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Khadija Barker

$300 for the consultation!! Too expensive

Dammy rouge

I am so glad my husband and I picked this law firm. I gave them 5 stars cos they did everything perfectly. They're meticulous and they pay attention to details. Most importantly, they listen to their clients. Veronica ensured all our paperwork was complete. They just made the whole process seamless and less stressful for us and maintained communication all through. And special thanks to the very patient Liz who prepped us for our interview and answered our unending questions. Overall, it was a great experience with this firm and I definitely recommend them!

Hala Kaddo

I called Joshua after reading the reviews here and watching his video on his website. Joshua's expertise is invaluable. He was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and efficient, and I always felt 100% confident that he would take care of my application. He helped me get a green card through marriage and he did it in no time! Everything was clear from the beginning and everything he talked to us about happened! In our first meeting, Joshua gave us a checklist of documents he needed for the application, so there was no confusion about what he needed from us. I got my green card a week after my interview!! And in my opinion it's all because he made sure we had the right documents with us. Also, Joshua's fees are very reasonable and well worth every penny. Joshua and his staff are really easy to work with, I love them! I felt really taken care of. He's not a traditional lawyer though: he makes your life easier. I keep recommending him to all my Syrian friends. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Joshua.

Hija de Dios

About a year 1/2 ago Joshua Goldstein help me resolve a matter at hand. I reside in NJ and I am a member of a church here in NJ. the husband of the one my sister of the church came to me to ask me if I could help her husband that is incarceratedin Massachussetts. Well, at that moment I know I had family there but no acquaintance of lawyer in the are of Massachussetts. So, I prayed and did web search and my spirit took me right Joshua and shortly enough as I contacted him he was ready to take on board the mission from distance. He was wonderful in the mission even though he was unable to persue the case because the detain individual plead to the court to transfer his case to NJ. I know Joshua coached the detainee us well he also informed me of how the case will be presented. Even thought today 2013, I never had the chance to meet Joshua, but I sent him a thank you note via Facebook to let him know that the case he assisted me with was resolve here in Nj and the detained individual is now legalized in this country. Thank you Joshua and Bless you! Gianna Garzon New Jesey

Alexey Rybakov

My simple and straightforward case was stuck in USCIS forever - almost 2 years instead of should-be 4 months. Countless calls to USCIS hotline, InfoPass visits never resulted in anything better than "Our records show that your case is currently pending adjudication. We regret that we are unable to provide you with a completion date...". After I engaged Josh things started happening too fast to believe. Josh has a real superpower of dealing with the bureaucracy. Now USCIS officers was calling me on my cellphone in person, asking for convenient time (yes) when I can come visit them so they can finalize my case. Everything was over in about 6 weeks. End of story.

Denitza Draganova

Naturalization interview I chose the office of Joshua Goldstein because of the high marks on this site and the nice reviews. I must say I chose it first because of the good reputation. However, I chose it also because it was so easy to make an appointment - I just called, got an appointment and was ready to meet the attorney in a week. No hassle, no wait. I followed my instinct and made my choice quick to leave the preparation of this last step of the immigration journey to this particular office.Naturalization interviews are not hard and many people go without a lawyer but for me it was important someone to be with me : applications filling, sending of the documents, the interview. I also needed to feel in good hands - what if something goes wrong, what if I do not have the document needed, what if I do not get my appointment letters, what if...I'm a bit of a worrier but also I am a bit of perfectionist - I needed not to have the what ifs. I wanted a nice, good, perfect interview. My instincts were right - I was in communication with the office of Joshua Goldstein whenever I had a question . I had support in the preparation for every step. I was so ready at the interview because every person I was in contact with helped me be prepared. Kristen Green was always eager to help with the paperwork be ready and flawless, my attorney Eric Averion was so easy going yet so sharp in his advice. Needless to say, the interview went well. I will recommend Joshua Goldstein and his office to anyone. Everyone is professional and cordial in what he/she does, and that is quite good enough for great results.

Jennifer Doherty

Joshua tried his best to help me out in a difficult time. He is honest about his skillset and committed to his clients.


Joshua Goldstein was very helpful, responsive and knowledgable. He helped me obtain my citizenship with ease.

Jonathon Burbank

They were very professional and helpful through the whole process. We are very happy and would recommend them to anyone.

Neil Burns

We used Josh Goldstein as an expert legal witness in a immigration legal malpractice case. He provided an excellent service to our client, was professional, and enabled the case to resolve without a trial. Highly recommended.

Numan Suleman

David Scales

I know nothing about immigration law, so I was relieved when someone at work recommended Josh to help my wife through her green card paperwork. Josh was great - explained the whole process and patiently answered our questions. When we got down to business with the paperwork, Lily was very thorough and helpful, making sure we had all the correct documents, photocopies and that our applications were in order. Throughout the process, I was relieved knowing that Lily and Josh were only a phone call away. We never had difficulty reaching them if we had questions. Eric walked us through what to expect on the interview day, letting us know the process and how to handle various questions and potential concerns. He met us at the Federal Building and was there with us during the interview when we got the good news! We're thankful Josh and his team made the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Juan Jiménez

Great staff and service. Highly recommended.

Amanda Green

Everything was clearly laid out from the start and meticulously well done. Same-sex couple legally wed as soon as DOMA was DOWN like we were? Well then, Josh and his excellent team can help you get through the rest. Thank you Josh, Eric, Maya!

Abubakkar Nawaz

I had the pleasure of working with Eric. A very professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond gentleman. I needed a lawyer very quick and Eric was right there to stand by our side. I also would like to recognize Jessica who helped on my case. She was just as knowledgeable and prompt on her replies. Any questions or concerns Eric and Jessica worked together as a team to get my information. Without the two of them I wouldn't be were I am today. I strongly recommend the law office of Joshua Goldstein to anyone in a situation that involves immigration. You guys ROCK!!

Simon Liu

Josh is very experienced. He knows what the next step will be and what the outcome will likely be. I would recommend him.

Nicole Eisnor

My husband and I came to Joshua after looking at a few other offices. When we meet Joshua we felt he was different, he personal spoke to us, he was honest and genuine. Our case was difficult, it wasn't cut and dry and he told us that up front. He never told me what I wanted to hear, and I appreciated his honesty. Even through he had to deal with me 7 months of my pregnancy without my husband. Joshua and his staff dealt with me crying in his office, emails and calls every time I had questions. I was so new to this process and he made me feel like no question was a stupid one. Joshua was sure to call me the second he found out about my husbands approval too. My husband is back now! He has a ten year permanent green card and can apply for citizenship in three years, better deal than we expected! My life is off hold and I have Joshua and his office to thank for that!

fouad amrani

Loren Ramos

I'm giving him one star because I have to. I shared a devastating news with him and he had a big smile on his face. He has no sympathy. I could't trust him after that.

Tonny Makumbi

I first met Joshua in 2009 when I had lost my F1 STATUS. I was stressed and worried about my studies and legal status. I searched for experienced lawyers in the Boston area to help me with my immigration issues. During my search, Joshua was on the top and had many wonderful people who had good experience with him. I called his office and I went to meet with Joshua and Eric. They were very supportive and encouraging since I was terrified to leave. Joshua did not only reassure me about my obligations and possibilities regarding my immigration status, but he also supported me by answering my legal questions with kindness, respect and responding to my emails and phone calls on time. I was very scared but Joshua and Eric encouraged me so much. They completed and filed all the necessary paperwork for me and in three months, I was legal in this country. Today I feel vey happy because I completed my studies and I have a job. Thank you so much Joshua, Eric and your wonderful paralegals. I feel very confident and comfortable to talk about your legal services to everybody who needs legal assistance. I am willing to refer my friends and country men/women to Joshua in case of any legal complex issues. Thanks Joshua and your team. Tonny.

Theo Koutsoukis

They make it clear in their website that: "our immigration lawyers are highly experienced and have successfully prepared and obtained approval for numerous NIW petitions" (source from their website) However, they denied my initial consultation (which I was willing to pay, regardless whether we would agree and proceed with my case), stating that they do not handle such cases.

Goce Jankovski

I would highly recommend Joshua Law Office!My wife and I are so blessed to have to meet team that is knowledgeable,kind and always there for you Eric,Veronica,Liz they took care of everything and walk us through every single step of the process!We will be always grateful for Josh and his team HIGHLY recommend to everyone!

Lawrence Prince-Wright

We recently used this law office for helping preparing a green card application, we worked closely with Bella (she is the paralegal) and Eric (the attorney). Both are outstanding people who work very hard for their clients. Bella and Eric are very meticulous in ensuring no errors are made on any forms, and are quick to follow up if they have any questions. Bella was very efficient in preparing the application and responsive to any concerns (usually emailed me back within the hour). The packet she put together definitely helped speed the process up. Eric was professional and knew exactly what to expect and eased any concerns we had. Overall a truly great experience working with this law firm, and such a relief to have them in times that were stressful!

Peshraw Saleem

I had a horrible experience with this office. I honestly belive that almost all those positive reviews are written by themselves. Josh only knows how to convince you hire him. Once you do, you will be working with paralegals who can horribly mess up your case like they did to mine.

Ae Kositanan

I wish I could give Josh and his staff, especially Maya 6 stars!!! They are caring, encouraging and very professional. Me and my husband cannot thank you enough for what you've done for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! P.S. I wish I was an interpreter lol

Bella Xia

Eric and Bella are so awesome!!! They are so easy to work with. Bella always replies my email within hours. They are very responsible and professional. I high recommend them!!! And more importantly they charge a very reasonable and fair fee and it's totally worth it! I'm grateful for their help forever!

William Hazel

My wife and I were quite pleased with the firm's handling of her green card application. Eric (attorney) was upfront regarding our situation and the risks associated with our available courses of action. He remained forthright throughout the application process and prepared us for each step. Bella (paralegal) did a thorough job of preparing the application and maintained consistent contact to ensure that we gathered the necessary documents. It was a pleasure working with her. Professional, diligent, honest, and accommodating, the firm more than matched its reputation, and I would readily recommend its services to friends and family.

Carlos DeOliveira

After going back and forth with immigration for 6 years with no results, I finally decided it was time to hire someone to assist me, after reading all of Joshua's reviews I decided that he would be the right person to help me out. In a matter of 6 months I went from having a green card that was expired for 3 over years, to being able to become a U. S. Citizen. Joshua's team did an amazing job, Lily was always there for me whenever I needed any assistance, I highly recommend them. I look forward to recommending Joshua's office to my friends and family.

Ayesha Chander

My husband and I decided to apply for a Spouse Visa and our meeting with Eric at this law firm was the first meeting we had. We were impressed with how informative and professional he was and opted for their services straight away. Our main contact was with Angelica (the paralegal on our case) and she was a pleasure to work with. We received a very personalised service from her and she was quick to respond to any questions and queries we had. It is difficult to correspond with professionals via email and maintain a great level of customer service - we definitely received that from Angelica. Everyone we communicated with at the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein was a pleasure to work and made the journey through our visa application very smooth. We are very grateful for their help and would recommend them to anyone.

Ying Ni

I'll recommend them if you want to file immigration applications. Their knowledge and experience made the process smooth. You don't have to have any knowledge about the process, just follow their steps which are well organized. They were very responsive in answering any type of questions I asked, even stupid ones. But please still review your application forms carefully. It's still your responsibility to review your own application. They made a few minor mistakes in filling the forms and I had to correct them. I don't think it would hurt the application in general but wish they could do better on it. Other than that, they are awesome.

Evi Schachtl

I highly recommend Joshua Goldstein. He is both encouraging and thorough in his approach, personal and professional, realistic and very supportive. He is available for your questions in person and through his excellent staff, and will keep you on track to do your part while pursuing your dream of obtaining your citizenship.

Awesome Facy6767

Carl Bazile

I didn’t have any issues working with this firm . They were on top of everything , and made sure you are aware of all your options also willing to brainstorm to discover new ones . My attorney Eric Averion worked with me from day one even though his staff changed over the years the case did not suffer , nothing fell through the crack . I can’t think him enough and his staff for putting up with my worries and anxiety they did a great job.

Beatrice njuki

Great team to work with. Thank you Eric,Liz and Caroline and the entire team. If you are looking for patient,polite and professional team , this is the place. Thank for your support and great information . I will recommend client any time. Liz, thank you for your patient during my Naturalization interview. Great crew in Boston office

Udai abu lteaf

My wife and I still talk about how lucky we are to have met and worked with Joshua for my removal of conditions. Not only was the information Joshua provided accurate and helpful, but he also has a genuine concern for his clients' situations. As an added bonus, we always look forward to our meetings with Joshua, he is very generous, welcoming, and good humored. After our first meeting, it was clear that we came to a person who we can trust. Whenever we met, he was able to explain the complications and the hidden details that could arise. We will certainly use his service again for my naturalization process.

Ed Ucate

Crooks! I emailed and called them to find out what services they offer and what their costs are. They refused to tell me and said if I want to know what services they offer I'd have to pay $97 for a consultation fee. What a joke. I advise others to take their business elsewhere.

Frank Sinistra

The Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. is THE BEST! Bar none. You're not gonna find a better team. They helped me get my H 1-B, my green card and my naturalization. These guys are phenomenal: friendly, super professional, very helpful, and on top of everything, 24/7. I'm so glad Joshua has been my lawyer for all these years, he's amazing. If I could, I would add more stars... He deserves ten, he's that good. He's the hardest working lawyer you will ever meet. Highly recommended. Thanks for everything guys, you rule!

Renata Gutierrez

When I first met Goldstein, I was very nervous I would lose my family and get deported from US due to my immigration situation. He was very professional and assured me that if we both work hard, we could win my case and I would be able to live without worrying to leave my family. Goldstein along with his amazing paralegals were very posititve towards my situation and actually helped me get my green card permanently approved!! I would reccomend anyone to Goldstein who finds themselves worried, or overwhelemed due to immigration. I am so happy I found an actual attorney who took my case seriously and helped me throughout the whole process. Looking forward to getting my citizenship with this guy as well! Thanks again for all your kind, and professional service.

Alex Hurst

Fantastic, straightforward service throughout. All the staff were helpful and pleasant to deal with at all points in the process, and made my adjustment of status application so much easier. My partner and I are delighted with the result and would easily recommend Eric et al. to anyone. If you're looking for people who really take the time to know your case and give you first-class service, there's really no one else worth considering!

Michael Adekoje

They were every professional and amazing in supporting us through the entire process. We got my Green Card in exactly 8months. They made sure everything was perfect and no glitch. I will highly recommend them to anyone that needs immigration process. 2 of my friends already calling them to get their process started. Thanks

Bin Liu

Excellent service, they have rich experience on immigration issue, thanks to their help, our green card application process becomes much simpler and easier, they are always very patient and nice, when you have questions, you can always get reply right away. I get my green card approval recently. It is quite pleasant experience work with this immigration office.

Paula Zouitine

I am so grateful to have had Liz and JB to represent my husband and I. We had several other lawyers who were unable to get a document we needed and Liz was able to get it for us. She did everything in less than 30 days and thankfully the whole process was around 2 months! They always updated us with everything going on and answered all of our questions. She is very organized and created a great packet for submission! This is who you go to when you need an attorney!

Kelv & Kort

I just want to thank Eric and JB that worked exceptionally hard to help me get approved for my naturalization! I primarily worked with Eric and he is the best at what he does!!! I had a past criminal history but now I can leave that behind me and move on to bigger and better!! The team is very experienced and professional and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing assistance with getting your naturalization! Thank you guys again!!!

Ambar Limantour

My family and I are very happy with the firm, everything was easygoing and they were always available and responsible! I am deeply grateful and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend their service!

Ban Al-jresee

All the staff were very nice when i was helped over the phone to schedule a consultation's appointment , i met Liz at the office the appointment with her went by very great she was very helpful, but unfortunately she couldn't take my case because she felt that it is complicated and recommended another offices for me ,she gave me a list with all the attorneys might be able to help me .the reason why i'm giving them 5 stars she was very honest, and helpful also she didn't take the 97$ and charged me no thing she gave me more than 1 hour from her time for free thank you so much for being such a kind and honest person i do appreciate you.

Erin Reyes

My husband and I are very grateful for Joshua and his team. We were losing hope for the possibilities for my husband to get a green card and US Citizenship. Joshua and his team laid out the plan and it was successful with no issues. As of yesterday, my husband walked out of the interview and officially has the green card! Joshua and his team work together as an awesome team and they work fast! We will recommend Joshua Goldstein and his team to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer in a heartbeat.

Altair Silva

The law offices of joshua Goldstein was amazing to work with. Attorney Goldstein explained every part of the process to me and my family, from our initial consultation through the end of the interview process with USCIS. Mr. Goldstein and his entire team were very thorough in handling my mother’s citizenship application. Attorney Goldstein addressed all out questions and any concerns about the process by explaining the law and our rights in a simple and pragmatic way. They were always super responsive and stayed on top of the process, guiding us each step of the way, especially JB. They followed up with us often and checked in to ensure we didn't have any questions or needed help with the forms. Attorney Goldstein, attorney Chandler and their team were also very accessible and readily available to jump on a call to discuss our case. Attorney Chandler also came with us to the interview. This was particularly important for us as this made my mother extremely confident and feeling safe. Needless to say that everything went great. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein to all.

Nasser Alshawa

A wonderful person and an even better lawyer. He took the time to meet with me on several occasions regarding my case and provided me with great tips and advice on my situation. Also gave me the comfort that I would be able to call him at anytime and assured me of his assistance. I would definitely recommend Mr. Goldstein to any one needing immigration help in the Boston area.

Petar Belchev

Melania Recine

There are those who succeed at a given task by working professionally and diligently. Then there are those whose success is based on empathy and true dedication. Josh is, without a doubt, a natural born leader able to adopt both work ethics to achieve the ultimate goal--justice! I was born in Montreal Canada and moved to the U.S at the age of thirteen. My father relocated to the U.S in '95, after being hired by an engineering firm. My family and I were finally able to join him in '97 and maintained our status under his work visa. I lost this status once I turned twenty-one and had to apply for permanent residency; my father being the beneficiary. I returned to Canada to begin my University degree, without knowing that I was no longer permitted to live in the U.S nor visit as often as I did. But my life, my family, my friends, my future husband, were all in this country I called a home. Then, on April 28th, 2012, I was deported back to Canada and banned from the U.S for five years. Five years of separation, indeed, felt like forever! Just when my life and the lives of those I love seemed meaningless and all hope was lost, I was introduced to Josh while researching immigration lawyers on the web. Normally, my first option is never the last. In this case, however, Josh was my first, last and greatest decision i ever made! He did not quit until the progression of my case was to his satisfaction. Every detail mattered. Every emotion I relayed to him was translated back with passion to a government that can sometimes be ruthless given the circumstances of everyday life. He truly is a dedicated, persistent and passionate lawyer, making me feel like my case was the only one of hundreds he and his staff worked effortlessly on.The knowledge he possesses allows the complexity of any case to become one of optimistic simplicity. Amazing! His true skill, however, and that which sets him apart from others in his field, is his sincerity, honesty and ability to care. Although I failed to mention this throughout the review, Josh's staff is unbelievable as well. They make a great team, whose intellect and determination can help anyone under stressful situations such as mine. I would definitely recommend Josh and his staff for the simplest of cases to the most impossible. Great work and thank you for everything!!!

Nasib Hasanov

Josh and his team are amazing. My difficult case was successfully defended and I received my green card at exact time he predicted.

Lebo Morodi

I met Josh a few years ago, no actually a really long time ago when he was just getting started with his firm. My case was complicated and to make matters worse, immigration lost my paper work. When we began our journey, we talked to a couple lawyers to make sure we were making the right decision. One thing that really struck me about Josh is how honest he was with us. My case was not an easy one, but through out the process he was very honest with us. He always told us the truth even when it was not what we wanted to hear. He was worth every penny and I have recommended many of my friends because he demonstrated a level of integrity that we were looking for. He will fight for you no matter how complicated your case may be. Josh is truly in a league of his own and will not tell you sweet little lies but give you the facts. Thank you very much to Josh and Maya for all your help with our case. Your professionalism and help were highly appreciated.

Antonina Parris-Yarbrough

The whole visa/green card process seemed so daunting to us back at the beginning. I'd heard so many horror stories about things not working out or people messing up the paperwork and being turned down for something small like that. It started to seem like there was no point in even applying because it was just too complicated. You guys were amazing every step of the way! We came out of the green card interview thinking, "Wow, that was actually really easy," and that's all because of the hard work you guys did. Eric was especially great the day of the interview--I felt like my part of the interview wasn't going very well, and he was ready to help explain our materials (and why we didn't have that many), as well as reassure me that it was going just fine. Thank you so much for all your work and for making this horribly complicated process seem so simple!

Christian Ternus

Friendly and professional legal services. We went in for an immigration consultation and met with Eric. Services are expensive, to be sure, although initial in person consultations are $100. Only minor area of improvement: the conference room we waited in was quite hot and the air conditioning didn't turn on until midway through the consult (very noticeable!) but the staff was super friendly about it.

Dita Cupertino

Joshua was used as my angel on my case! My situation was not a usually one but, since I met Joshua at his office, I felt that I had picked the wright lawyer. I was told that my case was very, very, very difficult from many people and lawyers. We can't just hear these people and accept it! we have to pick the wright one and go for it. If you find you self in a situation without an hope, don't worry to much, Joshua can help you! I highly recommend Joshua! JOSHUA IS THE BEST IMMIGRATION LAWYER!!!

cc mundo

Just received our K1 approval today after an easy interview! Josh and his team were extremely professional, helpful, and reassuring throughout the entire process. They were very patient and answered all of our questions and also made sure we "dotted all of our i's and crossed all of our t's." Even before the visa process began, Josh helped guide and advise us on what the best steps would be in terms of our marriage. Thank you!! We will be forever grateful with you and your helpful staff!

Daniel Ahern

Even though he was speaking about something else entirely, I think perhaps the best description of dealing with USCIS comes from Donald Rumsfeld: "There are known unknowns; that is to say there are things that, we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know, we don't know." Hold on, I'm still trying to work it out in my head... well, never mind. It's confusing. But that's my point. When my then-girlfriend-now-wife and I decided to be together (like, forever!) we wanted to do things legally, correctly, and right the first time (as she's Spanish and I'm American). But weren't sure how to do it, or even where to start. We knew there were things that we didn't understand about the complicated process. Known unknowns. But even worse, there were a whole host of issues we had no idea existed in the first place. Things that, no matter how many internet forums we read through or government sites we visited, we hadn't anticipated. Unknown unknowns. And that's why Josh and his team are so invaluable. After having a consultation with Josh, we knew we were doing things just as we wanted to: definitely legally, certainly correctly, and knowing we'd get it right the first time. This was our life, after all. It's too important let a bureaucracy kill on a technicality. Working step-by-step, from getting all the proper forms and evidence of our relationship in order, to detailed preparation for our green card interview, Goldstein Law got us through expertly. Make no mistake: it was still a stressful, time-consuming process. But in the end, that's exactly why having a superb, personable legal team looking out for you matters. So you don't have to fear the unknown. Or the known. Or the known unknown. Or... well, you get the point.

Mark Foulds

Eric, Liz, Veronica and the whole team at Goldstein were a pleasure to deal with! From start to finish the process was seamless, attentive and service excellent. We felt fully appraised throughout my permanent residency application, quick response to my questions and advice provided at every stage made this a very stress and anxious free process. There was no surprises along the way and I really felt that they were with us in every step of the application process. I would recommend anyone entering the permanent residency process to seriously consider this firm and I have already recommended them to my HR department with my employer. Good luck with pursing your American dream! Best, MF

Albulena Jashari

I was nervous the day I walked In for the meeting but the staff was so professional and friendly that my fear and doubts went away. 11 months after they submitted my application I got the good news that I was approved. Thank you to the staff and I definitely recommend anyone that is looking for counseling.

Mark Townshend

Joshua (Josh) Goldstein and his team of professionals are the reason that I am here today as a legal United States citizen and I can assure you that it was no simple task due to my extenuating circumstances. To explain; I had lived in this country as a legal resident with a green card for 43 years. I traveled internationally many times throughout this period, however two years ago while traveling home from a family vacation with my wife and children I was detained and threatened with deportation. I was dumbfounded, scared, and in a panic having never been in this sort of predicament before. I immediately began to research Immigration Attorneys, lots of them, but what drove me to Josh and his team was not only the information I read about the organization's professional expertise, but also the reviews that I read from his past clients and the resounding tone of compassion and understanding that they received from Josh during their time of difficulty. If you are dealing with an immigration challenge then you will understand and appreciate the importance of having someone who sincerely cares and talks to you in a manner that does not intimidate you or increase your level of concern for the situation at hand. Josh and team took the time to carefully dissect every aspect of my unique situation from day one and over the next two years they worked with me to achieve specific milestones in the process that they had created to ensure that everything was done properly. I am tremendously appreciative of what Josh and his team did for me and my family and the level of professionalism they displayed throughout the ordeal, but I am equally appreciative of the personal touch and respect that I was given.

Arash Gurung

Josh and his team are amazing! They are extremely professional, very effective, and give clear guidance. I am glad I contacted them. Josh is a dedicated lawyer and a true human being who anyone would be fortunate to have as their lawyer. I definitely recommend them.

Jung L

Really amazing immigration law firm with attorneys and paralegals who are all very knowledgeable in various aspects regarding immigration. I was personally helped by Eric, Maddie, Jessica and Linnea. I reached out to them with them only having a short window frame to write a legal brief, regarding my complicated situation in trying to renew my DACA. It's been a very stressful past few weeks filled with anxiety and fear, but even when there was uncertainty on what the outcome would be, I felt hopeful due to how hard working and passionate this law firm was. And due to the hard work from them, my case got approved and everything was straightened out. I really appreciate the time and dedication that was put in by all of them in fighting for my case and winning! Their services are very worth the price you pay and I highly recommend them to anyone searching for an immigration lawyer.

Danielle G

Look no further than Joshua Goldsteins Law Office. Other firms in the area use intimidation tactics that cause you to worry more than when first consulted with them. My husband and I were immediately put at ease with his confidence and assurance that our situation was not only able to result in non removal but also naturalization. Josh and his team stay in touch continuously and do not leave you wondering what is happening. They are also prepared with back up plans which assists in upholding your faith during obviously difficult times. Our ending result mirrored exactly what he initially discussed with us - non removal and citizenship. Thank you all, sincerely.

Sam G

Thanks for the response Mr Joshua. I will be scheduling an appointment with you since the clarification makes sense and by the reviews I can see that you are a good Lawyer. Thanks!

Martin Ekendahl

I had been putting off becoming a naturalized citizen for at least a decade. I was worried about all the paperwork, filling in everything correctly, the right procedure, how long it would take etc etc. So I finally bit the bullet and got an immigration attorney (I actually looked on yelp first, where Mr. Goldstein also has excellent reviews). I figure for a little extra money I could have all my worries placated. I set up an appointment, and they were very flexible with scheduling and availability. I showed up and was able ask as many questions as I needed before spending a dime. I felt much more confident after the initial consultation and decided to hire Mr. Goldstein to take care of my application. He explained all the fees and costs up front, and there were no surprises. They prepared my application as fast as I could provide the information. They even helped round up some old information I wasn't sure how to get. They sent me a copy of everything in the mail, e-mailed me all the correspondence I got from UCIS, sometimes a day or two before I would get my copy of the letter in the mail. From application to oath ceremony it took less than 5 months, which may not be typical, but it was a lot less stressful with an attorney behind you helping you every step of the way. If you have any doubts, hire Mr. Goldstein and his team, for a little extra money, all the stress and worries go away, all you have to do is supply the information and show up for the appointments.

Kurt Hartwell

My wife and I worked with Josh to help us through a Green Card application. He and his team were professional, polite, and thorough. He clearly explained every single document we needed to gather, compile, and complete for our case. Having Josh work with us left us stress-free and confident. I recommend this law office for any immigration service. It makes all the difference to have someone with such knowledge of the immigration system supporting you through such an important step in your life.

Natalie Emmons

I came across the Law Offices of Joshua Goldstein when seeking advice on an immigrant visa for my spouse who was residing in the UK. My husband and I married in the UK, and I found work in the US shortly thereafter. We opted to go through the immigration process on the UK end thinking it would be easier. It was not. The process was very difficult and was made even harder by the fact that we were living apart. Halfway through through the process, I set up a consultation with Mr. Goldstein to ensure that my husband was on track for getting approved. Mr. Goldstein was very helpful and professional during the meeting. He gave me very sound advice that assisted us with the process. Importantly, his advice eased many of our concerns about what was going to happen at the interview stage. I am grateful for Mr. Goldstein's assistance, and I would recommend his services at any stage of the immigration process. It is never too late to seek legal advice! Our story ended in success, and I am happy that I met with Mr. Goldstein to discuss our case.

Devin Harper

I helped Josh with a few web-related projects recently and enjoyed working with him. He's genuine, cares a lot about his clients and is very passionate about what he does.

Nobu Chea

Thank to Eric and Caroline. I got approve for naturalization. The RFE that USCIS was askinf for. I couldnt understand those thing. But Eric and Caroline easily handle it and got me approve within 2 days. Thank you Law Offices of Joshua L Golstein. I will recommen anyone to them.

Valerie Rodrigues

My experience with Joshua Goldstein was very memorable and impressive. He made himself available during every office visit and took the time to explain to my husband and I the entire immigration process. He was very patient and knowledgeable. His assistant Kristen Green, was also always available to help in every way possible. My queries were answered in detail and very promptly. They had the answers at their finger tips. When I went home and realized that I still had more questions, I e-mailed them. My e-mails were read and answered almost immediately, and believe me, it seemed to me that I had a million questions. Everyone was always very helpful and pleasant. They made us feel as if we really mattered. They did not treat us like clients, but like family. Our success mattered to them. They made sure that we were very comfortable at all times and made every minute of our time count. We did not have to do much. We only gave them the information they needed and they did all the rest: the filling up of forms, etc. They made the process run so smoothly, there was no place for anxiety or nervousness. Joshua went with us to our interview and made us feel confident that things would go very smoothly. That is exactly what happened. Our interview went as he predicted and we came out of the office with a full approval. I would recommend Joshua Goldstein for anyone's immigration needs. If you choose him, then you can rest assured that he will do everything within his power to make sure you succeed the first time. I am glad I chose him. I had gone to another lawyer before I knew about Joshua. This other lawyer was not knowledgeable about immigration issues at all. On the internet, she claimed to be experienced with immigration issues. LIES! Her office was a turn-off. It looked more like an abandoned room. Everytime I asked questions, she went to another room to check on her computer to get answers for me. She then printed out pages of information and kept referring to them looking for answers. That made me very suspicious and uncomfortable. She did not know much about immigration although she told me she did. A few days after leaving her office, I tried several times to get in touch with her with queries and she never answered the phone. My emails went unanswered. I decided then, that it was time to find someone knowledgeable, who would have the time to listen to me and answer my queries correctly and with confidence and knowledge. I found Joshua online and gave him a try. I have never regretted my decision. JOSHUA GOLDSTEIN IS OUR IMMIGRATION SOLUTION! Thanks a million Josh, Kristen and the rest of the team! You deserve a medal! When I go for my citizenship, I will defintiely go to Josh to guide me through! Valerie and Rob

Tran Pham

Derek Riley

I'll be honest. I don't think my fiance & I could have gotten through this immigration process without the help of Eric, JB, Liz & the rest of the team at Joshua L. Goldstein's firm. We had a very unique case where my fiance had actually been denied entry (for being falsely accused of trying to move here upon one of her summer trips down to Boston) She had visited me several times before, however U.S customs decided to make this false accusation sending us down a hopeless road where we did not have any answers or experience. Through Eric's direction & JB's guidance they put together a plan that got my fiance over here safely. I have recommended them to 2 friends already and will be singing their praises to anyone else who is in need of similar help. We have decided to hire them to help us with her green card process, work permit, and path to citizenship. Best of luck to anyone who decides to start their own journey, in the end the juice is worth the squeeze.

Nikul Shah

Hi, I wanted to share my story and the work of Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. during this 4th of July weekend. I have attempted to receive my citizenship for over a decade with much difficulty. My first attempt was denied in 1999. This time I chose to seek legal council, and Attorney Goldstein's firm a few years ago. I'm not sure if you knew what he was getting himself into, but decided to take my case and began the arduous process of submitting my application. I had a complicated case, with some unique challenges, which a prior attorney struggled with preparing. That was not the case for Josh, he and his staff thoroughly went through every detail in my case, and prepared a plan of action. It was an exhaustive process, which required tracking down a multitude of documentation and paperwork from a variety of sources. However, they took much of that burden off me and worked with me patiently to ensure my application was robust and complete. Believe me when I tell you, there was a tremendous amount of communication, and although I grew frustrated with the process at times, they never did with me. At all times they remained professional, empathetic, and spoke honestly every step of the way. I specifically want to thank Kristen for her professionalism and communication, and Eric for attending the interview with me. The burden and stress that you have lifted off, not only my shoulders, but my parents, cannot properly be quantified. I have been checking the mail almost daily since March, with nervous anticipation, and yesterday, 2 days prior to the 4th, I received a letter that signified one of the proudest moments in my life; I will be an American on July 17th, 2015. The amount of gratitude and appreciation I owe to you, and your firm is overwhelming. I thank god I chose you to represent my interest and help make this 4th one of the best of my 36 years of existence. Thank you Joshua Goldstein, the work you and your office does is truly remarkable and my family and I thank you all immensely. Have a great 4th of July weekend, I certainly will thanks to you!

Pavan Mudunuru

Josh and his team helped my wife and I both with our immigration issues. They have been very good and professional through out the process. There was one instance when they were not on top of the case and that might have delayed the process a little bit but they ecovered from that by being very attentive through the rest of the steps. I would definitely recommend Josh and his team to anyone looking for some immigration realted help.

Anastasia Grinberg

Joshua Goldstein was extremely helpful and very quickly gave me suggestions on what steps can be taken to speed up the process. Moreover he showed genuine care and even helped me take some of those next steps. I am confident his suggested routes will yield positive results; I am very grateful and hope to soon write an additional review once my documents come in.

laila echafi

Juan Carlos González

Very talented team of individuals; their knowledge and expertise will make you feel at ease. The expertise part is worth stressing; these people know what they're doing. Because of this, I'll say they are fit to handle cases of all scales and magnitudes. Well balanced team, excellent quality of work, extreme thoroughness. One hundred percent would recommend. --Juan Carlos Not only were they willing to assist us on extremely short notice, but they were also very thorough in walking us through all the possible outcomes and answering our every question. To top it off, the entire team is very personable and a pleasure to work with! --Carissa

steven clarke

first of all i wanted to thank the law office of JOSHUA GOLDSTEIN for there professional Attitude toward doing my case, these bunch of people are awesome. secondly i would recommend everyone to there offices to do there immigration case i was very happy with my outcome in so much of a fast time .i know there a lot of immigration lawyers to choose from but i Gladly recommend anyone to let these professional people do your case thank you again josh.

Magali Ibarra

Joshua and his team are amazing!! My husband has recently received his green card after going to his visa appointment in his home country of Honduras and being approved. Joshua, Eric, and Maya were very helpful every step of the way, always answered my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. We felt very guided and prepared through the whole two year process. Such a responsible and professional law firm.

Linda Black

Josh and his team are exceptionally good at what they do, and they are unfailingly professional, pleasant, positive, and respectful. My case was complicated, as I was in the midst of a divorce and my "temporary" green card had expired. Josh and his team were so thorough in helping me to put together my file, which included providing support documentation for every possible detail that could potentially come into question. Even when the process seemed overwhelming and I was disheartened and discouraged, Josh and crew were calm, supportive, and professional. I am so grateful for his expertise and understanding of immigration law, and for his encouragement to stay the course. My case was just approved and my new green card is on its way to me!!

Emily C

Eric and team were so great to work with. They navigated the complicated immigration process and were so helpful the entire way. I would recommend them to anyone who is dealing with any type of immigration situation.

Nas W

Best immigration lawyers I've come in contact with. All I can say if you need help in any way go to the Law offices of Joshua L. Goldstein. My consultation with Eric Averion was great, very informative. He listen and came up with solutions easily. Elizabeth Chandler accompany my husband and I to our interview and everything was sorted out and I got my green card in a week. My case wasn't complicated but my husband and I was just tired of all the paper work and trying to adjust my status on our own. I really appreciate all these lawyers help. They are very friendly and most importantly they listen and are really here to help. Thanks I appreciate you all helping my husband and I.

Joe Lindesay

i would recommend Attorney Joshua Goldstein and his legal team to deliver the results you need,If you are facing deportation or any other immigration issue they will work hard and get the job done .They did it for me .They can do it for you too !

Raheeq Hossain

I had a great experience working with them! My U.S naturalization application was stuck for a while and I went to the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein with my case. Their experience with immigration was evident from the first time I consulted with them about my situation. They analyzed my case carefully and gave me honest recommendations. Eventually I hired them and they were able to get a positive result within a few months. Joshua and his associate Eric both worked on my case diligently and kept me posted regularly. I would highly recommend them for any immigration related issues.

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Josh is an exceptional immigration attorney. I am a colleague and refer people to him without hesitation. He cares about his clients as people. He is ultra smart and knows immigration law & policy extremely well. I highly recommend Josh Goldstein to anyone looking for an immigration attorney.

Marc Breakstone

Professionalism, integrity and compassionate advocacy. These are the qualities that make Joshua Goldstein one of the finest immigration lawyers in Massachusetts. Attorney Goldstein handles every immigration client as if it were his only case. If you are looking for top-notch representation in connection with any immigration matter, look no further. Attorney Goldstein is your lawyer. Just read his outstanding client reviews. The proof is in the pudding.

Amie Dahouz

We needed a lawyer at 7 at night for the next day and you would think that it would be impossible to find one right? But it wasn't because Josh came through for us. And from the next day when we finally met him, I knew in my gut that he was going to help us out no matter what it took. Our case was not easy, the government gave us some hiccups, but Josh never let us give up hope and he ALWAYS explained everything to us as we went along so that we were never in the dark. We felt safe and taken care of even if things were hard. Josh was our rock and I am so thankful for everything that he did for us. It is because of him that my husband has his green card and he and I can be together today. Josh and his team are top notch and I recommend them to everyone! You will get the best representation, complete truthfulness and genuine caring for what happens to you. Thank you Josh for everything!

Audrey Bellefleur

Outstanding!! We are incredibly pleased with the work of Joshua Goldstein and his associates. He was readily available to prepare our Extreme Hardship Waiver and it was approved within TWO WEEKS!!! Unbelievable!! Joshua made us feel at ease from the start. He was very friendly, reassuring, and stayed in contact with us during the whole process. Whenever we had a concern or a quick question he would respond right away. We believe Joshua Goldstein to be the #1 Immigration Lawyer in Boston. He is clearly passionate about his work and sincerely cares for people. It’s hard to imagine someone better at what he does. Mille Mercis Joshua!! Audrey, John and Little AJ too

Adi Toledano

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Josh and his team; he performed with professionalism and competence and was well-prepared for all meetings and hearings. He assisted in writings and briefs and handled every situation with confidence and integrity. Josh demonstrated tremendous expertise with compelling approach that was extremely valuable. I was extremely pleased with Josh’s work I strongly encourage considering Josh, if any need for an Immigration Lawyer.

Nenette A.

After the enormous work I did for my E2 visa application, I learned that I was in trouble because I did not make it to the deadline. I was petrified. That moment I knew I need a professional help, I need a good lawyer. And indeed, I found two good lawyers, Josh and Eric. Thoroughly, they discussed with me the whole process. And our plan of action. Months after, I got my E2 approved. What a relief! Thanks to both of you, - Josh and Eric! You guys are great!

Natalia Berthet Garcia

I recently applied for employment authorization through DACA, and "excellent" is the perfect word to sum up my experience with Joshua Goldstein and his team. They always kept me up to date, and addressed all of my concerns/questions promptly and thoroughly. They are professional and efficient while still being approachable and warm. This is a new chapter in my life, and I would not have felt so comfortable throughout the beginning of it without Josh and his team by my side.

Emily Rose

Olaitan Olaleye

Osama Abdlatif

abdalla anwar

Very very expensive for nothing , 200$ for one hour consultation and it's was clear that I know more about low

Tina Diggs

They worked tirelessly for me, their excellent reception and approach to my case was just overwhelming, they worked with me and for me,they are the best of the best. I recommend them to anyone who needs a great law firm. God bless them

Hafida Hakim

Samuel Garcia

I am glad we picked to work with this law firm for our case. Eric and Cecilia did a great job helping putting the papers together and also preparing us for the interview. The price was a bit on the higher side, but I think it is worth. Like the saying: "You pay for what you get". And this is no different since we get the highest quality of service. Thanks again and keep the good work.

Dawn Rafferty

Josh Goldstein is the consummate professional: he is thoroughly knowledgeable, very accessible, and an eminently gifted individual. He is the exemplar of what an immigration lawyer should be and my family and I are extremely grateful for Josh's expertise (and kindness). We heartily recommend him!

Scott Lohr

I am pleased to have this opportunity to offer my remarks about Joshua L. Goldstein , P.C.. Both he and his associates (Jacqueline and Megan) handled our case professionally and thoroughly. They were on top of every detail and procedure from the first meeting up until the successful completion of our case. For anyone seeking legal services pertaining to immigration issues , I recommend this firm with the highest approval rating I can offer. My partner and I had consulted other immigration lawyers over the past 14 years and were given poor advice and improper guidance. I only wish that we had learned of Joshua Goldstein back when we began seeking legal services. These folks are personable , extremely competent , thorough and professional. I give them 2 times 5 stars. We could not be better pleased.

Roxanne Higgins

Joshua and his team actually care about their clients they worked very hard for us. We first met Josh and his team in 2011. They were amazing then. We recently sought their help in another matter and they are still amazing. We highly recommend Mr. Goldstein and his team.

Jarrod Marks

My husband and I used this law firm for our green card application through marriage. We worked with Eric, Liz, and JB--I have nothing but the best to say about the firm and these individuals. They were kind, friendly, professional, extremely responsible and responsive, and made our lives so much easier. They are very attentive to detail and did a great job of presenting all of our material to the government and our interviewer. The entire process went as smoothly as possible--their service is worth every penny. They are non-judgmental and LGBTQ friendly so whoever you are and whoever you love, you can trust them to help you!

Sky B

Great advice and they work hard for you.

John Njuguna

Josh and his assistants are very professional and efficient. They get right to business and are great with time management. I was able to reach them any time, day or night, and always got responses. I had my i75 pending, Josh quickly came up with a game plan and in no time I had my citizenship approved. I hadn't expected this to happen so fast, today I had my naturization ceremony. I would highly recommend him and his team. Megan came for our interview and was great. Thank you so much!

Natacha Trezzy

We were hopeless and clueless regarding my husband's green card and Joshua has given us such great advice and guidance. Thanks to him and his team everything ran so smoothly! I highly recommend this law office, very professional and also super nice. Thanks again!

Mary Weru

Great team and very professional. I highly recommend them if you are looking for representation.

Shirley Han

I used this law office for bring my husband from china to US for immigration. They offer excellent customer service and are very professional. I really appreciate help from Eric(lawyer), and megan(lawyer) and Angelica(paralegal). They are all very considerate of clients and detail-oriented. I highly recommend this law office to all.

Max Valau

Josh and his associates (Jacqueline and Megan) did an A+ job handling my adjustment of status application through marriage. All of the questions were answered very promptly; every piece (and there were many pieces of the puzzle!) of the application was checked, double - checked and then triple - checked before anything was submitted. We were given very clear instructions on what to do and how to go about obtaining all the documents needed. They processed everything very expediently! These people are VERY thorough. Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with Josh if you have any immigration issue needing attention. In my case, it was well worth every penny. Thank you very much!


The wonderful folks at the law offices of Joshua Goldstein guided me through my recent AOS process. Joshua was great in the initial consultation. Cecilia and Eric were great at helping us navigate through the AOS process at every step. They responded to me almost instantaneously when needed. The entire process was dealt with very professionally and I would definitely approach them to represent me in the future.

Didi nels

the best lawyer ever in the world. he took my case and brought me to victory. i taught i would be deported. thanks you!! you are the best!!! eddy nelson

Daniel Bradley

Mohan krishnan

Had a very bad experience. The attorney seemed occupied with other cases and did not really seem to understand my case.

Sermin Hazer

It was a big surprise news for me he delivered by calling me personally that my I-751 was approved. Joshua and his team are exceptionally good at what they do with their professional handling and a healthy dose of friendliness. I knew I made the right decision to choose Joshua when we first met. Eric, Lydia and Joshua worked together for my case and they kept me informed with every step to make sure I was comfortable with the process since the beginning. My I-751 was failed, my case went to court so I had much to worry. It was stressful not to know what to do, what to expect for me. Joshua relieved me with his confidence and he explained very clear what needs to be done to solve the problem during our first meeting. All is done in a time frame and a way I couldn't even imagine that I never needed to go to court or do anything else other than providing the necessary documents needed to be disclosed. He refiled my I-751 and got approval without even in a need for an interview. Thank you so much Joshua, Lydia and Eric for the exceptional service you provide to me. It was pleasure to meeting you all and now I am totally worry free because of your very precise work. I am so thankful to Joshua beyond words and I wish everyone can use their service whoever may need..

mengdong he

My husband and I worked with Eric and his team to apply for a green card through marriage. We had a very tight work schedule. Eric and his colleagues made the process as smooth and easy as possible. During the whole process, they provided very professional help and were very responsive to our questions. They also gave us great advice when our initially scheduled interview conflicted with our travel plan abroad. At the end, with their help our application was approved. I would definitely recommend them if you want a stress-free application.

Gönül Düren

Angelica and Eric were wonderful to work with! My husband and I needed help for a marriage based green card petition. They were extremely thorough with every single detail and replied to all our questions right away. Immigration is a very sensitive topic these days so I recommend anyone who is preparing for this journey to have a knowledgeable team on their side like we did.

Beslidhje Shaw

I am very happy to give this law firm a five star rating. My husband and I contacted them about our case and Eric, Cecilia, and Liz did an incredible job. They explained our situation very thoroughly and gave us a lot of confidence in our future. Everything was timely, organized, and professional. We would like to thank them very much for everything and we highly recommend them.

Daniel Mccauley

My wife and I met with Josh to get a second opinion after applying for immigration with a previous lawyer. Josh was able to schedule a consult almost immediately. Josh and his staff made us feel so much more comfortable and at ease with the process we decided to switch attorney's. Josh and the rest of his employees were extremely professional and friendly. We had a straightforward case, and having someone like Josh took a load of anxiety off our backs.

Lianna Galardo

My fiance and I have had a great experience with this law firm. We first met with Eric for a consultation about the K1 visa process and he was very clear and upfront about how long the process would take and what exactly we would be going through. Bella is the paralegal we've been working with on a day-to-day basis and she has been so wonderful to work with. She answers any questions you might have throughout the process and is very involved in your case, always knowing exactly what is going on and what the next step is. My K1 visa was just recently approved and with their help, it felt like everything went quickly and smooth - the visa application process can be quite intimidating, but with their professionalism, we never had to guess if we were on the right path or had submitted wrong documents/mistakes. I would strongly recommend them!

Christine L.

My husband and I struggled with an immigration issue shortly after coming back from our honeymoon a few months ago. He was detained by ICE due to his previous criminal history. I was left to try and find a capable and knowledgeable lawyer to help us through this difficult time. We both had no idea where to begin and how to get him released. After speaking to different lawyers, I met with Joshua who was very professional and kind. One thing that both my husband and I appreciated was that he was very honest from the very beginning. He knew this wouldn't be an easy case, but he took on the case and reassured us that he would do everything in his power to help us through this process. Joshua and his team were on top of everything they needed to do, they were always in constant contact with us and anytime we had questions they were all more than willing to spend the time and answer them. We worked directly with Josh and Megan and both of them were EXTREMELY helpful and made us feel at ease. Kristen and Jacqueline in the office were always following-up as well. As Joshua reassured us, he and his team were able to get my husband released shortly after 2 months and in time for the holidays. Words can't express how thankful we both are that he and his team made this happen! They are all very knowledgeable and trustworthy, would recommend them to anyone facing immigration issues!

Annelize Singh

The moment I walked into Josh Goldsteins office, I instantly felt I had made a best friend that the tears just rolled down my face. I was scared to find a lawyer ,worrying about judgement and worried I could not fix my problem. From the kindness and sincerity in the receptionist to Josh's big warm smile. I realized that I was walking into a warm, kind, caring and committed group of people .Josh and his team ooze kindness. He told me what to do and instantly took a huge weight off my shoulders. From the bottom of my heart and in all sincerity Josh is the sweetest kindest man, and his office instantly works on resolving your problem. I am internally grateful to Josh for his support and sweetness. He is a brilliant and phenomenal lawyer. I strongly recommend him

T . Nguyen Lauzon

Dear Mr. Josh . Right after DOMA was struck down , I called the Office and went see Josh July 1 . To Tell him all bout my case , how long I had overstay .... what and what .... DOMA gone you are Good to go and will be OK , Josh said . After that Lydia told me what document needs ( a lot of it ) . I really like her , hope all the Best to Lydia what ever she wants to do . 2 week later with complete all the document needs to USCIS ! Sent . Then I came in with my husband see Eric and Josh for next step : Ready for the Interview . Maya Jacob ( I LOVE that name ) helping a lot , all the emails , called and.... Emails .... ( love you Maya , but sometime you drive me crazy I know you did what Best for me . Thanks ) . After USCIS received my case everything went smoothly and quickly . I got APPROVED on the spot . 91 days . Now 10 years Green card in hand . I believe my case : A very first same sex marriage base green card case in Mass . Thanks Mr . Josh and team Josh I will see you in very near future . US Citizenship .

Peter Schurman

I've known Josh for more than 20 years. He's a first-class human being, who cares deeply about people.

Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery

I first met Joshua late 2009. He did not only reassure me about my rights and possibilities regarding my immigration status, but he also supported me through tough times, answering each of my questions patiently, and making sure we were on track to get my situation sorted out. Today, I have my green card and I have Josh, Eric and their wonderful paralegals to thank. They have been with me each step of the way, helping me get divorced, obtain my VAWA authorization and finally the long awaited green card. I just graduated from an Ivy league university, am starting a Ph.D in a great school, have found a job...all thanks to the efforts of Joshua and his team. I could not be more grateful for their patience, help and support throughout the years!

Fargol Dyrud

My husband and I work with this office recently (Still are) for our family-based petition. We had the pleasure to work with Cecilia, Eric and Liz. They are all very responsive and very diligent. I had been in the US on student visa for 2 years before I got married to my husband. During that time, I called multiple offices on multiple occasions to explore my immigration options. Once, about 18 months ago, I had a consultation session with Eric and they charged me a fee of approximately $100. I went in to follow up with Eric at least once more and called him too and they didn't charge me for it every time. When my husband and I started our case with them, we also had a phone session with Eric about an entire different case, but that was also free of charge. I just didn't get that "greedy" impression that you get from a lot of the law offices in the Boston area. I didn't sense that I am their "project," it was a personalized experience. All of these combined, really makes you feel like they are your true "attorneys" and are here to really help you. They are not here to collect petty charges here and there, but are here to be in the game with you and to walk alongside you. That was really important for me and made me trust them quickly. I would recommend them to everyone, especially anyone who prefers more personal interactions to "corporate" behavior.

Micah Ringham

Josh and his team are just about the best thing to ever happen to my immigration case. After my husband and I had a very bad experience with another lawyer in Boston, we came to see Josh and were immediately put at ease about the application process and what to expect. He has such a dedicated team, including Maya (who also deserves a huge shout out for being the fastest at replying to emails and phone calls). One day when I was trying to get advanced travel documents to attend my sister's wedding out of the country, he went completely above and beyond the call of duty, accompanied my husband and I to the USCIS field office and sweet talked our way into getting the papers that previously had been completely impossible to get. If you want your immigration case to be handled by a team that invests everything they have into taking care of you and truly cares about you in the process, go to Josh Goldstein, and stop looking anywhere else!

Tony Stanganelli

Excellent experience working with Eric, Liz and Jacqueline. Great communication and really helpful. Had our interview last week and Greencard arrived yesterday, They are super efficient with e-mails and happily answered all our questions. Very recommended.

Maria Ng

First off, Josh and his staff are very professional. I never had to worry about whether I will hear an answer from them if I ever called or emailed. They usually gave me a reply within not 24 hours, but within 6 hours, which is amazing! Second, I thought my case at least have to go through the standard route, filing, waiting, interview, decisions and etc. Josh helped me to prepare my case so well that I got a decision within months after we filed. I can't thank him enough for helping me with this step in my life. Finally, Josh is very good at what he does. No matter how complicated the situation is, he knows exactly what to do!

Johannes Walter

Josh was extremely helpful. I came to him with an immigration question. Within a day, he found and emailed me the relevant regulation. He did not charge me more than the usual consultation fee for this additional leg work. Great guy!

cathie Dowdell

I want to thank personnally Josh and all his staffs for the excellent job they're doing.Especially,when things were so dark for me.He was the only lawyer who gave me hope and helped me with a lot of determination as well.My case was really complicated after my loser husband petionned and run away from me.He knew how to put the smile again on my face.I'm really proud and never doubted not even once his hard work.Really thank you,from the bottom of my heart

Jane Florins

My citizenship case got stuck in the system. I didn't know what to do or where to go. I wrote to every politician who could help, but only got endless "wait 60 more days then contact us again" responses. I felt lost and helpless. I waited for more than a year and would probably be waiting right now, but I didn't want to be stuck in uncertainty and wanted this to be done as soon as possible. I contacted Joshua. He was very optimistic from the beginning and he promised to get it resolved as soon as possible. Needless to say now, about two months later, I am a US Citizen! He made me feel safe assuring that everything is going to be great, he kept me aware of the progress of his work, and everything was resolved in the best way possible! He kept checking on me till after the ceremony to make sure everything went well!

Erika Mandarino

Eric and Liz were such an incredible help, making sure that I was prepared for every step, every appointment, and with all of the appropriate materials. Immigration is complicated and it was certainly wonderful to have experts keep things organized and on track--saved us a lot of headaches. Thanks guys

Ariel Langevin

The team was very knowledgeable and well informed on current immigration law, especially given how much it is changing, as well as knowing and clarifying what our rights are. We primarily worked with Eric during the process, but also had a terrific experience working with Josh and the many paralegals we interacted with. We felt highly supported throughout the process and greatly appreciated Eric’s careful approach and recommendations. For what can seem like such a difficult and tricky process, the team made it seamless; answering our persistent questions around the clock! Also, Eric waited with us for an excruciating 2+ hour wait (and missed his lunch) for an USCIS appointment, and was vital in making sure the immigration officer received all the paperwork and that we felt comfortable during the interview process; so a huge thank you from both of us to Eric! I would strongly recommend working with Josh’s team without question and we definitely look forward to working with Josh and Eric again in the future.

Adam Dahouz

I Highly recommend contacting the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein for your Immigration cases; My File was very delicate, and I thought there was no way to deal with it. But Joshua had the knowledge and expertise to help me get it through. He responded to my requests promptly, answered all my questions and most importantly made sure I had all the chances by my side. Very reliable and has a friendly and professional Staff who will keep you informed.

kaminjah wa kaminja

Joshua L. Goldstein was the third Law office I visited to consult for my not so straight forward case. Within the first ten minutes I made up my mind : I was in the right place. Joshua gave me a timeline that was exact almost to a day.He instilled confidence in me that was most reassuring. Nothing was minor for the office staff . All emails and phone calls were answered promptly without extra charges.We particularly changed addresses three times all the while having the staff do the paperwork for us. The lawyer that finally prepped us was top notch albeit young. His prep made the interview a breeze .His quiet, confidence demeanor lifted a heavy burden from our shoulders. I walked into that office in May 2014 and this day today Sept 2014 am making plans for an overseas trip. Kudos to this great team.

yulia voronenko

Joshua Goldstein and his whole team are super great and professional, they are the best, I just got my provisional waiver approved for extremely complicated case. Thank you so much for hope you gave us. Me and my husband are beyond happy.

Paul Leahy

I called and made an appointment to meet Josh after reading the reviews of his great service. He was able to see me straight away and from the minute I met him I felt we had found someone who we could trust who would get results. My wives EAD had been pending in initial review for nearly 4 months and we were unable to get anywhere with our initial attorneys. We were lost in the system being told we had to wait another 60days. My wife had a job offer and was in danger of losing the opportunity. We were desperate to resolve this situation and get on with our lives. After speaking with Josh he outlined what he could do for us, we switched attorneys that day and Josh got straight to work. Within 3 days the EAD was approved! I cannot thanks Josh enough for what he has done for our family. We are bowled over by his amazing service and commitment.

Tara Yoo

I scheduled a consultation meeting through their website and got a confirmation email every day. No lawyer showed up for the consultation. I called the office to see what was going on, and the receptionist couldn't even find which lawyer I had been scheduled with, just that I was scheduled for a meeting for a certain date at a certain time. Edit: I'm revising from a one star to a three star because the lawyer's office followed up almost immediately and did everything they could.

Marco Avevo

Josh is an AMAZING Immigration Lawyer: he is incredibly competent, always up to date with the latest regulation, and, on top of everything, he was available day and night to answer our questions! I have never seen a lawyer working so hard: 11pm, 5am, even during his honeymoon, Josh has ALWAYS responded within minutes to my emails! It has been a pleasure interacting with Josh and his team for my Green Card. Needless to say, I'll be suggesting him to my friends and to anyone looking for an AMAZING IMMIGRATION LAWYER in Boston! MILLE GRAZIE JOSH!!!

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