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REVIEWS OF Marasco & Nesselbush Personal Injury Lawyers IN Massachusetts

glen chofay

Professional organization who has their clients best interest in mind!

Geraldina Monteiro

I love the service my attorney provided me. I was in a car accident and she made sure I was compensated for what happened. I was kept well-informed

Barry Nelson

They did a great job with my case but the follow up was a little less

Scott Anderson

They're really good at what they do. Very friendly and helpful.

Kevin Deoliveira

Highly recommended! I worked with attorney lynch along with Sara for the past year or so after being in an accident. They were upfront and honest with their opinions and realistic with the estimates. Mr. Lynch was knowledgeable and polite. While Sara went out of her way to make me feel comfortable every time I met with them. She was understanding, helpful and amazing with my kids. She made it extremely easy to deal with such a unfortunate circumstance. I was refered to this firm from my closest friend and will do the same from here on out. Thank you to Mr. Lynch and especially to Sara!!

malibou2girl .

I was extremely pleased with the legal team at Morasco and Nesselbush. My family and I were involved in a serious car accident. My legal assistant Heather Tanner was extremely courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. She patiently answered all of my many questions regarding my case. Attorney Anthony Buglio did a great job negotiating a settlement. The entire staff was very friendly and professional. The guidance that the office provided me and my family made a very difficult situation much easier to navigate. The office really made it clear that they cared about my case and my family. I truly appreciate their hard work.

Allice Young

I would to express my gratitude to Marasco & Nesselbush for the all they have done in my favor i never dough they were going to be able to get me the compensation i deserve for my injury. I would like to thank Lisa for her efficiency and Anthony for been a humble man. May God bless you always for you to continue serve your community and those ones in need of your representation. thank you always..

Mindy Ann Lacap

Great lawyer and great staff

Cristina Monteiro

This is not my first time with this firm, each time they were very knowledgeable, courteous and successful in my cases. I would and have recommended Marasco & Nesselbush to my family and friends.

Lillian Velazquez

This place will definitely help you. I have a disease that is very rare amd almost no one I know that has it haven't been able to get approved for social security. This people got me approved on my very first time in court. They did everything for me and I had absolutly nothing to worry about through out the entore process. Definitely recomend them.

Shelly 9163

First I would like to state that facing a disability is hard enough, and having to go through it with applying for social security disability can be even worse, especially with finding the right law firm that would fight for you. And I must say at this law firm, I feel they care! In particular, a woman named "Cecilla," from the very moment I first called, made me feel at ease. Also, this had not been the first time I had spoken with someone from this law firm. And the last time, after calling several other law firms, I decided to come back to Marasco & Nesselbush, because especially after speaking with Cecilla, I feel very confident that this law firm cares about their clients, and I would highly recommend them!

BarbaraAnn Gannon

Mr. Tim Lynch and Heather Tanner were great in getting a more than I could ever imagine settlement in a slip and fall case. Would recommend Marcuso and Nesselbush and especially Mr Lynch. Both he and Heather Tannrr kept me informed throughout the process. I will be forever grateful. They are now in my prayers of thanksgiving.

Lisandra Betancourt

My experience at the offices of Marasco & Ness Bush, it was amazing! I had a car accident, they handled the case very well. Everyone is very friendly. I am satisfied with the result, thanks.

Ted Baxter

I did not know what to expect but found myself in a good place immediately after my first meeting with Legal Assistant Ariana Ba to discuss my case in detail. I felt the same all the way through the legal process working with my appointed Attorney Noah Zimmerman. They were very good keeping me informed or if I had any questions. I am very pleased working with this law firm and will reach out to them again if needed.

Leeanna Mitchell

They really are the best !!!

charlotte chanhthaly

My eperience in having Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP work on my case was great! They handled the case very well. I am pleased with the outcome, thanks :)


My husband was involved in a medical malpractice suit and though everything he has been through personally has been anything but positive, our experience with Joe marasco and Jane duket has been very positive & validating. There are so many emotions involved in serious cases as ours and everytime we needed Joe and Jane they were there as our attorneys offering professional advice but just as importantly compassion and genuine caring. I highly recommend this firm and I am very grateful for their competent legal representation. A+

Michelle Lee

Thanks to all who were involved in my husbands SSDI case, Vanessa, Mariam, Jennifer, Bree-Ann. It was a long road but we won!!!!! Thanks Joe and Donna for hiring such great employees!! Will recommend others for your services. Michelle/ Christopher G.

Jeanette Berger

Cecelia was great to speak with as my initial contact with Marasco & Nesselbush. I am happy I was able to get an appointment with a lawyer as fast as I did,

Christina Fetta

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Donna and her team. I was fortunate to have her as my counsel and because of her dedication my life has changed. I will always be greatful and would recommend this group to anyone in need of thier services. Thankyou again for all your hard work God bless, Christina


This law office is wonderful I have never been through anything like this before and was not sure what to expect I could always pick up the phone and call Legal Assistant Sara she took Many calls from me and always made me feel better If you get the pleasure to work with Sara DaSilva Attorney Marasco's Legal Assistant you will love her She has made this experience much easier for me Again thank you (especially Sara)

A. Riley

Marasco and Nesselbush is a WONDERFUL law firm. They recently helped me get approved for disability and they went out of their way to fight for me. Their service was tremendous, respectable, and classy. I highly recommend them to anyone. Please use these wonderful lawyers. Theyre one of a kind and i would happily work with them again. From the bottom of my heart, I owe Marasco and Nesselbush a huge thank you. And I appreciate all they did for me

Carrie Mitchell

They have a expensive building thats about it. I told the consultant about my SSI discontinuation. They agreed to review my case. After 3 weeks of waiting I was told we cannot help you with anything. I agreed to never use them again. I found a better lawyer in Providence to represent another claim.

Yanira Figueroa

Very good!

Kristen Taylor

Great experience, Anthony Buglio explained the process and was supportive throughout the case. Staff assisted with keeping me informed of every step, even when things changed quickly. Everyone was willing to work with my work schedule with ease. I would recommend anyone at Marasco & Nesselbush to both family and friends!

cheyenne v

They work and fight for their clients. No promises, just persistence with integrity. Forget all those T.V ads..Marasco & Nesselbush is the place to go..They took care of my mom and they will take care of you.

Robert Donovan

Cecila and Mariam have been the absolute best!! They were both kind and efficient. What is very important that everyone should know is that when they say they are going to do something you can write it stone because it WILL happen. Thank you for making this a pleasurable experience!!!!

Jerry Cloutier

Attorney Buglio provided excellent guidance and assistance in settling a matter for us. We highly recommend Marasco & Nesselbush and especially Atty. Anthony Buglio to anyone who needs legal assistance.

David Patrie

Top of thier game. Ready to fight for what is right

Daisy Grinvalsky

Love this Attorney

Lori Gibbs

I had a great lawyer who worked very hard for me and had a lot of compassion as well as the rest of the team. It took time but you guys never gave and I really appreciate that I would recommend you to my friends and family. If I ever need legal services in the future I wjll come see you.

Jeanine Marshall

I have to say that everything that was done for me from the beginning of my case and to the end was so smooth and I understand everything that was done for me from my lawyer Mariam Lavoie who worked so hard from the beginning of case and to to the day we went to court. She's wonderful. Christina helped out a lot to she called with up dates helped to answer questions I may and if she couldn't always got back to answer them. I want thank the rest of the staff that helped out to I'm not sure of their names but there was a few that did. But thank to all they are wonderful and I hope you all go with them you won't go wrong. Thanks again to you all you made our family Christmas a wonderful one thank you.

michael M

Valerie Diaz, was very helpful and knowledgeable about how to proceed with my SSI claim. I highly recommend this law office to those in need.


Customer Service Personnel from Marasco & Nesselbush Personal Injury Lawyers, are indeed well trained professionals in the full sense of the word. They are keenly focused on the company's objectives and it's client's import needs; which is clearly illustrated in being articulate, meticulously detailed, and passionate in expressing the company's genuine concern in their clients well being. As a client, I understood that Marasco & Nesselbush Personal Injury Lawyers are 100% engaged in fighting for the clients best interest, no matter the outcome.

javier rosado

Extremely Trustworthy people here, my attorney made me feel comfortable through the whole process even when there was a little doubt in my mind.I would recommend Marasco & Nesselbush to anyone who seeks help with their case. I worked with attorney Tim Lynch and he helped me greatly through his process.

marnie hubert

Very professional & timely response to all questions. Would definitely recommend.


I'm grateful ... they made me feel comfortable and kept me updated ... Jane and Aubrey are life savers and I look at them like family from today till my last days ... I'll recommend them to family friends or anyone that needs help most certainly

Sheri Goyette

I couldn't be happier with everyone at Marasco & Nesselbush. Very professional, caring, one of a kind Law firm.

Melany Shepard

Would highly recommend very professional very careing .Kept me up to date . Handled everything for me i felt they really cared.

Wendy Galarza

Jane and Tanya was very helpful in helping settle my case in a timely fashion and they were always there to answer any questions and concerns about my case. I can honestly say that my experience was the best with this firm and with Jane and Tanya . I highly recommend them to everyone.

Sim Beatz

Everyone is extremely kind and helpful! Highly recommended to anyone who wants true results.

Carol Shea

I highly recommend Marasco & Nesselbush, especially for disability claims! They handled everything and I got my settlement within about a year and a half...which is a much better track record than other disability lawyers!!! I have recommended them to others and they have had similar results! They still send me a newsletter and on occasion little gifts. Which are always a pleasure!

K Nev

My experience that I had with Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP exceeded my expectations. I received professional and prompt service from the moment I walked in the front door with the receptionist, my initial consultation with the legal aid, and my attorney. My calls and emails were returned in a reasonable time, in most cases the same day. I was always given the utmost respect as a client and I will certainly use their service again if there is a need. I highly recommend using this firm for any service that they offer.

Yosmayra Reyes

Medical record team is great especially hildenise. Quick and responsible

MARK Curran

Very Professional

Anne Ayer

Best Law firm

Bernadette Sherman

They did a wonderful job getting my son his disability.

cyndi boyd

Atty. Buglio and Sara DaSilva are absolutely amazing. I had a car accident in 2016 and I was treated with respect and as an equal from day one. I was in the hospital for over 3 weeks and took 3 months to recover. I was always given updates and any questions I had were always answered promptly! I cannot say enough about the professionalism and caring that I received throughout this process! I would highly recommend Anthony and anyone in this office. Trust me they will renew faith about lawyers in every way! Thank you Lisa, Tania, and especially Atty. Anthony Buglio and Sara DaSilva!!!!

Marc Dupre

The firm is professional and compassionate. They helped me greatly in a medical malpractice. They do not create those "ambulance chaser" annoying TV commercials. They changed my life.

Mark Copple

Very professional and honest they made me feel like family not just another case. When they say there going to contact you on a certain date and time they do. I've already referred someone to them. They will be my law firm for life.

Maddy Aponte

The staff and my lawer we're at their upmost respect and courtesy to me. My lawyer was on point keeping me up to date with my case. I thank God that my case went smoothly and quickly. I totally recommend Donna and Marasco Nesselbush to anyone; So much so that if I were to have another case to settle I will not hesitate to go to them again. Merry Christmas to the NNesselbus's business and family.

Amy DiFilippo

The staff at Marasco & Nesselbush were extremely friendly and helpful. Most importantly, they were patient and took the time to answer all questions and explain the legal process. Their professionalism was quickly noted; however the staff's demeanor was warm and understanding. I was extremely pleased with the entire firm, especially with attorney Amanda Briggs. Her positive attitude and genuine smile made the entire process much less stressful. I would highly recommend this firm to my family and friends and will definitely seek their services if need be in the future.

Mommy Eats

I am a client and this comment is genuine from the heart....I have been plaqued with a few unfortunate events in my life for example a car accident. Out of all law firms I have went to and completed claims with, Marasco & N. has been the best one I've ever visited. They are so determined and persistent with keeping you up to date on how the case is going and making sure you are happy with final results. Unlike that "Thunder Spark office"... (OMG don't go even go there) finally a professional and passionate lawyer who works FOR YOU! Thank you soo much for all you've done for me I am so happy and pleased with your services.

Meechee Rodriguez

Very happy with the outcome of my case !! Thank you all for being there for me even through my tough times when I was scared & nervous about the whole process, thank you especially to Vera & my lawyer representative Amanda Briggs, Without your help I wouldn't know what I would've done. Great & awesome people & Great atmosphere also VERY caring about their clients !! So go with this Law firm you wont regret it !!!

Michelle Richard

For the past several years, I have put my trust in Anthony Buglio & his paralegal, Sara. Aside from an acceptable outcome for my case, I always felt very well-informed. I always knew where we were in the process, and any time I had a question I received a prompt & thorough response. I work with many attorneys in my profession so I can say, without a doubt, that I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone in need of representation.

Rukia K. Yven

They are really nice and are blunt honest and to the point, Noah is great and he's been handling my case wonderfully for disability.

Renee Matthews

They won my SSDI case in 2016 for me and they just received a decent settlement for me in my car accident case. Highly recommend. Tom Moran & Sara DaSilva were awesome!

Walter Lenartowicz

Nice people they won my case, called, and did everything. These people care for you. Give them 10 stars.

Stacey Perry

Helped me a lot

Roger Lavallee

Outstanding service, and follow up. Marasco & Nesselbush, agreed to take my SSDI claim and helped guide me through this tedious process. Jennifer, was a tremendous aide, and was there to answer all our questions. Without her effort I would still be floundering in paperwork.....GREAT JOB...Thank you all very much.....Regards....Roger

miriam Mendez

My attorney fought for me until I was compensated for my injuries. I am thankful f or the hard work and great result

Carmen Bruno

My experience was more them great.Timothy and Lisa was extremely great with me they did a great job in my case, l Will definitely recommended to another peoples, they are extremely professional, love the attention that l receive everytime l was going there from the beginning to the end for me they are definitely amazing. Thank you so much timothy p. Lynch & Lisa A.Hanlon. l always be thank you to you guys.

Maria Jeffrey

Thank you to Joe Marasco and associates for winning my Social Security Disability case. I would like to especially thank Ariana Tejeda. I believe the success of this case was due to her professionalism, hard work and commitment. I will always be grateful to her. Kevin Jeffrey

Allison Delamare

I am a medical records coordinator for a specialists office inside of Rhode Island Hospital. I deal with attorneys and paralegals on a daily basis .. as you can imagine it's not the funnest thing in the world. I have to say anytime Amy calls me from Marasco and Nesselbush we work together to figure out what each other needs and she puts a smile on my face every time. Even over the phone I can tell she is dedicated to her work and strives for a great outcome. Keep up the good work over there ladies!

Rose-Marie Monahan

Strongly recommended. Personalized attention from phone interview to final conclusion. Thank you.

Frank Bianco

My daughter was involved in auto accident. Was referred to Anthony Buglio from a friend/employee. Everything went smooth. No delays. Quick response from Anthony or his paralegal when needed. Would reuse in a heartbeat.

Ray Lemerick

I have have been with MN LAW for just about 5 year's and i feel so good with then to be represented by this frim my attorney and paralegal with hard together to be certain that the clinent gets everything they have coming in a very reasonable amount of time!' Professionals,Efficient, and caring about their client's! Highly recommended!

chris cruz

Everything was perfect!very satisfied.


I would add more stars to this review if possible. My family and I are very satisfied with the services provided by Marasco & Nesselbush and our amazing attorney Mark Grimm. They stayed in good contact with us throughout the whole process and helped our family greatly with the answers we needed to questions in our case that the defendants would not give us. After a while, because these cases do take time with the amount of attention that they give to each of their clients and as far as they will dig into things for you to get those answers ... We were very happy with the outcome. Long story short it ended in a comfortable settlement and I would reccomend Marasco & Nesselbush to any and everybody if you ever have a legal issue. Again, thank you Mark Grimm and Marasco and Nesselbush for all of your help.

Paula Mencarini

Great experience with Mr.Ryan Kelly , called on Sunday who works on Sunday?One year one month, great results! Thank You Marasco + Nesselbush!

Cyndi Stenning

Attorney Anthony Buglio and his assistant Sarah were professional, courteous and prompt from start to finish. I was alway kept informed as to the progress that was being made and all my question we addressed and answered. I would highly recommend this law firm to my friends and family. Best regards.....

Walter G.

I was in a slip and fall accident and I was referred to Marasco & Nesselbush by a family member who was represented by them in the past. I went to their office very concerns because I was unaware of the process and I was very worry about all the medical bills and who was going to pay for them. I had the pleasure of being represented by Attorney Duket and Miss Tania Toledo. The first visit I explained to them what happened and they took my case and walked me through the process. I left the office already feeling relived. I felt confident that my case was being handled by excellent people who truly care about their clients. I was treated extremely well and received guidance and updates from Miss Tania Toledo each step of the way. I strongly recommend Marasco & Nesselbush and thank them for the amazing work they did for me.

A Review

Jane & her assistant Aubrey at Marasco & Nesselbush have helped me so much through this journey. I was involved in a car accident and Jane got me the best offer actually more than what I expected. She is very kind & always stays in touch! I would definitely recommend this firm!!!

Danielle correia

They handled my ssdi case and got me5 years of retroactive paymemts. Also got me good money for a car accident my son and I were in. I would recommend them to anyone. Polite, professional and caring, I can't say enough great stuff about them. If you need a lawyer their the ones to call

Moneike Reynolds

Seemed professional enough. Gave me feed back and even pointed me in a direction to go. As they didn't feel comfortable taking on my case or going against this particular judge. Up until then I was satisfied. Then they said they would mail me back my original documents and disc's. Which I stressed were the only copies. Few days goes by. Week, week and a half. I'm now calling again. How can I obtain an other attorney without legal documents?. Finally someone calls me back to say sorry. "We miss placed your things" there are many people that come in and out of my office and if you like I could write a letter to the judge, but can't give your documents back. You would have to go to your disability office again and the Adjudication office and appeals. By this point I'm done. If they can't manage my file I certainly can't picture them managing my life's disability. Only thing that would have made this a five star. They returned documents. They dropped the ball there. Prior to that felt professional.


Nice people. They do good work!

Michael Kachanis

When researching some information for my father I came across the site for Marasco & Nesselbush. Clean and concise the site was helpful and informative and very easy to navigate. When it was time for me to contact the firm for some preliminary information the experience of dealing with Marasco & Nesselbush became even more enjoyable. Every staff member from the receptionist to the lawyers was extroardinarly helpful, professional, and courteous.

Eric Lacroix

They are very professional, and will tell you up front if they don't believe they can help you win your case - and what additional steps are needed to build a strong case, either way. They have helped several close family members win difficult cases.

Ben Kowalik

Outstanding gentlemen! Truly care about the people they help. Operate by a moral and ethical code and help in any way they can as not just lawyers but as people too.

Dayna Vargas

I had a really good experience with Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP. The staff at the office were always friendly. The lawyer and the assistant that took my case never left me out of the loop. They stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process, never leaving me uninformed of a change or status. My lawyer was professional, personal, and attentive. She made sure I understood everything when we spoke. I trusted everything she told me and I was extremely pleased with the end result. -Dayna

David Genest

They took the necessary time to do the job right. Their communications were timely and professional.

Jennifer Carrera

Excellent firm. Friendly and reasonable. Helped me settle my social security case. Highly recommended.

Rich Spetrini

Wonderful! They never give up, they work hard and they will get the results. Highly recommended.

Christopher Fee

It couldn't have gone any better. Everyone at the firm is friendly and efficient. The process was painless, and every step was explained thoroughly. My settlement arrived in a timely fashion, and was more than I expected. I heartily recommend Marasco and Nesselbush to anyone in need of a law firm that is both honest and professional.

Lee Spooner

Can't say enough about how professional and thorough the staff here was. Always returned calls promptly, answered questions and did all follow up necessary. Was extremely impressed and pleased with all our dealings with this firm, especially Vanessa and Mary Beth. Thank you.


Great,polite,informative service.Friendly,fair and professional.Will recommend to my friends.

Corey Vandenberg

Very friendly staff. They were very helpful and attentive. Spoke with the owner Joe, and was impressed with his commitment to the Rhode Island community. The office was nice and easy to find. I’d definitely recommend calling this firm with questions about an accident or injury.

Dawn Maron

I had a slip and fall case and Anthony Buglio was my attorney and Sara was my paralegal they did a awesome job and helped me every step of the way . Thanks again for helping me get thru this . dawn maron

George Ferreira

theses guys know there stuff great customer service highly recommend the whole team for any legal matter

Olivia Kenyon

Involved in a Car accident and the staff did all they could to help me. Amazing, caring people who understand real life. This seems like more than a job to them and I couldn't have wished for a better turn out. Thank you Marasco & Nesselbush!

Budkis73 budkis73

This is the third time for me using this law firm. They successfully got me awarded my social security benefits, and successfully won both my insurance claims. A special thank you to team lynch. Attorney Tim lynch and Rayna Diaz did a wonderful job again for me. I wouldn't even consider another firm to handle any future assistance I may need. There is not a question about it, team lynch is the best. Thank you so much Marasco &Nesselbush. Outstanding job. I feel like a true family member to Tim and Rayna. I will always reccomend everyone to Marasco &Nesselbush. I love you all.

Jackie Marsden

I highly recommend this law firm. From my very 1st appointment going forward to the closure of my case, I was treated with such respect, dignity and professionalism. I can’t say enough about how they do what they say and always COMMUNICATE with email, returned calls and frequent updates. Noah Zimmerman was my attorney and I would refer him and the firm to anyone who needs the best. Thank you all for going above and beyond. Just when I lost faith in true customer service, I met Marasco& Nesslebush and realized it still exists. I appreciate all and again thank you Noah Zimmerman and his assistant Sheena Melloni. Highest Regards, Jacqueline Marsden

Danielle Verrier

I was injured in an auto accident and overwhelmed with dealing with the insurance company and medical costs. With Marasco and Nesselbush I could not have been in better hands. Both attorney Buglio and my legal assistant Sara did everything to take care of me and kept in constant contact so I always knew what was going on. I knew if I had a problem I could call and they would take care of it right away. I cannot express how much relief it was to be in their hands knowing I was being taken of by people who cared.

Teresa DiNinno

This place and group of people were truly a god send. My bf Justin Judd had been fighting for SSI for over 10 yeara after shutting him off for something that wasnt his fault. This company got him his SSI and money on an extremely short amount of time!!!

Fred Galipeau

I came to Marasco and Nesselbush through a friend who recommended them for his SSI case that was approved. I was rejected three times and the last attorney blew me off and felt totally discouraged. I worked with with Ariana & Attorney John and they were the best in a difficult time when my mom was dying. They were so kind, through and sent me flowers when my mom had passed. Ariana personally made me feel like family. They won my case and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Fred G.

Lynn Bergeron

Caring and trustworthy! Not like the loud types on tv ads. These people get the job done, with you from beginning to end. Mariam is the best!

Sara DaSilva

Marasco and Nesselbush had outstanding client service. I was always provided with updates regarding my claim and what to expect. I would definitely recommend a family member or friend here. Thank you Attorney Anthony Buglio and his legal assistants, Tania Toledo and Sara DaSilva, you were all amazing.

larry slyriguy

Highly recommend using this law firm .. this was a very smooth and quick process i contacted them and applied in sep and by December i had my award letter and checks !! Very courteous and professional staff .

Diana Clements

Extremely nice employees understanding caring honest and helpful but know how to get things done. I recommend highly

George Ferreras

I had the greatest team handling my case. RYAN & TANIA always kept me updated and called me before accepting any offer. This was my first and hopefully my last personal injury case but I know where I will be going if I ever need professionals to look into a case for me. I have referred my friend from work and she is also pleased with her experience. Thanks for everything Ryan, TANIA, and the wonderful team from marasco & nesselbush.

Kim Matteo

Exceptional! Sophilia was an incredible help & so extremely kind and courteous.

Alicia Pacheco

I will highly recommend Donna to friends and family in need of a fabulous Attorney!! Donna proved to be efficient, savvy, and trustworthy. Donna has the ability to put people's mind at ease, and provide any clarification where needed. The best I have encountered!

Sara Campbell

The team at Marasco & Nesselbush has been wonderful to work with through a difficult time. Ryan Kelley and Taneka Parham are not only professional and knowledgeable, but also kind and so extremely patient through all our questions/concerns. They are both excellent at their jobs and I would recommend their firm due to their outstanding efforts for me and my family. Thank you, Ryan and Taneka!

Melanie Shortall

I am very pleased with my experience with the law firm of Marasco and Nesselbush. Everyone was friendly, professional, and helpful. I would confidently recommend this firm.

Frances Ferris

They are very knowledgeable. If you need a lawyer they have a large staff of lawyers for every need.

Theodore Kaiser

I refer many patients with 100% positive feedback. Their support is the best.

Lynne Di Padua

Excellent law firm!!! I send all my clients and friends to them. They are very efficient and courteous with all my referrals. This includes Administrattive staff too. Extremely professional. I was a paralegal for 25 years before getting my license as a mental health counselor so I have a lot of experience with law firms in the New England area. This one is excellent.

Francine Bright

I know where to go when I need to get some help with law issue,they are close by.

Roxanne Stuckey

Attorney jane duket and rayna diaz helped me and my family out in the toughest time of my life...i appreciate the time and dedication you worked on my case...thanks for your patience in explain things when i didn't understand and how quick you respond and work on things when i stumbled upon a crossroad....i appreciate you and everything you done for me and my family...i would definitely use MARASCO & NESSELBUSH again if needed in the future and also recommend my family and friends to them as well...

Kim Grande

I would highly recommend Jane R.Duket'esq as a personal injury lawyer.She is with you a 100% all the way. Sincerely, Beverly Grande.


I rarely write a review for any business because it's not at all typical that I receive the superior effort that makes them deserving-especially when it comes to law firms, where it's not uncommon to get "lost in the shuffle." You cannot come close to understanding how stressful it is, at first being deemed disabled, and then having to go through the stressful, arduous process of applying for SSDI, unless you have had the same unfortunate experience. Most don't realize that applying to receive SSDI is so much more than just completing a simple application.For me, based on my poor physical and mental health, I know for sure that I would never been able to complete the process without the representation of the law office of Marasco & Nesselbush. I first chose to seek help from this particular law firm because of their tremendous amount of 5 star reviews, just like this one. I initially met with Maryellen Squillante, an attorney who explained that she had once been employed at SSA, and therefore, was extemely familiar with their policies and how to best approach the process. Maryellen, not only painted a clear picture of what I would face going forward, but also assured me that her staff would fight this battle on my behalf, head on. From that point on, there are no words to express the height of my gratitude for the attention and respect I received from everyone at this firm. I first must express my appreciation to Ariana Tejada, who was assigned to my case once it was headed to a hearing. Ariana went above and beyond to ensure that everything about my case was in order. Most importantly, she took on ALL of the tedious responsibilities that I could never have done myself because of my fragile state, including obtaining all of my medical records and addressing everything that was necessary with SSA for a successful outcome. Ariana was always just a phone call or email away, quickly responded whenever I had a question, and did so with a caring and pleasant disposition.Nicki Dolphin is the attorney who represented me at my hearing. Nicki was bright and very knowledeable about the process and knew exactly how to prepare my case for my hearing so that I would receive a fully favorable decision from the court judge. So, yes, I am grateful to the court judge who truly listened to me in court, but I am confident I would not have even made it to court without the experience, compassion and professionalism of Ariana, Nicki and the rest of the staff at Marasco & Nesselbush.

Eymy Soto

I personally would recommend they are very welcoming and down to earth very easy to talk to as well thanks

Zakaria Daoudi

I was treated very good. Good firm I would recommend it.

Kim Pratt

I greatly appreciate the care I received in obtaining my Social Security Disability. I am impressed how they handle business. Truly grateful! Kim Pratt

Jochebed Vargas

Great Law Firm . Highly reccomend this law firm and The Best , My Attorney Jane Duquet ! Most friendliest understanding loyal loving attorney ever ! This law firm has helped me so much and took my case really serious and helped in the best of ways possible . I appreciate everything she has done with her team and congradulate her for her best of efforts with her team ! Thankyou so much Marasco and again Shout out to Attorney Jane Duquet ! I LOVE YOU

pellin rodriguez

Jane duket was very professional. Integrity all the way. I got my settlement in the exact time she told me. 5 stars for them

Pat logan

I refer all of my clients to Marasco & Nesselbush for top Shelf disability representation. Marasco & Nesselbush are the best disability lawyers in the state of Rhode Island. I know that Donna and Joe have won many cases lost by other law firms. They win because they think together. It is a learning experience and a great privilege to have access to their staff and team of attorneys.

Mrs Charlton

I just settled my case using Marasco and Nesselbush law firm. Taneka Parham was awesome she kept me informed of every thing that was going on step by step. I would recommend them to anyone for all of your attorney needs. Anthony was an great attorney as well. Thanks for your awesome customer service. Y’all rock!!!!!!

NoBullys 72

I will say MIRIAM LAVOIE and BRE-ANN have been the most important part of my case and are very professional and do care what we the client's are going through and any questions I have or had they get back to me pretty quick.I would use Marasco and Nesselbush again and recommend to anyone who needs the best law firm.....That's my experience EXCELLENT!!!

jason glasco

This is my first time dealing with these people they were okay

Mike Boyd

My wife's experience has been positive. The firm was supportive, provided all the information she needed.

Dua Kar

I originally met with Noah to discuss my SSI disability claim. He was friendly, knowledgeable and patient. After our consultation, Noah and his legal assistants contacted my doctors and compiled all the information they needed to file my claim. Although I was cautioned that claims often take up to two years to resolve, mine was resolved in two months. I would recommend Marasco and Nesselbush to anyone with a personal injury claim. I was very pleased.

Robin Autiello

When I went to the office,all I saw in the employees was how friendly everyone is and happy to help, they are doing something right!They settled my case in about 3 months!I had heard that applying for disability takes forever,and will probably be denied , but they stood up for me,and I was approved!! A miracle in my eyes!!

Pennie Patalano

When I called and spoke with Cecilia...she was thorough and very helpful...knew her job in helping me and was knowledgeable and polite...

Benny Bergantino

As a first time client of Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP, I was extremely impressed with this firm. Both my attorney and his paralegal were professional, courteous, and caring. They were easy to talk with and always on the ball. A settlement was expedited in a more than timely manner and I was very satisfied with the outcome. I would highly recommend this firm to both my friends and family. Thank you Anthony & Sara.

Luis Fonseca


Andy Muller

I recommend Attorney Tim Lynch without hesitation. He represented me in a complex personal injury case that was complicated by issues of federal law, workers compensation law and Rhode Island tort law. Initially, the insurance company involved completely denied my claim and refused to compensate me one cent. Attorney Lynch filed a lawsuit and pushed my case through discovery and litigation. He never gave up. When it became clear that the insurance company was going to lose at trial. Attorney Lynch was able to get them to pay the maximum amount under the insurance company’s policy limit. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and was able to recover more than I expected. Resolution of this case has helped me put my life back on track. I will be forever grateful for the hard work and persistence of my attorney. Attorney Lynch is an outstanding attorney.

James Cote

Marasco and Nesslebush is a great law firm. They handled a personal injury case for me. Attorney Buglio was very informative and kept me up to date with the process. I truly felt cared about and had a great outcome with my case. Attorney Buglio is very knowledgeable and attentive. The support staff was also very kind and helpful. I would recommend this firm to handle your legal needs. James C.

Bill Schmidt

I was rear ended last summer and had to go through several months of physical therapy and medical visits. Marasco and Nesslebush made sure that all my medical expenses were taken care of and that I received compensation for my injuries and to repair my vehicle. Attorney Thomas Moran and legal assistant Sara DaSilva were attentive, communicated well, and kept my best interests in mind. I would highly recommend this law firm to any one who needs quality representation. Thank you!

Rebecca DeCosta

Amazing staff to work with. Great information relayed. Attorney Buglio handled the case very professionally and managed to make me smile in spite of all the nerves running high. Thank you so much for your assistance, professionalism and sense of humor during a stressful time. I would highly recommend Marasco & Nesselbush, especially Attorney Buglio.

Federico Luzzi

Cecilia was amazing. Very helpful, professional, detailed & warm. She asked great questions but more importantly was a great listener . Great first impression & when we were finished I knew I was in good hands. I really look forward in working with this firm. Thank you.

Stacia Ferrante

Everyone is so nice and they get things done. They don't beat around the bush they tell you their honest opinions and tell you exactly how everything goes. My father recommended them to me and I am so glad I went . And I highly recommend this law firm

Yessenia Montalvo

Thank you to my family Attorney Mark Grimm. We thank you for your support and OUTSTANDING work. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us when I first made that phone call. It was a long road, but you and your Team did it . We believed in you 100 percent , and we really Appreciate what you did for our family. I highly recommend Mark Grimm and the Marasco & Nesselbush Team . Once again THANK YOU.....YM

Cheyenne Morales

Thank you so much for everything your team has done for me! Every time is a great experience.

Lazarus Ameno

The personal are extremely knowledgeable and very nice. They put you at ease and take the time to listen to you and you're not rushed. They offer a wide variety of services. Definitely recommended.

Linda Burgess

I highly recommended this law firm. They truly care about you and work hard to win your case. And one thing I really liked was if they feel you do not have a case, they will tell you right out instead of waiting your time and taking your money. I am very thankful for them.

Dawn Ruggieri

Elizabeth Rodriguez was Very Efficient , Thorough, Personable, and Accommodating. Thank You for all your help. Dawn

Nancy Watson

My experience was always professional, courteous, and timely!! I would highly recommend this business!!!!

Tonya Cabral

Always say you don't have a case. Go to Green & Greenberg.

melissamedero .

My experience there was the best. I have gone to Marasco & Nesselbush multiple times and each time I went I was great very well. My case was done very quickly. They always called me and updated me with new information. I would definitely waaommend to my friends and family.

Deborah Clark

I learned about Marasco and Nesselbush at the same time I learned about my mother's tragic death. A wrongful death suit had already been filed which would ultimately funded my late mother's estate. Attorney Anthony Buglio and Paralegal Reyna Diaz handled all of this with compassion, and outstanding professionalism. Whether via email, or phone, all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. I'd definitely recommend Marasco and Nesselbush should anyone require legal services in any of the firm's areas of law. Thank you so much for everything, and I'm keeping your information in case of future legal services.

Mark Coates

Best attorneys in town. Period.

Lisa Wunschel

I would recommend them in a heartbeat I thought they were very professional and they are the reason I was granted SSI in a timely manner, if it wasn't for Marasco & Nesselbush I would be still waiting and would be very frustrated! Thank you very much, you all were wonderful!!

Arlene Hernandez

A year and three months ago my life was completely shattered into a million pieces when I developed a neurological disorder from a tick bite. I had a few episodes shortly after which then caused me to lose my job because of my inability to perform my work duties. I applied for disability insurance and was denied at first. I contacted the office of Marasco and Nesselbush and was scheduled an appointment to meet a “Guardian Angel” named Ariana. She talked me through the whole process, she helped me fill out paperwork, called me with updates, e-mailed me when necessary, and made me truly feel welcomed and in good hands. She won the case for me and has been the “Christmas Miracle” my family has longed for this past year. This office is full of wonderful individuals who fight for people who don’t have the ability to fight for themselves. The minute you step a foot into the office, you feel welcomed! I am very happy and grateful to have met such a wonderful person like Ariana! She is truly one of the most kind hearted and hard working people I have ever met in my life! Thank you Marasco and Nesselbush for the service you provide all year round for those in need, and for having such well qualified individuals such as Ariana representing those like myself. You’re all absolutely awesome!

Anthony Machado

Everyone there was fantastic with me any questions I had they will always right on top of it anything I needed all I had to do was call I would refer you to anyone that I know that needs a lawyer because you guys were great thank you for everything you did for me hope you all have a happy holiday season Anthony

Cynthia Borozny

Huge Clientele

Damian Santana

Great place for any cases and friendly customer service friendly establishment

Mabel Felizzola

Great experience with Tim Lynch and his paralegal Reina. I would without a doubt use them again and refer them to my friends and family.

Ana Flores

I would recommend Marasco & Nesselbush because they are very helpful and very friendly. They help me when I had my car accident and they acted like they were part of my family. They are very passionate of there work they like to help people when they need them. They kept me inform about anything that changed in my case. I am really happy that they were able to help me and I hope they keep helping people. I truly recommend them to anyone that needs help. Thank for everything.

Samantha Doti

Great law firm! Everyone is so warm, welcoming and professional. They really do treat you like family and will fight tooth and nail to get you what you deserve!! I HIGHLY recommend this law firm!! They won’t let you down! I have worked with Lisa Hanlon and Tom Moran for the past few years they are truly a godsend and always kept me in the loop with progress, next steps, and always kept me from worrying about my case. The two of them are amazing and I would 110% send anyone I know seeking out a lawyer and paralegal to the two of them! I can’t say enough good things about the both of them! Lisa has turned into a great friend she really goes above and beyond on all my needs!!

Renee Vest

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Buglio and Lisa, they were wonderful. Lisa kept me up to date with the details of my case and would always respond to me the same day, it's rare finding a business that does. I would highly recommend Marasco & Nesselbush. They were professional, courteous and trustworthy.

Charlie T

I am very pleased with the outcome of my case . I always felt that Marasco & Nesselbush and Tim Lynch had my best interests in mind . Thank you .

Brinks Brinks security armored security

So far so good

Jeanne Leite

I instantly felt a sense of relief when I spoke with them. They are so nice and extremely helpful. They go above and beyond! I will definitely recommend them to friends and family in need of a lawyer! Thank you so much!

Ashley Bouthillier

I would definitely recommend Marasco & Nesselbush. I was always kept informed of whatever was going on with my case and was very satisfied with the outcome.

Christine Coppotelli

Everyone at Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP was professional and courteous. They made the process seem effortless. I would recommend them to anyone requiring legal services.

Rocco DeSimone

This is a great law firm. Extremely professional and easy to work with. I was very happy with the settlement I received from my car accident. My attorney Ryan Kelley was fantastic and my best interest in mind throughout my case. I highly recommend him and his team.

Dawn Caouette

My potiential lawyer demonstrated compassion and care for my well being.

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