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REVIEWS OF Sweeney Merrigan Law, LLP IN Massachusetts

Brittany Lopez

I had the pleasure of working with Tucker on an insurance claim. I am extremely pleased with his help along the way and for all of the effort he put into my case.

Robyn Quinn

Personal Injury Case - I can't say enough about Peter Merrigan and how he handled my son's case. He took an already stressful situation and talked us through it step by step for over a year. We spoke on a regular basis and he was always there to answer questions and give us updates. He was kind, calm, professional and throughout the whole process!

Chris Lomuto

I was in a car accident and Tucker Merrigan is excellent! Was on top of everything and was very quick to respond. Just makes you feel completely comfortable. I would recommend him to anybody! If you need an injury attorney in Boston he is your man!

Little H

I am so grateful that I was referred to Tucker Merrigan after my accident last winter. Right from our first conversation I could tell he was not only knowledgeable but compassionate, and he completely put my mind at rest. He explained the options I had in a way I could fully understand, and was very patient with my concerns. He has restored my faith in good lawyers!

bumblebee harbor

I met with several lawyers before choosing Sweeney Merrigan Law. Upon our first meeting with them all my questions were answered directly and I was given expectations based on my case straight away. It was an open dialogue and unlike the conversations I had with other firms I didn't feel like anything was being hid from me. I immediately felt like I could trust them to take care of me. They made the process easy and gave me an excellent outcome. I made the right choice and highly recommend turning to Sweeney Merrigan with your claims.

Endri Ku1

Sweeney Merrigan Law had helped me when I needed help the most. Tucker is one of the best attorneys that I had the opportunity to work. He was always responsive and up to date with my case. The firm is very response, professional and the staff always goes the extra mile to get things done. If you need a personal injury firm, this is it look no further. My settlement was way more than I thought, and that is thanks to Tucker and his team. Very happy with my case!

Linda Sengaphay

Tucker Merrigan handled a few accidents I had and there is a reason why I kept going back. He was always there when I had a question, comment, or concern. Everything was clear and concise. I remember the first accident he handled and came to my home when I was unable to leave. He brought all the necessary paperwork and I never had to visit the office except when my settlement check was ready. When I made that visit to his office, I could not find parking and he brought the check out to me while I was parked in my car. I believe he goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are satisfied. I would definitely recommend Tucker Merrigan to my friends and family.


I would like to thank the Merrigan’s firm/association for such hospitality, concerns to my recovery. I am please to say that, my lawyer got me the settlement for my pain and suffering, that got me back on track. If your facing a situation in need of legal services, these are the people to come to for help.

Alex Menta

Absolutely enjoyed speaking with Tucker regarding my case and more. He's a great person to have on your side of the ring. My injury settlement should have been peanuts, I had given up on my case due to my inability to get treatment ( I have Pennsylvania network health insurance and live in Mass)...~$10,000 later here we are... If that doesn't deserve 5 stars i dont know what does.

John Carvalho

Tucker and his team were extremely helpful in handling my personal injury case in a respectful and timely manner. I would definitely hire them again in the future.

Genti Spahija

I was so glad that I got referred to tucker. He was a lawyer who I could trust and knew that he would do everything he could for me. After meeting with Tucker he told me not to worry about the case and that I should Focus on my knee and rehab. Witch made me feel better and less stress on my part. Tucker took care of everything every time a bill came in or a question that I had I would directly contact Tucker and he would take care of it. His the best lawyer out there he gets the job done. His a great person and a very smart men. For any body out there looking for help or in need of a lawyer Tucker Sweeney merrigan law is the right place to turn to, they are great and would do anything to help.

Kenneth Jakaus

They did a great job!

mary king

Peter Merrigan worked hard on my case. His work was careful, persistent and professional. The settlement was much more favorable than the initial insurance company offer. Legal assistant Larissa was patient and kind. I highly recommend.

David Supple

Incredibly responsive, professional and caring. No one likes being in a position where an attorney needs to be consulted but Tucker Merrigan made it as painless as possible and his advice was spot on. Thank you!

Kelli-Ann Marderosian

J. Tucker Merrigan is an excellent Lawyer. When I was hit by a car, he took on my case with no retainer. He came to me rather than telling me I had to go into his office, like another lawyer tried to do. He handled my case very professionally and kept me informed every step of the way, letting me know what all my options were. He did not make me feel pressured to take any particular course of action. When speaking with Tucker, he was very personable and caring. He did not talk down to me and answered any questions I had. It was clear to me from the beginning that he was going to look out for my best interest and I am very satisfied with the results.

Jean Laine

Peter Merrigan, I want to say thank you for all your hard work on my case. Trying your very best and beyond to get the best settlement for me. Your professionalism was absolutely the best and outstanding. I am now debt free. Thank you again Peter. Blessings

Anthony Cingranelli

Tucker Merrigan of Sweeney Merrigan Law is an excellent attorney. I can speak first hand for his work as a Boston personal injury lawyer. He is trustworthy, efficient and gets results – I highly recommend him and his firm.

Mark Hidenfelter

Chong Xu

Very glad that I went to Tucker with our case. He was very hands-on, responsive, and accessible. Hand-holding me through what could have been a extremely messy and stressful process. Highly recommended.

Ellen Kannatt

We contacted Tucker Merrigan to help us locate a delinquent tenant who owed 6 months rent. We had tried for months to track him down without success. We contacted Tucker and within hours of the tenant receiving the letter from Merrigan Law, the tenant contacted us and said he would pay all monies that were due including fees. Tucker was a pleasure to work with and clearly knows how to get results!

Back Lover

Bryan Evans

I have known Peter and Tucker for a long time. They have always been transparent with me, and consistently provided objective advice. Tucker was very responsive with my legal questions and provided a detailed, results oriented plan. The firm is easy to connect with, very hands on, and I highly recommend working with Peter and Tucker. I will consult with them again in future matters.

Andrew Lederman

Matt Caple

Needed counsel from a Boston Attorney on short notice and could not have been happier with the quality, counsel, and depth of knowledge provided by Peter and Tucker. Each met with me numerous times and handled my issue directly.


A friend recommended I call Sweeney merrigan when I was in need of legal help for my fathers death. From the moment I reached out Tom and Peter have always been extremely helpful, informative, and extremely understanding. I have never felt more trust in anyone’s guidance as theirs. They worked extremely hard for almost two years in helping me find justice in his wrongful death. If it wasn’t for them I would not have been able to find personal justice for what has happened. I will definately reccomend them to anyone looking for an honest and hardworking firm that really is there for the client. Thank you so much! I really can’t put into words how they made this process so easy every step of the way. Never did I doubt their guidance.

Alda K

Getting injured in an accident is something that changes your life forever. It is an exhausting experience that requires a lot of paperwork and involvement. The best thing you can do is choose a great attorney that will help you throughout the process and fight for you till the end. Tucker and Peter Merrigan do just that. They go above and beyond for all of their clients. The dedication and commitment that they have makes them the best at what they do. I would recommend SML to all my family and friends because they are simply the best!!

Elena Maria

I worked with Tucker. He was awesome and VERY helpful and knowledgeable. If I had any questions, I could shoot him a text and/or give him a call and he was quick to respond. The processing time takes the longest, unfortunately. Although it can be a long process, he was very adamant about getting the ball rolling. He also pushed to get as much from the claim as he could. Overall, it was a great experience and Tucker is great to work with. Thank you for everything!!

Nicholas Rivera

Parker Koppelman

I had a great experience with Sweeney Merrigan Law. Throughout my case Pete Merrigan explained things thoroughly, returned calls/emails promptly, and gave solid professional advice (but always left the ultimate decision up to me). He was sympathic and reassuring at each point in the process and always took sufficient time to explain everything. In addition, the office staff was always friendly when I called (little things matter!). I wholeheartedly recommend Pete Merrigan and his firm.

Chris Cutrali

Minh Tan

Tucker Merrigan assisted me on my case ! and he really put my mind at ease and provided very knowledgable insight and keep me updated throughout the case. It was a pleasure having him to represent for me. I will definitely refer all my friends and families to him.

Scott Cavicchi

I had the pleasure of working with I believe is the best Law firm around for personal injury. I was in a fender bender on my way to work. I was hit in the rear end of my van. I found Sweeney Merrigan and they took on my case. Believe me no was going to retire on my accident and they still treated me with great care and worked very hard to get the best outcome for my settlement. I am very happy with their process and the results I did get in return. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who has a personal injury case. They never made me feel that my case was too small for them to pursue. Thank you again very much I am a very happy client.


Pete Merrigan is the salt of the earth. It is extremely hard to find a lawyer that you can trust, and with Sweeney Merrigan you can trust that they will do the best for you and your family, just like you are part of their family. Pete is extremely prompt, professional and was not afraid to get elbow deep in researching a claim in a different state. I was extremely happy with the settlement result of my personal injury claim.

Laurie Cestnick

Can't rave enough about Peter Merrigan. What a phenomenal lawyer, person, and human being to have by your side through what would potentially be a very stressful and trying time. I suffered a number of large losses after being hit by a car a few years ago. Other lawyers (even those considered Boston's best) either didn't or couldn't achieve what Peter achieved. Where others turned down the case thinking it was too much work or not worth it for them, Peter didn't and we got everything we asked for from the insurance company. His high intelligence, good nature, calming demeanor, creativity and likability made what would be an awful process a pleasant one and I'm left with good memories from the process. He also uses language that you can relate to and understand, e.g. I am a kayaker and he would use river analogies to explain concepts :) Other lawyers/arbitrators can't help but like him too (who wouldn't?) and that is helpful during the entire legal process. You shouldn't go anywhere else don't need to! So glad I found Peter and if I ever need legal assistance again ..I'm not going anywhere else. Thank you for helping to put this case to bed for me. This law firm IS one of Boston's bests :)


A year ago I contacted Tucker Merrigan about my motorcycle accident. He was quick to respond (less than 24 hours) and even setup a meeting conveniently close to where I work. He came all the way across Boston to sit down with me during lunch to go over my case. He gave me rock solid advice up front, laid out the entire process and made sure I wasn't siting with any questions unanswered. He gave me a very clear and concise timeline of when to expect things to happen and how they would happen. Tucker met every deadline, and accomplished every promise. He even ended up getting me more money than he had originally suggested. Not a single let down in the entire experience. Tucker is someone I 100% put my faith into, I've suggested him to co-workers and friends and will definitely go to him if I ever need representation again.

Brianna Howard

I had a tremendous experience with Peter Merrigan and his team. He worked incredibly hard for me, and I was delighted with the outcome. I am new to the Boston area - and immediately after I moved here I was attacked and bitten by an off leash dog. Thanks to Peter, my year of pain and doctor appointments were made right. I highly recommend him and his team for personal injury law. You can’t go wrong! They are the best in Boston!

Valerie Larsen

To the Law Offices of Sweeney & Merrigan Attn: Mr. Peter Merrigan I'm writing today in appreciation for the work you accomplished on my behalf since my 2014 injury caused by an automobile accident. When my husband and I first visited you, I was in no shape to handle these affairs; you took that burden off me and advised that I concentrate on getting well and that was good advice! I am so used to bouncing back from any setback that I was surprised that my rehab was more grueling and took longer than I thought it would. All the while, you were fighting on my behalf, working things out, staying in touch and keeping me apprised of every step forward. Your attention and tenacity saw this case through to a fair settlement. I can't say enough to thank you and your team for helping me through this difficult time. Many thanks, Valerie L.

Marissa Salomon

Okay, here it is I fell in a bar, I slipped on puddle of booze dislocated my hip and crack my pelvis. I told everybody they're like no way you were in a bar it's not going to happen you're not going to get any settlement. Losers..... not only did I get like 23 Grand I didn't have any witnesses that would help me and no camera footage, everybody said oh she's drunk and this and that it's a bar well Tucker merrigan is the man so if somebody did you wrong and you know you were not at fault and you are unable to lead the life you were leading before something bad happened to you that somebody else is responsible for, call Tucker Merrigan, he da man. I received my awesome settlement in less than a year from my fall. #money

Jordan Hammond

My experience was absolutely incredible. Tucker handled my case with urgency and with a great amount of professionalism. He is transparent, very easy to speak with and will fight for your best interests. I would recommend Tucker to anyone I know searching for a lawyer!

Nhat Che

Mark Cashman and the Sweeney Merrigan Law firm is an amazing firm and trust worthy firm to turn to with an accident case. They have been great with keeping tabs and reaching out to you at all times as they are reaching out to all important parties and will always do their best to not only win your case but to get you the most out of it to ensure you get what you deserve. They're very friendly and easy to talk to people and are very understanding and will take care of you to the end of the case.

Sarah Dow

It was a very smooth experience. Tucker was very knowledgeable and he was always there if we had any questions. The results were definitely above our expectations!

G Scott

Tucker Merrigan gave me great advice and information regarding a auto accident I was involved in. Very pleasant to speak with and informative. I will definitely consult again for future matters.

Christina Rourke

Tucker Merrigan and his firm went above and beyond my expectations with their effort and diligence with my case. After suffering from a traumatic bike accident I was left in good hands and was able to recover while not having to worry with insurance, the stress, and confusion alone. I will be forever grateful and would recommend anyone also looking for solid guidance and knowledge about personal injury cases to Sweeney Merrigan Law.

Phill Blais

I knew I made the right choice the first time I spoke with Peter. He was very professional, accommodating and responsive. He kept me well informed throughout the process and I felt very comfortable working with him each step of the way. I would highly recommend Peter and his firm.

Carleigh Giuliano

Thank you so much for all your hard work and for making this a very easy and pleasant process! I will definitely be recommending.

Emily Sedgwick

These guys are absolutely reliable, honest, and know their area of practice. I Highly recommended them. They really took care of me!

Michael Famiglietti

Tucker Merrigan of Sweeney Merrigan Law is a knowledgeable, well respected member of the legal community. He is an asset to his clients. I highly recommend this firm.

Denzel Harper

I appreciate the time and care the legal team took in this case.

Dominic Bruce

Over the past year I have been working with Peter and he has always been straight forward and courteous to me and my family, no matter how many questions or emails he was always happy to help, he went way above and beyond to assist my family during the settlement! He is a wonderful person and a Amazing Attorney! Thank you so much Peter & Rebecca! If your looking for a Great Lawyer Look no further! Seriously!

Elizabeth Macdonald

Peter Merrigan of Sweeney Merrigan Law handled my case very expertly. I was in a small Mazda 3 and was crashed into 3 times in succession by a Volvo ACL Dump Truck. There was a 3rd car involved as well. I was injured, scared, overwhelmed with phone calls, paperwork, and a lack of action on my behalf by the auto insurance companies. Peter and his paralegal team handled all the tough details, gave me good counsel, and stayed with me until the end, making sure that all the bills were paid. I received phenomenal therapeutic care for my back, and worked through my recovery. And thankfully, Peter also negotiated a very good settlement for the injuries I suffered. Definitely call Sweeney Merrigan to discuss what you've suffered, and hear how they can help you through it, and be compensated for your losses.

Lindy Carelli

Overall a good experience working with Tucker and his staff at Sweeney Merrigan!

David Morra

These attorneys have been there when I've needed them. When looking for legal assistance it's important to me that I work with knowledgeable and trustworthy people, and these guys definitely meet that criteria. Everyone in their offices I interacted with were courteous and helpful. These guys are top notch Boston attorneys.

Foot Dem

A friend recommended Sweeney Merrigan a week after my accident, and I thank my friend everyday for introducing me to a Lawyer, that was so personable yet, so professional. If and when I had a question I could text, email or office call Tucker. Even if I just stopped by him and or staff were always willing and ready to assist. Tucker kept me informed during the process and could show "his work" in effort to getting me the settlement I deserved for my injuries. The peace of mind of only having to go to therapy was exactly what the doctor ordered. My only regret is that I didn't know Tucker Sweeney and Merrigan years ago.

Super Boss

This office is a fraud. These people promised to follow my case of a car accident and I started physical therapy and got all paperwork then after 2 months I received a letter from them. This letter was a notification of dropping my case because the insurance of the other party denied liability and litigation was needed. These people are scam and looking for easy money. There is no guarantee with this office. They will let you down in any given time. There were more negative commens about this office but negative comments are disappeared. They fix good comments about their office and their own employees leave good comments

AshBgosh J

Tucker is a gem! He's quick and is the most responsive attorney I've ever met. Everything was clearly communicated and if I ever had any questions, he was only a phone call/text away. My case was settled much faster than I would have expected. Truly the most painless experience I have had with a law firm. I would recommend him to anyone!

Marisol Bradford

Extremely pleased with Sweeney Merrigan. I was represented by Tucker Merrigan after being struck by a car and throughout the whole process he was friendly, personable, and efficient. Any questions I had were promptly answered and I was alerted of what was going during the proceedings. Cannot recommend the services of this knowledgeable and friendly firm enough.

janice emory jr

Tucker Merrigan is a awesome lawyer. He’s caring, understanding and accommodating to his clients. He takes his time and gets you right. The over all treatment at the firm is awesome. Everyone is helpful and very nice to you.

Michael Joyce

Leah Gundersen

Chris Cutrali was a very professional and reliable advocate for my case. He kept me informed every step of the way. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this office for legal help.

Katie Cintolo

Excellent car accident attorneys!

Anton Forbes

Recently ,I was involved in a car accident and was injured, I had to seek an a attorney.If you are in the market for an attorney, I would highly recommend (Sweeney Merrigan Law ) .Attorney (Tuker-Merrigan).I found him on line.He is a very knowledgeable attorney and keep you up to date on the case,step by step.He is also,approachable if you have any questions you may have.I was very please with my end result case (settlement) ,from start to finish.Excellent Attorney (Tuker-Merrigan).

James Blankenship

Oct 5 i was involved in a car acciedent and didnt know who to turn to.I asked a friend and he told me Tucker Merrigan at Sweeney Merrigan Law. I contacted Tucker and he immedatley helped me with my case.I was in his office the day after the inital phone call explaining what had happened. Tucker told me " dont do anything but get better we will handle your case. everytime i got a bill in the mail or had a question Tucker was only a phone call or text away . He took such good Care of me, not once did he make me feel alone. It was like he has in the passenger seat and going threw everything I was. Please do yourself a favor and use Tucker he will not dissapoint you. He is always avalable when you need him. {Even away on his honeymoon}. Tucker has earned my trust and loyalty he will always be the lawyer i turn to.

Paul Hannaford

Lindsay Levine

Tucker and his team were a great to help to me through a difficult time. They always took the time to explain things to me, and were very professional and timely in their responses.

Vy Pham

I contacted Tucker (recommended by a family friend) about a year ago after getting into a gnarly car accident in which I wasn't at fault. I walked away with some minor injuries but still had to take an ambulance to the hospital at the scene of the accident. Prior to finding Tucker, I spoke to three other attorneys about my case: one told me I didn't have a case, another said they would be charging hundreds by the hour, and another stated that I could settle the case on my own without an attorney. When I met with Tucker, he was confident that I indeed had a case and was eager to represent me. He was not only knowledgeable in his field of personal injuries but he guided me through how to speak to insurance companies about the value of my car (totaled). There was no way I could have settled my case on my own with the legal jargon and paperwork needed, not to mention the headache of it all. During this process, Tucker kept me updated and responded in a timely manner to all of my questions. I even moved across country during the time and everything still went smoothly. I'm so glad I had Tucker to help me through the process. Highly recommend.

Tony A

Sweeney Merrigan Law was a pleasure to work with in many aspects. My attorney, Mark Cashman was prompt and informative in his communication, and he always delivered his promises. Mark gathered all of the important information for my case in a timely manner. He maintained communication with my medical professionals, and firmly negotiated my settlement. Most importantly, I felt Mark's professionalism and personality in all of our interactions. I asked him many questions and i never felt rushed over the phone or in person. I highly recommend Mark for medical malpractice or a personal injury claim.

Debbie Roberts-Smith

Tucker Merrigan is an excellent lawyer with exemplary skill in the legal area of personal injury. Tucker is very personable, but most importantly, he demonstrates true compassion and total commitment to securing a fair settlement in the best interest of his client. My case benefited greatly from his superb analytical skills, prior case experience, and excellent communication skills. His written proposals and arguments on my behalf were professional and highly effective. His representation in court was enhanced by his excellent public speaking capability as well as his ability to remain calm and professional under pressure, formulate information quickly for appropriate problem solving, and produce compelling rebuttals. Tucker is highly intelligent, resourceful, genuinely compassionate, and ethical. I am a school teacher. I was looking for an intelligent, articulate lawyer who would work hard, exhibit a commitment to honesty and fairness, treat me as a person who matters, ensure that my medical bills were completely paid, and secure a final, fair settlement. Tucker realized all of my expectations and more. He secured a larger settlement for me that I anticipated and throughout all the months of preparation and research he gave willingly of his time, communicating and meeting with me as needed in a timely manner. Tucker remained true to the initial expense estimate of the case yet he secured a larger settlement than expected without any exaggeration of the facts. I would not hesitate to hire Tucker and his law firm in the future and I would highly recommend him to family and friends. Debra M. Roberts-Smith

Marguerite Vichier-Guerre

Pete was a tremendous advocate for me and handled my case with compassion. He made the process very human. His office was consistent in communication and support. I would highly recommend Pete and his team!

Timmy Sheble-Hall

Two trustworthy attorneys that are always available to their clients. They are very knowledgeable about the law, and very successful at achieving results for their clients. Highly recommended.

Craig Rosenbaum

Sweeney Merrigan is a terrific law firm. I have worked with Tucker, Pete and Tom for several years and they are outstanding. If you need a law firm in the Boston area, this is the firm to call.

Robin Morfiris

Mark and Tucker are great Lawyers. I was very happy with my settlement. They are very professional and prepared. They made a difficult process easy for me and my family. I was represented very well during all stages of this settlement. Thank you Mark and Tucker

Val Miller

Tucker Merrigan was great to work with. He is easy to speak with, professional and efficient. As busy as he is, he always checked in to see how everything was going and to let me know where things were at that point. I highly recommend him!

alex coelho

Thanks to Tucker at Sweeney/Merrigan Law I was able to get my life back on track after a tragic accident. I had broken several bones and been in the hospital losing wages and independence for a few months. After working with Tucker, I was able to get a generous settlement, pay my medical bills, and start my life anew. I would definitely recommend them for any sort of legal recourse in terms of auto injuries and settlement structuring.

Fran Reavey

Thanks to Peter Merrigan who took my case and got me a settlement that I thought I would never get and got me 10 times what I hope I would get. He is the most honest person I ever met. Some lawyers that I talked to talked down to me like I didn't mean anything to them but not Pete he is a regular guy and treats you like you were his friend not just a client. Being disabled and having a accident in my wheelchair he really helped me out. I would highly recommend them for any legal matter. He doesn't just take the easy case's like most lawyers do he takes the hard cases and wins them.

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