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REVIEWS OF The Law Office of Jason A. Volet IN New Jersey

Scott Kirkwood

From our very first conversation, I knew Jason was not only a great lawyer but also a great person. He was extremely attentive and made sure he addressed every one of our concerns with the legal process throughout. He went out of his way to make sure we knew all of the implications and how we could address our issues most effectively. At the same time, he related to us on a personal level and took our exact life situation into account when devising his defense for us. The end result was nothing short of amazing, we admittedly handed him a mess of a situation and he sorted through it until it was resolved, keeping us informed and comfortable through the entire process. I will use Jason for any legal advisement role I will ever need and will absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs great representation.

George Barta

Experience , Understanding , Ability To Communicate , Available , Rapport... These are just some of the key attributes you will get from choosing Jason Volet. I chose Jason because of a review I read about him and I hope my review makes you choose him also. I’d give him 1 million stars if I could. Calling Jason to represent me was the best thing I could have done for my case. My outcome was beyond what I thought was possible and my case was serious. Jason gave me a second chance which doesn’t happen often. You do not have to look any further - He should be your lawyer. Thank You Jason, I’m grateful for what you have done for me. Hope nothing but the best for your family and you. Thank You

Mary Jane

Jason Volet isn't just a lawyer...he's a compassionate human being who uses the knowledge and abilities he has to put your fears and uncertainties at ease. I recently got myself into quite a pickle with the law and needed answers FAST. I frantically googled and called random lawyers in my area. All these phone calls were answered by receptionists who wanted to discuss finances and ended the conversation with empty promises of being contacted by a lawyer when "they're available." If you're anything like me you know this isn't good enough! By the grace of God I came across Jason's phone number and got to speak with him immediately. He talked to me like a person, not a criminal. He immediately took action by making phone calls to the police dept. in question and even spoke with members of my family to assure them he is going to do everything he can to ensure I would not face severe repercussions. Mind you, this is all before I even met this guy face to face. He followed through with all paperwork and was punctual for each court date involved. He answered any question I had a long the way personally via telephone and in a timely manner. The outcome: he saved my butt. And if your butt is in need of saving, please call this guy. You won't regret it.

Ian Palmer

Jason was an amazing attorney that helped me not only through the anxiety of my first ever charge with assurance of a conditional discharge, but also successfully attained that and more (was supposed to get a year- was dropped to 6 months with all other charges dismissed). Beyond professional

John Smith

Great experience with Jason Volet. My son had gotten a ticket for passing a stopped school bus with blinkers flashing. Another attorney did his best to try to terrify my son (and me) with the prospect of 15 days in jail, hundreds in fines, and 5 points on my son's driving record - which would have cost thousands in insurance fees over the next 3 years. We did some research, and were lucky enough to home in on Jason Volet. Great decision. He immediately came across as smart, knowledgeable and high experienced, including 15 years as a prosecutor. He clearly knew what was at stake and our options going forward. We paid Jason's very reasonable fixed fee for this type of traffic ticket, and met about a month later on the assigned court date. Jason spoke to the prosecutor ahead of the judge's entrance, the charge was reduced to a dangerous driving infraction, and within an hour we were done. Net: $150 fine plus a mandated $200 court fee (approx), and NO POINTS. Jason was great throughout. Never a question that he was completely knowledgeable about the infraction, risks and likely outcome, and it all worked out extremely well. I hope we never have the need for a criminal defense attorney in the future, but if we do, Jason Volet will be the first person we call for help. Highly professional, highly recommended, reasonable fees.

Fabian Vasquez

Highly recommend his services for anyone in the Howell or freehold township Area. I had a case in Howell that was very important to me and my future. Mr. Volet listened to what I needed and went beyond what i asked of him to get even better results. I couldn't have wished for a better lawyer and if you are i a bind and need the best by your side i urge you to consider Jason Volet. I had not only legal issues but also immigration issues that Mr. volet went out of his way for to make sure that i got the best result possible. Thanks again jason for all you have done.

Lucas Teter

Jason handled a case of mine with professionalism and honesty. He was a pleasure to work with and highly recommended. His communication impressed me the most.

Julia Fochesato

Jason Volet is by far the best attorney I have ever had. He is professional, reliable, and is always available in my times of need. I recommend him highly to anyone who is looking for a good attorney to represent them!

Michael Abruzzese

Jason was great. I had a speeding ticket and called him. Even though it was just a ticket, he took the time to go through all my options and came with me to court. We saw the judge almost immediately and everything went exactly as he said it would. After speaking with him, I learned he was a former prosecutor. His knowledge of the law along with his experience in navigating the courts is awesome. Although I have recently moved, if I ever need an attorney in New Jersey again I will be calling Mr. Volet. I have already recommended him to friends and all have thanked me for the introduction.

Anton Prokopenko

I have filed for a dismissal of a restraining order by my ex, and needed help as she was against the dismissal. As she had filed her opposing arguments less than 2 days before the scheduled court date, there was very little time to respond. Nevertheless, even on such a short notice, Jason was able to put together a strategy that allowed us to successfully challenge almost all her arguments in court at the hearing. As the result, the restraining order was dismissed. Jason was excellent both during the preparation and in the courtroom. I could only wish I had met Jason earlier, as with him on my side, I would probable have not gotten that restraining order in the first place.

Jonathan Biletta

Jason managed to get all of my charges dropped and I very cooperative when it comes to rescheduling court dates

Ken Wu

I was framed and sued, Jason gave me excellent and legal help. Finally the judge dismissed the case. It's a terrible experience for me to deal with this case. The case was last more than one year in the plaintiff working municipal court, and a judge dismissed the case in 2018 October. Unfortunately the case was reopened after a few weeks. The weird thing is: I did not receive reopen court time, but the plaintiff knew the reopen court time and attended the court. Jason decided applied to transfer the case to different court due to court conflict, because the plaintiff is working in a municipal department of same city. In the different court, the judge finally dismissed the case again. Jason also helped me apply for expungement of charge record. So the Nightmare is over! Thus, I highly recommend Jason, an experienced and high quality lawyer.

Don Standard

Essy Hamenoo

Alex Tango

Can Ashe

Francesca Hernandez

Ely Velez

Great lawyer had a dwi that I wasn't guilty of and he handled it, flat rate pled to reckless, no loss of L $200


Jason has helped me to easily resolve a serious issue. I highly recommend Jason Volet to anyone seeking a professional and honest attorney.

Sumit Dalal

Jason went over and beyond his expectations and got my charges dismissed by speaking with the prosecutor for multiple hours. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a quality lawyer who cares about his clients.

Howard Thomas

Very good lawyer well respected if you need 1st class assistance he is the best lawyer for the case!

Barbara O'hara

Jason Volet (amazing) helped my son. Stood by him ,fought for him .

Luis Bernal

Jason got my charge dismissed. I'd highly recommend.

Daniel Venditti

I highly recommend Jason. I had 2 pending violation of probations for several years and needed them handled for my job. He scheduled a court date and I was the case was closed that very same day within just a few hours of getting there. My job is secure now which is a beautiful thing.

Kathy Deibel

Recently I had the need to retain Jason Volet for a serious driving infraction. At the initial consultation he was sympathetic and compassionate while also being honest about the potential consequences. In court he was able to secure the best possible outcome. While I certainly hope to have no further need for an attorney I would not hesitate to retain Jason again and could not possibly give him a higher recommendation.


Cannot say enough good things! Always kept in contact with me and responded to my messages when I had a question or a concern. The outcome of my case was a complete success and I would not have been able to do it without him. He was on my side from beginning to end and I would recommend him without any hesitation

Edwin T

I would highly recommend Jason Volet to anybody that needs a criminal defense lawyer in New jersey. He knows all the laws very well and has experiences with these jersey judges. Jason will tell you all the possible roads you guys can possibility take and always suggest the best one for action. Only Con will be that Jason is busy but that only shows how much of a hard worker he is. If he is usually not with his clients he is at court fighting for them. All in all Great guy that does his job, wouldn't be feeling free on independents without him.

Valerie McCabe

Jason represented my boyfriend for 2 violations of probation (not showing up for 2 years) one got dismissed the other extended for a few months. Jason was beyond professional and caring always kept us updated and feeling confident in him. I would most deffinatley hire Jason again if needed. He is very caring, professional and reasonable.

William Dahl

Jason is awsome! I had a problem with the Ex and He took care of it with no problems. He cleared my name and he did it for a great price. He knows the law very well and he will get the job done for you. I would highly recommend Jason Volet to anyone ( Except my Ex). You cant go wrong with him in your corner. Great Job Jason! Thanks again for all your help.

John Kemp

Amazingly skilled Attorney who exceeded my expectations, I would highly recommend him to anyone who has legal issues due to his vast experience on both sides of the court room ! He was also a bargain and in Mr. Volet’s case you get more than u pay for he is a life saver and if u need an attorney in NJ definitely hire him !!!!!

Bree Klich

I can’t be more thankful then the end results Mr. Volet did for my fiancé case if it was not for him my fiancé would have done 5 years in prison for violating probation.. My fiancé walked away with NOTHING ... his probation got terminated from 2 counties my fiancé is a free man because of Mr. Volet and because of him as well my fiancé made it home for the birth of our second child THANK YOU you are the best !!!!

river alx

He got both my charges dropped after I got arrested. 10/10 would recommend.

j m

I highly recommend his services. Call him now & see for yourself. He has years of experience throughout NJ. I interviewed several other attorneys in person / & on phone who each had different personalities/opinions/fees. Jason listened attentively, was down to earth & reassuring of his expertise. I was especially pleased when he was dissatisfied w/ courtroom actions he went the extra mile to finalize things in the appropriate manner. That cost him extra court / travel time but he did it anyway. He demonstrated his diligence and expertise in doing right by us...his client. The charges were dropped in one incident & lowered with another small incident. I really appreciate having Jason work w/ us during a very difficult time. I comprehend how depending on your attorney, the case can have many outcomes. Thank you Jason for all your hard work. It means so much. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Jason.

Katelyn Kretchmer

If you are ever in need of a criminal attorney, Jason is the way to go!

Christina DeO

Professional and knowledgeable, I was in good hands with Jason Volet. I highly recommend using him to represent you.

oso pirutiful

I can not thank Mr Volet enough for all he did for me and my case. I had a probation violation with a warrant that was 6 years old and he did his thing I didn't spend 1 day not even 1 second in jail . He had my warrant lifted with out me having to see the judge then when I finally had court my probation was terminated and I am now a free woman thanks to him . He is a life saver so if you ever need a lawyer that gives his 100 percent and knows the ins and outs of the law I highly recommend him . He truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond trust .

Dan Tal

A+++++ There is no other attorney I could have asked for to take on my case. He goes above and beyond giving personal attention to your case and has showed that he truly cares about you unlike other attorneys I have talked to. I haven’t met another attorney with so much experience within the monmouth county area being that he was a past prosecutor and knows much of what’s to be expected. Definitely do not hesitate when thinking about hiring Jason Volet as he will be the best decision you’ll make!

David Zbinden

Very easy to communicate with and very helpful.

Billy Lenox

Mike May

I found some trouble in New Jersey while traveling. Not only did Jason get me the best possible outcome in my case, but I didn't have to travel back to NJ for court. As I live over 1,000 miles away and these were serious charges, I was more than impressed. Mr. Volet got me out of a heck of a bind. Thanks Jason.

jess hurley

I hired Jason after contacting many other lawyers. While he told me the same things the other lawyers did (for the most part), Jason was very upfront about what was happening to me and my possible outcomes. I put a lot of trust and faith in a man who I've never met (I live out of state but my charges were in NJ) and he got me the best possible outcome. I faught for me and he genuinely cared about my case. I am very thankful that I hired him and I would reccomend anyone who need a criminal defense lawyer, to hire Jason.

Nick L

Have used Jason multiple times and have always been very grateful for the help he has given me. I highly reccomend his services.

James Li

Excellent Attorney I have met. I have a criminal case handled by Jason recently. I should say it is not an easy case. Jason handled it very professional and the case was completely dismissed. Also, it is worthy to mention that Jason is not like other attorneys I met before, he answered my email or phone calls promptly. And him attorney fee is pretty reasonable. I strongly recommend him!

Phil Su

Great Guy. Knows what he’s doing. Got my charges dismissed!

Dan Ske

Jason was very professional and gave me the best service I could have ever possibly received. I highly recommend him for your legal trouble. You have been a blessing and saved me a lot of time and trouble.

Samantha Alessi

My experience with Jason Volet was nothing but great. He always made me feel safe and comfortable about my case and always had my best interest in mind. No matter what questions or concerns I had, he was always available to speak to me and clear up any issues I was having. Jason took care of my case in such a professional manner that made me feel very secure with the process. I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone who is in need of a criminal attorney.

Michael S.

Jason is without a doubt the top lawyer in the area for DUI related offenses. There was no BS or empty promises; just hard work and genuine concern for his clients.

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