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REVIEWS OF Zaveri Law Firm P.C. IN New Jersey

Joaquin Cejas

Mr. Zaveri and his team were always there with help and answers whenever we needed them. Since the first day, Mr. Zaveri was honest with us and talked us step by step of everything that was going to happen and how it was going to happen. His year of experience truly show and would recommend him 100%

Jennifer Ulman

My husband and I found Mr. Zaveri online after our application to remove the petitions of his residency came back with a request for more evidence. Our situation was a little different and more complicated than most as we had just filed for divorce, but Mr. Zaveri was very patient with us and explained each part of the process in detail. Mr. Zaveri is very knowledgeable about his area of expertise and always took the time to hear our concerns and respond to them in a timely fashion. Mr. Zaveri’s calm, patient, and professional demeanor was an added bonus. Mr. Zaveri never gave up hope that things would work out and he also assured my husband that he would stand by him no matter what the outcome. Mr. Zaveri is an excellent and affordable lawyer who goes above and beyond for his clients and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an immigration attorney.

Chaitanya Indukuri

I took a phone consultation with Prerak Zaveri couple of times. Both the times, he gave satisfactory answers and completely met my expectations. Infact, one time, when the answers were not readily available, he went beyond the phone consultation time slot and got back to me with answers after 2 days. I recommend Prerak for your immigration-related problems. He is knowledgeable and approachable.


If you believe in working with the best , contact Prerak and his team immediately. He is very knowledgeable and will give you the correct advice. He is very responsive. I had all my questions answered in less than a couple of hours after I would leave him a voice message. Thank you Prerak for your exceptional service!!!!!

Falguni Shah

I got Prerak's name from a friend and wanted to file for my family in India so I called him. I have dealt with a lot of attorneys and I must say that from the first conversation I had with him, I felt like this person really cared about uniting me with my family. Not just legally but also personally. He understands family values quite nicely. He would be so thorough with paper work, would never be late or miss an appointment, would make sure every little thing was covered for the case. Even after being 100% sure of his work he never hesitates to consult other resources just to make sure he does not miss anything that would be important for his client's case. He is really smart and perfect lawyer as far as I am concerned. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to hire an immigration lawyer. Including immigration, Prerak also helped me with entertainment and real estate cases that I needed his help on, after consulting other experts in those fields. To me he is a well-rounded attorney who is really passionate about his work and about helping people.

Parshv Shah

I have had a great experience with Mr. Zaveri. His method and approach towards everything is very good and he is always there to help us no matter what. He has a very good and easy online portal which makes the process of taking information very easy, where you don't have to go to his office for every little thing. All documents can be submitted online and everything is very simple and user friendly. So for a person like me when it was hard for me to go to his office for things he always accommodated my needs. Him as a person also is very friendly and very down to earth personality, Meeting him was always fun and easy going. At the time i was managing a restaurant which just opened so i had to work late hours every day. He was always very patient with me and stayed at his office for after hours just so that the proceeds on my case weren't delayed. Mind you many lawyers wouldn't even give you a choice of time while this person once stayed at his office till 9 for me to stop by to discuss things. He also knows a lot of people in the Newark immigration office which makes a life lot easier in the interview. P.S he also knows the supervisors in case the person taking interview gives you a hard time. Anyways long story short i would definitely not go looking anywhere else once anyone has read this review. Believe me this person will solve you're problem and if its not possible he will tell you as is he wont go round and round.

Jon Applesaud

I was presented this RFE - Request for evidence letter from USCIS to make a decision on my immigration. I had of only 2 months to provide valid proof to support my cause. I found Mr. Zaveri through an extensive google search based on reviews online and AVVO helped me reach to a decision about hiring Prerak. Mr. Zaveri was extremely patient and answered all relevant questions. He was so courteous, informative and convincing. He listed down the steps that he would take to represent my case to USCIS. Everything was outlined in extreme detail that left no option for any hiccups!. He really cares for his clients not just for a case or fee,but he actually connects to them and try to understand the emotions that any person would go through at the verge of immigration/deportation. He certainly is very intelligent and his dedication to just immigration laws makes his a Pro in his field! I highly recommend everyone seeking help with immigration to go with Mr. Prerak Zaveri. Trust me, I don't trust anyone easily, neither I take haste decisions when it comes to anything. I did a thorough research then literally interviewed and crosses checked Prerak online and in my head with negative & positive queries and comparison, then choose him as my attorney. He is an excellent lawyer, great human being, who is not just a "Lawyer -Lawyer"in words but is one who has a heart as well! He will relate to your problems and situations,he empathizes, he's polite, respectful and sensitive yet at the same time, Prerak is super knowledgeable and experienced to handle immigration case based on your facts and theories. I guarantee , going by my own success with him that he is THE RIGHT CHOICE when to comes to an immigration lawyer!! I received my 10 Years GC already and there is no doubt that we are already working on following the road to Citizenship. This whole process of submitting my response and getting a reply from USCIS took only a Month and we had 2 months prior to that for collecting our docs & evidence. Look no where, if you want results for the money you spend and for the emotional trial you face due to immigration, it's worth putting your money on an outstanding lawyer as Mr. Prerak Zaveri!!

Deniz Tursen

I hired mr zaveri about a year ago for my immigration case,had to meet with him face to face only twice,the first time to explain my situation and give him my documents,the second time is to sign my application before it was sent out to immigration. Other than that we exchanged questions and documents thru emails cause I'm a really busy working mom,got my citizinship as easy as 1 2 3.

Lisa Ridgwell

First, Zaveri treats his clients like personal friends and family - always professional but relates to you on a personal level to get to know you, your life and your needs to get you to succeed. My husband and I connected with Zaveri nearly 2 years ago when we hit a bump with my husband (then fiancé) coming to visit the country. He has been phenomenal throughout our immigration journey; from filings and follow ups to educating and preparing us for our final interview this past week. We will be reaching back out when his green card needs renewing and for any additional immigration related items. He’s been a fantastic professional and wonderful attorney.

ankush patel

I'm very happy with my experience with Mr Prerak Zaveri and his staff helped me through every step of my green card application. They sat down with me and my wife and really took the time to explain exactly what we needed for our entire process and interview. We couldn't be more happy with our experience. Mr. Zaveri and his team were available to answer any of our questions and had excellent communication with us during what could have been a stressful experience. We really feel that we were treated like family. If you are looking for someone with great knowledge and experience he is one person I will highly recommend.

Parin Marfatia

I had approached Mr. Prerak Zaveri for the following: My H1B has been approved but change of status from F-1 to H1B has been denied. In such scenarios, I had two options - 1) Go to India for stamping OR 2) File a motion to reopen. After working out both the options, Mr. Zaveri advised me to go for stamping since my H1B petition was already approved in US. I was really confused before I met Mr. Zaveri to discuss my situation with him. I would like to thank Zaveri Law Firm to give me correct advice for which I am very grateful.

vinny spano

Mr Zaveri handled our case with care and professionalism. We could not ask for anything more. We were always informed and most importantly we were always able to reach him when we needed to. Outstanding lawyer and an even better person. Look no further for your immigration needs.

Deepika George

Mr. Zaveri is One of the best immigration lawyer in north Jersey . He is very organized and completes all the tasks he promises on time . He even helps in filling out the immigration paper work . His team is awesome . He explains everything clearly in detail . Once you hire him he takes care of the entire immigration process and also gives u an approximate time period (depending on ur case ) about the course of events which will follow . He patiently answers all the questions u have and he can also be reached at all times at his email or phone . He is definitely one of the best immigration lawyer whom I would highly recommend . My husband and me are definitely grateful to Mr. Zaveri for helping me in my green card process . We are glad we hired Mr. Zaveri .

Andreea Hanna

Mr. Zaveri has been assisting me and my fiance since the beginning of 2013 in the process of obtaining my K-1 visa (Fiance Visa). His advises have been very useful and as of this point, the visa has been approved and I am waiting to have the interview scheduled. In case of a denial, with the help of Mr Zaveri we have our I-601 folder ready to be mailed. Me and my fiance both appreciate tremendously

Alia Ben Hamoud

This was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Mr. Zaveri took the time to not only introduce himself in detail, he spent time making us feel comfortable in the decisions we were making, as well as confident in all areas of our application. He is extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure we were prepared. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would most definitely recommend to all that are inquiring about immigration.

Zdenek Ulman

We hired Mr. Zaveri to help us with our immigration matters, which at that time were very complicated and did not fit to any common scenario. I found Mr.Zaveri very knowledgeable and honest person from the very first meeting. He was able to prepare successful strategy and offered comfort during whole case through out his professional expertise and knowledge. He treated whole case as very sensitive and personal matter with great deal of understanding beyond his professional practice. Thank you again-case was a success!

G Toma

Mr. Zaveri was recommended to me by a friend and colleague when I had issues with my H1B petition. He showed great insight, depth of knowledge, professionalism and a sensitivity that was very therapeutic. He has stayed involved and continues to offer support in a way that gives me great confidence about the potential outcome of the petition. I think Mr. Zaveri is uniquely qualified to operate in this field, and recommend him very highly.

Felicia Dunbar

Exceptional! Zaveri has given me great advise which was clear and concise. Very detailed and to the point. I would highly recommend anyone who has doubts about their current status and how to move forward to him.

Shameer Vallabh

The best immigration lawyer in the North East. Prerak met us for a consultation about my change of status. From my previous experience with another lawyer, I could tell he was professional and (very importantly) understood the "human element" of my process. I was not simply a case, I was a person who needed help with this USCIS process. They use a an online portal for document submissions and they call when they need to discuss something. If you need an immigration law firm that will treat you like a human being, will work efficiently on your case, be honest and be 100% professional, then this is the law firm for you.

Vijay Amin

This review is for attorney Prerak A. Zaveri. Wow, what an amazing experience with Mr Zaveri. He is so useful (I need to file Employment based I-485) and I am not sure whether I will take Mr Zaveri service or I will go through with my company Lawyer. Even knowing about this fact he helps me and guide me in all details. What is process, what document I need how to file etc. I am 100% satisfied with all his help and guidance. If they sent me a survey form and it had a section marked "Areas we can improve upon" I would seriously leave that blank because there was NOTHING they could have done to improve the amazing service. Mr Zaveri is not only a knowledgeable, competent attorney; he's also a really nice guy, which is important to me. I would HIGHLY recommend this law firm, they were the best!

Imran Mohammed

Mr. Zaveri is a very knowledgeable attorney and provides comprehensive and latest immigration information. He is very diligent in filing paperwork and makes sure everything is done correctly. He is also very good in responding to questions with a quick turnaround. Very professional yet easy to communicate with. Highly recommended.

Brij Patel

Lisa Graham

Although my case wasn't complicated, I still decided to use a lawyer. I had no regrets using Zaveri Law firm. It was one of the best decisions I've made. If you are looking for a great lawyer who has your interest at heart, choose Zaveri Law Firm. Whether your case is complicated or not, use a lawyer! Zaveri Law Firm is the way to go.

Wilfredo Rodriguez

Mr. Prerak, came recomended by a family member, at our meeting he made my wife and I fell very comfortable, he gave us a brief backround of his firm and about himself, he was very knowledgeable of immigrations law and he took his time to explain and he made sure we were satisfied with his responses. i will highly recomend Mr. Zaveri for any immigration needs.

drekhkraft .

I met with Mr Zaveri to discuss any options i might have with my complicated immigration situation, He was very receptive to all the questions i had and explained to me what each option would be. Thank you Mr Zaveri

Mariam Nakopia

Mr. Zaveri is a professional. I would recommend him to everyone.

Anand Lele

Highly recommend

harry niranjan

I consulted Mr. Prerak Zaveri for RFE on my U visa case. The advice Mr. zaveri gave me was very useful. First of all he gave me the hope that I needed the most and also had great suggestions about what needs to be done for my case. Mr. Zaveri was very patient and answered all the questions and concerns I had regarding my case. Mr. Zaveri is very knowledgeable and really cares for his clients. I really appreciate his help

Sarth Shah

I was looking for some good attorney who can help me with my immigration paperwork. I came across his website, which was very much well organized and had some good reviews. So, I thought of hiring him, which in fact turned out very well. He is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He has very good client-lawyer relationship. He discovers the facts of the client's case, clarifies what the client wants to accomplish, shapes the client's expectations as to what actually can be accomplished. He helped through out the whole process of filing paperwork. Long story short, if you want your paperwork to go smoothly just hire him.

Aan Patel

Zaveri Law Firm took my case and worked on it very carefully, every document was investigated, followed, worked upon and reviewed by Prerak Zaveri. I am very happy with his work and support. I and him, we all have been through a lot of stress , waitings , emails , phone calls but … now we’re all happy to see that this process is over and turned into success!!! Thank you Prerak Zaveri and his his team.

Connie Valenzuela

Prerak Zaveri is very professional, knowledgeable and honest. He led me step by step through the entire process. Mr. Zaveri is extremely well versed in immigration law. i have dealt with a few other immigration attorneys and they lack compassion, Mr. Zaveri is very kind, courteous and of the highest moral fiber. I am highly recommending this immigration lawyer

Praveen A

We used Mr. Prerak Zaveri's services for filing family-based I130/I485 for my wife (when my wife had a pending employment based I485 pending). Mr. Prerak walked us over our options and gave guidance throughout the process. Mr. Prerak was extremely professional, accessible, flexible and always receptive to our enquiries throughout the process (preparing documents, filing, notifying receipts, tracking the case, interview preparation, preparing the interview docs, attending the interview, etc.). Thanks to Mr. Prerak, my wife received her GC within 3 months of applying.

Atanas Kaykov

Very professional service. I highly recommended Zaveri Law Firm for immigration law matters.

Roy M

I am very impressed with the services provided by this firm. Prerak Zaveri is a very approachable, sensitive towards your situation, patiently listens and genuinely cares to help you. At the same he is practical, direct, provides honest opinions and does not sugar coat things nor hesitates to have tough conversations to arrive at meaningful solutions. He also displayed great knowledge and good experience in immigration matters. I am NOT surprised why he has such good ratings and would recommend him

Accouting Department

ADVISE: Stay away from this immigration office lawyer if you don’t want to end up with your case to sit on the limbo after just collected your money. In my entire life I have not seen such of irresponsible attorney. I hired for a case that involve filling a simple form that takes 15min. to fill up based on USCIS note. And end up with almost two years and nothing yet, No form has being sent and not answer from any office or him at all. There is a 100% chance that this is the professional service you will get.

Yuki Nitta

Very nice service and care for them clients. Any matter happen for my immigration, I would like to ask them to take care of it. Thank you very much for your help!!

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