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REVIEWS OF Berry Law Firm IN Nebraska

Danny Crowe

John And Seth have really done a great job in helping me with my case. As well as all the staff. They have been very dedicated in helping me and have went above and beyond my expectations.

David Buchthal

My claim is still under review but so far I am impressed with Mr. Koberlein's professionalism and communications. I hope to return and share a good story on how my claim was resolved. Since the previous paragraph, there have been some very good developments regarding my claim. At this point I would be very confident referring fellow veterans to the Berry Law Firm. I am certain I could not have gotten the same results without them.

John Lesiak

Hello, I want the thank Berry Law Firm and all of its staff for the wonderful job they did in working with me and the VA to get my rating. Believe me, I could not have done it with out them. I especially want to thank Lorraine for all the diligence she has put forward in helping me.. A fellow veteran and friend recommended Berry Law Firm years ago to me. I have been using them ever since and so happy that I did. I have been and will continue to tell all my fellow veterans about the excellent service that Berry Law Firm has done for me and other veterans needing assistance. John

Justin Hamilton

What an amazing Law Firm! My Dad went from 0% to 40% VA disability. This rating has really changed his life. Thank God for John Berry Law firm and the work they do for veterans.

Brandon Patterson

The best Veteran's Law Practice. They handled my appeal for increase rating, TDIU, as well as earlier effective date. I am very pleased.

nortell sruts

Barry Law Firm conducted unethical business practice when it came to doing some paperwork for me. Last year, the law firm filled out a piece of paper for my VA claim. Let me say this again, they filled out a piece of paper for me to submit to the VA. In doing so, the firm charged me 9,700 dollars to do this simple task. On March 2, 2017, the firm revoked me as a client. When they found out that I might be receiving another settlement, they requested my files from VA. I have revoked this law firm. Not only was that an outrageous amount to try and charge a veteran, they sent my account to collections. I now have a negative mark on ,my credit report. It has taken me months to clean up my credit because I am trying to buy a home. Now with this on my report, it is going to be a few more months before this is all cleared up. Barry's law firm needs to practice better customer relations, and be more ethical with their dealings with veterans.

Sue Sutton

My husband and I have been working with Berry Law Firm for several years concerning his claims for VA disability. Everyone at Berry Law Firm has been extremely professional, caring, and diligent in seeking justice for my husband. The work of our current representative from the firm, Jerusha Hancock, is particularily impressive.

Francis Cross, Jr.

I was lost thru the VA system, and was referred to Berry Law Firm through a very close and wonderful friend. When I finally got to talk to the firm about my history, they made it easy for me to understand what was going on. The ladies that worked on my case made me feel at ease while I was so upset, and made me understand my Mental Anxiety which is now called PTSD. If I ever had a question or did not understand what they were talking about they made me understand what was going on. I felt the world come off my shoulders to have someone who understood the way I was feeling. I Highly Recommend Berry Law Firm to all our Veterans. Thank you for all you have done and still doing on my behalf. Words cannot express my gratitude to BERRY LAW FIRM.

K.C. Kitchen

They did a great job helping me get to 100%. I will recommend them to all my service members.

Dan Gent

Berry Law firm is a great organization that cares about vets. I have received great service and top notch communication. They have diligently pursued my case from the beginning.

Gary McLain

Berry Law Firm has successfully represented me for a number of years in my struggles with the Veterans Administration. I have been so happy with them that I have referred them to 8 or 10 of my friends and fellow veterans. Thank you for what you do!!!

John Pat Berry

Look no further Vets..They are the Real Deal! Honorable, Trustworthy committed to your best interests.I give them 10 stars out of 5! JPB

E. Merriman

I am very thankful to the Berry Law Firm for working with me. They worked hard to obtain me the benefits that I qualified for. They led me through the process and were very diligent in keeping me informed. They also were very reachable. When I couldn't get through to my representative they always returned my call in a timely manner. Knowledgeable, diligent, reachable, and timely.

Kelly Jensen

I love the personal attention I receive from the staff. I run into Perry at many networking and social events and enjoyed visiting with him. Makes having an attorney a better experience overall.


Berry Law Firm has sent the Precedent for what Real law firms should stand for. I have been fighting the VA for almost 10 years. I could not be happier with the results they have assisted me with. Stephani, Adam, and Missy were all fantastic, and extremely instrumental in helping me get to where I want to be. I love being represented by this Law Firm , and I challegen anybody to go out there and seek more sound consultation then what you will receive with Berry Law Firm. God Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart to helping me achieve my status .

J Nolan

I'll keep this short. John saved my life pure and simple. If you want your life back, hire the best, Berry law Firm.

joel mason

Amazing team here. I was stuck at 90% and knew that I was entitled to have 100% but I just did not know what else I needed to do to prove the condition. I was within the year after service when i was diagnosed and the VA still denied it. Berry Law Firm handled everything with respect. I have already sent another veteran over to them. The amount they charge is worthit and is usually just pulled from the award, so no money upfront. Would tell anyone to go here for VA claims.

Manny Martinez

Berry Law firm are experts in handling VA CLAIMS. Have you been rejected or denied all your military claims ? Make a call today ! They are absolutely incredible. Military veterans helping veterans.

David Oliver

They do a very good job dealing with the VA

Collin Schwartz

Berry Law Firm is extremely responsive and professional. They have provided phenomenal legal advice on business structure.

kushana hutchinson

My job works closely with Berry Law Firm. Susan Napolitano is a great asset to the company as well. She goes over and beyond for her clients. Thank you Susan!

Thomas Bass

I would not have won the maximum Veteran's disability benefits I qualified for without the help of the Berry Law Firm. I can, without a doubt, recommend Berry Law Firm to all Veterans needing help with their V.A. disability appeals! I would suggest you ask for Mike.

flee coop

Berry Law Firm has handled my appeals for a few years and has advocated my case effectively and with utmost professionalism and aggressiveness. I tried doing the appeal on my own and through other advocacy groups to no avail. I had about given up, with no other recourse in sight until I did a bit more research about veteran appeals attorneys and read about Berry Law Firms' record in championing veteran's rights. I am extremely grateful for the way they handled my case, with their representatives in Washington and in Nebraska, and for they way I've been treated with respect and dignity. Thank you J.S Berry Law Firm and all of your associates.

Jason Baxter

Berry Law firm has done a wonderful job helping me out with the VA. I will recommend them them to any veteran that is struggling with the VA!

Brenda Budzinski

We have needed the services of Berry Law Firm twice recently and both times they have quickly resolved our issue. I highly recommend them if you are needing a knowledgeable defense.


Justin defended me and with anxiety I went though, he always left me with a sense of calm. He is accessible, realistic, and got me a sentencing that allows me to continue my life. My situation could have ended badly, but he fought for me and I highly recommend him. I'm so very grateful for his help!


I can't speak highly enough about Berry Law Firm. They work for you!

Sam Spodofora

Berry Law was recommended to me by a fellow veteran for my disability claim to the VA I had used DAV for my original claim and the difference between the two is like day and night ! Lorraine at Berry Law took on my case with the care and concern that one would expect from a close friend and guided me through all the obstacles of dealing with the VA With my mental and physical health in decline I could never have fought my case without Lorraine and Berry Law let alone with the success that attained Sam Spodofora Disabled Vietnam Veteran

Jim Beveridge

Berry Law Firm took my case in 2008 They never gave up on supporting me They went way beyond my expectations! They are a 5 STAR Plus !! I refer all my veteran friends to Berry Law firm Thank you Michael for all you support and Guidance.

Dennis Larson

The diligence, persistence, continual hard work of Berry Law proved successful. I am grateful and pleased with the results of their efforts.

Janice Pew

Kathleen Pallesen is the best. She was a great listener and available to talk. Always answered calls. Going through a difficult situation I never realized that attorneys really care about their clients. If you ever need an attorney please call the Berry Law firm. They will take care of you from start to finish. Thank you Kathleen for everything and being there for some low moments in my life Janice

James Lunsford

These guys are the real deal. If I would not have found berry law I would at best be in prison. They took my case on short notice and there was very low probability of them being able to help me at all. All of my felony charges were later dismissed. Thanks too Justin and Cameron at berry law!!!

Dave Davew

If I would have to explain it you wouldn't understand it. So let's just say that I was very unhappy now this is been over a year ago so I know I'm getting kind of late on getting around to my projects

Kaitlin Heckman

Such a professional, caring, and welcoming firm. Justin always worked for my best interest and was there for me at anytime to help and answer any questions. I could not have my positive outcome without his help.

Tony Jaffe

Top notch service. The best of the best

Rudy Rodriguez

Such a great Law firm, with very supportive lawyers, I would recommend them for anyone in need. Very supportive of military families.

George Easterling

I have been with the Berry Law Firm for about five years and during that time I have been very well satisfied with the results I have received from them. I would recommend any disabled veterans to seek out the Berry Law Firm for their VA benefits.

Sean Baker

Mike at Berry Law Firm has been very helpful in assisting me with getting my rating changed with the VA . He is very polite and treats me like a friend not a customer. I would recommend the Berry Law Firm if you need someone to be in your corner.

Fran Cruz-Rosa

I cant thank your firm enough for the work you have done to get my claim resolved. It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend without hesitation to any veteran who is tired of dealing with the VA and getting nowhere. You guys rock!

Mark Zmarzly

I’ve used Perry Pirsch and Berry Law Firm for the set up of my personal LLC as well as some software contract work for my corporation and I love working with them! Great work at great prices and it’s been a lot faster than other past experiences with other lawyers.

Tomas Avila

From the moment I called, the Berry Law Firm was very helpful and knowledgeable on helping veterans. They never once promised me anything. They explained the procedures of what would happen and that it wouldn't happen overnight as far as a decision would go. If I had a question they always answered them. I never felt i was being played by them. Everyone i spoke with was very professional with me. I am so glad that I called. I will admit that i was a bit apprehensive about calling them, as I said I am glad I did. They got me a favorable decision for me. I have recommended other veterans to the Berry Law Firm and i hoped they called.

Ashley Reyes-Medina

John, Chad, and Matt are the best attorneys in Lincoln Ne! They are very tentative to your legal issues, very open to listen to you, and very easy to work with! Being a past client and past employee I recommend Berry Law Firm to any and everyone I know and will continue to do so. They will not do you wrong!! -Ashley Reyes-Medina

Bryan Moroz

Matt Areni was pretty good at communicating with me. Making sure I was aware of rescheduling and making sure I even need to be there before I book a plane ticket. The office was great about reminding me a day ahead about dates and times. Definitely my Nebraska go to!

Michael Irons

Confident, honest, and reliable. My lawyer did a great job.

Roan Peekins

Berry Law Firm has been working on my claim sinse 2012, and has been very helpful and making sure that I am inform of any new development pretaining to my case. Berry keep doing what you're doing thanks

Richard Brown

I was a USAF judge advocate. In 1991 after 4 yrs active duty and 16 reserve years I retired. I filed my VA claim and got a zero disability. Filed again in 2006 got a 10% disability. In 2012 got a local attorney. Filed a detailed claim. The VA insisted I'd been in the army. It took 9 months and the help of my Congressman's office to get the VA to accept I was in the AF. Got a 30% disability and filed an appeal. In 2018 had to change attorneys. Not knowing where to turn. Went to the internet. Found the Berry Firm. Their site said they've been doing VA claims for decades. Thought they might handle my appeal now pending for 5 years. Not only did they agree to handle the appeal but filed a new claim. In less than 4 months my disability went from 30% to 70%. When I retired from the AF I was a busy attorney in private practice. But, I was totally unfamiliar with the VA claim process and didn't know what I didn't know. I strongly recommend anyone filing a VA claim. Contact the Berry Firm. You preformed your military service. You should have a proper level of disability as a result.

hemm64able .

I am currently with the Berry Law Firm. My claim is at the appeal process. I feel really confident that Berry Law Firm will get me a service connection compensation. I believe with their experience in the Military and competency in Military Law will help myself and other veterans get a favorable outcome with their claim. Any time I have a question they are very fast to get back with me and answer my questions. I would highly recommend them to any service members that needs help with the VA and their benefits. I would also like to thank Lorraine a staff member with their firm for her guidance through this complicated process.

Kim Coleman

My experience with Matt Aerni was excellent. Not only is he exceedingly knowledgable, but he's thoughtful and insightful. I appreciate the tailored legal advice which was specific to my situation. He was also very accessible when I had an urgent need. I highly recommend Matt Aerni

DragonSerpentSwine199 CXCIX

Great people. Treat you like a real person and not just a dollar sign. They always go all in for you. When you're there it doesn't feel like you're in a law office. Really warm atmosphere. Matt sorry I took a while to leave a review. As I always say, I'll see you when I win the lottery. Thanks again, Jeff.

David Staenberg

They are the very best law firm in the country they all ways listen to you and give you excellent feedback. They help you understand the process that it takes. Then they help you be successful with in your own journey if your 10% or 100% they explain to you some ways to follow your path. They always Remind you to keep Smiling each day because we need to find a positive in every day

Chris Kaneck

I would highly recommend getting this firm to represent you. For years I have been doing it on my own and for me the stress is not worth fighting the VA on your own. I also noticed that this firm takes care of all the paper work for you. I had a hearing and Patricia was a great representative she took care of everything before and after my hearing. I will never fight the VA alone ever again. They are lawyers that care about vets. I got lucky finding this firm. Thank again Patricia


If you don't mind the attorney you PAID to represent you being late to your court appearances three times & once by a half hour, for an ASSIGNED case, this is the firm for you!

Chet Bennetts

I am so glad I don't have to shoulder the burden of fighting for my benefits by myself. There is such a great team in Berry Law Firm to stand shoulder to shoulder with me now. Mike has been great to work with and genuinely cares about us as Veterans. John having served himself and on some of the very streets we have patrolled not only gets where we are coming from as Veterans but knows how to employee his team to ensure someone has our six once we are done serving. Thank you to the whole crew there!

Mario Tomsich

With Berry Law Firm's commitment to excellent I went from 0% disability to 100% disability in 4 years. This was after the VA had refused my disability claims numerous times and notified me to stop applying for disability because I wasn't going to get any. I have and will continue to recommend Berry Law Firm to all disabled veterans I come in contact with.

Neil Ram

Not all of us are treated the same. Got the ring around waited weeks for contact, nothing. No letter no phone call. I called asking what's going on? No record of me even though I submitted all of my info, watching out for fraud now.

Chris Haag

I was wrongfully accused and had a order to show cause protection hearing against me . During this time I was lost and confused and did not know what to do. I found Berry law to be very courteous and professional from phone call #1! I was treated with respect and was given the best representation possible! My career as a police officer was on the line and Seth understood this and together we worked out how we was going to come out ahead. During the hearing I felt confident and reassured that everything was going to be ok. Afterwords my attorney Seth Morris stuck around and answer questions from my family. I would strongly recommend this law firm to anyone!

Lynn Tardy-Saunders

Great staff, Jerusha Hancock is very knowledgable, and treats you like a person not a number. Rest of staff always friendly when contacting and very personable.

Jc Frigge

I wished that I would have known about them earlier. I could have saved myself a lot of time and anguish.

Rex Sharon

Yes! Yes! The Berry Law Firm provided me with the help I needed. Both Matthew Aerni and Perry Pirsch answered my questions. Both showed a high degree of skill and professionalism in handling my cases.

Dennis King

Berry law firm has been great in helping me out with VA issues. I have given their information out to a number of other veterans. Very helpful. Thank you to all the great folks if Berry Law Firm

Jay Bre

As a Veteran Berry Law Firm has done a great job thus far in making sure that I get awarded the disability benefits that VA denied because of the bureaucratic red tape. Without their help, expertise, and dedication, it would have been an uphill battle to get awarded a just and fair disability rating. I highly recommend Berry Law Firm or an attorney who is versed in VA disability over a VA Service Representative any day! I am currently working with Mike K and Perry P but all the attorneys I've worked with in Berry Law Firm, are knowledgeable and highly capable of going the distance to get the job done!

Egg Head

Seth from Intake was very helpful. Even after we discovered that I didn’t have a claim they could work on right now, Seth took more time than anyone else I’ve talked with to explain the process and help me out. Thanks for all the information.

Nope Nope

This law firm made very easy to set up and obtain an LLC as well as explain all of the rules and take care of the paperwork for me. I would highly recommend this firm

Farrah Plate

Susan Napolitano recently represented me on a business and real estate transaction. Her knowledge and command of the material was impeccable. Susan’s commitment to my case was unmatched. If you are looking for a lawyer that will aggressively fight for YOU, contact Susan at The Berry Law Firm.

Diane Cissna

My claim is still in the works, but my experience with Mike Koberlein and Berry Law Firm has been very pleasant. They are very professional and knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to represent me, and that I appreciate very much. I know that if I need to talk to Michael and I leave a message, he gets that message and returns my call and doesn't disregard any concern I might have. And, hopefully, this will get settled soon...I know they are doing their best to resolve this for me. We do have half the battle completed! Larry Cissna

Jason Bell

The Berry Law Firm is knowledgable, patient, and driven to help you with all of my legal needs. Best of all they have a strong focus on Veterans and their benefits for them and thier families. Perry Pirsch is who I use. I would recommend any of their fantastic attorneys.

John Mandril

The Berry Law Firm was recommended to me by a friend whose opinions I hold highly. However, they exceeded all expectations I had. John and his colleagues treated me like family and we're available any time I had questions or needed anything. I couldn't ask for more out of a law firm. My case was handled swiftly and professionally with the best possible outcome. I highly recommend the Berry Law Firm for anyone seeking legal counsel.

Bri Janzen

The office is beautiful and the staff are very friendly and professional.

Corey Stull

Chad Wythers is awesome he did a excellent job in representing me in my case he was straight forward and honest and informed me of everything i was up against and what to expect i would definatley recommend him to anybody.

Matt Humphreys

Berry law firm has done a well fine job on my appeal proccess. I thank them for everything they have done for me

Sean Fletcher

Where to Begin? Well lets give credit where credit is due...THE BERRY LAW FIRM.... Disability from 10% to 90%! Let me explain! I got out of the military in April 1998. I had half of a lung removed, constant migraines, PTSD, and other issues. When I got out, I applied for disability benefits with the help of a local veterans group, with very little success. The V.A. only awarded me a miserable 10% rating of $103.00 a month, apparently that's the value that the V.A. places on 1/2 a lung. I disputed it several times and after 2/3 years of being denied, I gave up. I got discouraged like most Vets do. So from 1998- 2009 I didn't pursue any additional increases in disability because it just seemed so impossibly overwhelming. When I visited the V.A. hospital in Los Angeles in 2009-2010, and chatted with my fellow military brothers. I kept getting the same response, "YOU GOT SCREWED." So I talked to a lady there that helped me file my claim. Now that my claim was filed I needed someone to fight for me. I had a lot of recommendations from friends and family but after speaking to my father, I chose BERRY'S LAW FIRM. My father used them as well and had nothing but fantastic things to say about them. So I gave them a shot. Berrys Law firm took on my case to help me. I got my first medical review, then a response, and an increase of 30% (overall total to 40%). I was happy with that but not satisfied. I called Berry's Law firm and discussed disputing my case, and we did. They went to bat for me again. I went to my next medical review and then got another 10%. Again I was happy but not satisfied. I called Berry's Law firm again and expressed my concern for the rating the V.A. gave me. Batter up! Berry's Firm again disputed this with the V.A. After 5 years of tireless fighting and an exceptional amount of patience, I now have a rating of 90% and yes my claim was back dated. I went from $103 to nearly $2400 a month. I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for Berry's Law Firm. I would recommend them to any Veteran who is having difficulty with getting a rating increase. This is ABSOLUTELY the only place I would tell them to take their case. Believe me, my family, my wife, and 6 kids are incredibly grateful for the outcome and it's ONLY BECAUSE OF BERRY'S LAW FIRM. We sincerely thank you! The Fletcher Family.

Mike Fuson

The Berry Law Firm has represented me for several years. After having very little success in dealing directly with the VA for PTSD and some other disabilities I turned to them for assistance. The difference in the attention my claim received was absolutely incredible. Their firm has a strong direct approach with the VA. Not only are they fast acting, but the VA accelerated their processing of my claim. In the time I have been associated with the Berry Law Firm I have received two increases in my disability level. They are always on top of my claim and keep me constantly informed as to its status, and their associates always provide me with creative ideas and approaches to handling my claim. i highly recommend their firm.

wanda caffrey

Perry at Berry Law Firm was extremely helpful when my parents needed to update their wills and powers of attorney. Very patient answering my parent's questions. My father passed away recently and knowing that all of his documents were up to date was a relief throughout his hospitalizations and subsequent passing.

Aaron Newell

Very professional, friendly and courteous staff. Attorneys call you back, great communication always work very hard to get the best outcome for clients. Definitely would recommend!!

Eric Beck

Amazing service and the best results possible! Perry Pirsch was a stand up guy, and always kept me informed. He was available at all times and really did the impossible for me. I highly recommend him for any litigation needs.

Michael Farella

Berry Law Firm has been nothing but "OUTSTANDING" handling my V.A. claims. I am very pleased with their service for the past 5 years, and have highly recommended the firm to several individuals. I am also very pleased with the way they handle my affairs in a very timely manor, and the fact that they keep me informed every step of the way. I honestly believe I could not have picked a better firm to handle my affairs. Also, I would like to give a personal thumbs up to my attorney at Berry Law Firm, Mr. Michael Koberlein. He has made things very understandable for me; and I feel that Mr. Koberlein, along with the firm definitely have my best interest at hand. Thank you very much to the Berry Law Firm for all you have done, and continue to do for me. A higher than Five Star rating is definitely in order, and I will continue to recommend you to others in the future. BERRY LAW FIRM IS "AWESOME"!!!!!

Taylor Gillen

This law firm has grown exponentially in recent years, and yet they also have been in business for decades. They are excellent people to represent you in Veterans Affairs or certain criminal cases.

Neal Ketron

Barry Law Firm takes care of veterans. After trying for 9 years to fight the VA on my own and with a VET REP, I got no where. Only after 8 months with Barry Law firm and their REP (P. W.) did I finally get a decision on my appeal and new claim. The VA finally listened responded in a timely manner; not waiting 6-12 months to respond with no decision or a denial. For VETs that retired in 2013 or before, I highly recommend using Barry Law Firm now. If you are retired or retiring soon, do it after you get your first notice of VA benefits. They will make sure you get the benefits you deserve. If you do not use Barry Law Firm, you are only hurting yourself and your family.


I would like to thank Mr. Koberlein from the Berry Law Firm for assisting me with my VA claims and appeals. I have learned so much about how the process should work and the dedication this firm does to ensure that "we veterans" get the help we deserve and earned. I retired from the Air Force in 2014. I highly recommend this firm to all Veterans who are in need of assistance with appeals or claims.

joy storm

I hired Matt after a previous attorney did a poor job preparing and representing me in a case. Matt listened to me, asked questions and did a great job researching my case. He also gave me very good advice on how to move forward with my case. Then entire team at Berry Law Firm are friendly and take the time to listen to you. That was so important as some lawyers assume things and don't take the time to listen and talk with you. I recommend all my friends who need legal advice to go to them. They are great!

Jaymes Sime

A very passionate and professional group of attorneys and staffers. They will fight for their clients every step of the way.

Paul M. Woodward, Jr.

My experience, so far, with the Berry Law Firm has been a positive one and I'm really hoping they'll be successful in obtaining service connected disability for my Agent Orange presumptive disabilities. I wish it didn't take so long for the VA to address these matters, but that seems the way they work, SLOW. I have every confidence in Berry and I'll NEVER give up!.....Paul M. Woodward, Jr.

Gia Ryles

Very friendly and organized.

Gary Gensch

Outstanding staff, they have been helping me with my VA claims since the beginning

David Goldman

Mr. Berry is highly recommended as a trial lawyer. He is an experienced as a criminal defense lawyer. When your life or liberty is jeopardy, you should call him to review your situation.

Dustan Biegler

If you are considering hiring this firm, do. I had a top notch experience and they were very honest and transparent with billing as well.

Scott Shaw

Great experience. Won't hesitate to call John or anyone else at Berry Law Firm if needed in the future.

Brian Crichton

Great people!!

Cochise Potts Sr.

Berry Law Firm has consistently stayed on top of my claim the process has taken longer than I thought nonetheless they keep me informed on the progress would recommend their service for all veterans who are filling a claim for VA disability benefits....

Kelly Waddle

The staff was very pleasant and kept me informed every step of the way. They did more for me in 5 months than the DAV has done in 15 years. Don't hesitate to hire these lovely people to take on the VA for you! It's been a year and they are still fighting to get my rating increased, I couldn't be happier with the results. Berry Law Firm has not only done an excellent job, they made me actually like lawyers! At least their firm of lawyers...

jeffrey goodwin

After 7 years of fighting the Veteran's Administration (VA) alone, I finally reached out to the Berry Law Firm for assistance and within a year I was rated 100% disability. I don't think I would have been successful had I continued to battle the VA alone. Outstanding results and first rate customer service!

Kiesha Shumake

All I can say is wow. Berry Law Firm worked so hard to increase my rating. We're not finished yet. I really want thank Jerusha Hancock for always replying to my emails and questions. I started at 70% with them I'm currently 90% because of them but I'm not stopping until I'm 100%. I highly recommend them.If you're tired of the VA denying your claims and appeals especially if you ended up with these disibilities while in service,I suggest you to contact them. You'll be sorry if you don't contact them. What are you waiting for, contact them today.

Matthew Nielsen

John S. Berry Jr. and Perry Pirsch are highly qualified and knowledgeable. They have helped our family and business for years. If you need a criminal or civil attorney, I recommend Berry Law Firm.

Mavis Henderson

Good Afternoon Time, My experience so for have been good we till have an a appeal in the works. But it took awhile for my start up with the claim with VA but I am somewhat happy. I thank God & Berry Law for their help with my VA rating which was 0% now @ 30%. I do want more!! Thank You Thank You Thank You Ms Mavis Henderson

Joe McCarthy

Berry Law Firm provided me with exceptional legal advice and showed genuine concern for my individual situation. I worked with Perry Pirsh, an attorney with tremendous experience and a comprehensive understanding of the law. I honestly could not have wished for better legal services.

Christopher Brown

I am currently working with the berry law firm and I must admit so far the process has been flawless.. Ive bombarded them with simple emails.. Constantly checking on the status of things.. Asking what needs done from theyare very prompt and sincere.. I haven't finished my claim yet.. As we are still waiting, however I'm hopeful everything will be great . Thank you guys!

Joel Keefer

Berry Law Firm took care of me and my family. Thanks so much for all your help.

Leon Banks

I worked on my claims since leaving the military in 1987 with gradual upgrades along the way. I acquired the number of The John S. Berry Law Firm through a stranger in Oct. 2013, and my faith has been renewed in lawyers. Since working with the Berry Law Firm, my claims have had tremendous results. I'm very glad that I chose this firm to handle my disability claims and issues. They have been nothing short of professional, courteous, and informative in every way. I personally thank John Berry, Mike Koberlein, Perry Persh, Alex Grant, and the many lawyers assistants who've accomplished in (3) three years what has taken me more than 20+ years to do. Thank you Berry Law Firm

Shawn Robinson

"After fighting the VA for 3yrs on my own without any success, I realized that it was necessary for me to get some help. I began searching high and low for someone that I believed would fight for me. The Berry Law Firm struck me as different, due to them being combat veterans themselves. Within a year, my rated disabilities went from 20% to 60%. They didn't give up and even after achieving 90%, they continue to fight still today. Veterans helping veterans is a special bond and I've personally recommended J.S. Berry to my closest friends. They are by far the best firm to consider if you want success." Shawn L. Robinson Master Sergeant (Retired) U.S. Army

Richard Kim

I reccomend Berry Law Firm it's a difficult process to navigate and they were great help.

Dwight Brown

Justin was a big help in getting our son settled down and dealing with the here and now. He is very attentive and has reached out to our son more than in a week than his previous attorney did in a year. Great job Justin and thanks for everything!

Bo Riley

Berry Law Firm is a superb Firm. I could not be more pleased with their representation. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and was always responsive to my inquiries. I truly feel that Berry Law Firm puts the Veterans best interest first. Thanks for being there for my family and I.

Wendy Hamel

Every interaction with Berry Law Firm is professional perfection! Every aspect of our case has been handled with utmost compassion. We are finally getting results because Berry "just won't quit." Thank you Patricia and staff. We REALLY appreciate you!!

Joe Bolubasz

I have known Perry Pirsch for several years through a business organization that we both belong to. I am constantly amazed at his broad knowledge of law, business and life. Mr Pirsch is an attorney that will help about anyone with anything. In my opinion he's great guy!! Joe Bolubasz Insurance Agent

Tj Wagenknecht

Not only did Justin offer me half of what the other guy offered to take my case, he actually told me a way I could get my case dismissed and save $500 while doing it. He did not get a penny from me because he willingly showed me a better way to deal with the problem. The consultation was free. I trust these guys more than any of the other lawyers I talked to.

Rob A

When a veteran is in need of help, he or she can count on Berry law to help. VA will try their best to deny or deter you from pursuing disability claims. I and many other veterans are thankful and grateful to have Berry Law on our side fighting for what we have earned.

Wayne Boesiger

Perry Pirsch has been our tax and business planning attorney for years. The Berry Law Firm has steered us right in everything we have done in regards to our planning. I would highly recommend the Berry Law Firm and Perry to anybody.

jason tucker

when I had no one to turn to that's when I found Berry Law Firm and since the beginning they have worked very hard in support of my claim and I couldn't ask for better. I hope you all had a great Veterans Day yesterday as I did as well. Thanks for all you have done for all the Veterans of the Armed Forces your services are greatly appreciated thank you Berry law.

Luke Walton

Phenomenal service by a very committed and competent team of professionals. John S. Berry and his team are the experts to get the advice and counsel to get the benefits our veterans have earned. I couldn't be more impressed with their communication, responsiveness, and quality of service, Highly recommend!

Kevin Cantrell

I found them and their advertising and misleading. They say they represent veterans in PTSD and Gulf War cases. I was a Gulf War Veteran and career soldier. I actually served in combat. They sent all kinds of emails asking for information then went silent and didnt even contact me directly. It wasnt until I contacted them that they stated they had no one to handle my case and then thanked me for my service. By the way thats insulting given what I have been through for this country.

Jerry L.

Lorraine has been my attorney here since the start of my appeals. She has been extremely attentive and the most helpful to me. I could not ask for a better advocate or a better personality for me. Flawless job!!! Proof; the Board agreed with me on EVERY issue. The positive adjudication by the board was achieved solely by Lorraine and her very fine team at Berry Law. This decision by the board has improved the quality of my life immeasurably. I would ABSOLUTLEY recommend Berry Law to any Veteran seeking help. Thank you Lorraine and congratulations to John Berry Jr for his selection as Military and Veteran Law Lawyer of the year!

Steven Xenos

They helped me through the difficult process when I didn't know what to do.

John Pfeffer

I believe the Berry Law Firm has represented me quite well. As a disabled vet I was getting nowhere with my claim. After hiring The Berry Law Firm I finally got the treatment and help that I needed. I would recommend them to, and have recommended them to several of my veteran Buddies.

Barry G

I am a Vietnam Vet and served as Corpsman with 1/1 in 1969. I was wounded and left with permanent injuries that affected my ability to work. I tried for years to file and have a hearing with the VA without much luck. While I was at the VA I talked with a Vet who was using The Berry Law Firm for his claim and he related how much help they have been and how he, too, was trying to work with the VA on his own without much luck. I contacted the Firm and worked with Margie Bailey, who is now retired, and I couldn't believe how rapidly things started to happen. I was kept informed every step of the way. All forms were sent to Margie who check them and then forwarded them to the VA. She reviewed my service records and found other areas that I qualified for that I was unaware of. No matter how long it took Berry Law kept fighting for everything I was eligible for and did a great job. If I had a question all I had to do is call and I was always able to talk with an advocate, who is now Lorraine Chrastil (who is also great), or in some cases an attorney. If it were not for The Berry Law Firm, I honestly feel I would still be filling out forms and banging my head against the wall waiting for the VA to make a determination regarding my claim. This is an honest, caring and dedicated group that deserves accolades in every respect.

Sean Tyndall

Justin helped me with a case that just recently wrapped up, he helped me get it over quick and extremely simple! The outcome was even better than I could have ever imagined going into it. I give berry law firm 5 stars and suggest anyone who needs a lawyer to use them, some of their retainers may be high compared to others but they are worth every cent!

Robert Chow

Mr. Justin Kalemkiarian was great to help us resolve the case. He was a very knowledgeable, professional and caring attorney. The firm should make him a partner ASAP.

Mahesh Pun

Very professional and outstanding service.

Rick Heglin

Berry Law Firm took my case without any money up front. Their concern is the Veteran and his life. I recommend Berry Law Firm to get results in the legal trenches of your case!

Kevin Holloway

Could not be more pleased with Berry Law Firm, and our attorney Justin. He gave us very personal service, communicated well, and always went the extra mile/miles for us. He was always available when we called! Thank you, Kevin Holloway

Prudence Devney

Justin Kalemkiarian did an excellent job of helping us out. He was extremely personable and clearly explained the process. Justin was attentive and flexible. Highly recommend Justin and Berry Law Firm.

Henry Espinosa Sr

The Berry Law Firm does an excellent job working to provide positive results for there clients. I am 100% completely happy with results and would like once again to say (Thank You). God Bless all firm employees and a special Blessing for Stephani.

Dennis Durant

Berry Law Firm was great with helping me to get my compensation and disability rating with the VA. If it wasn’t for Berry Law Firm I don’t know how long I would have been waiting and how many times I would have been denied by the VA. They made my part of the filling so easy and when we had to send in the appeal to the VA they took care of all that work. I can’t thank them enough! And they will fight for you to get you what you deserve. Thank you Berry Law Firm, Dennis Durant: Vietnam Veteran.

top flight security

very professional, keep you updated on every aspect of your case and returns phone calls in a timely manner.

Loren Richards

When it comes to helping us Disabled Veterans, actions speak louder than words. The actions taken by Berry Law Firm are the only reason I was able receive the VA benefits that I am entitled to. You owe it to your self and your family to reach out to them for any assistance in filing your VA disability claims. A special thanks to Jerusha Hancock who guided me in getting my TDIU . Keep up the great work Berry Law Firm.

Bryan Carroll

I highly recommend these guys to anyone. They did not have much to work with for my case at all but they were still able to get the best results absolutely possible. I cannot thank them enough for the time and effort that they gave me.

john melberg

In 2014 I was up to my neck in denial letters form the VA I found one rep who was not licensed. The second vet rep told me I had no claim. I knew they where wrong and I found Berry Law Firm they did not turn me away as a matter of fact they put in for more claims that they found in my claims file. 6 mos. after I signed on with them I got SMC award .To day I was just awarded 100% P&T I had my doughs but they came through!! The best part of it is I love to have enough money to pay them its a grate feeling .I hope your as lucky as I John

Justin Hochstein

John provided great insight and was extremely knowledgeable in a variety of areas. He is truly an effective and efficient communicator. I have a great deal of respect for him and the Berry Law Firm.

Donald Davis

Berry Law made my LLC filing very easy. Their staff is easy to work with and very helpful.

matthew Cropley

The service you get from this firm is outstanding! Mr. Kalemkiarian did an amazing job on my case, with the best outcome I could have asked for! Running into trouble is never a good time in your life , but having the right person next to you in the court room can make a world of difference. Justin and his group at Berry law firm took care of me and my family through a hard time! Thanks all of you!!! Should be a 6 star here for this group

Larry Wilder

STOP - LOOK and READ I am writing this about Berry Law Firm. DO NOT waste your time looking at other law firms, You will just waste your Time. This is the very best law firm you will find any where in the USA as far a Veterans go. They are pro's, they are so helpful and right to the point. Remember John Berry is a veteran and a LTC in the Army reserves now, he is still serving his country proudly. I needed legal help and John was the best in court, he keep me updated all the time, asking me question and always there with a answer for me. I am a 100% rated disabled Veteran. I served from 1968 to 1970, different time and place. I am so very proud of all you young men and woman that are serving, I am behind you 100% always a brother and sister hood. But getting back to Berry Law Firm they are rated as one of the top 10 law firms for the last few years and believe me the are the best. I have used John in a legal matter I had and also in a person matter and it was handled with the up most professional manner. They are just the best law firm you will find,, so do not waste your time taking with the VA or others to get help, Berry Law firm will handle it all for you and gets the most favorable out come for you, Very hard working lawyers there, they work for you the veteran and if you need legal help they are there for you also. I will not use any other law firm at all, will not waste my time looking. You deserve the best and Berry Law Firm is the BEST . Larry Wilder Army.

Jessica Monroe

Seth was great to work with - quick, efficient and able to get the best result for my case. Thankful I was able to be hands off and let Seth take care of it!


They have been so helpful with my battle with the VA. They have won several cases and we are not done yet. I have recommended them to several other veterans. Thank you

David Dixon

My experience with this firm was nothing less than GREAT !!! Timely ,courteous and professional

Zinn City

I was under going a court martial for 4 offenses all which could have been 12 months in confinement each. My command wanted me to get bad conduct discharge and boy, am I glad I had Mr. Berry. The result ended with a few forfeitures of pay and 4 months confinement, no discharge. Due to certain military laws my command could still pursue an admin separation which ended in general under honorable conditions. A long way from a BCD. I spoke with others who were charged for the same things I was and I am the only USAF member who did not get a bad conduct discharge and I have John Berry and Berry Law Firm to thank.

Andrew Conley

Berry Law Firm is comprised of many knowledgeable lawyers and staff members who are dedicated to helping veterans obtain benefits from the VA by putting in countless hours of work. Their staff is friendly and will quickly take action on your claim. I highly recommend them.

Sandy Newman

I can"t say enough about my attorney. She has been looking out for my best interest the entire time she has been representing me.

Bryan Barnes

Seth Chambers was very helpful and informative. I would recommend him to anyone in the future. Thanks Seth!

Katie Allen

Amazing firm with accomplished and experienced lawyers. Susan Napolitano handled my case quickly and efficiently for a positive outcome. Thank you Berry Law Firm!

Joe Cuellar

Berry Law Firm did a great job with my claim l'am very pleased with the results and highly recommend them to anyone who would like a claim.

Andrew Push

Don't bother going to other law firms. Seth Morris is a great guy [represents Berry Law Firm positively] and helped my case significantly and drastically improved the outcomes. Seth also, cared for my personal life and how it was affected and was able to improve the outcome greatly and in a quick manner.

Anthony Reed

Well I just got approved 100% PTSD and if it weren't for you guys I probably still be waiting and I hope the second claim I have with you guys will be approved just as the first claim and I thank you guys for that keep up the good work Anthony Reed

Ed Arca

John Berry IS a great lawyer. I was traveling through Lincoln NE and got into some legal troubles and he helped me get out of some serious jail time. If your in NE and get into any legal ramifications. John Berry is the lawyer for you!

Travis Shearer

John and his team went above and beyond my expectations. They were very professional, ethical and compassionate. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Tony Earnest

Unfortunately I choose to pay $3000 to go with Matt from berry law compared to several others who wanted $1000 to represent me. Out of the 3 others I interviewed Matt seemed the most knowledgeable and professional! After he was paid my case was absolutely no longer a priority. When I called he was never available even after 3 or 4 days of calling him twice a day..... nothing. Emails were not returned and when they were it was by his secretary. At least 2 of the 5 times we met he waited until the morning of court to reach out and had me go to court early so we could talk about my options in the hallway. It felt like he was above this case and had bigger things to worry about. If you have a little case like me I recommend not hiring the big dogs thinking they are going to help! I feel like are in it for the paycheck! Look for someone who wants to actually help and cares about your future! Not sure if it makes any difference but I'm not a vet. I'm currently in the process of paying a new attorney to try to amend my probation. This whole situation has been a mess!

Jason Parrish

I got very frustrated dealing with the VA, Berry Law Firm made it much easier and handled everything for my rating increase. Definitely a life saver

shane shandera

I've had the pleasure of getting to work with most if not all of the staff and they are all top notch and down to earth people. Love Berry Law Firm and recommend them to any and everyone in need. Thanks guys

Richard Greer

Would recommend BERRY LAW to anyone who is having a hard time with the VA Thanks to LORRAINE AND THE WHOLE TEAM

Paige Zutavern

I have spoke with John and perry numerous times about different legal manners and they are very knowledgeable and prompt .

Cory Walcott

I got Berry Law involved early in my case and got the most positive result possible. Mr Berry was very professional and responsive to communication.

Andrew Ball

I have worked with two other veteran representative groups since 2005, both in my opinion never given me the representation I have earned, my rating became stagnant and my appeals were always being decline. Out of frustration I search Google one day and came across Berry Law Firm. Having nothing to lose and my rating not increasing in 13 years I decided to give them a chance. Within weeks I started receiving schedules for pension and compensation appointments, pass the appeals bring reopened. I didn't have to do anything except show up for the appointment and within 12 months Berry Law Firm sent me a letter congratulating me on my hundred percent rating. If you are like me and frustrated with the system don't give up call Berry Law Firm you won't be disappointed I promise, thank you Berry Law Firm.

anthony barnett

Great people who care about vets. Very professional and always polite. They do what they say. And always keep in touch with you. I thank them for helping me and my family.

William Davis

Micheal Koberlein was my lawyer and he's amazing! Berry Law Firm is legit! They took my case and pursued the VA aggressively and won. They're communication during the process was superb too. I would recommend Berry Law Firm to any veteran. Its seriously the way to go. Your paperwork never comes up missing in the system since they track their every move and can communicate with the VA to advance your paperwork. Plus they cant give the lawyers the run around like they do us veterans. You don't pay anything until Berry Law Firm wins your claim in which will come out of your back pay. Its a Win Win situation!

Me Lee

I had so many issues with the VA when it came to filing my disability. I medically retired in 2009 yet I still was not receiving all of my benefits. Berry Law Firm total turned that around. They appealed my case and ensured that the VA had everything that was required to approve my case. Now, I am being paid my full benefits. I wish that I had called them sooner.

Douglas Downing

I had a great experience, a terrific lawyer helped me get the correct rating from the VA. I highly recommend them!

Pamela England

I'd like to thank Attorney Mike Koberlein & the Berry Law Firm for all their help and success! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Mike for all you help! Great work and all our appreciation! Steve

Brandy Taylor

Berry Law Firm is motivated and dedicated to helping veterans with their disability needs. It was a lot easier and more effective than to keep doing it on my own and failing. They helped me reach for the atars and beyond. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put forth and continue to put forth on my behalf. Brandy

Casey Mcnaughton

Berry lawfirm made such a world of difference in my life. The people who relyed on me the people I care about would have been left in the wind. I don't know what I would have done without there assistance.

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