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REVIEWS OF Fragomen in New York IN New Jersey

Michael Rubenstein

I cannot recommend this place to anybody seeking professional immigration assistance with their visas. It's a miracle that I was able to get my green card application processed in light of the huge mess the attorneys at Fragomen created with their logistics.

Abhinav Maurya

Superb. Have handled my H1B cases twice. First was simple - H1B lottery. Second was more complex and was about renewing cap-exempt H1B status after attending school in the US for ~6 years. Swift approvals without RFEs in both cases. Just make sure to follow up on details and timelines with your paralegal before filing and let them do their best once they have all your details.


Please think twice if your company uses this firm. During my H1b application: 1. They forgot my LCA application 2. Out of 3 emails I sent, they could ignore 2 of them 3. They were super nice during phone calls, but they forgot everything you said afterwards 4. They are highly unprofessional. They made numerous mistakes in my documents Avoid at all cost. If you have to use this firm, you should know each procedure for your application very clearly and ask for evidence like confirmation number etc for every step.

John Keaton

A lot of fellow co-workers at my company have had similarly bad experiences in filing our immigration paperwork with Fragomen. In general, they seem to be very slow at responding to updates, made frequent mistakes in processing paperwork, and can even be rude and very unprofessional at times when speaking with petitioners. I don't know why our company continues to work with them.

Alan Ko

Terrible place, rude receptionists and attorneys. Go take your immigration petitions elsewhere.

Jonathan Parker

The attorneys assigned to my immigration case were rude and highly unprofessional. Because of their rudeness and disrespect (not just to me but other coworkers also filing petitions), we're actively trying to get our company to change our immigration services provider to another firm (hopefully one that actually treats its clients with respect). Don't make the same mistake as we did, and go take your immigration requests to another place!

Xat Ben

They provide awful service and inaccurate information. They acknowledged in the email that they sent "General Emails" and don't take them seriously.

Mariah Wells

Preparing any type of immigration paperwork (especially in this political climate) can be stressful enough. Compound that with the incompetence and negligence of the attorney assigned to my case (an L-1B extension), and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster.

Sam S

A.V.O.I.D. They screwed up my Labor certification application twice wasting several years in the process and hurting my career, and were not helpful in fixing the problems they made. I will not recommend this firm to anybody .. stay far away!

Thomas Jones

An attorney at Fragomen literally forgot to fill out a very time-sensitive labor certification, and as a result, my H-1B extension had to be delayed, which almost cost me my position in the United States. Seek another immigration services provider.

Udayan Khurana

Darius Harris

I cannot stress how incompetent this firm is at handling immigration petitions. Three times they have had to redo my H-1B extension because of clerical errors on their part. Also, their attorneys and paralegals are super slow to get back to you, despite numerous phone calls.

George Hamilton

A twenty year old who didn't know what they were doing handled my H-1B immigration petition, and totally messed it up. When I asked the attorney for better assistance, she simply cast me aside and castigated me for not being "patient" enough. I don't know how they get away with such terrible customer service.

Sarah Bradford


The paralegal/associate attorney in our case kept providing "Wrong" information (including wrong entry date and wrong birth of country in the application form. Even the receipt number they provided us was also wrong). I understand that they're busy, but they need to be more detail-oriented!!!!!!!

Rishi Misra

horrible law firm that compounds the challenges of highly skilled immigrants in an already challenging immigration system. Because of how incompetently they handled my case while I was at at a big management consulting firm, here are some of the consequences I have had to bear: 1. Got thrown into a cycle of visa renewals that prevented me from traveling overseas to see immediate family members for more than 2 years 2. Spent thousands to restart the Permanent Residency process from scratch with a new employer and eventually on self-petitioning under EB-1 because Fragomen did not even get me a number in line. I served for almost 5 years at the management consulting firm that had retained Fragomen as immigration counsel 3. If they had not dragged their feet in filing my application or were honest, I would have been a U.S. Permanent Resident in 2011 and a Citizen in 2016. You can read more about my struggles, in part as a result of Fragomen's questionable handling of my Green Card application, over here:

Shirin Bhasin

Marissa Kaneshige

Working with this firm to process my H-1B immigration petition was a literal nightmare. The attorneys and paralegals were highly unorganized, and had to resend my paperwork to the USCIS three times because of negligent errors on their parts. Also, an attorney literally yelled at me over the phone when I complained about their negligent service. I don't understand how this firm can treat its clients so poorly.

James Frye

Karol Dywel

Corrin Thomas

Really great firm. They respond to questions immediately. They had great advice, were completely on the ball and even sent me reminders for upcoming immigration deadlines. I highly, highly recommend them.

Ger Goggin

Simply terrible.... Do not ever even think about working for a company that uses frag....poor poor poor terrible, stressful....

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