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REVIEWS OF Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie PLLC IN Mississippi

Sonya Mosher

The Bakers

Jan Cauthen

As a local Realtor, I rely on attorneys such as Matt McKenzie to help get deals closed. Matt and his staff are always available, easy to work with, and highly competent. Thank you, Matt, for your professionalism and attention you provide to all of your clients!

Billy Appleby

I highly recommend Mr. Tannehill and his firm.

Hannah Magro

Looking for an amazing lawyer? Well Mr. Rhea Tannehill is the answer. He puts so much hard work and dedication for his clients. And that stressful charge you might be facing, Tannehill works so well with the client; which makes everything feel at ease. Thank you, Mr. Tannehill for helping me through this difficult timel. You're the man!

William Thompson

They do a good job and are swift. It was a pleasure working on them on the close of our house.

Hagen Napier

Rhae Tannehill was by far the best lawyer I've ever met... Not only was he very serious, but he was also very personal and a great friend.. I got into some pretty big trouble and made some wrong decisions, but that does not describe what kind of person I am... Since I made those mistakes I completely turned my life around and got back on track.. If it were not for Rhae Tannehill my life would be completely different not only would I of lost my job, but I would of lost friends and many relationships.. He saw what kind of person I am and gave it everything he had to keep my life the way it is now.. Words do not describe how much I appreciate everything he has done for me.. One more time Thanks for keeping my life the way it is!!! Sincerely, Hagen Napier

A Google User

Mr. Tannehill is the best lawyer in North MS! He always answers my calls and answers all of my questions, even if I ask the same one multiple times. He is very kind and takes his work seriously. He has great connections and has gone above and beyond for us!

K. White

I recently found myself in need of some legal assistance in a DUI matter. Rhea Tannehill was highly recommended by a friend for his reputation, abilities and results. I was not disappointed. From the moment my case was accepted, Rhea made me feel at ease about the situation and kept me fully informed throughout the process. He worked very hard to get me the best results. My case was dismissed thanks to Rhea's hard work, resilience, effectiveness and expertise. Rhea Tannehill went above and beyond for me as a client. I give Rhea my highest recommendation for the abilities he demonstrated during his work on my case.

Erin Crockett

Elizabeth Bardo

I have used Tannehill and McKenzie. They were very helpful and wonderful. I will always use them for any legal matters and recommend them to anyone who ask.

Ian Zucker

When I first meet with Mr. Tannehill I had just been charged with a felony sale of narcotics. That day he explained my options and what needed to be done. While he was working on my case he would let me know if there was any changes with my case; but also just check in to make sure I was doing well in school and staying out of trouble. With Mr. Tannehill's help I was able to learn from my mistakes not ruin my future. Today I have a clean record and am moving on to my career.

Hampton West

I can't recommend Mr. Tannehill enough! Mr. Tannehill is a knowledgeable attorney, and knows the system backwards and forwards. Not to mention his services are reasonably priced, which is rare today. If you are in Oxford or the surrounding areas, and need someone who knows what they are doing, please look the attorneys up at Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie!

Miller Heiman

My family and I were very pleased with the outcome of my case and our representation by Mr. Tannehill. I would recommend him to any of my friends.

Candice Maynard

Should you ever, ever find yourself in a situation where you do and you want to retain a winner, there is no where else to go, but here. If you know me you know I don't mence words and will give my honest opinion often unsolicited. I was frustrated with a Personal Injury Suit that had been dragging on waaaaaay too long with another reputable attorney. Mr. Tannehill frequented a eatery where I worked and we built a rapport over a period of time and I ended up firing my attorney and hiring him. I retained him because I trusted him, respected him, valued his integrity and because I knew and more importantly he knew, that he could and would resolve it. In a period of 8 weeks (keep in mind this had been going on with other attorney for 18 months) he kept me in the loop on everything. I never had to ask him for an update because he was always on his "A Game". Receiving a call from Mr. Tannehill and him saying, "settled, done, come in and get your check", and of course I'm interrupting and crying and he's anticipating my next question and says, "yes, for the maximum"! I mean I knew he was going to accomplish it and to hear it was so utterly gratifying. If you are taken on as a client by Mr. Tannehill please know that it will always be open, honest and probably an even better outcome that your expectations were managed. At least try to get on his calender to meet him and make no other attorney appointments because there is no reason. Sincerely, Candice Maynard

Brad Anderson

Jamye Waters

Rhea Tannehill has provided our family with the best representation and outcome we could have asked for. He is compassionate and professional and sincerely cares about his clients. Rhea goes over and beyond the role of attorney. He has become a mentor and friend and has had a significant impact on our family. Thanks Rhea for not giving up!

Todd Parker

As the parent of an Ole Miss student, we had a couple of occasions to use Rhea Tannehill's services. He was truly interested in the impact of things on our son. He took on a difficult case and made it easy for us to communicate and do business with him from Texas. His availability, his concern for his clients and his knowledge of the law are all significant reasons to do business with Rhea. I strongly recommend him.

Trey Peeler

I originally reached out to Rhea Tannehill at Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie because of their firm being established and anchored for a substantial amount of time in the Oxford community. I was also aware that their firm was known for handling a broad range of legal matters and not just trying to "Survive" in Oxford by finding a niche market to specialize in like most Oxford Law Firms seem to do. After my experience as a client of Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie I confirmed all that I expected and had been led to believe, however, my true satisfaction came in the way I was treated as a client. What I found was that no matter how small, large, or routine my case might have been, Rhea Tannehill and his staff made me feel as if my case was at all times the most important thing going on in their office. The end result obviously reflected that as well. I would strongly recommend this firm and their staff. Very insightful and very professional T. Peeler, Oxford, MS

Courtney Welch

Best lawyers ever!!!


This is the best attorney that I have ever hired. Jay took my case and was able to get it DROPPED and expunged off of my record. I am more than pleased with the experience and recommend Jay and his crew for N. Mississippi legal services any day.

Graham Green

These are my go to guys for all things legal. From criminal to family law to real estate they cover all the bases and provide top notch legal counsel. I've personally used them for closings and family planning and have recommended them numerous times for a variety of issues. They've always been available, prompt to reply to my questions, and have always shown a genuine concern for the issues at hand. I continue to recommend them without reservation.

Adam Malone

The guys at Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie are awesome! Super easy to work with and always deliver results. Thanks guys!

James Funk

What are you buying when you pay for a lawyer? How do you know who is different from whom? Can any lawyer help your case, and how? The difference in a good lawyer and a bad one normally boils down to judgment. Will my lawyer make the appropriate decisions in my favor when the time comes? This is where the difference emerges. While all lawyers have the same power to help, it is the ability to distinguish what deals and avenues are in my best interest weighed against the amount of money I will pay, that should determine which attorney is right for you. So I offer two stories: one of judgment, and one of payment. Both for the same lawyer. I am a business owner in Oxford and have been open for eight years as of 2016. So I have had time to get acquainted with Mr. Tannehill's services, but it wasn't until the third or fourth person he helped that I began to see his strength of character in judgment. When he first met me it was to help me with a criminal case brought on by a traffic stop. Upon meeting me he began our consultation where he clearly described everything I needed to know in my newfound position setting me at ease and putting me to work in the direction I needed to go. Further down the road I came to realize that when I brought him more clients during each consultation, he treated his new clients each differently, but with the same amount of respect. Within 120 seconds of meeting each of these people, Rhea could tell who needed “tough love,” who needed a shoulder to cry on, and who needed the facts, etc. My point is that his ability to judge a situation and produce the best outcome for me - the client - was swift and accurate. It is this kind of ability to judge correctly that set the talent of this man above his competitors. My second story is more practical and is about money. At first glance any person could say that this attorney's office is expensive. One might say that 1000s of dollars for a service is a complicated pill to swallow, so in my situation I did the math. I added up how much I would have to give the state in the event that I’d lose my case. There are probation fees, court fees, drug testing fees, transportation cost from loss of license, counseling and anything else that people in my situation had gone through without having a lawyer. All said and done, for my case, it only costed me $375 more to retain his services than to go at it alone. My outcome was so good that I didn't even have to show up for court and everything was eventually removed from my record. I have seen this man save a client $1000 with a phone call. While I cannot guarantee anything because I do not know your case...for me an extra $400 to not have to do ANYTHING, except be honest to my lawyer, was very worth it to me and my family. So before you make a decision where and how you want to spend your money, go see Rhea Tannehill for a consultation. If he is not the right man for your case, he will certainly tell you. If he is the right man, he will help you however he can. But either way, the information he gave me on day one made me feel more in control of my own situation. Take charge of your future and get a consultation. And even if you don't choose him, his only real competition in Oxford is in the same law office - TCM.

Michael Barnett

The attorneys at Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie are true professionals. They routinely go out of their way and beyond their professional obligations to advise and educate their clients so that they can get back on the right track in life. These attorneys are highly efficient, highly effective, and very passionate in dealing with every single one of their clients. I strongly recommend Tannehill, Carmean & McKenzie PLLC to anyone that is facing any type of legal issue. Great people!

Derrell Tyson

Ivan Jecklin

Jay Carmean helped our family on a legal matter in Oxford, MS and I can highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for an attorney. I am an attorney myself and hire other attorneys as part of my business life. I can say without reservation that Jay and his staff were truly remarkable in their handling of our matter. They gave us a clear outline on the process and the cost up front, so we knew what to expect every step of the way. Jay and his team were great in providing us with updates and were extremely responsive whenever we had a question. If I ever need an attorney in the Oxford area, you can bet I'll be calling Jay again. Highly recommend!

L. Daly

Thank you Matthew McKenzie for being very knowledgeable and easily accessible during our lawful circumstances. I never felt as though any of my questions to you were ever too little or "stupid" for lack of a better word. Thank you for your service.

Franck Dayan

Mr Tannehill represented my daughter on a DUI case. While we felt like giving up several times, he advised us that the prosecutor's case was weak and encouraged us to stay the course. He was right and ultimately got her case dismissed. We are so thankful for the compassionate way he treated us and how committed he was to protect my daughter's rights. I would recommend Mr. Tannehill to anyone needing excellent legal representation.

Reese Lott

I had a great experience in working through my legal issues with Rhea. He made everything very clear and was very quick to respond when I had questions of any sort. He is very professional and nothing short of an expert at what he does. He gets 5 stars in my book and I recommend him to anyone who needs legal counsel.

Kyley Mills

My experience with Tannehill, Carmean and McKenzie could not have been better. Jay Carmean was who I worked with personally and he showed true concern, knowledge and consistent effort. If you are ever in need of a lawyer who will get the job done, and get it done right the first time I highly recommend this firm. Thank you Jay!!

Larry McCay

Matt McKenzie does a lot of Real Estate closings for me. I love working with him and Angela. Great team. I know Rhea, Jay and Matt personally and am proud to say they are friends. Go Rebels

Cleve Barham

William English

Mr Tannehill has provided excellent representation for our family. He is very professional, courteous and very well respected in the legal community of his native Oxford. It is very reassuring to know that Mr Tannehill is readily available to Ole Miss students in need of legal and, even more importantly, personal assistance, even those far from home. He truly cares for his clients and we regard him as a friend of our family. We highly recommend Mr Tannehill and his firm.

Stephanie Grisham

We hired Mr. Tannehill to represent our son in a legal matter. At the beginning, we were all very overwhelmed. Mr.Tannehill's kind and gentle personality was reassuring from the beginning. Mr. Tannehill was responsive to all of our emails and the emails were answered in a timely fashion. He explained every step of the process to us. Mr. Tannehill's thorough knowledge of the law was evident in the courtroom. He was thoroughly prepared to cross examine the witness and obtain all the details that would help resolve the case. From the pretrial motion to the closing argument, Mr. Tannehill was more than ready to defend our son and be his biggest advocate. The results of his preparation resolved the case in our son's favor. My husband has been a practicing attorney for 25 years. We had very high expectations and they were met in every way. We would highly recommend him.

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