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REVIEWS OF Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith IN Nevada

shannon garner

My wonderful attorney is Brett Carter. in august of 2008 i was involved in a very bad car accident. physically & emotionally speaking it has been a rough recovery. as far as my representation goes, i am very blessed! Brett and his team are extremely hard working & always EXCEED my expectations. Brett is great with his communication, i am always informed on new developments involving my case. it brings me great comfort knowing i am being represented by someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable, but caring as well. i would highly recommend them to everybody!!! i hope this review is helpful

Valarie Campbell

I've had horrible experiences with lawyers in the past trying to hurry me out of their offices and treating me like I wasn't a good enough case for them to take, but at Benson, Bertoldo, Baker and Carter I was treated with absolute respect and kindness. My lawyer was Jonathan Weber and he fought hard for me and won my case. Mr. Weber went over every detail of my case and explained how everything worked and what my best options were. The outcome of my personal injury lawsuit was more than what I actually thought I would get. Everyone at the office was very professional and always got back to me in a timely manner. I even had a speeding ticket and they fought the ticket for me. John Morris and Tim Bell also helped me out a lot when I had a question. They are truly one awesome team.

Justin Stoll

Coralee Reid

Very professional. Smart and detail oriented. I'll never look elsewhere again. They fulfilled my needs without my having to brake down what those needs are. They're sensitive, yet intuitive. And they KNOW THE LAW.

T Brawner

I wish that I can give BBB&Carter five hundred stars! They are THE BEST Law Firm in the valley! I was represented by Brett Carter who is not only an awesome lawyer but his staff, Melissa and Jody comprise a kick-butt team that will work hard for their clients! Not only are they top-notch, they treat all of their clients with the utmost respect and I for one felt like family. My case has been settled well over a year and still I can call them and they are there for me. You'll never have to worry about questions going unanswered, and I absolutely LOVE everyone that works there. Thanks for your counsel and I am so glad God lead me to you all!!! I'll end by saying what I told Brett periodically, "YOU GUYS ROCK!!!"....

Kostadin Yanev

Very professional and courteous law firm. They are great team and they work hard to make sure you get the best results. I am very happy that I choose these lawyers. Thank you Elle and John Bertoldo for your help and caring. I'd definitely recommend Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith and will seek them for legal assistance if I had to do it all over again!

Kim Biron

Horrible experience. All talk once the papers are signed it all changes.

brooks potts

They make me feel confident that my case matters, and that I should never settle for less than what is expected.

Heidi Labastida

Mr. Brett A. Carter is very dedicated, extremely knowledgeable, and very professional attorney. Thanks to Mr. Carter and his firm we will be able to provide for our children after almost loosing everything after an automobile accident. We will always be thankful to Mr. Brett A. Carter for treating us with compassion and empathy.

Bill B

Thanks for your prompt and professional attention to our issue. We recommend you without any hesitation. This is the best law firm we have ever used in the Las Vegas area.

Kim Womack

The crew at Benson and Bertoldi were amazing. I was rear ended 3 weeks after having medical surgery for a rather serious issue. After several weeks of non-communication between the other drivers insurance and mine, I realized it was time to get some help. A friend recommended Benson, Bertoldi, Carter and Baker and I was immediately in contact with Autumn Betke and her wonderful crew. Not only did she immediately take action, I knew I was in great hands and could concentrate on getting healthy again. Everyone at the law firm were so friendly and professional and ultimately Autumn and her paralegal Jared were able to obtain a very fair settlement. If I ever have another issue (and I truly hope not!), I will not hesitate to contact Autumn and the law firm again.

Ralph Harrington

John Bertoldo and his staff were awesome everyone was great there from start to finish . We really felt like VIP's, if your in an accident and need some people to trust and to to help you get through it these are the people

dan laporte

Kristine Griffith

Benson Bertoldo Baker & Carter are the best lawyers you can count on and trust. I used to hate lawyers. However after the experience I had when I hired Benson Bertoldo Baker and Carter to represent me in a vehicle accident, I realized I made the best decision and changed my view on lawyers. John Bertoldo, Steve Baker and the professional and friendly staff helped me with anything I needed from medical to informing me on important updates about my case. I know I can always count on Benson Bertoldo Baker & Carter for anything I need for the future.

William Ballard

Keep telling me they give the insurance company other extension and this is the 3rd time sayin it

Michelyn D

My son and I got into a car accident and I didn't know what to do or what to expect since it was my first accident. I was referred to Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter and they did not disappoint me. I worked with Elle and John and they were very helpful, answered all my questions on a timely manner and kept me in the loop with what was going on with our case. I am very happy and pleased with their work.

Donna Woodward

It is with great honor that I recommend the law firm of Benson Bertoldo Baker & Carter. This firm is a highly professional law firm that wins cases. I have had the pleasure of knowing John Bertoldo for over twenty years; John has always displayed a high degree of integrity and experience. Over the years I have been a client of this law firm; they research and answer all questions thoroughly in a timely manner. The office staff develops a family-like relationship with clients. I have recommended this law firm to my family/friends for many years. The staff is exceptional in their sensitivity to clients, always reliable and cheerful. In my opinion, the law firm of Benson Bertoldo Baker & Carter far exceeds the completion. They are highly proficient in reviewing and discussing your case. Seldom have I been able to recommend someone without reservation, it is my pleasure however to do so in the case for Benson Bertoldo Baker & Carter. I am happy to give my wholehearted endorsement.

Dennis Bivins


scott corley

Unfortunately I have had to use their services twice in the last five years. They have exceeded my expectations on both occasions and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Angie Lara

It is with great pleasure that I write a glowing review for the law firm of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter. I will forever be grateful for everything Brett and Natalie did for me. Brett and Natalie are genuine, caring, dedicated, persistent and professional! An excellent team to have on your side! I highly recommend the law offices of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter. Angie, Wyoming

Stacey Janet

I'm extremely happy with my experience at Bertoldo, Baker, Carter and Smith. John Bertoldo, my attorney was so professional and compassionate. He explained to me about my case and what to expect and was very informative and patience with my questions and concerns. Elle, John's case manager would call me and keep me updated on my case. I couldn't be more pleased with John and Elle's excellent service and how John handled my case. This firm will fight for you and help you like family! Stacey

marjorie bartlett

I got in to an accident while I lived in Las Vegas and found Benson,Bertoldo,Bakerand Carter. I than moved after the accident to Idaho they where wonderful to me and Have done everything to wrap up my case and handle everything so I didn't need to fly back to Vegas all the time . I am greatful I found them . Thanks Marjorie

Elizabeth Guerrero

I had a blast from the past! It felt like a family reunion. Thank you Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith esq for your thoughtful & kind gift in having client appreciation day & treating us to the movie "A wrinkle in time" with popcorn & a drink.God bless you

Michael Wilson

Kristine D

I had an outstanding experience at Benson, Bertoldo, Baker and Carter. The firm helped me wade through a negative life circumstance in a positive way. The staff is truly exceptional. The front office always greeted me warmly and made sure my needs were met promptly. I worked directly with Brett Carter and his paralegal, Trish Smith, two remarkable professionals who quickly established trust and rapport with their compassion, diligence, and extensive knowledge. I highly recommend this firm.

Anthony Deleon

They never informed or contact the customers after you sing up with them..

Amiee Provost

Mr. Baker took the time to ensure that I was well prepared and understood what to expect, thus alleviating a lot of anxiety for me as I'd never gone through this legal process before. He was respectful and courteous to me. He is very knowledgeable and highly qualified. I highly recommend him and his team.

Fatima Hurd

When my car was rear ended, and I got hurt, I was referred to Mr. Bertoldo, by my doctor. I wasn't sure what to expect, when I came to see him. When my husband and I met with him he was sympathetic and to the point. Explained to us what was to be expected, and went on to work on our case, and handleded everything while I worked on recovering. After about a year, we were notified and brought back in to discuss what the other party wanted to settle. Mr. Bertoldo explained to us that he was not in agreement with what they offered but had to present it to us, in agreement we asked for him to proceed, with a counter! To our amazement we were impressed and extremely happy that he was able to get a little more than what was expected! I recommend Mr. Bertoldo highly to anyone who has been hurt in an accident, he and his staff are very knowledgable! No pony show, he did what he set out do and then some.

April Scholtes

Absolutely love this Firm!!!! They always answered my emails, calls and questions in a timely manner. I always felt every move made on my case was in the best interest for me. I definitely will always use Mr Carter in the future. Mr Carter and Assistant Jodi are very kind honest people. I am so glad that i chose this firm for my case and had the opportunity to get to know them! I dont think i have met anyone at this firm that i didnt like. Everyone there is so nice. I will definitely recommend this firm to anyone!

david phillips

To be honest they were and are the reason that my life is now bearable and active. John and Elli are two of my new heros. In July 2015 I was involved in a high speed rear end accident that damaged my back bone and neck. It also gave me a nermathorasic (sp) collapsing lung so I was transported to UMC from centennial. ( no thorasic surgeon at centennial at the time ) John and Elli immediately started my care though chiropractic, massage, pain management and physical therapy everyone they sent me to was amazing. Eventually it was determined that I needed to see a different doctor with greater capability they set up Dr Rossler. He is great explained things to me and set me up for back injections to correct disc problems causing pain. This is where my story turns into a nightmare. I was back to working. Anticipating the injections because I was finding great results from the research I've done on injections. Well at a stop light on sept 2015 I was rear ended at a high rate of speed. The other driver caused a five car accident knocked the wheel off my vehicle and left me with unbearable pain. I was able to exit the vehicle and attempted to go to the side of the road this is where my legs gave out and I collapsed unable to wiggle my toes, legs on fire in pain. The firemen didn't give me a choice and transported me by there ambulance. I was scared but I was getting sensation back in my legs and able to move my toes. The next day Dr Rossler sent me for another MRI. After seeing the results he was saddened as I was. He explained injections will not correct this and sent me to Dr Kabins. This man is amazing and I owe my ability to walk pain free to him. Hope was given to me by him. I will never forget his first statement to me after seeing the x-Rays. He simply said "I can fix this". It was around November 2015 and for the first time since September I had hope to be able to run, walk be a father to my children, and a husband to my wife. There were many tests done to get me ready for surgery some were painful like the nerve study and discagram. They were used to find the pain generator and document the nerve damage. Finally the surgery day arrived thankfully as expected Dr Kabins was amazing he and his team gave me a 100% successful surgery. I am now post op and 100% pain free , off the narcotics ( except for occasional pain) and alive in a way I have not been for a year. The doctors john sent me to are the best, the care and compassion given is top notch. I know in my heart that John and Elli were influential in making this happen. They handle everything all I did was go to the appointments and do as the doctors said. John and Elli are great I call they answer or call back they are always available. I remember speaking with John after hours on the way to the hospital after the first accident. He said he was there for me and he has been. This firm is great, John and Elli are amazing and I am thankful Thank you John and Elli you were so instrumental in letting me live again

Mariya Yunkerova

John Bertoldo, Elle and Tab were an amazing team. I was in so much pain because of my accident I didn't know what to do. John's team took care of the entire process for me and I was immensely pleased at the end.Thank you for all professional and hard work! Best law firm!

Stylez by Ginger

Luz Pressley

They're like family, they did everything more than I expected , Atty Benson spent more than enough time with me on the first appointment, and Lucille is the best at what she does , Gail is a darling, always sweet and with a smile. And Melissa was very thorough in all her explanations , and Judy was very helpful, overall everybody went the extra mile to make sure that I am taken cared of, and that I am happy. And I am. Very happy, I definitely recommend the attorneys at Benson, Bertoldo , Baker and Carter to everyone I meet. Thank you everyone,you are family, love you all...

reynaldo martinez

Ana Mauricio Cardenas Diez


Anne Hoff

Caring and efficient. They are truly there for you

Luben Landjev

I was involved in MVA in October, 2016. I wanted to be represented by professional law firm. After researching all reviews for many law firms in Las Vegas my choice was Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith Law Firm. I am so thankful that I met the most experienced attorney John Bertoldo. He respects his clients. Mr. Bertoldo and my case manager Elle made everything so easy for me. They helped me from the first day when I met them. Every time when I called with questions John or Elle were available to spent time with me. They helped me to find the best medical treatment for my injuries and my recovery was awesome. John and Elle thank you so much for all your hard work and caring! Your service is outstanding!

Jack Irwin

They helped us finish out lawsuit without any hassle!

Rosalba De Armas

philip corwin

When I had a firearm discharged with no fault of my own I contacted a lawyer who Contacted Bertoldo Baker Carter Smith for me. This case was in my eyes a clear and cut case with no fault of my own so I thought. These lawyers however knew it was more complex than that. It took more time to settle this case as the makers of this firearm through everything but the kitchen sink at them and they counter them at every turn. Eventually the case was settled in my favor and not for these specialized lawers I would have received nothing! My hats off to Larry and the backbone of the business Susan who keeps them all straight or at least Larry. In short if you been hurt take a minute and talk with these professionals, trust me it's worth it. Sincerely, Philip Corwin

Andria Bumpus

Carmen,Brett, Jody, Melissa... I just love this firm there amazing so polite and informative. Treat us like we are family really appreciate this firm. Thank you all for your amazing services!!


The entire staff worked very diligently, efficiently and professionally. They treated me with respect and care. Charlene Bloomfield worked on my behalf and couldn't have asked for a more fair, honest, enthusiastic experience. John Bertoldo represented me and I was beyond happy with the level of genuine professionalism. If there were 6 stars, I would gladly choose that!

Krasi Yavashev

We cannot pick who we are going to meet in our life but we can decide who we are going to keep in it. Unfortunate circumstances brought me to the doors of this office. In Jan 2016 I was a victim of a hit and run accident that occurred at Town Square in Las Vegas. The driver of the other car just ran away from the scene. I needed help with medical attention, car repairs, rentals, paperwork, insurance agents hassling me for info etc. I was overwhelmed and I was looking for someone to help me with this. I needed someone solid, someone with experience and someone that is not on a billboard on every corner and taking every case that walks in. I needed someone with proven 5 stars reputation. I called ahead, scheduled appt. My case was assigned to one of the managing partners Mr. John Bertoldo and his assistant Eli. Few hours after the appointment I was already scheduled with a MD, X-rays & MRI, Chiropractic, my car was in a collision shop and I had a rental. I had nothing to worry about, just I had to take my time to recover. The harassment from the insurance agency stopped right away. John and Eli stayed in touch through the whole process and kept me posted for each step we were going thru. I can't be thankful enough for all the help and attention I've received from them and the team they are working with. The irresponsibility in this town is huge and it when comes to a moment like this, you really need someone that you can count on. You will be happy that you pick them on your side!

natalie schaffer

I had been a client following a work related auto accident, I have to first say Thank you so much to Brett Carter and Jodi. They made a difficult situation as easy as possible. This is a very professional office, but they always make you feel comfortable and welcome. Simply the best group of people you would ever want on your side.

Michael J. Rosenheck

I had been in an auto accident while waiting at a stop sign in Henderson, NV. I had gone to several doctors and finally had some surgery on my eyes that were affected by the impact upon me. Throughout my ordeal I had Mr Joe Benson always at my side. He and his assistants were always available to answer questions and guide me throughout this situation. Through Mr Bensons efforts I have regained my sense of value to my family, friends and folks that I work with. His strength of knowledge of the law and ability to relate to my issues places him and his law firm on the highest level of recomendation to anyone in need of the best.

Ivonne Pazmino

Joseph Bagshaw

Javier a workmans comp attorney and his assistant Eva is a pleasure to deal with plus the rest of the staff is very nice, I used to think Javier was the greatest workman's comp attorney there is, I was wrong after I got to a certain point he ignored my phone calls and his assistant started talking to me in a rude manner so I was hung out to dry by Javier attorney for Benson bertoldo Baker & Carter and workman's comp, associated risk management, being on major pain medication for many years and other medications after the new rules took place nobody cared, Javier doesn't take my calls and workman's comp as far as I know doesn't have to do anything , thank God the primary pain doctor is under my medicare that's right I am permanently disabled and screwed by workman's comp and the attorney. So if you need an attorney find another one.

Guielsie Rosado

Great service! Awesome people, perfect environment!!!!

Alex Ramirez

My son was in a car accident this law firm collected more then my son and why did they do business with Bank of America the interest for 6 years was about 42 dollars something does not smell right !

mark mansfield



I went for a workers compensation case in 12/2018. I met with Javier and I was told it would take at least 30 days for me to get the medical assistance I needed. I waited patiently for 30 days, in excruciating back pain and NEVER did this office mailed any letter to the insurance company or did anything to help me. The paralegal was horrible, she told me I had to wait, that I had to keep on working. Javier and paralegal were rude and I received an email stating that I could go somewhere else. I did go to Shook and Stone and received the care I needed right away. I had the back surgery I needed and my case was closed in a year, which it’s fast for workers como case.

Deborah Dondero

Thank you Brett and Jodi for being amazing legal representatives and advocates through my case. From the very first day, you put my mind at ease with your calm demeanor, patience, and clear explanations of the process we were about to embark on together. You both kept me informed and communicated any new developments in a timely manner. I appreciated the professionalism and level of service from not only both of you, but also the receptionist. Everyone in the office made me feel comfortable and treated me with respect and kindness during my visits and any time I called. I will recommend you to family and friends because I know first- hand that they will be in great hands legally and emotionally. Thank you.

Megan Shaker

My life came to a completely unexpected halt in May of 2010. Not knowing where to turn and in the hospital not knowing if I'd make it out alive, My best friend recommeded BBB&C to me, the very next day Johnaton was by my side and told me to rest and that he and Mary would take care of me. He did'nt lie. He was truly a gentleman and Mary was fighting for me enery step of the way. Not only was I given a life back, it was given to me with care, respect and new life long friends. This is the law firm you want and need, without a doubt.

Peggy Elias

I retained Benson Bertoldo Baker & Carter after I was injured in a rear-end car accident. Autumn Betke is the attorney who is handling my case. Autumn is very helpful and has guided me through the process with great communication and professionalism. Everyone at this law firm is courteous, efficient, and has treated me with the greatest dignity and respect. I am constantly updated as to the progress of my claim. I would recommend Autumn Betke and Benson Bertoldo Baker & Carter to anyone who needs representation in a personal injury case. They truly have their clients’ best interest at heart.

sandi pacheco

Mark G

Carter was excellent and very helpful, I do not know what I would have done without him on my side...Thank you

Randall Koonce

Law Firm of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter and Smith - Top Exemplary Service in which you will expect as a client. I was referred to the Law firm, not knowing what to expect in regards to my automobile accident, and the staff were very informant, courteous, ambitious and caring. Attorney Brett Carter showed true integrity when dealing with my case, as well his staff. The dedication shown by this Law firm is first class. If you are looking for a professional Law firm with results, not excuses, I highly recommend this Law firm.

Brooke Weeden

Steven Pieri

By far one of the best and most reputable firm's in Las Vegas. I have used them on a few separate occasions and every time I've experienced nothing but the upmost in professionalism. Their office staff is extremely polite and informative during all phases of the process. I highly recommend Steve Baker Charlene Bloomfield and the entire team Thank you again for always answering all of our questions and being so easy to work with, something I have not experienced with other firms here in town.

tony Pinneri

With all the attorney choices you have in Las Vegas you don't have to look any farther than this firm. From the most Senior attorney to the office staff and reception, they will call you by your name and amazingly will know everything about your case on the top of their head. Also, their skill in understanding case law, working with insurance companies, negotiation and follow up is second to none. Joe Benson and Steve Baker are head and shoulders above the rest as well as their staff. No need to look any further!

Steve Reed

I was early for my 11 o'clock appointment .15 after, someone else was received I asked why. They switched me to 1130 without telling me at 11:40 Bortoldo came in and I explained to him what was going on. in two minutes he became indignant open the door for me to walk out. If that's the way they treat prospective clients then how did they get a five star rating and the reason for trying them . I am sorely disappointed with Bertoldo's attitude and the way he justified my poor experience with saying Javier was the best. bertoldo's arrogance left no course for recovery

Scottie Briscoe

I would like to thank Mr. Bertoldo, Mr. Cardenas, Charlene, and Kim for helping me so much. You all are amazing in your skills and knowledge. Your care and concern for your clients goes far beyond anyones expectations. I would recommend your firm to anyone. Thank you again, Scottie

James Page

Stay away from firm if Paul Cullen works here. It appears he was kicked out of Battle Born Injury Lawyers. Paul is a liar and fraud with absolutely no experience as a Personal Injury Lawyer fresh out of school

Katie Irwin

They are truly lovely people, I wouldn't go to anyone else! They are professional and make the process so easy!

arash rahaeimehr

Very bad service, they are just ripping people off over there

jean daigle

The people there are genuinely nice.

Chase Schmidt

So beyond happy and pleased with the service and compassion with this law office. Charlene and Mr. Bertoldo, are both exceptional people to work with. Charlene and Mr. Bertoldo, really take their time to make sure things are done and handled without issue. If something comes up they are always there to take your call and make time to help you. They really care about the needs and well being of their client(s) and bend over backwards to make sure that you are taken care of by the best doctors.They go above and beyond to make sure treatment is done within a timely manner and done right the first time. I never once doubted them and knew i was in good hands. I truly can't speak highly enough of this law firm. Great from the first phone call to the closing of the case. If I ever need any type accident injury assistance I know I can depend on them.

William F

I retained John Bertoldo twice in the last 2 years. He and his staff were professional, friendly and did whatever it took to finish the case. John and Larry really impressed me during a deposition and an arbitration with my insurance company. John fought hard. Thank you John, Larry Smith, Charlene Bloomfield & Melissa Wilhelm. You ALL are the best firm in Southern Nevada.

Fiona Ryan

I contacted Benson, Bertoldo, Baker, and Carter after I was hit by another driver while in Las Vegas for a work conference. I live in Los Angeles and the law firm was wonderful at handling my case from another state. They were always available to me and were willing to offer advice when I was confused about things my insurance agent was telling me. My case took a while because of some difficulty getting medical records released from one of the doctor's offices here in California. Benson, Bertoldo, Baker, and Carter were persistent and patient in following through with my case. They updated me often with how my case was proceeding and were very professional. They advocated for me and in the end my settlement paid for all of my medical expenses plus a little more. I am going to give a shout out to Scott, the paralegal who handled all of the paperwork on my case and was so wonderful at explaining things to me and answering all of my questions! I recommend Benson, Bertoldo, Baker, and Carter full heartedly.

Jenny Glasco

Steve and Cheryl are my team. I've been with them for 10 years and it has been a pleasure working with them for a decade. If you want personal, knowledgeable and passionate representation, call Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter today to get top notch service! No matter how big or small your case is they treat everyone and all cases equal!

D Jeanette Graham

Tina Martin

Steve Baker is the best attorney one can hope for. Steve had my best interest in mind and making sure I got the best care for injuries sustained from a MVA. The case was very stressful and long (4 & 1/2 years). Steve always communicated with me and let me know where we stood. If not for Steve I would have given up. Steve is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. The case is settled and I will be taken care of for life .

Tik Mak

Joe Benson was my attorney and he was such a nice person to talk to. He answered all my questions and helped me through the toughest time. Lucille was his assistant and she helped me through the process. Together they got me the maximum settlement they could get. The whole office is so nice and friendly. I'd definitely recommend this firm to anyone who needs help with personal injury.

Jay Graunstadt

Benson, Bertoldo, Baker, and Carter took great care of me throughout my personal injury claim. They were fast, caring, and always answered my questions and reassured me throughout the process. I highly recommend Lindsay Cullen as an attorney and the firm to represent you if you're seeking any legal guidance.

Michael Baker

These guys will not take your case unless they can make a hundred thousand you're better off going somewhere else.

Radiance Ward

Big shout out to Lindsey and all the ladies that worked on my case, thank you so much for all your hard work.

Ellis Resto

The really worry about your case


Thank you everyone at the office of Bertoldo. Malissa is the sweetest kindest lady. My family and I highly recommend this office. Everyone's very patient and always helpful and nice. Thank you again! :)

Rodolfo Mora

John L. Bertoldo Abogado con Exelente servicio, amabilidad y profesionalismo que cuenta con un muy buen equipo de trabajo que me ayudaron en mi propio idioma, lo recomiendo ampliamente para accidentes de trabajo, y accidentes de auto.

jackie canton

3 cases pending.

Aimee Wenske

I was involved in two car accidents within a year, and both of them were also work comp related. I'd never used an attorney with any personal injury before and now I will never not use one again. Specifically BBB&C. They made everything so seamless and easy for me and were always available for questions or reassurance. This law firm clearly not only cares about what they do, but the clients they do it for. Thank you Javier, Rob, Patti, Melissa and the whole team!

Juan Garcia

Lindsay and her team were amazing. They answered all my questions and returned my calls in a timely manner. They kept me updated throughout my case.

mark otero

Very friendly and helpful staff

Don Fountain

When an out of state lawyer is looking for a partner firm to cocounsel a major case selecting the right firm invariably has a direct effect on the ultimate outcome of the case. Time and time again over the last 10+ years my firm has opted to partner directly with Brett Carter and Larry Smith at the Bertoldo Baker firm in Las Vegas. Not only are they excellent attorneys in their own right but they know their way around Las Vegas and the Nevada court system like few others. Having them on the team is not just having additional people to help with the innumerable tasks of managing a complex case, rather they actually add value and dimension to the overall litigation project and help move it through the system. Having settled and tried several cases with the Brett Carter, Larry Smith and Benson team and achieving excellent results each time they are my Go To Firm.

Eva Love

Lisa Wagasky

Autumn Betke is my attorney at this firm and she is great! My entire experience has been very pleasant. Autumn will meet you in person, return phone calls and emails promptly. She takes the time with her clients and that is so very important. Her entire staff is knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend Autumn and her firm. I appreciate Autumn and all of her help!

Chris Bennett

Best lawyers in town. Quick settlement. 10/10

Ron Swerny

Lindsay Cullen is my attorney. She fought a fortune 50 company and got me the surgery and treatment I needed. Without her dogged perseverance, I would have been kicked to the side and forgotten. I give her 10 stars!

deni kusatani

Attorney John L. Bertoldo and his assistant Miss Elle Trump are very courteous and highly professionals. We are very pleased to have them handle our accident case. They did an excellent Job in getting our case settled expeditiously. Denis and Nenita

Juan Castaneda

This is the best personal injury law firm you will find in the entire Las Vegas Valley. The attentiveness, care and professionalism is the best you will ever receive. I want to thank Lindsay Cullen, John Bertoldo, Melissa and the rest of the team for the outstanding work and for settling my case.

David House

The best in Las Vegas nv

Patrick Morgan

I was very pleased with the manner in which Joe Benson and his staff handled my case. Lucille and Melissa as well as Joe himself showed they really care and had my best interest at heart. Thanks again for all tour help.

Jamiedreams .

I was in a terrible hellish accident where I was run over by a big rig while crossing the street in my wheelchair. The lawyers at Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter lifted my family and I up and made us feel important in a way that more lawyers should do in this town! They made me feel like a person, not just another case file to be filed away. They went above and beyond-- even taking the time to visit me in the hospital and hold my hand. They have restored my faith in lawyers and I recommend them 150 percent ! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your incredible service! -Jamie F.

donna abila

i have been with benson & carter for a few years now. they have been incredibly helpful in my case. i really enjoy the entire staff. theyre all so friendly, polite, & caring whether on the phone or in person. i can never thank mr carter & mrs farr enough for all the work they've put into my case, keeping me updated, & letting me know what to expect. even though this is taken a little longer than planned i think in the end its well worth it. i'm glad i picked benson, bertoldo, baker, & carter to represent me, if i had to do it all over again i would surely pick them. thank YOU ALL so very much for everything you do.

Kurt B

Joe Carter

I was rear ended while I was parked . The insurance company said that because it was a low impact collision with minor damage to my vehicle and none to the other vehicle that they would pay for one doctor visit . They went on to say that they wouldn't pay for anything else without a fight due to the fact I had prior injuries .I didn't want an attorney but glad I decided to get one and more happier that it was attorney John Bertoldo . The man stand by his word and do everything to make sure you get the maximum and I'm happy to say the insurance company lost the fight in the first round . If you are in need of an attorney look the further than Benson , Bertoldo , Baker & Carter they will get results .

Jose Gonzalez

Marsha Pepper

Great law firm! If you are in an accident, be sure to contact Bertoldo Baker Carter & Smith.

Ricky Diaz

Great team! Highly recommend them.


The best lawyer and firm in Nevada! Mr. Brett A. Carter represented me in an Automobile accident case. That accident changed my life and the life of my family. We went through many hardships as an automobile accident can affect all aspects of life and family. Mr. Carter always treated me with respect and dignity. He made me feel that I wasn’t just a case but a human being. He is a very dedicated, extremely knowledgeable, and very diligent attorney. He really cared about me and my family. Mr. Carter works with professionalism, compassion, honesty and integrity. He also works extremely hard, very long hours, and delivers at a high magnitude. Also, Mr. Carter works with the best law firm and professional team imaginable. They all work with extreme compassion and professionalism. My case wasn’t an easy one as it involved lots of work and it had countless amounts of doctor’s reports. Mr. Carter was always accessible and reachable and returned my calls and emails promptly or had someone from his firm contact me. When I had an appointment with Mr. Carter he always took the time to explain all my questions and concerns. He made sure to prepare me and inform me of how the case was flowing every step of the way. He also kept things realistic as cases can have different outcomes. Thankfully my case had a wonderful outcome. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Brett A. Carter. We couldn’t have made it without his and his law firm’s help. We will be forever appreciative of all his work and support. Thank you, Mr. Carter!

Myst Walkur

Benson Bertoldo and Carter have for the second time treated me with respect and honesty, without a doubt I know they saved me quite a bit of time and stress involving my case and procured the best settlement I could have hoped for.

kristien tary

Bertoldo, Baker, Carter, & Smith law firm definitely deserves five stars. They have excellent customer service and they work hard to provide the best settlement possible.

Lisa Roz Lozon

I've worked with John Bertolo, Charlene Bloomfield, and Gail Archer. All have been professional, well versed, considerate, and accommodating. I thank them for their service and can highly recommend them.

Maria Munoz

Charlene and Karen were wonderful did the best that they had so much patience for us all my questions were answered couldn't ask for it no one else better than them thank you for helping us

Larry Domsky

I was injured in a bad motorcycle accident and knew this was going to be tramactic for my family. I made one call to Steve Baker. Within an hour he showed up at the ER and reassured me that everything was going to be right. He and his team stepped in right away and let me just focus on getting well.He quickly coordinate my medical needs and made sure all my injuries were addressed. Steve is an honest, hard working man and he knew exactly how to make sure that all of my needs were met and that my injuries were compensated to the full extent. He stood up for me and my family and took care of everything. His team was incredible! Steve and his team exceeded my expectations and I believe he will do the same for you. Larry Domsky

Dave Hendricks

Bertoldo Baker Carter & Smith are a great group of attorneys. They are great to work with and do a great deal of community service. I would recommend them to anyone!

Dr Alvarado

The Best Attorneys in Las Vegas!!!

Paul Barnard

I have been a client of Benson-Bertoldo-Baker & Carter, for the past 12 years, in this time frame I have needed to use their services numerous times . Each time I needed them they responded in the fashion in which I expect an Attorney Firm to respond ! I have always been treated with the utmost respect and compassion no matter how small My legal matter was. Everything is a BIG DEAL to them! Let me say this if you want your case handled the way you believe it should be, then you have no other choice then to call BENSON - BERTOLDO- BAKER & CARTER for your Legal needs. Some Attorneys talk a good case , BENSON - BERTOLDO - BAKER & CARTER present your case to the MAXIMUM BENEFIT for you in the LEAST amount time necessary to Represent you To your MOST Beneficial RESOLUTION to your situation . Hands down there is no more intelligent Decision then BENSON - BERTOLDO- BAKER & CARTER

Brooks Slater

Thanks for all the hard work you put into my PI case. I’d recommend this firm to anyone.

Ashlee White

The Attorneys are amazing and the receptionist is a sweet lady. The staff handling the cases are awful. Would never recommend due to the support staff.

Daejanay DeCruise

If I could give 0 stars I would. Terrible experience to add on top of the fact I’ve already lost my car. Took them a month just to tell me the other guy didn’t have insurance. Why the hell did it take so long to find out minimal information. Shows that they really put no time or care into my case! Terrible attorney Please don’t go !

Cree Allen

Prativa Subba

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