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Chris Cortez

Was very patient with our questions and thoroughly explained a difficult situation. Very personable, highly professional.

Francis Egan

Attorney Goulden handled a civil matter for me that I could not have the same results if I were to attempt resolution myself. I know that it is with Attorney Goulden's many years of experience and his professional attention to detail and constant application of due diligence that he achieved success for me in this matter and I could not have been more pleased, thankful and very grateful. I highly recommend Attorney Goulden if you are in need of an Attorney. I can only imagine that every case that he takes on must have it's own degree of complexity but I know and feel confident that from my own personal experience with Attorney Goulden that he will give you his many years of experience, respect, dedication and full attention to you and your case.

Carol Howard

I wanted to take a minute to recognize Attorney Goulden for being a very experienced professional defense attorney. Its not every day that a person actually gets 100% of what they expect and people should know that they can expect just that from Attorney Goulden when they retain him. I cant say enough about his character and honesty. Great Job sir!


Fantastic lawyer and a win!!! Attorney Robert Johnson lll won the ALS hearing and took the case to trial where it was finally dismissed. He was professional, proficient and compassionate throughout the process. I can't thank him enough.

Adam Gauthier

Mr. Robert Johnson III is a highly skilled and experienced attorney that provided me with expert legal counsel. As a military veteran, Mr. Johnson is very respectful and accommodating to service members. Mr. Johnson took the time to thoroughly understand my case and supported me through an extremely stressful and challenging time in my life. Mr. Johnson has the experience in handling situations like mine and was able to drive my case to a successful conclusion. I highly recommend Mr. Johnson, he is a subject matter expert in criminal law and is extremely professional, responsive, and understanding.

Andrew Katch

very professional, personable and is well respected amongst his peers, understands everything in and out and knows what he's doing. unbelievable communication, and believes that everything is achievable, very thankful that i had him as my lawyer and wouldn't have wanted to pick anyone else.

Dominick Zavaglia

If you are looking for an attorney and are lucky enough to be in Tim Goulden's area, look no further and just call him. Over a year ago Tim helped me out with a case that ultimately got resolved almost immediately, and in my favor. His knowledge and experience are unmatched and his fees are very reasonable. Calling Tim not only saved me thousands of dollars but he immediately alleviated nearly all the stress and pressure that I felt after our first conversation. He is the most relatable attorney that I've ever spoken with and has a rare ability to put everything regarding the case in perspective for you. To me he felt like someone that I've known my whole life right off the bat, kind of like an uncle. He's so easygoing, laid-back and REAL, you'll find yourself talking freely about other things that are going on in your life outside of the case he's helping you out with. It's great and really makes the experience painless and easy. While all that is well and good, his effectiveness is why you really need to hire him. He clearly knows his stuff, has seen it all before, and has an enormous amount of respect from the prosecutors and judges in his district. This goes a long, long way for his clients. A year after the case, Tim called me just to say hi and see how I was doing. I mean, what attorney does that? He's just such an amazing person and I'd recommend him to anyone. Thank You Tim. You Are The Best!

Mohamed Ahmed

Mark Duggan

Tim is a greay Attorney. Effective Ethical and on point. Very attentive to your every need. 5 Star

Mackatax 1114

I was incredibly impress with how my case was handled by Mr. Goulden. He is a fantastic attorney and knows many people in the system and believe me, that is important. My case was dismissed and he's the reason. You can't go wrong with this attorney.

Ashley Bailey Guelfi

Corey Cutler


Timothy Goulden is a top notch lawyer, because of him me and my family can continue to live our lives peacefully. He is truly an incredibly talented individual.

Jonathan Glynn

Mr. Goulden is a very knoledgeable man who cares very highly about his defendants an will go out of his way to do everything possible. He is well known in the court room. I was very pleased having Tim and Bob represent me.

Erin Sullivan

Robert Johnson handled my case and I was very pleased with the results. He always returned my calls or texts very promptly. He was very direct and upfront on how he felt the case would go and the best way of handling it. I will definitely call Robert again should I need his assistance. I highly recommend Robert to others, he has a great personal touch that made the whole process easy and relatively stress free.

Jeffrey Marlowe

Timothy Goulden, was a fantastic attorney for me. He was extremely comforting, assessable, and passionate of his work. He was the first attorney to personally call me on a early morning of a Holiday. He comforted me and my mother, and was very confident in himself and reassuring. Mr. Goulden, took all the stress out of my hands and answered all my questions. This man is a honest, hardworking individual and I would definitely recommended him to fight for you in the court of law.

Anthony Covey

By far one of the best attorneys I've dealt with. Tim is a straight shooter, he's funny and he takes your case seriously. I couldn't thank him enough for helping my son with his case.

Andres Cadenas

Best defense in NH 100%

William Chase

I was recently represented by Attorney Bob Johnson III, in a 2nd Amendment case. I cannot say enough good things about Bob. Without his invaluable help and knowledge I would not have stood a chance in winning my case. My case was overturned, thanks to Bob's expertise. What started as a simple mistake was made clear to all concerned and justice actually prevailed. My belief that there really is some good in the world was reinforced by Bob. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Thanks Bob!

Robin Vaillancourt

I had a wonderful experience with Timothy Goulden. He was very kind, so thorough and clear every step of the way, very helpful and encouraging and most of all and most of all he got me through a very rough patch in my life with the proper legal action!!

J Lawrence

This is embarrassing, but last year I was wrapped up in an FBI investigation. Oh yeah, Grand Jury the whole thing. Being from Boston, I didn't know anyone who was licensed or QUALIFIED to handle such a serious situation in New Hampshire. So how do you find someone? Phone book? Web? All the ads sound good, but how do you know? So I asked the best lawyers in Boston and they all said the same name...Tim Goulden in Nashua. So I called Tim and set up an appointment to meet him. We talked over coffee in his office and I outlined my problem, my fears and my concerns about being caught up in the legal system. Not just local, but Federal. In speaking with Tim, I was extremely impressed with Tim's wealth of knowledge in law and how many people he dealt with routinely in the various courts. With his background in the military and previously being a law enforcement officer, Tim knows everyone. And that matters. I hired Tim and he navigated me through my problem successfully. It was a scary time for me, but Tim was there every step of the way. So let me say in closing, whether you are charged with a DWI or something more serious, your choice in an attorney MATTERS. For me, the ONLY attorney I would hire to defend me is Tim Goulden, and he should be yours as well.

Brettanie Purcell

He is a great lawyer. He has helped me and my family. Hard working and determined man.

Daniel Trahan

Arizona Aylward-Goguen

Timothy Goulden is an incredibly knowledgeable and genuine attorney. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need. He has gained respectable connections through his years of working in this field and can be trusted to give his clients the best possible outcome. His dedication and responsiveness help to decrease the stress that comes with most court processes. He is highly esteemed, professional, and creates a kindhearted relationship with his clients. Having Attorney Goulden on your side will automatically increase your chances for a desirable outcome.

Anamika Sen

Although words cannot express my gratitude towards Timothy J. Goulden, I just want to take a moment and thank him for what he did for me. I am ashamed to write that I was arrested for shoplifting. When I googled for “criminal” attorneys, the only one who caught my attention was Timothy J. Goulden. I called him up and had a brief discussion regarding my case. I set up an followup appointment instantly. He answered all my questions clearly and explained the procedure in details. What I liked most about him is his HONESTY. From the beginning, he was straightforward and genuine with me and I appreciated his uprightness so very much. It was the best decision I made. Having him on my side put all my worries on ease. Tim is knowledgeable, experienced and caring. He has great court demeanor, and he is respected by the judges and prosecutors. With his magic skills of persuasion, the prosecutor offered me diversion, which I took. I have to perform community service. Thank you Tim for who you are and all that you did for me. I hope I won’t need you in the future, but I will always recommend you for others who took wrong decisions and acted irrationally for a worthless and embarrassing situation.

Faith Harvey

Stacie Laughton

Nicole Carrion

Robert Johnson has helped and completed my case(s) immensely*. He offered myself much more than I have ever imagined or thought! I could not ever be more thankful or appreciated of his caring human nature and service!! Thank you, Bob!

Carl Branco

After being wrongfully charged for a serious felony crime that could of sent me to jail for years by the Nashua PD for a crime I did not commit, I started my search for a competent attorney to defend me. My search for effective representation led me to initially hire two local attorneys; these attorneys did not work out because they provided me with ineffective representation and I felt as if they did care about me, for them it was just business as usual; this mistake caused me tens of thousands of dollars in wasted money. It wasn’t until I hired Timothy Goulden and Robert Johnson III from Nashua, NH that things started looking up. I can honestly say that Tim and Bob really cared about me and the difficult situation I was in. Tim and Bob were very accessible; I felt as if they took a serious personal interest in winning my case. They answered all my questions, listened to all the concerns I had involving the case; believe me, I had lots of questions. They were also very accessible, I could always reach them by phone to discuss anything that was going through my mind. But the most important thing about Tim and Bob is that they actually listed to me and what I wanted to do involving my case; they gave me their advice, but often said that I was the one in charge, and that they would do what I wanted rather than just trying to convince me of something that they wanted just to make things easier for themselves. Not wanting to accept any guilty plea, no matter how small the admission; together we came up with a winning strategy to fight the foolish and misguided (I'm being kind) County Attorney’s Office no matter what it took. In conclusion to my case, we gave them one hell of a fight; in the end the District Attorney's Office dropped all charges against me and my arrest record for the felony charge was fully expunged (erased from my record). I cannot say enough good things about Tim and Bob; not only as very effective defense attorneys, but as good and decent individuals who actually care about the people they are hired to defend. Don’t make the same mistake I did initially by hiring some ineffective lawyer who just wants to take your money and plea to make it easier for them. Hire Timothy Goulden and Robert Johnson, III to begin with; they will fight for you, and save yourself the headache and money. Thanks Tim and Bob for a job well done. Carl Branco

Zachary Eddows

Tim Goulden is a fantastic person and an even better attorney. He personally helped me with my case and did everything he could to get me the best result possible and he accomplished that goal. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation he is the man for you

Gilbert Poindexter

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