver doing 60 in a 45 MPH zone I hired this law firm and he got the ticket dropped and I'm a truck driver and my job was on the line and this law firm came threw BIG TIME!!

Hayley Williams

The Valdez law team exceeded my expectations. Their clerks and assistants were prompt with every need we addressed. They got me a great deal on what could have been an expensive ticket with long lasting effects, which they avoided and the case went in my favor. I would highly recommend retaining this firm.


Very professional. They understood my issue and resolved it in a timely fashion. Would give 6 stars if I was able to.

Jimmie Yi

Very good, they made the process simple and easy. They were very helpful and professional.

Magda Matecka

I absolutely enjoyed dealing with Diego, Chelsea and everyone at the office. They went above and beyond and resolved the case quickly.

Michelle Waddle

I could not have found a better attorney for my needs. He worked hard and gave us an incredible outcome. Thank you so much.

Raymond Gomez

The team here is very professional and courteous. They don't make empty promises. They are clear about the potential outcomes and work to obtain the best they can. I'm very satisfied with their work.

Daley Saxton

They were very professional, followed up on everything to make sure I was in the know as to my options and the actions that were to be taken. My case was dismissed and they took a great burden off my shoulders. I would encourage all to give them a call when presented with legal issues.

Kevin Norman

Very awesome and professional. Mr. Valdez and his team were able to remove all my previous tickets from New Mexico after over 20 years!! So happy!! But aside from being happy i really appreciate all there amazing communication and efforts.

Claudia H

Great staff, prompt communication, and very helpful tips and advice. Was skeptical about over the phone communication, but was proven wrong and given a great experience. Thank you!

Manav Vashisth

I got a speeding ticket in Carlsbad, NM (right outside the famous Carlsbad Caverns entrance). And I decided to fight it. In my search I found Mr Valdez as top ranking attorney in Carlsbad and I decided to go with him for few reason. One of them was they had a great rating and also Melissa (Legal Assistant) was following up with me every week. Mr Valdez have good relationship with officers and he got me a ticket dismissal for a donation to the state. I’m happy with my outcome. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I highly recommend Mr Valdez to everyone. They are professional and keep you posted with the progress on your case.

Chris Schaunaman

Hired these guys to handle a traffic matter. Everyone I spoke with was super kind and answered all my questions. I always felt like they were on top of things and they kept me updated the whole way. Myrna was very friendly and treated me like I was family. Their fee was way less than the other law offices I contacted. They resolved my case faster than I anticipated, so glad I hired them!

Sandman Peacekeeper

Everyone was friendly, price is over $400 for a simple traffic ticket. That does not include the $200 you must pay to the municipality for the deferred adjudication.

Na M

Very professional and was able to get my 2 tickets dismissed!

walter Villavicencio

Very satisfied with the end results. Thank you for helping me through this hard situation.

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